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  1. Seems like the guy is fckng her well at night and being a dog. Thus, he is 30 and she 21, she's young and is getting emotionally attached. Her hormones are playing against her logic. So she won't Pay much attention to you. Young girls love this type of experience with assholes, at least once. The only thing that could help is some third figure aspect interfering between them or you calling out more of her best friends to make her listen what she is getting into. Other wise, wish her luck before breaking her head with the wall.
  2. https://www.trinfinityacademy.com/ Go through the courses diligently without rush and skiping. Its pretty fun to get the bigger picture all at once. In my case, I used to think that I was only awareness and could only know my deeper dimensions through meditation and being totally relaxed. Thats one way, but there are other more direct faster ways to dive inside. For example, you can realize yourself to the level of presence without being totally enlightened from ego and that can be pretty liberating. You are free to anchor on your presence at will any moment without any prior requirements that limiting beliefs can come with. Along with that, peter ralston, the book of not knowing. The point is to gradually add practices to your experience, but by first building a rock solid foundation on the obvious such as presence. Then to know the knower through meditation and Inquiry, etc. If you don't feel motivated to work on your spirituality, questioning other limiting beliefs that has nothing to do with enlightenment can also be fun and sharpen the blade of your contemplation in all senses.
  3. Yes. Directing your psychology towards that is a crucial strategy, but you must be highly aware to not get lost in the spiritual ego. Motivation, mantras, visualization, habits, believing you can, acting as if by watching masters, all increment your success. As leo have said, having a deep enlightenment experience is not enough. You must also study the theoretical part of spirituality in order to understand what you are really getting into and have a better plan for during the process and after it. Enlightenment is not near what you can imagine. After it you literally will become a mad man. A living paradox in human form.
  4. One of the biggest realization key experience I experience every moment is that space is an illusion. Theres no space eventhou it seems you live there and im here. Its all connected. Cuz iz all uanne... Try to really grasp that. It might freak you out hehe. Even thou we are full, its all empty. Physical reality is just a projection of lower conciousness, etc. Existentially and universally you are not different than an ant. Size is an illusion.
  5. His going to keep appearing on your head eventually. The only thing you will get over is the level of attachment and relevance you add to your memories. Seems like you dont want to accept that tricky thought of yours. Also, get busy on more interesting things. Everytime you resist that memory you program your brain to keep it coming, lol. Even I, after many mystical experiences, meditation, etc. Keep having thoughts about the girls I have dated.
  6. Try finding someone who is asexual aswell but would like to be with someone. Both will get super sexual.
  7. Maybe you are bi or just a curious hetero. You will have to find out. And the more you try to suppress those thoughts the more they will come. Let them flow as nasty as they might seem. Your mind is a trickster.
  8. @Preety_India Actually being selfish can be the healthiest thing for everyone. If you are not harming physically or intentionally other people its ok. How are you going to help others without helping yourself first? Thats true selfish behaviour. I think the problem relies in attachment in relationships instead of simply relating to others. If everyone is centered and not identified with others, it won't affect if you leave. Thats the crude truth and we must learn to accept and love others like that. Thats accepting others people freedom. Otherwise we are being selfish by wanting them to be trapped to our expectations. Even the fact of being expectant of someone explaining why they left, if they dont want to explain it, thats their choice. It would be selfish to force them to explain why they dont want to. One of my ex-gfs which we knew each other from childhood, to school to being my neighboor, after graduating school she blocked me and did not want to talk to me. Even years after I have come to say hi by meeting her randomly on the street and she was not very happy to see me. I asked her if every thing was ok and she said yes but i knew not, but thats okay. I accept it even it hurted and moved on. Shes free to do as she likes.
