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  1. I see. So they may or not give you another chance after a certain amount of time has passed.
  2. Guys, I’ve still keep getting rejected from time to time. I accept that that will always be a natural part of the game and dating realm. I know some people on here have said that you can always trying again in sometime in the future with that same girl, if u ever come across her again in person like a month or months down the line or what have you. Others on here, have disagreed with that. However, I am still not clear about all of this. I’ve lately been hearing from more dating coaches that it’s never a good idea to approach a girl or ask her out again, EVEN if you already conveyed your interest clearly to her months ago or a year(s) ago because she already made up her mind about you and she’s very unlikely to be convinced otherwise. Also, it may come across as strange and perhaps too needy. However, other dating gurus and some people on here have said the opposite, especially if you have positively changed a lot in your game and personality. Plus, women’s sexual/romantics are more fluid than women’s. I bring this whole thing up again because almost everyday I keep seeing hot but rare women who already turned me down in the past and I live in a small town. Yes, I know I need to move out, but I can’t and I really don’t have the enough time each day to go travel back and forth between my town and a major city just to hunt for beautiful women. Fuck, why can’t dating be much easier than it is?
  3. You may have a point@WildeChilde . Actually, I forgot to talk about on this thread the money and status parts mentioned by the Red Pill troll. The issue of whether or not women are attracted to money, has also been questioned many times incessantly. I know I am not one to totally cast blame on guys like the filmmaker of the RED PILL video because I have asked A LOT of questions that many people on this forum have deemed asinine by a number of people on this forum, including the moderators themselves. Also, I have felt very sexually frustrated for a long time just like those in the Red Pill and MGTOW communities. Yet, when it comes to money, I know that the question as to whether or not women care about a man's money has already been ask by countless guys who are so unnecessarily insecure about that. Yes, you need to come off as someone who makes a decent living and is a hard working responsible man if you want a serious long-term relationship. However, you don't need to be rich or even necessarily make 6 figures to attract hot women. Actually, if a woman goes out with you, sleeps with you, gets into an LTR with you, and even marries you because you're rich then it's probable that the only reason she wanted to be with you is because of that. In that case, you can count on her being a gold digger. Donald Trump married a gold digger and has probably slept with only money grubbing whores. Check this guy's sob story on how he deeply regretted marrying a gold digger who not only married him for his money, but also for a green card: Now when it comes to status, that might be a different story. Women are naturally more attracted to a man's overall status than his wealth or looks. If he is someone who has been known to have garnered a large amount of respect and recognition from others, then she will see him as a high ranking male or perhaps an alpha male within his community. Therefore, she will naturally deem him as a very high quality catch and someone whom she may even be proud to show off to all her friends and family because of who he is. Also, if you have high status as a man, then you will naturally project the aura of a dominant leader around others, which is a highly masculine trait. That in and of itself is very sexy to women, including the hottest babes in the world. As long as you stay confident and maintain your high level of status, then women will automatically become highly attracted to you. Furthermore, when you are very charismatic then your perceived level of status becomes high. This is very crucial when it comes to attracting women, especially during the beginning stages of dating and sex. Lastly, if you're a powerful man then so many of your physical and character flaws can be forgiven. Since the dawn of mankind power has always illustrated the difference between a loser and a winner, a weakling and a strong man, a slow one and a fast one, a person who gives up easily and one who always perseveres no matter what, an ignorant stupid fool and a highly educated and intelligent wise man, etc. Both men and women look down upon those who are the former and honor and respect those who are of the latter.
