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  1. @Husseinisdoingfine Ah yes I watch some of his videos. Good perspective on China.
  2. @StarStruck Could you tell me,in detail, how your cold approaches go? Or how you socialize with women?
  3. That's more like the bystander effect, but China has it much worse. They did a social experiment there, and if you are attacked, or are being kidnapped in daylight, all of them just watch on. This is deeply ingrained in their culture. They even treat each other worse than foriegners who live there.
  4. Once again, this is a general trend in most populations of men and women. Nothing personal and preferential to the individual is being discussed here, so take a chill pill, and join the chill movement.
  5. I'm getting a bit of a headache finding out what is my zone of genius, or the things I think are what is my zone of genius. One example, I keep going back to video games as my zone of genius, but I know that is false. Why? I spent so many years, 15 years or so, of playing a few game consoles, like Playstation, and specifically focused on genres like hack in slash, rpg and racing. It took time and effort that I seamlessly could play that game really well, that if I swapped the controller it felt strange, that's how intuitive it felt. The most confusing bit is the distinction between excellence and genius. Is the zone of genius here all along, or does it need me to go through zone of excellence first? I bring this up because I'm pursuing a hobby on the side, drawing. I feel like I'm in a de ja vu moment but instead of games it is drawing. Unlike with gaming, I spent a few years of serious drawing, training both my hands to draw on seperate sessions sometimes. If anyone could give me a clear, concrete examples of how both differ, that would be appreciated. This is driving me nuts I don't get enough sleep. Thanks for reading.
  6. By the green individual not making a shadow out of orange, and integrating values and skills found in orange.
  7. @Daniel347 Basically it's like a line up. Sooner or later you're number will be up, and you get to experience something extremely significant about truth. Doing the work would accelerate this a bit sooner, but this is why to me most people will have varying degrees of experiencing consciousness, and most will not go that deep ever.
  8. @EternalForest This is good, solid advice. Way more solid than other advice here. If OP is still reading, one thing that makes the black pill seem very true, is that it revolves around the body. That's it, the body's limitations. People are born with what body they have. their head shape, their muscle tone(lean, ripped, puffy muscles, muscle sizes), their bone structures(tall, short, thick), their skin quality(dry vs oil skin types), different brain chemistry and genetics. All these, you have to negotiate around with, seriously, because these parts are the only ones you largely will have for the rest of your life, plus exceptions. The brutal reality, for men, is that the face, the skull, and their body composition, that they are born with, will play a factor in attraction. whatever physical qualities they have, and this correlates with higher volumes of rejection, which stockpiles negatives, which make it harder for men who are more uglier naturally. These men have few options, they compensate elsewhere, like developing personality and social intelligence, and try their best to manage with the cards they are dealt with, or they accept these limitations, and like the user said above, go on with life, and do something meaningful in life and forget about this area of life, which dating is one area of life that is skippable.
  9. @Runtz On second thought, nah. It's all brain chemistry and genetics bro.
  10. Although after some thinking, while 20% mamga is way excellence, being a mangaka is hard. You barely can call that financial independence, sometimes barely afford rent or food for more than one person. It's literally voluntary slavery to get the finest, minimalist style of art out there for not just Japan, but the world to see. Although I get how it feels to draw. Also, interesting insight that their art is largely a collective projection of their own shadow. Didn't know that. @lmfao I suggest reading the berserk manga first, then the 1990' anime version. The later anime adaptations start incorporating CGI, and the latest was so bad it's a meme. Eva a dope anime that I owned a figurine of the first angel, don't know where it's at. P.s. The guy that made Monster, has made a tv programme called Manben, that shows how other mangaka work in their studios, and he interviews them. Interesting series.
