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  1. You are wasting time and energy complaining about life. Surrender the hate and stop playing games. Try not to talk your problems so you can stop creating karma and mental loops. Just accept whatever is the case and solve your problems in silence.
  2. This forum is full of bs and negativity. You dont need to go crazy about truth. But some truth and spirituality will always be good to balance your life. If enligthenment happens amen, if not amen aswell.
  3. @ZenSwift There are some even more expensive than this one. Alpine something was another one which I forgot. I want to have the same experience the autistic have in the world. They wear something similar but to help them listen, and they can also reduce volume.
  4. Is there any real stoic here? How has stoicism improved your life? What are your practices?
  5. Can you guys recommend good earplugs that will block all sound? Im not talking about music earbuds. Just pure silence. There are so many... This one looks promising but are kinda expensive. Might give it a try later. But im sure there must be more just as good and cheaper. https://quieton.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwmuiTBhDoARIsAPiv6L-LTvoCNUyfN0JvP-sgA1FFlfOCFiAl0ASTw6ctahKyUUBOomwdocQaAnL1EALw_wcB At the moment am just using earbuds that block practically all sound. I just leave space music all day on loop repeat to create my own ambience and it works great because you are in control of what goes within. It gives focus, calm, space, distance and you dont even have to think about it. Just leave it there and forget. Trust me it will drastically change your day to day experience if you are unaware of it by always absorbing strong sounds or crap from people. https://open.spotify.com/track/44irrxeKneGAZWuzZm1b6i?si=1NRMbRz5T0Omc4eEVfk1GQ&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/5qi8NODsShIuZQK14uUV5k?si=SSX_u6ioQFuh7Y2iEMD5nQ&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/5qi8NODsShIuZQK14uUV5k?si=SSX_u6ioQFuh7Y2iEMD5nQ&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/4H80ICHrZn6XvTFMWYbmAD?si=ZwoHNXVXQsO812SPz_a9uQ&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/256bmV1Zn1xGY51XUAEZxb?si=6giUpNj4SFC4W4lPfmEuzg&utm_source=copy-link https://open.spotify.com/track/2NUN5Yv88ItO5Ax63v6wvA?si=SwYe3XIIRFCZznBMOgeX4A&utm_source=copy-link Look at benny ears. He knows. https://www.instagram.com/p/CcaXTWdLRxM/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  6. How to stop self created guilt and self created guilt induced by others.
  7. Leo is trying to save the "World" unconsciously. Thats his Mission. His teachings are so precise and direct to prepare the mind. Then he stresses in psychedelics so the majority of people possible can wake up as fast as possible from getting lost in Hell! Leo, you are trying to save as most souls possible but your conscious (intellect) mind does not want to admit it because of some confusions you have. Just know that after your enligthenment, people will fall in love with you! You are a super-hero of meta physics!
  8. Is there any version out of bs to extract the wisdom directly?
  9. @Salvijus I kinda understand the purpose and intention behind prayer. But im still confused as how to practice it. I looked in ACIM book, and he explains that prayer is a way of asking for forgiveness. Then I see this spiritual teacher mention prayer but not what to do: @_Archangel_ Nice video on the chakras. Will check them out. So, you learned prayer as described in the link? Seems like everyone has a different way of praying. If not, I will just ask these ppl directly what they do.
  10. Sht. How did you got realized without being changed. You still have a detached ego? In the past, the spirituality I did was just burning all karma until nothing remains. Ofcourse my behaviour changed drastically. I was like a virgin saint everyone wanted to get something out of. Hardest moments of my life.
  11. @Ninja_pig It happened to me aswell. You dispell some illusions, then the mind creates negative beliefs out the emptiness of those as if reality is lacking. Thats the trick. But you have to go beyond. Dont just dispell illusions. You have to simultaneiusly ground yourself in presence. The IAM. Other wise you will be floating in the chaos of your mind karma. Which feels like hell. Dont do much spirituality if you are not going all in. Right now im used to pain. The moment is coming soon when I will drop all and trade my false I for the True "I". Remember that as you drop beliefs that ground you, you might also need some new positive beliefs for specific things/situations. Dont just donate. God wants to trade with you. Also, true meditation makes you very passive and its risky if you have many responsabilities. Unless you are rich with nothing else to do. I prefer Self-Inquiry, Neti-Neti and Psychedelics.
  12. @GreenWoods Okay, I have seen 555 five times this morning. Most be something there.
  13. What would be a good source to really learn how to balance and open chakras? One that has worked for you. Im interested in balancing the 3 lower and the throat in order to be highly grounded and functional within social. On the other hand, I have always been interested in whats real prayer. Many spiritual teachers speak about it but dont really teach what is and how to do it correctly. Even Jesus did it... Any recommendation on how to learn the practice well?
  14. Its all nonsense until one toy rocket gets launched.
  15. @Fernanda Nice story. I imagined it like a movie scene, lol. It seems you are evolving fast as a soul. If you enjoy solitude, you will love being GOD. As a human I have always prefered being alone. Unless im with someone who also prefers their solitude. Two solitudes = Love Paradise. You made me remember when I started smoking weed not so long ago. You will fall in love with psychedelics if you enjoy weed. Just go easy on lsd later. By the way, dont underestimate weed. It has given me crazy visions and insights. Also, it takes a while to get used to and know how to deal with people from that place. Imagine feeling all the negativity people spread all around as yourself. It can really become a mess if not prepared. I remember my first experiences of being lovely and a radiant authentic light with animalistic people during my early awakenings. Hehe, real quick I realized I had to act and use masks to survive again.