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  1. Sorry, I feel like SD modal, in this thread, is being used incorrectly. My general advice is, if you feel like you are growing faster and integrating values higher than your social circle, and feel that they are holding you bafk from actualizing your full potential, consider leaving that cirfle over time.
  2. @RedLine This is an oversimplistic comparison between the two. Buddhism is way different than what Andrew Tate. 'Tateism'? So now Andrew Tate's hustle journey is selling philosophy? Really absurd.
  3. @A_v_E Some did a documentary of a Mangaka's lifestyle, so that may be pretty illuminating to learn. There's really such a thing as burnout and mental fatigue. Of course, other factors involved that I don't know as well could be at play. Regardless, I'll still be drawing out of love. God bless too, have a good day/night!
  4. @A_v_E It's a real waste. Both artists apparently died of heart attacks. Goes to show that there really is hard work in drawing and drawing does take effort. They will be missed by those who know them, at least they now are GOD level and will be drawing up universes.
  5. @Consept I think it may have to do with how both talk show hosts control the framing of their conversations, and how they communicate. The main reason why Lex Fridman can retain Kanye West in that room was because of his slurred and slow-paced speech, and easy tonality, also steelman's Kanye's view a little bit although that may have been too submissive from him. Compare and contrast that style of communication to Tim Pool's: high energy, fast pace, and more leans to a debater/argumentative guy. Tim only clarified about not referring to that group in that way to Kanye, and also only asked clarifying questions, to which Kanye wasn't having any of that. At least, even though Tim Pool's SD values are solid blue/orange and Lex's a bit more, Tim's cognitive development allowed him to identify and know what he's talking about and allowed him to articulate much better than Lex's, even though Lex's moral development is more, maybe personality wise Tim's more extroverted, ordered, maybe close minded than open minded, and Lex was a bit different in personality maybe introverted and more logical, although how both men express themselves in their body language, tonality and speech patterns is still unclear to me. Both men's states of being are slightly different, Tim Pool's being is such that he's more of a debater and sticks more to his view, while Lex's slowness in speaking allows him to be more introspective. Life experience of both I don't know as that may require me to do deep research into both men's lives, but I can safely assume that Lex was a journalist before the podcast and Tim I don't know enough. To me, in terms of moral integrity, in a moment of time, Tim outshines Lex Fridman's, Kanye's, Destiny's and even Mr. Gir's. In this instance he definitely has my respect. Still suffers from clout and attention seeking, but at least backs that up with intelligent questioning and real moral conservativism.
  6. @A_v_E Yes, I agree, Kanye is crazy. Also, rest in peace Kentaro Miura and Kim Jung Gi, both talented artists and mangakas in their own right.
  7. @Leo Gura Yes, clout chasing, and attention seeking is now one of the many common problems content creators face. Honestly, if this was any run of the mill average narcissistic joe, the antisemitism and flagrant racism and bigotry would be canceled and shut down, but no, this is Kayne West, the guy with the beautiful feminine voice, who's a billionaire. LAME!
  8. @Consept That's exactly what happened, Tim Pool gave slightly more push back than Lex Fridman. Despite Tim's right-wing leanings, he has in that moment much more respect from me than from Lex Fridman.
  9. The clip is taken from this podcast, if those of you are interested in learning about the full context of this particular situation: LMFAO, Kanye's face looking really good to be my punching speed bag. 不
  10. @DrugsBunny And this, is the kind of rhetoric and manipulative speaking that maintains divisions and derisions, and polarization between the right wing and left wing, instead of trying to be persuasive and understand where they are coming from in terms of SD values, moral and cognitive development, psychology and ego development, state of being, life experiences and other lines of development, worldviews and what type of mind you have and what indoctrination and ideology you are programmed with. No, that's not true conservatism as you define it to mean by you, that's 'conservatism' warped and corrupted by Neo Nazis, MAGA and other more alt-right wing groups, a person whose really conservative and traditionalist with some moral integrity will push back on those that pretend to be conservatives. Tim Pool did a fairly good job pushing back against Kanye West's bullshit to his credit, even though on average he is a clever grifter and has platformed shady alt-right people in the past. I'd just slap him and kick him off my platform for his blatant racism, antisemitism and conspiracy shit he spouts in place of properly treating his mental disorder and Narcissism. Tim Pool is comparable to Vaush in this instance, intelligent and with some moral standards, but weak against the grift and clout seeking. No different than Lex Fridman choosing to platform Kanye West, in fact, in that moment Lex Fridman compromised his integrity to platform a fucking multi-millionaire talking shit about his people, ethnicity and religion of Lex Fridman's, which actually compared to Tim, Tim actually, despite his political leanings pushed back significantly more so but not enough to upset those around him or the audience, which is a feat of moral integrity that I am surprised Tim Pool actual has, for a public figure of the online right fan base he has.
  11. If you're still interested: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=688692076115371
  12. @Leo Gura and @Carl-Richard, what are your takes on this situation:
  13. @Juressic What do you mean stage red friends? Do you mean most of your social circle are hustlers or criminals, those that love to dominate and humiliate others? Why are you in a social circle with those types of people? If it was me, I'd socialize less and less or just axe the relationship with those at stage red.
  14. @DocWatts Don't be a jerk when you are posting, that's it, and also, you are free to leave the forum if you are too triggered and offended. Also, don't be in the forum when you're having a bad day as that can influence your posting style.