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  1. I forgot to mention, my reality checks are to check how many finger do I have. Looking at my hands from time to time. I ask myself if I am dreaming and I take a look to anything weird in the environment. I try to look for signs and see if I can read what it is written on them... Not more than that, I will check other methods too.
  2. Ok, I got you... I will begin a dream journal. I knew I have to do it, but for laziness (probably) I didn't do it. I will put a notebook on my nightstand so first thing in the morning I'll do is to take notes about what I remember of my dream. I knew also about those techniques, I am doing reality checks but also not as often as I should. I will try to make reality checks every hour during the day. I let you know what happens!!! Thanks!!! @Shin This is the only Jason I know:
  3. Nopes... Yes I think it will help me to become awake in "real" life. I also read about the toltecs and how they did lucid dream to create better dreams in reality and I am interested in that too... I will try to be all day focused on lucid dream...
  4. Isn't reality a dream too? No one is dreaming in reality. You just become conscious that you are in a dream... and then you realize that life is just a dream too! BAM! You are enlightened!
  5. Ok, thanks! I will wait for you to tag me.... you are the boss hehehe...
  6. I don't eat meat... I eat hamburgers.
  7. There's no toaster.... you are the toaster
  8. Aaaah.... that's different. You should have said that from the beginning hehehe....
  9. @Shunyata I think before that is too early hehehe... this is not a matter of agreement or disagreement. It will happen when it will happen. But I don't think anything is going to happen. Because whatever happens is going to be the way things are. If we disappear from the universe, another being will be there, maybe more intelligent than us, who knows??? Are you thinking in an end of times like in the Biblical sense? I don't think that is going to happen... It will happen, but everything in the Bible is a parable, an image of what will happen... but I am not sure if you are referring or thinking in something like that.
  10. It was supposed to happen in 2012 but nothing happened.
  11. Thanks Nahm!!! That was the response I was looking for. I understand it now! Many thanks!