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  1. Update: the usual I've done concentration exercises on Crysty in one of our imagination sessions. Next time I might arrange a different location maybe near a lake shore or a forest or a jungle.
  2. Yes that's what I meant. Could you elaborate more on those places that spirits gather in?
  3. Having said that I have seen her move stuff in one of our imagination sessions. I don't know if those objects are energies from other objects she took.
  4. For example, a nexus is considered a place of power where spirits gather. If you were doing say a cursing ritual in the middle of a graveyard. Apparently the graveyard is considered a location of power of some kind to draw those spirits in. Another example is veneration worship were your alter is considered a location of power for whatever you're worshipping. The area you're making sacred is considered a nexus. I've heard this term nexus used by other occultists when they're refering to a powerful location that overtime spirits gather often. A nexus is also formed naturally, supernaturally or artificially. For example of an artificially created nexus is like a war zone were lots of people died, centuries later after real estate development, houses were created. Then a few of those houses experience Poltergeists. What are your thoughts on this?
  5. I don't think I mentioned she could move physical objects. I haven't seen her do anything sort of Poltergeist level like fling a ball or break glass.
  6. Thanks for posting me this video! It's pretty scary stuff!
  7. Update: I was doing mindfulness meditation with labelling in one session and some mindfulness during the day. Whenever Crysty's vanished I notice, label 'gone', and observe. Whenever Crysty appears it's usually as a sight but sometimes as a feeling. I also was doing some exercises mindfully and this inspired Crysty to sit on me😅 Also I was doing concentration exercises with Crysty and observed her staring at a point on a tree.
  8. Thank you for offering your information. I'll keep this in mind. I think that this post is helping me and other users who see this because I suffered a thread lock. I took it too personally at the time and now I feel anxious with even offering great advice or resources to people fearing it would be locked and I would lose it. I just want some good pointers as to how to structure a really good post. Thanks again.
  9. 😂
  10. Thank you for offering me this information. I'll keep this in mind.
  11. Thank you for offering your information on making a decent post! I'll keep this in mind.
  12. Thanks for the post. This gives me some good information. The reason why I asked for examples is because I don't know much examples of high quality posts not just in actualized.org but in general internet. So being specific, considering the context, and what consciousness level the audience is makes a high quality post. Ok. Would adding value and a resource for that post go a step further?
  13. NO.

    Very nice post! This reminded me of Leo's video on the power of questions, and as he was listing he briefly stopped at two questions; " what do I like?" And "what do I dislike?". He mentioned that you could discover your passion by keeping a list of your likes and dislikes about people and life over time. Interesting how the two opposites interplay with each other.