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  1. We all have our "quirks". Don't worry, just don't act out on any urges toward children.
  2. @Leo Gura Another aspect is at what age you are doing your training. Young children learn certain things dramatically deeper and quicker, sometimes essentially turning someone 'gifted' into a legit freak of nature.
  3. @Leo Gura For some reason I got into my head that you aren't a very musical person. Must have been wrong. The groove, the way the chords feel, the dynamik build/flow/arrangement, the way the melodic hooks intertwine/come back in the end. A new favorite song for sure, it feels like bliss. Here are some music tips if you are interested, no idea how they will feel for you but: What a Fool Believes: Roxy: Nothin' You Can Do About it: Cheers
  4. Overall this concept of litmus tests for what level people are at is a very powerful idea. It is applicable to other areas other than just politics.
  5. Uhm.. I disagree. Just finding our your true values is easily worth 200 bucks. Took me some months to finish just that part of the course so yeah it is a lot of work. Like what were you gonna spend your time and money doing instead..?
  6. I like the quote about intuition - > when questioned with arguments, intuitive gutfeel remain silent and steady. What do you find yourself trying to convince yourself of - staying with her or leaving? And which side has an intuitive, silent gut feel to it?
  7. Advice much appreciated Background: I used to follow Leo's advice on meditation during around 2015-2016. After only a few months of 1hr daily meditation I had my first Samadhi experience. At some point I got really dissosiated when doing hypnosis (around a year later (or sth). It freaked me the hell out and I stopped meditating ever since. Symptoms: At this point I experience dissociative or DPD symptoms from day to day, creating extreme anxiety. I get anxiety often when I sit still and try to relax or lie down (can't sleep without youtube these days). I have developed an intense fear of heights that relates to this. The trance of riding a car also freaks me out and for a while I couldn't drive. I would say my body energies are out of balance. I am addicted to my phone which makes my brain tired - though checking my phone is the way in which I start to feel like a person again when the dissosiaction comes up. Watching myself in the mirror for too long makes me uncomfortable. I am aware that my life story is a lie but it is just too damn scary to walk into madness or the unknown, I have dreams of what I want to do with my human life, I have family that I love, what happens when they just turn into nonpersonal sensations? Will I become a ghost shell "walking around" a dream world? The episodes I experience feel existential. I am not ready for full awakening, not ready to die. Thoughts: Dean Radin has said that around 1% of the population gets psychotic from meditation and I'm a little fearful whether I could be one of them. Maybe a braintype thing? Weed for example makes me com-ple-tely dissosiated, makes me lose sense of reality, of self and make my senses become distorted. I never hear others talking about weed this way. Also the fact that my Samadhi came rather quickly from the meditation practice make me think whether my brain is a little bit too sensitive for this to be healthy. I am extremely creative naturally and enter deep creative flow state rather easily, I am a bit ADHD-like at times. I dunno, any tips? I'm a really happy guy otherwise
  8. A good start: Write down points for yourself everytime you actively skip youtube during the day, and commit to a certain amount of points.
  9. Depending on your age, I could recommend volunteerwork and Workaway, great way to make new real friends
  10. Bullying is fucked up. But if you live through it your only choice is to be exceptionally badass. Not badass as in being some "bad boy", but badass in how you direct your life. This is a test man. You can reach the freedom and peace you want through concrete action over time. You can do this. Recognize that you are on the hero's journey, enjoy the ride.
  11. I have some fears / paranoias that everytime I read avout the law of attraction I start to worry about and can't stop visualizing in my head. It is like this: knowing about the law of attraction I fear my negative belief, which make me more worried about the fear, thus instantly throwing an image of the fear in my head and a stressful feeling in my body. How should best I turn this negative cycle into a positive one?
  12. Happy B-day!