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  1. Saying the world is perfect is a conceptual system masquerading as a truth. The problem is — conceptual systems aren’t true. Conceptual systems can never encapsulate BE-ing. Beliefs are a paradigm in themselves. Existential Truth is not controlled by paradigms. Saying the world is perfect, if it has no useful purpose in a particular context, is as useless as the paper it’s written on. You can’t define Existential Truth! That’s a basic principle of Enlightenment.
  2. I’m over your head frankly. Let’s not communicate further. Ok? I got 40,000 views on my Journals combined and you’re telling me I’m not a teacher. Get real dude. I’m the best teacher on here! That is quantitatively obvious. Next to Leo, I’m probably the biggest draw to the Forum. And you flippantly insult me with such eagerness. I get 100-200 views on my Journal Vol. 4 per day. I’m the smartest teacher on here. Don’t fool yourself.
  3. I’ve outgrown the Forum that’s all. It’s ok. I hope I was able to influence somebody here. Maybe one of you gets it. I doubt it will be a lot who resonate with me. My teachings are not gonna resonate with probably almost everybody. I would say 10% of you max will resonate with me. That doesn’t surprise me. I’m scary advanced in this work. You ignorantly attack me because you don’t understand anything I say. Like I said, and it’s not a knock on anybody here — I've outgrown the Forum.
  4. I can’t make heads or tails of this.
  5. P.S. Receiving posts like this makes me want to look elsewhere for a more optimal place to synergize my creativity and insights. I’ve outgrown this Forum. I need to create my own Network of Perspectives so I can collaborate on more friendly, constructive, and focused terms. Thanks for sharing the journey with me!
  7. You making this comment is pretty sassy too. Another cheap shot from the peanut gallery. Too many snipers on this Forum now. I’m gonna create my own Network with people I can collaborate with on a less adversarial basis.
  8. That’s what you think. You’re up to your eyeballs in conceptual systems, you’re just not fully aware of it.
  9. No, you’re being too reductionistic. You miss the forest for the trees. What I said is obvious. You cannot go back to a prior growth level that you’ve already realized doesn’t work. It’s obvious. You can see it in your own life.
  10. You can have whatever theories you want — just realize they’re all thought-stories. From the point of view of awareness, all thought-stories look the same. So, utility is the name of the game with thought-stories, not conceptual truth. Comprende?
  11. Yeah, but that has nothing to do with the mind. The mind is not a thing, it’s a conceptual system.
  12. Try becoming a toddler again. You can’t dial back Growth Levels. You can’t undo what you know is stupid. That’s called growth. Growth cannot be reversed.
  13. The mind is a conceptual system, a framework, a model. It’s not conceptually true that you literally have a kind. That’s assuming a kind of container metaphor is literally true. Like believing ‘thoughts are in your head’ is literally true.
  14. The Internet. Publishing content in their languages. Getting them connected to the Web.
  15. No, you don’t move down Growth Levels.