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  1. @r0ckyreed it's pure magic. That is, to me, the true beauty of Infinity/God. Any process or mechanism is something it holds within it. It is not bound by it. If you think of a brain having a conscious and subconscious mind, well, the magic of Infinity is that it requires no subconscious. What you imagine to be the subconscious is just that - imaginary. But then you may wonder, but how can reality, or myself as God, be doing it without me as the ego knowing it? It has to be happening somewhere or being done somewhere. But this is the cosmic joke. That is you imagining there has to be a somewhere where it's being done, or even that anything is being done at all.
  2. @Loveeee so that the climax could be amazing:). Do not underestimate God.
  3. @Razard86 @Breakingthewallis correct here. You are conflating the relative with the Absolute. Within the dream gaslighting is a real phenomenon, and as the ego you cannot unimagine it, just like you cannot unimagine this reality. When someone is gaslighting you, being conscious that this person is you in the Absolute sense may provide liberation, but it won't solve the relative issue at hand which is that you are being gaslit. So, yes, you can recognize it when it's happening, and you can know that Absolutely speaking it is you gaslighting yourself, but this isn't going to solve the issue, unfortunately.
  4. Exactly. Stop parroting and go your own way.
  5. Haha. But more seriously have you ever really looked at your body and realized it was alien? In other words we have been conditioned to have a sense that this is "human" and this is normality. Yet, we are actually so alien. Our faces are just so foreign...our hands are claws. Just have to look at it without knowing or letting the conceptual mind take over. and then you realize you don't really "know" what you is foreign. 😀 interesting indeed.
  6. It does through illusion so in that way it does not violate what it means to be unlimited. Appearance IS reality.
  7. Very very very few....00001% of the population. (Higher but you get the idea) This is relatively speaking of course. Absolutely speaking there is only one Consciousness and it is Being itself. As @Godishere stated. It is You. It is Me. We are the same Mind.
  8. Haha interesting. We are the true aliens.
  9. They are so ugly! Wtf is this visage of theirs? A nose protruding from their face? Is this not foreign? A mouth that opens up to allow stuff to be consumed like a trash compactor...what is that? Two circles above the "nose" that allow one to have "vision"....what is that? Is this not some alien thing? Look at their "face" in the mirror...what is this stuff growing on the top? Is it called hair? What is the stuff growing beneath the ",mouth"? What are the two orifices on each side of their "head" ? They take in something "known" as sound. So Jesus,, what the fuck are they? It's so...well it's so goddamn - alien! Have you ever seen anything that looks like this before? It's so weird! What's even weirder is that some of these alien beings are considered "handsome" or more appealing than others? Why is that? Aren't they all just so grotesque and something out of a science fiction book? I mean really - that snout right in the middle of their face says it all! We have truly discovered aliens!! For the very first time! They exist.
  10. That is the entity or observer behind the eyes that is the illusion. That's what you currently believe you are. You have to realize directly that this was an illusion. You are Awareness itself not an observer in a brain or in your awareness. That will be enlightenment.
  11. Self inquiry- various forms of meditation is what worked for me. I don't know what will work for you. You have to become conscious that what you think you are is an illusion. What does your ego feel you are? The soul ? The body? Sit down and really do some self inquiry.
  12. @Amannl3in it can't really be explained with words. You just have to awaken. You as your ego state of consciousness and sense of self as that ego will pass away (i.e. die) and you will be in a state of God Consciousness or non-dual state. You will become conscious of Absolute Truth or various facets of Absolute Truth. You will know directly that reality is Mind - that you ARE reality- and that you have been dreaming. Namaste 😀
  13. You are here, so you are doing the same. Look, at the end of the day we all have our ego's to contend with.