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  1. It’s Love. Love is the only thing that would or could be totally, utterly actual in any and all ways. Love is the only thing that could and would be totally, utterly accepting in any and all ways. When experiencing the deepest levels of reality, Love is really the only word that captures the essence of its being. Yes calling reality reality is true. But Love would love that too.
  2. Amazing thread! Son. Don’t be afraid to look a person in the eyes when you speak. What you have to say matters, what you have to share with another is valid, don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Don’t ever be afraid to express what you authentically feel to another both through language, but also through presence. Son. Listen more than you speak. Observe more than you express. The world is full of mystery and wonder for those who have the awareness to watch. The world is full of lessons and opportunity for those humble enough to learn and consider.
  3. This is simply false. You need to talk to more serious meditators who have gone through depression. A combination of hardcore practice, meds and therapy is a powerful healing combo. Again you need to talk to more serious meditators. This is simply false and there are ample anecdotes proving otherwise. It’s clear you are not speaking from direct experience or if you are, you’re not speaking from an advanced level. Get 5000+ hours of personal practice under your belt and then talk about how on demand happiness, equanimity, ease, spaciousness, concentration, etc. are. They are very on demand assuming physical health and physical safety needs are taken care of and stable. Yet there are still plenty of anecdotes of people with terminal and chronic pain illness facing it with radically less levels of less suffering than the average human because of hardcore meditation practice. All of this should be deeply challenged. How many hours of personal practice have you accumulated? Do you have a daily practice? Do you skip sessions? How long is your daily practice? How many retreats have you gone on? How many books and real masters have you studied with, watched videos on, or read the books of? How much personal contemplation or journaling on meditation and transformation have you done? Do you honestly think the most complex system known to man is incapable of upgrading its own neurotransmitters? Do you think The Buddha who was swimming in hedonism until his mid 20s was naturally enlightened and the hardcore asceticism/thousands of hours practice had no bearing or effect on his neurotransmitter composition? Not trying to be aggressive here and Im also not directing this comment at you specifically but anyone reading the thread. It’s very clear Leo has a huge bias on this topic yet we should consider 1) Leo’s relative lack of experience, 2) his health issues which will 100% affect his results with manual practice, and 3) the ego’s self deception mechanisms and how it’ll do anything to justify not sitting in the void of personal boredom. Personally questioning we’re so averse to boredom and the ordinary state is critical towards bridging the gap between these absurdly powerful psychedelic states and the ordinary waking experience. Taking on the belief that such a bridge is impossible to build is a huge trap on the psychedelic path and as you’ll discover upon deep inquiry, an incredibly subtle defense mechanism of the ego. Defend the genetic spiritual talent argument all you’d like. But in 10 years when you’re still suffering, still having to use psychedelics to get reach god consciousness, well... hopefully it doesn’t take 10 years to see the emptiness of this position 😉
  4. @Girzo He would deny it because the first few years of living in a monastery he had horrible results and considered quitting, at least that’s what Ive heard. He has communicated how his first few years of real practice yielded pitiful results. Although that’s technically all hearsay. I think his meditation talent has more to do with thousands upon thousands of hours training. Imo his real talent is his ability to distill complicated buddhist language and concepts into a digestible format for the western mind.
  5. Perhaps so. However, Im not saying desire or faith alone is enough though. So really trying to say “you need more faith!” would be a misunderstanding of what Im attempting to point at. Or at least an interpretation Im not attempting to communicate. Im specifically saying psychedelics aren’t needed. Critical distinction. Framing it another way, if someone were to want to awaken without psychedelics, if their authentic calling was to not use drugs (which there are multiple people on this forum that aren’t against drugs, but prefer not to use them for x, y, or z reasoning), I believe it is possible without psychedelics.
  6. Im not sure what the first paragraph means. From my pov my writing here is more oriented towards ISness, not spirituality. Your description of the spiritually gifted makes total sense to me. I imagine as we advance in neuroscience and particularly in the field of psychedelic neuroscience, we’ll get better and better at knowing how to access these states, and possible even facilitate them without psychedelics.
  7. I never once said the average human was aware of this, merely making the claim that the genetic makeup required to know this is there. To manifest this potential would require obscene amounts of work the average human would never do. Doesn’t mean the genetic potential isnt there.
