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  • Here’s an updated version of the list that @AleksM very graciously created a year ago :D  
  • I’ve added all the new videos and [x]’s for new summaries.  I’ve also added the page number from this thread that the summary can be found on. 
  • There's an Actualized.org Textbook that was assembled by @Cepzeu and others.  You can download it at Actualized.org Textbook.  Thread summaries and book summaries are often different, so you may want to check out both.
    • Summaries that are in the Textbook will say: (book pg.XX)
    • The page numbers refer to version 2 of the Textbook.  Enjoy!!

Here is a list of all the youtube videos:

         [x] - summary is done

         [] - summary is not done or missing

          The first 200 videos have transcripts in the video section of actualized.org, but we still miss almost all of the summaries from the first 200 videos.

          If you want to contribute to this thread, select one of the videos that still need a summary and post it here.


1. [] How to Invest In Yourself

2. [] Why Life Coaching Works

3. [] Be Different to Be Successful

4. [] Get Coached

5. [] Inner Game of Career Development

6. [] The Most Interesting Problem in Philosophy and Science

7. [] How I Lost 65 Pounds in 5 Months

8. [x] Understanding Resistance (pg 8)

9. [x] Mastery (book pg 140)

10.[] Work Less to Accomplish More

11.[] What's the Worst That Can Happen?

12.[] What a Roman Emperor Can Teach You About Happiness

13.[] The Number One Reason Why You're Not Succeeding

14.[] The Problem of Self-Control

15.[] The Art of Solving Problems Permanently

16.[] How You Must Think About Failure

17.[] Life Purpose - Critical Points For Finding Your Life Purpose

18.[] As Good As Your Life Will Ever Get

19.[] How to Delegate to Your Subconscious Mind

20.[] Garbage In, Garbage Out - Watch Your Information Intake

21.[] The $100 Million Dollar Question

22.[] Positive vs Negative Motivation

23.[] How To Transform Your Entire Life

24.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Intro - Actualized.org

25.[] Personal Development - The Ultimate Vision of What You Can Be

26.[] Life Purpose - The Thrill of Creative Contribution

27.[] Success & Creativity - Why You Should Be More Schizophrenic

28.[] Personal Development - How Your Mind is Like a Rider Atop an Elephant

29.[] Personal Development - Tips About How to Give Advice

30.[] Create an Exciting Life - Your 5 Proudest Moments Exercise

31.[] Happiness & Success - Should You Work on Strengths or Weaknesses?

32.[] Personal Development - Professional vs Hobbiest

33.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Mission Statement

34.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Charged Life

35.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Top 5 Feelings

36.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Eliminate Addictions

37.[] How to Make Your Life Extraordinary - Actualized.org

38.[] How to Do Real Personal Development

39.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Meditation

40.[] How To Become Successful - The Secrets That Everyone Overlooks

41.[] How To Get More Energy - An Approach Nobody Ever Talks About

42.[] How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You - What Guys Really Want

43.[] How To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You - What Girls Really Want

44.[] How To Make More Money - Increase Your Income In Career or Business

45.[] How To Become A Life Coach - Every Part of the Process Revealed inDetail

46.[] Benefits of Meditation - Top Reasons To Start Meditating Right Now

47.[] How To Overcome Shyness - Transform Yourself Into An Extrovert

48.[] What Is The Purpose Of Life? - Use Purpose to Achieve Massive Success

49.[] How To Motivate Employees - Creating Ultra-Productive Workers

50.[] How To Feel Happy - Scientifically Proven Ways of Creating Lasting Happiness

51.[] Productivity Strategies - Are You Prolific?

52.[x] How To Increase Your Results From Self-Help Products by 10x (book pg 206)

53.[] Personal Development Blueprint - Information Intake

54.[] New Years Resolutions - How Getting Back On Track Is A Huge Opportunity

55.[] Self Expression - How To Express Yourself & Find Your Authentic Creative Voice

56.[] How to Be Happy in Life - Happiness Bottlenecks

57.[] Overcoming Fear - How To Slay Your Greatest Demon

58.[] Sensitivity - Why Personal Development Is Impossible For You Right Now

59.[] How To Never Quit - The Key To Reframing The Toughtest Obstacles

60.[] How Your Subconscious Holds You Back From Greatness

61.[] Negative Thoughts - The Origin Of Negative Thinking & How To Eliminate It Forever

