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  1. @Jacko Never too late my friend! But you might be too wise, a lot of indoctrination and ideology is going on at collage, at least in the western world. It's not a place to think freely, Free thoughts are not that common as one might think it is.
  2. Perhaps it isn't. I wrote from intuition, from a stream of consciousness, I feel closest to truth when I do that, but that's no guarantee I'm right of course. @Anna1 , I heard a quote one time that stayed with me for some reason, it went something like this.. "There is no truth such as the opposite is not truth as well" So maybe I am spot on, but at the same time the opposite perspective might be true as well. Those catholic priests for example, those scum people should be locked up for rest of their lives, and they have nothing to do with my or your inner state of awareness, they are individual scum people that do evil things independently of us. At least that is true from a relative perspective and from our emotional perspective. Yet it might be a whole different thing if you look at it from an absolute perspective. Therefore it's tricky. Like truth has two sides to it, two explanation models so to speak, that both are equally true.. A relative side and an absolute side.
  3. Yes I know, good observation. That proves that I haven't embodied what I'm saying in this thread. I know it conceptually. But emotional and consciousness wise, I'm still far from knowing this other then on a mental level. Good point.
  4. Growing up I had a big ego, but I started to work on that early on. I love humbleness, compassion and altruism. These are all good concepts to contemplate and practice in order to shrink your ego. I've come a long way towards the transcending of my ego. Frankly I don't care if I live or die(although I love to live). I don't bother with success or other peoples approvals. I don't care about power or money, and I don't compare myself to others or judging anyone. Hence, I'm doing rather good so far on my quest for enlightenment. So, why am I not enlightened already? This is why.. every time I come close to transcending my ego to full extent and get a little taste of that wonderful impersonal godly consciousness, my ego jumps into the picture and judge that experience as EGO! lol You see how fucking sneaky my ego is? Ego doesn't judge me as an ego when I identify with it, but as soon as I come close to that egoless experience of God, the ego tend to label that experience as ego. How fucking ironic! You see the paradox here? Below is how the logic of my ego works.. Being ego = no ego Being free of ego aka enlightenment(infinite awareness) = BIG EGO Even though I understand the sneakiness of my ego, I can't guard myself from the attack that ego makes on me when I come closer to being God. Yeah, my ego judge God as Ego in a last attempt to survive. A last defence mechanism so to speak. Lol, it's almost cute how infinite pathetic my ego is. It turns truth inside out, like an inverse version of truth according this formula.. EGO = NO EGO GOD(aka no ego) = EGO It's so infinitely sneaky, my ego knows how much I hate the notion of ego, and of course it use that as a strategy to survive, hence it judge God's presence as ego in order for me to stay away from enlightenment and align myself with that toxic bastard! How to solve this puzzle? My ego doesn't even seem to be embarrassed by this pathetic attempt to survive even though I have exposed it fully. Ego is a sneaky parasite, I tell you, at least my ego is! Do you understand what I say here? If you do, please elaborate. Namaste.
  5. @Outer I've never really understand the hype regarding Sam Harris. What is that people admire him for? He doesn't seem as intelligent as Jordan Peterson?
  6. Do you know when the book is planned to be released? Also, since I know you like JP and consume most of his contents, can you recommend anything in particular? Any book you like in particular?
  7. I know the video you're referring to, they cut of his both legs and then they hit him with those limbs in his head before they slowly and painfully kill him. I believe they cut his two arms of as well and let him be in infinite pain while bullying and laugh at him only to behead him a few minutes later. But truth is, world is not physical, not materialistic, world is pure consciousness, world is literary your consciousness. You(we) created the horrific scene out of our own imagination, you see. It only happened as a thought in our own mind, which arise from our own disturbed souls. As soon as you find enlightened peace and love, no such things will happen in the world, because the world is nothing but our own imaginations/creation. What's going on in your inner is the very same things that's going on in the outer 'world'
  8. I see many threads these days where people have complains about the state of the world, that the world is an evil place with low consciousness. One recent example is this thread.. These threads are written by people that project their own poor awareness upon the world. And why do they do that? Because the inner and outer are the same! They create the world out of what's going on in their inner beings. Just as @Leo Gura, rightly so, claims that there are no such thing as brains, it's also true that there are no such things as rape, murder, shootings, psychopathic behaviour, lies, war, corruption, power struggles, greed. Those things don't exists, other then in your own mind, these are nothing but projections. It comes from your own ego. The world is not physical, the materialistic narrative is a superficial idea with no truth to it. As soon as you transcend your ego, it's literary impossible to find anything else but Love, beauty, compassion, peace and perfect order in the world! You see? You and the world not only correlates, they are the very same thing, it's ONENESS! If you get rid of low consciousness yourself, you get rid of all the low consciousness in the world. Low consciousness can literary not exist in the world if you are in an enlightened awareness, since the world and you are one. It's one thing, it's ONENESS! YOU SEE? IT'S SO SIMPLE THAT IT'S ALMOST HARD TO UNDERSTAND! Namaste.
