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  1. It's a thought/visualization in the Cognitive Body.
  2. The environment that you're in affects your whole life. You're stewing in your environment soaking all of it in. One of the best and easiest things you can do in your personal/ interpersonal development work is to optimize your setting (change where you live). I wouldn't discount this. Setting is huge. Every city that I've traveled to had a kind of controlling theme or vibe that will program you if you stay there long enough. So, you wanna be conscious of that programming and consciously choose/change your environment (where you live).
  3. Start a blog.
  4. You could take experience to be the Actual too. This is why Metaphysics breaks down regarding attempts to capture Being like a butterfly in a net. What is that which takes? Is it not the Mind?
  5. You need a strategy to move yourself up the Emotional Scale -- this is part of what we might call Emotional Mastery Work. Look at where revenge is on the scale. Don't feel bad if you're not good at Emotional Mastery work. We can put together systems and strategies to get much better at this skill than we are. This is mastering the skill of "Forcing Your Mood". Leo talks about this in his Blueprint* (see link below). *Leo's Blueprint
  6. How about fragmentation AND no fragmentation? You like paradox? Most people don't yet like paradox. Most people are stuck in the Paradigm of Belief. Paradox keeps the Mind from locking and blocking you within beliefs by keeping your Mind open and in its place. Paradoxes are not beliefs, they're tools to keep the Mind from assuming its beliefs are Being. The Tao that can be Named is Not the Eternal Tao.
  7. Doesn't it make strategic sense for you to worry about removing your own ignorance before trying to remove other people's ignorance? Why impose yourself in that way on other people's lives if you're busily designing and building your own life? This is like not driving your own car well yet worrying about correcting the driving of all the drivers on the road. If you're standing around worrying about what other people are doing, you're not busy enough with your own work.
  8. I've grown! I grew myself, see. Very systematically. You can design your own life and be enlightened simultaneously. There's no contradiction there besides what the Mind erroneously throws up like it's a feature of reality rather than just a thought about Being.
  9. When you're pursuing your own life, you don't have time to worry about what other people are doing. Video on point to watch:
  10. When you're pursuing your own life you're not really concerned with what other people are doing.
  11. See, your intention is to make your perspective the perspective. You still need reinforcement that you're right. You can't tolerate tangential ways of being to your own yet. Ask yourself this -- what is that which needs to be right? Is a chipmunk running around thinking every other perspective needs to be like his? And yes, chipmunks have individual perspectives and personalities too. What is that which needs to have everything be like me? I think one of the great places to arrive on the path is appreciation of and toleration for the diversity of enlightened being.
  12. Turn your life into art if you choose to. There's no one right way to live your life. You can do whatever you want with your time.
  13. You're at a different part of the Path than I am. We're Mars and Venus to each other. I'm not saying I'm superior to you or you me. We prefer different lenses to look at Being through right now in our respective journeys, that's all. Celebrate diversity!
  14. @possibilities You might think authenticity is the end, but it's really just the beginning. Authenticity is the mere starting place for advanced Personal/ Interpersonal Development work.