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  1. @nexusoflife what can you can say to this other than welcome home. That was probably the best trip report hands down ever posted here. All i can say is - welcome to Yourself. Welcome to the unity of all beings - of all Infinity. Of Truth, Love, Oneness, and Divine Bliss. Welcome to Godhood.
  2. @Tim R your issue is not with the distinctions themselves but with one's bias towards one or the other. Take the attachment or bias out of it and just look at it from a completey selfless vantage point - as everything in the world of form is relative, or it is distinctions. The key is to reaching such a vantage point is to understand Oneness and that all distinctions must collapse. When you become conscious of this you can release bias or attachment (which is ego) towards any one distinction or one particular level of consciousness. At that point you are free to make distinctions - because afterall in formed reality (ie the dream) - all is relative. So realize that this post is evidence of your own bias.
  3. @Tim Ho it's interesting to think about. It is only a matter of time before we discover other beings. It could be 1000 years from now but its inevitable due to infinity. At some point either they will come to us or we will come to them. One can venture out or not...Remember if it is truly an advanced and awakened civilization they would understand relativity. So venturing out could be looked at as either dooming themselves by taking on more risk, or it could be viewed as a way to unite all Beings through the spread of Infinite Love. It would merely hinge on perspective. Because reality would be revealed as totally relative.
  4. Yeah that is exactly right. Joe is in the materialist paradigm but it's like his intuition his pushing him towards breaking out but he's too attached to his own life to ever give it a shot. Though maybe one day on enough psychedelics....:) Good stuff bro.
  5. Haha...I would not go out of your way to please people either...just do your thing but with compassion...and of course its in your head. Where else could it be?
  6. @ConsciousOwl10 you are growing more conscious. One of the obstacles you will run into as you move up the spiral (if we wanna use spiral dynamics but we could also use the stages of ego development or just a growth in consciousness) is how to interact with those below you on the spiral. And the answer is they are you. When you advance a stage you still encompass the stages below. So part of your growth is to not shun those at a different level of consciousness. This is probably the trickiest minefield to maneuver along the path.
  7. You're dreaming the brain Yeah its so funny how scientists still think they will discover how the brain creates consciousness. It's really laughable at this point. Recently heard a Joe Rogan podcast where they spent the whole time discussing dreams and scientific explanations - the guy was a scientist of some sort. Joe brings up DMT and how when on DMT you can't tell the difference between dreams or reality...and the scientist shoots it down. It is the episode with the brain scientist Matthew Walker. And the funny thing is that all of the stuff he attributed to dreams coming from the brain is yet also a dream they just don't know it yet.
  8. @Bacher you haven't spent much time on this forum obviously
  9. Turn within. The path is not out there somewhere it is within. So start there with an open mind. Enlightenment is the deconstruction of what you believe you are. Self inquiry can be extremely powerful because as i said it is a destructive process. Throw away beliefs of God because they are not actual for you. Instead begin by peeling away what you believe you are.
  10. Yes it can become unhealthy if the ego obsesses about it but the ego is never satisfied. So that's the bind you are in as the ego and you will suffer for it in the long run. But counterintuitively this can circle back and grow your consciousness. It is hard to transcend the ego but doing so does bring one closer to their true nature. At the same time as i said, due to Oneness there is no where to go and it circles back. So if you go with your egoic desires you will end up in the same place in the end - just a longer road. So easier on the ego to suffer in the short term and forgo it if it's an unhealthy obsession rather than get caught in a loop and suffer in the long term. Ultimately be free. But keep in mind that there is healthy self improvement and then there is unhealthy or coming from selfishness. It's important to be conscious of the difference and then draw a line in the sand with your ego Ultimately selfislessness will bring a sense of well being and happiness in the long run. So if this particular procedure is something you can leave or take but might add a bit of confidence - then go for it. If its bigger than that maybe take a step back and realize you are too attached.
  11. But then you are upholding an image...still...when you become so conscious, its total freedom. Upholding an image is fine too..its whatever...:)
  12. @Lyubov it's gonna get uglier and uglier as he goes down in flames. He will turn on everyone.
  13. @Tim Ho do you realize this thread is 4 years old? Seems as if the OP is active though but not in a few months.
  14. Permanent enlightenment is Infinity which is Absolute Love or Absolute Goodness. All of us finite beings, though we have woke up, still return to being finite. And to be finite is to be imperfect. It is to wrestle with ego. But reality would be a HELL of a lot pun intended. Crime would be nearly gone, war would be a thing of the past.... That would be a much more conscious, turquoise society, far more advanced - with Love/Pure Consciousness as its focal point. Though not without its imperfections, it would be the alien society you imagine - or humanity in 1000 years.