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  1. Chapter 270 Today is a brand new day. And time to begin a new chapter. I'm feeling great Forgot to add this part. The body is like a casket or a hollow statue. There is a lot of empty space inside. This empty space is throughout the body. It is dark there. And when you feel God's energy through you, this space is filled. This space is filled with the joy, peace, love and guidance. When this space is filled it begins to nourish all other parts of the spirit like the mind, the chi, the heart. The space gets denser and denser and you are filled a beautiful spirit. Your spirit becomes like water, immutable, unchangeable, unimpacted, stoic and strong. Guided spiritual meditation, Swan manual, tarot cards, the spirit exercise(water exercise), contemplation exercises, parts of mind exercises, review contemplation, brail exercise.
  2. Chronic health problems.
  3. Chapter 269 Life is such a mystery Work, relationships, friendships, philosophy and spirituality are such an intimate part of life and really there cannot be a textbook formula to apply to these things and they will work out. These things will happen naturally. The problem is we get molded. We do the work that is available instead of what we want to do. We engage in a relationship which is perceived as desirable rather than having a spontaneous connection. We follow a philosophy like a pattern. I guess that's where we all go wrong. Life has to take its course naturally. And every point of the matrix you have to be prepared for it. That's pretty much what it is. I believe in a lot of the stoic concepts. I believe that life is a struggle and a lesson in heroism. Whatever you are is only as long as you live. But what you do will last forever. Life is very uncertain. Life is an uncertain reality. Therefore there cannot be a specific rule or textbook as a manual for life. The only thing that is certain about life is its uncertainty. Life is a mystery and it had to be like that because it's spiritual. It's not materialistic. The Bible is true. You have to live a godly existence. The rewards of a material existence are nothing. But the rewards of eternity are beautiful. Life is natural. Technology cannot change this or bend this. Technology cannot change universal principles. So what are we to do. The only thing that you can do as an observer of life, is to absorb the experience and cope with it and fight with it and as a stoic be brave and conquer suffering and achieve despite the challenges and be prepared to face everything that life throws. That's the stoic way of living. The only thing you have for certain is a very short period of time, today and tomorrow and you have to prepare yourself to brace the next day. That's the only manual. Look for a higher reward, a spiritual reward and not for a material reward and never think that you missed out on something. All that is a matter of perception, all that material success is very much an illusion. It's not true. Whatever you think you missed out on was nothing to begin with. Spirituality and eternity are connected and intertwined. When you truly experience spirituality, you are on a different plane where you experience beauty and love and peace and a calm and serenity and peaceful joy and acceptance. This is a highly subjective experience, and to reach there you have to be really devoted to your quest. But all the devotion is worth it. This is how my spiritual experience was I felt like I was a child playing in a playground with other kids and there was not a care in the world about anything at all. It felt so free, free from everything. (*freedom) The next thing I felt was being with someone that was deeply caring and very warm and very friendly. It was like pure love. Pure pure love. It was pure selfless love. Like an angel loving you. Like a mother who loves you. It felt like the beginning of life. There was complete non judgementalism. There was no judgment whatsoever. It was like I can just be myself. Nobody to tell me anything. No expectations of achieving something. It felt peaceful and it felt like being surrounded by all love. There was so much empathy and laughter. There was happiness. There was no place for negativity or hate. It felt like an unusual mysterious form of peace where everything came to a standstill. Like the peace that you have in a graveyard. Like nothingness. Like nothing matters. Felt like I'm an observing ocean that is observing everything around with muteness. Just simply looking.. And at the same time it felt a very strong sense of self love. Like an another identity of my own loving myself. Like a mirror image of me loving myself. It felt like a river of love. Very comforting. It was like me comforting myself. Me telling myself to be at peace. It felt like the energy of love. God is the energy of love. It felt like selfless love. It was like water, always flowing. Flowing from one point to another, never still. When it was still it was like ocean, just observing. When it was flowing it was energizing and uplifting and motivating.. It was self - healing. It was self - comforting. (Water is the knowledge and the cup is the Mind) (. (Bruce Lee already explains this a bit in the full quote: “Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. If you put water into a cup, it becomes the cup. You put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot. Now, water can flow or it can crash. Be water my friend.” - Bruce Lee There are different takes on what he could have meant, depending on what the question was that led him to this statement, but if we assume he talks about life, then what he means is this: Water is formless, therefore it can adapt