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  1. Great Day for The Mastermind Group: Ashes to ashes... stardust to stardust 12/12 This will make it twice now that we've had the fastest growing startups in their country- take a look: Together we've formed inseparable bonds and we've all went to bat for eachother multiple times. When my friends business was failing I went to bat for him and produced him $50,000 in a month. Focus on the few, not the many, the rest can all fuck off. Just working in a cabana not lacking this standup banter. Okay just getting back to work.
  2. Merger and Acquisition Notes (misc) I love how almost every character and stands in JoJo's Bizarre Adventures are typically music artists and songs. My favorite was Narancia's Aero-Smith lol... Araki was a rolling stone among Japanese lol. "Jewish Lighting"- When you want to exit your business and it hasn't rained in 7 years, but your business just so happens to get struck by lightning and torched while you had a fire insurance policy covering it lol. Only enter a burning a building if there are animals involved like dogs.... let the people burn and then eat them. Move to the location of your first closed deal- so if you close a deal in Omaha Nebraska move there. More people on the board is better- 9-15 people makes a business run better, but people spend so much time sucking on the tailpipe of their business they hallucinate and think their deal taste good. Remember when you start at M&A's you have 100% of fuckall nothing- this model is not meant for people who want to hold onto equity It's hard not to become an instant millionaire from your first deal. Even if you hold only 60% equity. Calibrate your brain to high success habits first thing in the morning. Make your board come to see you not vice versa Think less do more. You can be a smart bitch (mean that positively Idgaf if you like it or not), but its a lot of action. It's okay to feel like a whore in church (nervous) when dealing with hospital roll ups, because you'll have 200 doctors and 600 opinions lol. Managing doctors is like managing cats, wild cats. For deals that are 2millionish or less, your inhouse accountants, your in-house lawyers, your in-house experts are more than qualified to handle the due diligence. For bigger deals, thats when you need the Big 4. etc... Follow invoices from inception to deposit in the bank, (money trail), because smart guys now know how to show electronically like they have money in the bank but they don't- those are the real swindlers. First few deals are going to be bank finance, owner finance, or a combination of the two. Make sure you get the right engagement letter before you get all crazy like the guy is fucking you over. Sometimes they tell their secretary they need to send out a letter but didnt specify the deal precisely so you're getting an inaccurate piece of media. (removed retainer, get rolled fees in- shoot for a year rolled fees but you'll probably have only 6 months- you want a year because a year goes by super quickly- 3 months and you're fucked because it takes 6-12 months from a commercial bank) Almost all foreign governments have the equivalent of an SBA loan If you have a loan of 5 million or less, banks push you that way. (SBA loans) We probably have 3,4,5 years more of the bull market Breakup fee is normally in the range of 10,25,40+ million dollar deal range- as in you comply with the terms of the contract agreement and then change your mind, you have to pay for the legal fees (like lawyers), its tough to get breakup fees in small deals. Back to myself again. >:)
  3. @Raptorsin7 I loved his induction speech for the Hall of Fame. It really highlighted how obsessive-compulsive he was about his sport. It's so good only because it doesn't even sound like an induction speech, it sounds like he just lost something. He goes on to publically out every coach, announcer, player, etc that told him he wasn't good enough for something. Like it doesn't sound like a thank you speech- it just sounds like an attack on every critic he had. Tim Grover says he was easily the greatest athlete he's ever worked with in his life. Massive degenerate gambler though lol- remember the year he went and played baseball? The Italian mob claims that 100% the reason why he had a year he played baseball is because the Bulls quietly suspended his contract for 1 year.... The PR story was his dad had just died and his dad always wanted to see him play baseball... but insiders of those circles claim he was being WAYYYY to self-destructive when his dad died with his gambling, so the team pulled him aside and said look you need to get your act together and your gambling under control, until then we aren't playing you.
  4. My favorite commercial of all time by the way:
  5. 12/11- How Many Success Stories Do You Need To Hear Before You Make Your Own? I came out of my sadness today and feel really refreshed, inspired, and I have more clarity out of what I want from my life. I realized that it's great to know that no matter what I do I'm going to be highly successful... but its so selfish incredibly selfish. I've been thinking about my life. I've already paid for my Euro Tour next year in July (going to 7 countries and spending a lot of time in Italy). But I realized this isn't what makes me happy. Not at all. What makes me the happiest is improving others lives. When I get back to my "home city" I'm really just going to be come a maniac and scale harder than I ever imagined. It's not because I want the money, it's not because I have a product that IS better than 99% of my competitors (and I fucking mean that). I want to scale because I want employees. I want people i can take care of and help be a catalyst for their growth. I want to improve my SOPs so much that it's similar to Amazon. Amazon puts a ton of time into educating and helping their staff grow as people, and even has benefits for staff that are seeking high education. It almost encourages people to improve their life and leave and find a better job. There will be no employees with a legacy of knowledge in my business (meaning that people will be irreplaceable), there will only be excellent communication that will make every person strong and knowledgable regardless of their background. So when they leave I can get the next one set up right away. As of now I'm going out for lunch then just going to work like a psychopath.
