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  1. Okay, now I find out it's not for free. I've searched for some free Dictionaries. 🌟Lexico https://www.lexico.com • 最完整,最佳推荐。(与剑桥词典内容趋同) 🌟Longman https://www.ldoceonline.com • 特色:语法案例——与超多案例/造句/解释—便理解和真实使用掌握。可查日常俗语 • *展示书写、口语使用频率示意 🌟Google Search 「要查找的词汇」+Meaning 可跳出原需付费的剑桥词典浏览板 🌟Google Translate_快速 Collins https://www.collinsdictionary.com • 相对完整,案例多。 • 内容并非很有调理 Macmillan https://www.macmillandictionary.com • 细节案例 Dictionary.com https://www.dictionary.com • 非正规词典,由收集各处词典来源构成。解释分散、繁多非体系。 • 供拓展,参考可能性 WordReference https://www.wordreference.com • 非正规词典,由收集各处词典来源构成。解释分散、繁多非体系。 • 供拓展,参考可能性
  2. Trying to build a deeper understanding of the English language. I find Oxford Dictionary that appears in Google search results are extremely helpful. But I find their official website is no way to access the dictionary. I search online and see people just directly access the dictionary on their main website. But when I go to the website the plan is different. and no way to accessing the search button. Why did this happen? Does anyone use this dictionary too?
  3. @Osaid @peqkno I feel the understanding is some 「」experience like god and consciousness. Cannot be locked by words. It’s a feeling/ spirit/ soul/ like these flowing sparkling spirit like experience. We can’t imagine a thing if we never experienced it. what do u guys feel?
  4. Create "Connections"? Is understanding is connections?
  5. What is understanding? Create meanings seems not enough, dose "Conscious" is "understanding"? But what if I be conscious of some existence but can't fully interpret them by meanings, it usually means don't understand. But no amount of explanation and logic can prove that you really understand something either. What is the relationship between understanding, meaning, consciousness and the truth?