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  1. Both would have to be true....resulting in paradox. It's everything.
  2. That's what I have found for myself anyway. I see your point better now. Yeah reality is appearance without substance. The question of if a tree falls in the forest with no one around to be conscious of it does it actually make a sound had always troubled me as a kid...i could intuit even at a young age that it didn't make sense that there could be an objective reality independent of consciousness - or stuff behind the scenes. Then many years later when I stumbled on spirituality it all started coming together.
  3. It Being isn't constructed it is the structure itself but it is constructing the content you could say. Being is God. God is constructing all of physical reality via imagination. Hence the dream or illusion!
  4. @Tyler Durden its Being. But you can't capture Being via any type of logic because it's prior to rationality. That's why with your question yesterday you wondered why it seems like the present moment is always eluding us. It seems like it's there and gone over and over for eternity. Actually all there is is Being and it's eternal. Being and Consciousness are the same thing. You don't know Being you just become directly conscious of it by being it. Which you could say is a classical satori or enlightenment
  5. I think when it is said here that you are God people can fall into the trap that there ego is all there is and that the ego is the only state of consciousness that there is. While yes, it is God in finite form - (so to say you are not God is not correct either..) it can expand to be Infinite. (Infinite Consciousness or God Consciousness) so God is You means that that you can expand - or better put, the ego state can die or fall away giving rise to Infinite Mind
  6. That's the point. You cannot grasp reality with the ego mind because you ARE it. Which is why all the spiritual teachings tell you to meditate by quieting the mind from all thought and to stop using the mind to capture reality. Your trying to point back at yourself and you can't do it. It's the self reference problem.
  7. You mean the you who is a concept, not God. I was pointing you towards the Absolute and you are speaking in the relative. Relatively yes there is a past. You see? Within the dream there is a you who has a past.
  8. Your imagining that! But yes imagining is reality. So I'm not saying I don't have compassion for the millions of jews who died during the Holacaust. I do. I'm just conscious that I am imagining the entire thing as God. It doesn't mean within the context of the dream you don't imagine it's real - thus collapsing rhe duality between real and imaginary. No, you do because otherwise the dream would end!
  9. Not lying just imagining...I'm pointing you towards waking up from the dream. If you wanna stay in the dream stay in it
  10. Yes. There is just Being or Actuality. (You could say pure experience). There is no you or experiencer. All of that is imaginary or conceptual. Thus there cannot be one who has a past.
  11. Ofcourse. But Consciousness is mystical you cannot pin it down with language so I'm not sure what that has to do with the thread. If your trying to claim that the past happened, I mean..your imagining it or dreaming it up RIGHT NOW. So we are back to that. If you want to say it happened you could say that it was dreamed up but that is not quite right because it implies it was dreamed up in the past. You are dreaming a past right now.
  12. This is hard to swallow but you know what I am going to say about this. And I'm Jewish. . But reality is indeed a Mind. And this is a dream.
  13. Well actually all that exists is what is actual. If I look back at the first word then it exists if I don't it is not actual.