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  1. Might I suggest 1. laying off the psychedelics, 2. pounding the psychedelics hard, 3. laying off concentration meditation, 4. Noting, 5. some other option. Literally doesn’t matter. Whatever seems to happen is what seems to happen. Sounds cool though. Would certainly love to hear more about it.
  2. i.e. the one thing that doesn’t change, doesn’t acknowledge the existence of a separate being, and of which nothing can be said. So... is it really there? It might be there, but what’s very obvious is that no one knows that.
  3. A limitation that isn’t a belief is what is known as a “question.”
  4. Yeah there’s no higher self. There’s no lower self. There isn’t even a self. Nothing stands on its own without something else constructing it. Though really that’s just words. There is no other, but in a sense there is a self — THE Self. And it’s already perfect. The apparent imperfections are perfection appearing as that.
  5. @Keyhole “I forgive myself/you for not understanding” is the root of all forgiveness. Infinite liberty and infinite just-is, for no one.
  6. Could be. I've been through quite a bit of suffering though. I was a heroin addict 8 years ago, for instance.
  7. It varies, but for just about everybody, 4 to 9 hours... Seriously though if you're outside that range, you might want to look into changing that.
  8. Reality is simply the best possible scenario, which is obvious after awakening. It was obvious to me before awakening though. For no reason.
  9. That's because grasping it is synonymous with death.
  10. Your hands are + There is only everything = Your hands are literally everything. Boundless Unconditional Love is all there is. Reality is the mind's own making. WHAT IS is beyond reality. These words are reality; reality is not the truth.
  11. 5-HT2A psychedelics are in a sense "stronger" than cannabis, but they really aren't on the same axis. Apples and oranges. Cannabis suppresses your memory, making you feel "in the moment," it enhances the senses, and it can make for some pretty profoundly altered thought-spaces. Very energizing to the thinking-feeling mind, for me. For many people, cannabis can almost seem to mimic low-grade psychosis -- I mean... that's basically what paranoia is. It's a hallucinogen and effects can vary hugely from person to person -- some people actually trip from weed. Psychedelics are quite different. They're a fucking transcendent experience. And every psychedelic has its own unique signature -- types of visuals; the way things look; the way they make reality seem sharper (LSD) or blurred (mushrooms); how clear-headed they are; how immersive the visuals; how likely they are to cause varying degrees of ego-dissolution, memory-suppression, and ego-death; etc. They can take you places... and sometimes, not all of you comes back from these places.
  12. ^^^ some stories get closer than others to this.
  13. Where is decision? In an infinite boundlessness, with no bounds, "who" and "why" is meaningless.
  14. I dare you to find one thing that isn't a miracle.