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  1. It's a cult. I can confirm it. @Leo Gura delete me from your forum, also from the site. And forget every memory you have about me. Adios! ✌️
  2. It happened to me recently, but usually never happens. So what helps is to keep your vibes positive, be in the flow, have a cheerful attitude. Also when it happened to me I imagined sending white light to the body parts that were feeling bad. Just remember that it might all be in your imagination, but nevertheless the mind is a very powerful thing so you might want to lay off the psych for a while and concentrate on becoming more positive and happy/carefree. Also avoid doing psych during major transits and full moons.
  3. No it's not.
  4. Try cleaning up your place twice a day. That could be a good start. Not set to a particular hour or time of the day, but maybe daytime and evening, when you're free. For me self-help apps helped a lot. It doesn't really matter which one you use, I'm just saying that apps that gamify tasks can be very useful, but only if they are minimalistic enough for you to easily use them. I use Finch to manage most of my self-care habits. Try to associate the activity with something pleasant, like putting on meditation music or lighting a scented candle or incense stick. You could put the paperwork in a drawer or buy a folder for them that you keep in a safe place. Maybe make a habit that you only rest or work when the room is tidy. But you need motivation for this. You can make it work though. Make the activity fun, maybe buy a cloth/fabric freshener, so then you look forward to getting your stuff nice and organized and fresh.
  5. I'm not any professional or athlete or anything.. but you mentioned fasting with coffee and water, and I used to do the exact same thing in the past, so I hopped on this thread to say that it's extremely damaging to do that. So if you can, please please eat 5 meals or more a day, that would include 3 big meals and a few snacks (perhaps protein bars or whatever you're having). And at least 3 to 5 portions of fruits or veggies raw daily. I've been studying these informations I just gave you for a while now and this is what they recommend for the best health. And I tried it and it really gives me great energy boost, also uplifted mood.
  6. Appreciate your hard work, Leo. I'm sorry this happened and it sounds scary, I'm glad that I didn't get any messages.
  7. @Nahm They are beautiful and profound contemplations, I started reading them but I don't understand much, I must be really underdeveloped spiritually or something is wrong with me haha. But I saved it for later, I might just need to read them a few times to make sense. I might even message you later to ask a few questions. Thank you.
  8. @Matthew85 hey guys I'm back again sorry for the late response.. Yes actually, I started doing breathing exercises, focusing on daily self-care routines and exercises including skincare. And a few days ago I checked out a few YouTubers that talk about feminine essence and I've been trying to follow some tips but I'm kinda new to it, but that's ok since those tips are mostly for women 25+ I don't need psychedelics, I naturally fall into trips. I actually got meds prescribed for these hightened moods, serotonine suppressants and whatnot.. Since my last login I tried lots of things like journaling, I also found out I don't want to change anything about myself other than smiling more and being softer in my approach with socializing, like just generally friendlier and being kind and open. Right now I am focusing on physical health and diet. What tips do you have for expanding consciousness, as you named it? What helped you in your journey and self-Image? Did you also have self-esteem issues before, and how did you handle it? Thanks in advance.
  9. I'm actually willing to try this myself. I also use affirmations and out-loud positive self talk. It's just feels weird to praise myself while being alone in my room haha.. Thank you, this post was really enlightening. I will try to work on myself more.
