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  1. It was a joke
  2. None of what you just said makes sense. If you don’t see the infinity, well... sucks.jpeg. Anyways, for op, just remember this discovery cant be made with the mind. It has to be made with consciousness.
  3. How can that which is finite take on an infinite number of possible forms?
  4. The concept and symbol 0 is not that which is refers to. All language and symbolic representation is a map, not the territory. When I say 0 = infinity, it is pointing towards something, it is not to be taken literally. You cannot confirm infinity. Confirmation is a function of mind, not being. Being is infinite. You can either be conscious of this, or not. But trying to “confirm” is just more ego, more mind. The mind being a subset doesnt change the fact that it’s not separate. Separation is yet another function of mind. So if the mind is infinite, by definition, reality must be too because reality and mind are not separate, they are one in the same. Moreover, trying to create the distinction/duality of “reality” is still the mind. Without mind, all that’s left is one unified being.
  5. Been really digging your posts man! This book has also helped tremendously with my meditation 👊🏼
  6. Something which exists that has no qualities that can simultaneously take any an infinite number of qualities is infinite. 0 = infinity. It’s odd this isnt understood. Perhaps you need a direct experience of infinity either via psychedelics or meditation. Even on an intellectual level this isnt too difficult to grasp, as long as you’ve transcended the materialist paradigm. Moreover, this separation you’re creating between “mind” and “reality” doesn’t exist. It’s all one integrated, unified existence.
  7. @Shadowraix Idk if ive fully or permanently activisted it, but every time Ive tripped on mushrooms or LSD, I feel a shit ton of energy pulsating through my spine. So yeah it really can happen with psychedelics. Crazy stuff.
  8. Aim for 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight. There wouldn’t be any negative health consequences unless you have a problem with your kidneys. But just drink plenty of water and you’ll be fine. Best practices to strengthen the nervous system are hatha yoga and meditation. Both of these really help balance and mitigate the stress of resistance training, besides helping with contemplating the existential nature of reality
  9. Look into Alberto Nunez. He is a professional natural bodybuilder who would eat poptarts during his contest preps. Zero effects on his physique because one’s physique is primarily determined by the energy balance of your diet since your physique is an energetic output. Obviously eating like shit will eventually catch up to you because you wont be able to train as hard, but thinking simple sugar is bad for building muscle is just inaccurate. Moreover, there is more and more research coming out indicating our understanding of glycemic load is incomplete. Individual’s response to sugar is dependent on genetics, activity level, how much protein and fat was consumed with the meal, and microbiota. Anecdotally, Im someone who’s eaten plenty of wheat and sugar and had very good gains both with building muscle and strength. It’s much more nuanced than simple sugar is bad.
  10. The more mechanical explanation is that thoughts are literally not separate from “physical” reality. The space in which thoughts exist is the same space in which physical reality exists. All of it, thoughts, physical reality, emotions, attention, any phenomena or form, is existing within your consciousness. Understanding this lack of separation, and more specifically, this unification of mind with the rest of the universe, is crucial for understanding why the LoA works.
  11. For gaining muscle, sucrose isnt anymore or less effective than more complex carbohydrates. For overall health, there may be better carb sources.
  12. Athlean is not the great imho. Dude is jacked but that doesnt always mean much. Look into 3dmj ok youtube. They have an absolutely phenomenal series on nutrition and exercise. To make gains, both are needed. They’re a bodybuilding coaching group, but the principles still apply for non bodybuilders. Ill link the series below but just a fair warning, it's very information dense so be prepared. However taking the time to understand these principles will absolutely pay off.
  13. Ive gone through a similar experience. What was once a routine devoted to looking good, being strong and physical oriented personal development, slowly stopped being what it once was. As Ive grown spiritually, there’s been a growing acceptance for how I look without a burning desire to be a bodybuilder dude. But despite this major dip in motivation, I kept training. Now, as I persisted, my motivation has transformed. Lifting has enormous health benefits, and out of all the major forms of exercise, I actually believe it is underrated in terms of its health benefits. More muscle mass means more strength, a higher, healthier metabolism, your nutrients are partitioned more effectively, increases in bone density, joint mobility and control. Plus all the normal benefits of all exercise like stress management, higher energy levels, and even heart health. My motivation is primarily now to keep my body strong and healthy. Rather than focusing on how I look or how much I lift, I focus on perfecting the biomechanics of my lifts, from barbell back squat to bicep curl, making them all intentional and a chance to practice concentration and breathing into various parts of my body. It’s almost like a different form of hatha yoga, or rather, it can be treated that way. I say stick with it, ignore the lack of motivation, and let your emotions naturally transform over time. If you have to stop lifting, ultimately that’s fine too but id suspect the motivation will evolve over time, if you give it the chance. Hope this helped.
  14. So it can but it’s typically not enough, or it isn’t as optimal as if you combined it with other methods. I am a certified personal trainer working every day with general pop who want to lose weight. Moreover, I have a pretty extensive background in powerlifting and bodybuilding. And I have a BS in Nutrition and a BS in kinesiology. Essentially, cardio is a great fat loss tool ONLY if your nutrition is in order. You need to find out the correct calories your body would need in order to lose weight. Typically this can be about 1.2-1.4x your BMR. Furthermore, you’re protein intake needs to make up anywhere from 20-25% of your calories depending on your exercise. The other factor you have to incorporate if you’re serious about losing fat is resistance training, ie lifting weights. This does three things, 1) it builds your lean body mass up which by default lowers your body fat percent. 2) as a result of the increase in LBM, your metabolic rate slowly increases over time. 3) it induces a metabolic process known as EPOC (exercise-induced post oxygen consumption). This process involves your body consuming more oxygen over a 24-48 hour period post lifting and just a little biochemistry, the more oxygen you consume, the more energy you’re burning. So while cardio has immediate calorie burn, lifting has a longer, slower burn in calories as well as more effectively dropping body-fat due to increases in LBM and EPOC. Hope this helped.
  15. What is the existential nature of separation? Ill spoil it for you: it doesnt exist. No part of existence is separate from any other part. God, consciousness, the true self, absolute infinity is not separate from itself, as separation is an illusion.