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  1. So I need to approach 100s of girls just to get a girlfriend ....
  2. Is two nights per week enough to learn female attraction? How steep is the learning curve? @Leo Gura
  3. how to find a wingman?
  4. my house is 30 mins from the city
  5. Chads are born, not made
  6. How do you define "high value"?
  7. @Leo Gura What's the longest you'd be willing to wait? The 3rd date? I feel that to be the limit, and a traditional women would probably prefer that. I've just moved to Atlanta -- so we got a lot of traditional women here.
  8. @Leo Gura Question, How long do you typically wait for sex? 1st date? 2nd date? Or does it not matter?
  9. any famous monks guilty of this? @Leo Gura
  10. whats the equation for this
  11. @Leo Gura Can I understand the videos without reading the books on your book-list?
  12. does he have mental health issues? looks like he does, but does he really?