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  1. Try laying down, there's nothing wrong with meditating laying down.
  2. Have you tried putting your attention on your heart, and from that space just accept whatever arises and surrender to it without resisting anything?
  3. @zeroISinfinity Do you ever watch 4k street walk videos? You can see the people it's really cool, feels like you're in the city.
  4. It's a bad look when you're making statements about a potentially revolutionary healing technology when you clearly don't understand what you're talking about
  5. @LfcCharlie4 Who is the great non-duality teacher/pointer outer you have ever come across? So far for me it's Loch Kelly, with Rupert Spira as my second.
  6. @Lyubov You don't know if these companies are going to be the one's that make it though. Even though it's almost guaranteed this field is going to be huge at some point in the future, it's going to be hard to pick the winners so early.
  7. @EmptyVase How did you heal your crooked nasal septum
  8. @Surfingthewave Welcome back
  9. @Forestluv How do the breathwork sessions compare to psychedelic's experiences?
  10. Was this a one time shift, or something that you have to keep remembering or practicing?
  11. Have you tried psychedelic's?
  12. At this point the entire space is probably just people helping people one on one so there's no company or anything to invest in. Psychedelic assisted therapy is the future though so there's a ton of money to made here. Do you want to get into it as a job, or are you just talking strictly investing in companies as some sort of angel investor? Psychs being illegal and the potential for people to go crazy and blame YOU is a huge problem for anyone in the space so maybe you could address this in someway to make money