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  2. Name:Ma.Jackie Fernandez Age:19 Gender:female Location:Bulacan,Philippines Marital status:Single Kids:No Hobbies:Learning, personal development,music,reading, visualization and research AT 15 I started doing self help watching a lot of motivational yt channels and then to LOA and then at 16 I really want to get rid of social anxiety or just maybe to overcome it coz I know it is holding me back from doing the things that I want and after searching for some channel that talks about how to stop caring what people think of you.I'm really glad that I stumbled upon that time until now it puts me into new reality bcoz back then I have this kind of victim mentality,comparing myself to others and a lot of unhealthy mindset.After watching his channel and putting some of it into practice. This gives me hope and strength bcoz even now dealing with financial problem ,also my parents really my family is dysfunctional.They are also very religious.Yes I know it is not healthy but that's not gonna be the biggest problem. As a kid I have the vision for myself that I don't want to waste my life . I know deep down that I am destined for something.And I am gonna create it consciously. I become more aware atleast on my emotions and thoughts. Everything has recontextualized. And now I'm working on myself and finding people who can help me atleast and any resources coz I do really want to move out from my parents house and to be independent .