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  1. What are the principles that leo lives by to stay grounded in truth even if one is not to get enligthened? At least some truth can transform ones life's perception by mantaining some constant clarity.
  2. The thing is that I know its not sustainable in the long run, but its really effective in this moment. The confidence im talking about is self-belief/core certainty. My enviornments require lots of confidence to thrive in them. Work, family and even my law degree that will be done this december. In the past I felt very confused even inside true clarity because I did not knew how to ground my mind. It was always changing and going blanc. It was pretty hard to remember and be functional to the level im now... In your case specially, is there a feeling of certainty? Any feeling of confidence? What practices do you do to stay grounded? The problem is not loosing the confidence. Its the risk of doing it now. But i need to balance it out, Im loosing almost all my perception. I feel like a blind diamond right now. Are you in this state of no confidence right now? What is your experience in relation to it right now? I have done that in the past, not needing confidence is not really the problem. I dont need to feel trapped to feel secure. Its really about other side things, like having a grounded mind in relation to my life situations. If I drop my confidence at this moment, lot of things will change that I may not know how to manage. The risk is not so much in loosing the confidence, but exactly at which moment. Because lots of karmas can desenvolve out of this. For example, I can not influence, socialize with high skill or even manipulate if I loose the confidence, which then a chain of things will start to fall in my life. Creating a chaos inside of another chaos. People unconscious minds can read my being in nano seconds to know how they can interact with me. If they feel I have no shield, a weak one, see my vulnerabilities, by instinct they will try to take some advantage out of me. It has happened alot in the past. It is really tiring trying to go your own way while others dont understand you. Their expectations dont match with my behaviours and it can really get annoying or even into trouble. Another thing is, I can set boundaries. Being a temporary mind is really effective in comparison to being in Mid spiritual path. The True confidence you speak of, only truly comes in avance stages of the path where you have stabilized in non duality, no coming back. If not you will be shaky and weak in the eyes of others. Also, girls and people are seduced by my confidence. Its like magnet. I dont even need to try to impress, look too good, show money, etc. Its like people can instantly feel my presence and energy and everything changes. I can feel girls wanting to get fck by me just by their stare at me. You know how hard it is to make money without confidence or sell an idea... I mean this are some of the positive sides of it inside the survival paradigm. Ofc you dont need this in higher consciousness, but the thing is that the more I upgrade my consciousness the trickier it gets to handle my cultural enviornments, people, chores, etc. Its very risky. Its like playing with fire and gasoline. I have to be almost like a bomb technician when doing spirituality. If not I might waste my life. It would be nice if Leo could make a vid on how to do proper safe spirituality, not only tell its dangers. Im referring to confidence as to thr strength of my ego Shell. The level of density and compression it creates. Its full of itself. Im conscious there are various things creating my suffering for which I need to set aside more time. I got trapped in this survival paradigm. Like I always have to be going forward in a hurry. My mind always finds a way to make me feel guilty and tricked back into distraction. So Yeah, motive is one its causes. Inside of it, also emotional baggage I have gathered in the world by survival, fights and setting boundaries. But also, the size and strength of my ego kinda creates an un natural feeling. Out of aligment. Where would you recommend to begin with? My mind has taken a life of its own and its hard to control right now, give me a direction where to shoot. I dont have the same amount of time and energy I used to in the past to be all day in spiritual mode, where I used to find all my tricks, insights and techniques.
  3. I just discovered that the reason I mostly suffer unconsciously is because I dont want to let go of my confidence. Because if I do, alot of things will fall off in my life. Like it kinda happened in the past when I was not confident because I was very inwardly in the spiritual path. Does anyone have any idea how to deal with this existential problem of confidence and being in the world? Its like one or the other. Either I suffer but handle my survival and enviornments. Or I dont suffer but loose ability in the world. Unless I reach complete self-realization in the process.
  4. @Preety_India Stop doing spiritual work. Stop consuming spiritual material. Stop coming here. Then, get lazy and leave everything to last minute. Do this temporary to create a sense of emergency. Consume alot of data and think alot in whatever you want. Non spiritual. Get into a challenging enviornment. Somewhere that may threaten your identity. Then after some of your identity has been threaten, you will get mad and your survival instinct will rise. It will make you fall more into the illusion of survival without you even realizing it. Then you will want to stand up for your self survival, cuz if not you will be exploited. Then, if you rise, you will be prideful and will want to make yourself a priority in life. You will care alot less about people and their opinions. You will be one pointed reach goal minded. This will create layers of energy within that create an armored ego. From this ignorance, confidence is born. People may start to look up to you. Your esteem will then start to rise higher. And this is how ego identity is created in plain words. It takes time. But it will occur faster than the blink of an eye.
  5. Sadhguru is refering to the need of a sense purpose. You can create a purpose without having that need of Drive. Non doership is what he means. Because everything is already complete there is really no need. Its a tricky thing as always...
  6. @Synchronicity But have you experienced real shifts with this stuff? Im not paying anymore RASA. I simply wanted to confirm and its ok. He said he will give some more for free now, but still I think its a waste of time. I dont know how ppl say they got enligthened by this thing through the Internet.
