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  1. Good
  2. @Zizzero Yep. Concepts can be a double-edged sword if not treated wisely.
  3. If you could get what you want (your most sought-after objectives), would you be worried about equality? The people in life standing on the sidelines of life screaming "no fair" often just don't like the game. Don't hate the game. Own the game.
  4. What are those "people" though? Like if you look at stuff where you're paying attention to just what's coming in your awareness ports. And what are the thoughts that get attached to those "people"? Video on point to watch:
  5. The Ego fully surrendering the Ego.
  6. Is there really a Stage Orange environment? Says what/who?
  7. Who says things are pointless and imaginary. That doesn't sound like much fun. Your life is what you make of it.
  8. Yes. But all love must come from within you. An insecure being cannot love sustainably; however, he or she's all too eager to suck up love if they can snatch any.
  9. Turn your life into the best video game ever. You don't need video games, you're in the best one. This reminds me of when Ross Perot said (and I'm paraphrasing) you don't need to like sports to exercise your competitive instinct anymore because all of us are in brutal competition for our jobs in the global economy every day.* *SOURCE
  10. Only run for President for one reason -- if you can win. Making a living off of running for President is kinda ridiculous.
  11. The future is a concept/visualization in God's Mind. Create the future by changing your actions right now. Tell the Mind to f*ck itself and go do what you know you need to do. People don't know how to do this and thus they imprison themselves.
  12. Nope. Being is knowing who/what you are to the extent that you can use the Mind without the Mind using you.
  13. Keep up the good work.
  14. This is a profound question. I like to say: All beliefs are excuses. Those who do do. Those who can't do teach. When we can't do, our Ego-Mind needs to justify itself by weaving a suit of theory/rationalization that can be clung to like a child's blanket. People create teachings when they can't bring themselves to do. After all, if you could do, you would just do, there would be no issue/problem.