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  1. Hahaha, damn, I turned into being that guy. That acts as a nice swift kick up the behind. Back to working on it. Thanks!
  2. Huh. Being interested in Truth and higher consciousness pursuits, how does one craft an effective online dating profile which authentically portrays themselves? Bearing in mind that most girls are likely attracted to strong survival skills over Truth pursuits. All in the context of seeking shorter-term relationships and fun.
  3. @Leo GuraGura True! Cool, thanks. I am seriously looking forward to going out again. Covid be over plz. Good luck with your search Mr Gura!
  4. @Leo Gura If you could've recruited potential girlfriends in person this year, what would've your approach been? How did you anticipate to find the calibre of girl you refer to? Cold-approach on the streets would likely result in the girls, on average, not being open-minded enough. I'm guessing visiting spiritual communities or yoga studios, or something of the like, but do let us in on your would-be strategy.
  5. Checking back in here for the first time in a while. Quite some changes have occurred in my life. Two weeks ago I ended my relationship. I woke up one afternoon with an imminent sense that I had been repressing certain parts of myself, namely self-expression, social development, and attraction skills. I intend to not make this too detailed of a post. So, I explained my feelings to her after a week of "checking to be sure". The parting of ways was exceedingly heart-wrenching. She oscillated between accepting the situation and begging for another chance. In her moments of acceptance, I felt the most sincere true love. We did not part on great terms. I can only imagine how destroyed she is, especially due to me having given her so much security and validation, in her mind. I truly hope she finds her feet, and manages to lead a fulfilling, conscious life. Personally, I feel relieved. For quite some time, I think part of me realised the fit-ness of the relationship was no longer adequate. I feel more free to pursue my own endeavours and become a very developed person. Furthermore, no doubt, the relationship had acted as a bandage to hide some of my fears from me. I will now need to face and overcome my fears regarding becoming a social, socially-assertive, "attractive" man. I certainly look forward to developing in these areas and with some pushing myself, I'll be up to the task. Now, I've completed 10 psychotherapy sessions. Still working on improving my base emotional deprivation schema, and the secondary ones. I'm seeing how much I dissociate from feeling in my body. All this and more is described as developmental trauma. It could be a long road to ego healing. A whole lot of work to do. As NARM seems to be the gold-standard therapy for developmental trauma, I'm tempted to cease treatment with my current psychotherapist and find a NARM facilitator in my area. I'm also still working at attempting to develop my LP. I have a Skype call with a counsellor who works with psilocybin in Amsterdam in two weeks. I'm certainly going to grill him on how I can work towards executing my vision. I'm aiming to develop a framework for the safe facilitation of Orange/Green individuals into spiritual / healing / God-consciousness states through the usage of psychedelics. I have developed some ideas for this, which I'll share here shortly.
  6. I've attended three psychotherapy sessions now. We're working on improving the "emotional deprivation" schema that I seem to possess. I found a YouTube video, which had the advise of the following for emotional deprivation schema. Track your feelings Describe your feelings Notice your needs Practice self-care List what makes you nurtured Accept help and support Set healthy boundaries So, that's what I'm set to do, beginning here today. I'm feeling angry and frustrated at my mother for unreasonably attempting to restrict my freedom. This feels like I'm hemmed in, too old to be living at home anymore, and in a sense deprived socially. I'm angry at my dad, and realising I have been for a while, at the fact that he wasn't more of a stronger figure for me to aspire to. It seems I've inherited some people pleasing traits from him. Why didn't he give me the space and love to become emotionally vulnerable and open up about my feelings, as a child? I'm sick of living in this god-damn house, and even this god-damn country. I'm sick of not having friends here who are not brainwashed by the local bullshit culture. This anger and frustration feels like a lashing out due to prolonged lack. I'm sick of not making good money. I'm sick of not being able to pursue my LP just yet. I'm sick of repressing my own needs. I'm sick of not expressing myself. I'm sick of feeling like I don't belong. I'm annoyed that there is even all this distraction, not allowing me to do serious spiritual work. I'm sick of holding myself back. I'm sick of being a prisoner to my own god-damned mind, full of shitty negative thoughts and shit patterns. I'm sick of feeling this deep emptiness inside. VENTING 101.
  7. I most certainly am going to pursue it. I can’t think of anything better I’d like to be doing. I’ve combed through some of the resources you’ve suggested. Really excellent stuff. I’m personally navigating some of my own trauma with a psychotherapist right now, and the Peter Levine recommendation is top notch.
  8. Awesome. Thank you!
  9. @Jude_ As a counsellor, do you reckon it is possible to predominantly work with individuals on the spiritual path? For example, to market yourself as a spiritual counsellor/coach. Activities performed with clients might be traditional talk therapy to work on “Cleaning Up” and leading the client to contemplate their existential assumptions to deconstruct the self as part of “Waking Up”?
  10. Same to you my friend!
  11. @Jude_ What a goldmine you’ve shared here 🤤 Invaluable perspectives of numerous items, too. I want to understand it all! I really look forward to getting further along the process of starting to practice as a therapist. It feels fitting and authentic alongside my spiritual path.
  12. In my own words; impact statement refers to the effect you wish your life purpose to have on the world. Zone of genius refers to your specific, personal nice strength - also suitably described as what you are uniquely good at, felt while in “flow”. They’re terms described by Leo in his LP course, which I would highly recommend.
  13. @Jude_ Thanks again for your input. It seems you really enjoy the combination of therapy styles. Do you think this occupation has lent you opportunities to further develop spiritually? What would you regard as ideal character strengths and personality types for the occupation? What courses have you studied? What courses might you recommend if one wishes to become an integrated counsellor?
  14. @Jude_ Thanks. I've started the new thread for follow-up, to make it its own thing.