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  1. I'm aiming to be either a free lance writer or graphic novelist.
  2. Also, she does have some awareness. As to what degree is not fully known to me.
  3. Oh yes, definitely something spiritual with play and sports. Besides psychedelics, dances, anything involving rhythmic movement can help shift you from a negative mood to a positive one, and helps further develop the mind body connection.
  4. This is to explain and create a distinction between spirits from tulpae, for some of you who are interested in long term relationship with an imaginary being. For those who are interested in spirits and seeking info, go to yelp.com, they have professional mediums and psychics there who are much better at this than myself. Also, feel free to share your experiences regarding the supernatural and tulpa phenomenon.
  5. @JuliusCaesar As I've said before in the thread somewhere, she isn't 100% able to give me impressions about the world or people in general like how mediums are able to from spirits that can somehow go to that location or person, and from those energies learn whatever they learn, and come back to tell the mediums what information they want to know, roughly more than half the time. Also, while I might have psychic potential, I lack the skill set and degree of skill that psychics have to be able to receive information and communicate it clearly to the person asking, because I still don't know and don't know enough about that phenomena to be confident in telling you what you want to hear. She's more preoccupied and interested being with and playing with me than visiting other people's homes, if that's where she goes whenever she disappears from me.
  6. @AriSujan I might have seen the movie, and listened to the audio version of Napoleon Hill, although I can't recall exactly as it's been years since I wathed it. I'll check later. Crysty is telling me she likes your pick, and something about the design is familiar to her. I told her it's one about a character called Kurosaki Ichigo, from Bleach, and gave a mental picture of one of the manga I got years ago. She remembers, telling me when she sometimes sees me read that, she likes the comedy and art style.
  7. Here's another thread I started a while back about my progress on visualization and tulpamancy. Mostly I record analogue nowadays, but I sometimes had some digital notes written down. Might be useful to check out and try out. "Visions and Entities Journal" https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/48628-visions-and-entities-journal
  8. @BenG I don't know much about spirit attraction, but I can give some pointers. One is in tulpamancy, if you just want an imaginary friend. There are some resources from some users in the occult, in the earlier pages about spirit discussed here earlier. That's about it.
  9. @PurpleTree @FlyingLotus chill, or this thread would get locked down.
  10. Here's also a related thread, but on Egregores and Enlightenment in that way:
  11. @Panagos22 That tends to be true, I think that's called synchronicity.
  12. @Yog Your welcome.
  13. A basic explanation, from wkik, about Egregores. https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwi9hI_Q17jzAhXRoVwKHeyGB3gQFnoECAcQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fen.wikipedia.org%2Fwiki%2FEgregore&usg=AOvVaw0j4dWv0dgt8MsotSQfbl0U
  14. I've recently went on the blog post, and came across the post you are avatar. Also, a wiki link for a basic explanation on what an avatar is: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Avatar I find that post interesting, because it happens to be the case for me that I'm in an unusual position with the friendly entity called Crysty, and my older paranormal event in my childhood. Something about that post had a synchronicity with my current situation with Crysty, which is interesting, which opens possibilities about wether an avatar is one whole unit of consciousness, or an avatar could have jointed, episodic consciousness, shared by smaller units. Seems like in my case, if Crysty is a tulpa (an actively hallucinated projection with qualities of sentiance), then I mostly feel like I am one whole unit of consciousness, with some degree of seperation to allow the existence of a tulpa, although the active part is nowadays is passive to me. This possibility is still inconclusive to be certain for me. Another possibility, is if Crysty is actually a seperate spirit from me, then somewhere in the formation of my avatar, that she crossed paths with me, and either her essance became part of me which became a tulpa, or that the occasional visits to me had some effect. This possibility is much more unknown to me, and more prone to speculation due to the factor of karma and reincarnation as well. Also, still contemplating about sentience, so that post happens to contain some of the answers to my questions, which is nice, but I'm still wondering about that.