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  1. I think you diluted it too much. Try 1g NN : 1g liquid next time and you will be launched in one big hit.
  2. Eckhart Tolle - Power of Now Jed McKenna - Dreamstate Law of One: The Ra Material
  3. Yeah. And you could ask again, but why does making progress feel good. Well, it just is that way. There is something fundamental and mystical in self actualization. You couls philosophically say you tap into God's (Your) creative power. It is Power and Freedom to develop. Even if that means transcending development at some point.
  4. @preventingdiabetes When you play a video game, why is it so fun to get better and better at playing it?
  5. I would say do it. The function of your being/radiance is much more important than what you do physically in the world. Even if you withdraw from the system you will still participate in the metaphysical social mind with you energy. I would not say it is lazy. It is actually pretty fucking hard work to get out of the system. Maybe you will inspire others. Maybe you will someday meet with your family and you will make it more normal for your nieces and nephews to leave the system. I have similiar feelings as you but I don't care to abandon system completelly, rather use it enough to be free. Gather enough money to be able to live frugally and in a minimalistic way somewhere in the woods. Isn't it great? I started to wonder why are people so fucking stuck in their mysery, and I've came to appreciatate that as long as you don't have kids in this system then the system is not that bad. You will be able to work half a year and save enough money to be totally free for the next half of the year. In the past you would never be able to do that. I appreciate the ability that money gives you. Like when we were the cavemen we could not save enough of food and shelter to be able to trully meditate for half a year and understand the structure of reality. Now you can easily do that. Save money, go travel to the cheap country, meditate, repeat. Chances are that in the process the trauma of that awful (yet beautifull) system will be healed. That's what I see for myself.
  6. Imagine the version of yourself in some alternate world that does not care AT ALL about what other people say/think. Imagine it for 3 minutes. Then believe you are that version. Fake it till you make it. More on that by Ben:
  7. Hi, I am not an OP but I will share my 5 favourite videos by Bentinh, have fun <3 :
  8. Leo knows this about his followers, he literally said in this thread that's why he does not create physical community: "Then again, any physical New Age spiritual community built around a charismatic teacher is going to take on cult like dynamics. Which is why I never started one. "
  9. This is what happens to radically conscious leaders that do not care about their image. Not so long ago with Bentinho, Leo and now Teal. It's almost like if I would ever look for some new teacher I would check if he had been seriously accused of running a cult/narcisism and if he did not, probably his message is too watered down and has a lot bullshit
  10. There is a website that allows you to ask questions for money to GPT-3 (I think). There is a reddit for interesting answers that it gives and I found that: Pretty cool.