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  1. 7/14- Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day - Jo - Cold Calling - Email Marketing Relationships I Can Improve / Build - Jo - Jesse - David Misc. - Agent - Natalie - Roland - PR2 I'm Grateful For: 1- 2- 3- One Thing I Did That Sucked Cool Thing From My Day
  2. Lesson of the Day: Why Social Skills are Among The Most Important Skills To Possess So in life-- to get what you want... you live in a world with over 7 billion people and we have a brain that is completely wired for being social. The majority of your life, the majority of your day will be directed towards social ideas... You might spend a small part of your day focusing on logical things... but for the most part our brain always reverts to something social-- In fact there is a pretty well agreed-upon idea in science that the reason why the human brain is so big, is probably because we're social in a way that no other animals are. So knowing that... what do you think by far the highest skill you could have in your life is? I would say that towards the very top of the list is social skills, you need to know how to read people, how to understand people, how to persuade people, how to adapt, how to create allies, etc etc... To possess the skill to listen to people, understand people, communicate with people, take an idea in your head, verbalize the idea, put it into the other person's head, and work with people--- that is what causes all great change in the world. Think of MLK, Gandhi, Mohammad, Jesus Christ, Che Guevara, the list really goes on-- they essentially just took an idea in their head-- and communicated it SO effectively that the impression their thoughts have left are STILL changing your life and my life, and the world every single day. Question for You: What's your big idea and how can you make it more impactful?
  3. Be a Business-Minded Person So I'm off to an early lunch right now-- but that said... I'm switching my morning workout until a bit later... Dynamic days... you have to learn that.. Okay... so.... There's a book called the J-Curve-- it's about the entrepreneurship-- it's all about perfecting a business. And one of the steps to perfecting your business is this- you must perfect your business model. This is what I want you guys to think about too-- Your goal if you're doing marketing or online advertising *basically what all these posts are about** is to get 10-15 customers at $1,000-$5,000 per month on automated billing. This is a monthly retainer-- you don't lock them in either because you make them so happy they stick around. Your goal is simply to make $8,000 a month truly- 6 figures. Your first goal is $1,000 a month-- but you should ultimately try to earn $8,000 a month as fast as you possibly can. In my first three months of doing SEO "full time" I was already revenue-generating over 15k.... So I tell people you should easily be able to generate more than 15k within a few months-- if you don't well I know what your problem is-- you aren't pitching to enough businesses. The benefit to them is-- they get more paying customers. You obsess about that for them. The mindset you should have is live 50% selfishly for yourself and 50% focused on the good for your customer. It's the best ratio- It will balance you being able to take care of yourself and you not being selfish but being able to take care of other people. You give the business owner a free business audit- and again do your audits in like 10 minutes TOPS... Just have a saved word doc that you can convert to a PDF on Google Drive where you can swap out a few images and data and bang you have the free but valuable audit for the business owner you're pitching. If you give out 10 audits-- in GOOD economic conditions you can get as high as 30% conversions. In bad conditions, it could be 10% or lower. But do not fear rejection- some of the people come back later to be your customers as well. We'll talk about LEVELS/PACKAGES for pricing later-- But I had a message the other day-- "what are my goals when I get into business?" Well I just told you guys... enjoy.
  4. 7/13: If you keep on doing what you've always done, you will keep getting what you've always gotten. Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day - Jo - Cold Calling - Email Marketing Relationships I Can Improve / Build - Jo Misc. - T - Stripe - Agent - Natalie - Roland I'm Grateful For: 1- Seriously my friends... fuck... 2- My family 3- Music One Thing I Did That Sucked Yep totally made sure the day sucked today that was awesome! Cool Thing From My Day This is my favorite quote of all time- actually have this printed out above my desk along with a sign that says "The easy day was yesterday." I don't know what you consider yourself to be--- but striveee to be a warrior. Just bought the book: The Forgotten Highlander: My Incredible Story of Survival During the War in the Far East by Alistair Urquhart I think it's going to turn into one of my favorite books just from the offset... It's one of the cruelest most disgusting and disturbing books of all times about WWII... It's possibly the heaviest book you'll come across in a while...... What a title.... The FORGOTTEN Highlander.... Cool thing for today was I worked on my website and got three prospects working out consulting calls with me! Day 1 of marketing once again baby lol.
  5. Watching this on the big screen right now. @Leo Gura thanks heaps!!!
  6. Lesson of the Day: How Vision boards Work The definition of an entrepreneur is someone that remakes the world in their own image. So this concept is that in a certain small sense, an entrepreneur or an influencer in general is someone that can take the world, reimagine it, reinvent it, put parts together in different orders and create a new vision of how life could be and should be. The point of this is not about delusion. The point is everyone from Jay-Z, Kanye West, Andrew Carnegie and virtually every high performance person you can find-- they've all held a vision of where they wanted to go-- and moved towards it relentlessly reinventing the world around them until they became the person that could bend the world to their will-- not in some weird "there is no spoon" in the matrix type of way-- but sort of-- it's more like you and I are both going to have a vision of what we want in our life-- and our job then is to become the person that can make that vision possible.... And really what this is about is - YOUR OUTLOOK on LIFE.... What you have to do is basically define your idea-- and then reverse engineer your life into that place... That's the purpose of a vision board-- the purpose of a vision board is so you can see it--- and then you imagine what kind of person would I have to be to attain this goal... what kind of lifestyle would I have to have... hmm.... It's not the power of attraction-- its literally a consciousness map-- a focus point for you to examine and really get a feel for how it all works. Question for you: Do you have a visionboard-- why haven't you made one yet or why don't you use one now?
