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  1. Is this just an example of monkey mind? Why would something be true just because Leo has said it?
  2. Hello to the original poster. This is a really good thread. I admire your honesty and for also riding out some of the blunt replies. I can relate to loads of this but won't pretend to fully understand. I've been single for "only" 5 years. Not even close to getting a date. I freeze if I think if anyone is interested in me. I'm in my early 40s now. I have a grown up child and have had long term relationships (although longest was only 3 years). However I am eroding myself of all confidence. I feel like I've given up. I used to go on date sites all the time and often ended up with casual sex or something deeper. I can relate to the thousands of men for every woman feeling. I can't bring myself to fight through that again. I've lost the fight in me i guess. I have some quite severe issues with how I perceive my appearance and looks. It's quite disabling (although I realise I have made myself disabled with it). In terms of extremes there is probably not much difference between someone with body dysmorphic disorder and me (although saying that I am not sure if I buy into pathologising this problem around my looks). I'm not even sure I want to achieve anything with this area of my life. Although lately I've realised that's a cop out. I just can't face the work I'd have to put in and the risk of rejection. I have to be honest. I'm lazy with it. Unless a girl just virtually shows up in my life nothing will change. I've almost gone beyond feeling shit about this as I seem to have accepted the situation which is probably quite sad. Anyway. I'm aware of a lot of my limitations and reluctance here. It's all my own doing really.
  3. At last count I think there are 3 similar threads about Leo all near the top of the list in terms of activity. He will just make an appearance soon and say "it's not about me". I think he would be right. This is about us. Not him. These are all our issues to bear and work through. What difference does it make about his intentions and beliefs. He is making suggestions. He is inviting people to believe his beliefs. An invitation, that's all it is. He is the result of his own programme and his own mind. Just one human among 7 billion.
  4. So what we have here is people with different beliefs. No one can prove anything either way. People are searching for something that makes sense to them and something they can believe in. People sometimes word things almost like it's an established fact, perhaps the person has even convinced themselves already it's an established fact. It could be for them. As Don Miguel Ruiz would say... we are all the main character in our own film and everyone else including the other posters on here are secondary characters. As the main character who runs the show, we then move the secondary characters around and sometimes assign them a different role, or write them out of the film altogether.
  5. I agree and find it somewhat refreshing that you are posting this (about sobriety).
  6. Good question. I am struggling to get to grips with that as well. I haven't ruled anything out 100% at the moment. I'm trying to stay away from concrete thinking on the matter. In terms of Leo's teachings, whatever I hear him state, I take this as a "suggestion", whether he intends it to be a "suggestion" or a "definite" I don't care. They are suggestions to me. Things to be contemplated and reflected on.
  7. My journey is to be happier within myself without the use of any substance I could become addicted to, abuse, or otherwise develop an unhealthy dependence on. I have a history of doing this with alcohol, cannabis, tranquilisers and sleeping pills. They all became detrimental to many areas of my life and beneficial to no areas of my life, although at the time I thought they were beneficial in temporarily reducing fear, and managing insomnia. The cannabis was actually many years ago. I'm 8 months free of all the above and I'm beginning to feel natural "highs" and natural levels of peace of mind that I never thought possible WITHOUT the use of the above. It was a real shock to see so much behaviour being justified and supported on this forum around what I would term getting a drug-induced, artificial "high", all be it under the term psychedelics mostly. However, I'm also here to learn how be more openminded, less judgmental, and have more humility. It's none of my business if forum members want to use substances to help facilitate their goals and insight. For all I know, they might be the ones making great progress whilst I trudge along slowly and unspectacularly toward my goals (if I ever get there at all). My journey, experiences and willingness to experiment is for me, and everyone else can do as they please. Whatever you decide, I wish you well.
  8. @ardacigin Thanks for this. I am soon to purchase this book. Have you considered writing a book review on here about it?
  9. I think one of the things I've learned from personal experience about projection, aided by a reading on this (I think by Don Miguel Ruiz) is how I/we can project ourselves onto others and then try to entrap the other to defend the projection that we ourselves have put on them. Like, putting words in someone mouth and then demanding said person justify their words that we have given them! I guess like a dog chasing it's own tail. I have learned that myself, I may not overtly demand someone justify my own projection to them, but I might do it the cowardly way via passive aggression or withdrawal of service (friendship, closeness etc).
