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  1. 1/21/19- Some people are so poor all they have is money. So I had a dream last night... I get dreams of this nature quite frequently to be honest. Last night I dreamed that a client I had from a couple years ago was going to message me out of the blue and refer his friend to me. I woke up and today (20th) and the first email I saw was a referral email from that client. His friend in a different city is looking for an SEOr and he strongly recommended me but wanted to know if I had the capacity for this deal. I don't think these dreams are psychic/clairvoyant nature.... I tend to believe this has more to do with the subconscious mind... and I'll just leave it at that. Anyways I'm extremely excited because by the end of this month I'm going to be ready to launch my business into multiple markets. I will have the greatest service, greatest value proposition, and the greatest product that these businesses have ever seen from a digital marketer. One of the first moves I'm doing is opening up markets in multiple countries, countries I really enjoy. The greatest part of this whole process is my SOP is so optimized that it makes other agencies look like morons. I say this because I've talked to several SEO agencies... they have to hire employees to do certain things like delegate form submissions, keyword research, etc etc... Meanwhile, my SOP is similar to those videos you've seen online where a guy like pushes a metal marble down a wood slope, and next thing you know all these moving parts start performing tasks- and pop toast has been made with no human effort. It's really intricate, but from what I've been able to ascertain my SOP does the job of about 3 full time employees automatically. Ok, later
  2. anything that's special requires hard work It's been one of those nights for me. Going to help my friend blow up his affiliate guitar business.... meanwhile I'm now helping my friend obtain his visa in the US... while simultaneously cutting two deals which will bring one of my friends' tens, hopefully, more thousands of dollars, it's seriously that important to me. Then helped my other friend connect with another friend so they can work out an issue with one of the largest real estate holding companies on the east coast.... finally helping a girl in Indonesia set up her first website and put some real cash in her pocket... I'd love to post all the nice words I received from these people over the last couple weeks.... but just take my word for it. I always tell the truth, even when I lie.
  3. Thoughts on Netflix: Stuff I Watched Since Signing Up The Witcher: As someone who never played any of those video games, but had friends who would be super addicted to these games like in highschool, I have to say that show was excellent to me. It's funny because the irony of the whole show is that The Witcher (a mutated by magic human), is an abomination, an animal without any emotions. But when you see how he interacts with the world and people around him, he's probably the most human thing alive. Basically the Witcher is a monster hunter living in what I'm guessing is a fantasy land of the 1100'sish. I really enjoy any show where the lead character is struggling balancing both aspects of their own morality. I once heard a definition of what a Gentleman is from one of my jaw droppingly successful friends. In a nutshell what he said was: "A true gentleman has the capacity for lying, conning, cheating, manipulation, violence, vindictiveness, and every other ugly trait a human can have... but he chooses to restrain those behaviors- but only out of principle and out of wisdom. Men who fake being gentleman are like the chads you see at country clubs, trust fund kids that always had everything they ever wanted without getting a callous on their hand. While these men are as good as any, a gentleman always knows when he's speaking with a real gentleman." In a nutshell- I really like characters who are compassionate because they know others are weak. ________________________________________________________ The Assassination of Gianni Versace: I absolutely love this whole series. To be honest I am about 40-50x more interested in Gianni's story than I am Andrew Cunanan. I hate Andrew Cunanan's guts honestly... Basically the guy most likely snapped once he learned he was HIV+ so he went around on a delusional murder spree, probably assigning blame and feeling justification along the way. There are some speculative parts in the movie- like Versace getting tested for something but never stated what- the family claims he did not have HIV but he had ear cancer. Then the whole Lee Miglin thing... the wife vehemently denies that her husband was gay... I tend to believe like i've said in a lot of posts, where there's smoke there's fire. I could understand an old man with a life partner, but actually being sexually attracted more to men... like times were so different. The only places gays said they felt safe in the 80s was in like Studio 54 in NYC.... nowadays gays basically get VIP treatments. So you just look at how things were 20,30,40,50 years ago... and I can understand why you would do the whole- get a family thing and just suffer. There's actually a ton I could say about this series but ultimately my appreciation for Gianni Versace's vision was really dwarfed by my hatred for Andrew Cunanan. I will say that actor though is virtually a spitting image of that asshole. I will say I loved the balls of Gianni when he decided to publically out himself despite the fact he was doing business in countries that strongly disliked gays, or flat out made gay marriages illegal, in the short aftermath of AIDS epedemic.... he risked endorsements, possible IPO entry prices, everything. So admirable. ________________________________________________________ The Crown: Haven't dug in as much as I wanted to but absolutely love that there is a show that takes you through the royal family from King Henry VI. YOU: I don't actually enjoy this show, I watched a few episodes because I was basically forced to lol. He seems so oddly relatable to me, I mean some of the things he says in the episodes... eerily similar, especially how he goes about making examinations about people. Other than his examinations about people, couldn't be more different. I can see why people like the show though... its a serial murderer with sensitive thoughts.