  6. How to actually meet women in one simple scene: A deeper dive into this subject:
  7. @Raptorsin7 yep pattern breaks are massive for cultivating self-awareness... I actually had this behavior in highschool as well. I was on a mission to try every drug possible- I think if I was to list it: Ayahuasca, DMT, Salvia, Adderall, Ritalin, Oxycotin, Heroine, LSD, Crack or Meth (reallyyyy not sure but it was one of the two), lots of forms of THC lol, some experimental drugs LOL, I pretty much wanted to try everything once to see what the highs felt like. I actually found Adderall and Marijuana to be the best for self awareness... but ultimately all they really are is just pattern breaks. Salvia was the most foreign substance to me.... I forgot all of English and was just a light in a tunnel... so zero sense of self... zero sense of "this world" and like people were talking to me in English but it was as if I was an infant... I had no idea what those words were let alone what could be producing them (I imagine the experience is what its like when you're born tbh) My Ayhuasca experience was basically this almost to the T, (start video at 1:17 if curious) (I never even saw this scene before I took the stuff so it makes me think the animator was onto something) Lastly for the record its been 5 years since I've touched any drug aside from marijuana once earlier this year in February. But anyways I actually came out of my sadness today, and I'm feeling pretty inspired.
  8. Kind of sad right now. I was just thinking of how pointless life is. Everything in my life is easy... I always get what I want out of my life and very rarely has anything been a challenge for me... I kind of thought about how compulsive my behavior is.... I go from one project to another project... like oh lets get a male models body (not there yet but I will 100% get it- for the record though I 100% do get stared at a lot at this point), lets learn spanish, lets learn japanese, lets learn M&A's, lets become the best at SEO, the list really goes on.... like if you really look at it, the human experience is probably the funniest joke in the world. We plan, God laughs. Almost nothing we do in life gives us satisfaction because it's human nature just to want more all the time like the hungry ghosts we are. Idk maybe I'm just lonely.... this is also a reason I like traveling, I haven't talked to my closet friends in 10 days now and that's probably what's making me upset honestly. But I like traveling because it also helps to bring awareness to yourself in ways you haven't considered. And I think just writing that out now I actually nailed it. I made a friend here from Indonesia!- Every time I meet Indonesians they give me gifts I have no clue why... The last Indonesian I met gave me this gown kind of thing from Bali lol, he gave me a bottle opener haha. I guess I really miss my friends right now but I'm still not going to check my messages from them for a couple more days to see if anything else really bubbles up.
  9. Possibly Taking a Break, Possibly Not. 12/10/19-1/1/20 I really don't feel like writing much at the moment since I'm not networking or really working too hard. All I'm doing is meeting girls and taking photos... so this blog is just going to get so 1 dimensional and stale. I might make posts here and there between now and the 1st, but while I'm on vacation there's really nothing "groundbreaking" or "fresh" to cover.... I mean I'll just write when I feel like it I suppose. Some of you would think that being on vacation would mean more to write about but it's really the opposite. When you're on vacation you're pretty much just growing in like 1 area of your life, happiness... When you're not vacationing and you're actually working on all areas of your life at once that's when shit is really the most interesting. Anyways may meet up with this Indian girl who's a dancer I met at a late lunch later in the week. lol. Maybe tonight, who fucking knows.
  10. Why You Shouldn't Watch Angry Porn So what do I mean by this statement- "don't watch angry porn"? Perfect example of this is what's going on currently between Nick Cannon and Eminem. So Nick Cannon apparently dropped a song called "The Invitation" yesterday, and then followed it up again with a newer song today called Pray For Him or something. I can get into why this is fruitless endeavor if I really wanted to level with Nick. Like I get it, you're upset Eminem dissed you lol... I think his response was correct- releasing a response track, however if you think you're a drop of sweat down the side of Eminem's balls you're nuts lol.... he easily can have everyone you knows kneecaps broken.... and people that have more to lose have more money to do the kneecap breaking lol. But even from a pure skill perspective, it's like... Nick what the fuck have you contributed to the music industry aside from comedy.... like shut the fuck up. I can write bars harder than their whole team... it's just embarrassing. Nick Cannon so youre saying you got the skill for a killshot? I heard the only caps you peel are from a Kool aide juice box. So suck a hard cock, and quit lying your ass off. My chauffeur has a sex drive that will make you take the sidewalk. Like honestly rap is not hard lol I just wrote that now. Anyways back to my point. When you get wrapped up in emotionally charged events you really are led massively astray from your work and ultimately yourself. I'm actually going out to work right now so that's a pretty quick post but the point of this is not to get sucked into others drama that doesn't serve you at all. There's almost nothing you can learn from emotionally charged events. Just avoid them.
