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  1. @How to be wise rarely are individuals at solid stages, as there's so many developmental factors that make them up. It's the open-mindedness that Joe had that made him partly at stage yellow, but it seems that without sufficient intrapersonal intelligence, you can't catch yourself getting deluded.
  2. @Roy Give them the Titan falls treatment, probably would make them re think their vision for Twitter.
  3. @Medhansh Below is what actually works, as I've had to deal with some of my bullies in the past and had to get physical with a few psychotic ones. Yeah, not so easy, but it's like with pissing: hold it in, or release it. The sooner you piss, the better. The sooner you put that spoiled rich bitch on the proper hierarchy, the better. Even if there are consequences to getting a bit lunatic, getting in touch with your inner demon or stage red shadow, it's sometimes necessary to bare your fangs and enforce boundaries. Time to seriously consider your fitness and martial arts training. Of course, shouldn't be the go to, but to build confidence knowing you can handle yourself physically. Sorry to hear you're going through this, at college non the less, hope you instill some fear into that jackass.
  4. @Consept Ok, not just you but users here also, can we all agree that most people are struggling to define transgender from their own standards, and miss that actually transgender is really about transcendence of one's own sexuality, fundamentally speaking? Also, are we talking about very specific points about how society handles transgendered people so far? I'd date for the experience.
  5. @Nilsi Good post, all I can is I have some faith that most people are consuming this art form consciously, because when it becomes unconscious it becomes a problem, not immediately but later.
  6. @Thurlian Good post, at the larger scheme of things hip hop is centrally entertainment, so it is more susceptible to corruption and materialism. My only specific problem is unconscious consumption of this music, which could likely lead to a person doing violent acts or be more judgmental and negative than normal. I wouldn't say Kendrick is fully stage yellow, but he does have elements of it like open mindedness. Also, his personality type is more introverted than extroverted as he doesn't like looking people directly in the eyes for too long.
  7. @Bobby_2021 Do you think that this Desentis person is a significant threat?
  8. @Oeaohoo I'm being hyperbolic, sorry if I offend, it's difficult with the current political climate of America, what it had gone through with the Trump phase for me to reconcile after knowing a lot about developmental psychology.
  9. @preventingdiabetes What games do you play with your friends?
  10. @Oeaohoo Thank you for giving me a video that works. Jesus, if 40% of Americans are like this I can see why change is difficult.
  11. @AtheisticNonduality Nah, it's gotta be Leoism instead. Leonian sounds like some kind of designation for some job title.
  12. Hello all, @Leo Gura had posted a blog about politics a few days ago, and it's not available in my country. If anyone knows the name or ULR of the video, please share as I would like to view it. If not, then could you give me a summery of what the video is about? Thanks!