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  1. @something_else Yeah some us are on different levels. Good luck
  2. Thank you. That's my entire point. Hypocrites and devils pointing fingers at someone they think is a devil. I am also a hypocrite and a devil.
  3. @Osaid You think Leo has integrity given the fact the this entire forum is supposed to be above truth and love and yet Leo embodies 0 of what he preaches? Can you honestly say Leo isn't a hypocrite and a devil?
  4. I don't have entire catalogue of BS. Look in the mirror.
  5. Gross negligence doesn't involve intent either. I could say the exact same thing about your impact on spirituality. You have no integrity behind your videos because you don't embody any of the things you speak about. And MLK did abuse women. You are guilty of virtually everything you are demonizing Tate of being.
  6. @Consept What he's saying here is not nearly as bad what he wrote in that description. I think it's definitely worthy of criticism, but this is not mafia style trafficking of women in sheds and rape like it's being used on the forum against him.
  7. @zurew Did he ever respond to that? I agree the part about manipulating women is worthy of criticism and he should be receive push back for that. But again suicide and manipulating women into cam work, i still think suicide is more problematic
  8. Leo's callous attitude towards his followers and the way he shares insights that have led to people killing themselves is why he's 10x worse. I said that tongue and cheek, i don't literally mean 10x. It wasn't like Leo said it one time and then never said it again and all of a sudden gained empathy for his followers. I remember Leo saying something like it doesn't matter what people think about those statements, he sais them because they are true. And how many suicides can we link to Rupert's videos? I can link you two suicides from this forum and countless mental patients. And I haven't even gotten into solipsism
  9. You're literally not. You're just dense to someone speaking truth because you literally said you were so afraid of the truth that it changed your entire life course. I'm just following your statements to their logical conclusion
  10. @Consept Can you link me the video where Tate sais he manipulates women into falling in love with him so he can use them for his cam business. Because the video I saw was Tate sitting down 4 of his girlfriends and saying this what he wants to do, and 2 of them left and 2 of them chose to stay. So I have evidence that directly contradicts what you're claiming he did. I'm not saying Tate is beyond criticism. I do not agree with him manipulating lonely men. My point is the people here criticizing him and demonizing him like Leo and his sheep are hypocrites
  11. Spend less time making cheeky comments at me, and more time turning towards the truth rather than running from it and this may click for you.
  12. Ask Leo why he made the Tate video. Because the "insight" he shares doesn't bring in clicks or revenue. In one breathe Leo sais he's reaching insights to profound that no human has ever touched, and in another breathe he's jumping on the Tate hate train and making more brainless content for his audience to consume and mentally masterbate about.
  13. It's a silent meditation retreat in Latvia. The real work is to be have a 1 pointed focus on god and let your mind and body purge. This forum, most teachings, and 99% of things people consume are a distraction from real healing. Does anyone here honestly believe Leo is an authority on god/love/truth when he's clearly so physically and mentally unhealthy and he embodies 0 of what he speaks?