  9. Yes, thats exactly what I mean by inspiration. You can be inspired to fuck her a couple of times if thats what you truly want. Just be self honest. Maybe your motivation is just to practice. Just watch you dont want to fuck her because thats all you can get. But more to the idea watch how you feel. If you feel needy because you tell yourself you truly want something, theres a lie hidden. Find the true reason. Then proceed. I personally just want to fck high quality girls who I can relate deeply, stimulate me and just be my self. Find your values. And remember great sex involves mind and emotional stimulation. Not attachment, but connection. Win-win. We are the ones even by default already being complete, tend to unconsciously choose desperation and force, thus leading to feel lack. Its when you accept however you feel in this moment and are vulnerable to accept the possibility of other people rejecting, critizicing and making Fun of you. But, being authentic is something to practice. You may feel authentic for a while and fall back into the needy trap to impress and fit in because of unconcious momentum. There has to be a transition from this momentum based on lack to constant authenticity moment to moment. It will be painful to release and accept those lies and negative emotions, but thats the price. And then after this, is when you can make true authentic change just for the sake of it. Neediness is a very tricky thing just as most things from a dual perspective. You might stop feeling needy for a while and fall back into it unknowingly and think you must change something rooted in your subconcious thus making you feel more needy to stop the neediness, when all you had to do was accept that and see the truth of it. Although, when you stop being needy this does not mean there are not more deep rooted beliefs in your unconcious that might pop in another situation. You will get the hand of it through observation of your mind. Its just a matter of accepting the painful truth of our lies and emotions and staying vulnerable/authentic to yourself not others expectations. Why? Because your unconscious mechanism is always trying to help you survive, so out of your awareness its always trying to pull you into lies and fitting in the norm. Your survival is against all trascendental/actualizing work, but ironically its what will make you survive better.
  10. This book is focused towards dating but it can be applied in all of your life areas. Its focused toward neediness. If you are always seeking aproval or worried about others opinions, this book explains neediness very well on a mental level so you can then transitition it into a more spiritual and contemplative manner. Neediness is caused by false beliefs in lack and these beliefs are guided by lack motivations that are often unconcious and continually conditioned towards you by society. I have become very non needy in the past and fallen into neediness again because of society invisible influences. If you are not enlightened yet, you will have to watch your inner frames (values, ethics and motivations) constantly. People will want to make you fit, dont fall for it, is not worth it. I have lived both sides and still prefer to be a prisioner who is inwardly free than a modern slave conditioned by society bullshit. Being vulnerable and accepting your neediness is the first step towards non neediness because if you try to improve non neediness this action implies you need something, thus making you feel needy. But, by simply being and not trying, you can also start to improve/actualize/change yourself by a true desire of inspiration and not lack. Its a paradox you will have to understand. Another ironical thing is that when you accept yourself, people tend to accept you. Also, you dont need to go crazy dating lots of women and get experience necesarily to stop being needy with them. First of all, realize they are a person just like you and their beauty is just their main asset. Land them from those clouds. They shit and pee worst than you. Before and after a date, you want to see if you like her, not the other way around. There are alot of needy manipulative women aswell. From my experience, primal biological sex is not that worthwile. I have played the alpha role and is not worth it, not if you want something deeper. Not if you are awake. Alphas are big kids. Thats all. Its just animalistic empty expression. Sex from a place of deep connection, values and personality match is alot more fulfilling. Its just that the idea of being alpha macho and Fucking loT of girls has alot of social proof and is overrated. Which is an attractive idea to influence and condition your unconcious mind. Planned sex is ok. But good sex is spontaneaous. If both of you are getting along dont hurry anything, it will happen. Unlearn and let go the advice of hurry up or you will loose her, thats needy! Its coming from a fearful motivation of lack. Both of you should get transported and seduced to a total imaginary place out of this world, with no rush or expectation, making love. Leo has spoken about this long time ago in his dating videos and I got him but i also didnt got him fully. Now I do. Im not saying being alpha is bad, its ok. Theres more to