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  1. @Leo Gura Are you familiar with Andrew Gallimore an his Alien Information Theory? Maybe you could be interest it in looking it. Here is an extract of the technology that Andrew Gallimore and Rick Strassman want to create:
  2. @Leo Gura Apart from your deep desire to understand reality at his core ¿would you consider that one variable that explains the fact that you are more awake than anyone has to do with the amount of 5meo you have consumed? You have said that you have consumed several grams in a day, I bet no one in this fucking planet has tripped on 5meo more than you.
  3. @Bobby_2021
  4. Alien Love and Hyperintelligence New insights about the nature of God
  5. @Leo Gura have you try weed edibles? Weed have a gross taste, but eating it is like 100 times more potent
  6. Try with this one.
  7. Dark mode. Appearing more in podcasts. Sharing some of your 5-meo-malt with members of this forum.
  8. @Leo Gura Have you ever tried IV dripping psychedelics?
  9. Have you had the experience of being constantly high on 5meo by intravenous drip? How much DMT would it take to make it work? What would do to a human to be constantly high on pure 5meo for long periods?
  10. @Leo Gura What you mean by Alien? How come this Alien Hyperconsciousness is more profound than God-realization?
  11. @Osaid @Leo Gura How could i understand Oneness or Infinity then?
  12. Im very bad in mathematics. This is an insecurity that hold me back from questioning reality more.