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  1. Occam's Razor is of course a great tool or pointer for these matters, as Truth is that which cannot be simpler.
  2. Just plain ole good sex does it for some women.
  3. Depends if you already are friends with them and want to take it to the next level, or if it's a cold approach. For the former: start saying things that are more man/woman than friend/friend, such as "Woah, the way the light just touched your hair just then? Don't know how I didn't notice before, but you're not bad looking. Don't let it go to your head, girl." Then do the usual stuff like disqualifying the relationship ("you're a lot younger than I usually go for;" I don't know if we're going to get along;" hell you can even use the ole "I have a small dick"), push-pull, and being colder the hotter the girl (being sweeter to 7's than 10's). For the latter: after getting her attention, say something like "you know what you're cute but I can't decide if I trust you yet." Then hold the frame "I wonder if she'll win me over" and then transition to the frame "you and me against the world." Making sure to push-pull throughout ("nvm I'm not so sure I like you after all... nope false alarm, I still love you"), telling her to stop doing things that are good ("stop being so sweet"), and give objections along the way before she gives them ("it's not happening tonight"). When dealing with counterintuitive outcomes, resisting those outcomes often makes them even more likely to happen. So resist the close as if it's an inevitable thing that you're doing your best to avoid while knowing it's futile -- that's the winning frame. The goal throughout is to provide an emotional rollercoaster to the girl while being a source of validation for the girl.
  4. I'd perhaps suggest 25ug LSD-25 -- Better than other lysergamides, in my experience.
  5. Feeling the body. Self-Love is super fantastic but it doesn’t appear to be “the one true way.” For instance: A sort of naturally-arisen (not forced) energy/feeling of “being downright apoplectic toward oneself” might be able to overcome the impetus to look away from exactly where ego doesn’t want you to look (as ego attempts to put up a fear barrier around that place/question/thought being avoided). Feel the fearful/painful/intense/blissful sensations as what they are — plain ole freakin’ body sensations. What a cosmic joke that may ensue upon taking this all the way. You have no idea. It’s a doozy alright. 🤣 Fuck, as long as it’s coupled with radical forgiveness and/or faith or perhaps any authentic high-virtue or sila at all, even self-hate could bear bountiful awakening fruit, so to speak. Relentless inquiry into truth; fearlessly feeling the energy body, that’s what matters. It appears it’s not so simple, in that sense. Certainly not saying that’s a better way than Self-Love, but it’s a way, and it’s actually not even really a worse way. It’s not like it’s hatred of your true self, it’s hatred of false self anyway.
  6. It only happens now. That whole past didn’t happen to you — it’s an amazing trick. This is all simply without other. Relatively and specifically speaking: once the authentic path begins, it varies but intuitively I’d say on average 18 months until done. Very unlikely that it’ll happen on your time though.
  7. Just read the first post. That’s all we need. Girl sounds like a typical adult-child. Breakup is the only sound advice on this one.
  8. Very likely the beginnings of piti (meditative joy; rapture; kundalini). Culadasa's The Mind Illuminated can tell you a lot about piti and how to deal with it. Just ignore it and continue with the practice as is. If piti arises, something was done right, so continue doing that, i.e. don't do anything different such as focusing on the piti -- focusing on the piti is obviously not what caused piti to arise, since it wasn't there yet.
  9. To be free from samsara is simply to be free from delusion and attachment to illusion — illusions include: solidity, permanence, controllability, non-spontaneity, inherent existence.
  10. Instead of focusing on an object, just become interested in the object and hold the simple intention to emit joy upon recognizing your attention isn’t on the object. This associates ‘joy’ with ‘recognizing attention isn’t on the object,’ making it happen sooner and sooner after attention has been lost — closing the gap until no gap remains; attention never leaves the object unless you want it to. Then, further relax whatever can be relaxed, and further alert whatever can be alert. Relax relax. Alert alert. Don’t concentrate. Rather, collect; harmonize; enjoy. Devise ways to enjoy the practice as much as possible. Curiously see just how enjoyable you can make it, to the point where it’s just ridiculous, and then keep going.
  11. Was just reflecting on whether there was anything else I hadn’t shared that I consider required reading if your goal is to know what you’re doing in meditation. Many of the links at the bottom of that page are also extremely worthwhile reading. Pro-tip: copy and paste portions of the walls of text to this text-to-speech generator, if you don’t want to read.
  12. In a sense, the contracted energy is doing one thing: attempting to take nirvana as object; but nirvana is not an object — that’s the whole predicament. The end of this doesn’t (only) come in a flash, it takes relentless inquiry into what is not true, until only what is true remains. Timeless nirvana-Now is perfect and it’s not happening to anyone. You’ll subtly assume you’ll inquire yourself all the way to enlightenment. But of course you can’t do the last part, because you won’t be around as the doer on the other side — the end of heading toward anywhere as a separate being experiencing movement through time.
  13. ? my man Todd Grande made a vid on this 2 hours ago:
  14. Clearly. A belief is a belief. By “spiritual beliefs aside” I was referring to the belief that “doing a metal chelation is going to desynchronize you with the Dhyanalinga.” Not saying anything about it, literally leaving it aside.
  15. Love is fundamental if by Love one means non-resistance or allowance, not relational love.