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  1. She doesn't love you. She made it clear she doesn't have feelings. What more do you want. Move to the next girl..
  2. My number one flaw is laziness and procrastination followed by lack of focus and clarity.. List yours.
  3. Thawing in water. Don't use warm water.
  4. You need natural passion for that. Try liking things. Interest breeds curiosity.
  5. 8 hours a day. Then you have made the game your life. Few years later you might come to regret this. 1 hour a day is enough. That's why I don't like video games. They are silly rabbit holes.
  6. So this cute cute monster guy who seems to have stolen my heart calmed me down.. I was eating Tiramisu. I joked about it. I even teased him a bit about it.. Omg he is the coolest guy on my radar. I'm besotted.
  7. Woohoo. I've never heard of those. Not my place to judge. But we're going to be witnessing 200 different gender types in the coming decades. Maybe we already are.
  8. Oh yea, forgot that guy. Apparently technology was his greatest enemy, Lmao, the irony.
  9. That's your perspective. But gender is not yet an abstract word. We still have traditional gender roles and people still trying to figure out if gender is a social construct or not.
  10. Omg haha. How do they treat INTJ terrorists. They give them software. Lots of software. Oh wait, INTJs can never be terrorists
  11. You're full of mindful.
  12. @thisintegrated something about the title of this video is so odd. I just don't know. It is like those "wtf" moments lol.
  13. Absolutely. Gender identity never existed in the past 1000 years. I don't regret it. It's just evolution of mankind. Now gender has turned into an identity. I don't know (at least right now), the significance of this phenomenon. But maybe things happen for a good reason.
  14. Eating breakup ice cream right now.
  15. Even James must be this way. I don't know. I'm now thinking about Vincent The only person I truly felt connected and attracted to.