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  1. I didn't know such a book existed. Will surely check out.
  2. How many objects?
  3. I want to look into objects that bring good luck. Nice diamond. I don't know, maybe gold? Maybe some charms. Prayers. Prayer beads etc. Just knowing that something brings you good luck can be so relaxing
  4. Leo Gura should tell me if this is ridiculous or not.
  5. I'm trying to explore the idea of good luck.
  6. Finally I can rest in peace. I need people with 7 qualities in my life. I need people with 7 qualities in my life. People who understand me People who know how to trust me People who show me maturity People who are competent People who know to exactly handle me and the drama that is created People who are totally fair and not biased. Healthy, honest, non judgemental, direct, confrontational and extremely loving, courageous, protective, matured, forgiving and extremely competent. Only these people can handle me and my disorder properly. Others can't. People with extremely high maturity can handle me because they will understand the mental gymnastics going on in my mind and they will perceive my actions without misunderstanding and judgement.
  7. Oof. Out of a situation I didn't want to find myself in.
  8. I don't like porn tbh. I like to imagine that I am with my imaginary lover. Porn gives me astringent vibes. Like something too mechanical and without emotion. I don't want that.
  9. I need to be in my own world now I'm sick and tired of people.
  10. You. LOL.
  11. No religion is better than another. It's best to believe in a higher power but not be affiliated with any religion. All religion is mental dependency
  12. I'm feeling way better than yesterday. Gradual improvement.