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  1. Are you sure is real people, not just trolls and bots?
  2. I usually stay away from people like those you described. Sooner or later, their bullshit will spill on you.
  3. I like my stomach empty before and during the whole trip. Maybe a little green juice at the middle to the end (6h in) with a fruit at the end(9h). I don't like the idea of having to digest food while on heavy psychedelics. The empty stomach gives me freedom to move anyway i like without worrying about vomiting.
  4. Does affirmations ("i am confident") are opposite to Self-inquiry? I don't consider myself self-realized, but i guess i had a few big insights and came close to it. I still repeat affirmations but they do feel silly when contrasted with Self-knowledge. Are affirmations a contradiction? Are they still worth it to a serious seeker? PS: i have been experimenting with "WE are" affirmations and they feel better to me but i never saw anyone talking about "we" affirmations.
  5. Leo will release a course about it soon enough
  6. Of course it depends on the dose but i would guess Ayahuasca is more "serious" then mushrooms and that's no disrespect to mushrooms as they kicked my ass a few times, but ayahuasca will take you to some dark-ass places. I have drank ayahuasca more than 10 times and i am more fearful of it. Both cases i would take seriously and increase the dose gradually.
  7. well, it seems awesome
  8. He only said that a previous negotiation would be way better than war, which is true. The world profited from this war and applauded it. Lula is a master conciliator and that's why he is our biggest historical figure. The elites in Brazil are extremely reactionary and segregationists, they hate poor people and freak out even with small advancements as poor people being able to travel by planes or going to universities. Lula knows he has to make huge concetions to do something for the poor. The middle-class here is also completely bought-in with this hatred for the poor and that's how we have 50% of the population praising the extreme-right.
  9. I literally cried with happiness, maybe the first time ever. Lula is a giant and Brazil deserves this break.