  4. Far From The Tree: Parents, Children, and The Search for Identity- Andrew Solomon So just had a chat with my friend Mr. J. Need to get on a call with him on Wednesday night. Probably a $5,000+ deal for me. But most importantly we were talking about some mindset stuff. I just threw a client his way. He's throwing me business. But through this talk, he's had to take care of a threat of 7k ... the funny thing is he did nothing wrong. But he reimbursed his unhappy but satisfied client (he literally did 7k of work for him but the guy is just a dick)- to prevent anything going nuclear in court, he just gave him his 7k back. I then sent him my legal agreements I have clients sign, which was drafted by a corporate attorney to my friend. I mean if someone wants to try brawling with me in court they're sadly mistaken and in for a rude awakening. In fact I just looked into starting "a business" where I just sue the shit out of hundreds of businesses for failing to comply to certain ADA/GDPR etc rules.... but then I looked into legal advice and for a lot of reasons, while possible, it's just going to be annoying for me to do. Anyways I'm onto writing notes on this massive book that actually made the New York Times top 10 List of 2012, its won a few awards actually.... The premise of the book is every human is born excellent- regardless of mental illness or not. The question is in a world where parenting styles, trauma (like rape and abuse), and TMI is constantly surrounding us- what extent should you push your child to succeed in the world. So enjoy the notes, I'm sure I'll break this up into parts.
  5. Passing Thoughts... When you really think about it... death is the greatest invention of all time. People make the most changes to their lifestyle past 26 years old due to trauma. People die and businesses are thrown into chaos which then comes order. Old ways of thinking, dated ideas, silly bureaucracy albeit slow-moving bureaucracy changes. Death is really the greatest invention that ever existed. I don't want to live forever. To be honest I'm not even sure I like living lol. There are too many things that fascinate me about life. Have you ever just wanted to master a skillset for no reason other than the process? Sometimes I want to work on building cars, shadow mechanics, just to learn how vehicles are put together... I'd like to build a car myself. Programming... well, I only want to learn a little coding... programming is a calling for people,,, and for the intellectually curious coding leads through a wormhole into irrelevance. Then there are odd things I wish I could do... I wish I could watch a new movie every day of my life. I wish I could snap my fingers and speak 15 languages fluently... only because it would free up time for me to look into more about psychology, philosophy, hell even great works of fiction. There are challenges I wish I could accomplish in my life. Like participating in an iron man contest... biking cross country for a cause (maybe)... But you realize how fleeting life really is... it's just too fragile. As much as we like to dilute ourselves into thinking we have any significance in the world... we're less than a fart in the cosmos of time.... we literally are virtually as insignificant as ants. The humor of our existence is boundless really. We assign morals, ideas, structure to something... constructs so we believe our life has meaning. But the truth is it doesn't. And its just bullshit to comfort yourself through your dull and desperate existence. The truth is I think you can be the richest man in the world. The most brilliant mind of all time. But you will still call the world dull. .... Something that just came to me now was this thought- well actually two thoughts The first thought was life in a lot of ways is just some kids sitting in detention after class waiting for their time to be over. But what if you died tomorrow and God does exist... and then he asked you.. So... how did you like heaven?
