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  1. @kray yah cuz in this work it's all about consciousness and you want a nice crisp aware state of consciousness that you can slowly increase the baseline with. If you are drinking all the time you will be always altering your state of consciousness constantly to a lower state not a higher state. Try meditating drunk 🥴
  2. Absolutely everything is imaginary, without exception. Infinite Mind loses itself in its own Mind so that it believes its real. And imagination becomes reality. But you can start noticing this as you start to become more conscious. It's imagining some things at a much higher level then the level of consciousness where a human is - so normal human levels of consciousness cannot manipulate certain things that are being imagined at higher levels. But once you understand this you can rid yourself of a lot of suffering because it is understood that it is being imagined and control what you can control. It's easy to forget all of this though, and get lost in the dream.
  3. As is that there is a Leo you're trying to convince 🤔
  4. Stop! I got attachments in this dream!!!
  5. Yes all of these factor in...but you left out selflessness and honesty. You can embody these in your life and you will slowly start to align with Truth. You can practice selflessness for example when your partner wants to see movie "x" but you really wanted to see movie "y"...yet you put your partner first even if there is a little suffering on your part. That's a small example but it's these little things that count. Or it could be that you give some of your wealth to a homeless person - forgoing going shopping which was where you were heading. It's those types of things. And It's being an honest person as much as you can. These things are hard and I'm by no means claiming to be a saint but these are things that one can work on to align with Truth. Yes this definitely imo critical to reducing suffering because the mind is so riddled with self deception. Yes this too was my path Some people do all of the techniques and are very open minded but it still doesn't happen. Hence the prior factors you mentioned. And when the time is right.... Consider the possibility that you are spiritually gifted. Not everyone has these types of results (the mystical experience after 2 weeks)
  6. He's right ultimately- this starts getting into free will territory- that's what I was saying in the beginning - when God wakes up where does this dream and its meaning go? - where did the you who thought they had free will go? Or maybe it was God pulling the strings and it just appeared like you were behind the steering wheel 😀 But we can still play around in here...
  7. I think it's feasible for anyone to awaken - even if they have absolutely no spiritual gifts whatsoever...however long it takes is how long it takes. If they leverage all the tools available, and have a curious, open mind. No one is disputing that. However long it takes is how long.
  8. Well if you look at basketball for example- not everyone is going to be at the same level, right? There are some who are genetically gifted that barely need to practice and can make it to the NBA on raw talent alone. But talent alone won't take them to the highest level because they will need time to deepen their maturity and consciousness around the game and around life. So it can be similar with spirituality. People can be at different levels. Is it fair? Perhaps not depending on who you ask Now does this mean someone with no spiritual gifts whatsoever can't awaken? No...of course not..anything is possible. It just may take them a bit longer and the use of more tools...
  9. Ultimately everything within the dream is imaginary. When God (you over there) shifts out of the dream all of this collapses. It was just a dream. So we are speaking within the context of the dream right now.
  10. How can no one is? What if the duality of "no one" and "one" collapses?
  11. Don't hold your breath for a two part series in the catalog