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  1. Is necessary to go through infinite hell and infinite insanity to reach absolute truth A.K.A infinite love or God-realization? Specially taking psychedelics I see how my mind would deviate to this dark places.
  2. From a male perspective ¿Would it be beneficial to be friends with a woman to train your social skills with girls? Or it get's too tricky, especially if it's a hot girl?
  3. I see this words pointing to the same thing in my contemplations ¿What do you think?
  4. @Vincent S That's interesting. I asked because I'm skeptical that you can achieve a state of consciousness in wich body sensation and perception dissapear.
  5. I keep hearing this word in Leo's videos. I believe it refers to a experience in wich internal dialogue, imagery, memories, self and body sensations dissapear. In that case ¿has anyone on this forum have had this experience?
  6. I would throw my grandma to a woodchipper for this course
  7. @unborn_chicken I used to be a heavy smoker. This is what made me quit: - Money - Cognitive impairtment: poor concentration and memory lost - Psychological problems: enhanced social anxiety and paranoia - Wasted time getting the weed that I can invest in my personal development - Stress when I can't get the weed or wait to get it - Codependence with other potheads I would follow the tip of upgrating to psychedelic. You could invest your energy on constructing a healthy relationship with weed, but i think is not worth it if you are interested in the spiritual development that provide the herb, there're more powerful substances.
  8. I love the mystery of life. Reality is shocking. Sometimes I stop and think "¿What the fuck is going on?" Then I keep with my survival agenda.
  9. @Maru have happen to me too, when i don't drink water while tripping. Try hidratating during the trip
  10. @cetus It's all imaginary then? I used the word "logic" in a very informal way, i can barely read. @Virgo Why is not the source part of the dream?
  11. ¿Can we apply the same logic to god-realization and other mystical experiences?
  12. @DecemberFlower I see ¿What techniques and books do you recomend that point to this facet of awakening?
  13. @SQAAD No i haven't experience anything than consciousness, ¿Can you deepen in your explanation about oneness? How can i get to realize oneness? What techniques and books do you recomend that point to this facet of awakening?