  7. A field report from Covid 19 pickup and Lessons for Aspiring Pick Up Douchebags So first off I'm dead fucking tired-- I haven't slept like at all... But still my game is like crazy good. I head out with one of my friends... and there's several things I taught him that I'm going to teach you guys The lessons first: 1) Don't be a pussy 2) Dont approach from a place of desperation or loneliness 3) PUA Theory is retarded 1) Don't be a pussy-- so this is something I find virtually impossible to teach guys... I'm being straight up here...... If you're a fucking pussy... there is virtually no fixing that. You can't fix pussy.... I ask guys all the time what do you want in your business partner--- And they give me a lot of great answers... Smart, understands when to be serious, caring, thoughtful, hardworking... I mean fuck you guys fill in the blanks okay-- what do you want in your business partner? okay how about you BE that guy... Just be him... That SHOULD be you. It honestly baffles me that guys have approach anxiety... and I have to literally show the guys look you have approach anxiety because you're a bitch-- you don't try to skip the entire line at the club because you're a bitch.... I fucking mean that.... you're a bitch and a non self respecting pussy. Like if I'm about to hit the bar and spend 3-4x more than everyone else.... and I'm one of the coolest people there just by happenstance... don't you think I'm entitled to skip the fucking line? I mean that-- bouncers let in every girl who shakes their ass and does nothing, but the cool alpha guy who is actually going to bring in pure value to their establishment has to wait like a peasant? How the fuck does that make any sense. I'm serious. And I did that tonight... Skipping the lines- and or at least tried to at one venue. Why because I disregard everyone else and I'm just thinking like look this doorman is going to act like he knows me even if he doesn't actually know me just because I FEEL so strongly that I deserve to be there... That I'm the fucking millionaire there friends with all the other high status people and they're all waiting for me inside.... I mean it. 2) Don't approach from a place of desperation or loneliness.... This is the BIGGEST mistake I see guys make... I'm officially saying that this is it. Guys do this constantly... They try to approach a girl a) To prove something to themselves / someone else b) Out of desperation and scarcity How the fuck do you think you make someone feel when you do that? Especially a woman. Do you guys even realize how natural it feels for people for me to talk to them....? I'll walk right over to you or anyone else for that matter like I'm your good old friend you've just been waiting on talking to the whole entire night.... and I mean A GOOD GOOD old friend. Like me and you have unbreakable rapport. I'm not stating HI I'M HERE BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WERE CUTE. I'm not fucking doing that... Because high intent game works maybe 2/20 times you do it... I mean fantastic if you just want to get laid real quick and screen hard then go for the old "blow me or blow me out" thing. What I do is inversed... I'm okay with "giving away my power" if I feel like the interaction is moving in a direction that is overall beneficial for everyone involved.... So I might walk up to a girl and genuinely compliment her on something or state an interesting but relevant observation. One of my first openers tonight was walking over to a couple girls and saying hey... I feel like this is like Arab dating because of these masks... I can't even tell if you have good teeth... And I also didn't say that trying to get them to laugh-- and that's important to note-- it's hard to describe how I say it... I said that more of a hey im starting a conversation with you now.. I choose you. I don't even care if you talk back to me. But I'm talking to you meathead. And women respond very well to this... Literally I got a phone number (I'll share the story after this) of the second girl I talked to tonight and she's like you're like the least creepy guy I've met -- I'm amazed I can meet a super cool guy like you and you aren't even a sleezebag.... This is how game is supposed to look and this is how my average set goes. But why does she say that... because I command respect because I am respectful of others.... and I'm not tipping this fucked up energy into people of omg PLEASE LIKE ME PLEASE LET THIS WORK OUT. No. NOOOOOOOO.. Often times it's just an observation and then a normal conversation with deep eye contact... and just by my natural personality I know how to hit on deep levels of their emotions that's going to make her feel very safe and secure around me because it's clear I really do understand her... Girls naturally want to get physical with me because they can tell I have the capacity to do a lot of the things they start thinking of... but I choose not to which impresses them even more... but now i'm getting into pseudo shit I don't want to get into... Basically I believe that your job as a guy in a man to woman dynamic is to be basically an expressive but relaxing reliable and calming influence on a girl. I wish guys would meditate on this concept... a calming influence to her. And you know what the real magic is? The real magic is when a girl sees you can recreate that experience with EVERY OTHER GIRL in the bar.... over and over again.... So even at first you might walk up-- do everything by the book, and then hey we have to go to the bathroom- or hey we're going to the bar or hey xyz.... If you can then go around and do that with every other girl at the venue, start including other people etc.... Girls start looking at you like FUCK this guy REALLY is THAT COOL. And they become 10x more engaged with you when you re engage with them later in the night. Because you're no longer oh guy I talked to in the club... you're wow guy that is really comfortable in his own skin and friendly in the club... and everyone wants a tiny piece of that. Everyone is looking to identify with that kind of true confidence and you can be that for other people. So my advice to men-- just don't do this whole desperation intentful approaches... Actually go up and actually talk to them like they arent some