  6. What a great day today- 1/18 You know its technically day 6 of my experiment of taking this "natty addy" and man does it really take me back in a lot of ways. I use to take Adderall in college, a study/cognitive enhancing drug and I would always think to myself the next morning that- "hey this stuff isn't going to work today, it's just not going to work..." 45 minutes would pass sometimes. And THEN. and then you notice it... slowly the world started to fill with more colour- Your mind would get clearer and clearer. And any typical brain fog you had. Poof. Just gone. And ya know, it is gone.... on day 6 this compound is still working highly effectively. I couldn't be happier- I mean- well... that's a lie BecauseIDo wish... I could find a substitute for half of the main ingredient. But I'll just take it as really solid evidence that even the most benign things should only be taken in moderation. And that's really how I'm looking at this situation.... I had a discussion with my guitarist friend last night. He's done more drugs than most people I know.... he even had a recreation of that Wolf of Wallstreet scene where Jordan shows up to the country club overdosing on quaaludes- you know the scene where he's basically doing a backflip just to try and get out of his car. We both came to somewhat of an agreement of our philosophies on stimulants. They're meant to dig yourself out of a rough patch- and get yourself "up and over" as the British military would tell their fighters during trench warfare. It's just meant to get you up and over... but beyond that, it's up to you to make sure you can let the momentum carry you the rest of the way through. So my plan of action is going to be only to save this compound for when I hit a plateau/wall in my business. From there it's just about getting up and over... and once the plan is in motion... it'll coast. To reiterate though- "why would I limit myself if the substance has so little problems on the body when taken in moderation?" Because only addicts think that way- that's why. Don't @ me about Eminem's new album.... it repeated the same mistakes Revival had. If anything I also think it kind of sucks that he took the media away from Halsey today. As "fake woke" as she is, I think over the next few years she's really going to come into a cool place as an artist. I can see the fake woke veneer slowly peeling off her into actual wisdom but I digress.
  7. No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot- 1/17 | Experiment concluded: Natty Addys. So my biggest breakthrough today was an experiment I've been on and off trying to conclude for years. Using natural substances, I've been trying to figure out how to concoct an "over the counter" version of Adderall. I always wondered to myself.... why is it that on this pill... I could turn myself into a high-performance machine? At my peak I was working 2 jobs, 1 internship, working out every day, going to school full time, and clubbing almost every night. Needless to say there was very little sleep. The truth is side effects always bothered me, because I'm of the belief that "there's no 'free lunches' on your body"... even when on paper there says there's no longterm side effects... trust me- there has to be. So I always wondered how using strategies like diet, diet exercises, natural herbs or medicines in certain concentrations, could I get a similar effect to adderall? No scratch that, how could I just ingest something that has been studied much more comprehensively and get the same if not close effects as adderall? But better- no jitters, no enhanced emotional states, just collected focus without the wire. This has been something I've been attempting to figure out since 2015. And as of today, which makes day 5 of this new experiment I can say I've found the solution. I pretty much feel like Eddie Morra right now at the end of the movie limitless... where he has figured out the one thing to take, the thing that irons out all the kinks of NZT I don't particularly want to share what this substance is, how to take it, etc... since the build-up of the substance in high enough amounts can lead to damage in multiple organs. In low enough concentrations medical reports indicate that the upper limit is usually very high but slowly damaging if taken longer than 20+ days. But it's nothing you guys that are familiar with nootropics would ever consider nor think about so don't tell me that kratom or modafinil or whatever the fuck is the solution because it's not, nor is it something silly like high amounts of caffeine- and most importantly nothing sketchy that you have to use illegals online pharmacies for. It's a great feeling having this squared away- I can't even tell you how many health cocktails from high mg of bacopa mixed with ashwagandha, ginseng, tyrosine balancing caffeine, - I don't really want to get into all of these stuff with you guys this has literally been years in the making.... But alas, Saner heads prevail. 😏 Senator Sombra lol
