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  1. What about direct experiences, contemplation etc? Books vs real life, big difference, especially talking about social-political ideas. I have a LOT of female friends that are also firmly feminists (a lot of activists) and, in my experience, what I see is: virtue signaling, extreme victim mentality, demonization of men, delusion, lack of basic knowledge of history and human nature, unwillingness to discuss ideas, very dogmatic behavior etc. Now, i do support a good 80% of the ideas, i do recognize that women have gotten a bad hand in some cases and i want all of them to prosper and be happy, just not in the expense of anyone. In my opinion, most feminists are driven by unconscious anger/jealously/fear of men and thus are extremely biased but don't ever admit, which makes me not want to be explicitly on their side. Not to say also that they don't have reasons, some of those even confessed that they suffered abuse, which i have a lot of empathy as i too suffered abuse by men and women, but i cannot accept this as a valid reason to be at war with an entire gender for it.
  2. Sometimes, i drink socially, it helps to create real fun memories, tight bonds with people. Getting drunk with someone usually makes our friendship stronger afterward, the same as MDMA (this one is way better for bonding but it's a rare occasion). Don't drink too much because of the after-effects, very hard to be productive the next day with poor sleep quality, brain fog, lack of will power, craving junk food etc.
  3. You won't if you are committed enough with self-development. I know exactly what you are going through and i assure you that you came to the right place, this forum and Leo content are excellent resources in a sea of crap. First, realize how blessed you are, most people live and die without an opportunity like this one, let alone have the wisdom to recognize and value it. How old are you? Talk a little about yourself and we can give you some great piece of advice.
  4. You will if you don't get the fuck out as soon as possible.
  5. Well, that seems to me the structure of language, not reality. And awareness only exists when there is some sort of means of sensory input like vision, otherwise, it would be a complete blank like in deep sleep or before this body was conceived or after it "death". Well, that's a serious mindfuck lol
  6. Let people celebrate, self-realization is a big deal and, chances are, they can only celebrate here and nowhere else.
  7. @Leo Gura H o l y s h i t ! This is so strange and shocking @traveler The question and answer format if more like a "point me to the right direction and I take it from here" kind of thing, I know I have to come to those insights through my direct experience and that is what i am doing, the theory is supplementary when i am stuck and cannot find my way through direct experience alone.
  8. If it makes you workout, this aggressiveness does serve you. If I had to choose between "aggressive" behavior in order to workout or no workout at all, I would choose the first one.
  9. First of all, we should have a Self-Inquiry mega-thread. Second: I have been contemplating this for a long time now and listening to Rupert Spira lately gave me some questions that I did like to get explained. Our true nature seems to be this omnipresent field of awareness, meaning that I am all that I see, hear and feel. There seems to be this knowing of all sensory input and nothing outside what I can perceive. So, what happens with what I can't see like when I close my eyes, the objects just cease to exist or they exist even when there is no awareness of them? Awareness is All? I am this Awareness? I have read that we are God experiencing himself, through awareness (sensory input) of himself (the Reality we are perceiving). It there was no way of perceiving itself, like a Reality that only have rocks or something, can it still exist or it just exists when there is some sort of channel through which God can experience itself? All I see is just as "me" as all I feel? We tend to feel like we are somewhere inside the body/head, but shouldn't be any hierarch between organs of perception, so this feeling of "I" isn't more "me" then what i see or hear. When i see a rock, this rock is just as me as when i feel my head?
  10. I found that reframing is a powerful tool. Traumas are just memories attached to deep negative emotions and these emotions work like a magnet in your mind, like it was pulled toward it naturally and, often, unconsciously. One way to work with those memories is to tell another story, for instance: Let's say my father beaten the shit out of me. Probably I will remember this as: a little, impotent, unloved me being beaten by a giant person that hated me because I was flawed in some manner. A reframe would be: I was actually a godly child, invincible, I can handle anything, a real warrior, out of compassion, I just let this confused person express his deep pain on my vehicle-body. Like an enlightened guru taking the karma of his disciple to himself and transmuting it. This way you not only use this memory to grow compassion for your father but also change your self-image to a more resourceful one. I also like to bring those memories up and apply a lens of love to it, like I was God watching with infinite and unconditional love toward everyone. This way, you can actually change how you feel about those memories. That's the basis of MDMA therapy but doing it with your imagination.
  11. Well, maybe, when you were little, you lived in an environment that wasn't safe to speak up and shine and you learned that your best survival strategy was to fit in and don't make any unnecessary noise. Children exposed to frequent traumatic events will often dissociate, withdrawn and make themselves invisible, like a frozen still animal pretending to be dead hoping to make the predator lose interest. Take this passive approach to life long enough and you have a deeply ingrained character trait, changing it means that a lot of deep-seated fear will come to the surface. There is no way around it, be bold and brave, gradually desensitize yourself from fear by being exposed to it little by little. Also, look for areas that you are confident and explore it, this will spread to your whole life. I found that when I started to workout, gain some strength and learn how to fight (through martial arts), the confidence I discovered wasn't limited to those areas but I got bolder in a broader sense. I recommend for you to visualize yourself being successful, try to feel it as much as possible and just stay with it, make your body feel comfortable with confidence and success. This will also become a habit, soon will be your modus operandi.
  12. Apparently he took it like a champ. People asked him why he wouldn't use his powers to cure himself, he said that it was time to left his body and that just accepted it.
  13. Well, now i kind of want to know how it feels to drive a Lamborghini He has a 4.7M subs YT channel, that's quite impressive Interesting to see all the people triggered on his comments