meat sock to ejaculate inside of... like ffs it's not that fucking difficult to do... and also please please please... get out of these frames where you have to PROVE something to someone... girls pickup on that shit instantly too and thats when your interaction with her becomes fools gold--- because while you think you got all this fucking swagger she's picking up on the fact that you're drawing your emotional state off of her reactions to you... and she's just fucking playing with you and she doesn't look at you the same way she looks at me. She looks at me like I can confidently draw a sense of security off of him... I have the ability to express myself within a wide range of emotions and he'll keep me in check / in my right senses as well... So it's like she has the freedom to get really out of control... but at the same time its not out of control if that makes sense. It's such a validating feeling for girls to really feel like they're fitting in very well with the social narrative opposed to being at the mercy of it-- and thats the role someone needs to fulfill. Your goal is to not create "sales pressure" in the girl... it's to iron out all the awkwardness and to make it smooth while also helping her achieve her social goals in a secure way. I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well but that's my best explanation- not sure if that sounds misogynistic or something. 3) PUA Theory is Retarded You guys are doofuses.... Don't listen to pickup advice... You guys want that real dope... not that black tar street shit-- then listen here. PUA theory is almost all complete horseshit... You listen to those two points on top there of basically 1) Actively relieving other peoples anxiety of you 2) And taking yourself seriously with respect... not some happy slappy fucking schmuck at the bar... And you guys will do better than you can possibly imagine. The Field Report So now onto what actually happened... Honestly not much because of Covid- everyone was out with their friends... But then I'm walking with my friend down the street and see a group of girls... one of the girls says to me- you see this bitch broke my shoe-- I reply back wow you know if she broke your shoe I can't even tell, you're doing everything so well.... Immediately comes back over to me and ditches her friend and goes you're hot as fuck.... Then I notice my friend gets anxiety because this must be outside of his reality... and then I look at her friends who are in agreement but reserved... and I look to my friend and say-- oh look she's just teasing us she's just teasing us, but seriously you're holding yourself together nicely-- This diffuses the tension of the situation. My friend is going half in and half out of this gamey mode but holds the set together well. We're planning a double date tomorrow now. Then we get to this nice bar and like literally I'm so tired I'm a bit grumpy... so I don't have it in me to bust open peoples lovely evening out with their girlfriend or coworkers or whatever their circumstances are to actually compete in a way that's not going to make us look bad... So I look for single girls.... I see a group of really attractive girls... Jackpot. My friend is having anxiety again and I can sense it... And this is why I say PUA advice is stupid-- I literally wish sometimes I would've become a pua just so I could film what my interactions and average nights out look like... Mind you I'm dead tired... and grumpy because I haven't slept and just worked like an absolute dog-- but so what right... The reason why I don't have anxiety walking over to that set is because I don't approach the situation as "this is a sale / this is a pickup"... I approach the situation as in like hey-- what's the situation here... let me know so I don't waste your time or ruin your evening-- and I know that sounds cheesy but I mean that. It's like -- look I am enough--- I want to fuck you (communicated through my frame)-- but I'm so fucking cool that even we end up just exploring this moment together and we end up as just friends... I'll take that as an actual victory as well.... It's a very natural easy vibe about me... you can instantly tell I'm a respectable person.. that I'm smart... and that I have this air of danger about me (not in a scary way but as in guys and women just KNOW better in general than to fuck with me)-- like they don't even... like I don't get disrespected because I'm so respectable. That's what it is. And I guess this is the key-- I have SO MUCH certainty in who I am as a person... A person who is enough for you-- that it instantly gets communicated to you.... At times I really think sometimes people see me out and they're looking at me wondering if I'm a pro athlete or something because I almost get too much respect-- The only way I can describe this is it's like how you most likely respond to a police officer-- like if a police officer pulls you over... you're instantly in reaction to them and you're quiet and attentive... It's a very similar mind frame I'm in candidly within a social environment. Like imagine if the Rock came over to talk to you-- Like you can't help but be inspired to listen or participate is what I'm trying to say. You're going to be on great behavior, but you know he's going to joke a bit and make you feel totally at ease hanging out with him. I'm really hammering this point because I basically wish I could just transfer this to guys which is why I wish I could film my interactions. If I was to show you what it most looks like when I'm out--- it just looks so fucking normal and maybe boring or simple or something... It's honestly A LOT like this tune more into the energy of the set than the content itself then you're getting the idea of how I respond to situations basically-- its like just very high social acuity: But hell where the fuck was I haha So I see a group of girls walk over and say hey I feel like this is some arab thing bah bah... Next thing I know this girl is telling me it's a spiritual reason why she met me-- pretty cute girl turns out she's bi, did all this weird reiki telepathy things with me I mean really chatted for like 45 minutes, I'd show you a picture of her but then basically I split go talk with my friend-- and I wouldve hit the night a lot harder