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  1. Here's the answer to OP's question, so now is it worth continuing the discussion? We now have confirmation that JP ain't interested, so continuation seems to have lesser value than before. Next topic.
  2. @StateOfMind How is this any different from a propaganda campaign, coercing citizens to join and follow an ideology?
  3. I'm into calisthenics as well, though I do exercise on lower sets and reps than normal. Not too interested in muscle size, but mostly muscle strength and function. I've applied some tips from the videos below to my workout, which can also be beneficial for muscle size as well: and
  4. Update: I'm currently designing a room that will contain mystical symbols like mandalas. If you guys happen to know of any mandala images feel free to share some.
  5. What would this interview really benefit? I see more differences between the two that would cause more debates than discussions, which is a waste of time for me. This whole ordeal is starting to look like cancel culture, but the reverse, using social pressure, coercing two individuals together that might want to do something else than interview. Another example of mini tyrants taking advantage of democratic process, and the internet.
  6. @neutralempty , and @Scholar , you two posts have little to no validity in supporting the main idea of @Hero in progress, that Vegans are sexy as fuck. So far, all your posts are irrelevant towards supporting the OP's position, so irrelevant that @Scholar 's posts only address mostly the morality of changing one's mindset to Veganism, adding in philosophic worded questioning that does little to back up OP's original position, but only serves as a means to discussing Veganism outside the established framework that OP intended this thread for, which is to spread his ideological view of Veganism in a click bait trollish manner that warrents little serious concern, while @neutralempty 's contribution to this thread is mainly feeding off of OP's inflammatory remarks and ideological spouting that's less severe than OP's, none the less immature and a mismatch to the intended writing style and tone for the majority of this sub-forum, that is to present in clear, scientific and realistic ways to improve one's health and overcome health issues, and to highlight any benefits and dangers of some health practices that require a tighter, more concise writing style most appropriate within this sub-forum, regardless of how relativity and complexities like different mental disorders, the economic costs of plant-based diets per country and culture(which @Michael569 points out to @neutralempty and other users, showing how Veganism still has realistic problems in terms of affordability, different levels of adaptability challenges, and effects on the body), different responses from each person's body in regards to diet changes, and so on. In fact, the main gripe I have and @Michael569 has to the OP is in terms of how he presented his thread, in an informal, ideological, immature manner that is trollism and inflammatory towards others who identify as partial Vegans to non-Vegans, in an unclear and unrealistic manner that could do more harm than good towards those who are more serious in improving their diet and health. This is why both of us suggest to the OP to post in the journaling sub-forum, if he wishes to write in such a way. That way OP doesn't waste any of our time here, and he has a place where his writing style is more appropriate. However, OP's attitude remains ideological and triggered, so I don't have any high hopes from him specifically. @Scholar , I do enjoy reading through some of your posts, and your attempts to steer the overall thread's main topic of Veganism and sexiness, to talking about the ethical and morality behind Veganism and attempting to build solid points regarding ethics and morality, in fact most of your posts on other sub-forums, you mostly try and discuss outside main frames, which is fine because sometimes this ads more complexity to the discussions, while sometimes it does veer off course into other sub-topics, or to different topics entirely while not keeping to main topics... If you don't mind, could you elaborate on how Veganism is connected to attraction and sexuality, at least to offer some support to OP's weak position? If not, that's okay. Instead of countering both me and @Michael569 's position in terms of ethical consequences, can you instead address our main issue regarding OP'S ideological behavior in this thread? If both of us are wrong, could you elaborate on why we're wrong for calling out OP's behavior? I like to know if I'm actually wrong, and the moderator is wrong, for offering some feedback towards the OP. Thanks.
  7. @neutralempty It depends on how that person is looking after their body. If all they did was plant based only, and very little exercise, low quality sleep, have unhealthy coping mechanisms with physical/mental/emotional stress, Comparing person to person is difficult enough, it gets more difficult comparing group to group health, vegan or otherwise. Depending on how you look after yourself, you can still maintain healthy muscle structure and overall body function, even on a plant based. Plant based diets can't save you from you abusing yourself in other way, so watch out. Consider that the user is in part of the world where some people have not correctly integrated with a plant-based diet properly, so the user only ends up interacting with just those people.
  8. @Origins Very well written! I can easily imagine a scenario with your wording, and gave me minor insights into my past with feeling revenge.
  9. Update: I've done two sessions with Crysty. One involved me playing some games with her, inside the visualization. I was in a nice flat studio, red wood flooring, a hanging chandelier, cream white walls and ceiling, wavy texture, glass sliding door. She was sitting on one chair, a black coffee table, with a chess board. After doing that, for fun we changed the game into playing Chinese Go. It was a bit more difficult, because I'm mostly more familiar with chess as I've played the game on and off while growing up, but Chinese Go I've started playing for the past 2 years, so I'm still not used to playing a blind fold game with Chinese Go. Overall a more challenging visualization, with her pouting over some of her losing the game, and I've also lost on account of me playing illegal moves. I'm more understanding of the difficulties for those who's professions require them to construct many objects and places inside their minds, even come up with new shapes and modifications for problems related to a thing's limited form. For example, engineering, like designing planes, that job does require a designer to visualize different parts, and find ways with better shape modifications to overcome other problems. It must be tough to also play Chinese Go and Chess professionally, sometimes I make mistakes inside my visualization sessions. The other one was visiting one of the super Malls here, bringing to mind my memory of the parts of the complex I've experienced, and we just frolic around, browsing new fashion styles, walking around, and yes, trying out new foods. I've developed enough visualization capacity that I can imagine eating a food. Overall a very relaxing session.
  10. @Shugo Have you experienced any paranormal events recently, or in the past?
  11. @Yog It's mainly because of the ethical issues that bring about dogmatism around discussing Veganism, in people who only eat plants, and in people who mainly eat everything with plants, meat and carbs. Even fruit only people are not immune to being dogmatic to other groups that're selective in their diet. Under those states, it's easy to rush the transition process from whatever traditional diet you've had to eating plant based diet, and if no care is taken, some end up hurting themselves bad enough for hospitalization. Sexiness mostly comes from proper body care, and from genetic variety.
  12. @Hero in progress Maybe carefully read what I've posted below: Also, with your attitude, it's much better to post in the journal section, as you won't get penalized for your writing style. Anywhere else you will. It's mainly because of your writing style that it's harder for others to consider Veganism seriously, and treat it like a joke.
  13. So, are all conservatives evil? What do you think would happen if the entire right disappears?
  14. @Hero in progress That's because you post in an informal and organic style so far, and usually in this sub forum there's a higher standard of posting, because we're mainly discussing topics like health, nutrition, diet, overcoming physiological and health issues, which because of how it really effects our bodies, we'd like to communicate in a way that reflects how careful we are to give advice, whether supported by medical/scientific research or is just an opinion. When talking about these issues, it's important that we communicate our information in a way that is not childish because if we have advice that can harm more than hurt, it really does effect the body, positively or negatively. In an immature, unpractical, idealistic, unscientific, emotional and attention grabbing framing, discussions about Veganism turn more immature than mature discussions about veganism, yet the original poster might not intend that his/her communication be perceived this way, which is why the moderator suggests this is better under the journaling section. It's more difficult to have beneficial feedback and corrections under such immature, organic, and informal framing. Most posts in this sub-forum are written within a mature, practical, pragmatic, realistic, scientific and medical frame of mind. Under such framing, we can have serious discussions about health, nutrition and overcoming health issues, and have faster feedback on if any user's advice is harmful or helpful. This is especially important when discussing alternative medicine/related fields not as supported as traditional health/medicinal approaches.