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  1. @Matt8800 unless you are referring to the process itself. But still. God does not reveal itself lightly. What goes into awakening is extremely nuanced behind the scenes although you can stumble on it blindly there are a lot of factors that play into one awakening to their true nature.
  2. @Matt8800 Matt - enlightenment is no big deal? Really? I know you know better than that
  3. Thanks. I have switched off my bullshitting channeling functionality 👍🙏
  4. We (the "public") are all projections of your owm mind from one perspective so i wouldn't stress out too much.
  5. But its ok to use mine? Sorry i guess i publicized mine back in the day. Sorry man.
  6. Yeah i hear ya. I'm not sure if he is stating that, i think he is just pointing out the ease of which you can confuse the ego's imagination with infinite imagination. But then again does it matter if you are God? Maybe that's the point we are all making here....
  7. I stated earlier that it is One so this is relative. ALL form is relative or partial truths. It is a paradox in itself because you can have multiple things being true relative to the subject, simultaneously. And none are incorrect or fully correct. The realm of form is an Absolute relativity and a mindfuck
  8. To me it's all imagination. Just different layers or levels. So i think he is referring to God's imagination, which is boundless, and can manifest anything at will instantaneously. This could include spirits and the paranomal. Then there is limited imagination - or the finite version of God - the ego. The ego has a limited form of imagination but cannot will things into Being or create spirits other than within its own mind - it can't manifest them so that they are available within the Infinite Mind for all finite Minds to see. That's the point of being limited. So Real = God's imagination vs unreal = ego's imagination. But you see its all imagination and the egos Mind or finite Mind lives within the Infinite Mind. So to be "deluded" is to confuse God's imagination with your limited one.