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  1. Some of them have average game with average looks and others have above average game with above average looks. Some of the others have above average looks with barely average game and some of the others had above average game with barely average looks. But as Mr. Locario said in that vid, it doesn’t matter if you are black, brown, white, or of kind of race, you can get any kind of women you want as long as you talk to enough girls out there and don’t come off creepy or weird. If your mouthpiece and kino skills are tight then you will definitely be able get a lot of the kind of women you want regardless of how dark your skin is. Also, none of these had high status. A lot of white girls will find dark skin guys exotic. A lot of other white girls just won’t be into that. That being said, even though a lot of white girls will be interested in sleeping you, some of them will not want to be in a long term relationship with you because of differences in background and culture. Other white girls will want to be in serious relationship with you regardless of differences in background and culture. Mr. Locario’s wife is white and Jewish.
  2. So, these sources are wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZEKbbGa9Bg https://www.theatlantic.com/sexes/archive/2013/06/turns-out-women-have-really-really-strong-sex-drives-can-men-handle-it/276598/ Are you also saying that all of those PUA and dating coaches out there who've been saying that "women want sex just as much as men, if not more" have been overstating the power of the female sex drive? Why Women Are Hornier Than Men (THE SCIENCE REVEALED!) by John Anthony: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_WXDITi1ro
  3. So, it isn't true that women want sex just as much as men if not more?
  4. It's currently in a technical recession. Not an actual all around recession. Here's what some of the top economists in the US and in the whole world have said about the current economic situation in America: Paul Krugman, in one of recent op-eds said "There's a pretty good chance the Bureau of Economic Analysis, which produces the numbers of gross domestic product an other macroeconomic data, will declare on Thursday, preliminarily, that real GDP shrank in the second quarter of 2022. Since it has already announced that real GDP shrank in the first quarter, there will be a lot of breathless commentary to the effect that we're officially in a recession.....But we won't be. That's not how recessions are defined; more important, it's not how they should be defined. It's possible that the people who actually decide whether we're in a recession--more about them in a minute--will eventually declare that a recession began in the United States in the first half of this year, although that's unlikely given other economic data. But they won't base their decision solely on whether we've had two successive quarters of falling real GDP.....Since 1978 the NBER has had a standing group of experts called the Business Cycle Dating Committee, which decides--with a lag--when a recession began and ended based on multiple criteria, including employment, industrial production and so on. And the US government accepts those rulings. So the official definition of a recession is that it is a period that the committee has declared a recession; it's an expert judgment call, not a formula..." https://www.nytimes.com/2022/07/26/opinion/recession-gdp-economy-nber.html Larry Summers, who is usually a harsh critic on economic situations, said that despite US having had two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, he really doesn't think that we are in a recession (at least not yet). He said the "the negative GDP is misleading. People spent a lot of money, so inventories got drawn down. That's a sign of strength. Not a sign of weakness, whatever the GDP numbers show. I do think that over the medium term, the great likelihood is that we will have a recession because when we have an economy as overheated as we have that has been the almost universal historical experience. So, I think that the chance of achieving that soft landing with steady labor market strength, it could happen, but I don't think that it's the best bet, and I think increasingly that's the judgment that is being reflected in markets. But to clear, it's a forward looking judgment and the White House is right in saying that whatever the Thursday GDP number, it doesn't look like we're in a recession right now....It's not the formal definition, it's not what the National Bureau of Economic Research or the economics profession use. Frankly the people who are saying that are politically oriented people who know better. I say that as someone who is no optimist about the US economy. I do think that we will get to recession, but the claim that we're in one if Thursday's number is negative is one that's made by people who are either ignorant of economics or I think more are more frequently looking to make political points." https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2022/07/26/us-recession-economy-gdp-larry-summers-sot-dlt-vpx.cnn Mohamed El-Erian, who is also another harsh critic on the state of the US economy said: "The risk of a recession 'is getting higher and higher,' says veteran economist Mohamed El-Erian. 'My definition of a recession is a holistic definition. It goes well beyond two quarters of negative GDP,' said the chief economic advisor of Allianz and former CEO of PIMCO." "'My definition of a recession is a holistic definition. It goes well beyond two quarters of negative GDP,' said the chief economic advisor of Allianz and former CEO of PIMCO." “'The labor market is too strong. Consumer spending is too strong. Business balance sheets are too strong. We simply are not in a recession. Is the risk of recession high? Yes, it is high and getting higher,'” El-Erian said on Yahoo Finance's "Influencers with Andy Serwer." https://news.yahoo.com/2-reasons-the-risk-of-recession-is-getting-higher-and-higher-mohamed-el-erian-173114992.html
  5. That's sounding like a conspiracy theory. America maybe the most corrupt 1st world country in the world, but it is still not a third or even a second world country that has no real democracy, no real freedom of the press, limited free speech allowed at the most, little to no checks and balances, underdeveloped governments, and primitive leaders. Don't confuse the US with a nation like Iraq, Russia, China, North Korea, Afghanistan, Mexico, or even India or Brazil.