  7. I have gone by 5 sessions and still no real permanent noticeable results. Am starting to think this is just a holy scam and waste of time. How long did it took you to see anything substantial? The guy says am leveling up, but i dont really see anything going on. Also, something that took me off guard was when he said(in a dominant manner), enligthenment will either occur by pure random accident or someone gives it to you by blessing.
  8. @Bluff Interesting thread. Yet I didnt found the part related to scientific proof of spiritual genetics.@Anahata Yeah. Yet the relative is crucial too in the path. Too many obstacles. Starting with conditioning, culture and enviornments. If you dont study these ones in your personal life situation, you can get into lot of trouble.
  9. I recently watched in one of Ralston's videos, where he literally said out of no where to a guy, "There is nothing preventing you from reaching your true nature. Like there is no special spiritual gene or anything". But at the same time I hear @Leo Gura speaking on spiritual genes and it kinda makes sense. But where did leo came with this from? Have scientists shown research where they prove there is a unique gene regarding one's level of consciousness?
  10. Oshos book on intuition
  11. @Lucas-fgm Im not saying I cannot get laid with an average high quality girl as you said: Good looking, feminine and good connection. Thats fine in any way. Like getting some experience or just wanting some company. Cuz when I got into pickup I did that. And my last gf was like that but deep down I was not satisfied with that at all. Personally, I get satisfation with hot rare (not weird) girls. Meaning, not having an average interior (psychology). I need a sexy and interesting mind to satisfy my own aswell. Dont confuse incels with being selective and having standards. Incels are loosers who dont do shit to improve. They basically hate women and want them at the same time. Aside from that, you are still biased. Theres nothing wrong with looking for a hot girl that likes anime. There are plenty of them, just as hot girl gamers. Or cosplayers. Also, Its all a matter of preference and perspective. If you still think being alone is for incels, etc. You are highly biased and conditioned. That view is only coming from you. For example, in my case I view being single/free as one of the highest quality values a person can have. And thats how I experienced it aswell. What you call a strong personality is not necesarily a high quality one. It can be useful for survival but not necesarily for thriving and actualization into higher quality. Your personality is a composition of views, depending on the definition of those views and how strong you hold them, you get a dense personality. And thats what people call being a strong masculine man, lol. But thats not enough for success and quality. You need intelligence and knowledge.
  12. @Lucas-fgm Yeah, thats why I said some stuff. Im very picky with everything in life. I prefer being alone if I dont meet some of those to motivate me. Dating and sex alone wont motivate me much for long if not combined with rare qualities. Personally, I need alot of mental stimulation. But still, those are some general things that can make up for any girl.
  13. Some stuff I look for - Positive Mindset -Likes Spirituality and Philosophy to some degree -Down to earth and present. -Easy to talk with -Optimistic/Kind/Loving Personality -Honest -A little mysterious -Good listener. Is not a crazy parrot. -Likes improvement and change -High intelligence and Imagination -Has some inner wisdom -Business/Investor oriented -Has a life goal/plan/purpose -Non religious/Non Idealogical -Open Minded -Non-needy -Non alcoholic or drugs -Low manipulation and lies -Has class and manners -Is independent to the point that she can be fine alone by herself. Doesnt need to be entangled in the noise of social drama and media. -Some decent level of intellect (specially of psychology) -Has her own unique style that makes her stand out -Wears different good/attractive fragrances -Good music taste. I know girls that dont like music. Sad shit, lol. -Nature oriented -Non Dramatic or at least very low. -Does not hold grudges/moves on from the past -Cooks Good -Gives good body massage -Has some dancing skill (Preferably salsa in my case) -Knows how to provoke sexually and leave stuff to the imagination -Has a Seductive Aura -Has a balanced sexuality (not too feminine that it gets toxic) -Open to sexual adventures like ocassionally wearing a remote pantie to get teased at in public places. -Delicate fit slim body type. Shiny healthy hair, clean straight teeths and soft healthy skin. Note: Its pretty much impossible to meet all these things in a women. This a just a list inside a range I play to find some stuff which I find satisfying. This go for men and women, in the sense that finding an ideal person depends alot on where you live, culture, class and enviornments. There are many things in general that make up for a high quality person. But mostly will be things similar to you. Basically, someone like you and at your level. The more you develop yourself, the more you will look for onto others to meet you there. It makes no sense to develop yourself and get with a person that will drag you down.
  14. @Jon_Bundesen You need some type of conditioning. Meaning some external force that makes you take action invitably. Either a job can help you build some momentum and stop laziness by having some work action habits. It will be tough at the start but you will condition yourself to get used to it. Then its pretty easy to take action. Find an enviornment that makes you struggle. What you are not used to is struggle. Spirituality is everything opposite to struggle in a way. No stress, no worry, little external action, no fighting, no thinking, etc. You see where it goes? Its good in a sense if you are truly going to fully awaken, but it can destroy your life at the same time. Its dangerous in one sense. If you get what I mean. So Yeah, getting used to taking action, struggle, alot of thinking, dealing with stress, effort and fighting for your boundaries is another path in itself. Its like the reverse of spiritual work. But if you have done spiritual work previously, not all will be gone. The shifts will remain on a soul level.
  15. You need to Calm down completely to see the situation correctly with full clarity and understand what is really happening. Then listen to your intuition and you will know what to do from that space.