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  1. For some reason, i cannot really "buy" this channelling shit. Seems fake and lame but reading some comments and learning that he refused to embrace conspiracy theories, i respect him a bit.
  2. I don't think it can "determine" but it is a MAJOR contribution vs someone that doesn't have rich parents and it is not only because money makes things easy.
  3. Thanks, everyone!
  4. You get better at comunicating by practicing comunication. His habit of recording those videos by itself will improve his comunication skills gradually to infinite levels.
  5. I have my critiques of RSD but they did helped me big time with social skills (not only with women), especially Owen's teachings are very helpful.
  6. Closed eyes: LSD, mushrooms and ayahuasca are pretty much tied. Open eyes: DMT for sure.
  7. Alcohol? It is popular for a reason...
  8. No, it doesn't. Low-consciousness figures like Trump are masters at speaking with people where they are at to manipulate them.
  9. Of course. One of the big problems with the left is that we are not as business savvy, ruthless, and power-driven as the right tends to be. The difference in ego development can explain this. The left is resistant to business and marketing because it is mostly seen as manipulative and low consciousness. One of the consequences of that is less resources. This is a BIG disadvantage.
  10. Man, this seems extremely unattractive.
  11. Probably pranayama + self-inquiry is the next best thing.
  12. Every time i smoked DMT, my general impression was: this is the realest shit I ever experienced.