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  1. Ronnie Coleman.. won Mr Olympia many times and only worked out 45min-1h per day.
  2. @Leo Gura The implosion was so strong that many considered it unlikely to find any remains.
  3. @Finlay Amazing, how did they move? I have seen one. It looked like a slow, very visible satellite/light-point. all of a sudden it changed direction somewhat and flew away at a speed higher than that of a shooting star - gone across the sky in a second or so.
  4. @Leo Gura Here on earth any multi cellular organism will let single cells die when they fulfilled their purpose. Maybe these aliens and craft are like "single cells" of the greater alien civilization-"hyper organism". If crashing fits their larger picture/plan - why not?
  5. @PurpleTree The stories I read from others with BPD family members, and some of the symptoms seem to fit.
  6. @Schizophonia So what's your preferred way to pursue health / fitness personally?
  7. I suspect my mother might have borderline personality disorder. Any people here on the forum with parents/family with diagnosed Borderline Personality Disorder? What were your experiences like?
  8. @Leo Gura What a shame! Extremely valuable resource.
  9. @Thittato Could be. But let me make an analogy: A parrot can learn to sing melodies and speak, but these sounds mean something else for a parrot than for us humans. A human would interpret what the parrot is singing in a human way. Similarly in the case of an AI: We interpret an AI output (what it writes, draws, etc) with our human mind, but the AI's own "sense" / "perception" when making these outputs mean something entirely different for it. Effectively the AI "lives" in a different world than us, and will never actually "percieve" a humanity to kill or as you say "shake off".
  10. This AI would perceive reality in a completely different way than any human would. Why do we assume it would even have any concept of a humanity to kill?
  11. Currently reading this amazing book by the american doctor, who treats the optimization of longevity as a "sport". What strikes me is the importance of physical exercise for health and longevity. Being lowest 25% of population of Vo2max vs highest 25% of population Vo2max increases all cause mortality by something like 400%. Many jaw dropping facts like that throughout the book, and many concrete tips for putting longevity into practice. Anyone else reading it?
  12. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  13. @Leo Gura What do you mean people haven't experienced it?
  14. @Thought Art Because we feel like soulmates. We love each other, understand each other and we felt like the love of each others' lives until this thing became our reality.