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  1. I was bullied and abused physically and emotionally as a child/teenager and this is how I solve this: - Learn a Martial Art like Muay Thai - Workout, gain some muscle, strength and explosion -Social skills and awareness (pick up helped me a lot) -Heal and embody your masculine energy. -Be dangerous and let people know it. It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in war. I am a short guy but when I did all those above, it is rare that someone (even bigger guys) tries to fuck with me. There were situations where I had some guy (usually drunk, I'm a chaotic environment like carnival here in Brazil, possibly doing coke) tried to test me and I stood my ground looking them deep in their eyes with a seriousness that communicated that I was ready to go all the way if necessary and most of them backed down. But you have to be social aware and controlled enough to back down if you noticed that the other guy is also ready to go all the way into a fight that could possibly result in terrible outcome for one of us and if this happen you just defuse the situation but without looking like a bitch. Never fought in my life due to this. It is a dangerous game to play with real world consequences, if all you have is a bluff, go learn those manly skills.
  2. Yeah, I am feeling more and more isolated as I self-actualize. I can't relate with most people as I can read them easily and instantly see their level of presence, of peace, at what they pay attention to (usual negative shit or the beauty of life), if they are followers or leaders etc. Most people I meet in person look like a fucking zombie to me, it's like they are hypnotized and can't seem to get out of their heads to really notice what's in front of them. They usually vibrate pretty low, have petty concerns, are full of neurosis, rarely look in the eyes etc. I can't relate with any family member and 99% of the people I know and meet. I became super introverted because of this and usually speak with very short and vague answers as any more complex explanation usually confuses and trigger people. It's common that they think I am dumb, out of touch with reality and a religious fanatic. One of my goals right now is to find and partner with some self-actualized people and when I found those people, it's a like breathing fresh air again, best feeling ever.
  3. Yes and I do practice both. Recently I sold or gave away most of my stuff (and I had lots of stuff), started a backpacking journey in order to build a solid foundation of character and o have to say that this is like self-actualization on steroids.
  4. Doing shit relentlessly, past any tiredness or bullshit excuses of the mind. Being purposeful, focus on your goals and go get it. Take action, massive action. Solar Plexus is pure masculine energy, it is acting with purpose demolishing any obstacle, it is just who you are, you don't give up. When you do any task like cleaning your house, do it thoroughly, don't stop until the task is 100% complete, no matter what happens. Usually, we stop at any sign of resistance, the mind is genius at creating excuses (and they even sound reasonable), all sorts of pains, aches, desires and temptations will arise, just don't pay them any attention and keep doing the work until completion. Steve Pressfield talks a lot about it, basically, you have to turn pro and you heal your solar plexus.
  5. I found this exercise excellent, this grounds me a lot and pulls me out of my head and all beliefs, ideas, labels, mental masturbation etc. This is incredible.
  6. Those desires for worldly pleasures will run out eventually, faster if you do your inner work. It is not "sick" to run away to what you call life, but rather the other way around. The pull to God phenomenon is a ever present one in spiritual seekers, there is no going back, just surrender and if you feel fear and resist, there is nothing wrong also, it is just part of the process, it will run out soon if you are mindful enough.
  7. Those distinctions exists only in the mind, when the mind doesn't have a say on it, where are your problems? The silence is always closer to the Truth that anything your mind has to say, think about it. Love arises naturally from this silence, from raw reality.
  8. What about it? I didn't get your point. Seems to me that family is fundamental for our growth but at some point it can and usually hinders it and so it can be outgrown and put aside. I kind of did this, not in a obvious kind of obnoxious way but I just got further from and spent less and less time with them as I mostly cannot relate at all with my family at this point. As far as I can see, family fundamental goal is to ensure survival, until you can be on your own two feet and, hopefully can even help them (in case some one needs it like disabilities, old age, desiases etc). In my opinion, I go against the common believe and say that family isn't untouchable, if some family member is toxic I cut them (I try to be fair and reasonable).
  9. Could this be a judgment? Because when I think along this lines I tend to feel extremely guilty and start to abusing me for being too much of an narcissistic asshole. I feel guilty when I notice those kind of categorization going on in my head but, deep down inside I do feel like I am in another level and I am fucking proud of the inner work I did and it loudly obvious that most people don't. I don't know what to think about this, it could be a sign of Self-esteem finally developing or it could be narcissistic delusion, I have no idea.
  10. What most helped me with my brain fog: Proper sleep Raw foods diet (specially green juices drank alone) No alcohol, no weed No industrialized foods Nature Getting the fuck away from toxic people Brain training like meditation, concentration practices, reading, learning something new, challenging myself Consistent getting out of my comfort zone (forces my brain to step up) Improving Self-esteem, sense of entitlement, of status. Seriously, for those who practiced a night of pick up and entered in state (flow), know what I am talking about, when your brain thinks you are a king, your brain (and whole body) will step up!
  11. What I am really searching for is how to approach people, how to seduce them into self-actualization, become a better communicator/teacher without getting people triggered and raising defenses. Usually i do not preach for those who do not want to get preached but I am curious if it is possible to plant that seed you talk about.
  12. Questioning the obvious and going metta is (structure vs content) key. 24/7 body and breath awareness Deep breathing/pranayamas and streches/asanas throughout the day Abide in the self Raw foods Sun and nature
  13. The thing is, i am not talking about me being this great enlightened being, i am just pointing out the obvious: "i was in a shitty place my whole life, found some tools (like meditation and yoga) that turned that shit into gold, i noticed you yourself are in a shitty place (full of depression, anxiety and neurotic behaviors), maybe i can show you how to get out of this". This is a basic tamplate of how it usually goes and i try to adapt to each person but people just get stuck in the "fuck you, are you saying that my life isn't perfect? By trying to improve my life, are you implying that my life isn't a divine perfection full of wisdom, love and peace? FUCK YOU, YOU ARE NOT BETTER THAN ME" I don't know, man, in my opinion, people simply don't want to acknowledge how fucked they really are and any kind of self-improvement just rubs this in their faces, they usually prefer to protect their little ego then do any kind of self-actualization. And the only motive this bugs me is because it is my life purpose to help people develop themselves so i have to figure this out. Maybe i am just missing my niche, the one were people want better lifes for themselves instead of trying to keep their delusions.
  14. Ram Dass is amazing.
  15. Yeah, i have this problem. I always think of myself as way more conscios then most people but i also don't think myself as better then them, just somenone who did the inner-work while most people did not and they would be just as awesome if they put in the work. To be completaly honest, i still did'nt decided if this is a reasonable approach or i am being self-biased and narcisistic. Also, sometimes (not always), when i speak to people about self-actualization, they can react badly and start to get agressive and attack accusing me of thinking i am better than them. When i speak phrases like "yeah, i used to think like that too but not i have a better (in the sense of more conscious and complex view of it) undestand of it", some people (specially women) get triggered as fuck. Don't know if this is purelly projection and self-defense of an ego that feels threatened (and it is) or am i lacking humbleness.