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  1. Because they don't lie as much as Republicans and conservative Democratic politicians do. They also are for liberal or progressive legislation unlike the Republicans and conservative Democrats who are either very much for the status quo, or worse, such as repealing good laws. Furthermore, they don't seem to take in as much money from corporate donors or dark money as Republican and conservative Democratic politicians do. They also don't do what corporations donors want them to do as much as the Republicans and conservative Democratic politicians do. Biden in fact is turning out to be much less of a corporate shill then most people thought he would be.
  2. I thought that putting hot women on pedestal or treating them as "special" is not a good mindset for guys to have when trying to get them. They may look like goddesses, but they really aren't. Furthermore, attractive looking girls don't actually get approached nearly as much as average girls do because most guys get too intimidated to approach hot girls, but aren't intimidated by average girls. Besides looks to an extent are subjective. What's hot to you may be more average to me and vice versa. So, then how could there objectively be any more competition for "hot" girls than there would be for "average" girls?
  3. Yeah, I agree with what you all are saying, but then why hasn't California, which has had veto-proof supermajorities in both chambers of the California State Legislature and centre-left Democratic governor for years now, hasn't passed it's own statewide version of Medicare for All? In fact, when Newsom campaigned for governor he vowed to both enact a single-payer health care in California and target rising prescription drug costs in California. So then, why 3 years later has he still not gotten either of those things done? Also, why don't center-left Democrats like Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer don't support much needed progressive legislation such as Medicare for All or the Green New Deal, even though all of those Democratic leaders are actually some of the least corrupt politicians we have Washington compared to conservative Democrats and Republicans in Congress?
  4. No doubt does America's health care and child care systems need to be tremendously improved. I am for progressive ideas such as Medicare for All and major expansions in child tax credit to the levels that Scandanavian countries provide. However, moderate and conservative Democrats as well as Republicans say that our country cannot afford to pay for those kind of radical left bills. Yet, progressives such as Ana Kasparian have mentioned that we absolutely can afford to pay for all of these things because the US is still the richest country in the world and all we have to do is just raise taxes on both the rich and corporations. Are the moderate and conservative Democrats and Republicans the ones lying or are progressives actually being too idealistic?
  5. So, then do slutty girls only makeup 5% of all of adolescent and adult females throughout the entire world? Have shows like Sex and the City been exaggerating many women's desire to have casual sex? Also, what about the millions of girls out there in the world who are on apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Pure, fwbdr, etc. to find a guy to hookup with for fun? Furthermore, why does this female dating coach say in this vid that there are plenty of women out there who are not looking for a serious relationships or to get married ASAP or have babies and instead want to have non-committal sexual relationships? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9tBNhXQ8Sc Why have male dating coaches like Locario said that fuckbuddies are important for guys to have before you start considering getting into a serious relationship with a girl? Even his girl in that vid straight up talked about how great it was when she had a fuckbuddy and agrees that it's a really good idea.
  6. I though that if you just want to hook up with a girl then you don't need to build much emotional connection with her, and instead focus on three things: 1. presenting yourself to her a high social status guy who is non-judgmental about sex. 2. emotional stimulation 3. sexual stimulation
  7. And how do you know that Devils like Trump, Fox, or these extreme right wingers conspiracy theorists haven't been lying to you?
  8. But unlike guys, girls' emotions change like the wind when it comes to dating, sex, and romance. So, isn't possible that that same girl who was not into you changes her mind and decides to give you a chance?
  9. Nancy Pelosi committed several times before that the smaller bipartisan infrastructure bill would not be passed until it gets passed at the same time as the $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation. The bipartisanship one, is the corporate handout one, which the conservative Dems in both chambers of Congress have been pressuring Democratic leadership to pass first. The reconciliation bill is the one has entails Biden's true legislative agenda and is also overwhelmingly popular amongst the vast majority of the electorate throughout the entire country according to numerous legit polls out there. Yet, several progressives in the US House have lately been trying pressure Democratic leadership to pass the reconciliation bill first pass because they don't trust the corporate Dems (especially the most conservative Democratic ones) who say that "they promise" they will work with Biden and the progressives in Congress to pass the reconciliation bill after the Bipartisan infrastructure bill gets passed. The progressive in Congress already known very well the kind of political games or trickery the moderate and conservative Dems always play with them by pretending that they give what the progressives want after they get what they want for their own moderate and conservative constituents, and for their corporate donors. Yet, the reality is that the corporate Dems never hold up their end of the deal and instead always saying kind of bullshit excuse as to why they couldn't vote for more liberal legislation. As Cenk Uygur has said before, the corporate dems will just end up telling their progressive colleagues "Golly Gee! Sorry! There was nothing that we could do! Oh well!" However, last night Nancy Pelosi apparently decided to call of that two track strategy by saying "we had to accommodate changes that were being necessitated. And we cannot be ready to say until the Senate passed the bill we can't do [bipartisan infrastructure]." So, now she seems to be aiming to get the bipartisan bill at least first this coming Thursday instead of committing to waiting for both bills to be ready to pass as she promised.
