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  1. “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about.” ― Rumi Reading this makes my entire body vibrate
  2. What does this mean in the context of the discussion?
  3. @Mz Hyde no problem, and thanks. good luck to you too
  4. No I didn't. I think it might be, I'm just not ready to undertake the journey yet maybe. Basically, I realized the value of surrendering to awareness from psychidelics, and I realized how much these experiences improved my coordination and reflexes. My idea was to start twitch streaming and talk about meditation and psychidelics, I figured it was in alignment with everything i've been focusing on these past few years. But I struggled to embody the psychidelic insights and so my idea was basically pointless. I wasn't happy from all spiritual work, and I couldn't embody those heightened states that made me better at games. Now a few years later I feel way better, and I have genuine spiritual progress but I'm still not where I know I can be. Now i'm not sure what my life purpose is. On the one hand I wish I had more money so I can move out and be free, but i'm also content with my spiritual progress because I think i'm close to a watershed moment that should recontexualize things No i'm not. I have a different attitude about how to find purpose. The only useful purpose of the present birth is to turn within and realize the Self- Ramana My plan is to continue with meditation and practicing self inquiry, until I have emotional breakthroughs, and then once i'm in a place of well being and happiness I will decide what to do with my life
  5. Every part of our being is controlled by genetic processes that are occurring unconsciously so is it possible to become so conscious that you can change your own gene expression. I wonder if you could become so conscious you can produce specific hormones at will. Perhaps our own being is beyond the individual body so maybe you could expand outside of the human form and retain conscious awareness.
  6. Lol. You are very dense to the topic being discussed
  7. Yeah no doubt. This has always been my philosophy growing up a minority. But I was speaking more so about cultural attitudes. I am on the winning of end racial discrimination in Canada, but it's hard to ignore when you see countless people who got the short end
  8. Yeah, I think part of me is ashamed for having similar dating preferences, but I also feel triggered because I know if I lived in that society I would be discriminated against. I think my go to response is to shame them into changing their opinion
  9. I acknowledge that I have racist beliefs and that is skewing my perspective on this. But I don't think what i'm saying is illogical. I am just bringing this up because I find it interesting. If anything I benefit strongly from the current paradigm so I'm not complaining or playing victim
  10. There are a host of potential issues, but imagine being a black or darker skinned person living amongst the people who view them as inherently less valuable sexually. That would be a terrible place to exist. I'm not saying any of this is inherently right or wrong, I actually don't know. But I think most people on this forum would feel uncomfortable if everyone viewed the same specific racial group as not desirable.
  11. It doesn't go both ways. When you have different groups of people intermixing some groups will be seen as less sexually valuable, and so you create a skewed dating market with clear winners and losers. I never really appreciated just how to savage and ruthless mate choice is in the 21st century
  12. I was watching this video, and it was interesting to observe how honest and blatantly racist these people were in their answers on racial dating preferences. Almost every single person rated Africans and dark skin the least attractive, and they said without any shame or second thought which I thought was interesting. It got me thinking how very few people can be that blunt in the west, because you will get dragged in the media. Can you even deal with this kind of blatant and overt racism? How do you change people's views?
  13. Yeah I bought the course and got through about 40% when I thought I found my lp.
  14. @Blackhawk If you're in hell, that means there's part of you that knows or is aware of the fact that you are in hell. As you read this right now you are conscious and know what's being said because of the knowing part of your experience. Notice that you can notice the fact that you aware conscious of everything around you as you read this. Make the knowing of your own conscious experience the main point of your attention. You can go from recognizing you are in hell, to recognizing that you are recognizing anything at all and just rest in space.
  15. Yeah, I think If I had a clear sense of my life purpose It would make a big difference, and would definitely orient my life which would be huge given where i'm at. But I also think I won't find an authentic LP until I resolve some of the deeper psycho/emotional issues. I know what it feels like to feel relatively healed, and if I could operate from that healed space then I am almost certain I could find a life purpose to commit myself too. I think the big flaw with Leo's course is he doesn't take into account the emotional/psychological state of people looking for their LP, he acts like almost anyone can just find a LP no matter where they are at. How are you planning to find your life purpose? How do you think you'll know when you find it?