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  1. Well, that can be said about this thread also.
  2. Probably just some lame excuse. Lots of cheaters will use this excuse to cheat but in most cases, they are just unhappy with their marriages, most haven't talked about divorce at all with their spouses but go on cheating thinking it's justifiable.
  3. Dancing and socializing. Seriously, i practiced sober cold approaching in clubs and this is an awesome high.
  4. Absolutely, you can. If you can have a breakthrough sober, any dose will boost your chances. My enlightenment experience happened on a microdose of weed.
  5. This guy is a BLUE disappointment.
  6. Yeah, that's why i stopped with psychedelics for a while, I needed to be grounded in order to tackle financial matters. They will put you too much into the "all is good, we are all god, nothing to do" area, this is only good when you have a strong foundation. Once or twice a week I smoke weed and it does open me up to new ideas. So, there is a way to use as a powerful tool, just test it.
  7. The New Thought Movement existed decades before Napoleon Hill write any book. All his principles were widely written about in the New Thought Movement. He probably just copy all his "teachings" from teachers before him and made up some bullshit backstory to cover up. To be fair, his books are not wrong, just ignore the backstory.
  8. If GMO corn would solve this mess, i would eat it. As a vegan, if meat were the solution, I would eat it. Dumb people are not flexible, they live with simple hard truths and aren't able to consider the complexity of things. Complexity hurts dumb people's brains.
  9. This thread made me realize humanity is fucked, we won't last long with this many dumb people around.
  10. And that's why we are fucked. Too many people thinking they are isolated units from society. "My freedom of being dumb and stubborn over collective health." You don't take the vaccine, the guy next to you don't, and the next, and the next. Then we have hundreds of millions of people refusing to take simple measures to end this pandemic. This will not be over until 95% of people are fully vaccinated. The governments won't just give up and let stupid people do what they want putting others at risk. NO SHIT, SHERLOCK, you are telling me that if other people didn't exist an INFECTIOUS disease wouldn't be a problem? Of course not, but we are not isolated snowflakes, we live in society and we have to act accordingly. I got COVID, it was not fun at all, never felt so bad so fast and I probably am in the top 10% of most healthy people in society. If i wasn't, i would be fucked. Also, to this day i don't feel completely fine (9 months later), i suspect i have some sequels from it. I know lots of people who got it, some even died. This is not a conspiracy, this is real.
  11. And that's why we are fucked.
  12. Vaccines are our best bet right now if we want this nightmare to end in the near future, and everyone has to do it, like them or not. Even if the "conspiracy talk" has some truth in it, it is something NONE of us can do anything about it, debates about "taking vaccines or not" are pointless. There is a good chance that this virus is a natural occurrence, people are trying their best to solve this mess, others are doing their thing to earn some good money with it and there is nothing essentially wrong with it. There is a problem (virus), a solution (vaccine), and people selling and buying. Pretty simple. "But i don't trust government or mainstream media". So, you cry baby, what the fuck is your option here? You can take the vaccine and shut up or you can risk your life and everyone's life for some ignorant, selfish reaction to a serious situation. You don't have to like, just take your damn vaccine and shut up about it. People are overly overestimating their grasp on reality, no matter how many google searches you do, you will NEVER come close to 1% of what's going on in the world, just accept and live your life.
  13. Blindly dismissing expert's opinions is just as bad and this is exactly the problem here. People are so focusing in seem WOKE and against "mainstream thinking" that they make the epidemiologic mistake of believing nothing good comes from authorities or the media. This isn't your everyday "take your medicines" advice, this is a global pandemic, a once-in-lifetime crisis, and going down into conspiracy rabbit holes are not the right action, the right action is to sober the fuck up and listen to the experts, essential oils and sunlight will not solve anything. None of you here knows more than the government pandemic experts, stop pretending you do.
  14. Here in Brazil, the psychopath president listened to delusional "specialists", instead of buying the vaccine, he decided to bet on hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin, and ivermectin, worked day and night to spread this "prevention kit". The result was: people questioning vaccines, taking this "prevention kit" and dying suffocated in hospitals. The pandemic here is out of control due to betting on ivermectin, with more than 550.000 dead and counting. Just take the damn vaccine.