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  1. HEY FOLKS, I'M ACTUALLY GONNA IMPLEMENT THIS NOW -- SEE YOU IN APRIL 2018. MESSAGE ME IF YOU NEED TO COMMUNICATE My 6 Month Fast From Conceptual Life: A Trip 10-16-17 through 4-16-17 No reading No audiobooks No discussing personal development No discussing enlightenment No philosophizing No judgments No theorizing No shadow work No self-therapy No arguing Practicing the principle of not-knowing This is what I'm doing for 6 months. I think this is the ride I need to go on. I'll do it just to see what happens. This is gonna be a trip because I've always been such a conceptual dude. Not reading for me feels really weird after a week or so. I'll still keep up to date with all of you through my self-actualization journal during that time. But I feel like if I don't take a deep-dive and do this, I'll never really find out about this stuff fully. I don't think you can half-ass this stuff. Our world is too conceptual -- we live it and breathe it all the time. It's like pretending you got off the junk-food but you're still eating bagels all the time thinking you're much healthier now.
  2. HERE'S SOME SELF-INQUIRY FODDER! -- DO THE WORK, DON'T JUST SIT ON YOUR ASS ACTING LIKE A CHILD What is the Ox? What is the Oxherder? What is the relationship between the Ox and the Oxherder? What does it mean to transcend the Ox? What does it mean to transcend the Oxherder? I'll do it too. This is how we learn. Learning is behavior change and observation. Learning is takeaway. Just reading like you are studying some scripture (or science haha) is not learning. It's in through one ear and out the other. You can actually observe that! LISTEN: Most reading is in through one ear and out the other. This doesn't mean it is non-useful -- but be mindful of what you actually retain from what you read; what you obtain. A lot of studying is wasting your time. The Mind feels better, but what have you gained? What have you truly learned? What is learning? You gotta inquire into this yourself. YOU gotta look into it! Stop trusting your beliefs on faulty epistemological footing. This is what self-inquiry is all about, what it cures. You are going from trusting others to deriving all your beliefs yourself. It's the pathway to finding your authentic self. This is the Summum bonum of personal development work. Derive all your beliefs all over again now that you are a smart adult -- you'll have a couple few surprises! Video to watch on point:
  3. I think this is a fascinating conceptual and epistemological issue. Reality seems to begin and end with awareness. But we are all told stories of our birth by people who claim to have birthed us. So, we have an issue about the epistemological status of testimony. We also deal with the epistemological status of the past too. Does the past have any relevance to present awareness? You might want to inquire there. This also gets at issues of What am I? If I'm awareness, then to ask for a moment of birth is ludicrous. Just as ludicrous as a fat man enjoying canned salmon! Ok, that was a poor attempt at humor, but I needed to break that up there to keep the communication flowing right. Anyhoo -- here's the bottom line. You were never born and you will never die. These are concepts, and they are coming from you. They are a story that is being birthed out of you! So, what you wanna do is self-inquiry work into the distinction of reality and non-reality. That's a rabbit hole worth pursuing if you're at the advanced stages of personal development. Regarding psychedelics -- they tell you how clean you are. The more authentic you are the more psychedelics become innocuous. They may still be weird and distressing, but you're not gonna freak out about it. Only egos freak out on psychedelics. Psychedelics let you know how much ego you have. Thanks Leo for doing the videos on psychedelics. That's putting your finger on the best litmus test of ego, which is needed to clean up the problem. We gotta know that we have a problem before we can work to clean anything up. That's what psychedelics can teach a person. Video on point to watch: I loved this one Leo! Good job.
  4. This is good. You transcended the mind. See? Your mind augments your reality in many ways. When you get in a state of flow like that you can see what reality is outside of what the mind wants reality to be.
  5. We gotta balance everything in smart ways. If you're growing, that's the test. Synergy was one of Covey's Habits for a reason. Ya ever hear of the phrase -- "Two heads are better than one!" Well, there you have it. If you wanna be smart, you gotta learn from everyone. And for that you need to be in an environment where people of all ages discuss ideas. It depends on what your motive is. And what you take to be important to your growth at a particular time. If it's not resonating with you, if you feel too reigned in -- just stay away for a while. But remember: Keep rules, but be flexible with them too. Do rules, don't let rules do you! It's a certain kind of intuitive balancing act. Use all of your tools to the max! And give back! You owe that to your teachers. Give back what you took and then some! That's called contribution: and it's a core element of life purpose work. Contribute to growth -- you'll get it back in spades! It depends on how far you wanna go in this work. If you're a deep-diver like me, you'll wanna hit the deepest bottom there is. For better or for worse! There's a deep backdrop that you can build -- like the stark-white canvas behind the painting. There's something to be gleaned from every experience. Be a sponge -- just wring yourself out every now and again. That's fine! That's normal! Cleanse and renew. That's healthy. I've done that many times myself. That's what life is! Watch: Watch this one after:
  6. It's kind of a strange place to get to -- to authentically exist. You can't really be too cocky and you can't really be too modest. You know less than you want to know, and that's ok. The most important thing is to be authentic and then most of your problems melt away. And to know is egoic. You can survive just fine without knowing, can't you? This is a paradigm that you probably have never even been exposed to. It's kind of a jump from what you have now. Watch: This is a great explanation by Leo: Another important one to watch:
  7. Listen to this album!ène
  9. @Principium Nexus Many people have recommended Nitrous Oxide to me. People actually combine this with Salvia. Be careful kiddies out there! Don't go trying this without doing yer research first. Ease into this stuff in the shallow end of the pool if you're new. I wanna talk about psychedelics, but I want to encourage safe use too. It can be done safely!
  10. Way cool. Salvia produces some cool geometric visuals at moderate doses of 60x. Like when you look at your hand. Kind of like geometry and glowing had a baby. Nothing too crazy with the visuals until you get to a full dose though. A moderate dose would be like half the size of a penny's worth of smoked 60x. A penny's worth of 60x is considered a full dose. Consider the Salvia that would fit into the volume of a penny. These metrics err on the low side because I want to err on the side of caution.
  11. What's your daily meditation habit like?
  12. What's your daily meditation habit like?
  13. It depends on where you are in your personal development which advice is gonna resonate with you. I think the answer is to find your authentic self and then nurture authentic interests. Hone those to get the bottom layers of Maslow's Pyramid handled in your life. You do authentically want to take care of yourself, the Mind just disconnects you from this desire. So, counter--intuitively, when you discover the no-self, which is your authentic self, you will naturally gravitate to being much more pragmatic about taking care of some of the more mundane needs of a quality, comfortable life. But expect all of your unauthentic desires and goals to fall away. Watch this video: Watch this one too: It's a good one: