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  1. Okay, this is a common misconception. Muscle soreness has nothing to do with lactic acid build up. It is an inflammatory response to the microscopic damage done to the muscles and connective tissue. Sometimes if you're muscles and connective tissue including ligaments, tendons, fascia, cartilage feel sore for more than 3 days then that means you did either too much total volume (too many sets and/or reps for the exercise, though sometimes it could mean too much weight) or did too many exercises that primarily targeted a specific muscle during a workout session. When a certain muscle group or groups of muscles get sore for more than 3 days then that means that those muscles and connective tissue associated with them got too damaged and will not be able to recover efficiently and effectively from them. Regarding lactic acid, lactic acid always clears from the muscles completely about a half hour to an hour after the workout session. Hell, most of the lactic from that worked muscle or muscles (depending upon which specific exercise(s) you did) already gets recycled to the liver and then back to the muscles turning it back to glycogen (the stored form of glucose). Also, lactic acid build up and muscle soreness have different physical sensations. Lactic acid build up is the burning feeling you get during and several seconds after doing a certain anaerobic endurance activity for a set period of time or doing a specific muscle building exercise for moderate to high level of reps. Essentially, the feeling of lactic acid build up is that sensation that gym bros or coaches typically are saying when they say "feel the burn!" Now, Muscle soreness is when the muscle feels more like an aching tightness especially when you try to either contract it or stretch it. Also, when the muscle and its respective tendon(s) and ligament(s) are sore, they feel more tender when you touch them. When a muscle has lactic acid built up in there, it doesn't feel more tender when you touch it. Btw, going to failure on every set is another common mistake. I used to do that all the time because my ego compelled me to do so (especially when I want to really grind hard on the last rep on the squat, deadlift, bench, and OH press). However, I've backed off from doing that on most of my exercise and my joints feel better and I have been able to recover better. U usually want to go 1-2 reps short of failure for each set. For accessory movements it's okay to go to failure on the last set. Also, by failure I mean missing a rep. It's okay if on your last set for each exercise (even the main lifts) you break your form a little bit as long as you feel for sure that you can complete that last rep or finish executing one more rep. This will take some experience to know when to stop short of failure. In case you're wondering who the hell I am, I am a highly knowledgable trainee in weightlifting, cardio/conditioning, fitness, flexibility training, nutrition, anatomy, and physiology. I've been studying all of this stuff down to a very scientific level for well over 14 years and have devoted over 4 years to heavy lifting and bodybuilding. I am also a highly experienced martial artist and half been training for a half-marathon for almost 6 months.
  2. Thanks for the response everyone.
  3. The more important question is does she have a sexy bubblebutt?
  4. Self-inquiry can lead to self-criticism, obsession, and self-hatred.
  5. I've been trying to self-actualize for a long-time and I have been hitting a plateau in my meditation and frustration tolerance.
  6. Today was another day of feeling so down and frustrated. No one at my gym have offered to hangout with me. No matter where I go, I can never find new people to meet up with on a regular basis. Society is really fucked up. I am starting to hate alpha males. I am so incredibly jealous of them. It seems that no matter what I do or how hard I try I may never be able to solve this area of my life. Yes I know that when it comes to dating, sex, romance, and friendships there are no guarantees that I will ever get good with women or with people in general; however, alpha males are able to guaranteed themselves that they can get any kind of girl they want and as many cool friends as they want. It's fucked up, especially considering the fact that I've worked so god damn hard on this and the most popular guys out there have always had it easy!!! Not to mention that I was promised by my psychologists, social workers, and a number of coaches that I will get good at all of this. What a load of fucking horse shit this world has turned out to be! "You're doing great, Ross. You're getting better at this. You'll find someone. All you need one is one...blah blah blah blah blah blah." I've worked obsessively for countless trying to figure out what I need to change and I still CANNOT figure it out! Everything anyone here can suggest I've tried. You name it. This method, that method, taking a break from all of this for several months to a year, etc. etc. I am getting so tired of all of this! THIS ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Optimists such as Tony Robbins have mentioned that it's better to be an optimist even though pessimists are about 10 times more accurate than optimists. Even people like Leo have mentioned that you always got to visualize success in order to succeed at anything. However, Overconfident or cocky people are criticized for overestimating their abilities, making an ass out of themselves, and even possibly jeopardizing their own lives. Of course it's ideal to have a healthy balance of confidence and solid self-esteem along with humility. Though, I wonder now if it is actually better to be overconfident or cocky then it is to lack confidence because you don't believe that you can succeed at something?