  11. Feedback and insights into this problem is much appreciated. I've been struggling with finding some meaning to the kind of work I like to do currently. I have a mission statement I kept for about 5 years now, and it has changed a bit here and there, and I read this everyday and read it like a positive affirmation. So what is the problem between my mission statement and my lack of meaning to my art lately? If you read on, it gets interesting. Firstly, there's the generalised statement: Understanding life, to be a creator and world impact or world contribution. This one I noticed I was stuck on, because I don't identify as a philosopher or detective, and found that a analytical and logic, and some aspects of mathematics make me feel more tired. Understanding life has that feel of logic placed onto life, which doesn't attract to me. Combined with my life experiences of travelling to new places and people I had, I feel that although I'm in my mid twenties I've seen it all in my life, so I don't feel like it's worth the sacrifices for this one. With contributing to the world, it's not that bad, other than I still don't know exactly what contributions I can give yet. Plus, I'm still processing most of my past failures. Maybe it's a self esteem issue, that I can't see clearly the impact I want in the world? And the third statement, being a creator, that has a bit of a stronger feel, I could see myself do stuff and being in creator mode. Similarly to contributing, I don't know exactly what to make, but lately if it involved me drawing stuff, it starts to click with me, and when it gets me visualizing a story, or a location for that, ok. The bit that is confusing is if it's a service, or product, or both I'm creating. I know it's general statement, it's not meant to be specific. Secondly, the specific statement has got some changes. It used to be about me becoming a web developer. I managed to get into an IT course, and I got both level 1 and 2 certificates in 2 years, but I couldn't go to level 3, which would land me into a university which would have gotten me to study either web design specifically, or game development/design. I changed it to then becoming a chef. The idea being that I could start some kind of biz here cooking, but that was a bust. Now it's me being a illustrator, of some kind, working from home, drawing a piece of art to completion, and owning hundreds of sketchbooks filled with detailed studies...of stuff. Yeah, still fresh and needs more detail and specifics career and skills wise, but lately I've spent some time trying a new tool, practicing it, and I almost forgot to check the watch, which is some times a sign of me entering flow. Ten year mastery, drawing for me any day. I don't know in which order, but it will involve anatomy and perspective in there for sure. All the other art fundamentals will follow. Strange interest in manga and comic medium, and freelancing that. Feeling calm, happiness, excitement, confidence and creativity every day. Except it's actually not every day, at least this year. I currently processing some failures, and am a bit depressed and lazy, so I'll have to process those feels first. My ten vaules are still the same, though struggling with some: conpetency, understanding, consciousness, creativity, Independence, excellence, health, beauty and enlightenment. I'll have to re check again because I feel it's been too long that I'm struggling to get into alignment with 3, but not with all of them. My strengths, after I taken character quiz test, is: appreciation of beauties and excellence, curiosity, love, gratitude, hope and kindness. This part of the mission statement makes the most sense, but as to how it aligns with my interests, hobbies, and the career I'll have to figure out. This one was the most confusing: zone of genius. Zone of genius is apparently what is the most unique to you, that you could do effortlessly, unlike the zone of excellence, which takes you 5-10 years of training to get good at some specific, starting from zone of incompetence to zone of competence. It's confusing because a lot of my life has a lot of activities, habits and parts of my self associated with hobbies. Foe example, what I written was 'Imagination and video games' Why? Because imagining stuff isn't hard for me, and I did loads of video games for 20 years(technically a zone of excellence), along with some drawing and writting stories. I also do play chess, almost as much as video games, to the point of intuition, but that not unique to my being, because I still had to train, do puzzles, do calculations, map out variations in my mind, to get good to that point of enjoying a chess game. Is that zone of excellence or genius? My resolution goals is bonkers now. I accomplished some of them, but 80% I overhauled and replacing. If you want to know them you can ask me. So,
  12. If you have sufficient critical thinking, contemplation ability and love of research, history, knowledge, and so on, you don't need to only treat actualized videos as a tv show, just tune in and blank out. Go explore other sources of information, along with living life.
  13. @Jodistrict Basically, a real life matrix, a lot more sophisticated than in the movie.