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  1. You would need an infinite sharpener as well, the two would go hand in hand. And infinite paper if you are using it for drawing.
  2. Anything can seem like a cult. An old people's bingo group could feel like a cult. The key thing is to watch your judgement and fear to avoid using it as an excuse to not engage. Yeh if the group are brainwashing, killing or torturing others then get out while you can but otherwise jump right in brother.
  3. Oh come on man. You don't want to go down that road of your suffering is greater than other people's suffering. That's the opposite of humility.
  4. How can the numbers be solid? Who measures and verifies that a person is enlightened?
  5. @RawJudah Good points. On a serious note in terms of... Perhaps that's the same reason human's skip sleep a lot, we feel our survival is threatened? Maybe not imminent death, but our survival in society as a "functioning" and "well" individual. We perhaps feel we need to do an extra one or two hours of "stuff" instead of trying to sleep because in some ways we feel our survival depends on it?
  6. I have had therapy and medication for social anxiety and it caused me all kinds of issues. A common theme in social anxiety is the fear of judgment and humiliation or embarrassment. Then as you transcend it more and more the irony is that you realise that no one really gives a shit anyway and that you are not so important to worry about what others think. Most people have so much of their own internal drama to handle that they haven't got the resources or motivation to really pick apart your (our) social awkwardness and social mishaps. My fear of scrutiny has left me mostly and the actual feeling of anxiety is much less, but the habits I built up to cope still linger at times (some self isolation and ducking out of certain social gatherings). The faulty way I programmed myself is still being sorted out I think.
  7. Yes but most if not all animals don't have a job to maintain, bill's to pay, or forums to post on.
  8. An upside down dog! Sorry Mr DrewNows I will try and contribute something more meaningful when I can muster the last few remaining brain cells into action
  9. Powerful quote. Gets me thinking.
  10. @Mikael89 How about a double amputee with no legs, or perhaps nothing below the knees? Anyway, dont rule anything out.
  11. I'm really struggling with this as well. And I'm 11 months totally clean from alcohol and drugs. I'm an addict in recovery with 12 step fellowship. But I just can't shift the binge eating and sugar cravings. However, take a look at a thread of mine I did the other day about addiction to chaos as she said a few things that make sense to me in terms of cravings and she gave some nice responses and strategies I'm going to try with regards my food problems. It's not about food at all her clip but it really got me thinking about other hidden benefits that I might receive from binging and general sugar consumption.
  12. How about insanity, can you relate to that then?
  13. Hi All, You'll be hearing more from me on Kabbalah. I'll come back to this thread and top it up as I go. How about this for starters? It's only 4.15 long. Great message for beginners and experienced self-actualizers alike, including people who are slipping backwards or feeling stuck.
  14. Your hair is enlightened! It is defying the laws of gravity! Hopefully the rest of the body will follow