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  1. For the first 10 months or so of meditating 1 hour a day, everyday, I would spend half of the hour watching the breath saying a mantra, and the other half doing the do nothing technique. The mantra (breath watching) was very effective at quieting my monkey mind and building the endurance to meditate for long periods of time. There’s also something intrinsically rewarding about hitting an extremely focused states of consciousness like that. Very blissful. Now, however, I only really do nothing when I meditate. My mind is generally somewhat quiet and I typically get into very present, focused states from doing nothing. And it is ultimately where consciousness work leads
  2. This is awesome man... makes me really happy to hear. I hope you can make it to one of Ralston’s fall workshops, Im going to one as well. It would be goat to meet in person.
  3. Love this ❤️🤘🏼
  4. For me surrender has been key. Contemplation on this topic was extremely effective at the beginning of my path, and it still is when it comes to dissecting the ways in which the self structure operations in terms of addictions, cravings, desires, life stories, bottom line beliefs, etc... but when it comes to getting “separate” which I think you really mean dis-identifying with the self structure, I find that sitting and literally doing nothing (total surrender) but letting being/existence unfold for 60 mins per day is better than contemplation for the purposes of embodying the fact that I am not the ego structure. As Ive done this practice of totally being/surrendering to myself, it becomes increasing obvious that I am not the ego. I also find contemplation spurs the mind rather than stills. The mind cannot know truth, so it asking questions to itself will not yield any meaningful result other than keeping itself focused, hopefully producing a leap in consciousness. But! I already know (and I think you may too) that you arent the ego. So how much can you surrender and embody this truth? That’s the next step. Total embodiment; total surrender to that which is true. As you increase this embodiment, you’ll discover deeper and deeper truths about what you are.
  5. Mantra meditation used to help me. Now I focus on surrendering everything, just surrendering all effort or direction when meditating. Literally do nothing and eventually the mind slows down. You have to be patient though, and some days will be better than others. The problem is, there is no way to stop the mind because you do not control the mind. You are not the mind. You are witnessing the mind manifest. So if the mind stills one day, it wont be because you do anything.
  6. Who are you?
  7. They have no choice. The availability of jobs is scarse. It’s either work for true slave wages or go hungry. Hence why the demand for ethical clothing needs ro rise, so new businesses can come in and fill the new niches. This is the transition from orange to green. If you dont see the harm in supporting 3rd world wage slavery, you are being myopic. Edit: also ironic given your forum name 😂
  8. Agnosticism for me was falling into the skepticism trap. You think you cant know so you just give up your existential questioning and contemplation, when in fact, you can know, by not knowing
  9. The demand for new clothing sources has to rise. As it rises, new business models in these countries will as well. Doing nothing is useless though. Ignoring the issue is useless.
  10. It’s a complex, multi faceted issue. As long as the demand for cheap clothing and fast fashion remains, the finacial incentives for real change in these 3rd world countries wont be there. There are many variables that have to shift in order for sweatshop labor to be eradicated. This applies to things such as veganism as well. We shouldn’t underestiamte the power we have as am individual though. There is something to be said for the power of principles and small acts slowly rippling, one day building into waves. It starts with the individual. All great change has started with individuals, a small group standing up against whatever societal homeostasis is currently reigning. This perspective is easily lost when we’re swept away by the perfection of reality though. However, ignoring this issue further propagates our collective shadow and ego. Whatever action we take, if our goal is self realization, we must act fully and consciously. For me, sweatshop labor does not align with my authentic energy, or “karma” if you will. Hard to explain exactly what I mean here with words.
  11. You dont have to be neurotic to not buy sweatshop labor clothing. It’s actually not that difficult to avoid. But society loves to bury their heads in the sand with these things, Leo included. Who cares if reality is perfect right?