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  1. If you are asking me if I'm lucid - its when I choose to be. You forget a key factor. God wants to forget he's God.
  2. When you wake up from the dream you wake up. There aren't infinite depths to that. God Realization is quite simple.
  3. Its the same thing silly - If it's indeed enlightenment. What I meant was for him it was not triggered via meditation. There's no "meditation enlightenment" and "psychedelic enlightenment".
  4. False. You haven't experienced "classic" enlightenment.
  5. You don't know what you are talking about as you aren't awake. I was talking about triggers. What is a trigger on a gun? It is nothing unless the gun is loaded. If you are not ready for awakening it doesn't matter how much psychedelics you take or for that matter how many years you sit in meditation.
  6. The bottom line is that there are certain tools that can be used for awakening. Psychedelics are one of them. Personally I used meditation and self inquiry. But unlike Ralston I am not ruling out Psychedelics. Him ruling them out simply shows his lack of versatility.
  7. The question is would you have found those teachers regardless? I'm trying to point to Infinity. Things unfold precisely how they mean to. This is God's will. You can try to inject your will. But it is the Will of God that holds all. So you trying to raise other's consciousness is God's will. You not doing it would also be God's will. Either way, God's will is at play.
  8. I get it trust me. It's a valiant effort. The problem is if they are open minded they are going to find the group anyway without you. Basically you are talking about marketing spirituality. If someone wants to find out about spirituality they will. How much you advertise won't make a difference here. Or maybe it turns one in a thousand on and they click the button. Fine. What I'm saying is it that won't make a dent in changing what is going to naturally occur anyway.
  9. It is a mystical state you could say - i.e. pure Consciousness or a non-dual state. It is isness. It is Divinity. Within that isness You can become conscious of various facets. If it is an experience of machine elves than no, that is not enlightenment. Because that is the ego experiencing machine elves. God consciousness is completely void of ego.
  10. Enlightenment is not an experience because there is no experiencer. It is God Consciousness. But taking psychedelics could possibly trigger a shift into God Consciousness. So the whole wording or understanding by Peter is wrong.