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  1. I foresee a heavy uprise in "ecofascism" in the next year.
  2. You are doing great man, also believe there is a lot more of it in you!
  3. Well, not really with full names, but with first names I experienced similiarities, that are fascinating (beware, most of these names are in Hungarian, but have international equivalents) Eszter (Esther): The ones I know are rockers/metalheads, and they tend to be introverted. They also take l Gergő (George): They tend to be really friendly people, but it's hard to get to their hearts. Péter (Peter): Heavily single minded most of the times, and they hold their ground to an adamant level Júlia (Julia): Charismatic personalities, really manipulative sometimes etc...
  4. Green tea 3x a day makes it easier to calm myself down and to catch my thoughts
  5. After taking quite large doses of antidepressants for extended peridods of time (Bupropion hydrocloride 300mg [SSRI] for 2-3 months after half a year of building the dosage up. Currently it has been 4-5 months since I abandoned them) I feel no effect of 5-HTP. I think my body became overly tolerant to serotonin creating agents. Probably I should try it again later.
  6. Feel the power within and don't turn to another unhealthy addiction in order to escape emotions. Do as I did. I removed, blocked all the things around me that was addicting.
  7. Hey Leo, I was thinking about a video that would explain how to restart your passion to yourself, to your mastery of any field.
  8. The biggie for me was when I noticed that my attention span was and still is so low that I can not focus on a person talking. I guess years of gaming helped to become like this too.
  9. This topic is for inspiration, if you manage to run out of recipes. I am a lacto vegetarian trying to have gains. This is what I had today. Chili beans (2 tin cans), lima beans (1 tin can) and mixed can of peas and carrots. I used a chicken bouillon (does not contain actual chicken) for seasoning cooked on gas for about 10 minutes. For dessert I had a whey protein shake.
  10. I am using Android, and there is an app called BlockSite. It is a bit messy to set up, but If you get stuck I can help you.
  11. I did do the following to reduce the addiction: removed messenger from my phone so I can only access it from my laptop. I am using a siteblocker to block facebook and my favorite news sites from my phone. When I am home I can check my messeages and notifications on my laptop, but I also use a news feed eradicator app that does what the name suggests. So daytime no FB and news at all, nighttime: messeages and notifications, still no news.
  12. Mine is shooting range scrap recycling. I am currently working in one, and noone does it. The only person between me and the riches is my boss