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  1. I need some advice from some older people of what I should focus on now that I am almost 26 years old. I feel my life is really empty because I am unemployed but I cannot get employed because I dont have any experience in any field, and I dont have the education either at least not yet. I havent gone to university because I failed my high school bachelors. I can retake it any summer but all that free time is shit still. Yes I will study, but then again so many free time.... All I do is read and read and read. I read all kinds of random books I find. I think I should focus more on self help books. I bought Leos book list years ago. Never really used it idk i just forgot, dont be hard on me.. I recently bought some philosophy and politics books, but I dont know how useful will they be long term. I usually read novels for young women like me. You will know the kind. I think I deserve more from life then just wake up, eat, read, listen to music, eat again, and sleep. And on repeat. What should I do with all this time on my hands? Should I continue my art and try to become an artist? I am not that passionate about it anymore... Also as a side note I dont know if I ever will get employed because I suffer from mental illness and because I take medication I cannot work properly. I do volunteering stuff sometimes. But I dont want to end up like my mother. She is also on handicap money and has a lot of free time and she would rather work but now its too late for her.
  2. It helps drill it in your mind if you watch the video... but if you are working on yourself then whatever works best for you is good
  3. You will be brainwashed by them into total believing of that stuff, which is ideology. And all ideology is bad on a fundamental level. You will be one of those obsessed god fearing individuals who know every verse from their bible, trying to convert everyone you know, knowing no freedom for the cost of being part of a religious community.
  4. I think there is a difference between Einstein level of thinking, or Tesla level of thinking, or Osho level of thinking, or the thinking of a random human say he's not a complete retard but someone that is just an average man or woman. The difference is that the genius develops his mental faculty, but the average man or woman does not care. We can see this in intellectual people, they usually are an avid reader, they like developing their intellect, they study that of which interests them, they contemplate to the level of overthinking and they care about their intellect. Their mind is their greatest weapon or tool. The average or below average low intellect people care about satisfaction of their basic needs and they do not care further. A low intellect woman will care about nonsense like celebs, social media, instagram praise, getting a man to care of her and taking care of her family, and all the drama that goes on with the family and between families. Low intellect women will complain that they are fat, while checking their butt in the mirror ten times a day. They will start drama on every little thing without thinking it through by themselves. Their head is empty and their mouth never shut. A low intellect man will do drugs as a coping mechanism to his problems, because he is suffering. He will get overweight because he is running to food as his comfort, instead of going to the gym. He will idolize a woman instead of approaching hundreds, and that woman probably friendzoned him at the beginning. An intellectual man or woman will read, do self help, take care of their health because they know that's important. They will focus on education, they will get a degree and make major changes in the field. Later becoming great masters in their field. And their genius will revolutionize the world. That's why we don't see Einsteins in our world, because they all have a phone in their hand. Instant gratification has made a zombie nation...
  5. We can measure intelligence by IQ, but even that is a manmade system. Someone living in a country area might have an IQ of 35, and I've known someone like that, but they could have talents, they could have abilities like taking care of cow or the crops, which a philosopher with a diploma cannot do. They could have a talent in art. Or they could be intelligent in religion sense and understand God from their own subjective experience with their God. I don't think anyone is dumb, just misguided by society, their friends, their family, their peers. We all have infinite potential, even the mentally severely ill like autists can learn basic things, I mean a retard is dumb? No, he is subject to his own condition. But his body is infinitely intelligent and working properly, taking protein and sugar everywhere it needs and all that. So his mind is dumb but his body has infinite intelligence?
  6. I often dream about the future and it happens. It's insignificant things but they happen in real life. Once I was dreaming that I was travelling and eating a sandwich with a blonde guy in another city. Two years later the exact scenario happened.
  7. A few questions to ask yourself What's the point? What are you trying to achieve? Ask yourself if you want to become a philosophist because of someone inspiring you and you wanting to be like them or embody their lifestyle or life choices, such as becoming like Leo and taking his example. There is nothing wrong with that, but ask yourself if you are being deceived into something that is nonsensical. What is your point in becoming a philosophist, and is it because you are part of a forum where people do philosophical thinking? Are you really interested in it or are you just being led into it by the people you watch and media you consume? That's something really serious to consider. It happened to me too that I really wanted to be an astrologer and tarot mystic because I saw someone doing mediumship live on camera and it intrigued me so much that I started doing just that. I had my cards and I was making videos just like the person, but I did not have the skills and gifts that she possessed and I constantly felt like I was faking it for the views and that I didn't contribute to the community at large. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy watching videos of tarot mediumship or giving personal advice based on intuition sometimes, but I realised that I wanted to be like that person because she had something that I could not have. Some people are born with a calling for certain positions and sometimes you cannot fake something till you make it or be like them. So based on this, maybe you are doing the same, you watch Leo videos and want to be like him because he is charming and his way of living excites you. And I could be wrong but you still have to consider this. Maybe you genuinely enjoy philisophy, but if you want to become someone who does it for a living you have to do academical training and, or university training to become one. Or write a book and sell it and be a writer or make a podcast or be someone influential. First of all the sad truth is that you still have to make a living. Or you could have a job and do philosophical thinking on the side, as your personal enjoyment. Just know the reasons why you are doing it in the first place. Don't do it just because others are doing it.
  8. I know but was it something serious or bad?
  9. Okay so this thread is getting useless and boring so I assume I should give some info on my methods I literally need to start exercising more, right now I only use binaural beats for my body shaping, from frequency wizard and subliminal warlock I will add affirmations to my routine For those questioning this method it works, your mind can shape your body. I've been doing this for years for other things I already do about 10k steps daily, I want to up it to 15k and take it more seriously I probably do more steps as I can't have my phone all the time with me I will try waist massages daily for 30 minutes I was thinking of buying a corset trainer not sure (next month maybe) I forgot to mention but my face is now 16.7 cm I will do the following exercises for a week then update: 75 squats, 50 situps, 30 kneeling pushups, 1 minute whole body stretch, 25 lunges each leg (so 2x, that means 50), 2 minute high knee running in place, 60 long arm rotations (idk the name of this exercise so just note to self), 60 side stretches, 40 wide leg squats, 30 body rotations alternating I will add +5 to each exercise every day till next Saturday, or 20 seconds where applicable I will play my binaural playlist for 2 hours each day
  10. Okay, so I was doing my body changing stuffs and now my hips are 109 cm sometimes 110, I also gained some weight as I desired my waist is 77 my bust is 98
  11. Did I miss something here? lmao
  12. female
  13. Make sure you're safe. And if you have schizophrenia I don't recommend drugs.
  14. Update for yesterday bust 94 waist 78.5 lower belly 89 hips 103.5
  15. Bust - 98 Waist - 82 Lower belly - 96 Hips - 107 Shoulder length - 40 Arm length - 55 Leg length - aprox. 102 Height - 178 Fingers - 9 Forehead - 5 Face - 19 x 11.5 Feet - 24.5