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  1. @trenton No sorry, I've seen a UFO.
  2. @Blackhawk I've seen one man, they have been here.
  3. UFO'S are real, I have directly experienced one. Classic UFO disc shape, with no signs of any propulsion system. Went outside with the intention to see one with my brother, it flew directly in the direction we were facing in our backyard. It felt extremely intimate.
  4. @gettoefl 👊 Next retreat I might start pissing myself as soon as the chant starts haha
  5. @DrugsBunny The water at this particular centre all came from tanks, but I'd say that there would be enough water to easily last. It'd be a bit of a disaster if they ran out mid retreat haha. There were 3 showers for the males (24 males), I never had to wait for one. Depends on how often you need to brush your teeth. There are 3 group sits per day that go for an hour and you aren't supposed to leave the meditation hall until after the sit. It's not like a prison though, I'm sure they would be able to accommodate.
  6. Nice report man. I just completed my first 10 day course, I agree that it's one the best experiences of my life. Day 10 is such a lovely day, it's amazing that even though you don't talk to the other meditators the whole time, once you do, there is such a genuine feeling of closeness to them. How have you been feeling after the course?
  7. @Shane Hanlon One of the best experiences of my life, can't put the whole experience into words, it is truly a blessing. No grand awakening, satori or anything but I can feel that these 10 days have been some of the most important in my life without a doubt. Anicca ❤
  8. @Vynce interesting, thanks man! @Space wow, appreciate the detail! Thanks for all the advice @Salvijus thank you 🙏 @axiom awesome stuff, youve gotten me more excited now! I'll be on the road in about 5 hours @Johnny Galt definitely keen to walk around
  9. @Brandon Nankivell Thanks man. How did you go? How was the second one compared to the first? @Johnny Galt Something I'm a master at
  10. Hey guys, I will be attending a 10 day Vipassana meditation retreat in about a week. This is the first meditation retreat that I will be attending. I was just wondering if you guys have any tips for the retreat or any reports on any retreats that you've attended. I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little bit intimidated and nervous but also excited and interested. Thanks
  11. Just thought I'd send in a message my Mum sent me about her mushroom trip yesterday, just a message of Connection and Love. ? From Mum after I asked her how the trip went: She has little 'non-dual conceptual knowledge'. Her message: It was good! ? Harmony & peace. Universe is a beautifully tuned orchestra. Every instrument working together in perfect sync to create universal love connection with absolutely everything, limitless ?