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  1. Tree of life for a guy I'm dating right now. (finally FINALLY broke up with ex... @Shin )
  2. What is yours? Yea that's what I meant lol. 100 here we go...!! I'm a girl tho but thanks I try! NEW VID (maybe meditating to neurofunk isn't the best idea...... )
  3. My channel (please teach me how to make custom URL's..) : My logo (I myself have created it cuz no money to pay a designer) : My first video - Capricorn astrological symbol Channel goal: Share conscious ideas and beauty through art (lots to work on it I know I know..). Give me ideas to draw. Even 1 word ideas are appreciated! What would you like me to draw? It's free! Free commissions woohoooo!!!! ^^ Just ask for spiritual or conscious, I mean SD Green, Yellow, Turquoise + .....
  4. Exactly! Life is so beautiful now. ^^ <3 Glad you enjoyed!
  5. @Zigzag Idiot Ain't gonna lie, I missed You the most from this website! ❤️ I was offline for months cause I went to better myself in the cold, harsh reality..
  6. Probably not a good idea to approach until you get into flow state. Read Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi books. I never read them cos I figured stuff out on my own, but people say he talks about this. Be the cool guy, the bad guy, making my mom cry guy. 😂 (Sorry I looove Billie Eilish and I'm just kidding. Be nice to mom, mmk? 🔫😤) Learn humor and to let go. Be witty! Don't care what people think! Let go of analyzing what people might think of you and stay in your own body. Be body-aware! (another video I didn't watch but I figured out myself through real life practice and anxiety pills). And most importantly.. don't force the whole thing. And if you make a mistake don't overthink it, just let go. Enlightenment work helps. Nonverbal communication means more than verbal. Learn to communicate or get in flow state. Also how old are you? Are you at school/uni, or you approach on street? I will give you an example of approach, I'm a female btw. Read this post I made: And lastly, be fine being alone first. Don't just make friends cause you're lonely.. make friends with yourself. I always tell people that love isn't the praise you get from friends or the attention a sexual partner gives you. While those are important or even necessary, true love starts within. By respecting yourself. Take care of the flower (self), the butterfly (friend, lover) will come when it's time. - quote I heard from a friend.
  7. Something weird happened today! Just today I was walking in the park and a dog ran to me very happily. Since I am in flow state I am very present in the moment and relaxed, move easily, socialize easily... So I smiled at the dog, and a woman sitting at the bench told me "He doesn't bite! And he loves when you stroke him." cause the dog sat on the ground and waited for me to play with him. I was stroking the dog's back and he immediately fell asleep. He was hard to wake up and the woman said he never was this relaxed. Maybe I have hidden reiki powers???? Anyway. Conversation with woman as follows... : Woman: He doesn't bite! You can play with him. Me: I figured. He looks like a good boy. Woman: He likes when you stroke him that's why he lay on his back. Me: *stroking dog's belly* What a good boy... I never had a dog. I live in a block. Woman: Me too, he sleeps on the balcony. Me: Yeah.. I mean, my father lives in a house, he has some dogs, and I live with my granny on the 4th floor on ___________ Street. Granny was a nurse in this park in that building. *I point to a building with a quick head movement* She is bacteriophobe. (is this a real word??) Woman: I understand. *silence while me playing with dog and stroking his back, face and belly, after that he fell asleep. im calm and the dog is cute* *some kid kicks a football accidentally there* *I realise she's a mom. She tells me to kick it back to his son. I kicked the ball back. The children were asking each other if im a girl or a boy (I had this problem since childhood, I'm very androgynous haha). *She stands up and approaches me and wakes up the dog with a sweet voice* *I give her my hand to shake* Me: I'm ______ (my name). Nice to meet you! Woman: _______ (her name). Me: *telling her about my father, I tell our surname and ask if she knows him* Woman: I know him! He is a mechanic! Me: Yeah, I'm his daughter. Woman: How old are you? Me: 21. Woman: Didn't you go to university? Me: Nah, I failed my Bacalaureat at maths...I was lazy and I oreferred going out in nature, jogging and walks in nature. ***next 10 minutes: *random chat, mainly me talking by myself cause i had insomnia last night and has less control of what I said..* *son kicks ball too far again, I kick back. asks mom if im a girl* (pic related) Woman: No, I mean YES! Cause her name is ______. Me: *smiles at his son and shouts out loud* I'M A GIRL!!!! (I got used to being mistaken for a guy, so I was neutral to the fact that they though im a young man) Woman: I will have to go now. I hope to see you again soon! Me: See you! *awkwardly start running for some reason because I wanted to jog but I realize my clothes are too heavy and think, "Next time" and after 2 seconds of jogging I start walking.* Found her on Facebook. She's a psychologist and pharmacist. Wow. I bet she read me like an open book! This was my first approach of a stranger. Was cool practice. And it was by accident, I only wanted to stroke the dog but meanwhile I made a friend. So see? I do mistakes but I treat them as nothing. I live by the quote that, those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind. It doesn't have to be perfect guys! I hope this is a good example for guys and girls and pickup community and people who want friends in their adult years.
