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  1. But that's closer to truth for a guy with a "scientific mindset".... hehehe... I think it can be a good pointer anyway to those who have strong materialistic beliefs. And I also think is an advance to what science believed before, like when they knew the earth wasn't the center of the universe What do you think Leo?
  2. I was talking today about that with a friend, I read it long time ago in the tao te ching, and somehow I always remember that.
  3. I work in New York and I really agree with @Anna1 that probably police doesn't know how to deal with people with mental problems. Some years ago a mentally ill person was killed by the police because he had a knife in his hand and wave it at the police, I know that's not good but I think they could have taken the knife without the need of killing him, but... who knows. The other one was another guy with mental problems, he was walking naked on top of a business Awning, it seems his home was in a building on top of that business, and he left his room from a window and he was there walking naked on top of that awning. So the police used an electric gun, who shocked him and made him fall from the first floor to the street to his death. Not good... I found a youtube video with the news...
  4. That's why I talk in metaphors. Me and the father are one. 😌
  5. True, egos need "excitement" and silly things hehehe... but, we all passed for that , I am sure that if you tell them that story at some points it will help them to raise their consciousness. :-)
  6. @Shweta @SoonHei Really nice stories! I liked both. Thanks!
  7. democracy now! https://www.democracynow.org/
  8. But that's what keep the two parties in power. At some point Americans will have to begin to vote alternatives and create a third party, IMO.
  9. Who are you going to exorcise?
  10. Where did you write it? And did you delete it finally?
  11. You mean object in the sense of objectify? Making it a "thing" ?