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  1. Enlightenment also allows you to transcend your limiting-beliefs. This is a major benefit of enlightenment. Our limiting-beliefs stunt our lives.
  2. In other words, did you enter some career that doesn't really fit you to a T? Explain. When did you start to figure this out? What do you think you would do if you could do it all over again?
  3. Just meditate for 1 hour every morning. Start there. Baby steps. Meditation gives the most cash-value as a spiritual practice. You're like me, you like to deep-dive. But deep-dive meditation for now. Set aside all the other stuff for later. Put it on ice for now. Focus your energies on strategies that give the most for the least amount of effort and leverage those first. Meditation is one of those strategies. And believe me -- meditation will change your life enormously. But you gotta commit to doing meditation for 1 hour every morning and skip no days. If you skip days, you're not gonna get the results. It's gotta be every single morning to work its magic. Daily meditation has changed my life.
  4. It's a lens or tool, so it's not gonna cover everything. But what it is going to do is make you mindful of your actual takeaways from your learning. A lot of what we talk about we gain no real traction or use from. So this lens just increases your mindfulness of when you are wasting your time in la la land with theory spinning your wheels not really getting much real value from the material. Use it with your personal development theory for sure though. You'll blast off! All personal development theory should trickle-down into practice. Otherwise it's just nice-sounding inspirational words. But personal development theory when applied, comes to life like a genie rising from a lamp offering you any wish you want.
  5. There is no right way to live life existentially speaking. The key is to figure out what your values are, what your interests are, and then strategically obtain the results you want in life by mastering yourself. That's it! Never assume values are objective. That's a limiting-belief. Personal development strategy: Goal, Plan/Strategy, Execution (requires Self-Mastery), Result, Learning, Optimizing. New Goal, etc. Upward spiral should happen here. Treat your life like a work of art that you are constantly bringing out of the marble as it were. The more you emerge from the marble the more you can contribute value to the world. The more value you give to the world, the more value the world gives back to you. Strategically make this happen in your life. Don't worry about what other people are thinking or doing. The artist keeps his mind on his own art-work at all times. I appreciate your independent-thinking attitude. It's a gift, one of your strengths.
  6. That's one of my favorite movies! There's a lot about ego revealed in that movie. And the contrast between lower-self and higher-self. And how to never quit. The difference between someone who is highly-developed and someone who is still a child inside.
  7. This video has struck a deep-chord with me and has made me sensitive to what kind of adivice I give on here. We are all at different stages of the journey. I see this as a growth opportunity for me. The worst thing we can do as advice-givers is lead somebody away from what is good for them. Or perhaps to solidify some unfortunate belief through an idiosyncratic or hasty choice of words. But like Leo says, I believe in advice too, and I have benefitted by so many advice-givers in my life. But knowing that I come from a rather unusual perspective is humbling me in just spouting-off some hasty advice without considering the variety of perspectives in the audience reading. I'm not saying I treat things hasty over the norm on here, but I'm just more sensitive to the issue now. Isn't the first rule of doctors to cause no harm? That's a great standard that applies to personal development advice-givers too. It's a nice rule for all of us, since we all share opinions publically on here and are influencing many people with our words potentially. I want my words to help not hinder. Finally, I think it is healthy to examine our motives for giving advice. Just be mindful when you are giving advice and see what is there underneath you as you deliver your words to an audience of readers. This applies to me too of course. Try to see what is driving your behavior. Not what you think is there but what is actually there. The mind will hide the truth sometimes. Here's a cliche that will probably goose your ego a little bit -- those who do do those who can't do teach. I'm not saying this is true, but consider the source of who is giving you advice. Maybe the advice-giver is a 40 year-old sleeping in his mother's basement. It's a relevant issue to consider, that's all. And I'm not saying an unsuccessful person can't give good advise either. And I'm not saying every 40 year-old living in his mother's basement is a loser either. Maybe they are the smartest haha. Who knows. It's a case by case.
  8. Secret to Living Well: Harmonize with the Tao by dynamically-balancing Yin and Yang in the moment.
  9. So we can leverage the fruits of our past performances.
  10. Curious. I kept a gratitude journal for a while where everyday I wrote one in one thing I was grateful for.
  11. Non-dual reality just is. Anything you say about it it is not. Know it by being it not by conceptualizing it. The Truth is a-conceptual and has nothing to do with our thought-story fantasies. Including ALL of our beliefs, which are all existentially false. Your life will change when you learn how to remove the Mind-Matrix from your head and observe it from a distance.
