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  1. Play their games, which are point-and-click adventure games. You don't know what creepiness and horror are until you play them. 😁
  2. I think this fight about what is feminine or masculine and who is or should be this or that is stupid because people have different interpretations, although they can be similar or be exactly the same in what they mean, and some people build an identity around ideas of what those things "are" without self-awareness, regardless of their experience, and gladly try to impose their views on other people, and the problem won't be solved by projecting and generalizing. Know, experience, and understand first and foremost, especially yourself.
  3. People who paint an evil picture of you when they actively misunderstand you and then act as if they have taught you something.
  4. Their realness comes from being or being seen as the majority, not because of their character. What you value dictates what is real for you, but the men you're talking about don't understand that and are likely to gaslight you and abuse you.
  5. What can I say. I hate it here. I'm as hypocritical as they come.
  6. I love Conan O'Brien and Dana Carvey. 😂 🤣🤣 Love Bill Hader
  7. @Princess Arabia Well, I asked why you moved to the US to show you that there is a difference between living in different countries. E.g., I don't think you would live in Russia or in those places you mentioned, because what you want to do (realize reality or whatever) matters where you do it (because of society), even though from a higher perspective it might not seem that way.
  8. @Princess Arabia Good for you. Not everyone is like you and has luck like you. Please don't assume that if you survived there, you could survive elsewhere by default. Anyway, I wish you the best.
  9. @Princess Arabia then why aren't you living there, if I may ask?
  10. @Princess Arabia lol. No. You won't survive there, as you are right now with your views. I'll stop, as I digress. No hate towards pick-up. ✌️
  11. I still sense her strong aversion to non-scientific stuff. There's something iffy about physicists that I still don't get.
  12. @Princess Arabia Travel outside the US or a less developed country. Most men (from priests to family members to gangs, especially gangs) will have degrading and toxic views about women. Even women sometimes agree with those views. Of course there are.
  13. Couldn't agree more. They tend to be violent and have stupid and toxic views about women.
  14. And spiritual people Also, scientists, especially when talking about quantum mechanics, double-slit experiment, etc.
  15. Dramas that people create for themselves, especially when pretending that they don't like them.