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  1. Hi! gonna check it out
  2. It is a matter of luck. Unless you experience a more loving and humane group (not to say that there is no love for the bullies) you wont mature/wise up and you'll be trapped in the same miserable dynamic... until you pick a gun xd.
  3. Recognizing the trauma is already the healing process. The video is a categorization of common traumas and its manifestations so you can begin to recognize them in yourself. I am not saying that is the only tool to overcome them.
  4. Question I would like to answer: ¿What things can i do to guide my learning process in any field? This question is based on the fact that every time I want to learn I fail in the attempt because i cannot generate a proper snowball effect. I try with sheer brute force and that does not work. And the only way I can get into a learning flow is if I inhale a good chunk of marijuana, but that doesn't look proper to me. I am going to develop methods that does not require any weed. The learning process is such a precious thing that it is worth experiencing. Hand on hand with creativity. Right know i am starting to read a book called "The fifth discipline" by Peter M. Senge, which seems to takle this content. I will probably post more of it in the future. There are already techniques and methods that i've been using all of my life but now the work would be to make them conscious and to put into practice.
  5. I am resonating very much with the things he said. Glad to hear him
  6. Thanks for sharing
  7. 2022 will be an exorcism for me, with all the shadow work i wanna do
  8. Dismissive/Avoidant Did anyone bought the workbook they offer?
  9. Yeah doing that next week, first time. I've been procrastinating that one quite a lot.
  10. I think you need vitality and resilience in order to grow out of trauma, otherwise one is stuck in it. It is the tool. But i have a really poor relationship with those moods
  11. -sticking to an hipercaloric diet with a work out routine. I am having issues with getting enough calories. This week i lost 4 kg because i did so much exercise while doing a hypocaloric diet, mostly because of lack of organization. -Burning through karma -Taking action to regain vitality -And to keep working on LP
  12. I have read just a handful of those but it's a great list for guidance.