to every form. You, however, are often way too rigid. When a situation arises that you do not think you can handle, fear overtakes you and you degenerate into a state of helplessness. You are not adapting to your circumstances, are not dealing with the situation, and instead complain about it, and even blaming it. When the teacup situation arises you yell at it if you do not fit in right away, and blame the surroundings for shaping you into a shape that does not fit. You do not adapt. You let your past control who you are and are staying rigid in your form, which means you only fit into certain situations and crack at others. When water crashes against an object, it disperses and forms again, but when a box, for example, crashes against an object it shatters into pieces. Currently, you are like that box, trying to force yourself to adjust to different situations, shattering to pieces, breaking your own spirit, if you can’t. What Bruce Lee meant with his quote “Be like water my friend” is that you should not hold your own image so tightly. You are not your past, you are not the object people shaped you to be; you are simply water that has temporarily taken on that form. You can be successful no matter your start, can be anything you like to be and adjust to any and every situation if you just adjust and deal with things the way they come instead of wishing they were different. Stop trying to make the teacup adjust to you and adjust to the teacup instead. Problems arise all the time in life, and you can try to keep your rigid shape, smashing into the problems until one of you breaks, or you can be like water and slip through the cracks. ) It's a self healing force that is invincible because of love. It is constant, ever flowing like a fountain, it is silent like an ocean. It is the strongest form of self love. God is the embodiment of love. The spirit of love. God is a self healing force that causes your spirit or energy to be in equilibrium. That means your inner spirit becomes like water. Ever flowing, never impacted, never destroyed. When water crashes against an object, it disperses and forms again, but when a box, for example, crashes against an object it shatters into pieces. Nothing impacts water or destroys it. It remains the same. Your inner spirit forever stays the same because of the self healing force of love from God. It becomes like water. Nothing impacts. It laughs at the world. The water remains constant. No obstruction affects it or breaks it. Your inner spirit like water stays calm through everything and tides over anything. It is back up again, fully recovered even from setbacks and depression or suffering or obstacles. Imagine like your spirit is like a battery and you need a charger and God is that charger that keeps the battery up always. No enemy or obstruction can hurt the spirit. The spirit remains that way, remains like water forever. It remains stable and young and ever flowing and never drained or never down or defeated. This world is a nemesis. God is the friend. This world is a time capsule of the interaction between spirit and reality. But to take its onslaught, the spirit has to be strong and God gives that self healing strength for the spirit to recover from all the jolts of the world. The spirit continues strong into eternity. The spirit keeps self healing every time and from time to time with the energy of God. When the spirit becomes like water, then this life becomes pointless and everything starts to look pointless and unnecessary and of not much significance. Because both good or desirable or bad do not impact the spirit. It all looks irrelevant. The spirit just observes it and the spirit continues to flow. Imagine a fountain that never stops despite the disasters. It is eternally flowing impacted by nothing. Whats the point of this The spirit getting drained is really a form of sickness. It affects the body. It stresses you out. It is in constant state of suffering and agitation. Imagine using a phone with the lowest battery charge, it's really tough, The goal for the spirit is to stay stoic throughout the situations and interactions of the world. So getting drained is losing hope and not reaching the fullest potential of one's intentions. But a strong spirit moves on and achieves what the mind wanted. The soul continues on its path of purpose of creating goodness in the world and spreading light with an enormously strong spirit. Spiritual strength is a mysterious strength. It's like you are too exhausted on the bed and you feel like you just can't get up because you are so tired that you might almost faint. Yet if your spirit is strong, even in those circumstances, you will be able to get up despite the tiredness. The spirit will give you the willpower and the energy. Thus the spirit will show its power in the most impossible and insurmountable or difficult situations and circumstances where all hope is lost and where everything seems impossible. The spirit will give the energy to rise up again and to survive and tide over those extremely difficult circumstances. There are many in the world where people have survived and showed remarkable feats in surviving very difficult circumstances. It's their strong spirit at work. Scientifically their bodies under those circumstances should have shown massive damage and degradation and even a scant possibility of survival. However when examined they show miraculously or baffling level of recovery and no effect at all or very little impact and their survival and escape looks very astonishing like almost unachievable by a human. Yet they make it or made it. That's because of their power of the spirit. Their spirit like water remains unfazed, undefeated and this