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  1. Fasting can show you how attached you are to food to stuff emotions down and numb yourself all the time. When you strip this mechanism, all that stuff will surface, this will be brutal at first but a GREAT spiritual exercise. Much humility comes from doing it, you realize how fragile you really are and how little is needed for you to get unstable. I mean, it is not a survival thing, most people can do a 40-day water fast without dying, why would you lose your shit with fasting for one or two days? It's an addiction. A good way to transition is to eat only raw fruits and vegetables, then you go for only fruits, then monomeals, then juices (without the pulp), then grape and lemon juices, then water fast, then dry fast. This will start a strong detoxification process, physically, mentally and emotionally/spiritually.
  2. I suffer from this a LOT, it is my biggest bottleneck for the achievement of all my dreams. Just recently i made some progress with diet, meditation and yoga practices and what helped me was to realize: 1. I NEED to develop a compelling vision for my life, actually writing down exactly what i want, my biggest goals and when i did some of it, it was clearer to me how this particular habit would help me to achieve my goals. This connection made a huge difference in my mindset. 2. If i want to be disciplined, i have to develop it, and the way to do it is to apply it all day, in every decision, every moment you are choosing between your higher goals and your need for pleasure, comfort, and distraction at the moment. These decisions build your confidence and discipline, it's like a track record you have of yourself, remember self-esteem is the opinion YOU have of yourself and cannot be bypassed, you need to choose to raise your self-esteem by making the right choices more often than not. 3. Meditation, exercises, diet and proper sleep will raise your willpower and it will be easier to make the right choices.
  3. Thank you for your report, this is a nice thread. I am interested in doing something like a solo retreat (although short on money right now) for building a strong and compelling vision for my life purpose and self-inquiry.
  4. Well, i don't now MUCH about it, i am interested in the answers to that but i do have some strong beliefs (and some strong evidence) in paranormal activities (Leo does have a video about it) and, as far as i know, entities possessions do exist. I don't know the consequences of that but i am interested in knowing it.
  5. This shit is gold right there, one of your best teaching and i am starting to deepen my comprehension of it. This i am having trouble seeing. I guess i formed several conceptualizations of enlightenment, limiting beliefs that are keeping me away from seriously pursuing it.
  6. First of all, when i thought i couldn't get surprised cause i knew it all theoretically, Leo's came with this gem of a video and kicked my ass, having a hard time swallowing it all, this has many consequences. So, congratulations Leo, you are inspiring. 1. What stops some fully enlightened being from fully drop his body dead like how we change a shirt? Why do they keep going after seeing that it's all meaningless, an illusionary survival game? What about some people that DO reportedly left their bodies during/after enlightenment experiences? How about the enlightened masters that decided to just sit, and meditate into bliss until their body dropped dead? 2. How do i escape from it since the ego doesn't want to die and getting enlightened and seeing the illusion means death to the ego? 3. What about affirmations, visualizations, and techniques that make the ego stronger, how can i use them and do self-inquiry at the same time, this isn't contradictory? 4. Does that mean i have to ignore all emotions and thoughts if i want to achieve anything that doesn't make my ego comfortable with like creating a habit like meditation/self-inquiry or trying to fulfill my life purpose?
  7. This seems really cool, I would love to have a superconscious partner. The sex part looks awesome.
  8. Exactly my experience, i feel anxious but it always gives me lots of insights that are hard to get otherwise, when i am feeling courageous, i take with some coffee and no food or distraction and take all of it lessons face on. But most commonly i just ate some fatty and salty food and watch some deep stuff on youtube (including Leo's videos) which is always spot on on giving me deep insights. But i am addicted to it, so....
  9. Yes! It was a pleasant surprise for me either, Hatha yoga works on the energetic level, if you do it mindfully and consistently, your life will be completely transformed in one year. I plan to go to India this year and do a yoga teacher training
  10. Hatha yoga is great for that, there are LOTS of free youtube sessions, pretty easy to follow and effective. I can recommend those two: I am practicing the last 6 months and learning a lot, at first it seems easier than it really is, with practice you will learn what is the most important aspects of yoga. One of those lessons is to breathe deeply, full lungs and belly, stretch all your organs, feel those blocks, focus on them, relax and release one moment at a time. In each asana, is important to inner-focused, pay attention on the painful stuff and the emotions that they will bring it up, any anxiety, impatience, fear, sadness, anger, happiness etc is good. Basically, you are going to do stuff that makes those deep stored feelings to bubble up and deal with them.
  11. This forum needs more posts like this
  12. Cool! HAve you tried with weed?
  13. How much do you use with dmt? Do you breakthrough? I find really hard to not lay down with dmt, after the first hit my body just drops lol
  14. Just downloaded this book! Matt is currently my favorite teacher of all because i can relate intimately with all of his teachings and often in the exact best moment that i need a specific teaching. It is a shame that they are equally important and difficult for me to apply, that's way i always return to him in order to have deeper and deeper insights until something clicks and i commit to one or more and change my life.
  15. I appreciate your effort but i didn't understand I am trying to not try lol You are absolutely right, my body is screaming for some order, some schedule and some short-term goal. And i need to do some concentration meditation, my thoughts are running wild.