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  1. @Peter124 Read Leo's post carefully. Be honest, you don't know what this user is experiencing. Zen devil typical mistake. And no I'm not the OP 😂
  2. @Jol356 I don't think awakening is directly related to your issue, but I hope you find out the real issue for yourself and overcome it.
  3. The ego runs as deep as the run in Spider's Solitaire.
  4. I've taken the Myers Briggs test and found it's informative for me. I now have more of an understanding of myself as an ego and how I relate to others on a surface level. That's useful to know. it's more useful if you also check out Chinese face reading as well.
  5. I wouldn't recommend Datura to my enemies. That's how dangerous it is. Either Psilocybin mushroom for the visual hallucinations, or Salvia for understanding deeper psychosis in those patients. Angel's trumpet tea is probably enough. Thanks for correction.
  6. @pluto What you just described is almost true. Depending on the energetic fields around the ego, that field repels/attracts certain entities. Interactions with natural/artificial substances can complicate these interactions further, and some substances can allow invocations of entities when taken on high concentrations ( machine elves on DMT, insectiods on Saliva and sentient locations on Datura). I wouldn't be surprised that one day, a synthetic man made substance, delirium or otherwise, could act like the behelit from Berserk, forcefully ripping open a gateway for a variety of entities to invoke fully into you, across many dimensions. And the sacrifice is you and your surroundings, for that many Insights to happen.
  7. @andyjohnsonman That's ok, let yourself explore other options. If contemplating is putting too much tension and headache, go do letting go/ do nothing meditation. It isn't a long journey for nothing.
  8. @mp22 You've raised a good point. I didn't noticed that before...
  9. I voted neutral, but actually it's been quite good for me. I'm introverted and mostly keep to myself, and this year I isolated myself a bit more from people so I don't really freak out over the lock down here. I also have some OCD over cleanliness so it's weirdly normal for me to isolate and explore myself all over.
  10. @andyjohnsonman That's good! The LSD trip acted like a preview to what your journey looks like later. It took something like LSD to briefly untangle these mental strips this 'I' clouds all over the place to appreciate how your life or this world isn't just dualities, it's more than that.
  11. @andyjohnsonman Nothing wrong with the drawing, but thinking makes it so.
  12. @andyjohnsonman For a newbie, it's A. For someone that's intermediate, it could either be A or B for Them. For an expert, beginning to be more into liberation, either both A and B are true, or A and B are neither the case. Keep going in this journey, and every possibility of AB and not AB were contingent on a belief of 'I', and no 'I' makes it at least more clearer than when you were at in the beginning.
  13. It depends on what you want/need, and how you handle external/internal values about yourself and your culture.
  14. It's only feeding your subconscious mind more bullshit. In this case, disturbing bullshit. At some point, you might want to cut this stuff out, because it's easy to desensitize yourself and create an addiction to it.
  15. Isn't this a breaching privacy guidelines?