ever flowing spirit gives tremendous amount of strength to the body. A drained spirit cannot do this. I don't believe that this spirit creates miracles. But what I feel is that this spirit gives the strength and the ability to deal effectively with the interactions and situations of the world that are encapsulated into a phenomenon called life. Such a power the devil can never have. It's only God that gives it to the one that deserves. When you have a spiritual experience with God, your spirit becomes like water, strong, resilient, invincible,calm, matured, stable, flowing, motivating. And when you are deprived from such a spiritual experience, your spirit is empty, drained, it becomes like the wind, lacking strength and takes any direction in which it is made to go. When your spirit becomes like water, everything begins to look petty and you become a different person. You become strong and tough and resilient and things of the early nature do not matter anymore. Here we have a few definitions to better understand this concept . Life being like a time capsule of events and conditions. Earth as the earthly world of illusions and material rewards Water, representing the resilient nature of a fulfilled spirit Wind, representing the weak spirit Sky, representing eternity and the eternal guiding spirit of God and its rewards and glory of peace, joy, love and happiness. You have to be not like a wall or unemotional but like an absorbing sponge to feel the love of the eternal spirit or God. If everyone just focused on their own spirituality and the spirituality of their nearest kin, the problems of the world would end. We focus too much on the world and too little on ourselves. The world is an anomaly created out of the algorithm of many different positive as well as negative factors arising out of human perception and their clashing in reality. The Swan manual, tarot cards, the spirit exercise, contemplation exercises, parts of mind exercises, review contemplation, brail exercise.
  4. The real challenge does not lie in calling a spade a spade, but calling a brick a spade His fragile ego just cannot handle anything. Bullshit is bullshit even if you put a elitist sophisticated spin on it. The real challenge does not lie in calling a spade a spade, but calling a brick a spade. When you see a thug, you can call him a thug but what to do when a sophisticated person is peddling you. White collar crime. Beneath all that veneer, all that sophistication, deep down there is ugliness, a fetish to feed the ego, and basically its sophisticated hustling. The problem is you can't put a finger on it, can't say why it is wrong or evil, These people and their ideological and philosophical ramblings. Ain't going anywhere with all that narcissistic crap. He is high up there in the ranks of truly undesirable people. His fragile ego just cannot handle anything. Bullshit is bullshit even if you put a elitist sophisticated spin on it. The real demon is not the demon himself but Judas who is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Who appears like he is teaching the masses but in reality he is sowing the seeds of hate. You're just wrapping it up in a different judgemental bullshit package. When someone cannot be your downfall, you are your own downfall The greatest Bible in the world is karma. Karma is the biggest teacher. It teaches you everything. Karma will put you in your place. Karma is the ruler. It is a mirror that shows you the truth and shows who you are. Spirituality and life is about morality. Those with moral values do not spread hate. Narcissism causes you to lose that which was once beautiful. Your narcissism will be your own downfall. It will make you lose everything you were once so proud of you. Pride is nothing but self deception and delusion. Crafty means skilful and tricky in achieving goals Conspirator means schemer or plotter or someone who is the mastermind behind a conflict or disaster. Deceptive means a person who is very vague and not providing clarity and his true nature reveals that his impressions were fake. Like he said he is going to help. But when you need help he is being evasive. Deceitful means a person who cheated and used a specific method to get his goal. For example a man who copied to get good grades. Liar one who lies Shady means sneaky that is there is something suspicious about that person or that person's work. Fake means a person who puts on a display of an emotion without actually feeling for a specific intent. Phony means a person who is pretentious. Like always being pretentious and always putting on a fake display of intentions. Like everything they do is a show or a display. Just not genuine. Traitor. - they destroy your trust and completely betray you by turning against you for their selfish means. Manipulator is someone who has bad intentions for you or selfish intentions for them and talk you into getting done what they want. They also brainwash you for their means. Devious - a person who gives an impression that they are doing everything for your good but hiding their real agenda behind their impressions. You become aware later that you were being used for their benefit and their true agenda was something else that benefits them. Disingenuous - a person appearing to be having all good intentions or interests behind what they do but clearly their agenda is their own benefit and this is covered up or kept hidden or made to appear less relevant. For example an author who claims to raise awareness about a crime but their real motive was to profit from the book sale. Con artist - is someone who is outrightly scamming people by tricking them into a scheme that is obviously a scam and completely false.
