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  1. I found out the other day that they released a part 2
  2. Tranquil
  3. @Nahm @LfcCharlie4 @electroBeam Just curious, would you guys recommend to not follow a meditation guide, like 'The Mind Illuminated', which is quite planned and is based on a 10-stage system (as a way for figuring out where you're at in terms of meditative skill). @Nahm I'm sensing that conscious stomach breathing 24/7, and combining that with letting go in the daily sits is the way to go, more of an intuitive style
  4. Hahaha, nah seriously me and my brother saw a craft that had absolutely no propulsion system, it was pretty much magically fizzing through space. Before the craft came, there were a few bright flashes in the sky from the direction the craft appeared, felt like warning lights. The crazy part is though, before all this, I was going through some weird schizophrenic state (lasted a few weeks or so) and about 20 minutes before me and my brother saw the craft, I told asked him if he wanted to see a UFO, we went out to the backyard and both sat in a particular direction, and that was the precise direction that the UFO presented itself to us from, fkn crazy. It literally felt like the UFO wanted to show itself to us. I am aware that this sounds too good to be true and crazy as fuck.
  5. Its not if Leo, they are.
  6. They aren't, my brother and I witnessed one first hand, in Australia.