  8. i. - Things that were, are and will be "bad" in my life - a radically honest and detailed list Things I didn't like about myself, things that I struggled with, things that were mildly or severely annoying me, things that were going bad in my life or simply disturbing or disrupting my flow and things I had to accept cause I couldn't change them. These are from birth till now, as chronologically sorted as possible. I have some things I work on too in present or things I sense I will encounter in the future. So I will sort this chapter past - present - future. a. past hurt I was born 1 week later than it would've been normal. So 9 months and 1 week. I find it lucky cause I am an Aquarius. If I was born on time, I would've been a Capricorn. Still am a Capricorn based on some weird astrological systems, including Vedic. I don't own the book below. It's on my wishlist though! Someone buy me pls? 😂 Just kiddin. Anyway, sometimes I suspect the reason why I was born a whole effin week later is because both me and my mom were attached to each other. I was overly attached to my family and overly dependent on them because of my financial situation. That doesn't mean I should've felt energetically in debt to them just cause the money, food and shelter, but for some reason I did. Solution: I went to a psychologist whom helps me cope with hardships. She told me I don't have to tell everything to my family, only when I'm ready. I have some secrets since then that they know nothing of... I will tell them about my secrets when it is TIME. 😊 Another solution to the over-attachment was going outside alone days in a row. I am doing a 100 day challenge of going outside every day..... It is 5th day today. I mean 6th because it is past midnight but that doesn't matter. I am in the mood to write cause I was having a horrible fight with family and I can't sleep so I'm writing this thingie hehe. So..back to subject! I was going outside every day for 6 days and they slowly started believing in me and they let me go outside whenever I wish. I still have to tell them when I leave home. but I am working on a way to make it possible to leave home without letting them know,.. idk if it is a god idea but I would be more comfortable. Plus they invented mobile phones half a century ago ugh. 😂 Oh well... at least I know I have loving and supporting parents whom care about me, even if they are overprotective. That's the way how the best moms are. <33333 It's so good to have a family that loves you and supports your dreams.. When I was born I didn't cry up. They had to take out the water from my throat then I cried. I am sensitive in my throat, for example I can't stand cigarette smoke, incense stick burning, air freshener, (strong) perfumes and deodorants, ice cold air, too hot air and talking too much or singing. I also talk a bit in a mumbling voice and have a weird lisp and russian accent. 😳 Solution: Started talking with friends and family more, got out of my comfort zone and called and texted and contacted old friends and people. Told them about my mental illness. Read a novel about a socially awkward girl and how she coped (pic below), and I still have to finish the book..I'm at 54%, it means I read half the book. .... to be continued.
  9. I googled it. Is it good? How do you use it? Where do they sell it?
  10. My friends have skin problems because of using make up. Scars and pimples and small wrinkles. I use none and I look like a porcelain doll. She should drink 3 liters of water ever day and avoid concealer. Idk about the Toronto peel, I just know that it might be temporary. For long term she should create a skin care routine, day and night. I mean, my skin is so sensitive that I can't even use soap. Sometimes even the chlorine in pure tap water makes it dry! Tell her to eat her veggies and fruits. Avoid consuming milk and cheese. And I guess it's obvious that I don't have to mention fast food and fries.
  11. 00 - Prologue ~ Ok, so I want to write this journal to inspire others. I finally awakened and knew myself. It was similar to Ekhart Tolle, I suffered so much that I hit rock bottom, then things started going upward after I contacted a good ol' internet friend my age (21) whom I met at a psychiatry back in 2012. He told me to get help and promised it will get better and offered empathy... Then read some older replies to a post of mine. I need some post-trauma healing and minor shadow work (and a part time job for a decent income), but I am wise enough and now I implemented everything I learned from actualized org and friends and family and throughout life in a short period of time (say 3 months..). I matured. Solved the maze. Still get ego backlash rarely but it ain't that bad and I can make it go away with self control. ***Note: I didn't read or watch everything from Actualized, but what I read and listened, I implemented. I am too weak right now and my mind can't take more info from Leo vids, he is too advanced. Maybe older ones.. Much respect, @Leo Gura! Thank you for being part of the process and helping me find "da wae!" 😂 I am NOT a fan of "I'm enlightened ask me anything" journals. You can ask me advice here or in private, (I prefer here so that others can benefit as well, but message me if it's important or sensitive topic. If you can (only if you can cause, I don't mind much haha), pretty please don't use "woo woo" terms and occultist jargon, or over-complicated mental-masturbatory philosophical ideas. Thankies! 😉 Be honest. Be pure. Be direct. Be clear. Be concise. Be objective. Keep it simple and to the point. Ask many questions. Give detailed info so I can give detailed solutions and advice. I am gonna use this thing as a daily journal as well. To track my growth progress. Easier to track here than on paper. I am not on computer much cause I'm out in the world doing stuff, living life. I spend minimum 5 hours outdoors and / or in nature every day and the rest of the day is spent exploring creative ideas and chatting on Messenger with friends whom are materially more successful than I am at the moment. Which is normal, we are all unique. I am going at my own pace and I have different needs atm. I'm also going to share inspiring photos, quotes, books, music, art, people, tips and advice. I might add astrological notes, videos and article links since I want to learn to read a chart properly. I will share occasional self-created art. Digital, graphite and paintings. Maybe also photos or vids of my life stuff....... I plan to structure this like a book. Will see.. Wish me good luck and good health to keep this journal project going! 😄 -- 10/oct/2019, 2:27 am
  12. You guys, I don't mental-masturbate anymore. I had realizations via direct experience and my English knowledge is weak so I'll just let you discuss. Point is, I found the answer to my question thanks to all of you. Cheers!