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  1. Probably from a combination of a sufficient quantity of both selflessness and abundance.
  2. No, but only by the skin of my teeth. If I had to guess, I'd say I've been known to spend upwards of $250 on plan B inside of a few months, several times.
  3. He literally wasn't. It's immediately recognized as merely a figure of speech by almost all English speakers, especially native ones.
  4. It won't be too hard to find. That's just off the top of my head from knowing some of the primary hormonal pathways. For instance, you could even start here:
  5. False. "Night out with the boys" etc. Generally I just say woman though.
  6. More carbs. At least, that's the primary driver of lowering cortisol levels. At least 125g per day.
  7. I mostly agree. I usually use the term women, but "girl" seems perfectly fine in many situations, like when literally referring to "college girls." I mean, "college women?" Doesn't exactly roll off the tongue as nicely, lol! Though I still do generally refer to college girls as women.
  8. The Law of One gives profoundly convincing and almost intuitively obvious reasons for this. I highly recommend you look into it... It's more involved than anything I can explain here. Not presenting it as fact, just saying...take a gander at it. Aaron Abke has an amazing and fun intro series on it, on his YT channel. We're talking about an infinite universe of infinite intelligence -- rest assured, if ET's want to remain hidden, hidden they shall remain. If they didn't slowly open the minds of an unknowing civilization, the shock would cause major civil unrest and destabilization. If these beings/complexes have transcended time and space, distance is completely irrelevant. Positive, ultra-highly-developed multi-beings (merged via shared ego-death) may quarantine uninitiated planetary civilizations, so that other slightly-less-highly-developed negative beings/multi-beings don't enslave these civilizations (such as Earth). Supposedly, our planetary civilization is destined to become one of these multi-beings millions of years from now, if we don't kill ourselves before we become an awakened society. The Law of One calls these multi-beings "social memory complexes" -- all your memories and actions will eventually be known by the entire civilization, and our civilization can merge with other social memory complexes, and so on all the way to the infinite creator mind.
  9. I generally make it known after already establishing a relationship with the person I'm sharing with. Since I don't currently use it frequently, it's really not a big deal. I mean, I also sometimes make it known that I used to be addicted to heroin -- though I generally leave out the fact that it was IV use, unless asked directly by someone I trust. Most people in my life already know I have a lot of history with meditation, so adding psychedelics on top of that is not really deleterious to my reputation or even very noteworthy. As these things de-stigmatize I'll perhaps open up even more.
  10. Hmm. I'm willing to accept I may have been mistaken. It was a long time ago that I did some research on it. But from what I remember, every time lure trials were used in a particular way, it did result in a statistically significant measured-IQ boost. Could have been a retest effect, but that doesn't explain why the lure trials gained more than the non-lure group and why the non-lure group gained a nonsignificant amount more than the control. IDK. Nonetheless, advanced meditation almost certainly increases intelligence, in my experience. It's only anecdotal, but I have great confidence in that. And that hasn't been tested -- it takes thousands of hours of meditating in a way that is fairly unknown to most researchers. I know technically it has been tested, but really what I'm talking about specifically has not been tested. Edit: oh and yeah of course n-back tasks generally do not work, but it really does look like dual n-back + lure trials improves IQ slightly but significantly... What am I missing? And there seems to be some theoretical basis for triple (maybe even 4+) modality n-back + lure trials perhaps producing an effect as well. Considering lure trials are absent from basically all of these brain training apps that actually even use dual n-back, I don't think companies are really banking on the direct research, just speculative superficial sensationalistic glances at the data by the masses of nootropic enthusiasts. Dual (or higher modality) n-back with lure trials included seems like it could have a strong propensity to induce a placebo effect, which in this case could be considered an actual effect if it were to work. It seems to me like progressive intense exercise, diet, socialization, standard meditation, and psychedelics could potentially increase it, but I don't know.
  11. Any time you eat anything, mindfully observe what you're doing, and have your protein first. If you still want to binge, do it mindfully, but at least the excess calories will be partially used for fueling helpful processes. Any time you eat excessively in the presence of limited protein, it's essentially "all bad."
  12. This should not happen if your tongue is flat along the entire roof of your mouth. I think it's called mewing but the gist of it is tongue flat along the entire upper portion of your mouth (especially including the back portion) -- this will cause you to breathe through your nose only, even with mouth open.
  13. While IQ is largely irrelevant, the above quote is actually false. A game called "dual n-back" has been shown many times to reliably increase IQ, especially when "lure trials" are introduced. The mechanism for this seems to be a very prominent boost in working memory capacity -- apparently so fat is this boost, it actually reliably transfers to a measured-IQ increase of about 5 points. Playing the game is HARD, but you can reliably progress in it, even though it's a task that seems almost impossible to get to level 6 in if you are just starting -- after just a couple days you'll probably be at least to level 5. Every time you play the game with decent effort, even for just 5-10 minutes, you dream VERY intensely that night (I've noticed this as have many others), indicating it's perhaps doing some kind of rewiring, or bolstering of existing connections. I don't think they've used actually super-advanced meditation as an intervention though. My guess is it would have an even more prominent effect. A far as the topic at hand is concerned, it is quite clear to me that meditation improves intelligence.
  14. Exactly. It's when you enter into our tiny frequency band of consciousness (level/dimension/density/whatever), shared by humans and all other similarly self-conscious beings, that enlightenment is part of an actually apparent distinction.
  15. Yes, but so are plants. However they are at a lower level of consciousness than humans, so it isn't the same.