  4. Wow. And they say that I love to "flog a dead horse" on almost any subject. Anyways, this red pill crap is truly becoming a complete farce. Aurum, Solr, and KVIL are absolutely right. Many legit dating coaches and PUA guys have already mentioned or implied COUNTLESS times that without any game, a man's good looks are meaningless to women. WildeChilde and Lorcan, quite frankly you are both sadly mistaken. The majority of women DO NOT care as much about a man's looks as men do over a woman's looks. Men are biologically much more visual than women are. Leo has even talked about this before a number of times in a few of his videos regarding attraction. I don't really feel comfortable with bragging about my looks, but I've always been considered extremely handsome ever since I was little (practically model material) and I will even argue that I've even become more aesthetically pleasing to both people in general and women as I've gotten increasingly ripped and more muscular over the years (without getting too hulking like a Pro bodybuilding juiced-up freak). Furthermore, while I am only 5'9", because of the particular bone structure I've been born with (long legs, long arms, broad shoulders, and naturally great posture), I've always given off the illusion that I am at least a couple of inches. Even though I've bulked myself up over the last 4 years of serious weight training, having put on about 20-25 lbs. of mostly pure muscle since I started back then committing myself to the whole regimen, I still look like I am about 5'11 to 6'1." I also sure that my overall posture has even further improved from the consistent proper weight training as well as the kind of cardio that I've been doing (including running, and martial arts), and flexibility training, over several years. Yet, I RARELY get any freebies for makeouts, dates, or sex solely because of my looks. If a man is good looking it will only mildly stimulation a lot of women sexually, will make a larger amount and a wider variety of different types of women see you as their physical type TO A DEGREE, give you more of an automatic opener (though not always) for starting convos with any women, and help with your perceived level of social status only a little bit. That's it. Watch this guy's video. This guy really know his stuff in practically every video he has made regarding women, attraction, and how to step up your game. If you haven't already taken a look at this whole thread, including what I stated myself on there, then please do so. Here's the link:
  5. She’s a helicopter mom. She won’t let me go and cold approach because she thinks it’s too creepy and didn’t work for me.
  6. I feel like no one wants to try and fix my social and dating problems hard enough. I still feel powerless. Sometimes, I wish my mother was dead in order to get out of the way of my dating and social life.
  7. What if you feel very horny?
  8. Btw, using music will only help you block out the pain so much. It's mostly up to your willpower, at least according to my experience.
  9. If you have social and cold approach anxiety issues then read the following goodlookingloser articles in order: 1. https://www.goodlookingloser.com/anxiety/program-index/guys-that-should-not-start-approaching-women 2. https://www.goodlookingloser.com/anxiety/program-index/two-main-reasons-the-approach-anxiety-program-works-and-works-forever 3. https://www.goodlookingloser.com/anxiety/program-index/approach-anxiety-program-week-1-1 4. follow the next weeks AA drills until you completed the entire program to the letter. 5. https://www.goodlookingloser.com/how-to-go-out-alone-to-bars-part-1 6. https://www.goodlookingloser.com/entry/how-to-go-out-alone/how-to-go-out-alone-to-bars-part-2 Follow everything in each of those articles to the letter.
  10. It may seem contradictory, but it’s not. Feminism is supposed to be about giving women equal rights for both men and women for jobs, money, and societal status. However, men should still slightly lead women when it comes to sex, dating, romance, family issues, and perhaps during combat or hunting. Otherwise, there should be no more slut shaming or any primitive notions of subduing women or abusing them in any manner. Watch the new Wonder Woman movie. It was one of the best superhero movies I’ve ever seen. Certainly better than the Batman vs. Superman one. Also, although I don’t usually condone old fashion ideas, I actually do agree with the way a lot of men from about the mid 1970s and anytime before where men were more masculine in the way they attracted women. Watch Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind, Richard Burton in many of his movies, Marlin Brando in a Street Car Named Desire or some of his other movies. Watch any of the James Bond movies. Hell, even the latest versions of Bond still show him as an Alpha male. Others include all of the Bourne movies. Watch and identify anime characters that depict hyper masculine men such as in all of the Dragonball series, Naruto, Bleach, Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Cowboy Bebop, Big O, etc. Find the minority of guys in real life who are still very masculine and successful with women, if u can (I am still trying to find guys like that in real life who are available and interested in wanting to be hangout buddies with me).
  11. I hope this doesn't offend anyone on this forum, but here it goes: Try masturbating in front of her and fingering her. I've had sex in my car a few times and almost had two more P in V sex there. Turn the air conditioner on and make sure your car is parked away in a place that makes it hard for people to see you (e.g. at the top of an empty level of a parking lot or during night time out on the street where hardly anyone is around outside). Some girls have said that I was crazy to do this, but I didn't care and in a way it turned me on even more, just like the time I got a good blowjob out on the park in public during the time I lost my V-card. Or like the other time when I got a handjob from another girl in the same park out during another night.
  12. Shroomer, how do you know that you will be able to increase your perceived value tremendously?
  13. Are you saying that I should only go for average or ugly girls?
  14. Damn. I wish I could cum faster. I have delayed ejaculation. How thick are your loads, benny?
  15. but I've watched that countless times. Is there anything else you could possibly give me for advice?