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  1. @Gesundheit2 Thank you. I've been taking it really easy so i'm giving myself the best chance to recover
  2. I'm really sick right now. I think I have covid. This really makes me appreciate when I was healthy. The biggest issue is the headache I have right now, this is the most disturbing symptom. IT HURTS AHH. I'm only a few days into my illness, idk how long this will last. I am resolved to live, I do not want to die. On the positive getting sick gives you a new perspective and really makes you slow down. My diet has been the best it's been in years since getting sick. It's funny too because I just had an aruyveda consultation, and just as I started to drink more water and take my health seriously then boom I get sick. Hopefully I can use this sickness to spark a positive health change. I do not like being sick, this is really rough. Even acim and my awareness practices aren't enough to ease my suffering. Only advil has worked. Maybe I'll try chanting the mantra, i'm pulling out all the stops. Pray for me if you read this (;
  3. Nice man good work
  4. Can you expand on that? Sounds pretty interesting
  5. The irony of Leo talking about toxic spirituality. Suffering is that the heart of spiritual pursuit, To try and divorce them and then justify it is madness
  6. Maybe try and notice what you're doing after the trip that you aren't doing on the trip. Whatever mental habits you're engaging in that account for the difference between your trip and your sober experience may be manifesting as the headache
  7. @puporing I get violently nauseous and get bad headaches during my trips. If you can relax and feel into the headache with equanimity then it will dissolve. Try inquiring into the root/source of the headache
  8. Watch your back. There's no greater insult on the forum then calling Leo a human guy
  9. @Vincent S You're a fool. When you develop some genuine insight and wisdom then come back and post. You're welcome
  10. Maybe you can look into some organizations that interest you and email them directly about your interests/situation and see if they can find a job for you. I think it can be hard to find jobs that directly fit your interests, but maybe you can look into how you can create your own job in your own niche. Start from the ground up using first principles
  11. This guy's a fool. Psychidelics can greatly enhance your practice and give you glimpses way beyond your sober level of practice. He clearly has no significant direct experience with psychidelics and yet feels confident in speaking about them as an authority.
  12. Hmm. I think this book is the truth, it's possible this your aversion is based on avoidance. But maybe there are materials that you resonate more with idk. Could be worth investigating why giving off nihilistic vibes is so bad
  13. Yeah. I do the lessons too, but not every day, but I find the text has a more immediate energetic impact on me.
  14. There are multiple sections to ACIM. There's a part that's hundreds pages of wisdom and writings on various topics, like ego, healing, etc. And there's a part that has a series of lessons 1-365 that you do each day. The long paragraphs on each topic part I call the wisdom.