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  1. @TrynaBeTurquoise Hard to say =D
  2. I like my name, Dylan @Keyhole
  3. @Shiva That answers literally nothing I CAN jump off a bridge, will I?
  4. Definitely open to it @Leo Gura I just see so many things that look like unjustified assumptions and all I’m trying to do is understand why you make them, and if they are even assumptions at all. Trying LSD in like 2 days so that should be pretty interesting.
  5. @Leo Gura Is it reasonable to assume that god would want to share? And I thought we are all part of god (and the totality of god at the same time somehow). Isn’t in that case, god inescapably selfish? He is just sharing with himself. And you said what’s the point of being an all powerful god if you can’t share? I don’t know, does there have to be a point? Did god get to choose what he is? And what would I do if I were god? I don’t know. Apparently I already am. If I had no needs, desires, infinite power and an eternity of time, I don’t know if I would do anything. Why use the power? If there are no desires or needs, the power is meaningless. I could create limited fractions of myself in order to give myself desires, but why would I do that? I’m made of love right? What’s the point of creating this hyper complicated reality only to give myself desires, which much of the time, aren’t fulfilled? I could go on and on and on with these questions, but something isn’t clicking with me here.
  6. @SoonHei Sorry but that answer doesn’t really make much sense, I would recommend watching Leo’s video first and then you might get a perspective on what I’m asking
  7. @Synchronicity That doesn’t answer the question, there needs to be some reason a subject desires something. Saying “idk just cuz lol xd” isn’t a serious answer
  8. I just watched Leo’s recent blog video, but I didn’t understand why God wants to share the love. If you are already infinite and all knowing, why not just bathe in love for the rest of eternity?
  9. So, Leo has mentioned many times that we should work towards the betterment of others because fundamentally they are actually us (amongst many more reasons). Given this, there seems to be a huge problem that comes up. Say we want to improve the lives of others, one way of doing this would be (and this is specific because it needs to be) to eradicate all parasitic creatures that harm humans. By eradicating something that we would assume can feel, and assuming that the parasite is actually me, am I not in a situation where I’m benefiting and hurting myself at the same time? If so, what should I do?
  10. God can think? You are speaking of god as if god has a body or is a person. @Conrad
  11. Right but cells (as far as we know aren’t alive) They are just a process, or a pattern. Life without consciousness. From our point of view, it just seems like we are the same way, but happen to have consciousness. Cells don’t experience joy either @Truth Addict
  12. @Shiva why do we live in a reality in which suffering is necessary for survival. Given that reality is infinitely loving.
  13. From what I’m understanding, love isn’t actually anything. If everything can be loved, then what is love? It appears meaningless. Meaningless in the sense that it doesn’t actually have any value at all. @Truth Addict @Scholar
  14. You’re just not answering the question @Truth Addict also, I’m not ranting against anything, this isn’t some retarded childish tirade. I’m just asking a question.