and talked to like 7-8-9x more people at least... but too tired-- its like this unspoken social rule not to tank anyone elses emotional state-- so I didn't bother busting up large tables and parties to talk to their girls. Because I wouldve gotten a lot of negative social judgements-- that said I still CAN do that dead tired... I just need about 2 weeks of going out again and basically doesn't matter what mood or state or energy level I'm in, I execute the fundamentals very succesfully... so I'm rusty is what I'm saying. Anyways after I talk to my friend again I go to the bathroom-- we decide to leave... see this girl now talking to two really good looking and cool guys at the bar-- walk over to them while they're in the middle of this awesome fun conversation LOL and just tap her and I'm like look I'm leaving now-- I hand her my phone... Puts it in... these guys are standing there now like noticeably butt hurt because it's like who the fuck has balls to just pop all their fun and then ASSUMES that this girl wants me more than both of them hahaha.... anyways thats the night guys... Do NOT expect more of these stories... not because I'm not going out or whatever... but girls always know like everyone one way or another... and candidly I just don't want things turning incredibly creepy... These journals serve as good learning points for guys reading this, and moreso as a refinement tool for myself.... I'm able to easily explain high level concepts to others when I've taken the time to formulate it into a cohesive bit of content.
  8. Tai Lopez VIP Call 7/10 Misc. Try to focus on your offer more than you do the process. Meaning that you can have a bad funnel but make tons of money if you're offer is very unique. You have a tough time with a GREAT funnel but a mediocre offer. Press release has rolled out- Tai Lopez is the highest bidder on Pier 1-- going to buy them out. And just bought out Linens and Things and Franklin Mint. Story tell more in your sales pitches right now- I work harder, I'm the best around because xyz you'll never find anyone else like me... this kind of stuff- but tell the facts don't stretch them. Most people's problems can be solved by experimenting more Tai spends time out on the farm and has lived with the Amish before-- one of the many lessons that stood out was that when they raise their kids they teach them kids a song that goes 🎶 if at first you don't succeed try try again. The modern world isn't very a very happy world- don't copy anything mainstream- don't copy the nuclear family- don't copy the typical work week- don't copy anybody-- it's your life. Don't even think about competitors when you go into business-- shouldn't even be in your mind. If you look at the Forbes list top 100 businesses--- there's a good chunk on that list of just simple basic business ideas... Food and Beverages... Point being really simple ideas are totally fine- like clothing, food and beverages etc--- Don't get caught up in these trend ideas like the newest crypto... the cannabis industry, CBD... etc... just be a simple person. A lot of people are too worried about this weird "exact moment" in time-- like where you're like OMG WHEN WILL I MAKE THE MONEY WHEN WILL THIS HAPPEN WHEN WHEN.... Forget the "exact moment"... start looking at the momentum-- if you look back at the last year do you like where you're going? Even if you've been bounced around a lot--- do you like the direction? Crappy people think they can break the laws of physics and use the power of positive thinking to get what they want out of their life. You NEED inertia. In the grand scheme of things it means you live in a universe that apparently has a lot of order to it. Which should make you very happy... Because once you understand that there are basically "laws of success" you can stack odds in your favor- and things in your life CAN become easy... you just need to work for it first! Tai gives an example of a famous girl he dated-- she's a singer-- she will pop up on Google-- you would know her-- Anyways-- she didn't have a coach but was getting pretty famous (he reasons shes half as famous as she could've been). He said you should get a coach- she said she didn't need one. She was into the power of positive thinking and she would pray for an hour with her family every morning. Tai reasons that it's probably abusing a law of the universe-- especially when you compare it to all the talented people that ARE getting coached that ARE learning. You don't want the universe to teach you lessons because the universe is harsh with how it will teach you. Learn from someone who is sharp and qualified and devoted their life to learning something. You should also consider it a law of the universe to study success... just listen to people with experience. If you go to war who are you listening to for the edge... the Vet or a Chef? If Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett all read books and you hear some social media influencer that tells you don't read.... Go with the smartest person. Like Seriously-- if you get someone who is the best in the world at what they do... and then you have the option of a coach that's not the best-- Like if Lebron James said hey I want to coach you... go to Lebron James. Real Estate A portion of your portfolio should go towards to real estate- Tai puts 20% into real estate. Jerome Maldonado is on the call now- and he credits his success in real estate to the fact that he also knows how to construct homes from scratch-- literally from an empty lot to apartment complexes he can build them. He did feel vulnerable in an extreme way for the first time in his life during 2008 because he always believed that sweat equity would always solve mostly all of his problems but now he's just fucked... In the 2 years where he was under crippling debt, he said the experience made him an absolute animal making the biggest most creative moves of his life. He believes he learned more about real estate in 2008-2010 than his first 10 years total in the game. Real estate is not an emotional game- do everything with logic, knowledge, and an analytical mind- buy smart. Believes we're going to have a mortgage crisis coming in a year to a year and a half from now so wait for homes to go on sale. Get prepared now.
