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  1. By the way, excited for those courses and book.
  2. Vomiting is definetly a natural process for emotional release. There are bioenergetic techniques that deal with that, faking vomits, inducing without the need to something came out of your mouth, just the whole action is therapeutic. I had those with every psychedelics i ever tried, natural or synthetic, i doubt pure pharmayuasca is different. Maybe Leo desn't need to purge anything, maybe he does anothoer way, maybe he is repressing it, we don't know.
  3. Nice to see fellow Brazillians here
  4. I am from Bahia, born and raised in Bahia's capital, Salvador. After my spiritual awakening (not enlightenment), living in a big city like Salvador became unbearable, i now live in Chapada Diamantina, surrounded by nature, which is nice.
  5. It is the same thing, David Hawkins basically rebranded the Sedona Method, which he learn from its creator, Lester Levenson.
  6. They say that the release is permanent if you do it enough, is it true?
  7. The first impression is: yes, this is insane that a so called spiritual teacher speaks this way with his so called students. But, thinking deeply: Leo is Leo, we all know how he is and, chances are, connect with it. Yes, this can be a fertil ground for abuse but is not like anyone is surprised to see him being nasty. Also, each spiritual teacher acts on its own accord, a good percentage in history was preety brutal and agressive with his students.
  8. lol
  9. Brazillian here. Isolation is your friend. Get away from the usual human bullshit, aka every toxic influence in your life. MOVE as soon as possible. I guess every country has at least a few places that are more "elevated". For instance, here in Brazil, we can find small villages deep into the country that have a calmer nature, way less third world problems like murder and criminal activity in general. I am going to live in such place soon in order to imerse myself in my self-development work. I just need internet and books. Don't be afraid to be alone, you will be much more fullfiled this way.
  10. I swear the politcs session of this forum looks like a incel/red pill forum, the same dumb, ignorant, short-sided talking points shitting on leftists and projecting their own devilry on the left. You guys are too selfish to see beyond your own bullshit. This sub-forum failed.
  11. They do not lack life purpose, it is their life purpose to improve society to everyone and this means taking care of minorities. This takes at least stage green development and that's why you are so clueless about it.
  12. Most people won't get it why it is offensive and that doesn't make it less offensive. There are black people who claim that racism is not a big problem anymore, i am sure that there was slaves that thought that slavery wasn't that bad. There are women that think feminism is bullshit. They are just ignorant, which is sad. Yeah, it sounds condescendent but what can we do? Just drop it? Cultural transitions are really slow to most people not even noticed it and find it just weird and minor. Again, that just speaks to the level of consciousness of most people.
  13. They haven't figure out how to actual heal psychological matters but therapy is still a good option for most people even if it doesn't actually SOLVE problems, but is good to vent, talk to a professional, elaborate personal matters etc.
  14. You have to start a rebelion to explore all possible experiences. Maybe a new forum with webcam girls and incel memes.