  8. There has to be a full proof method to making new friends. Someone is not doing a job at teaching us how. Yet, people like us wouldn’t have to keep comIng back to forums like this one or keep going to stupid social workers and shrinks and suffer through torturous self-criticism which of course diminishes our social confidence. I mean I wouldn’t mind analyzing myself if it lead to me figuring out exactly what I am doing wrong for certainty and lead to noticeable progress (unless I was close to our genetic potential, thereby having almost reached my limit of improvement). However, what’s the point of self analyzing so much on what you’re doing wrong if you can never figure out what the solution is and can never find a really good social coach (which seems extremely difficult to find and afford)? For several years of my life I’ve constantly tried to figure how the fuck to improve my ability to make new friends to hang out with and once in a blue moon have I ever been to find one that I think is really cool. Dating coaches say gay it’s a great idea to make friends with attractive girls to increase your social circle and have them hook you up with attractive single women hey are friends with. However, I’ve tried that many times and it never worked. I mean WTF?! I feel like guys like me have been lied to about having a hopeful social future.
  9. Everyday, I keep having the thoughts and feelings in my head over and over again that I will never become successful or achieve my dreams. I know that there are no guarantees in life, as much as it is a cliche. However, these nagging thoughts keep telling me that I may never get no matter how much work I put into it. Leo was indeed right when he told me that I have a victim mindset. I remember watching very thoroughly his Youtube vid where he talks about the stages including :being a victim, then becoming a fighter, then creator, and finally being peace. I am obviously still on the victim stage and here’s the crazy part about all of this. I am second degree black belt in a martial art and have been training in the art for almost 11 years. Plus I devoted over 4 years of my life to heavy weightlifting and bodybuilding. Also, I’ve been training for a half marathon for over 5 months now. I’ve been through so much training (not as much as a Marine soldier of course). Yet, I still feel and think like a victim. I am having trouble generalizing my developed willpower from all of the physical activity I’ve done over the past several years into all of my other areas of my life.
  10. I thought that was primarily a dating book. I don’t think that there are any books out there that can help me.
  11. I believe I've taken massive action in trying to make new hangout friends, from multiple meet ups, and from my hobbies: martial arts, weight training, and running. Though they all failed for me. Either I must be a big-time social loser or I am missing something that is so obvious. I take an online course for my new Master's program so I can't meet new people in a class. I've been to social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists countless times and I still couldn't get the advice I needed to help to me solve. I've read how to Win Friends and Influence People and the info. from that turned out to be mostly useless for me. It's not just making friends for the sake of improving my social and fun life, I will never make it far in the real world if I can't get effective social skills under my belt. Is there no helping me in this? Am I suppose to just be a victim to this fate of being a social loser forever?
  12. I've tried multiple meetups and hobbies, and I only found one good friend to hangout with and that was only a few years ago. I haven't been able to find even a cute I am attracted to who would go out with me for more than a second date. I want a short-term relationship, but I don't know where to go. Should I cold approach random people to get good with people socially too? Please help me too.
  13. Yeah it must be really nice for those people who had it easy with making friends ever since their high school years.
  14. I too have been struggling to make new friends to hangout with. Hobbies haven't really been working out for me for meeting new hangout buddies. I wonder if guys like me and @NicAndStuff should do something like MASS cold approach random people to get good at making real friends.
  15. Thank you all very much for responses. I thought they were all definitely good, especially yours Aurum. Yours was excellent. I think this really help me out a lot.