  5. One big difference that will happen to you on the path of spirituality is the onset of depression. Your heart will grow bigger and bigger and your mind will expand in awareness and you will begin to notice how petty and shallow and disappointing humanity is. You will be depressed looking at the state of the world. You grasp a piece of beauty from a higher plane and it will be so beautiful that in comparison to it, the whole world will look so ugly and despicable. It's like you have been with the most loving people and now you are suddenly thrown into a prison full of thugs and bullies. It will feel unreal, sad depressing and you would feel like you don't belong there and that you have to stay away from such toxic people, you wouldn't find them relevant because your moral scale is higher. You will find those people like worthless nuisance destroying your agenda and not allowing you peace. You won't even discuss things they do because those things will be irrelevant to you. Once you are on the path of spirituality you will experience beauty and only beauty and the beauty will be so astonishing and pleasant and ethereal that all the richness treasures achievements of the world will fail in comparison. And suddenly everything and anything human will appear incredibly valueless, vague, ugly, shallow, hypocritical and futile and cringe worthy. Humanity will look like a pile of garbage and you will be residing in a different plane of beauty and eternity. You will feel eternally alive and blissful and invincible, no hate will destroy you, you will feel liberated and you will feel so peaceful so joyful and The people who will look genuinely good to you will actually be the weirdest out of the whole crowd because they would be ostracized for being spiritual and not like money hungry successful ones
  6. Just a reminder to myself - Never world Never to dabble into ghosts, paranormal, supernatural, aliens, UFOs, cryptids, ancient cultures, sasquatch, strange artifacts, strange places, creepy stories, occult, occultism, witchcraft, vampirism, magic, psychic powers, mediums, faith healing. Supernatural claims, NDE claims, spontaneous healing claims, christ testimonies, identifying as someone else ex elf, strange disappearances, Esp, demonology, tarot reading, divination, ancient aliens, afterlife stories, weird things, illuminati, conspiracy theories, fortune telling, numerology, time travel, alien abductions, cheap cgi effects, demons, monsters, ouija boards, time slips, men in black, cursed objects, curses, strange deaths, shrines, high strangeness, occult books, occult artifacts, haunted buildings, places, good luck symbols, energy of crystals, creepy pasta
  7. Taken from an article. The Unbelievable Skepticism of the Amazing Randi Share on Facebook Post on Twitter Mail Image By Adam Higginbotham Nov. 7, 2014 A few minutes before 8 o’clock one Sunday evening last July, around 600 people crowded into the main conference hall of the South Point casino in Las Vegas. After taking their seats on red-velvet upholstered chairs, they chattered noisily as they awaited the start of the Million Dollar Challenge. When Fei Wang, a 32-year-old Chinese salesman, stepped onto the stage, they fell silent. Wang had a shaved head and steel-framed glasses. He wore a polo shirt, denim shorts and socks. He claimed to have a peculiar talent: from his right hand, he could transmit a mysterious force a distance of three feet, unhindered by wood, metal, plastic or cardboard. The energy, he said, could be felt by others as heat, pressure, magnetism or simply “an indescribable change.” Tonight, if he could demonstrate the existence of his ability under scientific test conditions, he stood to win $1 million. The Million Dollar Challenge was the climax of the Amazing Meeting, or TAM, an annual weekend-long conference for skeptics that was created by a magician named the Amazing Randi in 2003. Randi, a slight, gnomish figure with a bald head and frothy white beard, was presiding from the front row, a cane topped with a polished silver skull between his legs. He drummed his fingers on the table in front of him. The Challenge organizers had spent weeks negotiating with Wang and fine-tuning the protocol for the evening’s test. A succession of nine blindfolded subjects would come onstage and