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  1. Interesting... probably the combination with supplements, but hard to know for sure. It seems you are finding a balance, keep experimenting with it. More common than not, that's like everybody's condition to experience. That's why we discuss how to gain insights so much, that's why we share insights too, to become a little bit more limitless and change unconscious trajectories. I always liked to see faces in cars, didn't we all?
  2. True, true, I don't want to argue that you can experience a whole different thing with the IA. Just saying that the Google search engine has some intelligence/algorithms in the delivery of answers. I've played a bit with the chat GTP and is quite impressive. Although it may seem that it has some limitations, if you change the prompt with different instructions it will spit a clear and straightforward answer rather than just a "Well, I am an artificial intelligence so I can't answer that"
  3. But how it knows what to display? It cherry-picked that text the same way the IA did, Try out "how do I meditate better" as a prompt for the IA, and you'll see the answer is not so different.
  4. My input (from chat GPT): "Cyberpunk Brain Story" Sry for the quality.
  5. Not true: Although chatGPT has a cool personality.
  6. It probably enters the forum and reads every post in a matter of milliseconds, so it can spit that lyric
  7. Context: a stage blue interferes the rap between a yellow and a green. Pretty solid.
  8. Great book... and i first knew about it because a video of yours! where you rate like 5 books on health of the year i think. I've been studying it and with lots of trial and error, but by far it has some of the best recipes i've ever done in terms of nutritional balance and energy.
  9. My vegan pizza from the Thrive book, just before baking it. Also having attached the recipe paper to the wall is a 10 point for culinary mastering... I have more papers all around the kitchen with different recipes, from the same book. From cereals, smothies, salads, dressings, like 2 or 3 recipes for each. All are vegan yet i am not. But i can tell you it is premium combustion for the body.
  10. Crossing people's boundaries completely shatters the above. Said that, it is crucial that i armor myself against certain walking devils, because sometimes completely takes me by surprise. So, because i don't want to fall for this over and over again i need to really put emphasis in my surroundings and in what interactions i do allow vs the ones i don't.
  11. It's about polishing efficiency so our will can respond to a larger purpose. It is about chopping wood and carrying water without leaving the sight in imagination, i.e one's vision. This is straight Ford's work-chain principle. This is factory dynamics at its finest. Assembly. What public education misses is focusing on the vision development of the individual rather than leading people into working on a third's party vision. That's key to living purposely and staying inspired. That problem leaded youngsters into giving their full time and energy to playing games. Sure this is an over simplification and it goes deeper than that. But to coordinate one's actions is better to focus on simple and clear things. 20/80 principle is also good.
  12. I am envisioning some things for the kinda life i'd like to live, also appreciating more the importance of workethic and so it's best to do that while i am taking some simple action. I am a person that is not used to follow regimes, yet following regimes is the infallible way of getting shit done in the most precious way. We are diviningly designed to follow regimes. I don't even now what i am saying lol, i guess i am just in the blue sector of the spiral. What i am trying to say is that i am kinda developing some manners and ways of doing tasks that is aligned with some good values like workethic, patience and love. Even in the most simple task like organizing my desk this is reflected, but of course i am envisioning more valuable things to do than just cleaning my home. Like having a stretching habit, where i am going through every muscle of my body, learning to appreciate the pain and the pleasure of stretching through consistent and patient technical executions. Also i normally extract my own psychedelic material, and i am not very proud of how i approached the extraction/cultivation process the last time i did it. This is going to be reflected there aswell, whitout hesitation, without expecting much, just acomplishing a task in its proper way. This leads to a lot of considerations like doing proper research, having a well organized space to work that doesn't interfere with other people's tasks (because of shared space). Another area where this is reflected is in my instrumental practice with music. This is where i have most technical complications, not because lack of technique, but lack of organization and patience. I want it all, all in the same time, and that just mess up with any progress. It takes time, and i am not going to acomplish every single aspect that i want in a little span of time. Long story short, i am more interested these days in the technical aspects of doing and activity, for the sake of developing a proper foundation and avoiding common traps, like wasting time because of lack of starting and ongoing organization. Also actually enjoying work. This is in need of a holistic approach; e.g the habits i choose, which already figuring out what is best for me. Golden insight into this habits thing: starting the day with a meditation session -30' for now, but i am already seeing that is best +1 hour of practice-. Studying is also not bad to putting more hours into it. Also eating nutritious meals with this divine regime approach in mind. All of that and much more is needed, meditation alone won't grow me. I also recognize that i am in a exploration process, understanding what makes me satisfied in life. There are things that i used to do happily and i am remembering what those little things are. Fully re-embodiment is another story, but just recognizing it is huge. Common traps in this work: not seeing everything and everyone as my teacher. Also not being in the driver seat. Also not being patient enough and giving up to early. Also failling to recognize the subtle progress that one makes, this one is huge as it gives more direction to one's own life. Also not being humble enough to recognize my mistakes. Also being a people pleaser. Also not asking proper questions. ¿What is getting in my way of creating powerful habits these days? ¿Is it because i am not fully seeing the obvious? ¿Is because i am not humble enough for doing some grind work? ¿What lead me in this position of lack of embodiment of habits?
  13. hahaha 1. Not cultivating the joy of something as simple as going for a walk.
  14. Today i want to resume my practice with cold exposure therapy, doing cold showers. With the correct approach, which is gradual exposure to the cold and surrendering into the pain. And i'll try it out with cool music!