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  1. Well, that's not entirely true - there could be all awakened people. Wouldn't such a society be glorious? it would be far different from what we have now. Just nothing but mystics. Now that is like something out of a science fiction book, like an advanced, awakened, alien race.
  2. @Water by the RiverThere is no specific way an enlightened being has to act, or even teach. They can use words how they deem fit- but the key there, is that they will be pointing to something that can be found in direct experience. Some may use the word God, others may choose not to. Some may use the term ifninite, others may not. But there is usually going to be a common ground somewhere. Like you said, most enlightened beings don't really speak openly with such terms as God and Solipsism, because as you pointed out, it can cause confusion for the unenlightened being. So i agree there. This is something we do here rather flippently, and perhaps we should tone it down rather than cause confusion or cause the newcomer here to fall into delusion of the ego... But i think as long as it is pointed out not to take anything as a belief or an idealogy, but to do spiritual practices to discover whats True for yourself, then the teacher is doing his due diligence.. And again, here we also have a book list with many great authors, some enightened, that can break it down better than we can on a forum, with threads that are often incomplete or missing certain aspects of things. Look at all the texts you have perused and your knowledge of spirituaity is pretty top notch. So you didn't get confused. We can't really make everyone understand how not to confuse the ego with the various facets of enlightenment. We make it pretty clear that the ego goes by the wayside, in fact, when one realizes these facets. But only through spiritual practices, and I might add, deep suffering. Deep suffering is a necessary component, hence my post. I think it is often overlooked.
  3. If there isn't a self, then there isn't other either. But that is precisely what Oneness is. Lets look - do other's exist? yes! sure they exist - as a concept. The self also exists, as a concept. Read Peter Ralston for more insight into that. I'm speaking with you conceptually now, so whether you physically exist is immaterial - we are merely concepts ourselves exchanging concepts. On a deeper level it is just God speaking with God.
  4. Yup. Well, I'm going to break it down for you guys. Really think about the collapse of the self/other duality. If there isn't a self, then how can there be anything separate or outside of that self? THere can't. There can only be, well, BEING. and that's what we have. We have Being..
  5. I know what you are saying here. But its the same thing. You're just conufsing the concept of God with the actuality of God. When you become God you are aren't going to post about it, because you are just being God. So there isn't any words involved. We're just using the terms here as pointers.
  6. This is simply not the case. With all due respect. The mistake you make here is that the psyche has absolutely nothing to do with God realization or enlightnement ( I am using the words interchangeably here) The psyche is the ego mind, and it must perish for you to experience yourself as God. Now once that happens, you can have later awakenings, but that is only because you are already conscious that the self is illusory. So the ego plays no role in this. What you are referring to is shadow work, which again, is not a prerequisite of enlightenment. Enlightenment is about losing the form and merging with the Godhead. No not merging, becoming.
  7. Let's examine this a bit deeper. If its another dimension than I cannot see or touch, then it is no different than being singular. That is what the Infinity of Gods video by Leo stated. It does not contradict solipsism.
  8. You are kind of contradicting yourself here. First you say it is the crucbile, but then you say it does not lead to enlightenment. Well, if it pushes you in that direction I would say that means it leads to enlightnement. i think what you are saying is that not everyone who suffers will awaken. I would concur with that - but now I bring you back to solipsism. If only suffering can wake you up, and its just you, then there you have it. I'm telling you man, i had a massive awakening as God tonight. What I am telling you is the real deal. There is no other. There is only You. You can say, well, if that was the case, why even bother trying to convince me of it - but i do have a ready answer for that. It's because you are me!
  9. yeah, you face that bad boy head on. But it's more profound than even that. Look at what @Someone here said about Tolle - he couldn't continue to live with himself. That is suffering. He was there, he just didn't harm the body. And that's what gets you to enlightenment. It's just because enlightenment is death - God is death. I would never say harm the body because you can die without doing that, and i was no different than Tolle. In fact my enlightnement is about the same as his.
  10. Other is identical to God, but if you are God, that makes them you. They ARE you, they don't have independent consciousnesses. I don't want to turn this into a solipsism thread, but it is as fundamental as suffering, so we have to acknowledge it. And it also addresses all the weird questions if ypu think about it. You dont have to have the direct realization of it to know that it solves almost every question of the ego mind.
  11. Exactly! Those are perfect examples! so there you go...
  12. It's not. It's just pure suffering in finite form. But if the deep longing causes you suffering, it will have the same affect.
  13. Yes I know it was sober, impressive. Because I know you took psychedelics as well. But have you realized Solipsism? I mean utlimately this must be the ultimate conclusion. You must know that if you are ahead of us. Do you not believe that you are all of God? After all, if you do realize that you are all of God, that you are Pure Consciousness and Oneness - then you must also know that there cannot be "other" , other than in your imagination. That is the ultimate realization and the one thing holding one back from God realization.
  14. Thank you friend. You know you are dear to me. I am saying something deeper in the post though - I'm saying it is a an absolute requirement for awakening to yourself as God. Without it, you cannot awaken. That is what I am saying. I am not saying it is the only component, but I am stating that it is the catalyst. Meditation is not the catalyst. Nor are psychedelics. That's a bold claim I'm making, but it is from direct experience.
  15. So if suffering isn't the only answer, whats the secret ingredients?