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  1. @DrewNows @Galyna We'll do it tomorrow. We have to think about a name, the nameless thread, or the thread with no purpose... the only problem is if that kind of thread is against the forum guidelines. Conversational thread? Lol I can find out with a moderator!
  2. @Galyna @DrewNows A thread about astrology
  3. Lol... we need a thread to talk about whatever hehehe... Maybe a non existent thread or something like that. The nothingness thread... where topics change all the time. Maybe @DrewNows agrees about that...
  4. Really???? He didn't change? Let me laugh a little bit
  5. I agree. Let's go back to shooting ourselves in the head to become awakened Lol
  6. Probably that was my problem too! Right now is getting interesting. Im reading page 247, he talks about how we create feelings. I never thought about that... I am investigating that because "my" feelings are getting out of control Lol...
  7. That's a great analogy. I love it. Very true... Awesome. I began reading it long time ago and I stopped, I didn't want to reading it. Now I began to read it again and I am finding new things and more interest in what he says... Not sure why I stopped reading it in the first time. It's so eye opening... I think I wasn't ready to read it before... I hope I am now.
  8. True. The big problem here is the ego or the idea of someone separated from reality. When that "disappears" there's no right or wrong.
  9. Peter Ralston book, "The Book of Not Knowing" is pretty good to unveil those thoughts, ideas and concepts. I am reading it, very eye opening.
  10. Probably this dogma and ideology is what has helped you to be in the actual level of spirituality. Of course there's dogma, because all we say is dogma. Even to consider the idea that killing yourself will free you is also dogma. Even when someone has an enlightening experience, when he tries to explain it, it becomes dogma for us. Because we will never be able to experience the same thing as him. But, it's your choice if you don't want to listen to those sages and enlightened masters.