  8. Masculinity is Dead My Viewpoints on The Sad Affairs of The World Now as some of you can probably ascertain if you really have been following my journal... I clearly go off the rails quite a bit when I break from routine. That mad part of me comes out- it makes equally as cantankerous as it does creative.... Staying in that state only means trouble for me.... only means trouble. Right anyways as I more or less continue to tighten the ship so to speak (since I run one) I tend to get a lot more sobering thoughts. One of the many lessons you learn in life is how important it is in a relationship to maintain your alpha values, and alpha masculine qualities.... that means like never complaining about your life ever to your S.O., and essentially only making them experience fun and enjoyment around you, but I'm getting off on a rant here. I just wanted to add this snippet in because I saw some bullshit about women love it when you're "vulnerable" and bah bah bah.... Yeah maybe if she's your wife? Even then...? Now there's actually an idea called a "unique pairing"... Its where two things shouldn't go together, but somehow they do... and that's what makes them attractive. Like you ever see like a Dog and Brown Bear acting like best friends on your facebook newsfeed or whatever? That's a unique pairing. You take, for example, some hard badass alpha guy, and you make them funny, carefree, and lighthearted, and that's a unique pairing- it becomes as addictive as a drug to women- and I mean honestly guys need to be that way because look- All of life is so serious man, life has a lot of hardships, your relatives die it's so sad, you're going to die one day, in the meantime you're just stuck paying bills- this is how people get hooked onto drugs and other forms of escapism... again another reason why as a guy you should never be sharing your weaknesses, sharing your insecurities- there's definitely times to have moments of realness but for the most part just STFU about those things.... Anyways totally got off point but I felt like that's needed because as much as prick I can come across probably over text I'm not this serious around other people you're pretty much just seeing how I think when I have moments to myself. Anyways all I want to say is masculinity is dying... and has really been dead a long long time....... You can't find anybody like me that is 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 years old.... there aren't any. There nowhere in the world except Russia, a little bit in the Ukraine a little bit in the old communist countries... there aren't very many of me. I am a sad. statistic. to millennials and younger men. Jocko is a real man. And the reason his book for kids has become so popular is because there is very little alternatives to programming your kid. Forget being a success- it's for being a man, and not squatting to pee. When I say vagina or cu** I mean being a coward. I literally woke up just to type this out... and in the middle of doing that bang a new guy hits my inbox asking me to be his business partner in his agency... I closed on that deal between typing this out to you guys... LITERALLY... Stop being vaginas.
  9. I just had possibly the biggest breakthrough in SEO since Greg Morrison discovered RSOS.... Wowww..... I can do anything now... my SEO is now 12x more effective than the rest of the market... measured it. Literally costs 12x less to be 12x more effective.... I can rank for anything now... I mean I literally actually do rank for the hardest keywords on planet Earth.... but nothing is beyond me now. I know almost 99.99999% of agencies have no clue about this... but it all makes sense.
  10. 1/16 - LMFAO was convinced to watch the show YOU... and I fucking feel personally attacked HAHAHAH almost every thought this guy has had, aside from insane jealousy/possessiveness, in episode one is shit that I've thought.... what the fucking fuck hahaha. Okay- after watching the first episode... I really cannot watch another one... the ending creeped me out quite a lot. I personally felt like the writer could've easily strung out 3,4,5 more episodes by showing the dance between Benji and Joe go on a bit more.... it felt a bit jarring to me to see someone get hit with a mallet so quickly... or at least they should've been as methodical with his train of thought as to why he took the action analogously to how he repaired Don Quixote or other similar internal dialogue. It was just too abrupt. Hammer then a cliffhanger... The writing had me going up until that point. I will say though, train rails do generally carry around 600 volts of electricity... as much as an electric eel. By comparison, a taser is about 50,000 volts.... So just avoid the rails and pull yourself up or walk to the nearest staircase/ladder... if that's not possible you might have to take the shock and hoist yourself up. Anyways Some things that have helped me last year: Be grateful, but indifferent to your possessions. There's no separation between you are desires Be kind and courageous in equal proportions Accept everyone's views as coming from their level of consciousness Don't be a prisoner of lust or a gatekeeper of discipline Replace regret with learning Health makes wealth the servant You are not a person, you are a phenomenon Nothing dies. Everything transforms In all things, the choice was yours... You are energy masquerading as matter _____________________________________ I have a lot to do today but its a lot of the same thing. I do have to schedule a chat with Mr. J.... my first payday is coming up pretty shortly and although I am the US manager I haven't gotten a single job duty or responsibility as of yet... just getting paid for literally doing nothing.
