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  1. Stranger Things has been one of my favorite shows ever since I first saw it in 2017. It was actually recommended to me in a philosophy classes of all places. What I appreciate about Stranger Things is its exploration of the paranormal, in addition to some historical references such as The Cold War. What are your thoughts on some of these themes being explored in pop culture?
  2. Here is a music video in regard to being motivated, and having the right mindset to overcome any challenges you may face.
  3. @DocWatts Can you elaborate a little more on societal Attractors?
  4. @aurum Absolutely, sometimes it can be a difficult thing to navigate, because every group has their own set of cultural norms. Its taught me to ask questions and become more curious in what other people think.
  5. @Tudo There will come a moment where you will feel a pull to. There's a few ways to go about it. If it's really obvious (blushing, playing with hair, flirting) you can just lean in and kiss her. This is good to do if there's a lot of flirting and tension there already. However, you can always just say "I would like to kiss you". Both have worked for me in the past. If she likes you she'll go for it, if not then move on.
  6. In the past few months I've been participating in a group whose aim is to raise awareness and put pressure on leadership to counter climate change. I've noticed this kind of activism is rich in the stage green worldview. It's been incredibly insightful to have experiences with this kind of perspective. As a Zoomer myself (I am 23 as I write this) I think our society will probably be dominant in stage green by the time I have children. I also have a few contacts that are in Libertarian circles (and yes, I fully recognize that from an economics standpoint, we need some regulation, and public investment in the educational system, protection of the environment, etc. Leo's criticisms of economic libertarianism are spot on). In the range of political podcasts I've listened to, I've noticed that progressive and conservative activists may have more in common than they realize (particularly the more libertarian conservatives). There are a few "intersections" (to use a leftist phrase) that progressives and libertarians have a mutual interest in, such as ending war, calling out abuse of power by the state and corporations, and ending the war on drugs. Even though there are significant ideological differences between these worldviews, I think some collaboration in these areas would be immensely beneficial. How can systems thinking or spiral dynamics be applied to activism, in order to most effectively implement social change?
  7. @Preety_India When we are stuck in our own head we can suffer from being distracted. However, when we are immersed in the environment around us it allows us to notice things we typically wouldn't have. Perhaps there is a color you like about their outfit, a book they are reading, nature or animals doing something really spontaneous. The best way I've found is to have curiosity about the other person, and to lean into them.
  8. @Preety_India I actually see some value in this perspective. The craving may need to be satiated or even over indulged before finding something meaningful.
  9. @Manusia Absolutely. Being cheerful, bright, and playful really helps, especially when passing shit tests.
  10. @Razard86 I need to work on the third one
  11. When I hear "just be yourself", typically I am frustrated in hearing a trite saying that has little value at the surface. However, I've come to understand "just be yourself" to mean that when we are in some opportunity (dating, business, or otherwise) we can act needy. This is based on the perception that this opportunity will make or break us, and thus, by putting all this pressure on ourselves, we self sabotage. When we believe there is an abundance of opportunities, we can more fully relax, and get what we truly desire.
  12. I found the series really valuable, and integrating dating and sexuality can be an extremely spiritual process. It's better to integrate it and have healthy relationships than to suppress it and become resentful. Models by Mark Manson also really helped me in this area. For me, pick up is not my thing. I don't consider "negging" or manipulative behavior to be useful in the long term. However, it is useful to gain insight from Leo and Manson who have gone through pick up themselves and share what they've learned.
  13. @RMQualtrough Find people you want to be around
  14. @Esilda The question is, does Transhumanism have the potential to distract us from looking inwards?