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  1. It's a paradox of this work that as newbies, we listen to more advanced and awoke practitioners who describe what's in their direct experience, and as we haven't experienced it for ourselves yet, tend to build up a belief system around it. This can then create a layer of expectations on top of our own awareness of the present moment. There's nothing wrong with this as such, having faith in the process is necessary IMO to keep us motivated. But it's also important to sometimes let go of all beliefs and thoughts and just "knowing myself as the experience in the present moment" as you are already doing, to have that direct awareness for yourself. If your present awareness is limited and not yet the full absolute truth which you want, then note that gap between what you want and what you've got, compassionately, without resistance. Otherwise it can be another source of suffering, not getting what you want. Patience, acceptance, gratitude for what we already have is the way. That creates the fertile ground for mystical insights (so I keep telling myself LOL).
  2. @Buba I feel for you, 14 years is such a long time to be in pain. To suppress a part of yourself and have an inner conflict about it. I'm glad to know you're getting therapy for this, and that it seems to be helping. I remember Leo talking about expressing the repressed part of ourselves in his videos - it might be the mini-series on 'How Fear Works', perhaps someone here knows. If you have inner gay feelings try to acknowledge, accept and love them, as a valid part of yourself, even if you don't go and actually have a gay relationship. It could be you are bisexual and capable of loving both men and women, but your social conditioning has caused this inner conflict. If you are bi you can still have the life of your dreams, perhaps with a woman, once you have been through the transformation of self acceptance and self love. Although I live in a country that's fairly tolerant of LGBT, not all places are, so that could be an issue too. I don't know about actual life after death, reincarnation, heaven & hell etc. I rationalise these stories as states of mind in this life, in the present moment. For example, realising that the sense of self, I, is reborn moment by moment from the energies of the mind.
  3. @Buba bro, it sounds like you're in a bad place, are you asking this because you're feeling suicidal? If you are, please seek professional help urgently rather than expecting reincarnation to solve your problems. We need to start from where we're at, and make gradual steps in real life to find happiness, instead of thinking the grass is greener somewhere else.
  4. @AwakenedSoul444 No worries I understand. There's something about internet forums which lets us get carried away a bit, not only this forum. Actually I often edit my posts when I read them over again later and think, why did I write that, I should be kinder, less certain, more inquiring. Good we can keep it friendly, I really don't want to add to anyone's stress. Peace to us all.
  5. @AwakenedSoul444 Thanks for your honest replies. Your persistence has encouraged me to reflect on my views, and I think this conversation has revealed one of my biases, that there should be a hard binary distinction between scientific and non-scientific knowledge like intuition, traditional, alternative etc. This is probably because of my education in hard sciences like physics and chemistry. Knowledge is actually more shades of grey, eg psychological conditions like anxiety, OCD, depression aren't determined with a blood test or brain scan, but by how you feel. I'm pleased you're feeling better with the OCD, best wishes that it heals long term. And thanks for nudging me to look at my own bias. I still think there's useful, relative distinctions, and that scientific treatments have their uses, I was helped out of depression with tablets in the past. Let's just agree to differ on that. This whole area is varies so much between individuals, there are lots of successes and failures with meds and psychotherapy.
  6. Yes it's a long road, even though we know the truth is already here. Yet we still need to walk the path to find it. I have drifted away over the years but always been drawn back to the spiritual path by an inner intuition. Second thoughts, third, fourth, fifth thoughts are all just fine you can keep questioning and reviewing where you're at and keep it fresh.
  7. I ain't knocking avatar activation, I just intended to make a distinction between scientific and alternative therapies, not a criticism or argument. It's ok, we have a thriving alternative medicine scene in my country too which I respect, I use herbal remedies which aren't scientific myself. I don't care how it's labelled if the labels are true. Sorry if this chat has upset you, this shouldn't be an argument. I'm pleased you and your friend are getting help from this treatment beyond what the conventional doctors can provide.
  8. There's a coincidence that I was also thinking this exact same question this afternoon I had a thought that we learn language and ideas as we grow up so therefore thoughts spring up from our memory somehow, there's a process going on stringing together ideas already held in memory. I remembered that J Krishnamurti used to teach something similar (another memory from reading his books!) and then I also spent some time simply observing the now without thought. I felt perhaps I could see what Krishnamurti was getting at, there was a vivid contrast between thinking conceptually from my memory banks and just being in the here and now, free from the past. What this process is, which picks up bits of memory and strings them together into a new thought stream is a bit mysterious though. Maybe the 'executive function' (part of the brain).
  9. Scientific evidence of a treatment working or not, needs things like a large sample size, double blind experiments (where possible), peer reviewed journals, independent verification. The avatar activation treatment may have cured you and other people, what we have is some individual testimonials from a self-selected sample, which all look to be positive 5* reviews. Just a few negative reviews would give it a bit more credibility for me, as very few treatments have 100% success rate. Anyway, this isn't a criticism, just to say that it looks more like an alternative treatment than a scientific one. @AwakenedSoul444 You say it's helped you, that's brilliant I'm happy to believe you if you think it's worth the money. I just don't expect to see it on the National Health anytime soon .
  10. The need for meaning and purpose in my own experience is about avoiding depression, hopelessness, pointlessness. Absurdity also if that's your issue, but I don't see it being egotist to prevent this suffering. I suggest starting with relative meaning, things like career and love life before working on more absolute things like Love (capital L) and Spirituality. There's a quote from Freud that's something like the search for common happiness is through sorting out your work and love life. Creating meaning needs we to be in touch with our deep self, the foundational values at our core, our authentic personality. Do we create those or discover them? More likely discover them I'd say, at least if we're an adult. What we create is the lifestyle to harmonise with that core self so we are living a wholesome and unconflicted life.
  11. @CreamCat ah yes that makes sense, in the current system politicians need a lot of cash to get elected so end up owing a lot of favours in return. I think Leo suggests in his politics videos, state funding of political parties & election campaigns to reduce this problem, which sounds a good step.
  12. I don't get it, are you saying the Russians are pulling the strings behind the Middle East conflicts and the US govt? Is anyone controlling Putin or is he the top dog? This sounds like a conspiracy theory, what's the evidence?
  13. The Canadians may well blame Trump, in the sense that consequences are not going to be predictable or controllable in such a volatile situation. They are innocent victims. Equally we don't know the consequences if Trump didn't assassinate Soleimani, who Trump claims was plotting more attacks on Americans. It could turn out to be a strategic blunder, or not, who knows what the new general will do to prove himself. "in a place where we really don't have any business being in the first place anyways. " This is making me think too. The US is supposed to be supporting the Iraqis against terrorists until they can fend for themselves. Presumably that's why the Iranians are there too. What's the alternative to foreign assistance, to avoid being overrun by Isis, Taliban etc, like Syria & Afghanistan?
  14. @Meetjoeblack WW5 by my count! WW3 = The cold war, 1945-89 but arguably still going on. WW4 = War on drugs, 1971 - present. WW4 = War on terror, 2001 - present (this Middle East crisis is already part of a world war, in that case). Yes, let's all pray (or meditate etc) for peace _/|\_
  15. I don't understand why feminism gets blamed for the issue of child custody in divorce anyway. It's patriarchy which traditionally says women's place is at home looking after the kids. The feminism I know about says it should be equal decision making on roles, not fixed roles depending on your gender.