  11. Facts are stubborn, but statistics are more pliable. 1/15 I'll be the first to say, the alien James Holzhauer comes from a compassionate race of aliens. I can't believe he just let that Ken Jennings win the Jeopardy tournament.... it must be for some divine cosmic reason... god fuck.... I could swear looking at Ken he was hopped up on something.... Okay today, what am I up to: Get back to J Get back to M Connect D with J (lol) Get back to L Work on SOP & F Talk to F about C Talk to Jesse Talk to A Talk to Alt Pretty easy day today.... good.... what was I going to write. Oh, so my friend Mr. J basically spent some money on my agencies website without me knowing. Apparently he ran some Guest Posts for me to do an experiment. So nice of him in all honesty. We've both been focused on if high domain outputs on sites causes a lower quality link in terms of juice. And our conclusion seems to be that sites that don't link out are performing better than high DR sites that link out a ton. I've been working on obtaining a list of 35,000 of these websites. If you knew anything about SEO you would shit yourself from me just saying that lol. In ways, it's somewhat equivalent of me saying I just bought a Rolls Royce. Especially each website you can charge about $200 per and profit $100 on... I know I'm sounding vague but what do you care, lol, if you know SEO you know what I mean- so what. I should have this list completed by the end of the month. And then I will usher in a new era.... So amazing to think, that I was honestly expecting to be where I'm at with my business by July... I did not expect to have the things I want lined up with where I am at the end of January. Okay Actualized- thank you.
  12. The Science to Why You're Lazy... and How to Cure It (please read) Okay so today I want to talk about motivation.... and I think people are lead largely astray on this topic because they believe that motivation has to do with all these extraneous factors like weather, genetics, passion for projects etc... and while that stuff is all contributing factors for high levels of optimization of motivation it still doesn't get to the core of most people's issues when it comes to getting work done. In fact if you just take time to evaluate your current belief system you're either one of two people- you probably believe that people either are "motivated" types of people or "aren't motivated" types of people. So if you are the type that is lethargic, unmotivated, and unable to do things we are going to discuss this here today... and why you can probably play an app on your phone for 12 hours easily but struggle to crank out 3 hours of quality work. In a nutshell, there are three obstacles you have to overcome to get into a state of flow: Just kidding there are four and they are: Dopamine Locks Tummy Locks Purpose Locks Garbage Locks If you are trying to accomplish anything with having these things still locked, you are going through heaven and hell- I don't see how anyone can be successful without doing these things first and even if you are successful you can be 10x more successful by addressing these issues. Dopamine Locks So to address this a bit more you need to look at why you get lethargic... in a nutshell there is something chemically happening in your gut, or some chemical makeup in your brain that is telling your mind and your body- we don't want to do that. One of the reasons why people just can't get things done is because of how dopamine is released in their brain. So if we look at a smart phone, the way a phone is designed is a lot like a slot machine- every time you open it up theres a new thing going on every time.... and the results of new and intriguing patterns causes dopamine release... and the same thing goes on with video games. Video games are engineered to hook your dopamine into the video game. If you think about back in the caveman days... getting dopamine was actually tough work. To get dopamine means you have done something that is giving your status and this status would be rewarded to you in various ways like through sex, food, shelter, good will, and a bunch of other societal benefits. So when you play a video game, the developers are leveraging that drive of attaining status to make the damn thing so damn addictive. This is why it costs almost no willpower to play video games because instead of it being tough work in caveman time to get dopamine- i.e. hunt down deer and boar for days, stab them with sticks, harvest them, get back to camp, cook them, feed your family... like instead of this long drawn out but most importantly accurate process to attain status, software developers are making you feel like you're going from point A to point B at such an accelerated rate. Just evaluate your thoughts and I guarantee you'll start seeing some dopamine addict victim based thoughts. You'll start