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  1. The question is pretty much in the title but, in short, is life a good thing? At some sort of fundamental level.
  2. The consensus about meaning is that is either doesn’t exist, exists in some kind of illusory way, and/or is generally a bad thing relative to “being”. Desire is walks people around like dogs and creates suffering. But then also Leo has a life purpose course. I’m kinda confused. What should I do with my life? Literally nothing or have an LP or hedonism or what? The answer of “whatever you want” is also not going to make sense because A) I don’t know what I want. And B) desire = suffering
  3. @Leo Gura So when you say God’s is maximizing love, what do you mean? If God is not bound by time, then no action or effort can be made, because those things fundamentally depend on time.
  4. @zeroISinfinity To be devils advocate, there are a lot of unsightly things as well.
  5. @cetus56 My thoughts exactly. So when Leo says the goal is to maximize love, what does he mean? Is there really a goal? Or is the goal already achieved?
  6. The nature of infinity is that it’s endless, duh. But, similarly to trying to find the boundary of reality, the closer and closer you get to love, the farther and farther love gets from you. “God’s Plan” if you will, is to maximize love. How is this possible if you can never reach the end? If God is infinitely powerful, you would think that he could have maximized love instantly. But, if love is infinite, God can never maximize it, because its impossible. Maybe this is logical bullshit but I’d like some feedback.
  7. @fortifyacacia3 It depends on what you mean by authentic desire. Yes, I want the thing I’m going after. Do I enjoy the process? When I’m succeeding, yes. Otherwise, its very, very unpleasant. The time I spend doesn’t matter, I will do all that is necessary, even if it means sacrificing sleep, or getting 15 hours. How does one ever pursue anything without first liking the idea btw?
  8. I have been working at something for 3 months for 10+ hours a day and have had progress that most people could achieve in 1 month will less time invested. I can not describe the level of disappointment I feel in myself. I don’t want to give up but I cannot tolerate this level of incompetency. It’s the most frustrating thing I have ever had to endure and I don’t know what to do. I want something to the core of my bones and yet I can’t have it even though it can be easily achieved by others with effort. Does anyone have advice for someone like me?
  9. Talk about fear of death
  10. This might be considered “semantics” but I think it’s important. Cancer is love because it’s primary caused by ourselves. The food we eat, etc. What about the 5 year old who gets cancer and dies for no reason and has a totally healthy lifestyle and whose parents take preventative measures? Like, dying for literally no reason at all. (NEVERMIND JUST WATCHED THE LAST HALF OF LEOS VIDEO)
  11. @mmKay I’m in NA so I can’t And the only reason I want to become a pro is because I absolutely hated going to college. It was just like high school again, everyone running around pretending like what they are learning is practical or important when 95% of it is forgotten or useless. I didn’t want to be anything in particular academically speaking so I said fuck it and chose pro player. You are right that the game will die and I am at the mercy of Riot. I do think that once you get good at one game, it doesn’t matter if the skills transfer, what’s important to me is that I will then understand the process of getting good at something in a competitive environment (whether that be just spamming games, watching vods/streams, or whatever else.) And as for changing game state? Look at Doublelift/Bjerg/Faker and many more. The game isn’t even recognizable next to S2 yet they are still here. It isn’t a perfect game or company but I certainly think it’s worth a shot. I guess I’m not particularly passionate about the game but it seems relatively low risk to try and become good at it (just put in a shitload of time and practice a lot), and it beats going to school. If I just fuckin fail and get perma hardstuck, I’ll just go back to college, I’m only 19 after all.
  12. I want to become a pro league of legends player and I keep hearing people talking about this “Flow state”, a state of concentration where the ego falls away and each decision you make flows into the next like water, where time ceases to be relevant and people associate spiritual-ness to it. Have you ever heard of this?
  13. @Leo Gura What do you think about inanimate objects “following” the “laws” of physics? Is a meteor flying through empty space doing it out of love? What if someone dies by freak accident? Like they trip or whatever, is there love in that too?
  14. @TrynaBeTurquoise Hard to say =D