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  1. Do you understand that hamas survival strategy, just like breathing, is to hide as cleverly as it can behind civilians?
  2. @Karmadhi And this is why I feel I can't discuss with you. You are conspiring whatever you want out of your hat 🪄
  3. @Raze You have to site accurately. She said "... what the Jews did, that their families have been murdered, that have been raped and their civilians were kidnapped". Can you see the trauma and difficult emotions behind Israeli public speakers talks, or that you only capable to see them as "bad" or "rude"? How would you react if even 'only' 12 people in your village were murdered and kidnapped? Do you think you would not react militantly? Then you fool yourself.
  4. I don't understand from the video on who she supports? I assume she tends to the democrats. The magic is found in the oscillation between left and right depending on the situation when the average is more close to the center. The hard core left is such a trap. And generally those are so boring years in music and she is so overrated. I miss the high quality music of the 00's.
  5. @Vrubel This is a waste of time. Most members here dont care about all the 100 times Israel tried to negotiate and believed the other side can be moderate and pragmatic and did many things to find a common ground. No. They will only care when Israel makes mistakes. They will cherry pick 1 overreaction and overlook 20 genuine trials done before that. The attacking on Israel is mostly psychological and spiritual and the real answer you will find in this world. Logic and detailes does not work.
  6. Seems like you can invent anything at this point. When you want the day to turn into night I can't do anything about it. Think for yourself and thats it.
  7. It is an indoctrination. To want something is one thing, and to give a gun to a 5 year old child, teaching him he has to kill other people including his own people in some situations is another thing.
  8. A very high % of the Palestinians came to the region in the last centuries too, only a little before Israel has established. Classic double standard game.
  9. Of course. Tens of Millions of dollars every year are not enough for them for their basic survival 🙂
  10. To rape and then murder, to burn babies and to kill your own (PLO) people and hang your people on electric polls is indeed a freedom fighting.
  11. @Karmadhi As long as they live under hamas indoctrination this is already heartbreaking. Now at least this is going to change.
  12. Half also think you need to blindly take pills doctor tell you and have zero respect to their body. So?
  13. And every other western country as well. Definitely there is an additional psychological layer to the attacks on Israel which is itself really the main root reason, even above the physical war which is the secondary reason.
  14. @Raze hamas fires rockets since the year 2000 when the 2nd Intifada started. I will read the restriction details you added before I relate to them too.
  15. The hostages won't be released without a life threat to hamas.