seeing things like "I wish someone would text me to hangout", "I wish so and so would just call me up for a date", "I wish someone would just suprise me and do something nice for me." And to make the point this is not someone in your inner circle you're saying these things about it... it's usually someone you hardly even fucking know... It's basically the fantasy people have of some random celebrity meeting them and wanting to be friends or something lol. While these thoughts are not wrong, nor evil, nor unjustified in a lot of cases, they are however spurred on unrealistically by the advent of technology. So the way your mind starts working when you're addicted to your phone, addicted to your television, addicted to drinking, addicted to anything that allows you to release dopamine without earning it your brain starts to rewire itself to only accept things that release dopamine quickly, and it rejects things that release dopamine slower. Not because you're a bad person, or lazy- it's just that your brain is like an AI. It wants to get the pleasure as quickly as possible. So if you actually want a massive boost in your ability to get things done- you should separate yourself from anything that allows you to get unearned dopamine hits. That means to separate yourself from activities that generally give you short term dopamine releases. How you identify these short term dopamine release activities... is if there is no stopping point to your activity- its not something you can just pick up and put down, rather it's something you think about obsessively, your mind wanders to it, there is no real end in sight to the activity- that is a dopamine addiction- that is a dopamine driver. So for example smokers get hooked in because it becomes something they crave with no end in sight. Meanwhile If I said- hey do you want to play a game of tennis... you probably enthusiastically think about it a bit- then say you know what that sounds fun, knowing that there is probably going to be an end in site. It's not going to be something where we get on the court and you basically refuse for me to leave.... So sugar, heavy alcohol, drugs- these all train your brain to go for the easiest path of resistence. But the truth is you want to train your brain for maximum resistance. You have to be willing to addict yourself to doing the hardest things. The next issue people are dealing with is Tummy Locks The single biggest energy drain on your body throughout your day is actually digestion. There is two fronts you need to look at this at. Most people, including myself if you go and have a big meal, or a meal with a lot of meat in it you will typically find yourself slowing down- you just don't want to work. For me personally, any time I have Italian food, Chinese food, or Mexican food I can actually notice this in myself quite easily- I basically never have "American food" but whatever the point is- is evaluate what makes you sleepy and then generally speaking avoid these meals. If you can keep your digestive tract relatively clear while working you can focus a lot more on the work itself. I'm not Mr. Pro Health for the sake of being pro-health. The reason I'm pro-health is if you consume sugary foods, processed foods, bad foods- if you put those things in your gut, your gut has to get rid of those toxins and it takes A LOT of energy to process. The same thing applies to alcohol, the same thing applies to certain types of carbs. You really have to find your balance, I personally could probably be a high functioning alcoholic and I would succeed in spite of that, however, I know that if I eating a ton of cheap carbs I do get noticeably more demotivated in the following days. You should also look into eating a low inflammation diet. If you want to be more motivated throughout the day- look to eat food that's very easy and light on your digestive tract. My standard diet is just pea protein and hemp protein, some blueberries, lentil soup, some blended salad mixture, an avocado, and some oils. Next is the Purpose Lock Once you fix your dopamine problem, you're going to notice your brain is going to gravitate to certain tasks more than others. For example, I'm a Salesman and a Creator- I absolutely love selling things and I absolutely love creating things. For example, the most fun I ever have in my business is interacting with clients and prospects and creating standard operating procedures and experimenting with new services and new ideas. Looking into behaviors that you love doing repetitively will give you a really good insight into what you are as a person. For example, I had a friend in high school that would spend literally like 12 hours a day sometimes just playing with Fruity Loops Studio making beats and songs over and over again. He would then wake up and just do it again.... until he stopped. And that could probably highlight