  8. I have and continue to trip my balls off. But I also understand the utility and significance of serious sober practice and have built enough momentum with it to start experiencing what it offers long term. Edit: The state of God consciousness is not foreign to me. It is pure birth and death moment by moment, the mind is so present that the conceptualization mechanism holding the ego together through the overlay of memory, mental imagery, mental talk, time, space, separation, limitation, is completely evaporated, more like eviscerated, and all that’s left is pure being or God. The fabric of reality is seen to be formless, fluid, spacious, a-casual, infinite. Ive experienced collective forms of consciousness, past lives, buried human archetypes, and pure empty infinite Love. But this is not God, and until Leo or those who have accessed God consciousness see that this state is not it, maya will continue. Of course in a sense, yes this state is God and yes this state is far more significant than the normal waking state, and yes you could meditate and NEVER access any of that. So how does one solve this paradox? Not by imagining bird and donkey stories.
  9. This analogy only applies if God is a duality. Huge self-deception. God is this moment. Trying to slice some forms of reality as not God and others as God, or “God is unavailable now but if I were to only be in this other state!” is an ego defense mechanism, self deception, and ultimately all bullshit. There is a kernel of truth to the bird donkey metaphor, but it’s critical not to get paradigm locked. One of the things a serious sage realizes on the path is that the entire journey was full-blow God consciousness. No jetpacks needed. But as long as the ego keep telling itself this story, it’ll continue to suffer. An enlightened donkey would laugh at the bird realizing it was already flying through outer space via the Earth and had been the whole time.
  10. What seems to be genetic is whether one gets interested and starts pursuing this stuff. What doesn’t seem to be genetic is that serious, rigorous spiritual practice wakes one up. Although yes that too can have a genetic component, but if one truly wants to know God, to know themselves, truly, psychedelics are not needed. In a sense it’s all predetermined and out of our control so it’s all literally genetic/the inextricable whole of reality expressing itself through our singular experience, but from my own experience and communication with others/teachers, if you’re genuinely serious about knowing the truth, it’s available.
  11. We are a product of conditioning. Our society is at a collective level of development where we are conditioned from birth to not be developed or actualized whatsoever. To blame the state of society on "genetics" would be an incredibly shallow statement. Moreover, to blame the spiritual development of the collective on "genetics" is an equally shallow statement. As long as you're operating from the point of view that spirituality is 95% genetics, you will always view spirituality through an astronomically self-limiting lens. I would invite you to consider the radical possibility that the overwhelming majority of human genetics are setup in a way to facilitate Awakening - even if not full-blown Buddha level awakening, but orders of magnitude above what our current collective consciousness is at. This is the biggest blindspot of The fact that it's April 2021 and you still think that awakening through practice is not possible for the mainstream, that it's 95% genetic. This is such an easy excuse not to sit down and turn within, to face boredom, to face the suffering of our ordinary state of mind/consciousness, to slowly and steadily cultivate radical levels of mindfulness, to escape from doing the healing work required to grow up and actualize, which is a part of the awakening process. Psychedelics alone will not awaken the world, though they will play a critical role, they are not the singular white knight. If you take the mindset that spirituality is just a genetic lottery, humanity is truly fucked. Luckily, this is in no way the case and to think so demonstrates a profound misunderstanding of manual practices like meditation. Unfortunately your voice is the one that has influence over the masses, not mine, but I would ask and urge that you truly consider why you have such a stark bias, and reconsider this stance. A stance that's bias enough for your gut response to be something like "spirituality is 95% genetic."
  12. Speaking for myself, I've reached deeper states than some of my experiences on LSD or Shrooms through meditation. Be open to the possibility that we can radically, RADICALLY, transform the way we experience reality while being completely sober. To be fair, my deepest states have been on psychedelics, but on the other hand, the most profound states mmm... deep meditation on retreat is something radical and comparable to a trip and arguably more profound because of the lucidity, clarity, and stillness of a spacious flowing sobriety cracked wide open from meditation. That's just me though. You very much can experience the miracle and wonder of existence dead sober. In fact, this miracle is available right now, it IS right now. Regarding spiritual teachers, yeah I'm skeptical of the ones who dismiss psychedelics. I'm NOT skeptical that they've reached profound states/traits of consciousness because of my own anecdotal experiences with meditation. What I'm skeptical about is the understanding and wisdom they've cultivated. Regarding "how have they achieved these mystical states?" A metric fuckton of meditation, contemplation, silent reflection, yoga, etc. You'd be amazed how radically things will start to transform devoting even as little as 2 hours a day of meditation after a year, going on multiple retreats, etc. Now imagine living monastically and it's even more profound what is possible.