place their hands in a cardboard box. From behind a curtain, Wang would transmit his energy into the box. If the subjects could successfully detect Wang’s energy on eight out of nine occasions, the trial would confirm Wang’s psychic power. “I think he’ll get four or five,” Randi told me. “That’s my bet.” The Challenge began with the solemnity of a murder trial. A young woman in a short black dress stood at the edge of the stage, preparing to mark down the results on a chart mounted on an easel. The first subject, a heavyset blond woman in flip-flops, stepped up and placed her hands in the box. After two minutes, she was followed by a second woman who had a blue streak in her hair and, like the first, looked mildly nonplused by the proceedings. Each failed to detect the mystic force. “Which means, at this point, we are done,” the M.C. announced. With two failures in a row, it was impossible for Wang to succeed. The Million Dollar Challenge was already over. Stepping out from behind the curtain, Wang stood center stage, wearing an expression of numb shock, like a toddler who has just dropped his ice cream in the sand. He was at a loss to explain what had gone wrong; his tests with a paranormal society in Boston had all succeeded. Nothing could convince him that he didn’t possess supernatural powers. “This energy is mysterious,” he told the audience. “It is not God.” He said he would be back in a year, to try again. Early one morning last summer, on a visit to Randi’s house in Florida, I drew up outside a few minutes later than we had agreed. Randi, wearing a canary yellow sweatshirt, was waiting at the front door, holding his watch in his hand. “You’re late!” he barked, and it was hard to tell if he was joking. We sat down in the living room to talk, and Randi spent half an hour laboriously adjusting his watch, winding the hands to display the correct date. “I am a little bit obsessed with having the right time,” he said. “I’ve always been very, very, big on knowing what time it is. That’s one of my connections with reality.” Randi has never smoked, taken narcotics or got drunk. “Because that can easily just fuzz the edges of my rationality, fuzz the edges of my reasoning powers,” he once said. “And I want to be as aware as I possibly can. That may mean giving up a lot of fantasies that might be comforting in some ways, but I’m willing to give that up in order to live in an actually real world.” That fixation on science and the rational life — and a corresponding desire to crusade for the truth — has a long history among magicians. John Nevil Maskelyne, who founded a dynasty of English conjurers in 1855 and became a prolific inventor, began his career by exposing fraudulent spiritualists and reproducing their tricks. Houdini turned to debunking mediums in his middle age as his career as an escapologist went into decline. He offered his own $10,000 reward to any spiritualist who could perform a “miracle” he could not duplicate himself. Martin Gardner, whose book “Fads and Fallacies in the Name of Science” is a founding text of modern skepticism, was also fascinated by magic, and became well known for his books explaining how many conjuring and mind-reading tricks rely upon strict laws of probability and number theory. Penn and Teller have since followed Randi down the path of conjurers who have become debunkers. Randi now sees himself, like Einstein and Richard Dawkins, in the tradition of scientific skeptics. “Science gives you a standard to work against,” he said. “Science, after all, is simply a logical, rational and careful examination of the facts that nature presents to us.” Although many modern skeptics continue to hold religious beliefs, and see no contradiction in embracing critical thinking and faith in God, Randi is not one of them. “I have always been an atheist,” he told me. “I think that religion is a very damaging philosophy — because it’s such a retreat from reality.” In July last year, Randi came closer than ever to the end. He was hospitalized with aneurysms in his legs and needed surgery. Before the procedure began, the surgeon showed Peña scans of Randi’s circulatory system. “Very challenging, a very difficult situation,” the surgeon told him. “But he lived a good life.” The operation was supposed to take two hours, but it stretched to six and a half. Since then, Randi has had several brushes with death. But nothing has shaken his steadfast rationalism: neither the heart attack he suffered in 2006, nor the cancer that followed. Nor, for that matter, did a conversation he had with Martin Gardner a few years before Gardner’s death in 2010, when his friend confessed to having chosen to believe in the possibility of an afterlife. “That really surprised me, because he was the rationalist supreme,” Randi recalled. “He said: ‘I don’t have any evidence for it, you have all the arguments on your side. But it brings me comfort.’ ” Randi told me that he now feels mild trepidation each time he goes to sleep at night, and pleasant surprise that he wakes up in the morning. But he insists he does not need the sort of reassurance that Gardner sought in his own last days. “I wouldn’t have any comfort from it — because I wouldn’t believe in it,” he said. “Oh, no, I have no fear of my demise whatsoever. I really feel that sincerely.” Most mornings, Randi is already awake at 7 o’clock, when Peña comes in to check on him; sometimes he’s up at 6. “I’ve got a lot of work to do, still,” he told me, “and I’ve got to make use of my viable time.” He is currently completing his 11th book, “A Magician in the Laboratory,” and spends several hours a day responding to emails from his desk in the chaotic-looking office he maintains upstairs. He Skypes with friends in China or Australia once a week. Peña likes to cook, and paints downstairs, beside the framed lithograph recalling the triumphs of the Man No Jail Can Hold. The couple have spent much of the last year traveling to film festivals and screenings across the United States, helping to promote a new documentary about Randi’s life, “An Honest Liar,” which will be released in February. Randi has been surprised by the response. “Standing ovations, the whole thing,” he told me. When Randi began to come to, heavily dosed with painkillers, he looked about him in confusion. There were nurses speaking in hushed voices. He began hallucinating. He was convinced that he was behind the curtain before a show and that the whispering he could hear was the audience coming in. The theater was full; he had to get onstage. He tried to look at his watch, but he found he didn’t have it on. He began to panic. When the hallucinations became intensely visual, Peña brought a pen and paper to the bedside. It could prove an important exercise in skeptical inquiry to record what Randi saw as he emerged from a state so close to death, one in which so many people sincerely believed they had glimpsed the other side. Randi scribbled away; his observations, Peña thought, might eventually make a great essay. Later, when the opiates and the anaesthetic wore off, Randi looked at the notes he had written. They were indecipherable
  8. Chapter 265 I will add another step to this. Review contemplation After many hours of contemplation, you can do a review contemplation that focuses on productivity, outcome, result and future corrections, additions and considerations. I have written before about brail and chi energies. And now it is a different form that I came across in my contemplation exercise. And this is attraction based energy. This energy you build up by attracting certain things to yourself. You can either attract positive or negative based on the law of attraction. Chi is the output or vibe. Brail is the inner state of homeostasis. And this can be called element energy or psychic energy. Brail, chi and element. Chi is output Brail homeostasis Psychic energy is feeding. And there is attraction and visualization as parts of the mind.. Parts of the mind 1..shadow 2.. Utterance 3. Awareness 4.. Equilibrium brail or homeostasis 5. Security 6. Nourishment 7. Filteration 8. Observation 9. Memory 10. Judgement 11. Cohesion 12. Avoidance or protection 13. Freedom or release 14. Recovery 15. Contemplation 16. Rehabilitation or therapy.. 17. Visualization. 18. Order or sequence 19. Attention, concentration, focus. 20. Cleaning. 21. Attraction.and telekinesis. 22. Compass Attraction based contemplation. Desire based contemplation Observation based contemplation. Here you observe your mind and see what it's attracting. And whatever you need to attract. Observe your own mind. Third person based. Never world.
