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  1. @Jay Ray interesting project! Will shoot you a PM.
  2. This book is THE classic on reading and it is probably the only one you will need to read. It's a real book, though. So no quick fix "hacks", but a guide on how a lot of work (especially reading!) can get you where you want to go.
  3. Interesting. I'm currently going through it and I am feeling the same. It is quite refreshing. However, I am not finished yet, so I will postpone any review for now
  4. Depending on your productivity level and type of work the practice of timeboxing can be highly effective, especially if you go from no structure to this. However, in the long run, you might discover, that this (as shown here) is a strong overuse of the concept. As you grow you will learn to appreciate the structure, not for the sake of structure itself, but because it allows you to create more creative freedom in your life. At some point, you will probably shift back towards using the calendar for only really rigid events and appointments. Of all your productivity stack, you will treat your calendar as the holiest territory where you represent only the "hard" landscape of your day. This will allow you way more flexibility to tackle daily demands according to your context, energy levels, and time available in any given situation. Timeboxing can still help you for planning out your day and estimating how much can be done. But you will probably not adhere to this plan, as all plans are inherently false and counterproductive if followed without consciousness.
  5. Wow. I really like this!
  6. For most stuff, you don't need sophisticated tools. Therefore, I second @StarStruck. If you use Evernote, OneNote, Notion as a central place for all notes and lists or the like you can use it for nearly everything. A plan is simple a list of bullet points, a workout plan my be a PDF you found on the internet, a Journal is just a set of simple notes...
  7. @PlayTheGame Still on the NoFap? I'm going for 60 days starting April 5.
  8. @Chumbimba Go for it! As a software engineer, you will have it way easier to earn money. Psychology can still be your hobby, and in fact, it might be a good place to come from when you transition into software engineering.
  9. @StarStruck I really would re-evaluate whether you see consulting really as less stressful than software engineering. It depends on the agency, but some of them will buy your soul... It is more social, that is correct, so if you like working with and being around people that would be a better fit. However, I doubt, that you can become a reasonably good developer "on the side", especially if you now leaning towards doing consulting work.
  10. Since this topic is currently very relevant and popping up everywhere, here are some basic resources:
  11. @MiracleMan Are you still planning on doing this?
  12. nothing