a character trait that he likes building things. The thing you need to realize is, if you don't feel fulfillment and happiness with what you're doing, it's going to be impossible to hit very high levels within your business. People see pictures of Bill Gates sleeping under his desk, or Elon Musk doing the same thing, and people think there is something wrong with those people, no it's just that you need to have purpose. Anybody is capable of doing that, it's just hard to find purpose. My advice to you is think back to what is there something you really could do for 12 hours straight and it should give you a good idea of your personality type and what you enjoy doing. Just find a goal that ties in with your type of work. Finally and the last thing is Garbage Locks The last thing and probably the hardest for some of you are getting rid of Garbage Locks... And it's hard because what garbage locks are, are distractions. And you typically really really enjoy these things. For example, I really enjoy nightclubbing it's a ton of fun, I have some of the best memories with my friends going out and having insane nights. I really enjoy reading books and studying languages, I mean I can literally spend an indefinite amount of time just doing research on things I find interesting. Some of my friends really like drinking, they have some of their best memories getting drunk and just enjoying their night. Other friends, I have literally non stop travel- my friend from Belgium is heading to Cancun next month and wants me to meet up with him down there, he's literally in a different country almost every single month. The point why you really need to limit these things if not eliminate some of them is because they really separate your from your purpose. Once you've taken time to identify your purpose... all you then have to do... is remove all the things blocking you from those goals. When I was trying to start my business, I had friends constantly dragging me, to try and go out with the nightclubs with them... and not that they are bad people, but I've had a handful of them basically start arguments with me when I was like no im staying in... because to them they think OH ALL HE EVER DOES NOW IS WORK THE ONE NIGHT I WANT TO GO OUT THE ONEEEEE NIGHTTT.. But to me its like WHYYY CANT THEY SEE? IF I GET THE THINGS I WANT OUT OF MY LIFE EVERYONE CAN LIVE A BETTER LIFE. WHY ARENT THEY SUPPORTING ME? So getting constantly dragged into habits, constantly guilt tripped into temptations - these constant constant things coming into my life trying to distract me from my goals. Now I'm not saying I'm going to live like this forever, but if you really want to be ambitious and you really want to have a lot more focus and energy.. you do need to get rid of those things that are separating you from your goals at least for a period of time. And you really have to realize what's actually important to you because if you don't sacrifice in your life... your goals and the things you care about will become the sacrifice. So those are the four things.
  13. 1/14- tu locura es mi ciencia I've been analyzing my personality pretty deeply over the last few days and have identified a few weak points that need some major improvement in my personality. These character flaws were not due to my own creature but more or less due to how I was raised as I have identified several points of trauma that causes me to express these behaviors. I'm not going to list them here- and most of you guys wouldn't even consider these "weaknesses" as flaws... but they are when I think of evolving myself further as a person. Some of these issues are I tend to overvalue having my back against the wall... Because I work very well under pressure, I realize that I secretly tend to create some scenarios in my life where this skill can be used. This is fine in all honesty.... however, I can't see it as good for personal growth. When I put off a side project to the last moment- even when I have time that day to handle it, I'm robbing my future of more side projects where I could learn more things. Although I have the ability to succeed in this mental space nonetheless... it disgusts me to think of opportunities and growth I'm leaving on the table because I cu** out in order to do something I'd rather enjoy more.... Like I want to learn a programming language this year, and get back into learning computer hacking on top of everything else I'm doing and because my day is just so full as is... I had to ask myself... what would it take for me to create more time... this is how this thought hit me. I don't care what anyone says- it's not doing what you love... it's doing whatever it takes that I value more. Fortunately for me, I'm just masochistic so I tend to love pain and feeling uncomfortable haha. Anyways good day to level up. Will write what I need to work on later today.