  10. According to news sources such as Reuters "Senate Republicans again block U.S. debt limit hike, shutdown looms." CEO of JPMorgan Chase, Jamie Dimon, says that this is potentially catastrophic. The article also mentions that "coming ahead of next year's congressional elections, a government shutdown or default would be a blow for Democrats, who have portrayed themselves as the party of responsible government after Trump's chaotic presidency." https://www.reuters.com/world/us/bidens-democrats-congress-race-head-off-shutdown-default-2021-09-28/ According to a Washington Post article pertaining to this matter, Fauci said that a government shutdown would have a profoundly negative effect on whole country's ability to control the spread of COVID. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2021/09/23/fauci-says-this-is-worst-time-world-government-shutdown/ Will another government shutdown happen and is it probable that the US will be in great jeopardy again because this the GOP Senators will not be willing to vote along with Democrats to raise the debt ceiling?
  11. So, then why in 2000, did she greatly supported Ralph Nader's presidential campaign and why was she a member of the Green Party?
  12. Judging others is inevitable. It's a question of who or what needs to be judged. Even Leo constantly judges others such as fascists, libertarians, dogmatic religious fanatics, staunch conservatives, egotists, etc., etc., etc.
  13. So, she's a pathological liar, huh? Btw, I accidentally duplicated this thread because I think that the web browser I was using, Safari, when I made this thread, had trouble processing my creation of this thread. I thought that this thread didn't actually get registered in this forum. So, I tried again to create about a half ago with the web browser Google Chrome and I saw that that thread went through. It wasn't until afterward that I realized that this thread here actually went through on this forum as well. Sorry. I'd like to have this thread locked and then continue the discussion on the duplicate thread there because that one actually has some edits I made on my on original post on there that I felt were necessary.
  14. Kyrsten Sinema was originally a progressive Democrat, who espoused liberal or progressive values such having a federal including $15 minimum wage, pro-LBGTQ+ rights (she's bisexual), pro-abortion rights, making health care more affordable, lowering prescription drug prices, antiwar, pro-conservation of environment, anti-capitalist. Yet, overtime she eventually became one of the most Conservative members of Congress (almost as conservative as Manchin). She never even gave the American people enough of a transparent explanation as to why she shift so far to the right. According to wikipedia, "In 2017, she voted in line with President Donald Trump's position approximately half the time." "On March 5, 2021, Sinema voted against an increase of the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour, proposed by Senator Bernie Sanders as part of the COVID-19 American Rescue Plan Act of 2021.[147][148] She did so by flashing a thumbs-down as she carried a Lululemon bag containing a cake for Senate staffers. Some commentators compared her demeanor to that of former Arizona senator John McCain, who had voted with a dramatic thumbs-down gesture in 2017; others compared her to former French monarch Marie Antoinette, to whom the phrase "let them eat cake" is attributed." Yet, her fellow junior Democratic US senator, from the very same state, vote FOR the $15 minimum wage! he's also, made it very clear that she absolutely NOT vote to eliminate the filibuster UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Because she cares so much more about working across the aisle with all of the Republican bastards in Congress than passing seriously needed Democratic legislation for the country, that's why the For the People Act failed to pass the US Senate, even though a simple of Senators voted for it including all 50 of the Democrats together. That Act would've eliminated widespread partisan gerrymandering, expand voting rights, change campaign finance laws to reduce the influence of money in politics, and create new ethics rules for federal officeholders throughout the entire country! However, like Manchin, Sinema believes that we have more lose than gain by ending the filibuster, even if the Democrats passed the For the People Act. Because jerks like her, want to keep the "precious filibuster" intact, that's why the bill for creating an Independent Senate Commission for the purpose of having an in-depth investigation on the January 6th Capitol Riot wasn't passed either. Lately, according to an article from Intelligencer, "Sen. KYRSTEN SINEMA (D-Ariz.) delivered a tough message to President JOE BIDEN at a private meeting Wednesday, we’re told: If the House delays its scheduled Sept. 27 vote on the bipartisan infrastructure plan — or if the vote fails — she won’t be backing a reconciliation bill." https://nymag.com/intelligencer/2021/09/kyrsten-sinema-threatens-infrastructure-bill-biden-build-back-better.html WTF! How dare she?! Why is she doing this?! One last thing I want to mention about her that really really frustrates me so much is her lack of transparency with media and therefore with public. She hardly ever talks much about why she pulls these kinds of asinine shenanigans. At least Manchin is much more upfront with the media and the public about why he does what he does.
  15. Yeah, I think I see your point as well as his. Actually, I just rewatched his whole video on "Why Libertarianism Is Nonsense - Deconstructing Freedom" on his Youtube channel. He said that even Communistic countries such as China and Russia, which have replaced their own communist economic systems with much more free-market types of economic systems, still have a lot more corruption than any first world country does. Leo said that it's because 2nd world countries such as China or Russia still don't have as much sophisticated regulation within their governments as do developed countries such as Canada, UK, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Scandanavian countries, or even the US. So, from what I now understand, apparently 1st world countries, including America, do have bigger governments than do Communistic countries do because those less developed countries don't have enough complex infrastructure within their own governments to greatly reduce the amount of corruption and inequality they have.