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  1. So basically sexual transmutation is what naturally happens when you balance out your horny impulses and not get numb with hedonism.
  2. Don't think so. Probably new generations will know better how to take advantage. I think some serious individualization will take place. Still there will be horrendous living condition for a lot of humans despite IA generating the most sophisticated politics. Will fighting against intelligent robots will be meaningles???
  3. I initially aded machine training for legs (as well as my whole body) because squat and lunge movements were giving me knee pain and sore muscles with little to no gain (only more strenght and resistance), but the cost outweighted the gains. I fell in love with machine training honestly. You can really isolate muscles and give them the care they need for jumping to others complex movements. Try the leg extension and leg curl station.
  4. That is called an unestable mind, i know first hand
  5. Delusion 101 Assumption Ego mind warping reality
  6. Interesting... probably the combination with supplements, but hard to know for sure. It seems you are finding a balance, keep experimenting with it. More common than not, that's like everybody's condition to experience. That's why we discuss how to gain insights so much, that's why we share insights too, to become a little bit more limitless and change unconscious trajectories. I always liked to see faces in cars, didn't we all?
  7. True, true, I don't want to argue that you can experience a whole different thing with the IA. Just saying that the Google search engine has some intelligence/algorithms in the delivery of answers. I've played a bit with the chat GTP and is quite impressive. Although it may seem that it has some limitations, if you change the prompt with different instructions it will spit a clear and straightforward answer rather than just a "Well, I am an artificial intelligence so I can't answer that"
  8. But how it knows what to display? It cherry-picked that text the same way the IA did, Try out "how do I meditate better" as a prompt for the IA, and you'll see the answer is not so different.
  9. My input (from chat GPT): "Cyberpunk Brain Story" Sry for the quality.
  10. Not true: Although chatGPT has a cool personality.
  11. It probably enters the forum and reads every post in a matter of milliseconds, so it can spit that lyric
  12. Context: a stage blue interferes the rap between a yellow and a green. Pretty solid.
  13. Great book... and i first knew about it because a video of yours! where you rate like 5 books on health of the year i think. I've been studying it and with lots of trial and error, but by far it has some of the best recipes i've ever done in terms of nutritional balance and energy.