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  1. Dan Mayo A drummer who I'm absorbing stuff from
  2. Its 23:40, about to go to bed and today i've realized something important: The fruits one wants come from the work spread over time. Not from an isolated moment of hard work; an attitude I have deeply ingrained. This kind of teachings are easy to know. In my case, virtually all my life i've been knowing this one, but I'm just beginning to integrate it. Plus i am also mastering the art of cutting off the infamous distraction habit. For example, in order to sit for an hour in the morning tomorrow (and from now on), i have put a lot of signals with clothes and written sheets pointing to my meditation mat so when i wake up tomorrow i won't have chances to forget about it. A sheet on the mat says: ¡Green tea and let's meditate! Objective: To meditate every day one hour in the morning after waking up and one hour before bed. I keep taking cold showers every day. A lot of improvement made. I found the following quote over there and really liked it, it expresses what i feel about this discipline: "Feels like I understood the trick with cold showers again. It is about opening up to fully and embracing the resistance instead of clenching ones teeth and just pushing through." From "My meditation Journal" of @Thittato
  3. Have I try the excercises I invented yet? No. I want to but no done it yet. Resistance i guess. Fear of frustration. But anyways, the wanting to create something amazing is still there. 3 days have passed since i started this journal so is not a big procastination. Yesterday i started "modern armony" with a music professor. I want this person to be my mentor. He is the guy i mentioned before in my other journal. I already know him a bit and he has a lot of knowledge and passion. Before the next class with him im gonna re-read the mentor section of the book "Mastery" by R. Greene. We didn't embody the roles yet, its a matter of time and correct decisions from my part. He needs to embody the confidence of a mentor. I intuit he would love it. Both of us will grow from a dynamic mentor-apprentice relationship. I gotta keep showing interest. Social intelligence is a necessary skill in this process. Being able to abandon the naive perspective and to embrace a realistic one.
  4. First post on brainstorming different small bets (mini projects) in which one has to compose musical pieces within certain rules. Inviting others to post their ideas as well. Idea #1 - For drums - the idea behind this exercises is to develop better skills at coming up with new beats Producing 20 different beats using any tempo and time signature. 20 beats to put some number. The idea is that one experiments more variations until boredom. Use songs with drum bases that you like to get ideas. Call it stealing if you want. Important: divide the 20 beats in 2 categories: simple and complex, whatever that means for you. Or better yet: use the questions i wrote in the previous post -see above- to make them. Idea #2 - Again, producing 20 different beats but this time with drums and electronic beats. A combination of both. The phases in this exercises would be: first to create the beat, second practicing it in the instrument until it sounds good, and third recording everything and mixing. Idea #3 - This one would be like the mother of the previous two. This exercise consist of producing two songs using three different beats each one. The structure, bridges and every detail will be free from rules so you can unleash compositive creativity. For example you can add effects in the recording, creating a build up and then exploding, etc. But the main character of the songs will consist of three distinctive beats. Idea #4 - editor - not clear yet, but probably something similar to the anterior ones but with added voice. I don't know how and i will start with the previous exercises so i can imagine better this idea.
  5. The heart of the beats ¿What personality does a particular drumbeat have? ¿How many personalities can I create with the beats? ¿What emotion do they express? ¿What are its relatives? ¿Where do they come?
  6. Studying and aplying concepts of the book "Mastery" by R. Greene into my practices is a must do habit. Idealy this would be a daily practice to all the different activities i want to do. A concept extracted from the book: Chapter.Keys to Mastery/Step Two/Part C Using the current. That is the dialogue between our thoughts and reality. The constant flow of trial-error and improving. Scientific method in other words.
  7. But, as the title says, people pleasing is a different thing, right?
  8. Have you read "mastery" by Robert Greene? In my case it clarified a lot, plus the LP course. Basically you are struggling because you don't have a tangible purpose, one that is very apealing to your heart. The amount of work you put into something depends in the value it has for you. If you hate school it doesn't matter how much you try to develop a strong workethic, you'll just keep failing again and again. Consider all of this. The techniques you use to call willpower into action just to sit and do particular task are good as well, in my opinion.
  9. Honestly, your list is pretty much what i came down with too. I would add cold showers in 4. and honesty as a value in 2. Then there is the "how" process: how are you going to develop intelligence and curiosity?
  10. This is not something definitive at all but i must try anyways. A journal about: Brainstorming different small bets (mini projects) in which i have to compose musical pieces within certain rules. Sharing Ideas about music composition. Mastery: Developing skills in my field of action. I commit to brainstorming ideas here. There is something good about sharing this on a community which is the preasure to come up with something clear and conscise, and the posibility to interact. The idea is that this result in me doing those small bets the best i can, with the skills i currently have. This process, hopefully, will reveal wich skills i lack and wich musical tendencies i have (what i like the most). My main objective is composition, creating amazing musical pieces combining a lot of sounds, with unique forms and progresions. I like the idea of composing music for anime films also. Especially those wich are kinda cyberpunk. I like electronic music as well. Focusing in one particular area -like cyberpunk- is the key of the master to direct creative energy in a efficient and powerful way (This concept i extracted from the book "Mastery" by R. Greene). The idea of developing skills is that i can have a more refined variety of tools to create. It happened to me that incredible, amazing music occurs to me in my head, especially when I'm falling asleep, and then I want to make it tangible but I lack the ability and consistency to achieve it. I plan to refine tecnical skills with the instruments i play and refining skills for the process of composition itself, wich i will learn mostly while creating pieces. That's why the small bets too; not only about the exploration but to develop skillset. For the sake of inspiration in this brainstorming exercise, i must read different forums and take a look into the mind of others composers. Also an structural breakdown of songs is a good way to inspire creativity. Just a deep listen is enough, no need to write it down. In addition, this week i will asist to a 6 day semminar, a virtual meeting of top notch composers of Argentina. Another problem i have is that my mind gets stuck a lot. It gets chained in the process of creation. Is a fear i have. So, to get through this difficulty, i will study and apply consciusly concepts found in the book "Mastery" by R. Greene that clearly aim to this problem. That book is beautiful. summarizing: .Brainstorming at least 10 ideas, in the course of this week. .Working on them, one at a time, for the next weeks or months Instruments practices. Vocal technique Drum technique Playing vocals and drums at the same time. Midi skillset Modern harmony Enough for today, shall i let my mind rest now. And this one is a piece we did before with a friend, for the public contentment
  11. 40- Concepts: Patience "If a warrior is to succeed at anything, the success must come gently, with a great deal of effort but with no stress or obsession." — Carlos Castaneda Yes, the mind is capable of rearranging itself in inconceivable ways. What it only need: must believe to be the case for it to change. And to give it proper food.