  9. Lesson of the Day: Discretionary Income for Education You guys thought I was sleeping right? NOT ON MY WATCH. So this lesson is pretty simple-- let's take an audit of your financial life. The area of finance for you is probably where you're majoring in minor issues and minoring in major issues. So look at your take home money- you've payed your taxes, you've covered your fixed expenses (necessities- rent- food- payments), and you're left with your discretionary income. In the US the average American makes $59,000 a year so that's about $5,000 a month. So let's say you make $5,000 a month before taxes--- then you deduct taxes and thats about $3800-- okay now deduct payments and housing etc... you're left with $800 a month or so in discretionary income... And the question you should ask yourself now is WHAT did you do with your discretionary income? In normal non covid circumstances if you look back at your purchases of discretionary income-- unless you're like myself--- I gurantee you, you are spending money on things that are MOSTLY consumer driven. And from now on what I want to talk about is taking 30% of your discretionary income that you would have spent on consumer things and not investing it in the stock market, not investing it in your business, but investing it into your brain. So regardless of how much you make though... this "education budget" shouldn't change.... It shouldn't change. I remember when I was working at a gas station, every minimum wage pay check I would get, I would immediately deposit into my bank- then go to Barnes and Nobles and buy 1-2 new books. Every single week. If you're a millionaire... 30% of your again I'm not saying your "income" I'm saying DISCRETIONARY INCOME (money that isn't going towards rent, car payments, business expenses, etc- basically the PURE play money you're left with) - should go to your education. When you look at the development of the human brain--- our brain has developed basically into this tool that ACTUALLY has the ability to give you anything you want-- people just don't "put themselves" into those places.... which I don't mean to come across harshly but look guys... I mean it... it's true... Being poor or being stupid.... is a LIFESTYLE CHOICE. Being BROKE is fine-- I think I mentioned this before... being broke means you got busted up financially but not spiritually... but being POOR is a choice... It is... Being stupid is a fucking choice.... it just fucking is... Guys go read the book Cure by Jo Marchant Please... I'm literally begging you guys... You read that book and all the things that you think make you a "special case"... you learn is just an excuse you believe in. You know how drug addicts believe with almost every fiber of their being they need the drug to be whole.... that there is something wrong with them otherwise... See how your brain blinds you into believing POWERFUL but FALSE realities? I'm telling you guys... You guys with low energy-- almost every fucking person I know complains of low energy levels... LISTEN TO ME MOTHERFUCKERS PLEASE- GO RUN 3.5 MILES A DAY EVERYDAY. Energy problem will be solved virtually permanently.... But see you guys STILL WONT FUCKING DO IT. YOU FUCKING WONT... BECAUSE THE FIRST 22 DAYS OF A NEW HABIT IS PAINFUL FOR YOU RETARDS. YOU WOULD RATHER NOT FEEL UNCOMFORTABLE FOR A MONTH AND LIVE A LIFETIME OF SUFFERING RATHER THAN BEING UNCOMFORTABLE FOR ONE MONTH AND HAVE A HABIT THAT REWARDS YOU BACK FOR A LIFETIME. DO YOU GUYS GET WHAT I'M DOING HERE... I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU GUYS BUILD CHAMPION NEURAL CONNECTIONS-- REALLLL SELF ESTEEM NOT BRAVADO NOT A VENEER OF HAPPINESS BUT TRUE PASSION FOR THE ONLY LIFE WE ARE ACTUALLY CERTAIN WE'RE GOING TO GET. For you, your ability to create this amazing life for yourself you need A LOT of "ingredients" if you will-- and primarily these ingredients COME FROM EXTERNAL SOURCES. Every great person in history will always give credit to other people... Always. Because they know that they aren't this person that was forged in a dark room thinking to themselves about the nature of life, about how to succeed, and solved every challenge they had in life through their own thoughts.... If you are that person I want to meet you. But every great man and woman who ever lived and are living all give credit to others-- and the simple reason is because we are clearly an amalgamation of all the great people that came before us. So your job as a person-- MORE than just to conjure up new ideas--- your job, more importantly, is actually more like STIRRING or BLENDING in the concepts and abilities of all the people you're learning from and that will create your very own kind of unique soup-- and that will be your life. The investing concepts of Warren Buffett, the humanitarian views of Gandhi and Mother Theresa, the activism of MLK Jr, the artistic eye of Picasso-- I'm not saying be these people but there will be aspects of their personality that become ingredients in your very own identity and in doing so-- your life as well. And obviously you have your own strengths-- but the point being is to get these external ingredients downloaded into your brain it obviously means reading books, finding mentors, going to seminars, meeting new people, traveling to new places, working in different environments. And so I just automatically now-- if someone says hey did you read this book or hey do you want to go to this seminar? I automatically just go. The interesting thing too is sometimes you go to these events and you think it's not going to help you at all... but somehow... some way... maybe its a year later something just clicks. And it leads to a massive ROI if you didn't get it upfront. Anyways.... Question of the day: What are you going to reinvest your discretionary income in?
