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  1. The best psychedelic: realizing that, in your direct experience, you're imagining the entire universe. It's unbelievable, yet at the same time, undeniable... That is in fact what you're doing right now.
  2. When you take full responsibility for everything as God, automatically it becomes obvious: you are innocent. Nothing is believed, yet nothing is denied.
  3. ^^ Yes. Might physiology and psychology just be an imaginary distinction? Dealing with things on the physical level is no less (or more) spiritual or righteous than anything else.
  4. Smoking cigars can actually be a nice last ditch effort if one is seriously ungrounded to the point where it's just crazy.
  5. The main obstacle is righteousness. When righteousness is not, union with God is.
  6. You don’t need to do it. You just do it out of love. For nothing in return.
  7. This is life and death simultaneously. In your direct experience, see this. No one dies, because after death you’re either: dead and know it (not dead), or dead and not know it (not dead). There will not be an experience of nothingness, that’s for sure.
  8. Wow... Sounds familiar. 😂 Nice! ❤️
  9. Time is part of the illusion. Death never actually happens. I know that might be impossible to understand, but it's true. Truth never dies.
  10. I had some big breakthroughs recently. When sensation/emotional biases are cleared out, a rather permanent God-mind becomes apparent. It’s like you’re at the edge of other beings’ conscious psycho structure and can co-create exactly what they do since you and they are one. It’s pretty incredible. It may not seem obvious why the clearing of sensation/emotional biases would cause this, but I can explain: when I am no longer emotionally reactive (AT ALL - ineffective if not completely void of emotional reaction!) to a circumstance, I automatically have the ability to tap into the source that is driving everyone who is asleep to act the reaction to that circumstance out robotically, and I then have the capability to directly influence some of that — as in, even the actions of so-called others. It’s like becoming the aware-space around a specific circumstance in the timeless oneness, and since you have no stake, you’re free to co-create, literally as the infinite intelligence, automatically and without any deliberation or effort... and it’s utterly beyond intention! It’s really surrendering not only to infinite love, but also to infinite intelligence. Beyond intention in both cases.
  11. Desire for awakening was intensified and purified until it bore fruit. Simple as that. Saying there’s more to it would be unnecessary distortion and basically lies (in my opinion anyway). No there are no higher existential questions higher than the absolute. Do you want to be enlightened? Or do you want the truth? Being enlightened is a stage — then you get over yourself. What would I add? That desire is THE KEY to everything. Contemplate desire. Write your desires down. Just get downright obsessed with the whole notion of desire itself. It’s the engine, and the truest thing about you. 2 most important facets to intently be conscious of in this work: desire and belief. Freedom > Peace
  12. True, but only by allowing it to be so — if he’s as conscious as I presume he is. Allowing oneself suffering in situations that seem to call for it can help to keep a very highly conscious entity grounded and connected and embodied with other beings they interact with and teach.
  13. In a sense there are no past spiritual seekers... Only those who are now sovereign in their own authentic creation.