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  1. @DefinitelyNotARobot I go through periods where it is so hard to focus and meditate, that it feels like an accomplishment to meditate for 10 minutes. Other times I can just stare at walls for 30 minutes straight in complete bliss. Meditation is just about observing yourself and your surroundings to have more accurate perceptions. Maybe some mantras in the mix are good too, and having an entity to build a relationship with. Going outside can make it more enjoyable as well.
  2. @Opo I'm more gradual with my commentary videos Though, there were a few longer shots in this. When competing for the attention of pewdiepie and stuff like that a good pace is necessary. How'd you dig the soundtrack though? This is the first time I've played instruments as opposed to just synth in a while.
  3. For this week's edit I chose to use segments of Leo Gura's lecture on collective ego. It was a fantastic episode that I listened to years back and figured this would be perfect timing to make into a FSM style video. It's amazing how groups and identities will clash with each other, without considering the consequences, and the fact that they are engaging in tribalism! It's amazing the degree to which homeostasis is maintained over truth in herd mentalities. Would love to hear your thoughts, hope you have a glorious, TRUTHFUL weekend
  4. I'm noticing an incredible amount of demonization from all sides in the current cultural/political dialogue. One can't help but notice various identities deem the other as "evil" when they refuse to understand and see the evil within themselves.
  5. @DivineSoda Very good point. What's also messed up is how workers pay more taxes than the owners of businesses. No one bails us out when we have financial problems.
  6. Given the current state of things I figured this would be a relevant topic. Isn't it amazing how often we condemn others without a proper understanding of good and evil?
  7. @Raphael This guy ^
  8. @Recursoinominado Sure
  9. @Onemanwolfpac Ignorance is the reason why we are here. The interpretation I made from the Ram Dass segment was that social action is necessary, but the way in which it is conducted matters as much as the activism itself. It's a delicate process.
  10. Ram Dass examines the delicacy of social action. He astutely observed how stage green consciousness has heart, but still gets caught up in ego drama. The question then arises, how do we take the world as part of ourselves, but at the same time not get caught up in it? And yes, I made the Ram Dass text Turquoise on purpose lol
  11. @Mike Book Use it as a time to invest in yourself. I'm in a similar situation but I use the time and lack of expenses to build my youtube channel. It can be a great way to explore skills and find what you want. Some Dan Pena may be of use to you
  12. @Heaven For sure, feel free to share with a friend or two
  13. @universe It's stock footage from I either use stock footage or make animations myself depending on how time consuming it gets.
  14. Tantra is great too Magnifying your senses and fully feeling everything. The idea of becoming a celibate Hare Krishna monk is becoming more appealing to me by the day.
  15. @Aquarius There was a period where I didn't do anything productive for around 6 months. I was suicidal and depressed. It got to a point where I just couldn't take it any more and went back to creating art and videos You just have to try different things, take up classes, courses, etc. I mean hell there's courses for 10 dollars on udemy on virtually anything. A lot of people struggle with direction so you're not alone. Like Leo says always do what's emotionally most difficult!!