  9. Chapter 264 I'm feeling much better today. Much better. I feel confident than ever. I feel like I can finally get a grip on my life. What I did for this is laid-contemplation I will layout 4 types of contemplation. Laid-contemplation - you have to lay down and close eyes and just focus on different sensations of the body. Let the sensations slowly settle down and calm. Sitting contemplation - sit upright and a straight back. Stretch your arms and warm up. Now hold a rod in your hands. Like a long metallic or wooden rod. This is to keep the hands engaged. If not a rod, use a big bowl a metallic and hold it with both hands and the bowl placed as you sit cross-legged. Standing contemplation - stand with upright posture. Place hands on a wall at a horizontal angle. Now slightly bend head towards the wall with the neck bent in. You can do this on a wall or a door or window. Now silently contemplate. Silent contemplation - be completely silent and shut down all sounds in the environment. Use any of the positions above... No thoughts. Completely blank and silent
  10. I'm so glad this worked
  11. Today I tried contemplation and silence practice. And it was wonderful
  12. April 19
  13. Chapter 263 So now I have to cut down on some of my teenagey obsessions. I can even call them addictions. They operate in the form of pathways or feedback loops. Examples. Coffee - - - - >. Stimulated - - - - - > active - - - > tired - - - - >craving - - - - >coffee Food - - - - > filled ---> energetic ----> hungry ----> down time --->comfort--->want to feel cozy - - >food... Sugar - - - > feel good - - - - > excited - - - - > energetic - - - - - >feel down- - - - -cravings >hunger pangs - - > sugar Entertainment, video games, gossip, drama, sports, YouTube, documentaries, Stimulation fun engagement - - - - - ->makes you feel upbeat and engaged - - - - - - - - - > makes you feel productive - - - - - - - -> gets your brain engaged - - - - - - - - -> relieves anxiety through distraction - - - - - - - - > feeling of boredom as soon as you take a break - - - - - - - - - - - > craving for more stimulation - - - - - - - - > Stimulation fun engagement. I have every form of these obsessions. Not to mention the obsession of writing this journal. But this is productive and it helps me a lot with understanding what is going on. At least I can keep a record. To break this habit do limited time contemplation But...... I'm putting my foot down. Enough already No more junk. No more addictions. I have to identify and set a curfew for myself Once the curfew cut off is reached, I need to go back to productive stuff.
  14. Chapter 262 So two nights I spent on the noura Jackson case and bought the book on her. Read it obsessively because I was so damn curious. It had me riveted. Well enough of that now. I have been obsessed with crime for a long time. It's time to focus on productive things. I have done everything that aroused my curiosity but I think I have realized it's the teenage syndrome I mean it's like being all over the place. Being obsessed with anything that provokes my curiosity. But it doesn't bring any real benefit. It's just a mind trick.
  15. Chapter 261 I have developed an interest in the occult, paranormal, not so much in the occult, supernatural, aliens, skinwalkers ranch, afterlife, cryptids, ancient cultures, sasquatch, strange artifacts, strange places, creepy stories, Im trying not to allow these things to shape the definition of life. What I will do is just call this whole bunch of mysterious unknown stuff "never world" I think it's best to leave it as it is and not to dabble too much into all of the mysterious phenomena because I think it contains a lot of negative energy. And the more I invest into it, it eats into my inner energy and drains me. That's why it's mysterious because it's supposed to drain us. The best thing to do is to not dabble into and not attract it to oneself because I think it's dangerous and there's nothing to gain from it.
  16. Godhouse Death valley
  17. Came across this.
  18. Chapter 260 Parts of the mind 1..shadow 2.. Utterance 3. Awareness 4.. Equilibrium 5. Security 6. Nourishment 7. Filteration 8. Observation 9. Memory 10. Judgement 11. Cohesion 12. Avoidance or protection 13. Freedom or release 14. Recovery 15. Contemplation 16. Rehabilitation or therapy.. 17. Visualization. 18. Order or sequence 19. Attention, concentration, focus. 20. Cleaning.
