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  1. Anyone here into Hermetica? I'd love to hear about experiences or insights related to Thoth/Hermes. A personal point of interest to me is mental transmutation as I haven't found much content related to the 'how' of it.
  2. @How to be wise thank you for the thoughtful push. I think you misunderstand my intent. It is one of many, many techniques, and particularly one I felt might be helpful to those here who struggle too much to let themselves just be. As to my growth, I admit I'm stuck, though I'm not blissed out as you may be assuming. My ego is attacking me with irrational fear when I get too deep. It's frustrating because it's actually halted any meditation practice. This started about 2 weeks ago. So, whilst the root of this fear still eludes me, I've been focusing on reading the wisdom of others until I'm ready to face it. Love.
  3. @Bittu how does contact with other worldly entities not scare you? What am I afraid of?
  4. This is a simple meditation technique that helps me to break away from sensation and thought. Set yourself up to meditate however you feel comfortable, this is not an active meditation so it is not recommended for when attention on other activities is required. Open with love and gratitude for all that is, when your mind has begun to settle start noticing all thoughts and sensations, do not go into each, just mentally accept and say "thank you" and move onto the next until you find very few objects in your mind. Eventually you will be able to say thank you to a thank you and it will propell you into deeper and deeper states until consciousness is very subtle. Stay in nothingness and rest there, if you find new mind objects arising return to thanking. Expect nothing, resist nothing. Just be. Insights can arise at this point which can be accepted gently in this delicate space. Love.
  5. @Schahin I've had a few glimpses, the most recent was the briefest moment of nondual awareness, then I jumped up, panicking that I was responsible for the virus and went to meditate for insight only to find myself back in the prison of my ego. Sigh. It is a struggle to stay in that awareness but at least it is there within reach, always now.
  6. @gk9872 at first it feels like we walk the path alone. All kinds of purging will arise and things seem to get worse before they get better. Be kind to yourself, if you're not ready that's ok, if you are that's ok too. Come always from a place of love and see how your life changes regardless of what route you decide to take. Love.
  7. Ok good I'm glad it's not completely out of control. I have mild empathic abilities that I also struggle to embrace but it's gotten better over time, though nothing close to what you're experiencing. I just have an overly keen sense of those around me which can become overwhelming as I have to pretend everything is normal and deal with status-quo superficiality. If it were me I'd try to understand the fear and be kind to it in the hope it transmutes into something more useful or at least it's understood so it can be transcended. Have faith. Love.
  8. Hi Dreamscape, I'm sorry you're feeling overwhelmed. Please seek medical advice if you feel you're having a breakdown and cannot control what's going on. Much love.
  9. I know this. Thank you for reminding me and providing the fuel I needed to practice sustained attention at all times. Love.
  10. @SQAAD for me understanding of truth is important for freedom, for understanding the laws which allow me to see how life works so that I am better aligned with truth to accomplish my purpose for this imaginary life. To be able to truely love all that is and experience it. Suffering teaches and frees me. Spiritual understanding has helped me grow so much and improved the quality of my material dualistic life. Focus on what's real. May you be free to enjoy life. Love.
  11. The universe has a funny sense of humour What next?
  12. What would you do if you had every single thing you ever wanted and no desire left to satisfy? Love.