it. Authenticity/Honesty. Be feminine and masculine at the same time. (and when I say be feminine is not necesarily to be gay lol. You can be feminine in a seductive way). Is fulfilling and it makes sex alot more deeply fullfiling. You probably have only felt pleasure in your dick and havent activated your sexual energy through your whole body. I think thats what a super saiyan may feel like. If you feel you need to carefully think what to say before going to a girl, you are being needy. The fearful motivation of rejection is there and this implies to your subconcious that you need to impress her because you are not enough as you are at that moment, you are not accepting yourself and being authentic and vulnerable to the possibility of rejection. You just dont want to see it and accept it. You must, and if rejection happens it will be ok for both. Get real and move on. I have gone fullcircle contemplating all aspects of social dynamics, dating, persuasion and the mind. Here is my conclusion. I started practicing alphaness through control (neediness) it doesnt need to be high or constantly shown but still needy. Yes, there are things under your control like your habits, appareance, money, strength etc. And still you can do this things from a place of seeking validation so watch your subconcious motivations. After that, all type of trying to control is complete neediness. The vast 97% of puas are needy. This gives result but only for a short term and survival based place. Manipulation is a low level survival strategy. You will get sex but not the one you are dreaming of. I have learned from the most devilish puas from persuasion to hypnosis to chakras, body language, deception, etc. And how women operate completely. This info is useful to have as a bigger spectrum and to defend yourself. Other than that is needy. High quality fullfilling game may look something like this: 80% Authenticity combined with higher value coming from a place of inspiration. 10% understanding women. And the rest on being socially aware in the present moment. (Presence is crucial). Theres alot more to talk about neediness, but this a good place to start.
  11. Just distract your self for a while and relax. There is no hurry, you are God afterall. And, if you already have lived deep enlightenment experiences, they are not going anywhere lol. Its not like you will just forget what happened. Your soul has it recorded. You just have to recall your spiritual side by pure intention anytime you want and get back on track. Enjoy the illusion while it lasts. After enlightenment you will be too op.
  12. @svnzrs Im in the same position as you. Unfortunately we are born conditioned in a very undeveloped system. I realized the easiest way to make money was to simply work with money directly, not people. Trading is the fastest way to financial freedom. I thought only a few could achieve this, but actually many people are becoming traders now than ever. I believed I could achieve this when I saw a friend of mine buying his new apartment and Mercedes at my age, 22. Many people that have financial freedom through trading are selfish and don't like speaking about it. Specially the top 1% Investors, who have made their way on selling the idea of trading as a very difficult thing to do as if only the chosen ones can do. Complete bullshit. I only dedicate 1 hour few days a week. Probably in 2 years I may achieve financial freedom if I Keep it up. Forget about millions. Just get free. The best thing is, the better you get the less time you have to invest. You stay with one strategy hunting the same stocks or currencies you like over and over since they apply to your technique. Even better, you can make your watchlist of stocks come on automatic and trade them automatically when they hit the point you want. All from your phone while you are contemplating reality in the beach with a piña colada. You don't need much money to start! Depending the bróker you choose, Binary options and forex can start with 10 bucks! And the most important thing is just to train on demo until you master a technique. No point on winning and loosing all over without consistency. And even better, all the information you need is online and almost everything you need is free. Youtube is the main source. You can also join some academy and a community or forum. And even get free signals to copy and make easy money. What else you want! This is how you play the imaginary money game. No need to grind like an animal. Just think and grow rich. Don't get outplayed by the kings of this chess game. If money is a thought, then thats how it should be played. In your mind. Now, see if you like it by yourself and enjoy your way out of this nasty system. The truth is coming all out at once.
  13. Thats the light coming at the end of the tunnel. The most courageous are not those conquering the World, but those conquering themselves. Push yourself within. (If you are going through hell, keep going). Thats your ego personality trying to survive. It will be okay and worth it. I did not had my deepest awakenings until I challenged myself to death by pushing within.
  14. @Joker_Theory That which you have been so desperate for.
  15. Only those awake enough may come to understand this video.