  6. According to todays jobs report for the US economy, last month employers throughout the entire country added 528,000 jobs across nearly all industries. This not only turned out to be more than double what economic forecasters had projected, but it also more than twice the average what the US economy adds each month when the economy is growing or recovery. Plus, it generally gets harder and harder to add more jobs to the economy the lower the unemployment rate gets and the unemployment rate has already been about as low as it can ever get since about the beginning of 2022. Furthermore, the US has now finally restored all nationwide employment to its prepandemic level, despite widespread expectations of a slowdown as the Federal Reserve raises interest rates to fight inflation. Lastly, the US economy in total has now added some tens of thousands of new jobs in addition to having recovered all of 22 million jobs since April 2020 that were lost from the COVID-19 pandemic in Spring 2020. While labor force participation rate is still not quite as high as it should be and overall level of productivity throughout the country is a lot lower than it should be, the employment-to-population ratio is now at a good level again. https://www.nytimes.com/live/2022/08/05/business/jobs-report-july-economy Inflation and gas prices are also coming significantly down: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/08/05/opinion/inflation-declining-gas-prices.html
  7. It's about time he gets his comeuppance. I hope that this also goes to show all of those other schizophrenic conspiracy theorists out there in the US how much of a crime it is to be spreading this kind of toxic information publicly.
  8. Like Magnus, I too would probably opt out of at least one championship after being in countless tournaments and championships. Regardless of how driven and successful you are, it gets very tiresome to constantly compete.
  9. Skin color does not determine your attractiveness to women. I know of many dark skin black guys who have been highly successful with women of all races.
  10. https://www.cnn.com/2022/08/01/politics/ayman-al-zawahiri-death-white-house-joe-biden/index.html
  11. Okay, I see what you're saying, but one night stands, friends with benefits, having sex with a complete stranger you just met only about 15-20 ago, orgies, and other kinds of casual sex are all considered taboo or outside the norm too. Yet, a lot men and women still do it. Why is that?
  12. A couple days ago, Congress finishing passing the CHIPS and Science Act, which will subsidize U.S.-made semiconductor chips and increase US competitiveness with China and Taiwan with regarding to chip-making. Proponents of this bill have said that this is absolutely necessary for the following reasons: - America needs to become much more self-sufficient on the chips instead of relying on Taiwan and China to produce and deliver them to the US, especially given how much the pandemic finally exposed the weaknesses in the global supply chain. - America needs to be able to manufacture enough of their own semiconductor chips as insurance against possible economic problems that could happen if China were to invade Taiwan in the future. - Fund tens of billions of dollars to scientific research, and incentivize innovation and development of other U.S. technologies. - Create a lot more good paying manufacturing jobs throughout the entire country. - Help Cut overall families' costs in the long run. However, Bernie Sanders voted against this bill because he says that it will become just major corporate handout for the five biggest semi-conductor companies including Intel, Texas Instruments, Micron Technology, Global Foundries and Samsung, that already made a combined total of $70 billion in profits last year. He also says that this Act won't ensure that any of these manufacturing companies will do any of the following things: - Agree to issue warrants or equity stakes to the federal government - Commit to not buying back their own stock. - No longer outsource American jobs overseas or repealing existing collective bargaining agreements. - Remain neutral in any union organizing efforts. Yet, Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo met with the caucus virtually Thursday afternoon, and reassured them that the legislation does have those guardrails that Bernie Sanders has been demanding. Also, every other Democrat in the Senate and practically every Democrat in the House, including every progressive voted for the bill. Even AOC stated on her twitter feed that "Our government often gives HUGE incentives to companies - in the case of the COMPETES Act, $52B for semiconductor research & development - with few strings. So, we successfully added an amendment to stop companies from using that $52B on stock buybacks or dividend payouts." https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/07/28/house-vote-semiconductor-chips-bill/ So, will this Chips and Science Act actually be a good thing for the future of entire country or will the government just be wasting an exorbitant amount of taxpayer money on these manufacturing companies?
  13. How does asking what kind of porn she watches or what her favourite sex position is make her automatically think that I am asking her those questions because I just want sex? Besides, tons of girls out have all kinds of casual sex or only want to use guys for just sex and nothing more.
  14. Yeah, I agree with@something_else. Rarely, if ever, have I ever heard of a man say that they have a problem with any woman seeing them as a sex object or being used as a sex object. I actually I used to feel uncomfortable with kinda being seen as a sex object back during my middle school, high school, and college years. Some girls would out of the blue playfully harass me, make sexual jokes with me before I ever got romantic or sexual with them, slap my butt, or during some random point in the conversation right way ask if they wanted to hook up with me or be my girlfriend, in a joking manner. Though looking back, I actually kinda now don't feel embarrassed or upset with any of those moments in my life. In fact, in some ways, I am flattered by what all of those said or did to me during those years. Also, I have had sex on a first date with a few different girls before.