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  1. Murderers are not personally responsible for their actions, so why punish them as if they were? If anything, we should feel sympathy for someone unlucky enough to have a mind capable of such depravity. We should lock them up to deter them from killing others, but to sentence them to death in the name of karma is misguided. @Leo Gura
  2. What's stopping me, a spiritual noobie, from focusing on the fact the I'm God? Thousands of hours of meditiation & hundreds of psychedelics trips like you've done? Or can I realize it now? @Leo Gura
  3. @Leo Gura You said in a blog post that you've permanetly awoken. So I'm curious as to whether you're awake right now as we speak without the use of psychedelics.
  4. @Leo Gura Are you able to mantain your awakening while doing taxes?
  5. I don't understand the comparison? @Leo Gura
  6. @Leo Gura Even though Tai sells get-rich-quick schemes, I'm sure for some they've worked. But that's the problem -- only for some. For most not, and Tai isn't honest about that in his marketing. If he were, people wouldn't buy his product. So instead he's forced to sell false expectations, leaving most disappointed with their results.
  7. So Tai is 100% a scam artist? Like he has offered 0 value whatsoever? That's a bold claim considering his popularity. @Leo Gura
  8. Even though he's selling get rich quick schemes, I'm sure some actually became succesful following his advice. @Leo Gura
  9. @Leo Gura Do you not think Tai offers value by teaching aspiring entrepreneurs the principles of what it takes to become rich? Is that not a legitament business, and if it weren't, why would people buy his product?
  10. @Leo Gura Where along the spiral would you pin Tate and JP respectively?
  11. @thisintegrated what's your type?
  12. @Loba aww thats nice but if you saw me in real life you'd vomit
  14. infj and isfp are not compatible @ValiantSalvatore estp would be you duel, so most compatible.