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  1. Hi, I can't find the blog post video (it may help if you can direct me to it), but at a guess I'd suggest you try a bit more support under the cushion to lift you up a couple of inches or so. I was taught when sitting cross legged to keep my hips higher up than my knees to create a tripod effect with both knees on the floor. How long do you want to sit for? 30 mins sitting still is good, why not give yourself a break and move posture so you can continue and keep comfortable for the rest of the session?
  2. Hi, what does S.A.E. stand for? Also what was it like when you 'woke up sort of speak'? I'm so happy for you but curious why you waited a year to share this with us. Have you been integrating it into your life perhaps?
  3. mon 1jun20. Extract of one of my previous postings (15may20) copied here: "In my experience of race, nowadays it is always self-selected with surveys and the like, you choose which 'race' you belong to from a list of tick boxes. The attempt to find biological evidence of race was a feature of the eugenics movement of the 20th century which was suspect to begin with and degenerated completely with the Nazis. In theory, now you can belong to whichever racial group you choose, or none (as I do). I have made a decision recently to refrain from assuming anyone else's racial identity without the other person stating it for themselves. " Racial identity like all others I see to be relative, a product of circumstances, I want to start a campaign for a 'none' racial identity in the census. I especially take issue with the options put before me of white or black. There's a story about Peter Ustinov when asked about his colour at the border security (I think it was in South Africa). He said 'pink' which is not what they wanted - people should fit into one of the government pigeon holes not just make up their own category - even if it's much more accurate. I'm like that, there is no such thing as white or black skin, just varying shades of brown. Looking at it this way emphasises the relativity of skin colour (and by extension racial identity) and may help to bring us together; calling ourselves black or white is pushing us apart into opposites. What happens to mixed race people in that scenario? Barak Obama for instance is still sometimes described as 'black' when his father was 'black' and his mother 'white' so perhaps he could be called 'grey'. But I'll not do that, as I said earlier, race should be self-identified. This issue is once again a hot topic in the news over the death of a man from police restraint methods. I'm currently reading 'The Zen Doctrine of No Mind' by DT Suzuki. The historical quotes about Hui-neng and others take a little getting used to; I have read about and practiced Zen before, but it has a certain style which I need to tune into, rather like reading Shakespeare or something from a different time or culture. But DT Suzuki's commentary (published in 1949) is easier going for me as an essentially 20th century person. One key phrase which keeps recurring is 'seeing into your self-nature' as the essence of Zen. Isn't this comparable to self-inquiry? Although Zen is a relatively pure path, it is still quite conservative - eg preferring to cling to Japanese culture and traditional anecdotes from hundreds of years ago - nothing wrong with that if it's what you want, but I am English and don't see the need to put on a veneer of Japaneseness for the sake of spirituality. The tomatoes are progressing, I took these pics yesterday (day 71 or 10 weeks old). They've started flowering and side-shooting during May (they're outdoors), also we have strawberries ripening already which is a record in my memory.
  4. @Nak Khid helpful research, thanks for the explanations, I'd suspected there were different types of solipsism and this fleshes it out. Half the intellectual effort is defining things clearly.
  5. @Nak Khid "would Spira agree with this statement "everything is imaginary" ?" Do you? If so, then who is doing the imagining? An imaginary mind? I find statements about "everything" impossible to understand logically, because of the self-reference. But maybe that's your point
  6. I see a kind of trinity in this forum sometimes: the Absolute Truth, the relative truth, and a third, nameless mode which includes both others. It's hard to see it all, so people create images and myths such the Christian Trinity, to have something a bit easier to grasp. But believing in this is to miss the point.
  7. Out of interest, what are the similarities you can see? I don't have any agenda on this, but it just stood out as a strong statement in your post (most of which I agree with by the way).
  8. Hi @ZubPrem do you have a personal interest in this, do you follow either of these paths? If your interest is for historical truth, then remember that neither Jesus nor Mohammed wrote their own books, and we can't be certain of the mindsets of the actual authors. But if you're up for a bit of creative interpretation, how about this? These sayings can be seen as a little test of your state of consciousness. From the absolute pov, we are all one so the universe itself is the one begotten child of God. The absolute teaching is timeless and eternal. From the relative pov, we are separate so there's lots of arguments about who comes first & last etc. Teachings are contextual and timebound so need constant renewal.
  9. @BjarkeT thanks, patreon's a good way to support the community too. I was just wondering if anyone knows the YT business model, do the channel owners get a cut based on ads actually watched? I'm guessing that YT monitor when ads are watched vs skipped. That could be a 'free' way to provide a little extra support also. However, I understand that this may all be shrouded in commercial secrecy, companies don't always like to say where their money goes.
  10. The way I see it, the real power in North Korea (and other dictatorships) is with the military, and the personality cult of the great leader is a front promoted to encapsulate people's desire for leadership and national identity. Rather like a religion. It's hollow though, because if the great leader falls out with the generals and becomes isolated, his or her position can quickly become untenable. So the great leader needs to be either a hard military person to be able to stand up to the other generals, or a puppet manipulated by them.
  11. I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but it's my best guess. I normally watch's videos on youtube, which have adverts, mostly for self help & online business startup type things. They have an option to skip them, but if they're short I will leave them on - with volume on low - because I assume (rightly or wrongly) that actualized will benefit from a cut of the advertising income. However, youtube seems to think I'm a sucker for this type of thing because the adverts are getting longer - even up to 30 minutes sometimes! Is actualized getting any benefit from the ads which it would lose if I skip them? If it helps then I don't mind leaving them on in the background.
  12. @TDW1995 If that's the only thought you're having, you're doing much better than me, good job my thoughts are private Seriously though, while there is a good discussion to be had about awareness vs physical matter (the mind-body problem), but when meditating I just try to let go whenever I notice I'm taken off into thought. I also practice several methods to complement each other: this 'resting in Being' meditation benefits from some basic concentration practice too, it helps me with keeping focussed. I used to struggle too with the phrase 'aware of awareness', (it sounds like you have two types of awareness with one observing the other) until I read Diana Winston's book recently (The Little Book of Being) where she describes moving from being aware of objects (like individual chairs, tables, walls, trees, whatever) to having a single field of awareness without our cognition dividing it up. I don't really like the phrase 'aware of awareness' so avoid it myself but understand that other people like it.
  13. @TDW1995 I find it easier to let go of this narrative (essentially the subject-object duality) by meditating in darkness, when the idea of a body with awareness is replaced by a simple stream of phenomena which are self-aware: calling them sounds, feelings etc is already saying too much. But different techniques work for different folks.
  14. For a philosophical introduction to this subject, you could try the Wikipedia article on Idealism
  15. Any religion or philosophy which fragments humanity into us and them, creates conflict, violence and imperialism: this is devilry. True religion knows that these identities are relative and we are all one below the surface. So it doesn't matter which religion (or non-religion) you belong to.