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  1. @PlayTheGame Still on the NoFap? I'm going for 60 days starting April 5.
  2. @Chumbimba Go for it! As a software engineer, you will have it way easier to earn money. Psychology can still be your hobby, and in fact, it might be a good place to come from when you transition into software engineering.
  3. @StarStruck I really would re-evaluate whether you see consulting really as less stressful than software engineering. It depends on the agency, but some of them will buy your soul... It is more social, that is correct, so if you like working with and being around people that would be a better fit. However, I doubt, that you can become a reasonably good developer "on the side", especially if you now leaning towards doing consulting work.
  4. Since this topic is currently very relevant and popping up everywhere, here are some basic resources:
  5. @MiracleMan Are you still planning on doing this?
  6. @deso A mind, once transformed, can never go back to its original state. You opened pandora's box, and you most definitely cannot go back! Now, of course, I do know very little about you and I also do not know anything about OCD and depression. But I know that you are very young and I know that it is way more likely (actually with close to 100% certainty) that you reached a dead end in the maze of life; not the actual "end" you were looking for. In fact, most probably your actual journey did not even start: you don't seem to know who you are, you don't seem to accept yourself, you are clearly not happy with your life and you don't have a life purpose. These things are the foundation to even kick off your growth pilgrimage. And it seems you lack these very basics of life. Thus, your problem should not be fear of becoming a totally different person, but to actually find out who you really are (let alone concern yourself with advanced stuff like enlightenment) I have to be straight with you: there will be a lot more pain and suffering. You are scared of what is to come when actually you should be happy that you opened the box since now you have no choice but to grow. Accept it. Embrace it. In a couple of years, you will look back at this time of your life and know that it was the most important phase of shaping your character and personality you ever did in your life. So reframe all this pain as "growing pain". It is a necessary and unavoidable part of life. This is your "midlife-crisis" right at the beginning of your life. You are lucky, you won't have it in 20 years!
  7. Awesome! How many years have you been meditating for?
  8. Hey @Words , sorry to hear that! I know from a couple of occasions in my life how terrible it is to have problems with sleep. Even one bad night can ruin the whole next day for me. Unfortunately, I have no idea what makes you have these experiences. The only thing I wanted to throw your way is that I think I might have had something similar before. It was in a situation where my Heart Beat was very low and my breath was getting slower and slower. Up to the point where sometimes I thought I would stop breathing altogether. Which led me to focus on my breath and similar to your experience I could not let go of it for a while. It seemed to be related with falling asleep and the "jump" between my sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system was somehow confused (if I am using these terms correctly?). It was like I was still conscious when I should have been asleep already. Sorry that I cannot help you. I wish you all the best!
  9. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg is definitely an amazing read! I devoured it many years ago and for me, it actually kicked off my foray into personal development. That is why I have a personal connection to it. As @Lynnel mentioned, this is not much of a practical guide (although with some work you could use the provided theory to come up with your own experiments). However, the theory is amazing and if you are new to habit formation this is truly illuminating (like it was back then for me). There is too much vague and wishy-washy stuff out there on habits on the internet. Instead, consume this book! And, if you after that need more guidance, complement it with the newer Atomic Habits by James Clear.
  10. Any tips on how to do the Morning Pages? I try to do them immediately after waking but most of the days there is no stream of consciousness at all.. just quiet. That's why I meditate best in the morning...
  11. @Meta-Man exactly