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  1. @Leo Gura spitting fire. This is essentially my plan for LP.
  2. @remember Glimpsing and being are two different lines of development? Surely, they would both more accurately fall under the spiritual line? It seems, by referring to Stage Blue as a level of cognitive development, Leo is conflating the entire Stage Blue with Stage Blur cognition. Though, I assume he is not implying this conflation.
  3. @remember If I understand you correctly, you are affirming my question? I am merely looking to differentiate overall development and lines of development.
  4. @Leo Gura Though, isn’t one referring to an individual’s overall gravitational stage when the label Stage Blue is mentioned? Stage Blue cognitive line would be a more specific sub component?
  5. It's funny how my level of well-being can oscillate frequently. Now, I feel far more content and fulfilled than two days ago. I feel more free, more like I'm moving in the right direction, and making progress. My relationship is at what I could describe as an all-time high. Having a brutally honest conversation together helped things a lot. We talked for three hours on the phone, about our perceived problems, my sexual energy dysfunction, what was bothering us about the relationship, what the other person does that gets under our skin, what each of our career plans are, the vision for our future together, our communication issues. It was a remarkably true conversation. It felt like mdma without the mdma. Hearts were open! My reading is going great. "Materialism is Baloney" is a fascinating book. "The Religion of Tomorrow" is at times a slog, but not as bad as I've heard some describe. Synchronicities have increased quite substantially. I was close to engaging with my same-old devilry last night, to which I chose to make a symbolic sacrifice (demonstration of intent against it). This was a pivotal moment, in terms of me disengaging with my devilish ways. Hence, it was a psychically powerful moment. "Out of chance" certain things were occurring, with a certain book, a certain door, a certain iPad. Concentration practice is going very well. Nearly felt myself slip into samadhi the other day. Before, I got excited and slipped out of it as a result, of course. THOUGH, Kriya Yoga Pranayama is going quite shitty the past two days. I seem to have lost the ability to do the "shee" sound on the inhalation. I'm not sure if it's that my throat is dry, or something. So, I'm gonna keep my head down. Keep working away. Over n' out.
  6. Contemplating, researching, brainstorming more and more on my LP. My LP at a fundamental level pertains to understanding Truth, a synthesis of spirituality, reality, and psychology. I want to understand reality at higher and higher levels, ultimately in the eyes of God. Sculpting my understanding of Form and existing as the Witness. Mediums for this, I see, are a: MAPS / Compass Pathways psychedelic-assisted therapist A solo writer/investigator of Truth (author / blogger / vlogger etc.) A psychedelic retreat facilitator (e.g. Synthesis retreat / InwardBound, both using psilocybin in the Netherlands) Create my own consciousness retreat (psychedelic-assisted). I'd need to attain higher levels of mastery before commencing this. Academic physiological / psychological psychedelic research Psychotherapist - Transpersonal / Spiritual. Possibly specialising in individuals going through "spiritual emergencies". Clearly, many of these are oriented in the same direction. By becoming a psychotherapist, I will have basis for pursuing all options, bar possibly #5. And that sounds the most boring anyway! So, I'm continuing to research which psychology / psychotherapy qualification I will pursue. I reckon I'd make a nifty psychotherapist if I specialised in the areas of psychedelics and spiritual emergencies. Or assisting individuals through their "Cleaning Up" process, while moving towards "Waking Up". Clearly, my passion is for understanding, something I'd need to pursue in my own time. Assisting clients would merely be a vehicle for using my understanding to make a living. But hey, it sounds damn good to me. I'd get a real joy out of helping people (cough, cough, let me delay the "Other is imaginary" awakening for a long time lol). I love to speak passionately about my understandings. Let's do it! Now back to careful planning, strategising, researching, contacting people in the field, dreaming.
  7. @Aaron p Interesting. Are you working on a life purpose? Or you’re saying this is a seed for a life purpose?
