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  1. @Preety_India That's indeed wise words! You're such a cool and insightful girl. Your understanding of the world as well as the suggested approach to it are spot on! Thank you!
  2. But we need the ideas, beliefs and rituals, the conceptualisation so to speak in order to learn and dare to let go and just BE, in silence, right?
  3. Osho had great sense of humor and liked to provoke mainstream culture. He was not into materialism. He exposed the absurd materialism that runs in society. His cars was an easy way to show how people make fools out of themselves by only debating his cars. The jealousy was enormous. Mainstream society felt threatened and all of a sudden there were no interests in his philosophy or teachings, journalist and mainstream society only wanted to know about the cars. They couldn't tolerate it. Osho was not afraid to be hated and to have enemies, he could use that energy to turn it into something good. Osho was dedicated to life, joy, happiness, love, dance. And his "selfish" behaviour came out of selflessness. But people won't get that.
  4. I noticed that I tend to mix politics and society issues with consciousness work. I don't think that is beneficial to anyone. Not me, not to you. And my warning points indicate that's the case as well. I keep coming back to my main problem with existence. And that is that power, ego, manipulation rules the world. You even have to be somewhat of an ego yourself to see and fully understand the mechanics of the world/society. You can't really fully know yourself AND the world/society. You have to choose one of them. But it's an easy pick, to know yourself is the best choice you can make. Because to know yourself is to know God when you finally reach the essence of yourself. Funny, I once where enlightened or very close to it, without knowing about spirituality. I gain it from my interest in art, music and love. And the fact that I had economy to led a free life without working. However I start noticed I almost felt too good. I couldn't understand or integrate to society, not that I had desire for it, I just want to know why that was. I was above society so to speak, but I didn't know that. I just noticed that I somehow was naive or clueless to society and the workings of it. I decided to understand it fully, like a life purpose. I that was a route down the ego rabbit hole, I had to be judgemental and egoic to see/understand society in it's very essence. To see how others truly viewed the world. It's amazing how the society lacks freedom, creativity, love, happiness and true self knowledge. You have to be intelligent in the wrong way to fit in, you have to be somewhat manipulative that is. You have to corrupt yourself to fully fit in. That type of intelligence. But one shouldn't be afraid to be naive, because you lose the separate self that is naive, so you only become naive in the eyes of others. You, yourself know that you are above all that, you rest in peace and happiness in your true nature as you succeed in self enquiry and consciousness work. Anyway, I've seen the bottom now, that was a though journey. Really interesting that I had to create anger and fear out of nowhere to truly think and feel like society as a whole. But that's what it takes. As Leo use to say.. "You can't really know a thing unless you BE that thing". I guess that was my mission, to really BE society, to be drop in the ocean of societal collective consciousness. Now, I'm going to raise above all that again. And I have to take a pause from this forum because I don't want to bother you or myself with mixing these toxic societal subjects with innocent and lovable consciousness work and meditations that aim to raise your awareness. Least of all we should talk about stupid ego matters in society like feminism, race, politics, ego, power, hate and such. I'm sorry for that, won't happen again. But please give me your best piece of advice, and I see you later on, when I'm certainly won't add these toxic subject for discussion in this great forum. Thanks to Leo, Pluto, Prabhaker, tutsi, snowleopard, Dodo for now. See you here later on.
  5. It's hard to find words how sad that is. Sad for our species, sad for humanity.
  6. Ted wasn't meant for the spotlight. Fame is for mediocre people. Truth, wisdom and pure love have no place at celebrity level. His meltdown was a sign of a healthy response to the circumstances he put himself into in order to deliver purity and love to the people through his songs. Are you from Sweden btw?
  7. Ted was too pure for this world. A kind of "larger then life" character. I love Ted, he had no schizophrenia. There is no sign of sanity to adjust to a profound sick society. Men du kan ha rätt i att han kom i kontakt med en del obehagliga sanningar. Man blir medveten om det onödiga lidandet i världen när sanningar bubblar upp. Eller hur?
  8. Most talented man ever Ted Gardestad, Sweden, who was great in whatever he did. He was a musician and had success at eurovision but even more success outside Eurovision with many classical Swedish popalbums. He also played tennis, and was the greatest player together with Bjorn Borg in Sweden, he even beat him occasionally. Anyway, he was a fan of Osho and decided to live in his community, in the bagwan movement. Unfortunately he came home and become depressed, and finally killed himself at the age of 41. This man was pure in his heart. So kind and lovable. People couldn't stand to see him that pure and happy. And media and rumours start to spread that he killed our prime minister Olof Palme in 1986. People were mean to him. But as @Prabhaker once said, true masters are not tolerated in this world. They either be killed or killed themselves. Ted was not only enlightened, but he had so much love and kindness in him. Just look at these clips. What a pure soul. What do you think of him @Prabhaker ?
  9. Words, thank you! From an enlightened point of view, there is really nothing to say. Everything become mental masturbation I guess? 😊
  10. Shouldn't we understand all humans and love them, even if they are at a lower level then us, spiritual wise? We can see why they behave in a certain way, we know that they can only act from their own current knowledge and awareness. We can see how certain behaviours backfire so we rather feel compassion towards "normies" with low or no enlightenment understanding, instead of judging them. Well, that's how it suppose to be, but I, you, and all of you here at seem capable of judging others, even Leo and the mods are capable of that. Maybe I'm project my own tendencies to some degree. But at least a few of you are capable of judging without hesitation. Just like me. But we are stars, enlightened bright stars, we shouldn't judge each others or those poor normies. How come we do?
  11. What does it mean for collective consciousness to lose free speech? Today, Tommy Robinson will try to make a speech about freedom of speech at Speakers' corner London. This famous spot has guaranteed free speech to England and the western world for 300 years. It might end today, you might not freely speak your mind from now on. Europe is heading towards complete totalitarism. This can't be good for enlightenment and high levels of awareness? Watch it on youtube later, it will be up in a few hours. I'm scared what's happening to collective consciousness.
  12. The thread is about how to deal with it consciously! I'm not into Illuminati and stuff like that. It's no secret what happens to the people in Europe though.