  12. Yes. There was a 4 year period when I did virtually that when I wrote the content for my philosophy book. We are all at different stages in our personal development. Hiding away can be good. I know because I did it myself. I'm in a much more pragmatic stage in my life right now. But today I stand on the shoulders of that time where I hid away and consolidated my knowledge, values, and purpose together with my heart and will. When you're young you gotta explore. Take time to explore. When you get older the mission becomes more of settling-in. But good settling-in is predicated on great exploring. I explored so much between 25 - 35. After about 35 my attitude was forced to become much more pragmatic. I am now 39, so I've spent 4 years within this more pragmatic paradigm. And that's a helluva shift to make let me tell you. Especially if you explored like I did. Almost a 180-degree value reversal between those stages. One of the reasons I started watching Leo 4 years ago was because I was struggling to make this shift. In Indian Philosophy this is called making the transition from the Student Stage of life to the Householder Stage of life. Making this transition was such a bear for me to do. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do. And I'm still not optimized like I should be. I work on that everyday. But recently I have made huge progress by deep-diving personal development again and by applying some of the theory. Life-purpose is huge as a strategy -- it herds all your cats for you.
  13. If we choose to remain here there are certain rules about this place. Why not exploit these rules to do it our way while at the same time maximizing the good out of the experience? That seems like the best strategy for us to follow if we choose to remain here. And we have all chosen to remain here. It's worth it to live well not badly. But we gotta be a little strategic to make it happen. The default-life is a shit life. A life of comfort, body breaking-down due to poor health, suffering, no real fulfillment, no peak-experiences, no excitement or creative-juices flowing, no hope, no real growth, no exploration, no true creative gifts to offer the world or lasting legacy. So heed this decision-point. It's real. Life is your oyster. You want to do this. Live a charged-life not a comfortable life, a life where you're living on your edge, fully-engaged, where you are excited to get out of bed in the morning to go work on your Muse. Where your work becomes more like play than a grind because you are growing yourself in every way by doing it. Personal development work makes this possible! But you gotta work the strategies. None of these nice results will just fall into your lap. Let's dis-abuse ourselves of that silly fantasy right now. You gotta go out there and obtain these results through hard-work, which cannot be bypassed.
  14. I'm going to do the 30-day challenge starting tomorrow. I'm so glad Leo made this video. This is the right medicine for me right now -- looking at things from a more pragmatic lens. After all, how much do you actually recall from everything you were taught in school? Almost nada. Of course the journey was worth a lot. But what concepts do you apply today from all that schooling? Is it 20, 10, 5, 2, 1%? You can actually determine this by being mindful. Maybe keep a journal and write down every instance where you actually used some information that you learned about in school. You know what -- in spirit of this new video I'm gonna do this not just pose a great idea. I'll add this to my 30 day challenge. I have a tendency to go -- I came up with a great idea folks -- and then I never take the next step of deep-diving that idea to get at any cash-value inside of it. See? I am a huge mental-masturbator. Not to undervalue that entirely either. Every context has its own unique set of conditions and proper response. Sometimes mental-masturbation is good -- like when you're brainstorming. And there's cash-value there because that's when you're receiving creative insights. And you're then gonna use the sober-mind to organize that crazy, disjointed content to bring the sculpture out of the stone as it were. The madman becomes the architect on a dime. This is one of the secrets to great artistry -- knowing when and where to shift the hats between madman and architect. Now, how can you apply what I just said to writing your posts on here folks! Milk this little madman/architect dichotomy for its cash-value next time you sit down to create. Push the theory through practice and be mindful of the application/ utility or lack thereof. This is fascinating! Maybe it doesn't do shit for you, well but see you learned that! If you took no action you learned squat -- zero takeaway. And we do this all the time! It's our default, lower-self position. And that is true mental-masturbation. It's on our radars now to be avoided. Our personal development theories need to be deliberately and strategicallly milked by us, without getting too neurotic about this of course. We all possess a glorious, unopened toolkit. Let's open it up and actually use the tools inside of it instead of just looking at then through the packaging. I'm excited!