62.[] How To Succeed In Life - The 6 Key Elements of Phenomenal Success

63.[] Fear Of Public Speaking - The One Key To Overcoming It Forever

64.[] How To Change Your Life - Making BIG Life Changes Actually Stick

65.[] Fear Of Failure - Why We Have It & How To Deal With It

66.[] How To Change Careers - Dealing With The Fear & Transitioning Smart

67.[] How To Stay Focused - The Key To Being Extremely Productive & ClearMinded

68.[] Resume Writing Tips - The Secret Mindset For Writing a Perfect Resume

69.[] How To Stay Motivated To Lose Weight - The Psychology of Weight Loss Success

70.[] How To Stop Worrying - The Fundamentals of Eliminating Worry

71.[] How To Change The World - What It Takes To Have Massive Social Impact

72.[] Personal Power - How Personal Power Creates Success

73.[] SMART Goal Setting - How to Set Extremely Effective Goals

74.[] The Subconscious Mind - Using Your Subconscious Mind to Create Massive Success

75.[] What Is Ego - How Your Ego Dictates Your Entire Life

76.[] How To Get Motivated - Creating a Consistent Drive for High Performance

77.[] The Law Of Attraction - How It Really Works & How To Use It

78.[] How To Stop Procrastinating - A Step-by-Step Process For Busting The Worst of Procrastination

79.[] How To Be More Confident - A Step-by-Step Process for Becoming Truly Confident

80.[x] Self Actualization - The Most Inspiring Self-Help Concept Of All Time (book pg 37)

81.[] Positive Affirmations - The Tricks of Using Affirmations to Transform Your Life

82.[] What Should I Do With My Life - How To Find Your Passion For Life

83.[] Peak Performance - How To Hit and Maintain Consistent Peak Performance In Life

84.[] How To Stay Healthy - The Psychology of Maintaining Consistent, Effortless Health

85.[] Overcoming Adversity - How To Handle The Most Horrific Life Challenges Ever

86.[] How To Become A Vegetarian - Practical Steps You Must Take To Succeed

87.[] How To Control Anger - The Shocking Truth Behind Your Anger Problems

88.[] Positive Psychology - What Is It & How It Can Transform Your Life

89.[x] Self Control - How To Develop Self-Control To Create An Amazing Life (pg 9)

90.[] How To Relieve Stress - Scientifically Proven Stress Relief Techniques

91.[x] How To Be Attractive - The Ultimate Attraction Strategy  (pg 2)

92.[] Why Am I Depressed? - The Shocking Truth Behind Your Depression

93.[] Profound Quotes #001 - "All Of Humanity's Problems Stem From Man's..."

94.[] True Vision - I Reveal My Life Purpose Until You Can Feel It

95.[] Willpower - Scientifically Proven Techniques to Increase Willpower

96.[] Redefining Philosophy - How To Become A Jedi Master

97.[] How To Become Rich - The Number One Reason You're Not Already Rich

98.[] Mindfulness - How To Actually Practice Mindfulness & Conquer Your Emotions

99.[] Profound Quotes #002 - "Specialization Is For Insects"

100.[x] What Is Happiness? - An Extremely Advanced Definition Of Happiness (book pg 60)

101.[] Self Image - The Amazing, Absolute Key To All Personal Growth

102.[] How To Stay Committed To A Cause

103.[] Introvert vs Extrovert - A Deep Understanding Of Introverts And Extroverts

104.[] How To Eat Healthy - Create A Super Healthy Meal In 15 Minutes

105.[x] How To Be A Man - The Deep Core Of Being Masculine (pg 10)

106.[] Positive Thinking - The Key To Thinking Positive

107.[] Healthy Relationships - What You MUST Know To Sustain A Great Relationship

108.[] Dream Life - What It Takes To Create An Extraordinary Life

109.[] Best Supplements - What You Must Know About Supplementation

110.[x] Optimism - How To Become Optimisitic Right Now (pg 10)

111.[] Letting Go Of The Past - How To Get Over The Past In Minutes

112.[] How To Find Your Passion - Why You Have No Passion & How To Fix It

113.[] Critical Thinking - Use Independent Thinking To Build A Powerful Life

114.[] How To Motivate Yourself - The Trick Behind Lasting Self-Motivation

115.[x] Emotional Intelligence - Why Your EQ Is More Important Than Your IQ (pg 9)

116.[x] Cause & Purpose - What Are You Willing To Bleed For? (pg 10)

