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  1. Zero has seen the Ox. It's coming back to the mundane that he struggles with.
  2. Its not possible. It is the collapse of possible and impossible 😃😀
  3. @Frenk when you say is realizing God worth all the suffering - notice the word "worth" if you can put a value on God. All values exist within God That should answer your question.
  4. You're entire sense of self will be ripped from you.
  5. Yet this is Truth. Maybe they used another name.
  6. Haha didnt mean for it but it is kinda funny
  7. @Galyna this 😝🖕🖕
  8. Well put. @Riya And would also add that with this proper identification - non-dual awareness - i would say - there isn't anything to fear as a self because the self is not your true nature. It can be tough though, when you have to go to work everyday and deal with the mundane. So it is good to have a regular meditation practice or something of the like.
  9. Exactly :😄❤ And yeah i hear ya sometimes you gotta mix things up.
  10. Are you trying to get kicked outa here?
  11. I'm not taking a position - but look what happened to Martin Ball...didn't he get all messed up with Insomnia and stuff? Or was that something he already had and then all the tripping made things worse?