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  1. @Davo124 Figure of speech. Don't get too hung up in literal meaning.
  2. I'd consider Bruce Lee as a good example for a stage yellow fighter/fitness/martial artist to develop into. During his time, the majority of martial artists were too stage blue, too conformist in tradition, and didn't like incorporating western fitness into their practices. It took some interest with philosophy, tons of reading, and a love for fighting and martial arts, and a bit of ambition and open mindedness, that he created his JKD system, which other organizations modelled off a bit to create MMA. As long as stage red exists as a developmental path for society to evolve through, for people to evolve through, and as long as there are lower stages of ego development, MMA isn't going extinct any time soon. It might evolve into alternative forms of entertainment and skill excellence.
  3. @Lyubov
  4. @Dodo About telepathic communication, I've heard they could occur anytime, even while Dreaming. I've heard it's best to use the largest sum of experiences from your upbringing and cultural spiritual practices, and bless the area or yourself, then you could sleep more at ease. What I meant with the largest sum of experiences, I mean that if your upbringing ie religious, like with Christianity, you use that to bless the area, because it's your bias. If you've brougbt up as a native American, your ego likely has thoee symbols of spirituality in that culture, so use them to bless yourself before sleeping, because that bias has many attachments in meaning that makes it easier to work with. Works similarly with channelling entities apparently. My french is rusty, and Crysty is telling me the literal translation of the phrase is 'I am leaving'. Am I correct?
  5. @Roy Ok good to know I'm heading in the right direction. I have to thank myself for keeping up mindfulness practices in the past.
  6. @universe Thank you for your advice. I think when the teacher arrived to silence the other groups, and the girls stopped, I now remember I felt other emotions, like relief that they shut up, but also vengeful for them making me feel insecure, fear and vulnerable, similarly to what happened in my childhood, at least what I could consciously remember. I also remembered whispering loudly to them, while I was leaving, to put back the book when they're done studying, while the teqcher was nearby. I think I was passive aggressive on my exit. I later on felt some apathy like loneliness, depression, or some form of defeat from not standing up more, although at that time I just didn't know how to stand for myself, and emotionally shut down afterwards. Is this my coping mechanism for situations like this?
  7. @Emerald The two girls were pushy when they talked to me, and the third wasn't, and apologized to me for her friends behaviour. I also remember using the book I had, and my bag to the right of me as some sort of barrier against them. I definitely was caught off guard, and felt nervous, fear, and annoyance, so my replies and tone were defensive. Now that I think more about it, it's likely the two wanted to mess around with me, which also triggered something in me about my childhood.
  8. @Roy Just now, I realized that I was also feeling fear mixed in with anger and annoyance while they were at the table. I didn't realize afterwards, but while I'm here I just realized fear was there as well. The apathy feelings I felt after might have helped me forget other negative emotions as well. I might consider getting hypnotherapy done as well, to bypass the depressions episodes.
  9. @integral Because While I'm doing stuff, I don't want to be interrupted. I also don't like being teased. The combination of teasing and interruption makes me feel annoyed, and the longer those people do me, the more annoyed I get, and I might start feeling anger and worry that the situation could get worse. After all that, leaving the situation behind me, I suddenly feel depressed or some form of apathy, maybe to shovel off excess energy from that situation. Like you've said when you edited you're post just now it could be related to the far past of my childhood. I'll have to dig around and take a psychoanalysis person for this. It's honestly not a pleasant thing to go through, like I didn't do shit to invite this to me!
  10. @integral Good for them! Except I wasn't giving any signals to invite strangers for a chit chat, nor invite teasing from strangers. I don't sit down on a table, see a stranger absorbed by his work, study, or book, and go interrupt for casual talk, or tease or whatever. Maybe the better question is how do I full proof myself to stop people from doing this to me?
  11. @Chew211 WTF is this? Is my suffering some kind of joke? I did not ask for this situation to happen. I was reading, minding my business. Because of that, I felt less secure using the library to study notes or read books. Just thinking about it makes me feel a bit depressed. If anything, I have the exact opposite of that post.
  12. @Bando You gave me an idea. Next time, although it's now less likely I'll ever want to be that social because of the annoyance, but next time, I have to tell myself I'll have to nail a woman who's clearly teasing me. Otherwise, I just shut down inside, and later, just leave if I can. I wasn't looking for this.
  13. @Kshantivadin Good to know, except I wasn't open to it, nor wanted this to happen. Though I'm making myself laugh too.
  14. @universe Oh, the ending was that one of the librarian teachers came by, to silence chatter coming from the other tables. I saw how the three girls clammed up when the teacher came. I took that opportunity to get up, leave my book, and leave them. I felt annoyed by this situation because I'm ugly on that day, and did not signal whatsoever my interest on them. I was getting into the book I was reading. Maybe I was acting strange somehow, or looked strange, so they decided to ambush me. I don't know, I know enough about body language and tonality that they were not hitting me up for sure. I was caught off guard.
  15. @Lyubov I'll keep that in mind. Although in future I'm less likely to sit in college libraries for the time being. I just found it strange they wanted to sit where I'm at, because I'm pretty messy looking myself. I didn't even give them any excuses either, just replied matter of fact, straight, no friendliness. That one girl did sound like she was picking on me a bit. I think that's were my defensiveness came up. Yeah, let it go I guess.