  10. Who Projects Onto Everyone Else But Is Sensitive To Being Projected On Themselves..... Are you asking the question as....... Who here does this? I can't speculate for other cultures but I'd say excluding children and people with a severe learning disability or brain damage, perhaps about 95% of people would do this to some degree? I'm not sure you are looking for this kind of response... 100% of my immediate family do it, that much I can tell you I do it a lot and I am aware of it now thankfully, so I can start to work on it. If this thread develops into a good discussion I'll try and get more involved.
  11. Maybe I just don't take things seriously enough, but if Leo responded to me by calling me a devil and that my idea, belief or action is devilry I would just laugh. I wouldn't think I am a devil. I wouldn't think I am evil. You are stating that some people with weaker minds might take it personally or actually believe it, or feel coerced to agree with Leo's beliefs? I think vulnerable people can access all forums and vulnerable people are at risk of having an adverse reaction to comments they read online, but I am not sure what Leo can do about this.
  12. I know you do a lot of journals on here. Not looked at them much yet, but whatever you are doing it seems to be working as I have seen a few posts from you that scream high levels of humility and openmindedness. Two things I am chasing. Two things that if I can get right, my life, and those around me, will surely get better.
  13. Maybe I am just too upright or serious, but it's a turn off for me when these guru's start cracking too many jokes (I don't mind the odd joke). I feel like they are trying to prove their charisma, almost like a male fish displaying it's colour for the females. If I want comedy I'll get comedy from YouTube no problem. But these guru's are not here to satisfy my demands. I still try to listen to the teachings. Osho does this game as well, like pandering for the camera, but perhaps they feel they need to do that, to boost their numbers. I love Osho though, I will give him a pass! Then again if I was a guru I'm sure people would think who the fuck is this guy with zero charisma on camera!
  14. I'm new here. I've plucked your post out without reading every single post in this thread. This is a really funny thread for me. Half this post here of mine probably doesn't directly relate to what your saying to be fair, but I feel like letting some stuff out (my humble opinions). Even though I'm new I thought my perspective might have some validity, even if just a tiny bit! I lurked on this forum for ages. I watched a few "bits" of some of Leo's videos and thought the forum could be useful but that I'd avoid that crazy bald-headed guy in the videos who seems to have gone mad through all the obsessing about self-help books. This was my ignorance. I've still not watched a full video of his so I admit I still probably speak with some ignorance. However, a lot of the small bits of video's I've seen and posts he has made on here, has him strongly advising to keep an open mind and seek input from other teachers. You have used a lot of religious type words in your post but could the following also be true or valid? "Leo's already become a religion" - Are you speaking for yourself or on behalf of many? Your language seems to indicate you are fairly certain that one man has in fact become a "religion". "I see that in almost every post I read here (with the exception of a few members)" - Almost every post? This forum? I've not noticed that. "Many people already worship him and his beliefs" - This can happen with many, many people who run big forums or social media platforms. There might be 50 million more people who worship Justin Bieber than Leo. People want to buy into something, if it wasn't Leo, it would be someone else. Worship him and his beliefs? Or perhaps resonate and are curious? Of course there would be some that buy into his beliefs completely. It's normal. I don't think it's excessive on here for that. At one point I thought Leo was a complete turd. A joke. A megalomaniac. Looking at some of his video's and posts I don't really see someone like that. He is almost indifferent to the praise and indifferent but mostly responsive to the "groupies" who keep making threads asking him a question. "He has his own sermons that we are expected to watch and follow" - Expected? Really? Can you honestly say that? Or encouraged, advised to watch? I would say often Leo is merely making a "suggestion" to watch his videos. "Leo is a fallible human who is wrong almost as often as he is right, just like most of us. He has significant flaws, some of which even he is unaware of. If those statements offend you, then you already consider his teachings a religion. Take the religion out of spirituality and open your mind." - This comment seems a definite reach. You sound like his therapist! You are also telling me that if your post offends me (which it doesn't), then I already consider his teachings a religion. Really? My offense to your post = I consider his teachings a religion? If people (us) are led up some garden path by someone like Leo on the internet, then that's on us. Some of the posts on this thread make out that Leo has some special powers or something. I've never had any dialogue with Leo. I'm hazarding a guess he won't mind if people veered away from this website if they found a better teacher or got bored or sick of his talks, advice and feedback.
  15. But what machine are people using? I hope it's better than the one Jeff Goldblum's character used in The Fly. I agree with you though. I'm skeptical too.