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  1. True, Leo isn't perfect, just as no one else is. I am not trying to argue with you for the sake it, but I have to say that what Leo and other dating coaches said about being an alpha male has been working for me, when it comes to being a sexually attractive man to women, especially to my girlfriend. Though, I guess it gets different to an extent when you are in a serious relationship. Also, I don't know what deep romance subjects we are supposed to talk about with each other other than asking each other if we want kids, (which we've started talking about), moving into together (which we both agreed that we are not ready for that).
  2. Are you telling me that Leo, who is the creator of this site and the all-around self actualization life coach on all matters of life is either wrong or lying? Are you saying that all dating coaches out there who talk about being an alpha male are wrong too? As for how I feel during those moments: 1. I feel sometimes bored when I walk the dog or sometimes feel anxious to get back home and look on the computer for various info. Sometimes it can be fun to walk the dog when we meet other dogs together. 2. I usually feel so much joy when I am with my girlfriend because of all of the fun we’ve done together including sex, watching tv shows, movies, meals we eat together, desserts and candy we eat together, games, parties we’ve gone to, special hike events, going to family events together, etc. However, about a week and two days ago, she considered breaking up with me because she was not happy about the fact that I didn’t try to meet her more than we did before (which was usually about 1-2 times a week, except during holiday and vacation times where we would see each other more often) and that she’s not getting enough sexual satisfaction from me. She even then said that maybe we could try to just be friends, but she never been friends with her exes ever. I cried in front of when she told me that. She felt bad and after talking through it with her she took back the idea of breaking up because she became very understanding of me. So, fortunately, we resolved it together and I’ve been able to figure out a way to manage enough time to see her about 3-4 times a week every week from now on. Last week, I was with her for a total of 4 nights including Valentine’s Day. I even made sure that we would see each on Valentine’s Day by being the one to orchestrate the whole plan for the day and remembering to get a great present for her. We had a wonderful time on that day. Since then, things have been back to being solid with each other. She even seems to be more affectionate than ever before. when I am not with her I often worry about how she think she of me and her worried over whether I am managing my relationship with her well enough (part of it is because it’s my very first real long-term relationship ever). Overall, it’s been quite an emotional experience I’ve never been through in my life. as for work, I usually feel down about it because I don’t want to have to do it and I get easily distracted by the negative memories and thoughts of my life.
  3. So then tell me this Ajasatya, why do coaches like Leo and other dating coaches say that being very masculine means being very dominant and aggressive, brave, decisive, rational, and strong? Men should also have or embrace their feminine traits too to some extent in order to be a fully authentic man and human being. However, men must ultimately have mostly masculine traits including the kind that I described above and women must usually be about a half a foot behind men. Believe me, I did not originally chose to lead women when I was a young kid; however, as I was forced to grow up more into a man as I got older and learned increasingly more from the right men about manhood, I eventually realized that the universe had actually design men to really be in charge of others especially women and force our will on them. This is the feminist movement made somewhat of a mistake for women. It’s about time that we men put women back in line, but in a more contemporary manner. Ask Leo himself. I am willing to bet that he would say that I am right, especially when it comes to being an alpha male. I’ve already tried questioning everything that I know and it led me to incredible levels of unproductive mental masturbation. People like experts and coaches of dating, fitness, nutrition, mental health therapists I’ve been to, Leo, and many others in real life had already told me to stop thinking and questioning everything so much and start “doing it.” My daily schedule varies, but here’s one kind of usual schedule of my day with estimated ranges of time during the weekdays: 9:00 - 10:00 am I wake up in the morning, wash my face, and eat breakfast. 10:00 - 10:30 am Text my gf a goodmorning message. Either watch something on tv or walk the dog. 11:00 am - 2:00 pm supposed to work on a job or do my schoolwork the whole time, but I take frequent breaks and pretend to be doing my homework or be on the job. 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm Lunch break 2:30 pm - 5:00 pm supposed to work on a job or do my schoolwork the whole time, but I take frequent breaks and pretend to be doing my homework or be on the job. 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm Look up stuff on the computer like on this site. 5:30 pm - 9:00 pm Workout and comeback home from either the gym, Hapkido practice, or running. 9:00 pm - 9:30pm Take off and put away sweaty clothes in laundry room, shower, eat dinner and watch something on either tv or on the computer. Maybe study some more or do some more homework. 9:30pm - 11:30 pm Either watch more videos on the Intenrrt or TV or read up on more articles and forum posts online like here which are related to my personal interests. Help my mom with cleaning up the house. Maybe do some more homework during this range of time. 11:30 pm - 1:30 am Stay up more to either look up more articles and forum posts or vids online that pertain to my interests, hobbies, favorite tv shows, etc. I go get ready for bed and then sleep until the next morning. *On weekdays where I’ve planned to see my gf instead of working out or practicing Hapkido, I would spend the night with her from about 7:15 pm - 10:45 pm (or spend the night over at her place). Also, I’ve tried controlling my thoughts, but I still have so many thoughts and memories in my head that won’t go away and instead bring me down everyday. This pain that I am still feeling is becoming overwhelming. So many people have already shut me out and I don’t feel like I belong in this world anymore. I want to die in peace without being so afraid of death and without having to worry about devastating my family and gf for taking my own life.
  4. I am with you man. I really do believe that we are all victims of this flawed world that we live in. As someone once said "nothing truly goes according plan in this accursed world we live in. The longer you live the more realize that are three things that essentially exist in this reality: pain, suffering, and futility." Though, I do believe that some things actually do go according to plan; however, the majority of the big things in life do not. If there is a "God" then he's either a monster or an absolutely negligent father with no sense of real responsibility or care for us. If so, then I am sure that all he really sees us as is just billions of bacteria or. Otherwise, he could've already died eons ago or there's never been a "God" out there that never existed to being with and it's really the universe's flawed design that causing all of us to suffer in our own ways. I wish I knew of a way to fight against "God" or the universe, but I don't know how at the moment.
