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  1. @Danioover9000 Even the Image of the videos ready make my inner sage to say "Dont watch this BS" . Is is like when I see the Merchandise of Burger King, my body say "No way"
  2. I know AI is hype now, and will be in the next future years but today I listen to this guy and I resonate with what he say. Yes, this AI toy is very nice ,but, how dry it is? How much diving to much in this topic simply robs us from joy and being in life instead on this ChatGPTism?
  3. True, why would want to fake stuff. https://www.instagram.com/p/CoAMx7WI_YI/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  4. In the Vox video below a guy find circles on google map and go all the way to proof for sure what were the circles anyway. For me is a good example of not just speculate something but do whatever you can to proof it.
  5. The rapist, the child, the place where tha act occurs, the whole rapist life, the child,the imprisionment or not of the rapist, the therapeutic work the child will need to recieve or not, the whole interconnected events that had lead to the happening of it including everything that made possible to you to recive tje news into your field of awareness, I mean, internet or newspaper or whatever way, all this and much more, is ,and, will ever be God. And God is so imersed in all of this that it cant stop it to happen. If anything could stop anything to happen, everything would stop. But as far as one can realise, everything is in constant flow. Imagine the river trying itself to flow to the ocean, os hard because the river is itself. Does it mean we should not strive for better society? No, we can do our best to be more conscious, but just because you became more conscious dont think that you will swin in a river full of Aligators and and they will play with you as puppydogs. Reality embrace all that is possible to exist, including rape.
  6. When you go to a shaman in the jungle to make the "diet" you actually eat very little. I never was there but a close friend was and he say he was eating 1 time per day and was only a small dose of rice and a little piece of banana. He was mostly surviving with that and drinking ayahuasca for maybe one week. There is more extreme cases where they survive only drinking ayahusca. They do this in order to the person stay only with the spirit of the plant and their own energy. Of course my friend got very skiny, almost skin and bone. If anyone wish to go in such extremes to go deep in this work I have contact with a very trustable tribe in Amazon Jungle.
  7. In regards of Buddhism not being equal God- Realization it would be like sitting in a boat and thinking that by analysis of the boat you would be able to cross the river. If you research there are even a zen master that ripped the Sutras apart showing the useless of it to reach whatever they point to, although I think is ridiculous to do such a show because if the realization is beyond sutras why bother to destroy them? This quote below is from a small paper about Lankavatara Sutra. " It is not sufficient to have the cup of tea in your hand, you must taste the tea. It is useful to think of the elements that makeup the cup itself as the myriad concepts of Mahayana Buddhism...If the ...elements that make up the cup do not congeal smoothly into the form of a useable cup, the jumble of elements will not hold tea. Of course, most practitioners find that understanding this myriad of concepts in depth without the guidance of a master is extremely difficult. For the less accomplished, their “cup” might never hold tea, at least in their present lifetime. Pdf in attachment lankavatara_sutra.pdf
  8. This kind of grasping with words is a interesting game, because if you look well to words they are this markings themselfs, letters forming words forming sentences, and sentences forming whole explanation castels, and still they are in this exact moment being part of my awareness, including the ideia that this awareness is my or procuced by me, feel like this is as a man made of air trying to grasp himself, or using his airy hand to hold his other hand, or the mind that generate the process of ideation being itself an ideia trying to explain how it ideate itself, how infinity self generated itself or from what oneness oneness came from, or from what model or bluprint universe got the ideia to create what it is now takes as universe. I can use the english structure to write and with skills I could create a whole world with words as in books like Lord of the Rings but what if I had no language to do it, no hands to scrible ,no eyes to read, nothing. How would I create from scratch a whole world? Including an "I" ? How can something come from nothing? Even the word God and Infinity must be constrained in 3 letters and 8 letters. We could talk about both for years and that would not be enougth to understand the fullness of both.
  9. https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cm9e5KatKdI/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y= I am recieving many news about the topic of companies now starting to rethink all the remote work model. What do you guys think, it all like a pendulum where things started to get to loose and now getting back to strict and regulated. I had a friend that was working remotely and was finding ways to slack a lot, so I can see the point of companies returning to the in-office model.
  10. All I read in this message is : gavagai
  11. Well even in America, if you dont have a roof to live you can ignore the construction laws and built you own DIY in the sidewalk. When desesperation strikes the man need to bootstrap as he can.
  12. I would love a whole YouTube video of 3 hours with Leo speaking about his Forum experience. That would be hilarious.
  13. Sorry Bloomer, but this Covid Episodes are old stuff. Bring up something new, a new mutation maybe.