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  1. SCOTUS has been slowly eating away at our country's democracy. The conservatives on the court are slowly becoming oligarchs.
  2. I know, but it's dismaying how foolish these voters in Michigan might end up being. This is sadly another reason for all of us to lose more sleep over what might have by the end of this year. Damn it!
  3. https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2024-election/biden-win-michigan-democratic-primary-election-rcna139691 Let me know what you all think after listening to Michael Moore's serious take on this.
  4. Oh yeah, he says that social democracy is dead and that we have been living in some kind of techno-fuedalism. I agree with him that social and political interventions are keys to improving economies around the world, but so is technology to some extent. The thing is though is that Yanis is a libertarian marxist and from what I understand about that is that kind of ideology is a form of anarchism or collectivism akin to socialism. I don't see how that kind of economic philosophy will ever realistically work for the foreseeable future.
  5. This video talks about how policies such as the IRA, which was passed by Biden and the Democrats in Congress, have caused the global economy to transition from neoliberal globalization to a new economic world order involving a lot more industrial policy in America and will eventually force Europe and many other countries to enact industrial policies of their own going forward. Some have said that this will cause some kind of economic arms race between the US and every other major economy in the world that may have some kind of positive or negative unintended consequences for the world. I believe that this will be great for America and for the rest of the world in the long-run.
  6. Fortunately, the cynicism of Trump and the MAGA Republicans has already started to hurt them politically:
  7. I am skeptical about that. I'd like think that my looks would amplify my game by that much and I used to think that tons of women would come onto me aggressively by the time was about 18 years old, but that clearly did not happen to me. Even after gaining a lot more muscle, getting a lot more fit, and becoming more athletic in my 20s, my results with women didn't really change much. I would only get some more women, especially those whom I dated, complimenting my looks. I mean I think my looks have made me feel very confident about my sex appeal and there were some girls during my high school and college years that were into me even when I didn't try to get at them. but I still suck at game. However, after learning A LOT about game, it eventually became clear to me by my late 20's to early 20s that women generally are sexually turned on a lot less by looks than men are. From what I understand now, the style of the clothes and shoes that he wears, the style of his haircut and facial hair, and what accessories (rings, earrings, tattoos, chains, necklaces, etc.) he wears or doesn't wear seem to matter a lot more to women.
  8. Trump is seriously threatening to rip apart the entire US constitution and be a Dictator starting from Day 1.