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  1. Yes, but in a sense of finding the root of your emotional problem - maybe transcending language is not at all a must do to achive this.
  2. The thing is - how can i explain that getting beyond language is also important to threat problems in life (that 99% of them are interior)? But - i have to say that i am not sure that transcend language is necessary to self develop and threat mental issues, because you can still do inquiry about your past (using thoughts and... language) and reprogram your subconsious mind and cure emotional problems. So in one hand i want to show the limitation of language (at least in the gross version - science, "proofs" etc that cannot solve our internal issues) but in the other hand im not convinced that language as a whole (english, hebrew...) is not enough to cure your issues because maybe it IS enough.
  3. Well its very hard to REALLY re-invent the wheel. So almost everybody, even very advanced ones, at most bring the issues from a new and fresh angle of view, and in new style and if you also make it accessible and apeal to young people, Like Leo does, this is for itself a great thing and not for granted at all.
  4. Anxiety, OCD, Cyclothymia etc And to make yourself (with this work) develop to higher conscious stages (stractures).
  5. What the Taliban and humanism, non-violence, emotional intelligence have in common?? Its like to put olives on a bread with nutella.
  6. @Lento Even IQ of 2000 is still doesn't raise at all the chances to be yellow. IQ is a pure orangic concept 🍊
  7. That cannot be right in any universe. Taliban in their barbaric ideology are RED-blue. They know how to manipulate trump because they have overlap with trump in red. 0% yellow.
  8. @Serotoninluv @Lento @Aquarius @Nak Khid@Key Elements @Nickyy @remember thanks all 1. Why yellow won't see purple as lower than green? 2. What manipulations he can do? As i know, yellow won't manipulate the system
  9. 👍 Not in whatsapp thats for sure 😂
  10. @Leo Gura I want to show at least an intuition of why it is limited. I said that math is like a machine we input it and gets outputs and again input and this creates a closed loop which makes us overlook intuition, senses etc and dont think for ourselves. And that it like thinking in a closed pipe streams without see outside of these streams. And then I gave them first technique - observing thoughts and emotions (havent publish yet).
  11. @Skanzi thanks! Interesting. But if a therapist is able to find with you the origin of your beliefs than you can both transcend those and really solve emotional issues. I believe there are therapists who do that, but maybe its a minority of them.
  12. @SaaraSabina the questions there are so obviouse 🤦🏻‍♂️