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  1. I love this post. Great job dude... you should start a blog or something. The thing about psychedelics that have been most transformative for me is that they've allowed me to experience levels of being, empathy, and awareness I did not know were possible. They’ve allowed me to understand not conceptually, but directly what infinity is. Was it a temporary state? Of course, but each trip has left a residual effect, a residual lasting awareness and understanding. The insights are extremely important too though. If one doesn't intellectually understand the nature of mind, language, space, time, physical reality, communication, emotions, survival, and even self as ego, then the likelihood for making breakthroughs in Being are smaller. Especially for an ego that is oriented towards intellectualization and understanding. If my ego hadn’t understood its own illusory nature from a conceptual perspective, I dont think the path would ever have begun. This is all to say, psychedelics have helped with this initial process. Psychedelics are not substitutes for the real deal however, but they do show me all the bullshit and baggage I have left to process and deal with that Im normally unconscious of during my sober mode of being. Taking note and having the humility to learn from these tools is a huge opportunity, especially when living in a society that demands constant action and distraction away from simply Being. They are tools in this multidimensional, spiraling esque path towards enlightenment but you are correct in that having insights cannot replace the work of Being.
  2. It does with mushrooms as well. Also though @outlandish makes a good point.
  3. Who is the witness stepping out of the VR? What is the empty space of awareness witnessing the simulated and non-simulated world?
  4. Here’s the thing. These dualities must collapse: Other people DO exist. Other people DON’T exist. Even though all is one, every expressed moment of form is utterly sacred. Every. Single. Moment. Are you conscious of just how precious and rare your individual life is? Every minute distinction one could make that is relative to this finite form of Shaun is sacred. So even if we are other people, it means nothing at all because right now the perspective of our finite self is the only perspective possible until physical death. There is something special about the culmination of your experiences. Your life is literally infinite but is also literally finite. That finitude must be seen for what is is, but this is done though a deep, reverence and gratitude for what is so, as it is right now. And everyone has this. We are one infinity, but we are also finite by design. The relationship you have with your ego is the same in nature as your relationship to other people’s egos. So try to see this infinity of individuality within yourself, and other’s. That’s how I see it anyway.
  5. Dude this is a master piece of an explanation 🙏🏼
  6. @Leo Gura A slightly off topic question but do you still find value doing psychedelics such as mushrooms or LSD?
  7. It had to have been around 4+ grams. Friend and I made mushroom tea so Im unsure of how many grams I actually took in but at least 4. I meditate 1 hour every day and oddly enough, no real kundalini experiences while sober. I don’t practice kriya yoga or any yoga... I just meditate a lot and lift a lot. Im curious if the training I have from lifting is what primed my body for such an experience. Psychedelics tend to really activate kundalini though, or if it’s not kundalini, it’s some type of crazy powerful spinal energy. Both LSD and mushrooms always tend to create the energetic release through in the spine. This time it was much stronger than it had ever been. The fact that the spinal energy was pulsating and creating movements in my limbs and hands was the fascinating part... It was as though existence was breathing and channeling through the spine and then pulsating out through the body.
  8. I have. A massive amount of kundalini energy shot through my spine and eventually there was so much energy that it started spontaneously moving my body, particularly my limbs and fingers. I became conscious of myself as pure being as absolute infinity. It was very dramatic and painful... it was like the ego was suffering so much, I couldn't help but see my true nature, watching as the ego clung to maintain control. It felt extremely hurricane like because of how the energy was twisting my body. I think the most reality shaking insight was that I finally saw through the illusion of death. It was a life transforming experience that Im still working to fully integrate... some of the insights have sunk back down, such as death. Right now death feels very real, and yet I have the memory of having the insights, and somehow there’s a type of trust that lingers that I wasn’t bullshitting myself on that trip. There also seems to be a residual expanding of awareness left over too.
  9. Look into the hard problem of consciousness. Notice that being/actuality occurs before any thoughts are introduced. Materialism is a thought, and shares the same existential nature of all thoughts. Materialism is fucking phenomenal at building models, but in the end, the map is not the territory.
  10. Profound question. The difference is relative. From one pov of course there is a difference, but from another, there is none at all 😉
  11. Ive had similar feelings but only on psychedelics, oddly enough
  12. Hmmm... maybe the mental projection of separation isnt symbolic. Separation doesnt actually exist, but our minds carve through the whole of direct experience, creating an illusion as though it does. I think there's a difference between emotions, and then something such as our inner dialogue and visualizing mind. Emotions can be observed as themselves without the mind reacting. I think that’s why I dont define them as symbolic.
  13. @Pouya As far as I can tell, no.... emotions seem to just be themselves. Ultimately both are still consciousness, just different forms. This is a super interesting topic though. Like I said, Im still in the process of contemplation 😅
  14. Thoughts are symbolic representations of some other form of reality. Emotions are not symbolically representing anything. Emotions are weird though... I still don't understand them very well other than that they propel survival.
  15. Notice that it is a belief that there are no other perspectives. Where did you acquire this IDEA? Why does your mind (not your true self) want to hold onto this idea? I think relative to the fact that your direct experience contains the whole of reality inside, yes you are alone. But in some weird way, your actions literally have consequences across time and space in other lives, and for other perspectives, such as mine. Right here, right now, I am typing on this keyboard at an empty computer. Relative to this manifestation of the universe, Shaun is just an idea, a projection onto my direct experience. You are nothing more than an idea in my mind. However nonetheless, we are both existing simultaneously, and not at all. Right now, contains everything, literally infinity inside of it. So... It's all relative. In the end, the duality of solipsism vs. other's existence collapses. Both and neither are correct simultaneously... But only when your mind is quiet enough, only when the true self reveals itself to itself can this be grasped. In the meantime, I would say understand you are alone, but realize that one day these other perspectives will occur, perhaps eons after Shaun's perspective has ended. Reality is, after all, a giant, infinite mindfuck haha.