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  1. Enjoy man, it feels good wearing shoes that actually fit the shape of your foot. Also, my arch seems to have gotten significantly higher since transitioning to mostly wearing barefoot shoes. I wear Vivobarefoot at work and I walk on average over 10km a day (according to my phone), without many issues. Although I have put in the innersoles as I find it more comfortable. I would recommend to start slow, your feet will probably be a little sore in the begining until all of the foot muscles etc. strengthen up.
  2. There's definitely technological possibilities that humans tapped into. For example: Element 115 that was used to power the crafts that Bob Lazar was working with. Burning fossil fuels can not sustain humanity forever anyway so they must be replaced by something that will be far more efficient and far less destructive. I still have to listen to that whole podcast though.
  3. What's next? An infinity of Alien Gods? Then what?
  4. @B222 I definitely agree. It'd be fkn crazy if there was only life on Earth. Now my only question is: why are intelligent life-forms visiting Earth, if only I could know. ? Ufo's are becoming more mainstream and I think that more people are starting to accept that they exist.
  5. Before it appeared there were two bright flashes in the sky, similar to lightning but without the bolt. The craft then flew into our visual fields and then disappeared over some trees in the distance, we only saw it for about 5-10 seconds. It was never stationary. I'd say it was about 40 metres. Hard to tell for sure though. It was a clear night from memory (this was about 2 years ago). I can't recall exactly what we were talking about over the next days/weeks. But it definitely changes your world view when you experience something like that. Like for example, if someone on the internet just explained that they've witnessed a ufo and I hadn't have seen one, I would probably find it very hard to believe them.
  6. @OBEler Classic ufo disc shaped craft, its hard to say how big it was but at least 10m in diameter. It had white lights evenly spaced around the perimeter. It seemed to have no propulsion system. It was making a sound but far far more quiet than a drone for example. Like, if you weren't looking at it, you probably wouldn't even look to see what the sound is. Sort of sounded like a big bat flying. It's not really about the craft though, its more shocking that there are actually intelligent life forms that are obviously far more advanced than us, that are coming to Earth, to interact with humans. Sorry, I realised that I didn't really address your OP.
  7. I've experienced a UFO that felt deeply intimate after a period of "mental instability". I was sort of drawn into being extremely interested in aliens and contact. This was after taking no Psychedelics for probably at least 2 months. It almost feels like it was supposed to happen, like, on the night of seeing the ufo, about half an hour before seeing the ufo I out of the blue asked my brother if he wanted to go outside to see one. To this day I have no idea what made me say that although I guess part of me knew that we were going to see one. We go and sit in our backyard at night and after about 20 minutes a craft appears in the exact direction we were facing. It felt extremely intimate. I'm not sure why or how we saw one or the implications for the future but I'm definitely excited to see how it unfolds.
  8. @The0Self Inspiring stuff man ?
  9. Wow, amazing post man! I would say, speak your mind on here, a lot of people on the forum would benefit from hearing your perspectives, even if Leo is close minded to them. I'm a newbie on the "manual" path still and it's great to be able to have people on the forum who have fully committed to a more grounded path to balance the massive bias towards psychedelics here. (I do love psychedelics though haha).
  10. A powerful tool would be to attend a meditation retreat. I did one recently and my cravings for weed spontaneously dropped after the retreat.
  11. @Raptorsin7 Sounds awesome man! I definitely noticed as well, nothings gonna compare to the environment of a retreat. You're basically a full on monk for those 10 days, I have found it much harder to meditate when its just me at home, surrounded by distractions. Like, without my phone on the retreat, I did not care at all, but once I'm at home and I have the capacity to use my phone, I just use it. Honestly feels like the addiction is on the same level as a crack addict. Are you planning on doing another Goenka retreat?
  12. @trenton No sorry, I've seen a UFO.