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  1. @mandyjw How do you feel about the negative comments from people on youtube?
  2. @fridjonk Thanks. I was doing Asthanga yoga for the past year and It really accelerated my progress. I'll look into kriya.
  3. Any tips on opening crown chakra?
  4. @Waken Agreed. The idea that psychedelics are doing something special that cant be achieved sober is a joke.
  5. @fridjonk Have fun seeking to infinity with Leo. So far it seems to be working really well for him so far.
  6. Hahah I had something similar happen to me recently with a girl I just met when I was out walking. Life is getting better and better. The website is coming along really well, i'm learning the game so fast. I will be challenger in no time. Can't wait to start boosting accounts to challenger. When corona virus is over I will spend 1 month in Hawaii just chilling out on the beach
  7. @ElenaO Here's the thread. Do you have the option of switching therapists? I feel like it's very important to be fully honest and transparent with your therapist. Developing a strong connection with another human being is an important part of therapy. I'm in Vancouver so we're not too far apart, therapists are really expensive here too.
  8. @ElenaO It's @Nahm's thread on how to use a dry erase for goal setting and manifesting. It changed my life. You basically write your wants on the board and then reality brings it. I can't even list how many things have come true from writing it on my board. Nahm has a huge thread on it with like over 100 posts I highly recommend checking it out and using it asap. Also, if you don't mind me asking. How much do you pay for your therapist?
  9. @VeganAwake Have you tried a float tank? It worked really well for me before a major awakening. It makes relaxing and meditating much more effortless. Don't listen to these guys, keep searching and you will find the answers you are looking for.
  10. @fridjonk Yeah I found god through LSD. I know what they are, and I know the point. You don't want to spend years seeking through infinity for more and more. The purpose of spiritual practice is for the present moment to become good enough so you don't need to seek. Then you live, create, and just be. Leo will change his tune soon. Seeking has to come to an end at some point.
  11. @fridjonk Eventually you won't need psyhcs. Psyhcs are training wheels to find god. If you find god without them then the drugs are pointless. Pretty sure @zeroISinfinity could do 5-meo and have almost exact same experience as his realization in meditation. Don't fetishize psychs and understanding like Leo, big mistake. Get the message from psychs and embody through actual practice and bringing the path to your life.
  12. @zeroISinfinity How come when I see that video she seems crazy and unstable to me? I do not see pure love and embodiment. Like my mind sais I don't really like or want that?
  13. @AwakenedSoul444 Good luck man, glad to see you are back.
  14. @SilentTears Thanks a lot @zeroISinfinity Haha yeah I have changed a lot. The world is very different now for me, but still got lots to do to improve and progress on the path.
  15. @zeroISinfinity Any tips on using dream board to manifest? I want to start making huge progress in my dream Do I need full ego death to manifest wealth fame love etc? I want material success right now tbh, not seeking my own death even though logically I know it will come