  8. @Ar_Senses Nice post man! I would add 1. Understanding the integral approach. Seeing that all things have some degree of truth in them. This truth is found by putting the thing / information in its correct context. Furthermore, the truest perspective is one that integrates that all perspectives. 2. The concept of relativism. Understanding that all is relative but the Absolute. Understanding relativism through the domains of cultures, morals, science etc.
  9. Contemplation on radical honesty to self: What can I best more honest to myself about in my life? I am not content in my self-expression to those around me - mainly my family. I contain my true feelings about things due to fear of upsetting them. I have a strong fear of being negatively criticised. I am not content with my social interactions, with those people who are new to me. I feel far too stifled. I am not satisfied with my current life circumstances. I need to move out from living with my family. I need to have a more thriving social life, based on the sharing of mutual interests. I want to attain the best career circumstances that I possibly can. I want to pursue Truth and Freedom fully in my life, living a thrilling and engaging life. I don't want to feel contained. In my relationship, I can conform to my girlfriend's desires. She has a vision of how she wishes her life to be, and I have my own. I need to stay true to my own vision for my life. I am depending on my relationship for stability. I am resisting free self-expression in my interactions with people. I know that my current situation is not all there is to life. How am I not being honest with myself about my potential in life? I am not sure. I feel like I have some basic, more essential issues to sort out before I can begin to enjoy the real fruits of life. When I get my avoidant issues improved, move out of home, am earning some money in a career that I see a genuine future for myself in, have a community to express myself genuinely in, life will be better. Clearly, my avoidant issues contribute to each of these areas. I am really looking forward to sorting this out. Not too much has been said here. Some immediate actions I am taking to remedy my avoidant issues are; I am going to buy some of the emotional health books on Leo's booklist, commence the 3-2-1 shadow work process, and I'm set to start psychotherapy sessions in two weeks.
  10. I've done a fair bit of dreaming the past few days and want to share this plan for the future here: My ideal / long-term objective is to devise a comprehensive system for the facilitation of ultra-advanced non-dual states of consciousness. This would be theoretically- and empirically-backed structural model, adhered to by facilitators to guide participants to experience and understand these non-dual states. It would integrate modern psychotherapy and psychology, spirituality, psychedelic science, Integral Theory, the work of Stan Grof etc. It would likely be a facilitated retreat setting, utilising 5-MeO-DMT. I aim to be on the legal cutting edge of what is possible. However, this is a long term vision. I envision this in about 15 years time or so. Before that, I aim to become a psychedelic-assisted psychotherapist. Ideally, working for MAPS with MDMA or psilocybin. I take it that becoming well-versed in psychotherapy and psychedelic-assisted therapy will lend greatly to the founding of a psychedelic consciousness retreat centre. I am planning to achieve mastery in this field and believe I have the passion for it to become world class. My plans to achieve this are to have a psychology Bachelor's degree in two years time. Following that, I'll move to the Netherlands and complete a one year Master's degree in clinical psychology or a similar specialisation (The Netherlands seems to be a very promising avenue with psychedelic-assisted therpy. Some psychotherapists already legally conduct psilocybin psychedelic retreats there). From here, I hope to attain some clinical experience and then apply to be trained as a psychedelic-assisted therapist by MAPS. I'll work as a psychedelic-assisted therapist for an unknown period before looking to establish a consciousness retreat centre mentioned above. This is certainly a longer-term vision, but it's something that wakes me up motivated each morning.
  11. @GodDesireOnlyLove Thanks.
  12. @GodDesireOnlyLove which book does Wilber speak of this in?
  13. @Leo Gura What would one do as preparation work for a retreat of that magnitude?
  14. @Leo GuraAnd does being born spiritually gifted necessitate that you did extensive spiritual work in a previous life? Or is there another contributing factor for why one would be gifted?
  15. @Jacobsrw @Preetom Good points. Yes, Leo's explanation, that it's due to temperamental difference in Ralston, does explain my query.