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  1. I first came across Actualized around 2015. I think the first video I ever saw of his was how to get over a break up. It was also around a time where I dabbled with lucid dreaming (with little success) and he started to get into meditation and more spiritual topics. A few months went by, and as I had more earliest experiences with psychedelics, Leo relatively soon afterwards released his video on 5 MEO DMT. It felt like I was on to something, and these videos were able to help me see that others were having these kinds of consciousness expanding experiences as well. I had an agnostic upbringing growing up. I was taught the various worldviews of the major religions, but they were treated more like myths, and possibilities, than imposing dogma. Leo's videos are extremely useful because they can explain subjects such as metaphysics and spirituality in a way that an analytical mind can appreciate (provided they are open minded). This channel has also opened my eyes to methods such as meditation, and in fact after watching Leo's videos on meditation I meditated every day for a few months. Lastly, Leo (among a few others as well) gave me the confidence to pursue a more creative career. Growing up, I was always told to pursue a more pragmatic career, and pursue music or art on the side. Around 2018 I finally dropped out of college after realizing that for my career choice it wasn't a sound investment. It was watching content like Leo's that gave me the artistic confidence to have a means of right livelihood to self actualize. Not only should we investigate the nature of existence, but also have a means of supporting ourselves that doesn't suck!!! I'll always be grateful for all the content of hands down, the greatest metaphysical/personal development channel on the internet.
  2. @universe I've found it's great for work and business, but need a bit more experience to use it with relationships personally
  3. @Preety_India hahaha I think humans can be pretty difficult to make happy in general. That's why I love Mark Manson's philosophy, setting boundaries, being clear and intentional about your values, and what you will and will not tolerate in your life.
  4. @KennedyCarter @charlie cho What did you guys think of the dating doc itself?
  5. @KennedyCarter That's true
  6. @charlie cho Being a Tantric, I don't reject sexuality, or consider rejecting necessary for enlightenment. My mentor describes the Tantric Path as a guerilla form of spirituality as it takes place in the world, and to act in the world without being thrown off balance. From a pragmatic point of view, I recommend giving this a watch to get more context
  7. @KennedyCarter See, but that is somewhat of a paradox. Desiring to not be attached to an outcome is still an attachment to an outcome "How can I desire not to date someone, so I can date them?". Mark Manson instead suggests to be more direct in our intentions, and move on if it doesn't work out.
  8. Dating is an area that I've found to be the most difficult and frustrating in my personal development journey, so I put this together from a variety of perspectives and sources. For many, dating can be downright anxiety inducing. However, is this because of the current age of social media? Or are there evolutionary trends that made it an inherently difficult process across all generations? Figures such as David Buss and Matt Ridley tend to lean on the Darwinian point of view, while others, such as Christopher Ryan, refer to Anthropology. In the more anthropological view, Ryan examines how hunter gatherers live in non-monogamous societies, and share other resources as well. We suffer today in our modern industrial society because it leaves us atomized. Porn, Pickup, and Dating apps are examined as well, and finally, a synopsis of Models by Mark Manson, hands down the most insightful guide that I've found to modern dating. What are your thoughts on why dating and the relations of the sexes are so strained?
  9. @unborn_chicken Find places that resonate with what you like to do. Yoga classes can be a good way to meet open minded/spiritual people, some may even be free depending on where you're from. A coffee shop may be good, bookstores, meditation centers, etc. is a good place to find stuff that you're into I used to be quite reserved in college but in the past two years I've been putting myself out there a lot more, you'll be amazed to find how many people like us are out there.
  10. What are your experiences, if any, with mantras when paired with meditation? In the past two years I've been working with a Tantric Buddhist as a mentor on the left hand path. He's given me a number of mantras to different deities, such as The Vajra Sattva, Kali, Tara, and Jambhala. As someone with an agnostic upbringing, I find the philosophy of spirituality to be quite appealing. These mantras however have helped me build a relationship with these entities. What do you think of using mantras or offerings to make contact with Gods or Goddesses?
  11. @Olivia24 Typically I work out 2 to 3 times a week, things like running, yoga, pull ups, crunches, push ups, etc. My vitamin D was pretty low and I've been feeling a bit better since taking that.
  12. @Michael569 I'll bring this up to my prescriber. He did suggest we start weening the dose down. I have to keep an eye on that though because it's a condition I'd rather not leave to chance.
  13. I did a blood test and my Vitamin D was really low, I've been taking that and I'm starting to feel better. Thanks everyone for the suggestions though, more content on the way!
  14. @Preety_India That, and my next one is very long I've heard that there's brain fog if you've had covid so I'll look into that as well.
  15. Hello there, hope all is well. I remember Leo mentioned in the blog a while back he had been suffering from chronic fatigue. In the past few months I myself have been feeling 20 - 30% less energy. In the morning, I'll wake up groggy, and coffee won't be as effective. I haven't been consuming as much nicotine either (usually snus). I work as a video editor and have been able to accomplish my client work consistently, but not as much energy as I need to run the youtube channel in addition. I eat pretty healthy for the most part (feta salads, home made wraps, etc.), exercise 2 to 3 times a week, and take lithium for medication. I've have gotten two blood tests to measure nutrients, and will be working with my doctor to solve this. In the meantime, I was wondering if anyone had any solutions to a similar problem?