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  1. @Emerald The questions above. Okay, so what took you so long to reply to me?
  2. @Israfil What do you expect? China is China after all.
  3. There's enough insight here about arguing that you'd think three times about getting into a heated debate, and lessons about drama and corrupting over time, or poisoning the well: All because Max stood up to Destiny and called him out on buddying up with Nick Fuentes the neo nazi, and trying to undermine how he weaponizes language. The sunk cost fallacy of Destiny here is amazing. And I'm still puzzled as to why he's still making content about Mr. Girl. Drama addict, and now a livelihood of making and maintaining drama?
  4. @LSD-Rumi @Carl-Richard @Leo Gura @Arcangelo @Space @zurew And other users, since @Emerald is dodging the question, what are your thoughts about the crux of the issue of bodily agency? What if the mother is unconscious that she can't make a decision whether to keep or deliver?
  5. @Nilsi More like post modernism, or trans-modernism of governance and society.
  6. @Epikur A STEM based government more so than a technocracy to me, but modified that it's collectively at stage yellow and turquoise, maybe coral.
  7. Mr. Girl's account is banned from Twitter due to him defending Lav.: Arguably speaking, way better than Destiny's accounts getting banned from Twitter and Twitch due to toxic behavior and unethical use of dark humour. If I were Destiny I wouldn't be gloating, nor continue to make Mr. Girl content.
  8. @Emerald That's true, the average abortions come to around the 1st trimester, and after that are lesser due to health risks to the mother. Now before you stated that your hardest line was at body sovereignty, and that the mother has the ultimate say whether to abort or not. What if the mother was in a coma and was pregnant beforehand? Or during the comatose state? Would you still say the doctors or state can't intervene here to determine if they should carry the fetus to terms, or due to prior conditions of that pregnancy decide to terminate the fetus while the mother is in a coma?
  9. @Breakingthewall Funnily enough, did you know that the German Nazis created a program of breeding more babies, to increase Germany's population to have more blue eyed and blonde hair people? Well, while it seemed fucked up, the convoluted and twisted irony, is that Anni-Frid Lyngstad was produced from that event, to eventually become part of the Swedish group ABBA . The world is a small place, and truth is stranger than fiction.
  10. @koops Osho the 99 Roles Royce owning Guru? He's cool but it's his lieutenants that caused most of the Rajneesh and Oregon country incidents.
  11. @Majed It is ridiculous to some extent. How could stage green be higher in development than orange and blue, yet are anarchists and can't come up with better alternatives to government?
  12. @kray This reminds me of those citizen arrests you can do in America apparently, against anybody regardless of status. Yeah, not a smart policy. To me mostly some kind of power play or setting example of, but to expect to arrest Putin? Nah, unlikely.
  13. @Raze That's actually a very interesting outcome. Yes, arrest Trump so that other politicians can start charging each other with whatever crimes they can convincingly with some evidence pursue. Also Trump needs humbling, can't hold onto that win streak forever.
  14. @Basman Which is why most debates and arguments about abortion avoid the trimester angle. As soon as a person tries to justify abortion and extend it to after the baby's umbilical cord is severed, to third trimester, to second trimester and even first trimester it makes the pro abortion debater look psychopathic and inhuman, which is why most would argue around the first few weeks to 2 months of pregnancy as a good window to consider and follow through the abortion. Also that angle entails the philosophical issue of personhood as well as the epistemological issue of where the line is drawn which ends up creating self looping arguments over and over.
  15. @spiritual memes Add to that minds don't merge together to understand fully the exact nature of how much a person suffers, already makes decisions to euthanize tricky. Majority of cases rely on self reporting and outer behaviors to determine if such a thing must happen. As every American loves and fight for freedom of speech, there should also be freedom of choice, to euthanize your own life if suffering is too much and long term/for the remainder of that person's life. There should be a legal right and legal process to allow such a thing to happen in certain cases as some people can suffer so much and some can't will power through that intensity and volume of suffering. Abortion is already even more trickier than euthanasia.