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  1. Lack of Integrity We all want that shit.
  2. 100 is a ok dose, a bit strong for beginners, I would say. But the problem is you really never know how the tab was dosed. I would not bet this is an exact process, maybe they just pour one drop of acid in each individual paper, but maybe some get two by mistake or the way the sheet of paper is produced makes the liquid accumulate in some corner and this corner is super strong. The lack of regulations makes it always random. I did consumed LSD tabs that were WAY stronger than what was advertised. One time I took 1/4 of a tab to go to a party and it turned out to be superdosed, when it started to hit, I knew I fucked up. Also, even if you test it, you can never really know the purity of it. The tab can have real LSD but it could also contain other substances, which make the trip "dirtier" and harder to handle. I would always try a small dose first to test it.
  3. I don't have an opinion because i do not have a direct experience with "demons", but I wouldn't be surprised if they really exist. Some people do look like they are possessed, especially drug addicts. I have some experience with this in my life. My own mom has drug issues and at some point, she was so unconscious and aggressive that it was like she was being controlled by a demon.
  4. Yeah, never try a new drug without testing it gradually first. I would by more than one and try 1/4 of a tab first.
  5. Leo should join Tik Tok and make 15 seconds videos explaining the structure of Reality dancing and pointing at shit.
  6. Here in the west women tend to dominate spiritual retreats, yoga classes, and holistic therapies, but in India, this seems to be the opposite, most hardcore spiritual seekers and masters are men... Also, here in the West, gay men are more open to spirituality than straight males. I am curious about your opinions on this matter... Another interesting observation is that women usually prefer "fluffy spirituality" (new age stuff) and men tend to be more direct and dry about it.
  7. Accepting the now is not the same thing as doing nothing. You can accept that you will read a book for 2 hours or that you will work on a project for 6 months. Or else "accepting the now" would be distorted to fully engaging in toxic behavior like eating whatever, saying what you want to everyone, sleeping all day long, playing video games and stuff like that. As we all (should) know, those things are usually done to ESCAPE from something. Do you have to write some report? Step 1 - Imagine how painfully boring this will be. Step 2 - Resist by engaging in some sort of procrastination. Step 3 - Lie to yourself by believing you are being "Zen". In reality, "accepting the now" should work like this: Step 1 - Focus on what you have in front of you. Step 2 - Do what you have to do (like writing the report) without resisting it. If you are fully present, you won't even have painful visualizations of the future or past. You are here. If you feel some discomfort, you accept it, breathe, let it flow through you, and keep doing what you are supposed to do.
  8. Not much more than when you eat junkie food or something. Only a temporarily lowering in consciousness, but it can be socially valuable, so I still drink socially once a week or less. It is just fun. My point is: relax, it is fine.
  9. It is basically on autopilot for some time now but psychedelics make the kundalini go brrrr
  10. I definitely feel kundalini rasing when using psychedelics, even mild ones like weed. Every time i smoke it, i enter in a full-blown spiritual trip, super sensitive to kundalini movements in my body, performing weird kryias, mudras, mantras etc.
  11. Body Therapy, Tantra, Breathwork, Yoga etc. In a Tantra retreat, I had a love breakthrough with a simple eye-gazing exercise. I experienced pure love for a few minutes stone sober.
  12. He is totally making fun of Leo in this video. The irony is that the joke is on him as he is clueless. Although i am pretty sure he is just saying what his stage orange audience wants to hear to sell his courses.
  13. What a great comment and insight! The excess of a critic of earlier stages makes one unbalanced and creates shadows.
  14. 14th subscriber :))