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  1. You’d be shocked. Running can be a form of spiritual and personal growth too.
  2. Lmao Totems
  3. If you don’t seek enlightenment, you’re fucked. If you seek enlightenment, you’re fucked.
  4. I prefer the question “What am I?” Ive exhausted the who question. Im more interested in the ontological investigation “What am I?” Which I suspect most people are actually after when using the “Who am I?” question, both are useful for this purpose though, ultimately. To address the thread’s title - what is the purpose? To know what our existential nature is. When we keep asking who/what we are, we may begin to notice many things about experience. For one, no matter what we experience, there is always the experiencing of it, so naturally, experience cannot be who/what we are. ‘What’ is experiencing experience? Secondly, as we question, we may begin to notice that experience is never static. All feelings, emotions, self referential though, sensations, perceptions, etc. are in a constant state of expansion and contraction, or arising and passing. There is nothing static, or formed about experience at all. If we’re truly perceiving reality as it is, we would experientially recognize that the moment we’ve placed attention onto an object of form, that form has already contracted and given rise to a new, completely fresh and totally unique new form, yet upon recognition even that is now gone. We can see through a deep paying attention there is literally nothing in existence. Everything is utterly new moment by moment, so it is quite literally impossible for what we are to be anything at all because quite literally, ‘things’ do not exist. Eventually the question takes us to the context out of which experiences arise and pass, expand and contract, the context where the primordially feeling of “I am” resides. That context becomes more palpable than the field of dancing, impermanent form and yet is seen to be inextricable with form. This context is pure, liberated, potentiality - the space wherein all comes and goes, moment by moment. Buuuut that’s about as far as Ive gotten… ha. Still going.
  5. The path is pathless. Practice is the practice. Experience exists within the universe; the universe exists within experience.
  6. Appreciate the call out but you’re rocking this thread man. Maybe the only thing Id add is the value of cessation is worthless at the point of cessation, so hopefully people are not romanticizing it because that would ultimately get in the way haha. Ive only reached 8th jhana so no full blown cessation but from what the 8th is like, good fucking god it’s like coming into direct contact with paradox. Extremely, extremely, extremely subtle. I don’t think people on this forum appreciate the subtly, precision, and clarity required by the mind to reach deep states of insight or concentration, nor do they understand why such qualities of mind are so (ironically) worthwhile to cultivate. Real mindfulness is more powerful than psychedelics, in my view. Then again eventually it all goes full circle and we can see the perfection of this moment as it is, with as little or as great a level of mindfulness…
  7. Yeah these type of small premonitions seem to occur more frequently the more we’re “tapped into source” haha. It’s interesting for sure.
  8. 🙏🏼 So much wisdom within so much concision and poetry.
  9. This. Not only are you owning your sexual intent towards her (ie being honest), you’re respecting what she said. A double win. If she seems like a good friend, yeah by all means! But if you’re really into her, but honest and don’t manipulate your way into getting her re-attracted. If that’s what it takes to get a certain girl interested… eh. I’d personally look for someone else.
  10. Next time tell her you’re not interested in being just friends, but if she changes her mind let you know. If she’s going to pull away that hard, even attempting to take things more slowly is sub-communicating scarcity and neediness, especially if you haven’t slept together. “Well hey, I’m not really interested in being just friends. If you change your mind, hit me up. If Im not seeing anyone seriously Id love to go out. Take care!” You want to leave her hanging, not the other way around. Most guys would respond with either going along with just being friends (worst fail), or trying to persuade her to change her mind (fail). But not accepting her terms and walking away (pass) communicates masculinity. And overall, someone you really click with probably wont respond this way, but leaving the doors open can lead to all sorts of wild possibilities. You never know.