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  1. @Meditationdude Yeah, Its fucking great. Keep it going, but watch for those around you, lol. The car is a good spot.
  2. @mw711 @Kalki Avatar Thats why I say its better to not speak. Eventhou I want to express it well, it becomes inexepressable. You start appearing mad in the eyes of others.
  3. @soos_mite_ah @mw711I have stopped the need of explaining my self or anything. After going so many times up and down in full circle. I understand why many people dont speak much. After learning how life and knowledge works, i can barely believe the insights I get of whats possible. Whatever was ridiculed at first like enligthenment when I discovered it, now completely connects everything else I needed or know at this time. Its all perfect and relative. Its not only about the vertical, but the horizontal adds even more verticality to it.
  4. @soos_mite_ah I had seen other sites but i dont know how I didnt came to try cafeastrology. Holy shit what a description. It just made me self aware of my persona a 200%. Thanks. Still, I would like someone knowleadgeble to explain it in deeper detail. Everything makes so much sense now.
  5. @Eren Eeager Brother, I would recommend you to read alot of osho. You will be wanting enligthenment 24/7/365.
  6. Does anyone here knows how to read natal charts?
  7. @ColeMC01 You might find some innocent curious high value girls who are just new into dating apps. But the vast majority is low value. Its a complete waste of time in my experience. Whenever I matched a pretty girl, she either was just messing around, shit testing to pump her ego, flaked or was hot with a shitty personality. Dont take my word, see it for your own. It may work, depending where you live.
  8. @herghly Deeper understanding of the mind and LOA. And how crucial it is to understand it and then apply it with more awareness. You wont get stuff by just thinking, but its the definitive first step to achieve or limit yourself by being ignorant of such things. There are many things that need to be learned about your mind (inner game) like self deception, contemplation, rationality, vision, self talk, LOA, etc. If you only focus on outer game techniques you will get short success, none or limit yourself in the course by not understanding your mind and Inner system creation process. If you combine inner and outer game, then you will get controlled success. Not something accident and slow. You can rely on the LOA unconsciously by what you have focused on the past, but you can also use it instantly and mix your frequencies. You can use it short term aswell. You can instantly change your appearance/vibration to attract thoughts of that frequency level or even get access to people of that vibration that have what you want. You can manipulate your reality and circumstances short and long term. But you must understand such things and be highly aware of the Dynamics involved to play like a chamaleon without breaking some rules or integrity.
  9. It is a real law. People saying its not is because they have not studied the Dynamics plus experienced such process more conciously to identifity and distinguish the creation details. It not only works if you are high vibration, it works on all levels of vibration. And it works if you are unconscious as well. People dont get to experience it well because what they desire they dont believe it 100%. And mayb their desire level is low aswell. When you truly desire something, you will feel certain of it and you immediately enter that World frequency. Your vibration changes in an instant. People react to your new frequency. You behave and feel in a total new World. And you start to attract more thoughts of that World frequency. After you enter that frequency you will become a magnet of those experiences you are thinking. But one has to stay on that frequency consistently, this is the transition process of one frequency to a new one. If you dont pass it, you will fall in your old one again and never see change. For ex, if you want to make money for real, if you enter into a specific frequency perspective of infinite ones about money. You will then have the permision slip to act towards money. The Internet is the fastest vehicle. If you are not certain on that desire you will fall back and say LOA dont works on money. Beliefs will pull you back. For ex, i have attracted all my understanding of reality and enligthenment/truth through thought. Such as many of you, who prob were not conscious of doing this. But i have also attracted multiple business deals out of nowhere. Also have attracted danger, by entering into the devils frequency on purpose. Actually hell is dangerous but its Fun. You feel very alive when your mind believes it gotta survive. Thou, Its not so Fun if you dont know how to get out of this frequency and it can bring big trouble aswell.
  10. The book is recommended by many becuz it does work. I dont recommend living by those principles. But if you are in urgency of something, applying those and being likable to the extreme will inflate their egos and make them addicted to you. Its a psychological law. Its done unconscious. I have been guilty of doing it and falling into it. You need to be highly conscious in that moment to not react others people charms on you.
  11. This is a no BS audiobook a rich entrepeneur recommended to me sometime ago about how to use LOA. The book is a conference on the swissalps. There he explains in 2 days how the elites and secret societies use and train people to use these principles properly in order to get what ever the hell they want. The author was an ex-member of the skull and bones I think or some other society. This book is great because you cant be all day just reading on LOA. If you are a busy person listen to this to continually install and remember the importance behind the truth of thoughts/feelings/beliefs and much more. This is PT 1 of 13
  12. Frank Yang has done 5 meo dmt several times in the past and after his enligthenment he says those trips were just awesome states, but not real enligthenment. Another one confirming the bias. Read the caption.
  13. @Red-White-Light I will consider such possiblity, until someone explains to me how my food in the oven dissapeared out of nowhere. The other reason why I think its possible, is cuz I had an experience with a sucubus in the past touching my stomach when I was laying down in my bed. I just found out this to be a phenomena on paranormal activity done by spirits. Nvm, im gonna contact a psychic.
  14. @Arcangelo LMAO, I knew I shouldn't have spoken about this. Nevermind everyone, just ignore this thread. I get why Leo and many others just shut their mouth.