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  1. He’s already semi retired. His apprentice Brendan facilitates the workshops but is also extremely good at it. Super funny guy too... Id say a solo retreat would yield more growth but Ive never done one. Only workshops.
  2. Smh alright dude. Cling to your paradigm then.
  3. Start with yourself. Prove Leo’s point by becoming it. If you had an unlimited reservoir of discipline, concentration and vision, what behavior would you be creating? No go do that and watch as you become a super human, or more accurately, trans-human. It’s not too complicated or mysterious best I can tell. The mysterious part is that no one in society does this, so the idea of becoming super human is... a mystery haha. It’s an available path, especially if resonates with you.
  4. When you realize you are literally are a psychedelic, when you eat a mushroom or eat a tab of lsd, you are literally eating yourself, notions like “you must do it yourself” lose all meaning. That’s just my pov though. I also practice meditation and yoga pretty relentlessly and I find they make me trip deeper, and tripping deepens the meditation and yoga.
  5. @Nak Khid as long as you THINK love is a feeling, you wont understand what Leo is referring to. There exists a formless quality to the universe which is rightly defined as Love. Imagine this, if you loved something you would allow it to be exactly as it is. You would not need this thing to be a particular way at all, you would allow this thing to fully express itself without your influence, you love it completely as it self after all. This is the nature of existence, in case you've missed it. Existence is so loving, it fully accepts the manifestation of form, in all forms, completely and wholly, even rape and murder. It is radical and completely transhuman. You cannot comprehend this Truth through the lens of humanity. As an ego, we think “how horrible murder is!” But to existence, murder is like a single raindrop creating a ripple in an ocean. Less than that... it’s heart wrenching really. But its the truth. The universe is so loving, so unconditional, even atrocities are permitted to be, freely expressing themselves. Why some dont use the word “Love” I cant explain. All I can say is when your heart opens up to this truth, you will understand. Perhaps many spiritual traditions see the risk of the ego taking snd running with the word love. I mean look at how Christianity, a religion based on the teaching of love, has completely bastardized the teaching. But our concern is not with Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Cheng Hsin, Advaita Vedanta, Neo Advaita, Non dualism, or anything that can be turned into a teaching, our concern is with Truth. I hope you can find Truth = Love in this lifetime but even if not, we have eternity.
  6. Love is formlessness. First time I really realized this I balled my eyes out in appreciation, sadness, happiness, joy, terror. Crazy stuff. The emotional state you refer to is a contracted form of love, but not existential love.
  7. The psychedelic experience is the equivalent of yellow. You cannot explain it with science and hope to communicate the experience accurately, or even effectively. Until yellow is experienced, you wont know it. Until psychedelics are experienced, you wont know it.
  8. Maybe try listening to emotionally provocative music next time. Having your emotions cracked open can help gain insight into what you really authentically care about in life.
  9. Ive experienced awakenings into love outside of what Leo says. In fact, the deeper I go into myself the less I follow Leo or any teacher’s content. You get to a point where you begin to outgrow the need to conceptualize about things like Love or Truth and realize that the embodiment, integration and awakening are your responsibility. Independent of Leo or any other teacher, Love is a word I would use to describe the nature of existence. This is not something an ego or mind will ever understand. Get off a forum philosophizing about it, get out of your mind conceptualizing about it, and do the work. Side note - if you use Leo’s work correctly, it falls more into facilitation rather than teaching. Don’t believe a word he says. Just learn from numerous sources and figure it out for yourself in your direct experience.
  10. You’d be surprised... The ecstasy is a lot calmer and clearer than a trip but its pretty mind blowing what happens when you commit to this work. Tripping helps give you contrast to a state heavily steeped in mind vs a state where mind is gone. The contrast helps when we return to our sober state.
  11. Ive certainly felt biological changes, mainly Ive determined these changes to be a relaxing of my CNS across the body and the loosening of muscles around body. However Ive never felt a change at a DNA level. My immediate response is that this is entering into superstitious wishful thinking. Of course your nervous system, which spans across your ENTIRE body, could change as a result of consciousness work. This of course can result in a very radical shift in how you feel moment to moment. I see no reason this change must mean DNA is going from a double strand to a 12 strand.
  12. The blog post discusses the “non dual state,” but Ive seen you explain in other posts enlightenment is not a state. In this context, what is the difference between a non dual state and enlightenment?
  13. You dont need a psychedelic or drug to realize reality isnt made of material nor to see how love imbues all of existence but yes, for someone who isnt serious about pursuing awaking this will all sound crazy.