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  1. There is no way for me to write extensive reports on each of the hundreds of approaches that I made. I am telling you I am doing my best. I have help many others in the past. You don't know my personal life.
  2. Okay. Here is a lay report of mine, from a couple of years ago, telling how I lost my V-card: http://www.pick-up-artist-forum.com/lay-reports/long-last-did-vt193152.html I had a small text conversation with her a few days after we fucked. Sadly however, she suddenly and randomly ghosted me and so I never heard or saw her ever again. A lot of times I feel like I lost my V-card and got a few lays from a few other girls through sheer luck.
  3. Yeah Ajasatya, I agree with see_on_see. Like Leo said, you can't just meditate away your need for sex, unless you are middle or older and have had a lot of experience with sex beforehand. I am still young and have had very little experience with sex (despite having had a fair amount of makeout sessions with various girls).
  4. Damn. How the hell did you survive through such pain and misery? My habits except for procrastination and time management are in check. Inner and outer weaknesses, social, seduction, and romance skills are still a great mystery to me.
  5. So I should work on both my inner and outer weaknesses at about the same time?
  6. As the title says, I’ve lost all hope in my sex, social, and romance life. I’ve getting help in this, but nothing has helped me. Therapists have failed. Meditation and enlightenment and finding my life purpose take way too long. What’s a quick and easy way to get rid of this heartache. If I didn’t have a family I would seriously consider suicide as a viable option. I really mean it.
  7. That all sounds good, but I tried that with my martial arts for over 10 years, weightlifting for over 4 years, running for several months, yoga classes, karaoke (I happen to be a decent singer), sculpture/ceramics, etc.
  8. I am sorry, but I don't get it. I don't understand how to find such traits in a girl and then compare them to mine. Also, I really want a girl who is hot. They matter to me a lot. I am sorry.
  9. Yeah, but girls usually find and keep the right awesome person for the faster than most guys who even get the chance to even get a 2nd date or more with an amazing girl for them. Women don’t nearly as much competition as men do. Hot women especially have virtually no competition for the right guy. Ive tried taking a break for months to work on my self esteem and it didn’t help me feel much better. Also, I am getting tired of people saying that “girls can sense whether a guy is desperate or not.” We are all needy to a degree. The idea of neediness being a turn off doesn’t negatively effect your chances with someone as much as most people think. I mean would you tell a person starving for food to stop being so desperate for food? No, of course not. Also, if women’s intuition is so great that they can easily detect how needy a guy is, then why can’t they easily sense whether the guy is evil or highly manipulative?
  10. Well, I’ve try meeting girls through building rapport many times, and each time it failed. No matter what I do, no matter what I try will always be one or more steps behind most people. I feel like a freak. Yet, I don’t deserve this. I can’t believe u have never found someone for a serious relationship ever at your age. You must have secluded yourself from the rest of the world or something.
  11. You don’t know for sure if you’ll ever improve. Believe me, I’ve tried practically everything there is. I am practically at the end of the line with getting any help with women. I just don’t see how or why I should feel very optimistic about my future dating, sex, romance life. I feel like I am just going through the motions and deceiving myself that it will happen. Even when I feel pumped and full of confidence I still get ultimately rejected by the ones I want. It’s impossible for me to figure out where I am going wrong. There are virtually an infinite amount of variables to factor into play. Why should I have faith in myself?
  12. Believe it or not, I would still care because I am very insecure. I am afraid that I will never get good with women no matter what I do because I’ve failed countless times with them. I fear that I be single or have to settle with someone mediocre for the rest of my life.
  13. Guys, I can't help, but feel like girls or women have always had dating much easier than guys do. They don't have to do nearly as many approaches to find a guy, let alone find and keep the kind of guy they want. They also can get laid anytime they want. Yes they can get pregnant, but guys also have to be worried about that too due to the child support laws, regardless of whether or not he is in a relationship with her to any degree. Furthermore, they generally have a higher social IQ than men do so they can learn much quicker than guys can regarding dating and relationships. Don't even get me started with hot girls because they know that they have to put in very little to no work in getting the best guys they want. Even the hottest girls, who are too intimidating to be approached by the vast majority of guys, can get easily connected to the highest status and/or coolest guys. Being good looking as a guy doesn't do much for your odds at being successful with dating, sex, and romance, even if you are extraordinarily handsome and well-built (like myself, not to brag) because the vast majority of women aren't nearly as visual as men are. If a guy wants to score the best quality and hottest women then he either has to be very lucky or naturally gifted at it or a well-known hero or work very hard at improving his social/seduction skills tremendously. Men with asperger's syndrome and/or major anxiety issues especially have to work incredibly hard to the bone and go through an incomprehensible amount of torture and suffering to improve his perceived status and/or his charisma to the point of transforming into a whole other person whose level of social skills are the complete opposite of what they were when he was an aspie (assuming that's even possible for such a social loser to achieve). Also, women don't get rejected nearly as much as men do. So, what do you ladies and gents say about all of this?
  14. This has been very interesting indeed. So, who has been judging you and have there been any social or familial consequences with you? I too am afraid of getting diseases and getting a girl pregnant. That was one of the reasons why I didn't lose my virginity until I was 27 and 3/4 years old and finally felt desperate for sex and love. I still am afraid of getting STDs, but my fear of them has been reduced greatly ever since I've madeout with over 20-30 girls and have gotten laid with 3 girls and almost got PIV laid with two other girls (I fondled and fingered a lot with those girls). Regarding pregnancy issues, guys these days have a lot to worry about with getting a girl pregnant because of the current laws regarding chid support. If a guy impregantes a girl or woman, then he has to pay her child support for the child. She could abort the baby, but if I am not mistaken, most women don't choose abortion. Casual sex is fun, but at the same it can depress me when the girl ditches me after a one-night stand or after a couple of dates. Interesting, I lost my virginity from a one-night stand with a girl who had a boyfriend and the first thing she did after making out and rubbing my cock in my pants was blow me and deep throat me in public. Then we went to my car and fucked in there.
  15. So, if there are only 2% of the guys out there in the world that would have even the slightest hint of interest in, then how does someone like you keep faith in the idea that you will find that amazing one for you? Also, are you sure that the reason for not having casual sex is not because you're afraid of being judged as a slut?