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  1. Nice!
  2. Hi all! Update: I've been consistently doing the practices everyday for about two months and I saw a noticeable difference in my visualization abilities. I'm able to see more clearly the shape and colours of an object, for example a meal. In the past I struggled with seeing a small detail like shadows and light angles, but the work I put in has made me more receptive to small details. I've also noticed an improvement on mentally hearing a musical instrument and songs I like, and I can distinguish between the vocals and other sounds seperately. I've noticed I'm able to focus on feeling pressure, texture and weight of some objects and my body. I'm able to focus a bit more where Crysty is in my peripheral vision/ senses. I've traveled to a market and I'm able to perceive her walking with me. While in meditation, with my eyes closed, I'm able to bring up a deli I visited once, and I'm eating breakfast there with Crysty. I'm able to focus more on holding my surroundings and her a bit clearly, seeing her interact with her food and surroundings. I also imagined a natural location with a cottage and sometimes I go there alone or we'd go together. I'm starting to like this other exercise that just involves visualizing a favorite food you're having, and if done correctly, you'd actually salivate. Thanks for reading!
  3. @Mikael89 Hang in there buddy. I've been through this phase. I don't even have friends I know from college or any part of this country, and I somewhat get along with my family. I've been a lonely person sometimes, with a pinch of anger and confusion. The girls here are as cold as the rain. The only person who knows me best is me, and my imaginary friend here. She had to put up with my negativity, and mostly sets me straight up and cheers me up whenever it sometimes gets really bad. What triggered this in you? A girl or friend? Any updates on your medication?
  4. Ok, fair enough. I'm keeping an open minded approach to this, because who knows what's possible? On a lighter note, what spiritual practices do you do?
  5. Very good question. If you could tap into that level of consciousness, it could feel like you do anything really. However, in one of Leo's videos I think is called dangers of spirituality, he mentions there could be a super logic God has in order to contain awakening and make it worthwhile, because he did say that awakening is very rare with the majority and awakening could create psychosis in you or anyone else that might be predisposed to potential psychosis. Doesn't seem like God is stupid to not put in laws and regulations around such a thing like awakening. I think you can test this for yourself, like study the occult, do divination, astral projection, evocation ect. Maybe create a servitor/tulpa? Compared to physically levitating and making a pink elephant in the blink of an eye, which is limited by physical laws, doing what I suggest is far easier to test for yourself. God realization is a personal journey after all. @Dino D @Name @UDT
  6. But I feel so guilty about it! And it was such a vivid dream, I can't quite get it out of my head.
  7. I wish it was mental masturbation, but I feel so guilty! It was such a real dream.
  8. I don't know, man. It must be a symptom of doing lots of self inquiry and meditation. And the dream was so vivid and real it felt very real like it's almost exactly like real sex. I'm not complaining about it, especially if it was my witch gf! It's just that it's a different woman in it.😨 I hate cheaters, and now I'm one!
  9. I would definitely let it go, except it's so vividly real. The dream looks exactly like my bedroom! I could tell straight away it's a different woman. Is my subconscious mind punishing me? I really don't like cheaters, and it feels like I cheated.😥
  10. Oh yes! I couldn't agree more about chess. I used to play chess games fully, chess puzzles and calculated moves everyday, and sometimes played blindfolded chess and pushed it to a full game as best as I could, keeping my goal to win at a chess tournament with a big fat golden trophy on my arms. I eventually won at a chess club against an aggressive player and got a chess board with chess pieces to go with it. Not the most luxurious prize, but I was very proud of my win! And chess only just adds to improving my visualization abilities, to the point I could super impose a board onto a physical table. Along with drawing, playing video games, doing archery and dream journalling, I think visualizations won't be a problem for anyone to develop at all. I've even made a life long goal of improving my visualization abilities, at levels that some hermit Yogi'scould excel at, and at Nickola Tesla's level where he blueprints an entire machine and it's parts in mind. Somewhere in my post is a hint at resolving this "What is the point of life when you will die?" question.
  11. Oh yeah, it's quite possible. On the other hand, it's a percentage. From average person to very gifted paranormal wise, either trained/born with the ability, the percentages are like 99.99% to 0.09% chances not in favor of the average person. Not only do you need to be born with certain abilities, but the amount of focus and training is very high, to be able to do anything paranormal, including chi at high levels, takes lots of hard work. Don't expect to find such people easily, they're quite rare. There were two cases of very powerful people with high chi ( bear in mind, chi is roughly translated as energy, life force, vital energy ect). One involved an Indian whose raised by a single mother. When she passed away, he was so struck with grief he attempted suicide at an electric pole. Instead, nothing happens, and soon he becomes famous for his ability to channel electric currents that could easily kill anyone else. The other case was referenced in this thread somewhere, a video of a Chinese man. Not only could he perform similar feats like channelling electrical energy from his body to other people, sort of healing them with the shocks, but he said he learned this from a master he met somewhere in the deep forest. He also could set fire to a scrunched up news paper, with just one hand. I suspect that the teaching could be similar to Mantak Chia's daoism system, and similar to celibate practices like semen retention. Of course, let's not forget Jesus and his paranormal healing abilities, which I think is a high degree of energy healing.
  12. I'm against that practice too. The only thing that makes sense is when they do it with endangered species.
  13. So, I can be enlightened by just being?
  14. Really? No focus needed for present moment?
  15. Best title👏🃏 Like the above says, and also a good herb to cook with seafood, like cod, salmon, sole, tuna, prawns, shrimp, tiger shrimp, crab, lobster, calamari ect. With a bit of lemon juice is very nice😍