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  1. Did a 1 hour float, came out and was in a state of mindfulness that was way more powerful than I was expecting. Also felt extremely refreshed. I would say it's the closest I've gotten to experiencing psychedelic awareness while sober. Highly recommend.
  2. I am a complete newbie, so I only know a few notes but I enjoy playing around on the guitar. 😎
  3. @4201 A 2 week break is where it's at. 😁
  4. I'm not sure this is true, I'm pretty sure after a week you would need a dose that is ~25% more than the initial dose to get similar effects. Although you cannot be certain and it is probably best just to wait at least 2 weeks and fully reset your tolerance.
  5. I had an explosive poo yesterday, sorry bout that.
  6. I think life is a precious gift. I think you can make it as serious or as carefree as you want.
  7. Occasionally I use a VPN to access the site if I'm having trouble loading in on regular ISP.
  8. Point to the line of separation between the two.
  9. +1 on taking psychedelics patiently and methodically. I have been stupid in the past and taken a silly dose of mushrooms. It felt like all of the dimensions in existence were about to merge. Take it slow and steady.