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  1. Ultimately, also fear is imaginary, though terror can be very convincing and seem to pervade everything. Also, it helps if you try to look at the effects of fear as racing thoughts and a physical sensations in the body objectively. In the day to day life, I don't think it really matters if life is ultimately a dream. Interactions with people in the dream and other survival aspects are nonetheless major part of the experience. And one can get used to solipsism at least to certain degree. I recently discovered that ego constructs an image of the void/dreaming self after the profound experience under psychedelics/meditation etc. and uses this image similarly to usual ego self image: it flashes the image of god consciousness as a thought about voidness of that experience in more ordinary state of consciousness without showing the full depth of the experience where (in my experience) if one fully surrenders to the experience there is no fear.
  2. To gradually see myself more clearly as the creator of this experience. Nowadays, I oftentimes identify myself as nothing-aspect of consciousness but I see that the everything/light of awareness/creator aspect of consciousness will in time shine more and more through the experience.
  3. A perspective of the situation from a South African who has lived majority of his life in China. Apparently at least part of the problem is tribal society (SD stage purple/red), where even a very corrupted and incapable leader can govern a country into a total disaster if he is from the right tribe/ethnic group, in addition to a strong general mob mentality.
  4. Yeah, aged meat has increased histamine that can potentially cause headaches.
  5. Sweden has had very liberal immigration policy from third world countries for decades (no filtering based on education etc., poor back up checks, poor to no return policies) and that has resulted that there are city districts where majority of the population is immigrants or their children. These immigrants generally have came from stage red and blue countries (e.g. middle east) and have lower education and poor employment rate and in time some of them have formed gangs that even rule some of those districts so that they have become no-go areas even for police forces. For long, Swedish Democrats were/have been the only party recognizing the problem and other parties have refused to co-work with that party. Here in Finland, there has been a lot of discussion about taking measures to avoid the path that Sweden has taken.
  6. This was pretty interesting New York Post interview, not a lot of new information about UFOs per se, but more about how military personnel handle this topic in their minds. At around 14:30 Lue tells how one senior personnel wanted him to stop digging into the topic as he (in his Spiral Dynamics stage blue framework) deemed UFOs as demonic. There is also a link to Part 2 in the video description.
  7. Why do you shoot videos in one shot instead of composing them of edited peaces?
  8. Yep, that might be partially the reason why porn often leaves you feeling empty afterwards.
  9. @kinesin Yes, that's exactly what I'm referring to. As if people are suddenly devoid of their humanness and seem more like talking monkeys. It's weird to look at for example normally attractive celebrities in videos or pictures and see their animal side without sexual attraction and all the corrections and alterations that mind normally makes to make that person attractive.
  10. Wow, where you sober or under the influence at that time?
  11. Has anyone here ever experienced directly your own form and other people around you as creatures/animals/aliens? I have many times shifted into this state of my form when staring the top of my nose, the area between my eyes and then loosing up or broadening attention. Seeing other people like this has happened more rarely, but this perspective has happened both with direct interaction with people and a couple of times while looking at things like youtube videos with people talking.
  12. Although not directly related to the topic of Bashar and psychedelics, having watched several youtube Bashar channeling videos I came across two channeling videos that contradicted each other: in the first video at 13:43 Bashar claims that they are roughly 300 years head of us, whereas in the latter at 25:28 he claims that their technology is 3000 years ahead of us. Somehow it just seems odd that highly advanced alien would make 10 times error in timeline. After all, supposedly, channelers mind/brain shouldn't affect content of the speech as it channels the thoughts of the alien and only formulates/translates them it into English. Unless there was some kind of bug in the brain :).
  13. @Phyllis Wagner I think that a lot of it has to do with our diminished gut microbiome due to fast food, antibiotics, pesticides, toxins etc. Impaired microbiome cannot help us properly metabolize food and that can in time cause immune problems as majority of our immune system resides in the gut. So humans not only have polluted and ruined their environment and surrounding ecosystems but also ecosystems within their guts. I remember watching a documentary years ago in which it was claimed that people in the first world countries have a lot less bacterial species in their colons compared to native tribes in Africa that eat huge amounts of fiber from various plant sources. Also genetics and what part of the world your ancestors came from have an effect on your ability tolerate foods.
  14. @Leo Gura Thank you for the interesting blog video, it was nice to also have hopeful words from a person dealing with similar issues as I have dealt for several years. Though according to breathing test I don't have SIBO but I guess IBD with food intolerances can cause those kinds of issues too. I was curious whether carnivore diet has thus far had any effects on your cold feet and hands and pain in those areas? Also, have you tried adding MCT oil to your diet, it could further boost mental clarity and give extra boost as it is rapidly metabolized in the liver (though for some it can cause stomach distress). Have you had any electrolyte balance problems such as cramps or muscle twitching on carnivore diet?