  14. 1/13- Pursue the things you love doing and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off of you. Onto what I'm doing for the day: Follow up with Shane Look into Dannys deal Get back to Goldy and J Follow up with Jesse Bunch of work for F Follow up with M SOP Get back to A Work my mastermind group
  15. How To Make Your Anki Cards in The Most Effective Way Possible (Learning Foreign Languages Accelerated) So on page one I write a basic outline that's all you need to learn a language FOR FREE. And by the way, it's the most effective method for learning a new language. You just need to make sure you stay consistent with your studies. In todays post I'm going to talk about things you can do to supercharge your learning using the Anki SRS (Spaced Repetition System) & Manufactured Immersion Method. Commit To Your Language Seriously (Manufactured Immersion) The first thing you want to do is really commit to the language you want to learn and you can do this by yourself at home. Most language learning methodologies fail you because they want you to communicate right away. Unless you have an intermediary goal of like being A2 on the Common European Framework of Reference so you can get around on a basic level, most people's goal is typically to get to a near-native level of fluency. You don't get to near native level of fluency with output. Output is the refinement phase. To get, and more importantly, sound like a native speaker, you need much more input than you do output. Otherwise, you're most likely just hammering away bad habits. Necesitas estar callaita si quieres sonar bien. You need to be quiet if you want to sound good. It's all listening, just like you did as a kid. (Just don't be careful, like if you're in a country and don't want to talk because you're afraid of embarrassing yourself- honestly don't sweat it- my European friends just taught me just go for it in foreign countries- so what ya know?) Anyways, I experienced this input to sound native thing to such a higher degree while learning Japanese- the reason being is Japanese, while not a tonal language, it is a pitch accent language- meaning that 50% of words have certain notes they hit to help listeners better understand the word - although context does save you. Just as a quick example the word for nose in Japanese is hana... the word for flowers in japanese is.... hana. The NA in nose goes UP in tone to signify nose haNA↑ while flowers is said ha(na↓) - like relief... but all this said the beauty of Japanese is context will save you regardless- unlike Chinese. So getting back on point here, you probably are wondering well what should I do to really sound like a native in the fasted way possible. There are ways of passive immersion I'm a big fan of- like any chance you can, listen to your target languages radio, listen to your target languages television- furthermore even switch your iPhone and computer to be in your target language. My facebook is actually 100% in Japanese lol. Anyways the point of this as often as you can, even just listening to your target language will start helping your subconscious mind parse meanings. Sentence Mining on Your SRS- Creating a Powerful and Unique Study Guide So the really cool thing about Anki is that Anki has libraries of user created decks you can download. You should get basic decks for free that have audio- and be sure to actually have a notebook to write out what you're learning in as well because writing really does make a massive difference in terms of recall. Something you should do is consume content in your target language made for native language learners. The reason why only watching things in your target country's language is so important is because you can have much more confidence that what you're learning isn't jenky. As an example in Japanese textbooks they will teach you to use the word Anata (you) a lot... but this is actually pretty jenky. The reason why it's jenky is because it's considered rude in Japan to constantly refer to someone as Anata..... you should actually call them by their name. So if you made introductions you wouldn't say So where are you from? You would technically say something to the effect of Miku chan (Japanese name)- where from? (doesn't directly translate due to grammatic differences) While you are using beginner decks you should also try to create 10-25 new cards a day in your target language. What I personally do is I take a screenshot of that phrase and make it a flashcard: Even more important is you should really strive to find sentences where you only don't know one or two words so you simultaneously reinforce all the words you do know at the same time. The beauty of doing this system too is most people think learning language is like a math equation a + b=c... but because you constantly are trying to form an equation in your head instead of thinking in your target language you are creating unnecessary clutter in your mind that is slowing down your growth. This system removes the "math equation" and replaces it with something that will also expose you to how someone is saying something. Okay that's that for today. Thanks guys.