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  1. @ryandesreu Well you can't blame him for acting like that. Firstly he in shock, and anything is possible when you in shock. When someone attacked me I fought back. Some people freeze, some people run. It's that fight/flight/freeze response in high stress situations, so him having some mental fortitude to raise his fists, is the same when I put my hands up guard protecting myself from a burglar. You won't know unless you a survivor of a high stress situation.
  2. @zurew So you base your assumptions of me downplaying by misquoting me from my interactions with @Leo Gura and @Gennadiy1981?
  3. @mrPixel I actually liked the video you shared here. Based on her body language and tonality she's mostly right, although interesting moments of 'tutting'(tutting is strong verbal disagreement) may anaylize her body language further or check out other videos featuring her. I do mostly agree with her take and that it's more persuasion rhetoric and not 'facts' or information that wins debates. However last portion of the video, when she gave that example of convincing parents to give vaccines to their child and they refused because maybe link to autism and they don't want their child to become autistic or MORE autistic, that fear isn't entirely unfounded when you do some research and check out the older versions of what they put into vaccines then. One example: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=&ved=2ahUKEwjk9KGMjK-HAxWcQ0EAHZbOCqEQFnoECCMQAQ&url=https%3A%2F%2Fhistoryofvaccines.org%2Fgetting-vaccinated%2Fvaccine-faq%2Fdo-vaccines-cause-autism&usg=AOvVaw0MFcP119PoVxBoiiFY_wWu&opi=89978449 IMHO there's more to autism development, besides genetics and environmental. As much as science likes to pretend it's mostly correlation that vaccines and autism are related, a bit of mercury at it's base is already a pretty worrying thing. I don't think it's just a natural happening that we have a large population of those in autism spectrum, but rather we are having more within autism but anyways Imma drop it it's getting a bit big.
  4. @zurew Again, I didn't claim Trump had 'peaceful' rhetoric, nor downplayed it. Stop assuming stuff. If you're basing all this from me and @DocWatts, I was giving him a simplified take of what @Gennadiy1981 was meaning. You did this to me years ago when we had that debate, and it's a bad habit. And you still mad when I did that diss track at you. Chill down a bit.
  5. @Joshe I agree, and I was joking a bit, but like I said no hard feelings OK? You in ignore land and I in yours too.👍
  6. @Leo Gura You mean 100% chance of losing our democracy instead of 25%? Because if we're losing democracy at 25%, that means we have a 75% of not losing democracy right?
  7. @DocWatts Fair enough, my take was I thought he was pointing out the increasing negative emotions in this situation with the fear mongering and the media, but OK.
  8. @zurew 1. Really? 10x more unhinged? Not 9 or 11x? Also what Destiny or I/P thread? Maybe link and show my apparent 'unhinge' thing you're talking about, or don't because that would derail the thread. 2. What was @Gennadiy1981 arguing for exactly? Are you sure he was arguing for Trump becoming president and him mixing with democracy, or was he 'preaching' for others to chill down, take note of the propaganda, the charged political atmosphere, the fear mongering from his view? Like @Gennadiy1981 , what were you trying to say here? 3. OK, I'll take that I'm a clueless idiot, sure, like the MAGA and 40% of American conservatives which you're insinuating BTW right? Which is why I'm still waiting to be educated and enlightened to my own ignorance here, apparently 'fishing'...WDYM?🤦‍♀️
  9. @DocWatts Ok, let me take @Gennadiy1981 out of context, and let me reframe what he was trying to say without all the charged language as best I can. OK, say Trump and that Project 2025 is bad, and probability is likely he may enact project 2025, probability being like 80-60% likely. That still leaves about 50,40,30,20,10 and even 5% probability Trump may not decide and enforce project 2025, and him distancing himself from what the Evangelical Nationalists were saying is proof there's some probability he may not enact that project, so what @Gennadiy1981 was trying to say to you, as you're American in USA right? He's saying like what if you might be wrong, and what if you're deep in this cultural zeitgeist right? Like with the 9/11 attack and most Americans unanimously wanting revenge on Iraq, when it was another terrorist group that did it right? He was basically trying to ask and warn that maybe you're charged up by fear mongering, propaganda, from the media, which is effecting your critical thinking. You see what I mean right? And to be clear, IMHO Trump is dangerous and that project is and hopefully Biden might win again in the election, but what @Gennadiy1981 was saying is if you look at all the fear mongering tactics, propaganda tactics and all that...In his view, all that is more dangerous than Trump and Project 2025 in his opinion. What will your answer be to him?
  10. @zurew Come on! Even if I have disagreements with @Gennadiy1981 with some topics, straight out calling him the worst person, utterly useless, clueless, and a preacher are all character assassination attempts which is fallacious. At least have a back and forth a few times with that person and hash out his reasonings before calling him all that, or don't call him all that because that's insulting and name calling which is against forum guidelines. You have been here like me years in this forum, please show some decorum and restraint at least.
  11. @OBEler I agree too, very paranormal and supernatural, like it was just out by a centimeter. What are the odds of that? You have better luck winning the lottery than just happening to turn your head in the right direction, rotation. IMHO that is amazingly rare to happen!
  12. @Rafael Thundercat Agreed. Nice video share!
  13. @ryandesreu That's an example of cancel culture.