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  1. @meta_male No psychedelics on switzerland, how come?
  2. @DefinitelyNotARobot @Matthew85 I would if I could. I just feel Leo is more capable for this. If I were to start such project I would anyways seek for his advice as he has a more in depth view of life and the system. He is the one im interested on seeing how he would structure such organization. It could start small as a priv school on a first world country were it would be gladly welcomed to be tested.
  3. Leo, I had a random dream where you founded your own school/university to teach people how to live their very best lives from early childhood. But also included anyone of all ages who wanted to join. It was a complete different education system. Kinda gave me the vibes of hogwarts in the sense of being an otherwordly enviorment. Have you taught on doing this in the future?
  4. @Leo Gura How do you personally deal with demons? I have a friend who is interested in the spiritual path and she also wants to try psychedelics, specially lsd. But im scared she might go crazy since she says demons have spooked them in dreams and recently at her house. She is paranoid and is scared of getting stuck in a serious bad trip, specially with some demonic entity who might trick her into comitting suicide.
  5. You have some hidden belief/thought filtering your view of God as alone, lol. Too much fears or social traumas. Awakening does not feel alone, that is a human idea. When I experienced my awakenings I felt amazing and free. No words to describe it. No God, nor alone. Just. BLISSFUL SUPREME BEING (Silent Truth) in pure ecstatic freedom. In fact I didnt wanted to go back into the dream. I was mad that I kinda had to in order to survive. I suggest you heal and awaken meditating first. Quit the forum to cleanse those filters and then after being a clear blank, maybe take psychedelics again without expectations. This tends to happen to the majority of people who awaken on psychedelics while magnifying their inner false beliefs and have not awakened first by the natural way through meditation and removing all lenses. Dont try to fly without learning how to walk properly. Reading osho can also help you get a proper context of truth. Remember truth is the natural way. Ego ways are the unnatural way for survival. Its your ego trying to trick you back into its false ways. You are in reverse but not used to it. It takes some time to adapt.
  6. Its all on the framing. You literally need to practice framing interactions as you will. Start framing interactions with average people where you dont feel its risky. The essence for having success when approaching is embodying a good vibe. You need to communicate chillness like its completely normal to talk to stranger. You have to talk to them like they are family. Then they can accept that frame and meet you there. You need to be chill and light. No need to do a long conversation. Just say some stuff, chit chat and go. Parks with dogs and stores is where you can practice that first. By the way man, can you pm me? I would like to ask you something @Chives99
  7. @Schizophonia xD Thats probably similar to how you would look being enligthened. The crestfallen face might be a sign of suppressed sadness.
  8. @ZenSwift Store them all in glass, including weed and mushrooms. Lsd should stay in your wallet.
  9. @JosephKnecht Yeah, but my face changes drastically. I guess its because of all the egoic tensions in the face/head. It kinda makes sense that tapping into the life force should make you look brigther/shinier and more alive than the egoic zombie state. @Fluran Yes What also makes you look different on psychedelics is the release of suppressed divine feminine and sexuality, which changes your auric look. Lips and cheeks turn rose. And hair becomes thinner/straight.
  10. @Thought Art 😄
  11. Why do my eyes color and size change when high? And my face too?
  12. @Someone here Thats what I want to know. If thats even real. If its real, it would give me alot of overall clarity. Im asking because theres too much about it to waste ur time on what would work. lol. @IDressMyDog Okay. What would you recommend me to read?
  13. @eggopm3 Tusi is a colombian/venezuelan drug. Rich kids from there are the ones who use it. I just wanna try it once. Here its own song
  14. Guys, Do you know any good sources or books for truly discovering your past lives?
  15. @Leo Gura Lmaoo @Girzo Yeah, Its dmt in changa for pipe. I might try micro smoking it. What did you personally experienced on your first dmt trip?