117.[] Id, Ego, Superego - Understanding An Old School Psychology Concept

118.[] Self Help - How Self-Help Can Revolutionize Your Entire Life

119.[] Life Coaching - The Powerful Benefits Of Working With A Life Coach

120.[] How To Start A Business - Bootstrapping A Successful Business

121.[] How To Use Technology To Super-Charge Your Personal Growth

122.[] Time Management - How To Get More Time In Your Day

123.[] State Of The Union - My Camera Dies In Death Valley

124.[] The Secret - The Truth They Didn't Tell You

125.[] Personal Development Plan - The Essentials Of Getting Results

126.[] How To Love Yourself - How To Like Who You Are Right Now

127.[] How To Feel Good - Re-Designing Your Life To Feel Amazing

128.[] How To Be Yourself - Become Your Authentic Self Right Now

129.[] True Value - How To Create Success Out Of Nowhere

130.[] The Power Of Routines - How Your Daily Routine Holds You Back From Your Dreams

131.[] Staying Hungry - How To Use Pain For Growth

132.[x] Relationship Advice - The Master Plan For Creating An Amazing Relationship (pg 10)

133.[] How To Become A Millionaire - The Truth No One Tells You

134.[] Self Esteem - Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem

135.[] Judgment - How You Ruin Your Own Happiness

136.[x] Profound Quotes #003 - "Children Want Candy; The Intelligent Want SelfControl" - Rumi (pg 9)

137.[] Whatever Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger - True or False?

138.[] What Women Want In A Man - 5 Factors That Hook Women Like Crack

139.[] How To Make A Girl Squirt - Give Your Girl An Explosive Orgasm

140.[] Positive Attitude - The 3 Pillars To Cultivating Positivity

141.[x] How To Exploit People To Grow Yourself - An Advanced Technique (pg 1) (book pg 269)

142.[] Stress Management - Permanent Solutions For Stress Reduction

143.[] Why I'm A Dick - And Why I Won't Change

144.[] Goal Setting - How To Set Goals Effectively

145.[x] Bad Relationships - How To Break Your Cycle Of Painful Relationships (pg 9)

146.[] Bad Habits - A Live Exercise For Dropping Any Bad Habit For Good

147.[] How To Get A Girlfriend - The Ultimate Guide For Landing A Hot Girlfriend

148.[] How To Forgive Someone - The One Trick That Makes Forgiveness Easy

149.[] Openmindedness - A Huge Overlooked Obstacle To Self Improvement

150.[] How To Make Friends - 4 Sticking-Points That Limit Your Ability To Make Friends

151.[] Good Vs Evil - Why Evil Doesn't Actually Exist

152.[] Communication Skills - The 6 Keys Of Powerful Communication

153.[] Low Self Esteem In Women - Why Women Have Lower Self-Esteem Than Men

154.[x] Visualization - A Powerful Technique For Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind (book pg 203)

155.[] Self Confidence - The Two Essential Avenues For Building Confidence

156.[] Why Women Use You For Money - And How To Never Get Used Again

157.[] Why Men Cheat - And 8 Ways To Keep Your Man Loyal

158.[] How To Follow Advice Without Betraying Yourself

159.[x] How To Master & Control Your Emotions (book pg 201)

160.[] Negative Visualization - An Ancient Stoic Technique For Creating Happiness

161.[x] How To Stop Being A Victim - The #1 Reason You Are Stuck In Life (pg 3) (book pg 84)

162.[] Spirituality vs Religion - The No-Bullshit Guide To Spirituality

163.[] Self Discipline vs Freedom - How To Create More Freedom In Your Life

164.[x] How To Deal With Depression - The Key To Breaking Out Of Depression (pg 3)

165.[x] How To Stop Caring What People Think Of You (book pg 199)

166.[] How Science Keeps You Stuck In Life - Exposing Problems With "Scientific" Thinking

167.[] Why Women Fall For Assholes

168.[x] Understanding The Authentic Self - Discovering Who You Really Are (book pg 197)

169.[] How To Deal With Difficult & Toxic People

170.[] Leo's List of Top 140 Self-Help Books

171.[] How To Stop Watching TV - Why You Must Eliminate TV Right Now!

172.[] Luck & Success - Is Luck Important For Being Successful?