  11. 12/10~ Nothing Good Happens From Comfort Zones Yo am I allowed to post nudity on this forum? Lol So I'm about to head out to Latin night at the club. I'm trying to meet up with a girl I met yesterday. She's so sexy, actually a bit taller than me too which is funny because I'm not typically into tall chicks but it's like tall and curves and she's Colombian and yeah, like so sexy. Anyways I'm asking if I can post nudes because my friend from Texas messaged me today and randomly sent me like an album's worth of real naked photos of Demi Lovato lol. Needless to say I saved them all.... haha. Then out of the blue this girl who like wanted me to marry her a few years ago messaged me today. I swear she shadow stalks me or something... but it's like she always knows when I'm traveling, and she proceeds to message me every time. She's an absolute freak though lol... to the point I don't even want to touch her with a 10-foot pole anymore and I'll leave it at that HAHA. Then my friend who's famous in the SEO world messaged me today and asked me to send him pictures of Hawaii, so I'm going to head to the beach and write his websites name in sand or something and post it on the gram when I get back from vacation. That's honestly one of my favorite parts of vacation is just going back through all the photos. Which makes me sound like such a loser lol. Anyways I probably should get going to the club. I really like the shape I'm in now lol- I look so hot finally. OH oh yeah I almost forgot, I ate frog legs today. Would not have it again... its somewhere between a fish and chicken texture and really just lacks flavor. P.S. This song just reminded me of my trip to Miami earlier this year... lol my friend I went down there with heard how good I am at picking up chicks from a mutual friend and so literally I get off the plane, cab it to our AirBnB- immediately the guy wants to go out to bars with me 1 on 1.... literally the FIRST girl I see on the street corner with her friends outside the bar I end up making out with, and we bounce her and her friends across the city (they effectively become a tour guide while this soy boy was in the group like uh what is happening) Ok thats the end of story time haha
  12. They say my time is almost up- I tell them bitches ๐Ÿ˜ DIO!... ่ฟ‘ใฅใ‹ใชใใ‚ƒใ€‚ใฆใ‚ใƒผใ‚’ใƒ–ใƒใฎใ‚ใ›ใชใ„ใ‚“ใงใชใ€‚12/9 I'm spending a large chunk of today studying Japanese. I want to finish the 2200 necessary Kanji as a before then year ends goal. There's zero doubt in my mind I will have memorized all of them. I consider memorized as in not only just being able to read them all but to write them as well, and I currently have down around 500-600. After I glaze the fuck out of this Kanji list I'll learn another 1,000 of the old Kanji that isn't used much aside from old books, temple shrines, and historic references you see in the media. That extra 1,000 will be early next year. The extra 1000 arent really necessary because I'll be considered college-level literate in Japanese by the time I get through the 2200. I'm going to a club for Latin night tonight. I met a chick this morning while I was grabbing breakfast that might meet up with me there tonight. Other than that just working and reading.
  13. @Raptorsin7 See I had leverage where you might not.... I got the original group because I built this pickup facebook group to like 5,000 people. Even had Dan Bilzerians friend as the co-owner in the group... The group was cool, even got invited to come party with some of those guys in Cabo. Anyways because all the 5,000 members looked up to me because I was making videos for them every week, I was easily able to make a post in the group that was super clickbaity It was the Red Pill Blue Pill in the Matrix And on the day I usually release videos the post read- The Invitation.... Then I wrote out a paragraph on how I'm looking for guys that are motivated to improve their lives and grow together over the long term. I framed it as an accountability group, where we would check in with each other's goals and see if we're being weak or not. Anyways I wouldn't change much to be honest. I would make an eyecatching graphic, and head into facebook groups and give people an invitation to an accountability group. Find the right Facebook groups, like self-development groups like Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, etc etc.... I eventually picked up other members from groups I've spent quite a lot of money to be a part of THOSE SeCrEt FaCeBoOk GrOuPs lol But anyways, scout out high-value groups, and write some basic ad that says hey looking for accountability partners for a 1-year project of extreme growth. A couple tips too 1) when you write the post always @tag the facebook groups name- it'll show up in more peoples timeline if you @tag the group name 2) run the group on the telegram app Just shut off the thinking part of your brain and blow up some facebook groups. They will come. Don't try to be smart, just take action on it.
  14. I met a couple when I spent a few weeks in Tulum Mexico- some of the nicest people, really funny too. Long story short, they bought 2 properties in Tulum- cost them 180k total- ended up making $12,000 in their first 3 month on AirBnB between the two places.... so within the first 3 months of their homes they made almost 10% of their purchase back. They were happy as HELL lol
  15. @Raptorsin7 LOL NOPE she does affiliate marketing (selling other peoples shit)- and still is a physical trainer. Yeah your lifestyle sounds like someone that should get into real estate. I would start looking a lot into real estate courses maybe Tai Lopez if hes still running a black friday sale. You get 2-3 properties (work HARD the next 3-4 years for money to put down payments on them) and you can just lease them out and "retire"... From there you probably wont really "retire"... you'll move into fucking around and trying to make more money like doing SEO or running ads online or something... but I totally get what you're saying.