  10. Businesses To Pursue and Businesses to Avoid When Marketing This is obviously not set in stone but you should be able to scale very quickly in a marketing agency just by choosing the right businesses-- just for example one of my mentors / friends / colleagues, in his first year he just scaled aggressively and made pretty close to $900k. Anyways this completely depends on you but it's just recommendations that is going to help you a lot. When you're starting out you want to remove as much logistical problems as possible- You don't want to be running around getting a bunch of staff or managing all these different types of clients, and running around like a yes man providing all these types of services... you'll seriously get confused in this. Most people's businesses can only handle about 7 client campaigns at once before they need a lot of help-- As a side note this is one thing I spent literally 2 years building is a system that can manage 50 clients possibly more without ANY help AND still deliver 99.999 I want to say 100% but you get the idea- 100% results.... Anyways you really have to bare in mind how much time it takes to get a client, hold the client, and take care of the client-- and the number 1 rule you have to have is charge what you're worth- If you're just starting out and running campaigns... charge $2000-$3000 a month. You can't beat me... so get paid for your time... You will spend like 10-15 hours a week on one client MINIMUM and you MUST charge your time. I on the other hand charge $600-$1,000 minimum as an intro... but I have so many proprietary processes now where the work takes me maybe 15 minutes a work a month per client TOPS.... And I'm not saying that smugly... I'm saying it literally took 2 fucking years to build the system I have and I'm a very smart guy. So for everybody else you need to focus on actually putting cash in your pocket.... so don't criminally undercharge yourselves-- even if you're new to the game. Now all this said you might be saying-- but Sombra, who are these players with money-- these people that can afford $2,000-$3,000 a month and expect to get charged that much? Good question-- Find clients who average order of value is over $1,000.... Anybody who is under that--- stay away from... Now you might change in the future. Like I've worked with a handful of SMALL business owners.... but that's because I'm FUCKING GOOD at what I do... and I don't mean that lightly... I'm FUCKING GOOD.... Don't take that risk... Don't do it... You might hurt the small business owner and more often than not you just end up hurting yourself.... Like a candle maker is not going to be a good fit if each candle is $10... Another example-- a barbershop. Your haircuts are $30 a month so $360 a year... does that justify a $3,000 PER MONTH fee.... No.... That said actually I do have an acquaintance that actually did SEO for his barbershop on the barter system LOL... so basically he did their SEO for free but in return, he has free hair cuts for life... so just wanted to tack that on there... The very first client I ever landed-- was an Oil Rig and Electrical Grid Contracting business... average contract for them was worth $1-$3 million.... And he was a TOUGH wheeling and dealing type of guy... Still got it done and with a fair revenue just short of $2,000 (within THEIR marketing budget)... But that said if you can get say a private jet charter business where every hour in flight they make $4k.... well I mean in theory you'd be able to charge them $20k per month.... And I had one client that I actually did 20k a month with... but in return they were making I'm guessing around 100k a month in new revenue month on month--- with repeat revenue from last month compounding... But here's the point-- you need to ask-- what are the industries you can map out WHERE can you get high paying clients? (I'm focusing on Lawyers right now) and aren't too hard to find-- My real estate client for example... luxury homes in a rich part of Florida where the realtor's commission is easily worth around $60,000 per home-- shit like that also makes me want to get a brokers licenses and then just move to a rich area and SEO my own site because I want all that money lol... but in due time I want to set up maybe 4 income streams before then.... again-- because I want all the money lol. But anyways the criteria you're looking for is 1- High paying clients (they client pays $1,000 or more) 2- It's EASY for them to find clients online (EASY WINS) Here's some easy wins: Cosmetic Surgery ($5,000-$50,000 per 1 procedure- excluding repeat business) Real Estate Mortgages Financial Services Dental Practices Car Dealerships Franchises (If you're going to do barbershops, restaurants, and gyms... make sure they're franchises so you can just repeat the process across ALL locations and make your retainer worth it) The average lifetime value of the client is SO high that it's just stupid easy-- you only have to get them 2-3 clients and then they go... oh yeah... well that was worth it... But when you're dealing with barbershops, gyms / health centers, restaurants... The point is just getting someone 1-2 clients that covers the expenses and profits them for the month.... These are easy wins. If you want to make your life even easier too-- pursue businesses that already have a lot of assets as well. Meaning that if you go after a business and you're doing Facebook marketing or something... but they don't have a facebook page, they don't have testimonials, they don't have any videos, they basically have zero assets.... well then it would come with the territory to create that stuff for them which is a lot more work for you-- But dig in on the discovery call and ask okay what assets do you have, what videos do you have, what pictures or testimonials do you have? Do you have a dropbox where you can send me all of this on? If you're talking to a client and it FEELS like it's going to be hard... it's probably going to be hard-- go after players with money that can make your life relatively easy.