173.[] How To Meditate - The No Bullshit Guide to Meditation

174.[] How To Manage Your Money Easily Using This Budget Template

175.[] The Biggest Thing You Should Fear - Halloween Special 

176.[] How To Be An Attractive Man - Interview With Dating Coach, TrippAdvice

177.[x] How To Stop Being Lazy - Solutions For Short-term & Long-term Laziness (book pg 196)

178.[] How To Deepen Your Love For Life - A Powerful Exercise

179.[] How To Deal With A Breakup

180.[] Why The Most Successful People Don't Do Personal Development

181.[] How To Have Amazing Sex - Part 1

182.[] The Truth About Passive Income

183.[] How To Practice Gratitude - Xmas 2014 Special 

184.[x] How To Stop Being Jealous - Techniques To End Jealousy Forever (pg 2)

185.[x] Responsibility vs Blame - Why You Are 100% Responsible For Everything (book pg 89)

186.[x] How To Study - The Keys To Acing School & College (pg 2) (book pg 214)

187.[] Beware Of False Prophets - Stop Worshipping Human Personality

188.[x] What Is Karma? - The No-Bullshit Explanation Of How Karma Works (book pg 193)

189.[] Stop Demonizing People! - Why You Are Wrong For Calling Terrorists Evil

190.[x] Spiritual Enlightenment - The Most SHOCKING Truth You'll Ever Hear (book pg 98)

191.[] What To Do Next After Learning About Enlightenment

192.[x] The Happiness Spectrum - The Best & Worst Kinds Of Happiness (book pg 58)

193.[x] Paradoxes Of Personal Development (book pg 61)

194.[x] Spiritual Enlightenment - Part 2 - Understanding The Conceptualized Self (book pg 100)

195.[] The Secret Curse Of Being Human + Bonus: A True Spiritual Exercise!

196.[] How To Have Amazing Sex (For Women) - Drive Your Man Wild In Bed

197.[x] Enlightenment - Part 3 - Creating An Experience Of No-Self (book pg 101)

198.[x] Enlightenment FAQ - Part 1 - All Your Questions Answered (pg 2) (book pg 246)

199.[] Enlightenment FAQ - Part 2

200.[x] All Of Religion Explained In One Video (pg 2) (book pg 112)

201.[] How To Have Amazing Sex - Part 2 - Increasing Intimacy & Dominance

202.[x] Understanding Emotions - Part 1 (book pg 190)

203.[] Feminine vs Masculine Compassion

204.[x] How To Stop Backsliding - How To Stop Procrastinating (pg 10) (book pg 195)

205.[x] How To Become Enlightened - The Exact Step By Step Process Revealed! (book pg 102)

206.[x] How To Be A Leader - Leadership Secrets Revealed! (book pg 188)

207.[] How To Stop Being A Workaholic

208.[x] How To Meditate Deeper (pg 8)

209.[x] Science vs Religion - The Absurdity Revealed! (book pg 186)

210.[] How To Create Your Dream Career - The Ultimate Life Purpose Course

211.[x] How To Unleash Your Ambition - Must-Watch For Ambitious People (pg 1) (book pg 82)

212.[x] How To Get Shit Done - The Inner Game Of Being A Results-Maker (pg 1) (book pg 80)

213.[] My Enlightenment Experience - Exactly How It Happened

214.[x] Lower vs Higher Self - Understanding Your Two-Faced Nature (book pg 184)

215.[x] Using Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs To Self-Actualize (book pg 35)

216.[x] Masculinity vs Femininity - Psychology Of The Male & Female Mind (book pg 182)

217.[x] Meditation Techniques: Do Nothing - The Simplest Meditation Possible (pg 1) (book pg 124)

218.[x] Meditation On Steroids - How To Get The FASTEST Meditation Gains (book pg 127)

219.[x] The Grand Model Of Psychological Evolution - Clare Graves & Spiral Dynamics (book pg 52)

220.[] Being A Spiritual Seeker, Good or Bad?

221.[x] One Simple Rule For Acing Life (book pg 49)

222.[] How To Be Funny - Comprehensive Guide To Developing A Sense of Humor

223.[x] Contemplating Your Own Death - To Stay Motivated For Life (book pg 181)

224.[] How To Deal With Criticism, Trolls, and Haters

225.[] Avoiding Dysfunctional & Abusive Relationships - 30+ Red Flags

226.[x] Advice For High School & College Students - The Keys To Mastering Life (book pg 204)

227.[] Curing Perfectionism - How To Stop Being A Perfectionist

228.[] Mindfulness Meditation - A Complete Guide With Techniques & Examples

229.[x] A Vision For The Self Actualized Life - Get Yo Ass Inspired! (book pg 21)

230.[] How To Overcome Creative Blocks & Writer's Block

231.[x] How To Deal With Strong Negative Emotions (book pg 43)

