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  1. I've got about half of my lays from Tinder. I believe I also got most of my dates from Tinder, Bumble, and the like. You gotta play the numbers game like crazy, even much more so than in IRL. Being naturally good looking certainly helps a bit more with apps and online dating than in IRL. Being about 5'9" or taller also helps get results with datings apps and online dating. However getting your body in as best of shape as possible, getting a cool haircut style (or having a badass bald look like Vin Diesel), and having a well groomed sexy facial hair style that's work well for you (or having a clean shaven face), dressing as cool as possible in the kind style of that's most authentic to you matters, possibly wearing some stylish accessories (ring(s) for men on your fingers, earrings, chains, hats, glasses) that you like and are congruent to you, all together matter A LOT MORE than having the face of a male model or a male movie star or how tall or how short you are. Lastly, the quality of your photos matter much more than you realize. This means that most of your photos must be taken by a pro photographer and you should really try to pose in a way that best conveys the cool and positive side of yourself in an authentic manner. Your pics need to look like they are coming from a cover or page of a magazine. Also, take pics of yourself in fun environments that you enjoy being. If you enjoy doing some kind of hobby or doing any kind of physical activity such as a sport, workout routine, hiking, climbing mountains, camping, hunting, fishing, skydiving, or what have you then show a good pic or two of any of that. If you like to go to parties, clubs, or bars, then take cool and fun pics of you having a really great time partying with friends (of course don't take pics of you drunk). You really don't need to take pics of yourself being in a fancy sports car, living in a mansion, or showing off how rich you are like Andrew Tate does. Otherwise, you'll just come off as a schmuck or a real tryhard or a sugar daddy. The idea of all of this is that you convey what yours passions, that you got cool and fun things going on in your life. Also, have one regular selfie that you can just take a picture of on your smartphone, just to show that you in all of your professional quality pics are really you.
  2. If the human will become extinct then I guess we should at least go out with a bang.
  3. Then, are all bootcamps not really worth trying out?
  4. You might say that now, but how will you truly react when the moment actually happens?
  5. Night game is definitely useful, but this shows how Tate is the real creep.
  6. I am with Kyle on how all of these politicians, economists, world leaders, and executives and what have you at the Davos meeting are all corrupt establishment ghouls. But people like Kyle are taking it too far. Many of these people at the Davos meeting have been necessary evils for the world because they are much more skilled and savvy than the average person out there in the world who doesn't know how to run an essential corporation or manage an economy or how to effectively negotiate and coordinate with foreign nations like China or India or Brazil on issues relating to the global economy and international trade. Also, people at the world economic forum have lately been taking climate change seriously.
  7. Day game is definitely strange considering the fact that most people don't do it, especially in these modern times. It also can come off as being really try hard and weird if you are seen doing mass approaches. It's also one of the most challenging forms of game. However, to say that Day Game or even Night Game is "for children" is ridiculous. Ironically, I am sure that he has actually done a lot of cold approaching during the day time and night time to find and recruit many vulnerable young girls for sex work. Locario and Miles gave a great analysis on the things Tate has been right on and many of the things that he has been wrong on. It's like the more you dig deep into who Tate is the more you realize how everything he has said and does is really just a facade.
  8. OP, have you actually watched them have sex? If yes and they seem okay with that then may be ask if they want to watch porn with you one night. If no, then ask and keep asking them to watch until they get creeped out to the point of wanting to leave.
  9. The news have just mentioned that "Putin’s nuclear threats move Doomsday Clock closest ever to Armageddon, atomic scientists say" https://www.cnbc.com/2023/01/24/putins-nuclear-threats-move-doomsday-clock-closest-ever-to-armageddon-atomic-scientists-say.html Should we panic?
  10. Oh.... I didn't know about that. That's very sad. Now, I really feel bad for him. I know how it feels to be cancelled. I've had that happen to me several times. It really is very painful, makes you feel very isolated from the rest of world, can make you feel very depressed, and can cause your self-esteem to drop considerably. But many successful life and dating coaches, successful entrepreneurs, and successful businesspeople have talked about how going through all kinds of ups and downs in your journey to achieving your goals, dreams, and true success in area of you life builds your gumption, ability to handle failures and to get back up every time you're knocked down no matter what happens to you, your ability to not giving a f*ck no matter what any haters and naysayers say about you, etc. Many successful entrepreneurs and businesspeople have said that even if they lost their business or all of their money or became completely homeless, they still would be able to easily regain everything they lost plus more within a relatively short amount of time. So, what about all of that? Or is there actually a limit to how much any human being can deal with suffering and pain, regardless of who they are?