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  1. @Epikur No, journalists are doing their job, it's just that Joe choses to niche down and do a comedic journalist take. However, he underestimates how some people misinterpret him being serious, when he's joking.
  2. @HypnoticMagician Try the experiments yourself: go to a red room, and try doing mental tasks in there. Then, go do the same thing in a blue room, and tell us what you've experienced in the real world. If your imagination is good, then just imagining going into a room with strong hue and brightness of a colour would bee enough in strongly effect one's state and mood. Of course, it's not entirely objective, nor is it entirely subjective. It is both, plus cultural upbringing and life experiences that can vary to a degree each meaning in a colour for a person. One who sees red, experiences anxiety, would be different to another that experiences excitement seeing red, at the same time, under the colour of red is a set range of meanings of power, violence, passions, while also still variable as well ect. A few sources, and here's one of them: Haha Lung, and his book Mental Dominance. He also has worked in the Black science institute and studied various forms of manipulation, from physical to psychological, and in that book he covers briefly how colours effect some people's psychology to a degree. Another source, the colour psychology chart: While this is an extensive chart about each meanings associated with each colour, it is not completely representative of all meanings in a colour.
  3. People keep forgetting Joe Rogan was a comedian, but he surprisingly was a comedian, which allowed him to be more open minded. Being a stand up comedian also helped improve his ability to speak to people, and ask interesting questions. He was doing God's work, bringing in interesting guests, but lately he's doing the devil's work. The pendulum always swings back and forth.
  4. @Karmadhi Red does provoke power, as it is connected to the colour of blood. Sometimes, the provocation for some is too much, too aggressive, that it can make some people feel anxious. Too much red to me gives me headaches.
  5. @Tristan12 As long as it feels authentic to not date, not deepen relationships, then anything else is moralizing yourself that you should date and deepen relationship. But if you actually don't authentically want it, then don't worry about it and don't change course pursuing it. If it feels off about your decision to not date or deepen relationships, then go and do that. It is possible to lead the good life, without having a highly developed sexuality and dating domain of life. Yes, there is a trade off in that you won't be as skilled in those areas, but there's also positive trade offs too. But it takes sime inner work to properly feel into the decision, whether it's genuine or not to not date or develop relationships. If leading the single life resonates witb you, go do that for a while.
  6. @HypnoticMagician It doesn't have to be overwhelmingly powerful that it impedes one's functioning, but it has some degree of influence in one's cognition, states, value system, and how the mind adjusts parts of it's world view quickly. There was some research done on how colours effect psychology and performance. If you put two competitors in separate rooms, one blue, and one red, and each tasked with completing a mental test, they found that the ones that were in red themed rooms performed less than the ones in blue rooms. They continue, and found that people who did exercises, who wore red, performed slightly better, because the colour red stimulated that person's cardiovascular system slightly more. The following colours is what they found to have some effect on a person's mood mostly, and sometimes a physiological effect: Blue: calming, centered and cool. Red: agitation, passion, rage, flare. Yellow: calming, mellow, energetic. Purple: Relaxation, rarity, sophistication. Orange: Strength, alertness. Green: Skill, cleanliness and happiness. White: western culture: Goodness, purity, hope, peace. Eastern cultures: Evil, impurity, death, destruction. Black: Western culture: Death, despair, destruction, darkness, funerals. Eastern cultures: Heroic, hope, goodness. Also note that the vividness of the colour can decrease or increase the meaning of the colour to a person. A person who feels anxious when they see a red colour, would feel much more if that red is brighter and has more civid qualities, as opposed to a red that is much darker and less vivid. This is partly covered when studying NLP.
  7. @Knowledge Hoarder I think what he meant with regret being a 'good thing' in motivating one towards changing some aspect of life, is it's like negative motivation. Eventually, sooner or later the regret generates so much suffering, that the person has to release that psychic tension in the mind/body at some point and start taking corrective action. Otherwise, it'll be an unhealthy catharsis, damaging not just the person but other people around them. Ideally, we all should be able to generate positive motivation inside us, but sometimes we can't and we end up negatively intrinsically motivating ourselves, so next best thing is extrinsic. Sometimes, even positive extrinsic motivation isn't enough, so it's off to negatively extrinsic motivation, which is either you sink, or swim, which I offer to those reading, you do not want to find yourself being negatively extrinsically motivated.
  8. Nice share. It seems like it is the case with purpose, anyone can literally make a purpose for anything they want to manifest in the future. Taking action, and training towards getting that into the real world, is where it starts to differ.
  9. In fact, there's no such thing as wasted time at all.
  10. @somegirl The good news is, this is way too young an age to be complaining about dating and sexuality. Don't worry, you'll get enough life experiences to be able to date and find the right partner for you, you literally have too much time and energy to not screw this up. The bad news, you have to learn to discipline yourself about getting what you want.
  11. @mmKay Yes, there is a psychology about how colours effect people.
  12. Great that they are finally pursuing sedition charges against those involved in the insurrection attempt, except that it technically isn't a proper insurrection, more a bunch of angry alt right mobs, because if it really was a well planned insurrection attempt, then thousands of lives would've been killed in that day, So, if they charge everybody involved, from the ones who were at the site damaging property, to the ones premeditating the whole thing from behind the scenes, then it's going to be difficult because they can only really go after the ones who've actually on site, damaging stuff first. The best they can hope for is charging everybody involved, directly and indirectly, but is a lesser charge to Donald Trump and others who were hanging back for inciting the mob.
  13. @Tristan12 I see no problem here, other than you potentially lying to yourself and avoiding improving the dating and relationship lines of development in your life. It depends on the stage of development(cultural value system of the individual), morality, cognition, personality types and lines of development(other domains of life, other life experiences) of the person, so if you're contemplated deep enough about what dating and relationships are to you, and whether it's worth your time to develop those lines, then your decision of putting dating and relationship development later in favor of pursuing career, health, fitness, home environment, entertainment/hobby, and spiritual development is ok. I'm 28 and a virgin too, and to me my development in dating and relationship is close to a non issue, for various factors to me.
  14. @SaWaSaurus Are you sure the OP and the commenter are the same people?
  15. My question to some who follow attachment style, what do you do to develop yourself towards secure attachment style? Is it personal development, and which theory? Is it spirituality, and which practice? For me, I've done enough spiritual practices and personal development years back, to be able to score a secure attachment style.