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  1. I see your point, but I think of it like a man will choose what he likes, and it's up to the woman to reciprocate or not. Woman choose from their list of suitors, but the suitors are the one's who choose in the first place. I think your situation is unique, i doubt many woman have a surplus of high quality millionaires to choose from.
  2. @Preety_India Woman choose from those who already chose them
  3. @Vzdoh A woman has no chance with a man who isn't already interested in her. I don't disagree that there is choice on both sides, but fundamentally a woman can faun over a man all she likes, if he does not choose to respond to her she has no shot. These men chose you to begin with. They were all interested, and you chose from who chose you. Show me a high quality man that was not interested in you, but you somehow managed to land... I don't think it's happening. I think your situation is very unique also. I don't know your life story, but I'd be skeptical that there is an abundance of older woman with their pick of millionaire studs.
  4. @Vzdoh What are you disagreeing with?
  5. I am skeptical that male desirability for relationships by men that woman value is abundant. It seems like there is a small percentage of desirable men, and unless a woman is exceptionally attractive she will be forced to settle for what's left. I think this breaks down when you look at undesirable woman. Surely you wouldn't say to an obese woman just be yourself and you will find a man of value. Unless a woman makes her self attractive, or was lucky enough to be born beautiful and raised by a good family, she will be forced to cater to what men find attractive if she hopes to find a high quality partner. Woman choose from potential suitors, but a woman will never get a man who isn't interested in her to all of a sudden choose her. It's men who ultimately choose who to pick for a relationship.
  6. @Emerald But what if the only options are men she finds undesirable?
  7. Sounds a like a recipe for success
  8. @Emerald @RendHeaven I can speak to this from direct experience. In the story I wrote above what sparked my motivation to change was my dad yelling at me and threatening to kick me out. I came home late one night and my dad got mad at me and made some off hand comment, I didn't think he was actually going to kick me out, but it caused some deep fear/worry that kinda woke me up and motivated me. I disagree with how Leo approached the comments, I bet he would regret that comment if this guy actually harmed himself, but there is something to be said for saying/doing something that cuts deep to shake people like this out of whatever emotional/mental web they are caught in.
  9. @InsecureAnon Hey I can relate but from a different angle. When I was 19, I'm 25 now, I got really insecure about my hair potentially falling out. It kinda happened over night, one day I noticed my hairline and then I realized based on my genetics I'd be bald young and I completely snapped. I got depressed for a full year and I basically went into a hole. Everytime I would look at a guy I'd analyze their hairline. I could tell if someone was going bald, early recession, perfect hairline etc it was a disaster. I would look in the mirror all the time to hyper analyze my hairline and I couldn't go a day without it consuming my entire thought process. When I finally got over it, to a large extent i'm not fully over it, I basically 180'd my thought process and life, and let me tell you man I was never so happy in my entire life. I reached a point where I felt like a completely different person and I couldn't even remember the old version of my self. I reached a place of great equanimity with my hairline and my overall view of myself and my ability to function skyrocketed. You can also 180 your thoughts and feelings towards your height. They key is acceptance and embracing everything associated with being your height. You must love your self at 5ft8. If you think someone who is 6ft + is happy and loving, then imagine you were that height and how you would feel about yourself if you were that height. You can also look for people who are 5ft8 or below that you admire and respect. I remember I was obsessed with Michael Jordan motivational videos because he was a badass bald guy. I realized Michael Jordan was the apex of a human and bald, so I could also reach that level. These are just examples, they may or may not work for you. But fundamentally you must accept and love every part of you that you have gone to war with over your height. Notice all the negative thoughts and feelings associated with your height, and love and accept them. Those thoughts and feelings can be welcomed like guests entering a house. It's not going to happen over night, but once you get rolling the results can occur astonishingly quickly. I went from obsessed about my hairline and miserable to functional and feeling better than I ever had in less than 2 weeks.
  10. @ivankiss I think it depends on your emotional/mental state. A few years ago I went on a self help tear and felt better than I ever had. During a 4 month stretch I was only sleeping 4-5 hours and I felt better than I ever did on more sleep. I think it all depends on how you feel and how integrated you are, I wouldn't buy into the 8 hour standard
  11. @VeganAwake Haha yeah maybe I need one of those shock callers
  12. I spend around an hour or two laying in bed and listening to guided pointers by teachers, or I'll spend 5-10 chunks doing deep breathing, awareness of awareness, etc. I don't have a formal practice but at this point I can see the distinction between everyday life and attachment to thinking, and simply being aware and shifting from conceptual knowing/thinking and non conceptual knowing from just being . I'd say fundamentally i'm trying to sink into the experience of just knowing, or being aware. I can feel "Stuff" arising when I go to this place, and all my best psych experiences came as a result of directly tapping into the knowing, to the point where I get a complete perception shift
  13. Have you heard of IFS therapy? I think it's based on integrating the multiple sub parts. Makes sense in the context of non duality too because theres always the awareness that's aware of each of the parts. I defintely have a lot of inner sub part conflict but I'm not sure how to reconcile them all yet
  14. This is what I'm struggling with. When I practice I am starting to just accept and sink into what is, and I notice the tendency to get distracted by thoughts. But it still feels like I'm waiting for something to happen. It seems like this is how people get stuck seeking for years. This is it. But its also not it, because its still unsatisfying. It seems like unless I'm practicing with psychidelics I just get stuck being present with these tense/dense feelings of the body. Only on psychs do I start to go deeper and let go/transform some of the stuck feelings. I'm definitely motivated/moved by negative feelings in the body but it's taking a long time to uproot them. I've listened to numerous pointers by different teachers, and I'd say I'm aware of/from the stillness for months now, but I still haven't let go of these dense feelings like I can do sometimes on psychs.
  15. I'm not going to have a goodie facade. I'm not going to try to be offensive, but one thing i want to talk about is how spirituality isn't about being a perfect person. And haha i'm not messing with any neurotic broads. But if they want to watch my content and get me more views then so be it.