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  1. That's similar to the teaching from Hermeticism that says: "That which is above is the same as that which is below" Or "As above, so below"
  2. Spirituality can become a mental health problem if you don't understand well spirituality. I say this cause I know now. My psicosis and depression was there because I thought I was the thinker of thoughts. Once I knew I'm not my thoughts, Boom!!! No more depression, anxiety or psicosis can affect awareness.
  3. Thanks for sharing that. So powerful. I'm in a level know that I doubt a lot about talking of spirituality, and most of the time I feel is better not sharing and continuing acting as a person. Lol... Thanks again!
  4. I would stay focus on one thing. I think that if you let them roam around, that would be like doing something, right? IMO
  5. I'm curious about Salvia
  6. You can read his ideas about UBI here: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/87aa2z/iama_andrew_yang_candidate_for_president_of_the/
  7. You are not losing your mind, because your mind is not "yours". Meditation what it is supposed to do is to make you see that thoughts, mind, etc... are not you. That you are bigger than that. Observe an object. Think about it, you will notice thoughts that say "I like it, I don't like it, is blue, is boring, is yellow, it's nice... etc" All those are concepts created by the mind. Look at the object again, this time try to not pay attention to your thoughts. Observe the object as it is. Look at its texture, don't think is good or bad, or if you like it or not. Just observe it, touch it, feel if it is soft or rough... That which observes without judging (this is good or bad) is awareness... Did you notice that at some point?
  8. The devil is just a name. In Christianity people realized that we were not seeing reality the way it is and they say that it was the devil, that God gave the world to the devil... that works, because we really create our personality from the world. The ego (what we are not) is created by our environment, the world. So, everything that comes from the world is a sin and devil. Buddhism called it Maya... etc... Basically what they call 'devil' is what doesn't allow us to see reality the way it is, so we don't really know what we really are. We believe that we are a body, who was born in a world, etc...
  9. @BjarkeT It's Ok... no problem. I understand.