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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA IM SORRY. I truly love male breasts. A specific type of pump breasts. ↙♥️
  2. @Florian So big of breasts. Lots of fat. I Love them.???
  3. Yeah I like their face as well. The turning point of the structure is really delicate. I especially love the tip of their nose and the mouth shape.
  4. I feel the same lion. He was like a father figure to me. The vision of how humanity can possibly love is what Leo provided to me. I feel regret being on the forum to see such things. It really breaks my heart and mades me weep.
  5. MMmmmmmm..... I love beautiful people and animals. My appreciation depends on their existence. Especially those unique ones. If snakes, eagles, and JG don't exist. I can not acknowledge the feeling as now I'm looking at them. It makes me care about how they are. I will never don't want connections.
  6. 【Other people‘s subjective reality】that you perceive. To be respectful and willing to communicate to Understand. Are identical with anything that you believe in and keep trying to learn, right now. When you use the signifier “You” it only works if you are assuming things. Same as reading symbols and imagining their meanings. Other’s subjective reality relative to yours is the same imaginary concept but different boundaries. There is an extremely beautiful, colourful world in other people’s perceptions that‘s relative to yours. Thinking and completely ignoring this in communications are Equal to “killing other people”, For you, their perception really doesn’t exist. They have become complete object that is no different than a table or a rock. Imagine if the world you are feeling right now doesn’t exist for other people, they are blind and don’t CARE to understand you - They never can see you. It feels like your entire existence is denied. It is very easy to hurt people and perform arrogantly when you believe in this mindset.
  7. Users keep ranting and reviling at people. They will be banned immediately. When the only rule maker keeps doing so. No mod will moderate it. People can keep communicating or just “speak” with peace and politeness, mind their own business, the show keeps running as normal. The structure is already corrupted.
  8. I draw on Macbook with Cintiq ヘ|・∀・|ノ*~●✨??
  9. Through reading these words, a wave of tender warmth rose up my back. God...... ..........no wonder you keep going through this.
  10. @StarStruck ???Thank you. I use photoshop X Cintiq 13HD, and love aquiline nose long face slender body evil dark scarlet emotional looking men.
  12. @puporing Hi Lady, through reading your posts, you gave me a steady, clean, neutral and caring feeling. I feel you are a reliable people. I like you????|●´∀`|σ♥️????✨ @StarStruck Thank you sir_(:з」∠)_????✨
  13. Ooooo0h,I feel now. Depressed nihilism is actually valuing something ideal in their mind, unconsciously. And rejects all the reality that seems can not fulfill them/ didn't give them enough love.
  14. @Israfil I appreciate your translation, and the sharing of this song. The light melody taps in. Through reading the translated lyric, I can see the illuminating scene, the vision that is moving and floating in front of me............... These greetings from the lyric are so sincere. So much illuminating in my chest. The hope that ignites. It makes me cry. I feel the waiting and enthusiasm at the end of the song. Really authentic song.