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  1. What does it mean to suffer consciously? does it mean to apply awareness and mindfulness to my suffering? Can you prove that statement to me?
  2. how can pursuing my passion lead to higher consciousness? I am an athiest agnostic simply because i have never experienced god, so i don't see the point in believing something without any concrete evidence(the bible/Quran/other holy book doesn't count). Is it true to say that suffering always leads to higher consciousness? I have definitely been guilty of that lol, still haven't found god yet though. I think you gave great advice here, the activity I'm doing doesn't seem to matter as much as the consciousness/awareness/mindfulness i bring to any given activity. and yet I'm sure some activities are more conducive to generating higher states of consciousness, such as meditation and is what i'm looking to do more of.
  3. these exercises Seem like good thing to try out. although i'm an athiest personally so I have my doubts about the value of Islamic prayer and prayer in general.
  4. I want to pursue higher levels of consciousness and so far I only found meditation and arguably psychedelics to help with this. what are some other things I can do to raise consciousness?
  5. Am I a biological robot acting out a large chain of cause effect reactions or do I make conscious choices freely as I see fit? I think i'm agree with the notion that there's no free will but I want to hear other opinions on the topic
  6. I want to know what is the quickest way to grow and become enlightened. So far besides psychedelics i found strong determination sitting to be the most efficient but are there other ways?
  7. @Yarco this is very good advice, thank you. Like you said i think the reason it's a problem for me is because it does interfere with the present and creates rumination and emotional turmoil. I use often set goals that are too much for me but i work with a life coach that helps me set realistic goals so thankfully that's not an issue.
  8. I often guilt myself often for not meeting the goals and deadlines i set for myself, Especially personal development wise. My mind tells me that i'm not good enough or that i should do more tasks, make more time for study, get back to reading books, exercise more etc This happens even when I'm having a relatively productive day. Now granted I'm not the most productive person and i slack off and procrastinate alot, but i feel that guilting myself isn't the most helpful thing to do about this. I hope you can help me with this.
  9. Personally I enjoy spending time alone and I'm pretty introverted, but can silence really ultimately lead to growth, spiritual experiences and liberation if done with enough intensity?
  10. Every thought that arises, don't believe it at face value
  11. Replying to this 3 months later so i'm not going to reply to everyone's comments but i'll adress some of the points people brought up. First of all, I never claimed to be an antinatalist, of course the are many amazing and beautiful things in life, my point was to emphesize that there is also tremendous and undeniable amounts of suffering and pain that all living beings experience on some level. care to explain why? I completely agree with this sentiment, no matter how rich or powerful and healthy a person is, suffering is guaranteed to come his way.
  12. I should preface this by saying that I don't condone mixing and using drugs of any kind. In my psychedelic journeys so far, I sometimes smoke cannabis at the end of trips to help me relax from the "blissful madness" and help me sleep after using something like LSD, but if i'm honest, i've been addicted to smoking weed for a very along time and even though I see the benefits of just smoking cannabis, being addicted to anything doesn't help with personal growth. does anyone have any advice or positive and life changing experiences to share from combining psychedelics and other drugs together?
  13. This is something I've been thinking about for a very long time. Ever since I came across a philosophy known as antinatalism, which in a nutshell states that life is full of suffering and pain and it's better for people not to be in order to spare them life's suffering. I have to admit i really sympathize with this attitude and doubt if i should have kids. I mean what's the point of it all right? Death is guaranteed anyways so why create new life at all if it just leads to nonexistence? Isn't it better to prevent this futile prossess called life and keep possible infants in a state of blissful nonexistence?
  14. These are questions I've been thinking about while contemplating my latest acid trip, didn't find any answers to these questions though. Any thoughts on what thoughts are?