  11. 7/10: Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day - Cold Calling - Email Marketing Relationships I Can Improve / Build - Jo Misc. - T - Agent - Natalie - Roland I'm Grateful For: 1- Friends 2- Business 3- Fam One Thing I Did That Sucked So I'm dead tired but just got hit up to go clubbing tonight... Alright thumbs up-- lets do this-- LEROYYYYYYYYYYY mmmmmmmJENKINSSSSSSSSSSSSs ... God tonight is going to be trash hahah Cool Things from My Day: Love my friends-- to quote this guy who is 29 and self made rich as fuck "Haha gotta keep moving" He's also working at a homeless shelter / food shelter right now and is baffled how people fall through the cracks like this when they don't seem like they aren't THAT ... not-smart?? My buddy just sent me this to watch too: He's extremely disciplined with his money so I'm going to watch this later tonight because I know it's good.
  12. Lifestyle Optimization I'm so in the zone right now... it's not even funny. So here's what my days look like right now: To make your own copy: Will be posting results every week in here too. My diet is super clean right now and later this month when I'm out of food I'm going to probably switch to an all almost all shake diet of basically: Pea Protein Paleo Thin ChikPro Kale/Spinach Oatmeal Flax oil & Olive Oil 2 Gallons of Water a Day Can hit all macros without thinking about anything. (still taking my multivitamins though) And that's about it really. Just really tightening the hinges here... Pretty stoked. That's it!
  13. Lesson of the Day: The Contrast Bias Alright hello everybody new lesson of the day! So I've mentioned this across my blog pretty consistently and I'm definitely going to talk about it much more in the future too but here is just one of the 25 cognitive biases-- the contrast bias. And when you look back at your life pretty much everything you didn't get is probably because you fell victim to one of the 25 psychological biases. Anyways, It took about 10,000 years of science in math and physics etc and around $1 trillion to finally figure out how to put a man on the moon. That is hard. Everything else in contrast is pretty fucking easy in the grand scheme of things. Just think about losing weight-- you'll hear people say dude I have tried EVERYTHING and I can't lost weight... I have tried EVERY DIET EVERY EXERCISE ROUTINE and I CANT FIGURE IT OUT. Is it harder than putting a man on the moon? No it's very easy by comparison-- humble brag myself here I've already lost 25lbs since quarantine has begun and I'm trying to cut back another 10lbs and I'll be Navy Seal weight for my height. But believe it or not --- because I know this sounds retarded... simplifying your life through contrasting makes things seem so fucking simple its not even funny. Here's a practical example-- making $1,000,000.... Over a year its roughly $3,000 a day.... Which when you put it like that sounds a bit easier.... You guys get where this is going? It's innovating out of your problem. Let's simplify this even more...... If you make $3,000 a day... and you work 10 hours.... how much would you have to make an hour? $300 an hour.... Does this seem doable... can you figure out a job or a system you can create that can profit you $300 in an hour? The contrast bias plays with your mind in other ways too.... For example Roger Bannister first man to ever run the 4 minute mile... Once people saw that that is possible the contrast flipped in their head.... they realized huh with extra work I could do that too.... And a bunch of people have started beating his time. Before then NOBODY could bust it. But literally once he did it- 4-5 people did it within the month..... It wasn't that these people didn't have the ability... their mind was literally holding them back.... There's a very interesting book I'm going to make notes on soon called Inheritance but pretty much even genes within our body switch on and off based on our habits and even our thoughts..... It's totally shocking when people learn this. But anyways Richard Dawkins even wrote in the Selfish Gene that the likelihood you will jump into a pool to save someone drowning... can be calculated just based on your genes.... Courage... is literally genetic. As a side tangent however, that I guess ties in with the message.... Richard Dawkins also coined the term meme-- which now has taken on the definition of a viral joke.... But the original definition (still holds true) is that people's natural genetics affects their behaviors which manifests itself through viral ideas and changes you be happenstance. Meaning just your actions that are sheerly unique to your genetic makeup can be conveyed through words, messages, symbolism etc.... and when communicated -- can permanently impact people's lives. You can change people on deep levels just by you being you.... Which I personally find fascinating. There is a very good possibility that you are affecting people as well on a gene level. So you might not have been born a very courageous person.... Like Alexander the Great-- he was conquering cities from 19-32... he probably genetically had a lot of courage-- but you may not have that naturally-- but the good news is, if you can just change certain mental patterns you can literally change your circumstances almost overnight. So health you may be contrasting yourself with your friends or something. Jim Rohn says you make the same amount of money as your 5 closet friends, but even more important is you're actually just setting your contrast. You guys know why I talk about rich people and high achievers right? It's not because I think you guys are going to work out 6 hours a day or because you guys are going to become billionaires.... But I will tell you this if some of these people become your new contrast your goals BECOME EASIER. When you realize Arnold learned how to work out 6 hours a day... can you work out 15 minutes. When Elon Musk had to borrow money for rent to keep himself afloat during his famous 3 business launches after paypal.... could you start a business right now? When Dan Pena had a notice the