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  1. The thing is, you shouldn't want a girlfriend for selfish reasons - aka that you don't wanna be alone. You have to be at peace being alone with yourself before you can be ready for a relationship, otherwise it will be for the wrong reasons. So it's fine to want a partner to spend time with but you also need to be able be happy by yourself - otherwise you are just seeking a girlfriend to fill some void within yourself. If you do it for those reasons it will most likely end badly. So the key is to look inside and see if there are issues you need to work through before you can truly be ready for a relationship that can last. Trust me i speak from experience!
  2. @Ryan_047 Actually there are studies now that show pyschedelics are way better than SSRIs. Maybe look into the psychedelic path for healing your depression. They are not addictive so a much better alternative.
  3. I agree i would try everything before getting on medication - and give it a real shot. If it doesn't work though SSRI'S can literally save your life. If you are that suicidal then being hooked on something that helps you function is better than being dead.
  4. @Ryan_047 you seem to be struggling with a legit mental illness. Depression. First off this is an illness just like cancer. You need to open up about it with your parents whether they will understand or not. Dropping out of school or worrying about what they think is the least of your problems. Then you need to find a therapist and maybe get on some medication. Ultimately none of us on the forum are doctors (at least most of us) and what you really need is a doctor for this.
  5. Yes it is through division that creativity and different perspectives are created. This is relativity. No to the hivemind question though. Reality itself is a Giant mind which is imagining this whole thing. But it partitions itself into smaller finite minds, one of which is you and me.
  6. @Dylan Page God realization would clear this up for you pretty fast.
  7. @VeganAwake there was no understanding involved. Just pure Being.
  8. Yes it is all One in the end. God is typing these words through your hand. As for duality, yes it is an illusion but without illusion you wouldn't be able to type these words right now - you would be in a state of pure Formlessness ❤ isness or Being so to speak.
  9. @VeganAwake well said. That is correct. Once you have awoken you are able to easily transcend your ego because you are just way too conscious for the ego to trick you anymore. It allows you to flush out any psychological defilements that the ego is trying to delude you with. They are seen as illusions so the gig is up so to speak. If you choose to remain in the illusion than really you are not living up to your true potential as God. Even physical pain can be transcended because you are aware that this form is not your true nature. I know all of this sounds hard to fathom - that awakening can be the end of suffering - but it can. The key is that if you are 22 years old and haven't had a ton of life experience and just wanna engage in shallow selfish stuff - you probably have a very low chance of awakening in the first place. Enlightenment / Truth is about selflessness and honesty. After many awakenings to many different facets of the Absolute you are then able to stabilize, integrate and embody Truth in your everyday life and find the inner peace you have always sought. You always sought it out there somewhere - but all the time it was within you.
  10. Be careful not to give yourself limitation in this work. Stay open to anything and do not cling tightly to your identity. Self inquiry is exactly what led to my first mystical experience and opened the flood gates.
  11. @Alex bliss. The only way you are gonna get these answers is if you start doing the work for yourself 🙏👍
  12. @pregnantplatypuss haha...collapse the "I" and then nothing shall be revealed