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  1. I made it the whole month. I think travelling made it easy, I've had 0 desire to masterbate. I'm going to continue indefinitely until I get into a relationship. Seems pretty obvious that masterbating and watching porn isn't a healthy or wise thing to do.
  2. When you experience competent and quality teachers you may feel the bitter taste I feel when reading Nahm’s posts. My main point is to clarify his dishonesty in response to him calling me dishonest. Everything else i don't care about
  3. My overall point is a criticsm of Nahm and a pointing out of his dishonesty, lack of integrity, and general incompetence as a teacher/communicator. Especially, when said person tries to gaslight and project that back on me. I think at this point, most people on the forum get what Nahm is about, but for the few remaining who are unsure I want to clearly express the truth about what happened and his conduct. Whether he agrees to a refund or not is irrelevant to his conduct, Dishonesty, incompetence, and lack of integrity. And I acknowledge that the correct course of action should have been to stop speaking with him after a few sessions where I wasn't seeing any progress. But once again that doesn't negate any of the things I'm pointing out
  4. It's not about deserving, I'm just calling out the hypocrisy of him calling me dishonest. He said after a few months he told me this wouldn't work for me, and that I should see a therapist, so the question is why would an honest person with integrity continue to speak with said person and then accept money if they believed they couldn't help them
  5. I was expecting to learn how to be happy and alleviate my suffering. And to be able to understand how to create my dream life. It was never explicitly stated, but I assumed he was an enlightened wise man who understood how to help people. I remember I had a pua mentor for a few months, and within 2 days the shit he had me doing made me feel like a different person. I assumed Nahm had that kind of ability to help people
  6. No, I don't want my money back. I'm mostly over the situation, but when I saw he recently called me dishonest I felt the urge to call out his own dishonesty.
  7. I acknowledge that i was very ruthless and vicious in my posts about Nahm, and i see that everyone is always doing their best and i believe Nahm did his best. That being said, I felt the desire to respond to Nahm calling me a liar about what i said about our calls, and im calling it out for transparency sake. He said he told me after months of free calls that this won't work and that i should seek out therapy. But according to his own logic, he then went on to accept thousands of dollars in donations from someone who he believed he was unable to help. Im not sure how anyone can look at that logic and conclude that Nahm is a fully honest person who acted with complete integrity and honor in our interaction. It should also cast into doubt the validity of whats being shared on his forum, and the wisdom and integrity of the core community who stand by him. one “user” who did experience sessions, who claims I am a charlatan, taking advantage, “unenlightened”, etc, and outright lies about what transpired, is experiencing the same trauma, the same suppression, the same denial, and the same deflection & projection, as Leo. This is why Leo not only allows, but subtly supports the lies and claims by making threads about, “Nahm”, and”Nahm’s Neo-Advaita teachings”, etc, etc. Making a dreamboard, understanding the emotions experienced, inspecting thoughts & beliefs - this is obviously not neo advaita, and aside, there is no such thing as neo advaita or neo advaitan teachings. That, is actually, Leoism, or… basic, obvious, trauma, emotional suppression, deflection & projection. The one “user”, after months of twice a week sessions for free, was told this isn’t going to work for him because there are no enlightened selves, and no one can enlighten someone else. He was told to seek out psychoanalytical therapy specifically. To this day, this “user” continues to project, and the chief complaint - that Nahm promised him enlightenment - which is an outright lie, persists and is supported by, one purporting to be, a teacher of nonduality, in that separate selves become enlightened.
  8. I looked up dance retreats in Europe and this community was hosting one. It's been a great experience, I feel as though I've learned a lot from speaking with people here and I've managed to push my comfort zone and do things, like going naked in a sauna, that I would have been very anxious to do before coming. I want to visit more communities and experience more of these green places, but I'm not sure when I'll be back to visit this community. I have a desire to give back and contribute to this place, but I also don't want to make commitments because I'm not sure where I'll end up going after leaving
  9. It's just a distorted perception. You don't actually know what would happen if you joined a cult or this place became cult like. When you find a way to process the fear make sure to make a tldr
  10. If you join a community and there's love and connection you may find yourself in a suicide cult. 🤫
  11. When I think of a cult I think of oshos community. From the outside it was labeled a cult, but on the inside I bet a lot of people had an amazing time
  12. The reason people get drawn to cults is because of the loving energy and genuine connection. If this place became more loving and open it would appear more cult like. 👍
  13. If this place became more cult like it would be a step up on quality and intelligence
  14. If you could hear the other person's voice it would dramatically enhance how well people treat other. The anonymous nature of just words and profiles brings out a worse side of people.
  15. Yeah I think it would lead to higher quality discussions and less conflict