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  1. Nice
  2. @Leo Gura I'm anxious when will have the course. Also, how is being the progress of constructing this course and your uncoming book.
  3. That's hard to grap, i think that i equate the concept "learning" with "being conscious of". Maybe alien babies are incubated with 5-meo IV dripping and are capable of such thing ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- @Leo Gura ¿Have you experience the infinite inverse of awakening? You said in one of your post that you've experience inverse consciousness ¿is that the same? ¿how is that? tell us more.
  4. Also If everything is imaginary that means that everything that you've learn about God and psychedelics is part of the dream, so why this part of the dream would be more conscious?
  5. But if in your God-Realizations with 5-MeO you are able to understand that everything is imaginary, even death, the physical world and being a human ¿What prevents you to reach full God mode? I know i'm being brute but I want to understand.
  6. Nice! If in god mode it is possible to imagine whatever you want, ¿Can you imagine all states of consciousness at once?
  7. @Leo Gura Just put out the course already. You're hardly having a fruitful conversation with your mods about awakening, not even consider with followers of your work interested in going hardcore like you. We will follow the crumbs to the understanding of metaphysical love, alien consciousness and god.
  8. What do you think of the corpses of unknown origin showed by Mexico?
  9. @integral Why?? My language is very soft. I hope his mother never come across people like Andrew Tate or he'd be crying like a bitch.
  10. @charlie cho I don't understand why people like you dickride Andrew Tate so hard. You have his dick and balls up your fucking throat.
  11. You can boost that by farting in the shower, is like smelling a fart in high resolution
  13. @Schizophonia Honestly if i could access 5-MeO i would not miss my time extracting N,n, DMT, but where I live i haven't found any source and you can get in trouble very easily buying from the dark net.
  14. @Schizophonia For what i've read the spiritveghead tek is the most recomended. Use lab grade solvents like heptane (instead of industrial solventes like naptha), do evaporation test, water wash and consume it orally with harmalas to not hurt your lungs. Also you need to consider security protocols for the extraction to not make your house explode and kill yourself and your family.
  15. Please dont this to me xdd I'm waiting like a junkie that course