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  1. That why God didn't bother with subscriptiom, he just chose to incarnate
  2. Terence for sure had still a lot of materiality and external world left. As for Watts I genuinely don't know because many teachers seem to kind of water down their message especially around solipsism to not freak out their audiences.
  3. I agree. But we still have to communicate it somehow on the forum. And I believe that this experience of no structures is better described by "others have no pov" rather than "others exists". Because Solipsism requires much less additional structure than the structure of whole other being having their own perception. So its the closest in the game of communication imho.
  4. The same could be said inside a nightly dream. And yet a dream is imaginary.
  5. You seem like a mature guy. I am sure you will find mature partner eventually. Do not settle for less. Ending up with kids with some unreliable person seems like a perfect route to hate your life.
  6. Yeah witch vibe often comes with emotional unreliability imho. And many other issues. You should rather look for cute forest fairy vibe which in my experience is more mature.
  7. I think I get you. I also like to romanticize certain ideas. And now for you one time a weeks is much less romantic than the romance of 5-6 times a week gym grind. I would say you just have to be creative to look at your new 1 time a week schedule in a romantic way. Because bro, there certainly is something romantic about it. Discovering more of yourself, healing yourself from overworking, finding joy in other aspects of life so much that you don't want to go to the gym so often BUT you still go once a week to maintain your physique and health benefits. Dude. Thats Badass! Look at the badassness and wisdom of your new approach.
  8. There is 3 part series on youtube by Leo "how to get laid"
  9. For me it really is similiar to the dream at night in which you become lucid, and therefore you know you are one with all you see, and it is obvious you are the creator. Even if there are some contractions left in my case they are just part of the dream. And notion of infinity, all perspectives at once and so on are also just an idea happening in my dream. Thats how I see it. Nightly dreams really are such a simple analogy that works great.
  10. Ben explains it nicely here why the has to be ONE:
  11. Maybe, maybe not. I don't know. I don't know what God will dream later. All I know is now.
  12. @Loveeee I totally get you brother. When I first got glimpses of Absolute Solipsism I was almost crying out of relief, that the only suffering there ever was...was mine suffering. You naturally grow in compassion more and more on a spiritual journey. And then it is like the best news ever, that there is no suffering, there is only THIS. Such a relief. The bitter sweetness of being Alone is such a low price to pay for no suffering other than the one HERE. Just as Leo said in deleted solipsism video "There is only one being that can suffer, and that is You" or sth like that