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  1. Hello and welcome. Good luck with everything.
  2. He seems pretty manic. Maybe he is not well?
  3. In the first lot of pictures he looks close to finding out if reincarnation actually happens. Second lot of pictures is Leo watching a Ricky Gervais performance. Third set of pictures is after Leo has inherited a lot of money and spends $1,000 per month on the upkeep of his beard. Thanks for this.
  4. @Shin I get that and agree. I think most people, me included, like to play the "self honesty card", but REALLY, deep down, are we truly being honest with ourselves or are we just saying "nah, I don't need it, not for me....." instead of facing our issues, or what I've learned here is shadow work if I've got that right? A mixture of denial, avoidance, and projection perhaps? Is this kind of what you are getting at?
  5. I really like this thanks. The only thing I don't buy into is that we need to be in an intimate relationship but I guess it depends on your definition of intimate. I think we benefit from some kind of social connection on a deeper level than superficial, that's for sure. Is it essential though? Not sure...
  6. @ardacigin Great post. Really helpful. Thanks for taking the time.
  7. As has been discussed somewhat, some people benefit from porn. Like other most "feel good activities", it needs to be used in moderation and not to the detriment of others. Of course, if obsessive and otherwise vulnerable people get hold of porn or into masturbation there could be problems. There always will be until they (us) do the inner work. People can choose to abstain from porn and masturbation of course. Porn and masturbation is as nice and as helpful as you make it. Nothing wrong with porn and masturbation. Plenty wrong with the person who misuses these activities and goes astray with them.
  8. This is a good question to ask generally. I see a lot of posts detailing how porn can corrupt but not a lot of posts on trying to address the underlying issues that make one vulnerable to becoming corrupted or otherwise negatively influenced by it. Perhaps if porn is removed, the underlying issue will just present itself in another form? Great quote, I just wrote this down.
  9. Don't mix Shin's quotes up with mine, we have completely opposing views on all this LOL I'm a proven wanker, Shin is not
  10. Just to clarify. Watching porn and masturbating is perfectly healthy unless you obsess about it, get addicted, or are dumb enough to let it influence the way you treat women. The problem is the man, not the porn or masturbation.
  11. Legally it might be an issue, ethically I don't think it is (if we are looking at a case by case basis on merit so to speak). Plus, you are being honest about it here and seeking feedback which is honorable in itself.
  12. @Charlotte I can't say I've noticed a difference. The girls I have had sex with who love porn have been great sexual partners and so have the girls who don't really like porn. I have not spotted a pattern like you have. Unless it's men that go bad in bed if they like porn. I could buck the trend as i've not had any complaints.... yet!!!! My hunch is that the men you have slept with that like porn might not have been watching amateur home made porn. This is the best kind. The men you have been with might have been watching the porn that involves things like breast implants, 6 packs, and fake sun tan's. This porn can make a man go bad in bed, like a dud. Perhaps what you have experienced. Sounds like you've had some bad times sex wise, some men are just like that. You know what they say.... there's someone for everyone.....
  13. I've had a ton of sex lately after a long spell of no sex. I'm not especially better off. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I know the obsession for sex is a tough one as we are wired to spill our seed.
  14. This is a great topic. Many people including me will offer up some advice here and probably tomorrow not even follow our own advice. That's how difficult I think it can be to achieve what you are asking. This is what I call TOP 1% stuff. If you can do this all the time you'd be in the Top 1% of advanced people on Earth. If you can do it most of the time you'd be in the Top 10%. It is the ultimate forgiveness and humility although I'm not suggesting we become a doormat and allow ourselves to be abused. It is the letting go of self importance. The letting go of pride. The letting go of having to be correct. Top 1% and Top 10% stuff. Humility is a quiet declaration of strength. Can't remember who said that. What helps me is that I try (and often fail with this) to consider another persons hostile or unreasonable actions to be a statement of their own inner turmoil. They are showing me how sick they are. My challenge is to rise above it, not take it personally and not get sucked into it. They offer me their selfishness and I politely decline. That's me on a good day though lol. I forgot who said this one as well... what do you want? Peace of mind, or conflict?