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  1. @Jowblob Psilocybe cubensis
  2. Yesterday was practically the best day of my life. I went to the park with a girl am dating and we both did 2.5g mushroom while hiking around bushes. I literally felt connected to the whole earth and the elements. My love aura was so strong that animals were coming to us. I could communicate telepathically with reptilians and feel their energy under the ground. Big lizards and chamaleons went out their home to see what was going on and check me out, I just greet, they are very suspiscious beings tied to the material. I felt completely exotic. My girl and I felt like we lived 80 years in those 4 hours. We opened up completely and accepted each other with a deeper connection. After a while, then I figured out that if I closed my eyes I could see red fractals, and a machine elve being almost appeared to me but I had to get moving since it started raining. I could literally feel how I was raising the vibration with all the people around in the park by sending love. Some extremely low conscious people were triggered by my aura and almost wanted to start a fight out of no where but I managed to control their actions with my intentions through thought and good vibes. Then I went on Uber motor to my home and the whole ride felt like a matrix scene. Man, I know this was not a god insight trip but damn what fckng damn movie, best day of my life was yesterday, literally felt like avatar. Can’t even describe the whole thing well, since I already forgot many details. But fck I didn’t knew reality and life could be so cool. I’m def preferring mushrooms over lsd now.
  3. Yes. Just don’t tell them the obvious in their face. It will save you time when dealing with people. The truth is in front of you.
  4. @Someone here you mean love > lust Making love is superior to carnal sex
  5. @Leo Gura Exactly. I don’t even remember with whom I lost my virginity lmao
  6. @Leo Gura Please post each doc you look at on your blog. I have enjoyed the ones you have posted so far.
  7. @NoSelfSelf No… i mean investing in so much thinking of woman. That alone, the thought of chasing so much puts her in a pedestal on your mind. Trying to impress others and girls, trying to be gamey. Trying to manipulate, trick. All that crap is thought that puts them on a pedestal. You unconsciously start to see them as trophies. When you hear all this puas… you are putting them on pedestal while they make money of you. You just need fckng balls, style and being yourself with confidence even if they call you crazy. Thats all you need. From having alot of interacting you start to understand them. The most important thing is just knowing how to open and be normal at least in the beginning. Not too unbalanced, be calibrated to the tone of the interaction. I dont even seduce girls. I just get them attracted while i build rapport and from the start you should know if she likes you and wants to fck you. But it will take some experience to really know if she is just wants to waste your time and play you or is interested in you and fckng you. Then you start to distinguish which are friend material, relationship material or just fcking material. Im at the point i want a more conservative romantic relationship. I have not fckd 100s girls to realize i dont want to just keep doing that. Its dumb and hollow. I can do it once in a while but im starting to prefer to fck my self than sacrifice my honor/dignity to get a pussy. Or i will just fck a hot prostitute after a long time if too horny. Feels better than doing a constant animalistic circus. Kinda gets me tired to repeat the same thing in a human interaction for an objective benefit. Unless she is real, loving, authentic and beautiful, then i could play the game once a while. If not, just for a pussy, trading my life… nah. It takes a while to get here. Before, i would do almost anything for an ass. What helped me the most was getting a good filter and learning how to discriminate/judge the woman perfectly.
  8. 8/10 as a natural more than an info strategic player. 8 does the work by all the experience gained. Im not investing much more. I discovered that when you invest to much into game you actually get worse. Its just alot of social and sexual experience that you need.
  9. Smoke weed once a while only like once a week. If you are going to do it more often eat it or drink it in a milkshake. Take breaks like weeks and months too.
  10. @Merkabah Star Great. I would add having a bible, a cross in the room, a hanuman picture and pray to him as well and wear a rudrashka aswell. Am sure there are many more things to add. When i go back to the path i don't want a single demon messing around. This is important while tripping too as you get vulnerable they can influence thoughts. Just a couple days ago i had a satanic dream where baphomet appeared and tried to terrify me. Luckily i dont fear demons as i am so used to them, negativity and chaos. Terror wont work on me. @PurpleTree I am getting those too but to deal with the human demons.
  11. What if im actually interested in alien consciousness? Im tired of most human crap and people. The world is too underdeveloped, most people are unconscious and i just cant stand stupidity. At the very most i would keep enjoying the positive side of being human by my own. Am not very interested in people as i said stupidity makes me angry and frustrated. Am just waiting to live on my own soon to use Leo psychedelic course for serious 5meo trips, reach enlightenment and get curious on how to tap into alien awareness. I feel totally capable for it. I would rather be an enlightened alien who trips on 5meo and lives a fully spiritual life doing astral projection, develop siddhis, contacting angels, masters, psychedelic entities, doing magick, meet goblins, travel the world and be a force of good by my own than live secure with the mob and its stupidity. I prefer to take the risk than regret not knowing what i could have become and discover. No, am totally apt for it. Hope leo get successful on teaching it. At least in a course.
  12. Can you list more protection tools? This is really important for the spiritual aspirant. Demons actually made my life a hell in the path to prevent my enligthenment.
  13. @Javfly33 I gave up to most of that crap long time ago. Definitely you still need some skill specially social skills and confidence. And having a good filter, knowing what you want, having good text and sex game. Ah yeah and some money ofcourse. Just date girls really interested and dont waste your time in them unless a special gem appears and is devoted to you. I dont even chase them anymore. I just hang with girls really interested from apps. Cold approaching is good but also kind of waste of time. You are approaching a stranger totally random, investing time without having info filters from them to see if its even worth the approach in the long run. Do it once in a while if you go to a club and want some fun. But irl you cannot filter very well as in texting you can literally read her mind by the way she texts, get alot of info and save time. i recommend you get some sex toys and fck hot prostitutes once in a while if you are too horny. Again, stay on the game but very detached. Thats how i started winning this crap. Remember too that most women today are broken and have lost all values. Not to even begin with the infidelity cheating stuff and manipulation for money…keep my word and you will remember me.
  14. Quite normal on malls. Most of weed shops or vape shops at malls sell psychedelic's as a side hustle but they need to trust you first. Look at this guy too yesterday. Psychedelics need to be properly regulated urgently. Its literally the key to save mankind from its own stupidity.