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  1. @DrewNows wasn't trying to blame. Just said facts. Nobody is bad or good. But in relationships we often get used played unwittingly and without the other person intending. Was just pointing that out. When a relationship has no future, it's best to cut losses.
  2. @electroBeam you're being played. Maybe that's not her intention but that's what is happening. Women who have suffered trauma are not able to deal with their shadows openly therefore they begin to justify their bad behavior by using their past trauma. Don't fall in that trap. You deserve a healthy woman. If she is not happy with you she should just break up with you and move on. But she wants you as a teddy bear. She doesn't want a horrible break up because she doesn't want to deal with the emotions of losing you. But that's her deal. Often traumatized women display emotionally abusive behavior. This they do without knowing it themselves. She does not try to solidify the relationship. This is a big sign that you don't have a future with her, once you know this, you know that staying in it is like being played but she wouldn't admit it because she doesn't want to look like the bad guy. You will need to get the confidence to be upfront and tell her that you are breaking up for good even though it hurts her because this will make her realize that she cannot do that to other men and that men will leave her once they realize that she is just using them as a crutch. You need to make her realize that. Both men and women need stable partners not people to counsel for their past trauma. For that she can attend therapy. And yes she can make good friends with lots of men and women. She doesn't have to use boyfriends as crutches and ruin their time. You need to seriously move on. She is not going to be productive for you in any way.. Rest of the stuff she says like why can't she do this or that is plain emotional blackmail. My ex had called me last week and asked me why we can't be friends anymore especially when I'm already in a new relationship. And then proceeded to say romantic/sexual things to me. And told me that I'm not open minded enough to allow that. This is just emotional blackmail whichever gender does it. Ask her if she would do hugging and kissing when you have a new girlfriend and she would probably say yes. She will be willing to even damage your relationship for her emotional needs. Would your new woman like that? You need people who give YES OR NO answers in relationships not vague or wishy washy. Be very careful about that part. Any woman who gives you mixed signals is bad news. Because they will forever give mixed signals. Move on to someone who wants to have a future with you in a practical way, and don't fall for emotional blackmail bullshit. Severe all ties with her and make your boundaries clear. She can find her cuddly teddy bear in some guy who is simply happy being her boy toy. Good luck
  3. I have a memory of a goldfish.
  4. I wanted to write a journal on theories of the brain. And this is a new chapter in my spiritual life
  5. I need to seriously get back on track
  6. It seems you are stuck in a rut. 3 years is too much. I take only 4 months. If a relationship doesn't pan out, I immediately break up. Not too much time in life to spare for a relationship of years. If this is the state of a relationship after 3 years, it's not worthy at all!! What are you thinking I would have gotten married, had kids in that span of time, jet speed. You're just wasting time and by refusing to let go, you're wasting even more time. She is clearly not compatible with you. If her feelings have changed in the past 6 months, then that is the biggest red flag from a woman. I'm not saying she is good or bad. Just saying that she is not on the same level of commitment. When a woman says that, she is not prepared to be with you. That's the signal she is giving already. She is also not stating boundaries clearly, bad sign. Because she wants to cuddle you but still wants another boyfriend. This means she just wants you around like a cute cuddle toy. That's a bummer.. There's no point in saving a relationship that is anyway going to be lost. Because once a woman makes up her mind, that's it!! She has made up her mind that she is done. That's why she called off the sex part. You're already too late on giving up on a fruitless relationship that is going nowhere. That's because you are bonded to her and can't let go. Yet she is not totally in love with you or else she would give it many chances. Let it go. Try finding someone better and compatible before your age runs out. Because once you waste too much time, you won't get even the ones that you could have got. Get rid of relationships that are simply a drain of your time and feelings.