  19. Personal Growth Wabi-Sabi: The Japanese Philosophy For a Perfectly Imperfect Life Thomas Oppong Nov 1, 2018 Photo by Robbin Huang on Unsplash Life is unpredictable. And that’s okay. Embrace it. When nothing is certain, everything is possible! Your plans for tomorrow, next month or next year may not unfold as you expect. But it’s important to make plans and move on. Landon Donovan once said, “Life isn’t perfect, of course, but we all know it’s how you react to things that counts.” Imperfection is the basic principle of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese philosophy of accepting your imperfections and making the most of life. “Wabi” is said to be defined as “rustic simplicity” or “understated elegance” with a focus on a less-is-more mentality. “Sabi” is translated to “taking pleasure in the imperfect.” The concept of wabi-sabi, is wide and almost impossible to distill in a single post, but can easily be applied simply to moments of everyday life. The relentless pursuit of perfection — in possessions, relationships, achievements — often leads to stress, anxiety, depression and hasty judgement. This is where wabi-sabi invites a pause. The Japanese philosophy encourages us to focus on the blessings hiding in our daily lives, and celebrating the way things are rather than how they should be. Wabi-sabi prizes authenticity. Wabi-Sabi is “a way of life that appreciates and accepts complexity while at the same time values simplicity,” writes Richard Powell in his book, Wabi Sabi Simple. Richard says it acknowledges three simple realities: “Nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.” In Zen philosophy, there are seven aesthetic principles in achieving wabi-sabi: Kanso — simplicity Fukinsei — asymmetry or irregularity Shibumi — beauty in the understated Shizen — naturalness without pretense Yugen — subtle grace Datsuzoku — freeness Seijaku — tranquility The timeless wisdom of wabi-sabi is more relevant now than ever for modern life, as we search for meaning and fulfilment beyond materialism. Wabi-sabi is like minimalism with a conscious choice. The concept has its roots in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. A common explanation is the example of a well-loved teacup, made by an artist’s hands, cracked or chipped by constant use. Such traces remind the observer that nothing is permanent — even fixed objects are subject to change. A great example of wabi-sabi in creativity is the art of kintsugi, where cracked pottery is filled with gold dusted lacquer as a way to showcase the beauty of its age and damage rather than hiding it. The fault is not hidden but highlighted. This is not to say the Craftsman was sloppy (wabi-sabi isn’t an excuse for poor craftsmanship). Wabi-sabi draws attention to the cracks in a tea cup as part of the beauty of the object. In his book The Unknown Craftsman, Soetsu Yanagi argues that imperfections are necessary for a full appreciation of the object and the world. We in our own human imperfections are repelled by the perfect, since everything is apparent from the start and there is no suggestion of the infinite. Wabi-sabi is everywhere, you just need to know how to look, and what to do to embrace the concept in your life. The cracks in the old teacup are seen as assets rather than flaws. “Wabi sabi is a different kind of looking, a different kind of mindset,” explains Robyn Griggs Lawrence, author of Simply Imperfect: Revisiting the Wabi-Sabi House . “It’s the true acceptance of finding beauty in things as they are,” he says. What does it take to embrace Wabi-sabi in your life? Robyn explains that you don’t money, or special skills to appreciate your imperfections and make the most of life. Bringing wabi-sabi into your life doesn’t require money, training, or special skills. It takes a mind quiet enough to appreciate muted beauty, courage not to fear bareness, willingness to accept things as they are — without ornamentation. It depends on the ability to slow down, to shift the balance from doing to being, to appreciating rather than perfecting. Mike Sturm says Wabi-sabi is about accepting yourself and building on what you already have in life. He writes. Embracing wabi-sabi is as easy (or as difficult) as understanding and accepting yourself — imperfections and all. It’s about being compassionate with yourself as you are, and building on whatever that is — not feverishly trying to rebuild yourself in order to pose as something else entirely. Today, appreciation of the things we have, people we love, and the experiences we have the opportunity to weave into our lives is losing value. Wabi-sabi represents a precious cache of wisdom that values tranquillity, harmony, beauty and imperfection, and can strengthen your resilience in the face of materialism. It gently motions you to relax, slow down, step back from the hectic modern world and find enjoyment and gratitude in everything you do. Put simply, wabi-sabi gives you permission to be yourself. Embrace the perfection of being imperfectly you. 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