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  1. I'm assuming here you want advice on dating and having sex, and in this thread, you want advice on sex. Check out Mantak Chia's work on male sexuality. Those techniques are more powerful than mere penis stretching. In fact, you might be hurting yourself just only stretching. Overall, check your mindset and don't lock yourself down on one technique. Don't get too obsessive about your size. There's more to dating and sex, like your tongue, hands and other positions.
  2. Hello everyone, I'm back and here's my progress report so far: My accomplishments: I did my chores. I did positive affirmations/visualizations. I did my meditation for 30 min. My magic moments: I used a microscope in my class. I cooked some scrambled eggs using different spices. My meditation report: I was seeing different locations pop up. I also heard strange noises and felt different emotions throughout the meditation. As usual, I felt itchy in general around my body and discomfort in my right shoulder blade. I didn't enter a state of calm as I was dealing with my shoulder pain. Also, I felt more indecisive about which meditation technique to go for; either mindfulness meditation or letting go meditation. Thanks for reading.
  3. Yes, not all enlightened masters are happy. They still have shadows.
  4. Thanks for posting. I've got some questions for you: How do you know that not seeking enlightenment gets you enlightenment? When do you give up enlightenment? How long have you been pursuing spirituality? Who are your teachers? How do you become present, and how do you know you are correctly present? What spiritual methods do you use? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for posting. I've got some questions for you: Zero hangups, really? How did you experience Psychedelics as scary sometimes? How has meditation and 'God' cured you of suffering? How are you going to be enlightened? What methods will you use and which ones? Who did you learn enlightenment from? Is it from Leo Gura, or someone else? Thanks.
  6. Thank you for replying. Just a few more questions: Which method did you use for experiencing enlightenment? Was it traditional spiritual methods? (you mentioned the traditional definition of enlightenment and not getting enlightened using drugs) and which one? How did you intuit enlightenment and being free from Maya? Who did you learn this possibility from; Leo Gura, or someone else? Was it before actualized.org, or after? How did you do the letting go process? How did you intuit divine spirit? How is your memory now? Were there changes to your memory before/after enlightenment? Thanks.
  7. @Angelite Are you addressing me or the OP?
  8. Here's to start you off: 1. What is the earth? 2. What is the earth's truest nature? 3. why does the earth exist? 4. How could the earth exist at all? 5. How did the earth come into being? 6. What is it's purpose being here? 7. What is the earth made out of? 8. what is important about the earth and why? 9. What governs eath existing and not existing? 10. Where did the earth come from? 11. Why is earth structured/ordered this way? 12. Are there alternate versions of the earth besides it being round or flat? 13. Did the earth begin as a tiny space rock? 14. Is the earth getting bigger? 15. Are there smaller/bigger earth planets? 16. What happened before earth came into being? 17. Why is it that our earth has been the only life flourishing planet so far? 18. Did life originate from earth or elsewhere? 19. Is the earth a dumb object or a living place? 20. Is the earth made out of levels of emergent properties? 21. How do we know what earth really is? 22. Which origin story about the earth is right? 23. Which expert do I trust about the earth? 24. Why do billions of people experience different parts of the earth? 25. Why do intelligent people, like scientists, still can't give a full explanation of the earth's origin? 26. Why do people disagree with what the earth is or how it came to be? 27. Why is a rational explanation about the earth limited? 28. What if I'm wrong about the earth? 29. What if I'm self-biased with which explanation I go with about the earth? 30. What if I'm deluded about the earth and have my own ideas about the earth? 31. What if I blindly believed what the earth is? 32. Which method is best for understanding earth: logic, intuition or the raw senses? 33. Is there a cultural bias for understanding our world? 34. Do we have a human species-bias that influences our understanding of earth? 35. What is our earth like from other species' points of view, like animals, reptiles, insects, microscopic life...? 36. if aliens exist, how would the earth look like for them? How would they know about the earth? 37. If non-physical entities exist, what would the earth look like for them? 38. Does the earth belong to us human beings? 39. Is the earth intelligent? 40. Are we living in real earth or a fantasy about real earth? 41. Am I the earth? 42. Am I separate from the earth? 43. How am I the same/different from the earth? 44. Was earth here before I was born? 45. Will the earth be here when I pass away? 46. In my dream, am I on the same earth or different earth? 47. Is the air I breath in the earth's air? 48. Is the air I exhale still my breath or the earth's air? 49. Does the earth belong to me or I belong to the earth? 50. Am I earth's byproduct to experience life and record information for earth's own understanding of itself, or Is earth my byproduct of being me to experience life on earth for my own sake of being me and not earth? 51. Is the earth conscious? 52. Is the earth a perspective relative to other planets? 53. Is consciousness being unified by the earth? 54. Are 'natural disasters' earth's way of consciously expressing itself? 55. When day begins and night falls on earth, is equivalent to a person waking up and sleeping for earth? 56. Does the earth consciously bring in seasons? 57. Are seasons the earth's expression of it's emotions? 58. Are non biological things, including the earth, conscious? 59. Did earth imagine us to experience itself? 60. Did we imagine the earth for our own sake? 61. Did earth, through higher order evolution, created consciousness through forms created from the earth, or Is consciousness, being a fundamental element of the universe, created the earth for it's own sake?
  9. What was the meditation retreat and how did you go there? Who was your retreat teacher? what were you doing there? Could you tell me what your soft and hard addictions are and which ones were intensified? How did you overcome these backlashes?
  10. Are you currently pursuing spirituality? Do you think this is an ego backlash from your spiritual practices? And how are you feeling today? Any recovery, and if so, what is it like?
  11. That's interesting when you manage to actually see through Maya and realize what it is and what it is in relation to other things. The next issue though is that is it also the same for another person? And which person is right in his/her explanation of Maya? What makes that explanation valid? Your account of this process is valid, it's just one unit's experience of the dangers of spirituality. The point of this thread is to collect these other people's accounts of their experience of the dangers of spirituality and to be used for raising awareness for beginners and experts here so that they have a slightly easier time on this path. so, do you mind explaining what it's like when you've gone nuts?
  12. I'm guessing you're a beginner. Do you have peyote and ayahuasca, to begin with? It's pointless asking when you don't have them in the first place lol. And do you mean psychedelic substances or spirits? Your question is confusing.