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  1. Sure, other entities are not innocent in their treatment of Palestinians. However, that doesn't justify the mistreatment from Israeli forces.
  2. @Hatfort I totally agree. It's a topic that I hope to spread awareness of. Would be awesome to collaborate with Abby Martin some day
  3. @Anton Rogachevski So if someone has a controversial opinion on something, and then later change their mind, that's their position forever? This is also a distraction from the argument she's making about the occupation of Palestine.
  4. What are your thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a spiral dynamics perspective?
  5. Thanks for the positive feedback@Surfingthewave I've been posting more ethereal videos lately and I felt it'd be good to make something more practical to stay grounded. It's also useful for avoiding zen devilry
  6. This week's video is a montage of Leo's "One Simple Rule For Acing Life". I've found this principle to be really useful for whenever I want to weasel out of the things I really need to accomplish. A lot of my material has been more spiritual focused so I figured it'd be good to make something practical this week for those who are more stage orange. Feel free to like and share with a friend. Enjoy!
  7. Ram Dass argues that the cause of our suffering is caused by the illusion of separation, and by dissolving this illusion we enter a state of oneness. I also thought it was interesting how he compared self actualization/spiritual work to the psychological candy bar test. Materialism, success, and instant gratification being the small candy, while inner peace and spirituality are the larger candy.
  8. Hey there, I'm a video editor/3D animator and I'm looking to make future videos of Leo in the future. I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for lectures they would like to see in this format ^. If you have anything in mind, feel free to post the link and the timecode as well for the best parts. 5 to 10 mins is ideal.
  9. @Nickyy How do we create a system that is set up for human evolution?
  10. Today we face so many distractions. Sometimes it makes me feel like my head is spinning lol. Do you feel society is moving in a more mindful/conscious direction?
  11. You're not a failure. I went through the worst depression of my life for six months last year. Every day I was borderline suicidal and wished my life would just end. It's strange because when the depression started a friend I hadn't hear from in years was in the exact same state. We'd comfort each other in gaming all day and watching movies. Now I'm making videos every week for my youtube channel, and I'm getting a part time job helping people who struggle with mental health and addiction. Daily meditation is a great start. Over time you'll become more conscious of the games your mind is playing on you. Fortunately, everything in life is temporary, even our misfortunes. I'm in a similar age as well and feel a bit lost some times too. You're not alone
  12. @moon777light As well as the how to get a hot witch girlfriend haha
  13. @Serotoninluv Yes, I've seen that one. Lots of great insights. I suppose this could also be an example with his video on balance as well. I like using this format too, it's something I've used a lot over the years
  14. This was fun to make as a follow up to my video on incels. I thought this was really valuable coming from the female perspective, especially a prominent spiritual figure like Teal. Recently I actually attended a workshop she had in NYC, got a lot out of it.
  15. Hey there, here's a new video I made on Tantric Buddhism. I was wondering what your thoughts are in regard to liberation of all beings as opposed to just oneself. Nikolas Schreck is also an interesting figure as he has a background in the occult.