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  1. Being is not capturable by concepts, even that one. Non-duality is just a model. Being is that which we allow to surprise our Minds. Our silly Mind, we can't shake it -- the Mind has long claws which penetrate deep.
  2. I appreciate your post. I think one of the saddest things about the way Enlightenment is often taught is the notion/idea that there's some kind of conflict with Enlightenment and living a high-effort life.
  3. I agree 100%. Nice.
  4. Take action, don't just mentally masturbate in the theory. Growth = change.
  5. @montecristo To me cause & effect is just a paradigm/model that is more or less useful in certain contexts. In Law, a principle called Proximate Cause is used.
  6. Good
  7. @montecristo Kant and Hume (if I recall correctly) thought a similar way -- that Causation is a mere concept that the Mind uses to organize Being.
  8. Game is just a useful concept/model. Being is not capturable or limited by any of the Mind's conceptualizations/models/visualizations. Don't let these concepts we use limit you in any way. Err on the side of No Limitations. If there's a limitation, it's not a real limitation because there's always a Plan B that works too -- and you just keep moving forward. Apply the Paradox of Limitations and No Limitations. Make it your game to see how many of the Mind's "limitations" you can walk right through. That's a game worth playing and investing time and energy in to get proficient at.
  9. Low-effort hacks are the tinder of Self-help you say!
  10. The 10 Elements of High Industriousness (1) High Energy* (2) Task Punchlist (Tasks are Concrete & Specific Actionable Steps) (3) Immunity to Fear and Limiting-Beliefs (4) Momentum Coming from Regular Disciplined Practice (5) No Addictions (Temperate) (6) Mentality of Just Get Busy (Just Do It) (7) No Distractions (8) Game Plan Driven (Objective-focused) (9) Low Comfort Mentality (10) Maximum Positive Motivation // * Energy is so important it has its own punchlist 14 Ways to Increase Energy 1. Have an intimate partner (being in a relationship just gives you an energy boost for some reason) 2. No alcohol (or minimal alcohol) 3. Take any kind of sleep-inducing meds before you go to bed not in the morning 4. Take vitamins 5. Eat fruits and veggies and avoid fats and proteins (they make you tired/ eat those at night) 6. Do pushups/situps 7. Exercise every day (even if it's just you doing some social walking) 8. Hydration is #1 (when you feel fatigue hydrate with water and it'll perk you up like magic) 9. Watch your shit information intake* (everything you're letting in is wearing on you) 10. No allergies (take the allergy meds and get the allergies under control) 11. Adequate sleep (you gotta do this and get 7,8,9 hours of sleep per night, whatever you need to feel A+ rested) 12. Do 60 mins daily meditation every day (do your meditation at the right time of your day to maximize energy) 13. Take a nap at a strategic time of the day where you need an energy recharge (napping is good for energy work!) 14. No smoking weed (vape if you must use cannabis but don't smoke it because the smoke taxes your body)
  11. I am a huge follower of the high-effort hack.
  12. I gotta study Kriya Yoga. That's on my short list of things to explore.
  13. The Past and Future are all the following Inputs into Awareness occurring in the NOW: Conception (thought) + inner hearing + inner seeing (visualization) + inner smelling + inner tasting + inner touching (feelings/emotions).