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  1. No you are thinking linearly or logically which is not Infinity. Infinity transcends logic.
  2. The bottom line is to completely embody Truth is to become it...which is to release the finite form and become Infinite. Until then you can align yourself with it but you will never completely become it until you do. Enlightenment is to become Infinite but then return to your current form again. Meaning you as God awaken from this dream but then fall back asleep. The dream is still there. When it's not, it won't be.
  3. @wildflower your talking the distinction between enlightenment and embodiment. They are two different things. I'm awakened l but I don't always embody Truth. It ain't always easy when you have a powerful ego. But it doesn't mean you can't be enlightened or be spiritually gifted as fuck or an intuition though the roof. The older I get though I start to embody it more because it causes less suffering. Selfishness is the cause of all suffering.
  4. good insights,, the only thing i'll add is that it seems you only became conscious of one facet of Truth, emptiness or that Truth is nothing. Emptiness/Pure Void/Nothingness is identical to Infinite Love/Beauty/Perfection. it is like a diamond with different facets that are ultimately one. Emptiness and Love are identical and are Absolute. Both (it) are (is) nowhere - for it be somewhere would mean there could be someplace it is not, but it is Infinity - which is omnipresent.
  5. God is the devil, its all good. The devil transforms into God through the decades, if your conscious enough. Otherwise you'll remain a devil, which is still God. With time you shall. You must slowly transform within yourself, no one can vaildate this for you. Your actions will be the result of your level of consciousness, and this is a result of the wisdom you've gained (and suffering)
  6. Examine why you feel that way? Notice that perhaps you know within yourself that your ego should live before it dies. In other words - you know how we are always saying here that form is formlessness. All is one. Meaning that the dream you are living is Truth and that everything is in fact Truth since it is One. But before you can go full circle from form to formless to Oneness - you need to experience form. When it is time, you will experience formlessness. And then you will come full circle to realize form is formlessness. It is all a journey that Awareness takes only to realize there was never really anywhere it went
  7. It will help raise your baseline consciousness and also provide a sense of inner well being...because you are resting in Being by turning inward. This is counterintuitive to the ego which looks externally for happiness - where true peace lies within.
  8. Yeah what you are doing here is going meta on the ego. The ego will seize all and make it its own to prevent you as God from awakening. Because it will be the end of the ego for God to wake up. But you are there. You are at the precipice.
  9. Yeah me too. Doubt wants to creep into every opening even after you have had a direct realization of Truth. That is the ego doing its job. Love ya.
  10. Exaxtly. It makes you sick because the you is an illusion and taking it all the way is death. But it circles around to Love.
  11. Well yes because you are Pure Being. Everything else is imaginary. So if you start to imagine different perspectives you gotta catch yourself and say what perspective is that viewpoint coming from? Person A is imagining person B and person B is imagining person A? Or maybe there are no people and it's just Consciousness imagining everything?
  12. You are alone as God imagining this scenario. All others are in your imagination as God. Period.
  13. Yes it is the realization that others are you. It will provide a profound feeling of being alone and one as God. It is a mystical expanded state of consciousness