232.[x] Radical Openmindedness - How To Break Free Of Dogma & Beliefs (book pg 94)

233.[x] 30 Ways Society Fucks You In The Ass (pg 1) (book pg 54)

234.[x] How You Lie - All Your Dirty, Sneaky Lies & Manipulations Exposed! (pg 8) (book pg 135)

235.[x] 40 Signs That You Are Neurotic - Understanding Neurosis  (pg 1) (book pg 178)

236.[] How To Stop Judging Yourself

237.[] The Challenges Of Making Bold Life Changes

238.[x] Understanding Awareness - The Staggering Depth Of Your Unawareness Revealed (pg 1) (book pg 39)

239.[x] Free Will vs Determinism - Does Free Will Exist? (book pg 176)

240.[] A Rant Against The Pickup Community - Must Watch For All PUAs

241.[x] The Ultimate Model Of Human Knowledge - All Knowledge Explained! (book pg 66)

242.[x] The Most Important Commitment You Can Make + Huge Announcement (pg 1) (book pg 230)

243.[x] 27 Qualities Of All Successful People (pg 2) (book pg 209)

244.[x] The Enlightened Self - A Description Of Your Existential Nature (pg 1) (book pg 105)

245.[x] Fake Growth vs Real Growth - What If You're Just Tricking Yourself? (pg 1) (book pg 26)

246.[x] How To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 227)

247.[x] How To Be A Strategic Motherfucker - The 7 Pillars Of Strategic Thinking (pg 1) (book pg 76)

248.[x] Why Rationality Is WRONG! - A Critique Of Rationalism (pg 1) (book pg 174)

249.[x] The Power Of Self Acceptance - How To Stop Beating Yourself Up (pg 1) (book pg 173)

250.[x] The Benefits Of Enlightenment  (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 259)

251.[x] 3 Step Formula To Be Ruthlessly Effective At Anything  (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 219)

252.[x] Overcoming Addiction - The Root Cause Of Every Addiction  (pg 1) (pg 4) (book pg 44)

253.[x] How Your Mind Distorts Reality - Needy vs Non-Needy Perception (pg 4) (book pg 90)

254.[x] Enlightenment Guided Inquiry - The Neti Neti Method (book pg 106)

255.[x] Grasping The Illusory Nature Of Thought (pg 4) (book pg 93)

256.[x] Lifestyle Minimalism - Renouncing Your Busy Stupid Life (pg 4) (book pg 47)

257.[x] How To Stop Being A Victim - Part 2 - What All Victims Fail To Understand (pg 4) (book pg 87)

258.[x] A Rant Against Morality - Very Foundational (pg 4) (book pg 167)

259.[x] How To Stop Moralizing - Removing The SHOULDs From Your Life (pg 4) (book pg 170)

260.[x] Meditation For Beginners (pg 4) (book pg 264)

261.[x] Awareness Alone Is Curative - How To Auto-Correct Unwanted Behaviors (pg 4) (book pg 42)

262.[x] Be Fucking Patient! - How To Deal With Lack Of Results (pg 4) (book pg 50)

263.[x] The Psychology Of Small Business Success - Top 5 Errors Of Aspiring Entrepreneurs (pg 4) (book pg 220)

264.[x] 10 Important Things You Don't Know You Want (pg 4) (book pg 138)

265.[x] You're Not Happy Because You Don't Really Want To Be (pg 4) (book pg 165)

266.[x] The 3 Levels Of Personal Development Work (pg 4) (book pg 31)

267.[] The Amazing Power Of Psychedelics - Leo Does Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms!

268.[x] How To Use Psychedelics For Personal Development (book pg 207)

269.[] Guided Meditation - The Next Level Of Meditation

270.[x] The Paradox Of Developing Self-Trust (pg 4) (book pg 244)

271.[x] How To Be A Man - Part 2 (Advanced Version) (pg 10)

272.[x] The 64 Most Fascinating Questions A Human Can Ask (pg 4) (book pg 160)

273.[x] What's Wrong With Ego? (book pg 162)

274.[] What Is God? - Leo Becomes Absolute Infinity (Aka God) - All Of Reality Explained

275.[] 5-MeO-DMT - The Magic Pill To Enlightenment & God

276.[x] Low Quality vs High Quality Consciousness (pg 4) (book pg 24)

277.[x] The Dark Side Of Meditation (pg 4) (book pg 157)

278.[x] The Mechanics Of Belief (pg 4) (book pg 154)

279.[x] How To Harness Your Intuition (pg 4) (book pg 262)

