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  1. Damn man, that's some bazookish poetry, beautiful.
  2. This is golden. This colapses alone/together duality.
  3. You are on a roll lately, badass!
  4. You can not. Whatever man or woman you take you can't even prove they exist because maybe you are dreaming now, or maybe it is a simulation so they are not real. Or maybe they are a hologram just as scientific tools you would use to "prove" anything. Everything is a belief other than direct perception. You don't know anything other than THIS NOW. Really let that sink in.
  5. Nothing ever can be proven. The only thing that is sure is perception itself.
  6. I imagine walter saying "This" instead.
  7. Bentinho Massaro, Frank Yang, Jed Mckenna,
  8. For me the key insight was this: If I had the same brain, experiences and environment that a given person had - I would behave and think exactly as they do. We are all in this together. Try to look at everyone as an innocent child. Wake up this kind of parental love for anyone.
  9. Badass! Lovely post Was this some sort of shift for you? How did you come to realize what was written here?
  10. 30minute meditation in the morning and 30 minute meditation in the evening is an absolute minimum to keep the mind sharp enough to perceive magic imho. No other way around it.
  11. Yes, it's just a lense. I like that lense because it makes me me cheerful
  12. It's something Frank Yang said and there is beautiful truth to that. It's like after my separate self dissolved now there is less and less voice commenting anyone's actions. It's like just as my body has no separate self and is moved by whole reality, the same applies to perception of other people. They just say and do things that Infinite Inteligence throws at them. Just like clouds at the sky. There was never an ego, so the same is seen in others. It's beutifull because it frees me of this programme that you have to help someone. Everythings is just perfectly unfolding and there is no-one doing it. Neither here nor in "others". No egos. Just reality unfolding without doers. Ego is just an optical illusion - the same here as in others.
  13. We really do have a similar taste my friend 😗