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  1. It's good that you awakened to these things, but don't judge yourself too much. Maybe you needed to go through this to learn something about yourself. Use this information to improve your life. Set real, tangible goals and work towards them. Goals that have an outcome that inspires you and makes you excited to wake up in the morning. Try to put the information you accumulated from youtube and podcasts into practice.
  2. Personality is not set in stone. Tests are just an estimation of how your mind works like, like a model. Map is not the territory. And an accurate test would have at least 300-500 precise questions. Depending on your mood and events happening in your life you could have very different results. And yes, I believe you can change your personality if you study the personality you like and work towards it. But wouldn't it be a better idea to just discover who you truly are and embrace that?
  3. Convince your mind that you are enjoying it. Simply sit down to meditate at least 5 minutes visualizing how much joy is in that work.
  4. You can try meditating for 30-60 minutes in the evening or drinking some calming tea. Also shut down all lights at least an hour before bed, the light of your screen is stimulating to your mind and that's why you can't sleep. Also don't work out before bed, working out is best in the afternoon, some say between 3 PM and 5 PM. Try going to sleep 30 minutes earlier than the other day until you reach going to sleep by 11 PM. Also set your alarm to wake up earlier and don't lay around in bed during daytime. Have some nighttime routine every day that will prepare your mind that you are going to sleep, and after a while you'll get used to it and that will signal your brain that it's time for sleep (for example prepare your bed to be comfortable for sleep, wash your teeth/take a hot shower, change into pajamas, keep the lights off for an hour before bed, maybe do some calming breathing exercise, drink tea). Also know that it all depends on you, no amount of motivation from others can help if you aren't willing to follow the advice that you are given by people. Take the decision that you will go to sleep early and work on it.
  5. Once I had a discussion with someone I assume is a stage Orange guy, and I noticed they don't really tend to care about analyzing the world or having deeper conversations other than things that they do or what they have or want to have. Stage Green is a rarer, but they seem to have a lot of blind-spots too. It's good to see more and more people moving up to Yellow. I'm happy for you! ^^
  6. From what you mentioned sounds like your mom made some progress up the Spiral if she chose religion over the wrong surroundings and hard drugs. If it helps her then she should pursue that path and there's nothing wrong with it. And sometimes when we pray we connect to our higher self and that's why we are getting the answers. You can even connect to your spirit guides, intuition, inner guidance, Source, etc. There is some truth to it. There's no use to having arguments with stage Blue people because they don't usually understand other perspectives. For them everything revolves around religion. So you cannot change her mind that easily. You could try to make her understand that you have your own way of thinking, have a kind discussion with her about it. Sometimes it helps to sit down and tell the other person what is bothering you. For me, when I was religious (maybe about 8 years ago) I had terrible guilt trips, so I stopped pursuing it and told my parents how bad I am feeling and asked them to avoid the topic of religion around me. And they respected it. Just tell her what you feel and why, and make sure she knows that you respect her way of thinking. Most likely she is just trying to help you the best way she knows, but if it doesn't help you, let her know what would help.
  7. You don't need to argue with anyone, but if you feel differently about something I don't see any reason to just say 'ok' and hide your true feelings. If you care about what your friend says they should care about what you have to say too. People argue because they feel attached to their point of view, people who are open about things just discuss them simply even if they don't agree with each other's opinion.
  8. Not everyone ends up being like their family. It's not always the family that's influencing our behavior and way of being, but it's more about the resources we consume.. the music we listen to, the books we read, the movies and videos we watch. You decide what becomes of you. My family is also always stressed about something, but nobody will tell I am like them. I simply distanced myself from them, I hang out with my friends, read, spend a lot of time alone. Avoid them when they are caught up in the drama or fighting. Try to spend most of your time away from them if they are bothering you. Just react calmly to everything that happens.
  9. I have had OBE before, randomly. Yes, we have an energetic body that can travel outside the physical body. I kept hearing all this no-self thing around, but do you ever experience that? In your experience you are someone, you have an awareness and feelings and senses. You never are not yourself.
  10. I wouldn't. I know there are friends of mine who searched for my name on the internet before. Some people do that. I posted quite a few personal posts in the past. It's really helpful to just have an anonymous username. After all, most of us come here to ask for help in personal problems. But thanks for the idea of thinking like my real name was my user, it really shifts the perspective of what I should and shouldn't post.
  11. A friend of mine told me he was reading a book on smoking and he said it helped him because it didn't just tell him what the bad side effects were but also the good effects. It helps knowing the full picture not just the bad things. So awareness is definitely helping people in quitting. Obviously smoking is bad for your health, but knowing both sides can give you perspective on what you are doing. Another factor is willpower. I think willpower is most important. I used to smoke cigarettes sometimes, no idea why, it just felt relaxing. I realised they are too expensive and I also started coughing, so I gave most of my cigarette pack to someone who was smoking more than me and I quit since then. There's a website that tells you how much you spend on cigarettes, it might help:
  12. @Farnaby Get in touch with your emotions and don't repress them. When you feel angry with someone maybe you just sit quietly to avoid confrontation, but it's a smarter idea to talk it through with said person. Like honestly telling them, "Look, you hurt me with *this statement*." And then elaborating on what they said and why it was hurtful. In a way letting the person know why they should avoid talking to you like that. If you're angry with yourself, or at life, just honestly ask yourself what it is that really bothers you. And acknowledging the feeling behind anger, which is usually sadness, or shame or other negative emotion. For me it helps to just cry it out, like really just let yourself cry if something hurts. You're going to be so much stronger after that.
  13. Happy for you. And just because you don't have many friends, the simple fact that you're developing yourself and reading a lot will help you out when you're finally having a conversation with someone. I'm also a loner but when I meet someone I can talk just as clearly as them about these kinds of yellow/turquoise things. In the sense that I don't have experience with social life, but if I have to talk about something, I can express myself. I think you are going through the same thing. Never worry about expressing yourself socially, because if you have the knowledge to understand Leo's complex videos, you can easily talk to anyone about basic or even high consciousness topics!
  14. The term "spiritual" is so vast... what IS spirituality really? Some people take 5 minutes to meditate each morning and that makes their life better. Others make altars and complex rituals with their spirit guides and angels. Some read a book on how to become a better version of themselves. Others again make colour therapy or listen to subliminals. Some others hire a coach or psychologist to become who they really are and advance their work. To each his own! You didn't mention what practices you do.. But my idea is, that as long as you don't become obsessed with the things you label "spiritual" (because in reality there's no distinction between material and spiritual), you can do anything you wish. It all should serve a purpose though. It's not just about becoming "a spiritual person", but first you have to know what you're aiming for. Enlightenment, better health, knowing yourself better, working through your traumas, connecting with God/angels for guidance, exploring the hidden, becoming more mindful in your actions... There has to be a tangible goal. I came to realise that spirituality for spirituality's sake is a rabbithole. Why? Because the danger of it is wasting a lot of time exploring ideas that might not be part of reality. My friends who pursued spirituality and philosophy told me they came to suffer because their mind wouldn't let them live life fully! All they did was explore ideas and possibilities, and they didn't put it in practice. And I saw famous people even seemingly getting lost in their ideas and beliefs about reality because of the weird stuff they focused their life on. So if you're ever going to become more "spiritual", take care of not alienating yourself from the real world.
  15. Oh hey neurofunk I'll add some too