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  1. Back pain journal
    Back pain journal
    I want to keep a record of my backpain in this journal. It is not regular but it comes and goes every few weeks.. 
    I will feel it going upwards to my neck region 

  2. Forum resources and threads
    Forum Resources and Threads ¶¶
    Whatever I learn from my interactions in the forum can be put here. 

  3. I deserve
    I DesERvE
    This is so hard for me to do. Holding on to this thought that I deserve.

  4. Playlist
    My new beautiful Playlist
    New songs. 

  5. H
    Too Much Nonsense
    I'm seeing too much nonsense on this sub-forum. Too much speculation, too much gossip, too much ego stroking, too much distraction, too many pointless questions.
    This is not the place for such nonsense. Your biggest obstacle on this path -- if you really care about spirituality -- is your monkey mind's limitless ability to distract you from the real work.
    The purpose of this forum is to share high quality information, personal experiences, resources, and seek solid guidance in a serious way. Not to shoot the shit about your fantasies of enlightenment, philosophizing, dicking around, taking sides, getting offended, and doing everything BUT working towards enlightenment.
    Without naming names, I'm noticing certain members here are just engaging in mental masturbation, over and over again, month after month. Some of that is tolerable, especially if you're new here, but I expect more from you. Realize your nonsense and put a lid on it. It's one thing to distract yourself with your monkey mind, but then you also start to distract others who might be seriously into this work.
    So whatever nonsense happened in the past, leave it in the past, and from now on be much more mindful of what you post. Make sure it has a good reason for being posted, not just verbal diarrhea. And cut the gossip about people, gurus, teachers, and other forum members. Cut the gossip entirely. This work has nothing to do with any personality or person.
    Before talking about enlightenment, do the work! Show us you're reading, practicing, meditating, self-inquiry, and seriously trying -- not just blabbermouthing. Nobody really cares about your opinions about enlightenment.
    Folks who continue to blabbermouth, will get warning points and bans. And if the forum continues to engage in such behavior as a whole, the entire thing will just be shut down. I would rather shut it down than see it turn into a mental masturbatorium.
    Please help keep this sub-forum on-point.
    In the future, warning points will be given for the following kinds of offenses:
    Gossiping Creating drama Speculating about enlightenment, opinionizing Arguing/debating Pointless topics/questions If you have nothing valuable or experientially-grounded to say, then best not to say anything at all.
    If you have legitimate insights or questions from your practice which you'd like to talk about, that perfectly fine.

  6. What supplements to buy?
    What supplements to buy?
    Hey guys! I'd like to shop for some supplements soon, and I'd like your advice on this topic.
    Currently, I have those on my list...
    *= Important/Must have (If some aren't that important or the opposite, then please tell me. I'd like to have a list for all the ones needed, and those that are not that important.)

    *Vitamin C - (1000mg 1x daily)
    *Omega 3 - (1000mg 1x daily)
    *Vitamin D3 - (5000IU 1x daily) 
    Green Tea Extract - (725mg once every other day) 
    *Magnesium (200mg 2x daily)
    Multivitamins (Any recommendations here & dosage?)
    *Probiotics (10 billion CFUs 1x daily)
    *Vitamin B12 (1000ug 1x daily)
    What do you think of this? Anything that you recommend me to change here? Should I add something and/or take away a supplement etc.?
    I don't have much knowledge about this stuff myself, so it would be great if people could give me some advice. Also, yes I watched Leo's video on this topic.