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  1. Lebron James hit an insane genetic jackpot considering he was raised by a single mother yet managed to be a billionaire and sports ultra-superstar. Or maybe it was something else, but it was a jackpot alright, even if it came from within.
  2. Brother you know what’s up. Primarily the girls that ghost me are broken, in a good way. It’s like they see something that you can only see by living for 30-55 years. God rest their souls
  3. Oh there are plenty of 17 and 16 year olds that shake their ass at me and tell me the whole “I’ve never told anyone this but” etc. I’m just bound to 18+ perhaps because I don’t take things seriously but I also I value not being in jail. I know what the fuck you mean though And it’s not all about sex. You try tons of grannies (yes lol, but for me always under 55) who are broken yet spiritually fit coming after you if you have a kind heart. Maybe you’re not kind, and that’s fine. Obviously joking in a sense: Bad boys bring heaven to them 🤷🏻 but good boys go to heaven 🤣
  4. Oh nvm dude my mistake. Assumed you liked sex. If not or at least if you don’t need it, we’re kindred spirits anyway. Did I mention I don’t practice game anymore? You misinterpreted me and it was because I didn’t make myself clear because we aren’t face to face. No hard feelings. But seriously even if you are homeless and have zero dollars a woman could see that as a bargain if she sees a mindset she likes in your noggin. Just the way it is. Took me maybe 10 women max to understand that shit fuck man.
  5. If you think women actually care about money you are hopelessly lost Perhaps you’ve been listening to women too much and taking them too seriously. When women get what they want they move on because they have all they want and something’s still missing. When they don’t get what they want but are told what to want they thrive. Egoically, anyway.
  6. When your game is tight and you take a break from it, you’ll find yourself being the mark of many older women, interestingly. Play your position if you can view her as hot / could maintain an erection with her and would enjoy it as much as with any woman, if you value sex. And that is very fresh in my mind. Happens now that I’ve retired game. Just letting y’all know what to expect if you ever move on from trying to get sex.
  7. You have videos planned? Your last on the YT ch was 8 months ago. It’s good to hear that you’re still planning on making more.
  8. Most info is absolutely false. Just be a strong man who doesn’t get attached, and speak with no filter while adding in flirtation and moving things forward, like it’s no big deal and you’ve been here before — instead of fake it till you make it, walk it before you talk it. Lighthearted and fun, almost constantly cracking jokes, never serious. And stay maximally discreet; never kiss and tell. Use texting for setting up dates only as many girls are lost via accidentally needy texts. Don’t try to be someone you’re not or too suave as this makes you look like an amateur — you’ll probably have to be very good looking to get laid easily if you’re acting too suave or with fake or forced masculinity.
  9. Masculinity = Wildness - (minus) Rudeness And to some extent: indifference + confidence
  10. Y’all are delusional as fuck or just don’t have your head in the game. Women are swimming in a sea of sex with guys that suck shit, and if you don’t suck shit you are king.
  11. I’ll tell you what the so-called 80% (those that aren’t able to get laid at the drop of a hat) are not doing, they’re not resonating with this song, to put it bluntly: Listen to it on acid or something if you’re already using that and somehow not having insights on dating.
  12. Game is primarily vibe. Practicing approaching helps but more progress will come from internal shifts in confidence and also going through relationships — especially observing how women fall out of love with you. When a man sees a woman on the street he can immediately tell if she’s a 7, 8, 9 etc on the sexual market, within about 1 point, because after talking to her or getting to know her a bit more that number can change in either direction by up to a point or so. For a man walking down the street though, a woman can only tell with an accuracy of a huge 5-7 or so point margin of error, in other words if he’s a 10 physically that means he’s at least a 3 but could very well be a 3… and if he’s a 3 physically he could be a 3, or a 1, or he could also be a 9 or 10 or anything in between. After talking to you and listening to your tone and your lack of calibrating what you say before you say it, and your body language, she has a much better idea… but she still won’t really know where it is until she’s been with you for like 3 months… and as soon as your value is seen as below hers, she will look down on you, which is fair because she previously looked up to you while you were, in her mind, concealing your true value. The way you prevent that from happening is to be a question mark. Because a woman’s love for a man is highly based on the feeling associated with the question “does he love me or does he not love me?” As she will only be in love with you if she thinks your value is higher than hers. Even self improvement, in terms of its use in game, serves one primary purpose: to teach you how much women simply don’t even care about that… it’s a drop in the bucket relative to your true sex value, in other words your ability to have beautiful women stay in love with you (which comes from your ability to not be emotionally attached to her and your ability to walk away with zero hesitation).
  13. Exactly. If you’re a generally good person, that takes care of a whole lot even if you’re not 100% calibrated yet, and it will change in time for the better anyway. If you don’t have abundance in your heart though you’ll always be trying to fulfill a need that you feel like you can extract from others. Others will not give that to you anyway, and even if you weasel your way into becoming a socially calibrated woman whisperer, you’ll be using beautiful women to fill that same void if you don’t have that natural abundance (hence, spirituality is required for a holistic lifestyle).
  14. Sorry. What I meant was: fear of being perceived as creepy. But yes you’re right.
  15. Creepiness is essentially excessive reservation over one’s own would-be-honest sexual advances. And also, paradoxically, fear of being creepy (the creepiest thing of all).