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  1. 14th subscriber :))
  2. I will certainly try to communicate that in a way they can understand. Maybe showing them how real life can be fun as fuck and give cool rewards.
  3. They are also super addictive, you may as well snort coke to socialize.
  4. How about fucking life?
  5. This is bad advice to 90% of guys. Those guys need that "stage orange" "get it done" attitude, push for the close. 10% of guys need to tone it down a little in order to make women more comfortable because they lack empathy. But most guys think waaay to much and are passive. Women hate passive men.
  6. Similar values and levels of development mean similar directions in life. If you value self-development and your partner wants to drink, party, and spent her life on Instagram, the relationship won't last long. In my experience, this is always the issue. Everything else is secondary. It isn't uncommon to me to disregard physical appearance when i find someone who is aligned with me. At the same time, the woman can be gorgeous but when we have a conflict of values, our relationship will be very short, if it exist at all.
  8. Wisdom. Only wisdom allows us to pursue high values.
  9. Psychopaths are confident, mystery solved.
  10. Translation: i am a nice guy, fuck me and bring world peace.
  11. Some do, some don't. The ones that do didn't properly mature, so, fuck them (metaphorically)
  12. nope
  13. Now i get it. That's actually good advice. But we can agree that 1h practicing Kriya Yoga and 1h editing a video to post on Instagram isn't the same for spiritual development. Self-realization isn't everything but i never said it was. As you said, the spiritual path is brutal on many levels and that's exactly my point all along.
  14. Well, i know all of that but i didn't get your point... Not a master but i deal with my emotions better than 90% of people. I live in Brazil... I am actually acting from Courage and, sometimes, Acceptance and Peace for, at least, 2 years now. Huge changes in my life like selling all my stuff, backpacking, moving out from my home city, going to a big city without any guarantees etc. It is common that i feel good without having or achieving much and that's a small problem. I moved from being motivated by pain (negative motivation) to losing motivation when my general emotional and mental pain lessened. Then i am basically brainwashing myself every day to create an online business to reach financial independence, because i am pulled toward constant contemplation of Reality, meditations, doing pranayamas etc.