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  1. Powers of the Paranormal
  2. the dyatlov pass incident
  3. Civil War Gettysburg ghosts and apparitions . Disneyland ghosts and apparitions. The mysterious tragic murder death of Debby Constantino and husband caused by invaded spirits during their ghost adventures. The paranormal phenomenon of the fairy circles. The Chaplin sisters using telepathic communication The phenomenon of sleep paralysis.
  4. The mystery of the summer wind mansion. The mysterious Rosenheim Poltergeist 1960s caused by Annemarie Schaberl.
  5. The tale of the Wendigo The strange death of Gaurav Tiwari The mysterious tragic murder death of Debby Constantino and husband caused by invaded spirits during their ghost adventures Cases discussed in the video. 1. The mysterious deaths of Sonny Graham and Terry Cottle, heart transplant case. 2. Carissa Glen mysterious haunting and suicide. 3.The pollock family mystery. Jacqueline and Joanna and Jennifer and gillian. The Pollock sisters 4.Room 428 of Wilson Hall 5.the strange solving of the murder of Teresita Basa by her own spirit beyond the grave The paranormal phenomenon of the fairy circles. The demonic possession and exorcism of Maurice Frenchy Theriault. The phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion MK Ultra glitch and glitch in the matrix NBA player Draymond Green stare. The mystery of the Babushka lady
  6. Annabelle Doll Robert the Doll The curse of the hope diamond The curse of the Ourang Medan The case of the Anguished man James Dean's Car The mysterious crying boy's painting The women of lemb Haunted Vase of Basano The hands resist him Ana Baker's Wedding Dress The black orlove diamond LaPeregrina pearl Busby Chair Cursed mirror at the Myrtle's Plantation Screaming skull of Burton Agnes Hall Maori Warrior Masks Cursed Iceman Otzi King Tut's curse Surrey Ghost car Cursed Bulgarian phone number 35988**** Terracotta warriors The Atuk curse phenomenon
  7. The Flannan Isle lighthouse mystery. The mysterious man from Taured. The mysterious haunted dybbuk box Carmen Reed, Snedeker Connecticut haunting Haunted Poveglia Island
  8. The mysterious dobby alien creature on night camera in driveway doing chicken dance.
  9. The curious case of Dorothy Eady The strange case of Michael Taylor who said the devil motivated him The mysterious case of Guarapiranga mutilation. In 1988, the body of a middle-aged man was found on the banks of Guarapiranga Reservoir in Brazil. Gable film The Gable film is a film by Mike Agrusa which went viral on the internet during 2007. The film, allegedly filmed during the 1970s, depicts what appears to be a Michigan dogman. Description The film starts with the sons of a man named Aaron Gable riding snowmobiles on an open stretch of land. It then cuts to Gable chopping wood before reaching for a drink. The film then jumps to a view of the forest before cutting to Gable's dog playing and running around on a road. After a short amount of time, the film jumps to Aaron Gable repairing his truck. Soon after, he begins to drive down a road while his son operates the camera. The latter starts to record a creature crawling on all fours in the forest. Gable stops the truck and takes the camera off of his son. He follows the creature's trail on foot. After a few shots of Gable walking and running through the woods, the film cuts to a shot of the creature, stood still and watching Gable. The animal subsequently charges at Gable, prompting him to run. The creature's jaws are visible for a brief second before Gable drops to the ground.
  10. Alabama tin foil alien incident. Witnessed by Jeff Greenhaw. Falkville 1973 In 1973, another police chief in a small north Alabama town took a photo of what he thought was an alien being. That October, Falkville Police Chief Jeff Greenhaw responded to a call from a woman who was “excited” as she reported seeing something strange. Greenhaw responded and came upon a 6-foot tall metallic creature with an antennae on its head. “It looked like his head and neck were kind of made together... he was real bright, something like rubbing mercury on nickel, but just as smooth as glass-different angles give different lighting. I don't believe it was aluminum foil… It was running faster than any human I ever saw.” Greenhaw was ridiculed and lost his job. Many people believed someone had played a prank on the chief. However, the photo he snapped of the creature that night can be seen in books on alien life. Max Headroom incident.
  11. 1987-The Ilkley Moor Alien Photograph.. An extremely compelling account of alien abduction that took place in 1987 in the Ilkey Moor, Yorkshire, U.K. is a unique case which may include one of the very few photographs taken of a live alien being. The main character and only witness of a UFO and alien being is one Philip Spencer, a retired policeman. He claims to have been taken aboard an unidentifed flying object, and snap one photograph of an unknown being.
  12. The cabinet door flapping ghost in the tutorial video of Benivey2.. Most realistic ghost evidence upto date.
  13. The Hessdalen Lights The Hessdalen Light is an unexplained light usually seen in the Hessdalen valley in Norway. In 2007, a group of teachers, students and scientists established a science camp in Norway to study the phenomenon. On a clear night, Bjorn G. Hauge managed to take this pic using an exposure time of 30 seconds. The analysis of the spectrum reveals the object to be made of silicium, iron, titanium and scandium.
  14. Paranormal deaths The mysterious life and death of Olivia Mabel The mysterious death of Elisa Lam and Cecil Hotel The strange death of Jonathan Lovette The mysterious death of Cindy James. The mysterious death of Christopher Case. The mysterious disappearance of Kenny Veach
  15. Haunted places Haunted Beechworth Lunatic Asylum Australia Philadelphia's Byberry mental hospital Haunted Franklin Castle is a Victorian stone house, built in the American Queen Anne style, located at 4308 Franklin Boulevard in Cleveland's Ohio City Athens lunatic asylum and Waverly Sanitarium Kreischer House, also known as Kreischer Mansion, is a historic home located at Charleston, Staten Island. Haunted mansion The haunted S. K Pierce Mansion