  10. Yes I totally agree with the Everything is Self part. I know what you mean.. beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. In indian culture there is no such thing as God of Beauty for example, such as Aphrodite for the greeks.. or maybe Helene. I am still spiritual and I tend to see things with the spirit's eye rather than being judgemental. I'm talking about social life. And the way I get treated.. What I actually wanted to express with my initial post is that it's so hard to live up to the expectations of men who judge you by your appearance alone most of the time, and also the western beauty standard for females.. By which I mean extremely long hair, feline/fox/doe eyes, small upturned nose, sharp v jaw and a body that is perfectly thick in the right places but also skinny enough not to have any belly fat and all that other body stuff... Like I'm always told by men that they hate my short hair. I honestly by my own choice I'd have extra short hair because thats just what appeals to me. Also to dye it crazy colours... but everyone tells me to grow my hair.. and why only me? I bet other girls who are perfect and pretty dont get told to grow their hair in case they have it short.. They just get told how cute their pixie cut is. But when it comes to me, they are so inconsiderate. It hurts me when ppl tell me that I look better with long hair.. What if I told them they look better without glasses or they should lose 30kg? They would lose their mind! But when it comes to me, everyone allows themselves to hurt me directly. Or to be inconsiderate. Also people trying to shame me by telling me I look like a guy... so now I am scared to wear basic unisex clothing outdoors. Like black t-shirts and straight jeans. So it's not just me judging myself, I actually feel victimized to the point I don't leave the house because I feel so bad about myself that I cannot feel ready enough to appear in front of other humans. And that just makes me cry.
  11. Hello actualizers! It's been a while since I logged in. Hope all of you are doing well! ^^ Anyway so I have this problem with myself, like I feel not beautiful enough. I always see some minor deformity or flaw in my appearance and I feel terrible about myself... I am 24 and I'm going through a phase in my life when I feel ugly, lazy, unmotivated, unsuccessful compared to my peers and I just keep wanting to change literally everything about myself, and while I know it is toxic, I know it is vanity...I can't help but feel worthless. And it's mostly about appearance, rather than success (both can get toxic, I know I know). How can I feel better about myself? Should I just change my appearance to look hot (make up, law of attraction, perhaps even surgery), change my clothes to what society deems attractive, learn to be classy and well-behaved, instead of dressing how I like, being carefree about my face/body and being myself no matter what? Should I work my ass off just to earn money and get rich, instead of enjoying a normal lifestyle with a 5-9? I'm looking for serious advice, please don't troll me. xx
  12. Today was a decent day. I did me some overall beauty glo-up.. I feel like I should do these glo-ups more often, even if not in a daily basis.. Then I worked on my art. It turned out a disaster.. couldn't draw anything decent. I was researching handmade objects. I want to open an online shop for my future works..
  13. I have a need to grow myself in communication. I feel like I isolated myself a lot. My agoraphobia doesn't really help me. I am scared to cross the street, I am scared even of open windows, I keep isolating myself from going to the store or taking out the garbage. I just feel a bit off.. I stopped talking to my friends as well. I'm completely alone, searching for a way out. In other news, today I went outside and I just decided to ignore the anxiety. I bought some skin-care products as well, which makes me happy to care for myself. I think as a woman I need to care more for my beauty than I usually do... Might have to start a daily and nightly routine for skincare and haircare etc etc etc...
  14. I noticed some progress on myself yesterday.. I was arguing with my mom and I was very direct and honest about my feelings. I did tell her I was angry, while usually I just brush it off and keep it for myself. But no, this time I was honest. It might've sounded bad, but at least I didn't hide my feelings anymore. It felt good to express myself without hiding anything. Today I was exploring podcasts just to gain more knowledge and clarity about various topics, modern culture and entertainment. I find that I come across many inspiring ideas that I want to implement on my own life too.
  15. Some article I read today.. What I learned: ✨ I should listen to my loved ones more often, especially family and close friends. Accord them time to open up or just chat in general ✨ when angry, start managing my thoughts, remove myself from the situation and write down what I feel, meditate on the emotion, observe myself ✨ forgive, give thanks for my suffering, let go of negative emotions towards a person ✨ be more honest of what I think about something when in a conversation, always directly telling what I think instead of just agreeing blindly ✨ start volunteering and gifting away goods ✨ create healthy boundaries ✨ open to change, travel, go outside more, try new things, visit museums.. ✨ give away gifts, go out with friends, surprise them with a coffee, drink or snack in town These are the habits I want to give a chance to. ^^ A cool site I will take time to explore: