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  1. Ah, I forgot, Werner Herzog of course! That man is insane. He is at turquoise raised to the power of turquoise. His documentaires blows my mind. Too much truths and insigths almost.
  2. "People look strange when you're a stranger" /The Doors (You like them? You seem to sppreciate good music )
  3. Dick Cavett the former talk show host is/was? either yellow or turquoise. Great depth in his understanding. He saw the surface level as Well as the deeper levels of both life itself and his guests. Same with director Oliver Stone. He see all perspectives and give life to them
  4. @White When Did you First become interested in spiral Dynamics? I know that Leo like Ken Wilber. Do you think what he says about turquoise is accurate? Or is there anyone better to watch at youtube in your opinion?
  5. I'm clueless? ☚ī¸
  6. I think Rupert Spira is turquoise. And JP Spears is in transition to turquoise as I see it. One foot still in yellow though. If dead people count I would say Abraham Lincoln and Churchill were turquoise!
  7. @Joel3102 Is Ayn Rand Orange? I thought she dis better Then that?
  8. You don't know how much your words influence me! I need that last push I guess. Your Journey is so inspiering! We spoked to each other long time ago before you put all This into action. And you had some kind of hesitation around your aura back then! That's completely Gone now! I'm happy for you man, Hope you keep visit This forum every now and then, we need you. Besides! Most important! You build a stucture around your life that give you possibility to grow into turquoise and even higher. You cut ties with that which hold you back. And That's what yellow is all about - system thinking! Most people Maybe have inner potential to reach Those hights, But will fail due to outer structures. Those you should set by wise systemthinking. You are one of few here that acctually have a life imo.
  9. Take your meds before you do accusations like that.
  10. I understand! You inspire me, I'll Maybe do the same, are you still in south America?
  11. True, but it's your country as Well, right? Don't you consider yourself Swedish anymore? 🙂
  12. Sup Ether? Doing ok today?
  13. All This spiral Dynamics talks got me into thinking about how big This actualization thing acctually is. Although I'm orange/green I can imagine how many stages that are above me. And that there are stuff to explore and New heights to develope towards for as long as I live. Some of you are up there at yellow, turquoise or even higher. But question is, can you be too good so speak? Too good to fit in to the system/society that is? After all, Everyone need to support themselves. And how would one of you that is up there with second tier fit in to my workplace for example, where humor, gossiping, ego and understanding are at my level or even below that. You see what I mean? How would you fit in to that? You can't be too good if you want to fit in to the system. If you stand out in any individual kind of way you don't keep system Commodities going? Or am I wrong? Thanks god I'm orange! 😊
  14. Isn't the transition from green to yellow the tougest one to do? Because lets say hypotetically that society has evolved into an organism that suits humans in most optimizated way. Then you Could just keep evolving within green. The push to evolve from Green to Yellow happen to some degree because you identify the flaws of society. It seem so from my perspective(green) The transition from green to yellow will be tough for me. It would probably feel like mind wants to participate and hijack the pure innocent heart into a system thinking agenda.. 🙁
  15. Thank you, great metaphor with cells and organs!