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  1. Everytime you have a tough thought - prepare yourself tea/chocolate drink/something simple to eat, and drink it slowly, feel the taste, enjoy the taste, the warmth of it ☕🍫 Tell yourself "Everything I think is OK. The thoughts just come. Everyone have crazy toughts! It just that the OCD make them FEEL more emotionally intense". And Treat yourself with love. And keep drink slowly. Walk slowly inside the house/outside and look outside on the trees, flowers, birds as you keep drinking (slowly!!)🌻🌼 I struggle with OCD too for years and also pure O (almost only in my head) I know what I say. Also: therapist, friends, family. Tell someone you trust what you have. Dont lock it all in your stomach.
  2. OCD

    How did you overcome OCD?
  3. @Rebecca Kalamata What do you think we have to do to our dopamine level to reduce mental problems like OCD and anxiety? Do we need to increase or decrease dopamine levels? And how? I suspect that in OCD the dopamine is too high.
  4. You dont "deal", you just talk with them and listen to them and be interested in them. And B. You dont know if you are "above" someone in SD. You can only see one issue the person externalized (for example - conservativism). Since SD is stractural based model (and NOT content) you cannot know to what colors and how % of them the person has reached just using his head and his thoughts. Consevatism for example can hint you a center of gravity of him but you have to be very very careful cause you really dont know enough. He can still have 18% of yellow and 6% of turquoise for example (or even more). Only violent people or dictatorship leaders are more clear in their location on SD. Treat everyone as basically equal.
  5. Maybe you right, at least partially. This forum dehumanizes trump to the extreme. Be aware of that maybe trump with his mentality has larger chance to understand middle eastern thinking better than green and even than yellow people.
  6. By 'distraction' do you mean - from inner work?
  7. Like one level up relative to my first experience last summer that was weaker and not as clear. What happened today is that I tried again to accept the negative feeling I had (I am in a negative phase this month), because I know that acceptance is the right way. So I tried to do the "Acceptance" on the current negative feeling I have. After couple of minutes I finished a small purchase in the supermarket, came out, and then I realized - OH, but if to be sincere, all I just did right now (to accept the negative feeling) was in the aim of feeling better. Which means, in a deeper level (🐟) I was resisting the feeling! I DID try to accept it, but it was from a desire to make the negative feeling go weaker and disappear. Even if there was acceptance its only a shallow version. And then I realized - There is nothing I can do to "accept", becuase everything I will ever try to do to "accept", will be in the aim of feeling better. in other words - hidden resistance to the bad feeling. When I realised it - I just released it. Ok. I Can't do nothing. I'll don't try nothing. In that moment I felt I have reached a new level of "releasing", and then the feeling became better! The interesting thing is that I quite knew about that principle in the content level even before, but I couldn't benefit from it. Only today I felt I reached it in the stractural level and convinced my subconsious mind. Like see the exact berrier as a content or story, is SO different than actually meet it stracturally in real time and passing it.
  8. Leo gives great hope in managing and reducing mental conditions and illnesses without medication. He challenges the mainstream thinking and thats gives strength to people. And to me too. And I really believe that medication will be needed less and less maybe until zero as you grow in your consciouseness during the years. Of course, generally speaking, i dont agree with everything Leo says and I always try to not just to adopt but think and if it doesnt fit to me I dont adopt it. But I try to keep an open mind.
  9. Do you mean "better in x", "above in y"? Just "I am above you" does not exist. "I am above you in x and in y" - 2 out of hundreds and thousands of parameters - does.
  10. There is the nuclear story still open which needs to be addressed.
  11. @AwakenedSoul444 because now after your body regulate to the medicine, if you stop taking it you will down to (-2) mood and not just back to zero. It will be much harder for you. Reduce a little bit until your sex drive will be quite ok. Sex drive is not more important than your mental state, its less important. I'm talking to you from direct experience.
  12. From my experience - Not a good idea. Ground yourself in maslow hierarchy of needs. Then ask psychiatric to allow you to reduce a little bit the dose, and after 2-3 month a little more.
  13. ❤ thanks a lot! Happy to hear
  14. More knowledge is a different thing than going meta and see the bigger picture from a zoomed out perspective.