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  1. @DecemberFlower I see ¿What techniques and books do you recomend that point to this facet of awakening?
  2. @SQAAD No i haven't experience anything than consciousness, ¿Can you deepen in your explanation about oneness? How can i get to realize oneness? What techniques and books do you recomend that point to this facet of awakening?
  3. @Leo Gura What is intimacy?
  4. Check this out if you want to study the conservative mentality: They even have a page on infinity: Note: I'm not a conservative
  5. In fact, maybe you can solve part of this problem sitting in your couch. I recommend this therapy for social anxiety called "positive aggressiveness therapy" invented by Chilean psychologist Roberto Neumann, who has contemplated and studied social anxiety his entire life, he's a social phobic himself. No research has been done validating the effectiveness of the therapy, but Roberto has gathered several testimonies from his patients who have put the exercises into practice and have achieved good results. I am trying some exercises and I plan to do a post in a while communicating the results. Most of the videos on Roberto's channel are not subtitled, but you can use automatic subtitling. I attach a series of videos with English subtitles in which the psychologist explains positive aggressiveness therapy, I hope it helps you.
  6. @Leo Gura What do you think are the reasons why 5-meo-dmt has not been banned or criminalized in Canada?
  7. Amazing documentary about who discovered this substance (Ken Nelson).
  8. Hello folks! I finally decided to join the forum/cult. I've been watching for 5 years approx., first as a method for procastinating and now i'm getting serious on the practical stuff (studying, reading, strategy and health habits). I stopped watching the videos because i felt that i needed to concentrate on aplying the teachings that i gather. I'm not meditating, contemplating, self-inquirying or using psychedelics yet, but planning to do so in the future. My question is ¿is "doing" love, the same as "being" it throught realization? That is to say, ¿can you focus on the practical side of sharing love and loving yourself and then doing the consciousness work? I hope that my words are understandable, i'm latino.