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  1. @Raphael Ok sounds wise. Good luck friend
  2. @Raphael Wow that's cool. Are you going for enlightenment?
  3. @Raphael Why are you meditating? What made you start?
  4. @ROOBIO I'm in the same boat lol. Have you started Leo's course yet? Are you on the path to enlightenment?
  5. @Leo Gura No it doesn't have to necessarily. Orange people all have a similar conception of what god is. They assume so many things about god before you even bring it up. That's why you have to be careful when talking to them and teaching them. Orange people want to be happy, successful, and self actualized. If you phrase god in a way that targets those points then you can be successful. Chopra did none of this. But i see some of your point about Sam. He either doesn't understand non-duality or he doesn't respect it at all. Both of which aren't good. But Chopra is nonetheless being dumb here.
  6. @Leo Gura Science is trying to uncover truth. The entire audience is pretty much stage orange, rationalist. There's a way to present non-duality to these people in a way that doesn't sound like complete nonsense. Chopra just turned off that entire group, and pretty much everyone watching from non-duality. He is doing a disservice to the truth. Science is progressing. If i had to bet my life on science or religion to carry humanity forward I would bet my life on science 10/10 times. Science will get there. It just needs to be guided in the right direction. Chopra is doing the opposite of that. Sam knows more than you give him credit for. He's not enlightened or anything but he is important conduit for stage orange rationalists to dabble in spirituality and meditation. Classifying him as ignoramus like you do is a disservice.
  7. @Spiral Wizard Why do you want a dating coach?
  8. @Angelite You are being silly by deflecting from my question. You don't know them. But does that make sense to you? Because if it makes sense then you have to grant legitimacy to the other religions like you grant it to Islam. If i told you god guided me to Hinduism or Christianity is that all good from god's point of view? Or do you think there is something wrong with that?
  9. @Leo Gura Chopra doesn't even understand what he's saying. He's doing non-duality a disservice by applying to it to science in a haphazard way. Non-duality is not antagonistic to science. It can be incorporated. Chopra is just doing a bad job here.
  10. @ardacigin Thank you very much. I did one day super long day of yoga, and meditation and I feel like that day turned me into true seeker. I will do another day like that. Tonight I will try to do at least a 2 hour sit.
  11. @Fede83 Keep letting go. That will eventually encompass letting go of people who make you feel like wanting to let go.
  12. @Angelite Yes, those people exist. They exist like i exist talking to you. Do you doubt I exist? Do you really think there have been no other people in the history of the world that believed in a god, and then thought that God wanted them to believe in their local religion? What part of this doesn't make sense to you?
  13. @Angelite But how do you reconcile that with other people from different backgrounds that follow a different religion. They will claim that their belief in god led them to their respective religion. They will say the things as you but they will point to a different religion. Is their perspective wrong? Why would God guide people to religions other than islam?
  14. @Preety_India So when you were writing about being depressed etc. You had negative momentum. Think of your life as a ball rolling down a hill. When your life sucks and you feel bad, the ball will roll down the hill and you will just feel worse and worse because every decision you made in the past was made while feeling bad. But now it seems like you're feeling a bit better. You are trying to improve your life, and are worrying about your own happiness. Now you have positive momentum. The more good things you do in the moment will feed the future you, and will have a ball rolling down a hill full of positive stuff. The more positive stuff you do now will lead to more positive things in the future. Try and be aware of when you are making decisions from a place of feeling bad or depressed. Compared to making decisions from a place of happiness and growth.
  15. @Preety_India Do you know about the concept of momentum and how it relates to personal development?