  7. Health Freedom (special word) Livelihood and survival Love Peace...mental peace and joy Purpose and passion Happy death In short a wholesome life
  8. Clear elucidation of title and role and responsibilities and accountabilities. Clear explanation of what will be considered wrongdoings or misuse of the role or abuse of the role. Those wrongdoings will be called offenses and constraints. Or breach, transgressions, infringements, infractions, misdemeanors, violations. Title deserved and privileges deserved only when earned. That is only when role performed in compliance with the nature of the role and its violations.. That is only when the role is performed in the most optimum manner and without violations. Importance of being gender neutral. A proper system of punishment for violations. Programs Assistance Therapy Resources Awareness Laws extra laws for violations with clear emphasis on role and title. Tools Counseling Financial assistance Empowerment Proper displacement for dysfunctional units Detention centers/Reformatory Rehab centers Licensing for parenting
  9. Hmm for me this won't work no matter how hard I try. I guess the need for love is innate and deep. There is a reason why you have affection for another. This is the law of the universe. No creature can exist by its own. Every creature is fundamentally social and that's how we survive and grow. Man is a social animal and so are other animals too. Loving yourself can be a temporary escape loneliness and a way to strengthen the self, but it can't compensate those parts of the brain that light up when we experience love from someone else. It's natural. Love has astronomical healing capacity. It's a shame that loving relationships end prematurely usually for stupid reasons. But don't underestimate the power of love you receive from others. It's the single most motivating and most soothing comforting experience ever. Self love cannot match that
  10. When I'm mulling over something
  11. January 21 Great day A small victory today I'm going to keep a milestone record from now on
  12. Another milestone completed.. I returned back home safely.. Job done. Thank God finally it got done safely
  13. Awesome post. But I didn't get what sort of mind games you were referring to. Explaining with examples would be appreciated.
  14. Karma can mean so many different things It can mean for instance The way of the righteousness and not instinct. Like mindfulness and consciousness It can mean clearing the Karma It can mean a record of good deeds and bad deeds It can mean cause and effect It can mean what goes around comes around as in karma and justice It can mean purification of the soul It can mean not expecting the outcome but always working towards the goal without greed or expectation. But the basic meaning is the intentions and the actions good or bad. Your motives and your actions. Every action has equal and opposite reaction. The good you do will lead to productivity. The bad you do will lead to destruction.
  15. An Instigator is a person who does not fit into the role correctly and therefore tries to manipulate the role or the opposite gender or another role to serve his purpose. They do this to serve their own ego. Example - they will out of Insecurity or out of greed and hate and contempt, they will start oppressing the opposite. This for the gratification of evil desires and not needs. A Rebel is a free bird An exploiter is someone who plays the role but not for greater good but for consumption. The real ones fit properly. They are called real. They are the defenders. They are the dharma seekers. The ones that do the dharma will only bring good outcome. Because they did as they were supposed to. They discharged the role they were given or the role they accepted. The dharma followers will not bring suffering The dharma is the way of the role Karma is the way of actions. Bhakti means worship
  16. The more you deviate from the physical health standards the sicker you get The more you deviate from the role, the more oppressive you get
  17. Powerful keyword Embrace
  18. Love life Health Career Money and livelihood Spiritual awakening Personal growth Progress Balance Birth and death If you go round and round on your current situation you already see clues for your future. Assistance, relaxation, therapy, relief, confidence, guidance, support, positivity, counseling, advice, analysis, suggestions
  19. Energy tarot
  20. Kino tarot Soul whisper tarot Chanel Bader tarot Luz lumiere
  21. 2 extra sets of tarots
  22. Life is like driving. It needs a lot of skill and strategy and flexibility and maneuvering A bow arrow Archer tarot best represents this
  23. Flexibility.. Give and withdraw Optimization. When to spend energy and when to conserve Using everything as a weapon therefore nothing is right or wrong. HH. Perception of future. Strategy . Can't use all your arrows at once. Have to save them but also have to use them Caution. Very careful Knowledge. Preliminary knowledge Observation Maturity Gigantic strength and preparedness Recovery and resilience Resources. This is the most basic One process is love and the other process is elimination
  24. It's important to know the future beforehand
  25. I want to be a part of the "good people club"