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  1. I absolutely agree, for sure some people can handle whatever happens during a trip, i am just saying to not overestimate your abilities, you have to be sure you will handle because if you have 1%, even if only deep in your subconscious, of worry, that shit will creep in and you can do some shit you will regret later if not some irreversible shit. A trip sitter prevents all of that, you can go deep knowing that someone is a reference of your normal level of consciousness there to assure you of anything. Of course, all of this is a projection of my own deep fears, but i am sure i am being pretty accurate here.
  2. As someone experienced with psychedelics and some deep solo trips on my curriculum, i highly suggest a trip sitter, you never know when the trip will turn into a bad, don't ever underestimate the power of those substances, even if you feel super confident in your ability to deal with a possible bad trip. Last time i did 1/3 a tab of a strong lsd + 4g of mushrooms, started great, blissful experiences, even some ego death, that turned real fast into a panic attack, i almost called my father, i was lucky that my best friend texted me back and went to my house calm me down but he easily could not answered my calls and god only knows what i would have done. Next time i will invite him to sleep in my house while i trip, just the fact that i know that there is someone i trust near me is awesome to go deep.
  3. LMAO ahahahahahahaha Man, i LOVED that picture. I don't know with but i always imagined him being short.
  4. What is your experience with kriya yoga? Seeing some benefits?
  5. I am in a transition to a fruitarian diet and the biggest change i noticed is the increased sensitivity, awareness expansion, your body is so much more conducive and efficient that all psychedelics will have a bigger impact. My two deepest trips(one mushroom trip and one ayahuasca) happened in those conditions: a few days of only fruits and an enema a few hours before the trip. Man, the description is like being hit by a truck, the substances came with full force, nowhere to run, just take the hit and embrace it. One tip i would give you is to have a ginger tea prepared in case you feel some nausea, this one mushroom trip, in particular, came with full force, i got some nausea, managed to make some tea while i was high as fuck, don't recommend, just have everything as easier as possible beforehand, including some fruit snack, watermelon, some juice.
  6. This thread made me want to take a proper trip, already ordered 7g of mushrooms, going to try microdosing and one 4g trip. It's time to shake things up.
  7. You are growing apart, it is really common in relationships, she is afraid of losing you and being selfish herself. Follow your path and find someone who wants to walk alongside with you, DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR LIFE PURPOSE, find someone who is in synch with it. Enjoy until it lasts.
  8. That's what i have been doing but i don't know if it worked so far. Definitely not in the sense of integrating those big deep insights, maybe some preliminary energetic entanglement. That's some deep questioning lol Until now i used lots of self-observation and massive amounts of spiritual and personal development knowledge, lots of mental masturbation, which i realized i am full of and don't need more of, just revisiting the basics: being present, mindful, accepting the moment fully, letting go, surrender etc. In a personal development sense, i am stuck trying to create my life purpose (took Leos course) but i have a lot of blocks in the way, trying to deal with them (the obstacle is the way) right now.
  9. I don't know man, it seems to me a sure way to self-deception. If i try to emulate the insights i had while sober, the ego will sneak in just enough to make it all about itself and distort everything. But i suppose you are right, have you apply this and it worked? Yeah, maybe mild doses to try to reconnect later, thanks for your response.
  10. I had a fair share of deep life-changing insights from psychedelics experiences but my integration rate is very low, i never saw anyone talking about this integration (not even Leo, but could be wrong) besides the "give it time" one. Not even going to explore this idea since i am sure that we all have been through it. I wonder what is a process that you guys use to change your life with those insights. When i am tripping, it seems like i can see 10 levels deep on one idea and i get it" emotionally, experientially but when i sober up i can only see the superficial levels, only intellectually which isn't enough to give one the certainty that creates passion and commitment to embody a new idea.
  11. We are talking about Kryia yoga?
  12. You would love Vernon Howard teachings
  13. This seems like an awesome experience! I have some DMT in here but i couldn't make myself smoke it all the way, only one or two hits, didn't breakthrough, although it was really intense, scary and positively astounding at the same time. I have experience with mushrooms, LSD and ayahuasca but smoking DMT is another beast lol I often had this fear of losing my mind mid-trip or during some rough times while progressing spiritually but it always proved itself to be only irrational fear. Please report about your next experiences, i am sure it will go back to "normal" soon and you will miss it
  14. I mean, walking through life with full confidence, not exactly that you are going to be good at anything but that you CAN be good at anything, so it's a matter of time until you accomplish any goal you want, no self-sabotage without being enlightened? There are some humans that you look at them and think: man, what that guy did is amazing, i wouldn't imagine me doing something that hard and thriving in it in a million years. I feel like a boy inside, that i can't handle life and its problems, i often procrastinate forever in questions (hard but with enormous potential) like building a great career(going full out on my life purpose), being famous for that. It's like i fear life and i hide from it. I don't feel good enough. How to develop such confidence?
  15. I found his reaction really compassionate, he even got on his knees to comfort the dude. I hope David finds what he is looking for.