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  1. Spirituality leads nowhere (but it’s nether right nor wrong), because what you’re looking for can’t be known — everything known is automatically known as something, and therefore it seems like there’s something else, and this is not that. What you’re looking for, or really what is looked for by nothing separate, is all there is already. There’s just this highly detailed and only-apparently flawed (flawless) appearance, without real existence, without other, without meaning, and without alternative.
  2. It’s like losing everything without trying. That’s a story though. Self isn’t constant, but it seems so because when it’s not there it can’t know... so of course it seemingly remains constant. Well, if (apparent) self evaporates completely (and never was) there’s not exactly any one left to notice that. It can never and will never be known that enlightenment happened. It can just suddenly be obvious (to no one, of course) that there never was anyone separate from this in the first place to become this. 😂 What’s really longed for, can never ever be known, yet it’s all there is already. No real time or distance (or difference or any separation at all) anymore. Living naked in the complete unknown, in the storm with no life jacket, and no need for one. Also what could be described as “no relevance,” essentially. But also a timeless falling in love with what appears — but not a love that’s owned, or even really seen yet it’s quite obviously all there is and has no need for anything including being seen, yet it’s all that’s ever seen, it’s just that it’s not a thing.
  3. @RMQualtrough There’s literally no separation of any kind at all. But that can’t be known. All there is, is unknowable life appearing. No-thing.
  4. Yeah there is no inside and outside. Nice revelation.
  5. Sure can’t. And self hate and self esteem are not two, as self x and self y are not two. It is hopeless, utterly. But it is also awesome, utterly.
  6. Nice mystical experiences! Profound awakenings. “Full enlightenment” is simply the end of those.
  7. In-love-ness with whatever appears to be, for no one. No-thing apparently happening, without other or meaning or purpose or limit or observer. So it feels like this. You're sitting in it, but it appears that since you're on a journey, it may appear otherwise, as there seems to be something else -- and if that indeed appears to be happening, that's what's longed for. That's liberation. That/this is all there is.
  8. Yeah, that’s exactly the completely illusory veil.
  9. ^^^ They arise together dependent on each other, and since neither could come first (since for one to be, there must already be the other), it is therefore a singular causeless appearance. So there is no real causality, only apparent causality, and therefore only-apparent time and only-apparent everything else, as nothing is actually separate. Everything is not-a-thing and not-a-thing is everything appearing; all there is, with no other, context, or limit.
  10. @Raptorsin7 Self inquiry. It involves the rather difficult endeavor of ignoring and turning away from every object, by looking for its knower, then when you catch the knower, it’s now an object, and so you turn away from it by looking for its knower. If this is done on and on, for quite a while, with decent meditation skill already developed, it can then result in a rather exhilaratingly high state that many have called Witnessing. Rob Burbea called it the Vastness of Awareness. It’s like experience flips inside out and you’re God looking in at pure subjectivity rather than looking out at objects, and yet paradoxically everything appears the same, but without the context or meaning, and no effect on “you” at all whatsoever. Everything kind of arises out of nothing and fades away simultaneously, but there is still a source separate from what appears — but it can go beyond that to a state where there’s seemingly no source or separation at all, a “nondual state,” which is almost like “detachment via engagement,” or “personal enlightenment.” The person is still present in that, but yeah in the story it can be quite worthwhile to explore it. Witnessing (or probably more likely nirodha —highest possible personal state) is very likely what those monks used when they burned alive in protest and didn’t move a muscle. Witnessing is an extremely detached but still quite functional state, unlike nirodha which is practically anesthesia. But really there is only wholeness. The seeker thinks it’s looking for something, when really it’s looking for everything; all there is already. There’s no way or how to enlightenment. ‘How’ implies something personal or intentional to the already empty appearance, confirming that someone can be aware of and in control of what’s happening... Keeping the dream running, but only appearing that way. Seeking = freedom telling freedom it isn’t free. This and that are never connected, as they aren’t separate. Awareness is the apparent connection between this and that. Self inquiry is an awareness technique — nothing wrong or right with it. I don’t know anything though. This/that is just what appears to be.