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  1. I did Hapkido for over 13 years and became a 3rd degree black belt for it. I am also a certified Assistant Instructor for the art. When I was a little kid, I did some traditional Karate for a few years on and off until I got into trouble with the school after losing it with another student outside the studio. As a punishment, the instructor punished me by demoting me from blue belt back to white belt and humiliated me by explaining to the whole class why I was I put back to the very beginning of the line with all of the other white belts and lost my blue belt. That’s one of the main reasons why I never wanted to train in traditional karate ever again. Before I started training in Hapkido, I tried intro level Ninjutsu for several months at my college. I wanted to continue that art, but in order for me to continue to level up in that art I would’ve had to go to the instructor’s actual main school which was unfortunately too far away for me. I was never able to find a Ninjutsu school that was within enough of a convenient location for me. I’ve also have a green belt In Taekwondo, and have tried diffferent intro classes for various other styles such as BJJ, Judo, Muay Thai, Boxing, etc.
  2. Republicans may very well be in trouble with upcoming elections because of how much conflict there still is in their party.
  3. Just because I said in my past post a number of times that I have opened conversations with women talking about porn does not mean that I actually did that all of the time. In fact, I only did that a number of times on apps like Wakie and Facebook. However, whenever I've met new women IRL, I've never once opened that way. I also mentioned before in some of my other past posts that I had a girlfriend before who I met through cold approach on the street. We were together for almost 3 years. I've cold and warm approach hundreds of girls throughout my whole life in all kinds of venues and I even hooked up with some girls from online dating who just wanted sex. I've also mentioned before in other post of mine on this forum many of the most legit pickup and dating gurus/coaches out there consistently for years on how to succeed with women. I know I still have a lot more room for growth in many areas of my seduction and social skills, but to say I have zero knowledge about female psychology and how attract women is major overstatement. I know that women get sexually turned on slower than men do and yes a guy need to emotionally stimulate women in order to get her horny and comfortable enough to have sex with you. The three main keys of seduction required for a man to pull a woman into bed with her are Social Frame, Emotional Stimulation, and Sexual Arousal. Social Frame, is about making her feel okay to have sex with you. This is done by coming off as a guy who not only presents a high enough perceived social status and social skills around women and even people in general, but also involves you coming off as a guy who does not judge or slut-shame women. Projecting yourself as a man with reasonable high standards also helps with having good Social Frame. https://www.girlschase.com/content/confused-about-pickup-and-seduction-article-will-change If the guy is able to successfully activate those 3 keys within about 5 min. or more of meeting a chick you approach, then she quickly will sleep with you. It will seem like the guy instantaneously aroused the girl just within the very first minute of meeting her, but what really happened was that the guy had such smooth enough game that he was able to rapidly escalate the vibe enough to the point where she became horny enough from his influence within just a few minutes or so of meeting him. The other possibility could be that she was already horny enough to begin with even before he met her for whatever reason, in which case would mean that the guy pretty much just lucked up on getting sex with her. So yes, a guy has to influence enough of a transition from first meeting her to sex, by socially, emotionally, and sexually inspiring her to want to date you or have sex with you, but you don't need to spend days building rapport and comfort with her on the phone or through texting. Furthermore, like Starstruck said, there are a lot of girls out there, especially these days who can't help, but enjoy sleeping with fuckboys just for a good time. Not all women take sex as seriously as you think.
  4. Building rapport with a girl for several days over the phone before asking her out for a date or a hookup is a major waste of a guy’s time, particularly if his game is not advanced. In fact, the more he texts or says something before the date, the more of a chance he has of saying something that might turn her off too much. Also, let’s not forget how many girls who are attention whores out there who just love to text or talk with a guy over phone without having any interest at all of ever wanting to meetup with him. I’ve made the mistake myself a number of times before where I’ve let girls like that just waste my time for days on the phone with multiple texts or phone calls to them, but meanwhile none of those girls had any real intention of ever meeting up with me. Like Leo said on the forum before, right you get her number, the phone calling and texting should only start out being used to set up a date or hookup.
  5. The big infrastructure package which includes significant tax increases on the rich and corporations and substantial "human infrastructure." In order for this bill to be passed it will require every Democratic senator and almost every Democratic house member in Congress to all agree to vote for it through budget reconciliation. McConnell and every other Republican Congressmen have made it very clear that none of them are going to vote for this bill at all. Now, TYT says that there's only a small chance that it's going to happen, because of the razor-thin majorities Democrats have in both the House and Senate, too many corporate Democrats in both the House and the Senate who have already been lobbied by their corporate donors not to vote for the bill, and there's not enough of a clear strategy on how this is actually going to work.
  6. I am 33 years old and I still haven't found my LP. I've tried looking into many different kinds of careers and life purpose from being a scientist, a doctor, occupational therapist, physical therapist, actor/voice actor, model, teacher, martial arts instructor, fitness instructor, artist, etc. but I never could get anything substantial going with any of those careers. Why is it that there are so many people out there who already found theirs in their late teens or 20s, but then there are so many others like myself who still haven't even as they are getting close to their 40s? How did all of these celebrities out there including all of these famous actors, athletes, musicians, politicians, businesspeople, entrepreneurs doctors, attorneys, etc. who have been practicing their careers for most of their lives were able to figure it out at such a young age? It sadly another reason for someone like to feel envious of the rich and famous. 😔
  7. Well, I’ve talked to a number of experienced successful pickup gurus myself, including Gunwitch himself who not only knew all of the actually had many of his own techniques stolen by all of the RSD guys. Which guys told you that 3% success lay rate is the highest that anyone can get?
  8. Yeah, but one has to be realistic or practical about what is possible to achieve. What if no matter how much you delude yourself into thinking that you’re so great with women, but still are struggling miserably with women because you don’t what you’re doing at all? I know guys out there who think they are God’s gift to every women, but in reality hardly can get anything going even after approaching countless women with extreme confidence.
  9. COVID cases are surging again throughout the entire US! The community transmission level has now risen from moderate back to substantial. Also, the medical experts are considering the possibility of having to delay school reopenings in the Fall. Also, California counties have already reinstated the mask mandate. This is truly disheartening and worrisome.
  10. I've been told that the highest anyone has ever gotten for a success lay rate was consistently with 1 out of every 5 girls he approached, all of which have been same day or same night lays. This has been done by the legendary Gunwitch, Allen Reyes who is truly an elite level PUA or master seducer. A 40-50% success rate would only happen with an elite seducer and even then probably on extremely rare occasions.
  11. So, what was FDR's and LBJ secret to making Congress capitulate?
  12. A high quality is also someone who gives her man the utmost respect. That means that she is mostly cooperative or submissive to her man as if he treats him like a king or a god. No high quality man wants a woman who has a terrible attitude, is too difficult to deal with, too argumentative, not drama-free, and is not supportive enough of his goals or life purpose. However, the man must also play his part by showing her that he can be a strong leader and protective warrior for her, is socially savvy, and has sexual charisma. I know this sounds misogynistic and primitive, but it is a truth and it's for the greater good of a sexual/romantic relationship. Also, women don't just want men who can be gentle and are loyal. They also on a subconscious level are highly turned on by men who are very dominant and charismatic.
  13. I see. Well, then it really begs the question of how FDR or LBJ were able to successfully pressure enough members of Congress to vote for their agendas.
  14. You think that Biden and the Democrats in Congress will be able to effectively raise the taxes on the rich and corporations? Or will the lobbyists be able to persuade them not to raise them?