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  1. @Mafortu Okay. My point was be careful about judging practices if you do not have direct experience as to their value, or lack thereof. I have done reiki and I have direct experience of it's benefits. It's a "real" practice. But you lumped Reiki in with your list of BS techniques above so I had to correct it.
  2. @Llight Lol you have no idea what you're talking about. Are you as high as you could be on the path? Worry about yourself before you try and act like others' aren't at where you'are at.
  3. @Mafortu Lol i can tell your progress by how you're typing. You're not speaking from your direct experience, you're speaking from anecdotes of your family. What do you know? What have you experienced from these techniques? How far are you on the path? Have you had an awakening? What are your practices?
  4. @Mafortu You just grouped a bunch of different techniques together and dismissed them all. You are just ignorant. Do the work. Try some of those techniques and judge for yourself. You don't progress on the path by thinking about it. You have to actually do something.
  5. @VeganAwake This is nonsense. Practices are necessary for a lot of people early on the path. These neo-adavita guys seems like idiots imo.
  6. @Mafortu How much would you pay to feel pure bliss and love everyday for the rest of your life?
  7. @AwakenedSoul444 You gotta update your journal man! Sounds like you figured some stuff out haha
  8. @AwakenedSoul444 Have you looked into Leo's life purpose course? Finding a purpose and making money living your purpose sounds like it could be good for you.
  9. @Martin123 If you have a problem with @Nahm then just block him. You are seriously deluded though if you think he is the problem in your conversation. Grow up. Or learn to practice humility when engaging in discussions that you do not understand.
  10. @zeroISinfinity Have you ever traveled away from Serbia for a prolonged period, like more than 1 month? Maybe travelling and seeing the world could help you find motivation and passion. Seems like you're stuck in place right now. Travelling could get you unstuck. Also, you can bring lap top and go on forum in different countries and tell us about it haha
  11. @Mikael89 You can't expect others to like you if you do not even like yourself. Also you can like yourself. A sure fire way to not like yourself though, is to tell yourself that you can't like yourself. Step 1. Learn to like your self. Whatever it takes. Find a path/map that will teach you to like yourself. Step 2. Others will like you when you like yourself. It's hard to like someone who doesn't even like themselves.
  12. @traveler The purpose of practices is to eventually not do practices. The purpose of non-dual teachings is to eventually not need teachings. Have you done Leo's life purpose course? I recommend you find a purpose. I found one and it's made the path much easier. The teachings are only pointers so you can realize your own inherent greatness. You are your own highest authority. I think a change in the relationship with "teachers" is needed here. You are the highest authority. Everything else is in service of your authority, that includes all the teachers you listed. If they are not resonating with you then find a different teacher.