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  1. I am going to travel asap after vaccination. I have been kind of isolating myself working on my life purpose the last 5-7 years. I want to meet new people, adventure, date people and basically get the most of the 20-something-year-old lifestyle that I can. My plan is to also work from my computer 2-3 hours a day when away, as I currently have the opportunity to make money that way. I want to catch up with the life experience some of my peers seem to have gotten "for free" when partying at college, etc. What are you tips for going about doing this? I want to really explore/develop my social aspects fully. I'm thinking of volunteering at workaway. I love to know if anyone has some good tips for how to get an adventure while doing this. <3
  2. I did this, practicing 3 hours a day for its own sake thinking "If I practice 3 hours a day no matter what, nothing can stop me". I got mad chops but I still realize how inefficient I was. To me I learn quicker when indulging in a genuinely inspiring project - with a clear, motivating end vision. Tracking hours gets toxic and can't compete with genuine inspiration and holistic pursuit.
  3. Honestly this comment is profound.
  4. @GreenLight Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is what you are looking for, look into it. Fits perfectly with self actualization, and is highly highly effective self defense.
  5. Reality created itself by viewing itself from a perspective from which it has always existed (”the present moment”)
  6. @Leo Gura Do you know about the water quality of Scandinavian countries?
  7. Find a strong, unique nische Find low hanging fruit Be really smart about the marketing side of things - most musicians aren't
  8. He has done one thing right, opening up about the UFO subject.
  9. Interesting discussion. To me it seems like there are different nisches you can have as a guy for attracting girls, not all involves being an asshole. But they all involve being powerful in some way. Russell Brand has a lot of success with ladies, but he ain't an asshole from what I can see.
  10. @Flowerfaeiry You were right. I ended up taking away some of the descriptions of images and feelings and keeping the most important specific tangible things. Ty:)
  11. @Flowerfaeiry My vision for what it would look like to be on a 10/10 on each value is what takes a lot of space. I feel like I'm leaving out important things if I remove material from there hmm.
  12. @Leo Gura, and Life Purpose Course takers, I just finished all the Values passes in the Life Purpose Course (it took 7 months!). My final values sheet is 9 pages long, even after honing down the texts. Any tips for getting the Value-texts down to one page? I got a lot of great insight so far from doing all the passes, excited for the remainder of the course.
  13. What is the most impressed you have ever been when interacting with a master of an art/craft?
  14. I would bet he's not HSP. But also these 'easy to market'-psychological labels I don't take too seriously. Same thing with "ADHD", "Psychopathy", "Aspergers" etc - labels that are (imo) misunderstood and simplified notions of more complex realities.
  15. Damn, I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Kick it out of the park, make god proud!