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  1. You can go deeper than Leo because Leo is actually a subset of your own mind. The "course" is actually being imagined by you. So all you have to do is keep using the tools available to you to reach Infinite Consciousness again and discover what is true. A course can only show you tools for awakening - it can talk about facets, but only if you have become directly conscious of any discussed facet, is it true.
  2. You can view it that way but you can also view pain as a subset or type of suffering. For the guy who doesn't feel physical pain (its a real phenomenon) he wouldn't have this subset of suffering...but he can suffer as you say, by rejecting circumstances. It just depends on your definition of suffering. Which is relative.
  3. In a sense though, writhing on the floor because your arm was just cut off is's not a holistic or long term suffering (although there is still the aftermath and the psychological aspect of losing your arm) so it's still a form of suffering.
  4. I have criticized the way he talks down to people. I don't do that personally because its not my style and I don't believe in belittling someone. I've been belittled in the past and it's degrading and can cause trauma. So that's not right to do. However- I will not hesitate to kick you out of here if you don't support this work.
  5. The fact of the matter it is the criticism is an unnecessary distraction. We have allowed it to fester here for years. But that time is done. If I see someone here saying the teachings here are delusional I will ban them. I'm done playing the nice guy. If you want to be here, be here to learn. Be open minded and humble to the fact that perhaps you aren't yet awake and that perhaps what is being brought to you here can awaken you. If not, then get lost. It's really quite simple.
  6. That's a waste of his time. Albert Einstein used to have one set of clothes and he would wear the same thing everyday. It looked bad, but when asked, he could only respond with "it takes thought to figure out what I want to wear each day, and this takes away from the time I have to think about reality."
  7. Correct. So if u wanna be here as a human and run a forum to teach spirituality you have to give a fuck. Otherwise you would be in a cave somewhere starving yourself and not passing on any of your knowledge. That's fine, but then you and I wouldn't be talking right now
  8. Once you stop giving a fuck, of course. But life is about giving a fuck.
  9. We tried that. I told him to ban the haters years ago without thought- but he didn't wanna make this place an "echo chamber". Well, here we are
  10. I used to always say psychedelics were cheating for the ones not genetically prone to meditation awakening them. But it's really not the case. All that matters is the shift in consciousness. The bragging will fade as he ages- and actually he won't even care about this place at that point. When he stops caring about that he won't care about anything. So let him still cling to this world.
  11. Bottom line is if you don't support the work get lost. We got rid of this round of haters - but more will come. Honestly I lost patience years ago which is honestly why I am a more passive mod. I probably couldn't deal with all the criticism like he does. It has to weigh on anyone after enough time. Especially when the stuff here actually points to awakening and is valid.
  12. Yes precisely, because physicality is created by the mind. Well, it is precisely what @Breakingthewall said, as God - when you imagine a physical barrier, (or "other") it manifests. When you shift your mind to be lucid that it was something you dreamed up, then that is the state of consciousness you are in. It is a great responsiblity to wake up, because you essentially have beaten the game. You are now the developer of the game, and thus, you can never have the feeling of not knowing its a game again, unless you fool yourself. So the awakened being begins the quest of fooling himself, over and over, until his time is done. And that's all there is to it.
  13. well because it is one, it cannot ACTUALLY separate itself from itself, it can only create the illusion. But this paradox is a feature of Infinity, not a bug. Because illusion and reality are ONE, and so, in that sense, it DOES. Which is a mind fuck, but resolves the paradox.