  9. @Unwiring These are only your own projections. You project your own low awareness upon the world! Inner and outer are literary the same. If you have love in your heart and raise you awareness, you will notice the world is literary the same, pure love, peace and understanding. Not a single individual will do any harm to anyone. Everyone live to make others happy, everyone send love indiscriminately to everyone. This is the truth, you just have to find it in yourself first. Every atom and lifeforms are infinite beautiful, and everything is at a perfect order. There are literary no shootings in the world, that's just a thought, a projection that comes from your inner disturbances. World is not physical, it's only a reflection of what's going on in your inner soul. Can you see this? It's so so so simple. Infinite love to your poor soul! Namaste.
  10. @StardewValley I share your opinions, I love animals to such a degree that I was once mad at a friend that chased away a little bird from our table when we was eating at a street restaurant, that little bird was cute and brave I thought. Always when I see clips from slaughterhouses I go mad. I become filled with hate. And of course I don't eat meat myself (other then fishes) Why don't you prove your point with a better video, these sjw's were totally crazy attacking peaceful fishermen. Those activists had no compassion or decent behaviour what so ever, they love confrontations more then they hate animal killers. Even Jesus was a fisherman who loved fishes. Why didn't you pick a slaughterhouse video instead? Are you nuts?
  11. @StardewValley Wut? LOL It's a fucking fish. I understand if that moron confronted workers at a slaughter house giving pigs electric shocks and torture. But a fucking fish???? Hahahahahahaha
  12. I use choking equipment which means that if I pass out it will be the last thing I do.. You have to be cautious and very careful when choke jerking..
  13. Agree! Thank you @Nahm, you always put it in such a simple and obvious way. Can't believe how I and many others always complicate things so much. Life is easy when one let it be that way!
  14. I've noticed that whenever I "let myself go" in regards to my behaviour some people tend to really love me, I guess they love my craziness, my "everything goes" attitude, my warm and spontaneous nature. But that only appeal to some people, others hate me for taking all the 'air', for taking up too much space so to speak and they view me as an disturbing element it feels like. Then I start to guard my behaviour, I go against my natural configuration so to speak and become less spontaneous and happy.The result is that I become 'grey and mediocre', no one hates me anymore, that's good, but no-onereally loves me either. Then I 'let my self go' yet again, and people start to love and hate me again. It becomes a strange loop one could say. Somehow love and hate seem so interrelated, almost as if they are one and the same energy. Almost like some proportional factor between them. If you are loved to a certain amount, then you are hated to that certain amount as well. Is this how it goes? Are there spiritual laws that governs our reality in this way? IS LOVE/HATE SOME KIND OF ZERO SUM GAME?
  15. So sad, this morning I couldn't help but start crying when I heard about how hundreds and hundreds of catholic priest were sexually abusing children !!!!! Religions are not absolutely true, but priests in catholic christianity suppose to have some spiritual intuition, some moral high ground, yet they don't hesitate to do these horrible horrible crimes! Leo once told us that even Buddhist monks commit horrifying crimes against young adepts of buddhism these days, some of those monks even rape children that enter buddhism to gain truth only to meet these terrible crimes against them. How can the spiritual elite of the world do such evil deeds to their fellow human beings? If the spiritual elite can do it, then there is really no hope for humanity. How can you have any hopes for humanity when even those people that suppose to stand on the highest of moral grounds can commit crimes like raping children. If they can do it, then pretty much everyone in every path of life can do it. Guys, what is happening to the world? To say it scares me is an understatement, I feel lite vomiting from all the bad emotions I receive from the world's transforming into decadence!