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  1. @Shin i enjoyed that video thanks for sharing
  2. @Shin straight to stage teal - well done sir
  3. @Aakash indeed as i have said many times in past conversations that reality is absolutely relative. And the Absolute is both the Absolute and the relative and the Absolute. Oneness makes it indistinguishable. But let's not derail this thread
  4. @Aakash you must discover it is an illusion before you can discover that it's not
  5. You yourself are a concept in the Mind of God. You are both real and illusion simultaneously. So to say concept is false is only half true - or true based on perspective.
  6. I love that quote that is awesome.
  7. @RendHeaven its coming full circle that duality is non-duality and is identical to enlightenment or formlessness. Thats what he calls it.
  8. @Aakash yes you are right. No one is disputing that both duality and non-duality are perfect. Just don't be cocky about it or no one is going to wanna talk to you. With that said we are a family here and we love you!
  9. @Lauritz Bewer wait until you realize its you.
  10. @Aakash but you haven't done any of this. I hate to say you're a parrot right now but you really are.
  11. @Aakash This where your ego begins to delude you into delusions of careful...