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  1. @Phyllis Wagner I think that a lot of it has to do with our diminished gut microbiome due to fast food, antibiotics, pesticides, toxins etc. Impaired microbiome cannot help us properly metabolize food and that can in time cause immune problems as majority of our immune system resides in the gut. So humans not only have polluted and ruined their environment and surrounding ecosystems but also ecosystems within their guts. I remember watching a documentary years ago in which it was claimed that people in the first world countries have a lot less bacterial species in their colons compared to native tribes in Africa that eat huge amounts of fiber from various plant sources. Also genetics and what part of the world your ancestors came from have an effect on your ability tolerate foods.
  2. @Leo Gura Thank you for the interesting blog video, it was nice to also have hopeful words from a person dealing with similar issues as I have dealt for several years. Though according to breathing test I don't have SIBO but I guess IBD with food intolerances can cause those kinds of issues too. I was curious whether carnivore diet has thus far had any effects on your cold feet and hands and pain in those areas? Also, have you tried adding MCT oil to your diet, it could further boost mental clarity and give extra boost as it is rapidly metabolized in the liver (though for some it can cause stomach distress). Have you had any electrolyte balance problems such as cramps or muscle twitching on carnivore diet?
  3. I think that his falling ill because of benzo withdrawal might have shattered his trust in his own mind and body. I've been in a place similar to that, where one's mind doesn't work well and body is also in deep state of suffering. It can make you feel quite insane and it is difficult to ground oneself to anything, let alone to being if one has not had experience of being or consciousness. I think JP's left traumatized by that event and that trauma radiates as a fear of fear and he's trying to ground himself to morals, ethics and other constructs of his mind.
  4. Aren't you worried about leaching of aluminum from foil into food at high temperatures, in the presence of acidic/spicy foods, salt etc.? Or do you count on resources that claim that either oxide layer on the foil is strong enough so that no aluminum leaches into food, or that the amount is small enough that body can detox it?
  5. @Leo Gura Do you refer the experience of absolute truth as experience where time and space and all things in a way seize to exist and imagination realizes that all of this (reality as a content) is imagined into existence? Or do you include some other qualities to absolute truth? Do you consider love as the absolute intimacy of this kind of experience where everything is realized or noticed to be imagined into existence?
  6. Western medicine is most probably incapable of solving the problems that are related to the complex interactions that brain and gut. It is known that most modern health problems such as autoimmune, mental, cardiovascular, Alzheimer's etc. have a very strong correlation with alterations in persons gut microbiome and it seems that in a way gut microbiome communicates with the brain via vagus nerve and there has even been studies that showed that there can these microbes can be in the brain although this is unconfirmed. In addition, majority of happy hormones, such as serotonin, are produced in the gut. Clearly human body and mind should be treated as an ecosystem as one's mood and even majority of one's thoughts might be heavily influenced by the complex interactions between gut and brain. What western medicine does, it takes one problem and ignores all the rest. For example, I have IBD and have had severe upper GI problems for several years. The doctors just tell me to eat antacids and take no responsibility if those antacids make feel worse (as they have made). This is also backed up by several studies that show that long term antacid use is harmful and makes your lower GI track more vulnerable to infections. That's why I abandoned antacids and in fact also other IBD medicines and have tried to manage my symptoms with diet and supplements. But in my experience, diets and supplements rarely fully resolve gut problems and a more holistic approach would probably include approaches such as Fecal microbiota transplants, removing heavy metals and toxins, spiritual work and therapy and other things that western medicine is incapable of grasping.
  7. A really interesting episode. @Leo Gura You used similar terms borrowed from mathematical logic, such as tautology, to describe reality as Christopher Langan, who's the reputation for being smartest man in the America. Have you acquainted yourself with his work and his theory of everything (CTMU) that claims to prove existence of god with these kinds of tautological cognitive models? I think that based on his youtube interviews, he seems to be tier 2 stage yellow with ideas that resemble nonduality, but the idea that reality could be proven from logic and mathematics, i.e from the ruleset/content of this dream is his blind spot as a hyperlogical person.
  8. Thanks for posting the vlog video, it was really interesting to listen about your struggles, especially health related, as I have similar auto-immune related gastro etc. health problems, and how you had partially solved them or at least figured out the cause behind them. As you said, one cannot mask the misery that is caused by health problems but just keep on going in figuring around the solution although at times the path seems hopeless. I too have noticed that these kinds of problems are not solved overnight and improving my health through trial and error has been a curve with ups and downs with overall upwards trend. An important thing is to give you mind/brain and body time to rest and carefully prioritize the projects and daily tasks so that the healing can occur.
  9. @Preety_India , @@Hello from Russia In my view both of you see only the other side of the coin. Yes, money is the universal currency and as such a necessity that cannot be abandoned in the foreseeable future, but it is also an instrument of power, exploitation and injustice in the current system and current state of consciousness. For example, covid-19 vaccines have been developed by medical companies in co-operation with public health care research and funding and, to my knowledge, majority of the basic research behind the vaccine development is carried out and/or funded by public. But when the vaccines are approved, private health companies have a monopoly for their production and only few companies produce vaccines while most of the world's laboratory capacity remain unutilized. Thus it may take surprisingly long to get majority of the people around the globe vaccined as rich countries have the money to purchase majority of the vaccines (and they purchase them in excess, more than the would need to make sure they are the first to be able to stop social distancing and the economic harms that come with it) and it may take a long time before countries such as India gets enough vaccines. But in the more resource-based economy companies would have more responsibilities than just generating wealth to the stock owners and more of the world's lab capacity could be utilized for the production of vaccines and more quickly could we move pass the pandemic.
  10. I think that in a resource-based economic system money could be more purely an universal currency or in other words a means to exchange resources. In the current economic system, money is a vehicle to a dream of infinite economic growth, which ultimately boils down to how spiritually evolved people, communities, companies and states/countries are. If people would be more conscious, even investing and stocks could be a democratic way to promote ideas and endeavors that would likely to produce outcomes that benefit the societies and our ecosystem as a whole.
  11. Yeah, I have tried that too and partially succeeded, though I'm not sure . In the state of pure being masculine energy starts to fade and there is an opportunity to imagine feminine energy and feminine self image. In those moments I have imagined myself having vaginal energy i.e. sense of internal genitalia.
  12. @mandyjw I think that the way people relate to your problems depends on how you relate to your current experience. If you experience life impersonally this reflects to your communication with others in a fruitful way and even people who you think have quite low level consciousness can more likely make good suggestions for you how to approach the problem. Life might surprise you.
  13. Money is essentially an agreement on receivables i.e. that one can get certain amount of products or services with certain amount of money. But who produces those services and products? Other people (of course robots etc. too, but they are also owned by people). If every person would have equal amount of money, in a sense no one would have money or money would lose its value as everybody would have equal amount of receivables from other people.
  14. At the level of experiences, thoughts are objects similar to perceptions. At the level of experiencing, absolute or consciousness, thoughts are temporal modulations, vibrations or coloring of nothingness or consciousness. On the other hand, the whole life is in a way a great thought or hallucination that is imagined into existence.
  15. Thanks for the link! Got some inspiration and ideas for treating my health problems.