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  1. @Nivsch True. In the next moths I will be 100% away from online life.
  2. Words! Words! The Way is beyond language, for in it there is no yesterday no tomorrow no today. SENG-TS'AN, Hsin-Hsin Ming: Verses on the Faith-Mind
  3. I am 42, so I may give you a warning. Take good care of your Gut,Liver,Gallblader, and General Jing energy. Dont burn the candle from both sides to fast. You will need Health to keep both in External Realization and Inner Awekenings.
  4. This is so informative. If you plan tp have a kid is good to be aware of this tendencies.
  5. Really? You never had a moment you had discovered by reading a new book or watching a video or by observation of the world that suddenly you awake to a new way to see how some political ideia you had was totally wrong or out of context? Was you born understanding all about Politics?
  6. This young girl have good takes on how language is deteriorating and how this divide people more and more, but talk about how the lack of context add up to the whole confusion. I care a lot about this topic of clarity of language, and good communication. Hope this video bring some new perspectives for you.
  7. Here Zizek got my attention. Sometimes the value of some philosopher is he to be able to put in words something that you always had an intuition about but never could put a finger on it. So many times people get so identified with their political position that it even kills any possibility of connection via a joke. And zizek explain this with real life experiences.
  8. This video tells you if you are a proletariat or a capitalist
  9. The first book recommendation in this video is about the Free HealthCare Issue. A issue Leo point in his video in the link about Political Awakening. If people are not even in good Health no way we will have a revolution on human consciouness. Health is the base
  10. @bebotalk, again, here is the text i added above the video : This Youtuber is what made me realise it. But also a friend once told me that Trans people was being born to create a shift in the rigid views of masculine and femenine polarity. " "So, a friend told me" - this was her insigth from her way of reading the world" This youtuber is super eye opening So , from the video she made about Jordan Peterson, what insigths did you got ? Assuming you watched the whole video and had contemplated the message.
  11. @bebotalk a brief summary for you in case you forgot : https://www.actualized.org/forum/topic/7-guidelines/ #1 Rule: Don't Be A Jerk Speak to people with respect. Be conscious and nice. Be ware that this forum is not a free-speech zone. Unlike some places on the internet, this forum is strictly moderated to keep it high-quality. Not only do we enforce basic anti-trolling guidelines, we go further to enforce quality of posting. If you repeatedly post low-quality stuff, disinformation, or ignorance, you will be banned without warning. What determines "high-quality" posting is, of course, subjective. Nevertheless, discriminations must be made to ensure high-quality. his is not a free-speech zone and we will definitely "censor" you and ban you if your presence here drags down the overall quality of the forum. If we see you repeatedly acting from ego with no self-awareness or ability to restrain yourself, you will be banned. This community is a privilege, not a right! If you fail to behave in a courteous, civil, and ethical manner, you will be kicked out! So @bebotalk Tell me exactly is I had done some of the things above. Or in what way my original post that you derailed into something of a sort of personal attack on my lack of good english (that is not my Mother Language) and in what way I gave you any reason to treat me the way you are not only in this post but in another one that was closed because you just kept trolling around. When I post something I do it in the best intentions possible, I dont assume I am the wiser know-it-all person here. When I post something is to listen other points of view. But if your aim is just to make short critics and not adding at least a bit of good in the original text, so please whenever you see oe post with Rafael Thundercat just leave it alone. I do it with many topics here that I feel are not of my interest. I if i feel any inclination to enter just to have fun and mock people I double check my intention and refuse to write something just to show like Shrek Donkey " Hey, hey loo at me look at me " ... So again. If the post dont matter to you, pass by and ignore me.
  12. Video Above Inspired in this Blog Post https://www.actualized.org/insights/conscious-capitalism-bs Trying to understand that we need do move on into a more sustainable way of surviving because we are not doing so well in a long run.