  5. What are you talking about? I don't want to control women. It's usually the man's job to initiate and lead most situations that happened between men and women; however, that does not mean that men should control every aspect of women's lives including their emotions, if that makes sense. Men have the expected responsibility of not forcing women to do what they want, but instead to inspire women to cooperate and follow them. Even so, most of the women that a man will comes across throughout his entire life won't be sufficiently submissive and compliant with him because of so many factors that inevitably will cause him and her to simply not be compatible with each other. That's why if a woman is too difficult with you or seems to not want to really cooperate with his program overall then he needs to move on to finding someone else who will be cooperate enough with him. I want to control my own emotions and thoughts somehow. On a daily basis I pretend to work as I watch or listening to various things on my phone or table top computer. I want to take action in tweaking it a little, but I don't know if I have the stamina or willpower to do it. The emotional labour required to be even a satisfactorily productive worker and/or student usually overwhelms me.
  6. Sorry to bump this thread, but I am really feeling so suicidal right now. No therapist or psychiatrist has been able to help me at all with this. Psychedelics are out of the question. Life purpose course is still too expensive for me to buy. My parents won't even let me get a real job. I am feeling incredibly desperate for a solution to deal with my emotions before I truly decide to do something that I will end up regretting.
  7. I need help too! I really wish I had the damn money to buy that life purpose course from Leo because I am at a total loss myself and I am having more suicidal thoughts now.
  8. Hey guys, I've been dealing with some personal demons in my life besides ones involving poor time management, ADD distractions, OCD issues, etc. The demons I am talking about have to do with some things that happened in the past that I am not proud of and have consequently affected how I view myself as a person. I about a couple of years ago I got kicked out of a grad school for a few counts of sexual harassment within the University. I also got kicked out of the La Fitness gyms for a few counts of sexual harassment as well. I also, have been banned from multiple forums, sites, and accounts including Tnation (strength/bodybuilding/fitness site), GLL (dating and player's website), two dating coaches instagram accounts, etc. I've also already been rejected countless times from a multitude of women out there. I also used to be marginalized and sometimes betrayed by other kids throughout my whole childhood and adolescent years, and a little bit in college for being a social misfit. A lot of it was my fault, but a lot of it was also there's. These days as an adult, I rarely ever get a second chance with certain people. Now, I know you guys may say "so, what? Those things don't really matter in the grand schemes. Just move on." However, all of these things together hurt me so much and don't know how much more heartache I can take before I seriously consider ending my life. Please don't tell me to go to a therapist or psychiatrist because I've already done that for most of life and I am still on my meds with of course haven't been enough. I even read many self-help psyche books, but of course they still haven't helped me enough. Many therapists and mental health experts say that "you can't always control outcome of a matter outside of yourself. However you can always change the way you react, feel, and think about certain situations." Yet, I've been trying so hard to let go of the past and change the way I feel and think about all of the negative things that happened in my past. I still, feel like shit.
  9. Well, again, that all sounds good, but what happens when the workload gets too overwhelming for you or you become mentally fatigued to the point of feeling so depressed and irritable that you can't even work properly anymore? This is what happens to me often. I wish I had the stamina of ate least a normal working person. I actually don't even know why all of my dedicated years of training in martial arts, weightlifting, running, and even doing lots of reading on online articles and books never translated to having a strong enough work ethic towards my career and schoolwork. I've even tried meditation and even tried some motivational tactics from motivation gurus like Tony Robbins. Listening to my favorite music helps motivate me a lot, but I can't always do that, especially when I am at school, at home doing homework, or on a job. So, if I have already tried a number of ways to improve my work ethic for work and school, then am I a hopeless case?
  10. I can't just leave my home, man. Where the hell am I supposed to go? I don't even know how I will be able to make enough time to work on getting even a basic job that pays adequately.
  11. This video sounds all good, but I've already tried what he said before and it hasn't been enough. I can't always find something to like about a grind I am in. In fact, when it comes to deadlines and time management, I rarely can ever enjoy the grind I am in.
  12. I am having a hard time still with motivating myself with work harding at my job and being independent. I tried already for a couple of days in a row including getting up by myself early in the morning without my parents waking me up, managing my schedule for the day, starting my schoolwork and job work, and I was able to do pretty all of that by myself. However, it felt very exhausting and overwhelming and made me feel so depressed because I felt like I was a victim of all of the responsibilities I had to take care of all by myself. How can I deal with the painful stresses of doing all of this myself every single day?
  13. Okay, I will admit, that I kinda made a mistake in some of things I said regarding being a man. I actually do agree with everything Leo has said here in terms of being an authentic man. However, I still believe that a major part of being a man is about embracing those traits traditionally viewed as masculine including: strength, bravery, confidence, dominance, aggression, rationality/logical, decisive, etc. As a guy, learning to develop both those qualities as well as your own unique positive traits inside you that no one else will ever have, like what Leo was talking about in the above video, are what will truly make you into a true man.
  14. I remember that guy. I am actually surprised that he deleted his channel. He seemed like he knew what he was talking about. At least he's still on other vids on other channels on Youtube.
  15. I see that more of you guys here have brought up even more valid reasons as to why we sometimes do owe someone something. So would you guys say that the old axioms "the world doesn't owe you anything" or "you never deserve anything" or "you are never guaranteed or entitled to anything in this world" or "there are no guarantees in life" are not always true?