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  1. No-thought is not the goal. The goal is to see the fleeting thoughts for what they are: fabrications. And stillness aids this. Stillness brings insight (letting go/be in a way that brings freedom), and insight brings stillness (because you’re letting go of competing desires/intentions).
  2. Just [mindfulness] + [allowing the self sense to go quiet] is not enough. You must actively look at the self and expose it for what it is. Insight, Inquiry, Samatha, Metta, and enjoyment serve as a synergistic base.
  3. Nowadays I trip silently but if I were to listen to music on LSD trips, it was usually Andreas B, Blackmill, etc If your taste is anything like mine, those’ll do something for you! Also MitiS (lovestep)
  4. Surrender to that infinite web of tactile/visual info and remain still and very open-hearted — see how far it can take you. Allow it to take away your memories temporarily and see where that leads / where it points / where it’s coming from / what it’s made of.
  5. Lol, music to my ears! Entire universe is God imagining itself and making a name for itself.
  6. The image of identification (ego) is very tied to feelings of heart beating. Someone named Anil Seth actually showed this in the lab!
  7. Another vivid one that shook me into existential orgasmic realization: entire universe is just a thought by me as God.
  8. Another interesting thing after a lot of awakenings is that if the image of identification arises, it doesn’t happen in the head nearly as much as in the heart. Or at least, it used to be in the head only, now it’s way more in the heart region.
  9. Oh no man, I was just saying that was one of the awakenings that shook me the most. Lol, wasn’t lecturing you in the least.
  10. Hmm. Interesting bc I actually think of something kinda like this. Some of my most profound insights had me going oh my god... OH MY GOD!! literally screaming while the main thing I noticed was my heart beating ultra fast and accelerating...and that was the whole universe — God realizing for the first time it was a human, if you will.
  11. All of them. As long as it’s water soluble and not a zwitterion (don’t worry about that).
  12. The true/no-self can’t see itself, it can only devour what you thought was “you,“ and then “you” are free.
  13. Used to be 300-450ug LSD, now it’s 110ug. For me, LSD-25 is 10x easier to break through on than 1P-LSD or AL-LAD, even though they all feel basically qualitatively identical on the come up.
  14. Yes you are; yes I am. You’re experiencing it right now for God’s sake lol. What you refer to as “I” is not actually you. It is the root delusion, a mere idea/image. The problem is you’re identifying with something (anything) in your experience, arbitrarily. and I get that you don’t understand that anyone could actually know this — it is possible though. Don’t know what else to tell you
  15. It is omni aware. It’s aware of all delusion too, such as the false perception of being a limited being without omni awareness.