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  1. Musk and Brazil's alt-right nazi-fascist president Bolsonaro.
  2. I bought all the ingredients and will do an extraction soon for the first time. Just a minor concern with cleaning out the DMT from all the lighter fluid, I don't want anything like that in my lungs during the trip.
  3. He said it does increase a little each time and it is my direct experience that it really does.
  4. This topic motivated me to do a DMT extraction at home. Bought everything, waiting for the Mimosa Hostilis to arrive. Nirvana here I come.
  5. I know about deep wep, tor, darkmarket things like that but I don't feel secure in buying stuff not because of scam (aka paying and not receiving) but afraid of legality and I would assume the risk if I had a source of information, some detailed guide of how to buy in a safe (as much as possible) way. 5-Meo-DMT and DMT are almost impossible to find here in Brazil. At best one can find some LSD (most aren't pure enough for the work we do here) and shrooms (those are pretty reliable to find).
  6. This will be a shit show.
  7. Yeah, he actually advised against this tactic in his videos for YEARS and then started doing it over and over again. He went full conspiracy/alt-right since the pandemic started. I guess he is just milking his audience, he knows what they want and is giving it to them.
  8. Someone really managed to reprogram their subconscious mind to attract real money and success? Because I have some real money blocks (huge debts right now) that i couldn't managed to breakthrough with affirmations, hypnosis, scripting, visualization, hundreds of books on LOA and entrepreneurship. Even if somehow i manage to earn some money, i quickly start to sabotage myself and lose it all. I would love some personal experiences here.
  9. I think it depends on the question. Sometimes those answers are appropriate, but most time they aren't.
  10. It seems i am not the only one that felt this way with his posts lol I love Advaita but damn, it can be really annoying and sometimes it does not help at all. But this is but a cautionary tale for everyone here. I will take this with me as I plan to teach spirituality in a near future. One less trap.
  11. Do your thing, i will buy it.
  12. Not everyone lives in the US and EU. I live in Brazil, $1k is A LOT in my currency. 7 minimum-wages. It will take some time and real effort to be able to pay that amount. My financial situation says nothing about my readiness to awaken. But I do get the attempt here, and I will make the effort to buy this program.