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  1. Remove windows
  2. Grace Christianity Grace Swan Delphi Zezet Grace Swan is a Christian version of Swan
  3. Resist the demon Overcome the devil.
  4. Football Soccer Bull fighting Modeling industry Music industry Trading Video games. Console games Cult Poker, gambling Car racing Fitness freaks, body building Movie industry Horse riding New age spirituality Occult
  5. Isaiah 54 : 17. No weapon formed against me shall prosper
  6. A person who makes someone that they are not and makes them do wrong are worse than those who do harm to others.
  7. If the human side is flawed or the spiritual side is flawed. When the human side is flawed it's sinful. When the spiritual side is flawed it's hateful and fake, hypocritical, manipulative, narcissistic. God values decent pure hearted, genuine, respectful people who are honest in love.
  8. In 4 types of people, 1st is betrayer, second hater, third sinful, and fourth whole. 1 betrayer (no comradeship) 2 hater(no comradeship) 3 sinful (forgivable ) 4 whole (comrade )
  9. Bad people are much worse than evil and sinful people. Bad, dysfunctional, indecent people cause more harm. 4 types of people ❤️ the fake - unloving, heartless, no emotion, fakery, manipulation, fake, selfish, diplomatic, cause betrayal. indecent - impolite, indecent, disrespectful, not sinful, hypocritical. Create hate sinful - loving, caring, decent, genuine, but affected by sin. Create hurt. decent and not fake - not fake, genuine, decent. Do not sin. Create joy and peace.
  10. I can't say it.
  11. You need absolute self control. Please. This time please. Do it. Give it up once and forever.
  12. Misplaced peace. This is the peace experienced during general relaxation and misconstrued as real peace. In religion there is spiritual warfare rather than peace. Next is the concept of "unaffected complacency" a state of general physical non-suffering but not showing characteristics of spiritual growth in the religious direction. not an active process of restoration or growth . Supernatural is not the same as religious. It's mysterious but not religious.