bank was going to foreclose on his home and he was certain that his multi billion dollar business was going to be in debt and he was sure to face financial death and he cried to his banker asking for a loan on his hands and knees.... Could you ask for help from people? How much easier does life seem from this perspective? Jonathan Haidt-- author of Happiness Hypothesis which I'm recommending you meatheads read now for the 6th or 7th time has said in all of his research he said it's amazing at how much our brain queues into this contrast bias.... Like in a scary way.... That said you can also by the way have your contrast get all screwy... Our brains evolutionarily ratchet up our ambition by 30% compared to our real life situation so you MUST pay attention to this... MUST. Like if you're living somewhere really nice you immediately are going to be like fuck I want a nicer place... I want xyz I want bah bah and yes it's evolution it pushes you forward but this is something you MUST keep in check in a capitalist society--- it's the same reason people can't ever save $100,000.... because as soon as you make 100k-- you think to yourself fuck I want to live the lifestyle of someone making $130k.... And then it pushes you even more from there.... So point being-- this contrast bias can work against you, but I'm talking about it making it work FOR you. Jon Haidt said if you make $1 mil, then you go live in Miami or Soho, or Beverly Hills etc.... you probably WONT be very happy.... Success leaves clues--- Warren Buffett is a guy who constantly controlled his biases (probably thanks to him and Charlie Munger) but it's no mystery why hes lived in the same house for about 60 years now.... He's worth almost 72 billion right now... and there's actually a funny story of his daughter buying him an $80,000 Cadillac--- and he told her no you must return this vehicle get something less expensive.... Success leaves clues- his mindset is a discipline. On his level it's literally similar to like a submarine or something where he's afraid if there is one small breach in the hull... as he dives deeper and deeper that chink could lead to a catastrophe... so he keeps his mind in check and nobody loves him more for that than his shareholders. But again lets make this a bit more holistic because I personally am not JUST talking about money.... Pick a health role model Pick a business role model Pick a lifestyle role model And you'll realize hey by comparison almost anything you're doing is EASY probably compared to these people.... So everything that should be simpler in life-- make it simpler. But then make the hard thing hard... if something is hard figure it out-- don't take it lightly... but when you can make it simple make it simple.... that's it... that's all. Question for you: What is something that is simple that you're making hard and what is something hard you're making too simple?
  14. 7/9: You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day - Jo - Cold Calling - Email Marketing Relationships I Can Improve / Build - Andrew Misc. - T - Agent - Natalie - Roland I'm Grateful For: 1- Friends 2- Business 3- Fam One Thing I Did That Sucked I can't really say I did anything that sucked today honestly... I should've tried something because 2-3 thoughts popped up in my head of something that I could've done that would've been painful but rewarding that I was like nah lets just focus on working. Damn. For example I would've LOVED to get in a 6-8 mile run in because it hit 100F today but I was just working on other things instead... That said I have not missed one day of workouts now in the last 2 months now... If you want to know my mindset for training it's pretty simple-- you have to workout before you get a rest day... I havent had a day in 2 months yet where I felt like I truly EARNED the rest. I believe David Goggins said he only missed 2 days in the past several years. I have had a two "tired days"... but to make sure I'm actually tired I don't take the day off-- because I know if I really am tired that means the next day I'll be EVEN MORE tired... Just a tip for people that take "tired days" off.... Push it that day... see if the next day you're more tired.... Cool Things from My Day: Just got through (about to finish off candidly) the largest project I've been working on for the past month. So excited. Also just got so much bullshit out of the way today side project related... about to do some natty addys lmfaoo. Only so I can get everything finished... I really hate fucking with this concoction honestly even though I'm ABSOLUTELY nowhere near an overdose / toxicity level... the idea of it freaks me out.
  15. 7/8: Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Really time to go in nightmare mode on my business but just a couple of loose ends I have to get into place first-- On the email marketing side of things-- a different client project-- and the new client management integration system I'll be doing.... much thanks to J (if you're reading this)- super slick idea. Biggest Financial Opportunity Of The Day - Jo - Cold Calling - Email Marketing Relationships I Can Improve / Build - J - Andrew - Vegas Crew Misc. - Contacts - T & I - New Client Management Integration - Agent - Natalie - Roland I'm Grateful For: 1- Business 2- Life in general 3- Exercise One Thing I Did That Sucked This entire day was fucking backwards LOL it was like an episode of the twilight zone or something. Which I need to watch more of. Like basically everything that could get fucked up did haha... still was an awesome day though... some really awesome news.. I also managed to see all the bullshit through though and it turned out to be a fantastic day imo.... Just pissed I didn't have time to hit set up the email marketing accounts I wanted set up or finish a couple side projects. Cool Things from My Day: So funny to see you guys bookmarking my posts lol. Got some new business tips from a couple of my mentors-- already knew the stuff but reinforced what I already believed/knew to be true. A few other cool things but not worth noting at the moment.