280.[x] The Trap Of Projection, Especially Onto Teachers & Mentors (pg 4) (pg 10)

281.[x] A Rant Against Culture (pg 4)

282.[x] Money Psychology - The Inner Game of Mastering Money (pg 4) (book pg 222)

283.[] Using 5-MeO-DMT To Become Enlightened - Interview With Martin Ball

284.[x] How To Deal With Confusion (pg 4) (book pg 33)

285.[x] Becoming A Sage - A New Vision For Actualized.org & You! (pg 4) (book pg 23)

286.[x] Mystical Traditions Around The World - Nonduality Goes Cosmopolitan! (book pg 110)

287.[x] Becoming A Zen Devil - The Dangers Of Half-Assing Enlightenment (pg 4) (book pg 107)

288.[x] Uncovering Your Childhood Vows - Unwire Your Neurotic Personality (book pg 122)

289.[x] The Pre-mortem Technique - The Trick To Avoiding Project Failure (pg 4)

290.[x] How To Control Anger - Part 2 - Understanding Evil To Death (pg 4) (book pg 153)

291.[x] A Rant Against Naive Realism - Reality Is NOT Physical! (pg 4) (book pg 151)

292.[x] How I Do Research & Develop Big Picture Understanding  (pg 2) (pg 4) (book pg 132)

293.[] The Launch Of Infinite Insights - Leo's Blog!

294.[x] The Role Of Balance In Personal Development (pg 4) (book pg 63)

295.[x] Dropping The Roles You Play (pg 4)

296.[] The Gallery Of Absolute Infinity

297.[x] Build Your Infrastructure For Success (pg 4) (book pg 149)

298.[x] AL-LAD Trip Report - A Powerful Tool For Consciousness Work (pg 10)

299.[x] Understanding How Paradigms Work (pg 4) (book pg 68)

300.[x] Contemplation - The Most Important Tool For Sages (pg 4) (book pg 128)

301.[x] Concentration vs Meditation - How To Develop Concentration (pg 4) (book pg 126)

302.[x] The Big Picture Of Self-Actualization (pg 4) (book pg 18)

303.[x] True vs False Skepticism (pg 4) (book pg 72)

304.[] Leo's Super Healthy Blueberry Smoothie

305.[x] The Highest Hero's Journey - What It Means To Be Real Hero (pg 4) (book pg 130)

306.[x] Leo's Super Healthy Vegetable Soup (pg 9)

307.[x] Understanding Default Positions (pg 4) (book pg 147)

308.[] Leo's Solo Meditation Retreat - 90 Hours Of Nonstop Meditation In The Forest

309.[x] Balancing Theory vs Practice (pg 4) (book pg 29)

310.[x] How To Deal With Loneliness - Especially While Self-Actualizing (book pg 145)

311.[x] How To Get Started With Self Actualization - Over 40 Techniques (book pg 19)

312.[] 2C-B Trip Report - Experiencing Physical Death

313.[x] Intro To Systems Thinking (pg 4) (book pg 142)

314.[x] Why People Seem Crazy (pg 4) (book pg 119)

315.[] Subtle Addictions

316.[] Successful People Are Not Happy

317.[] Making Sense Of Paranormal Phenomena & Psychic Powers

318.[x] Understanding Absolute Infinity - Part 1 (pg 3)

319.[] Understanding Absolute Infinity - Part 2

320.[x] What Is Art? - Understanding The Essence Of Art (pg 8)

321.[] Setting Proper Expectations

322.[] Leo Hits Rock Bottom - EVERYTHING Understood

323.[x] Learning = Behavior Change (pg 4) (book pg 274)

324.[x] No Growth Possible Without Training (pg 4) (book pg 217)

325.[x] Understanding Meaning, Purpose, & Value (pg 4)

326.[x] Distraction - The Ego's Favorite Defense Mechanism (pg 9)

327.[x] What Is The Devil? - The Mechanics Of Evil (pg 3)

328.[x] How To Raise Rockstar Kids (pg 8)

329.[] Correcting The Stigma Of Psychedelics - Part 1

330.[] Learning = Observation

331.[] Correcting The Stigma Of Psychedelics - Part 2

332.[] The Topic Of Mindfuckery

333.[x] Advanced Tips For Self-Inquiry  (pg 3)

334.[x] Building Your Existential Vocabulary (pg 4)

335.[] How To Keep The Ultimate Journal (Commonplace Book) + LIVE DEMO

336.[] Comprehension Has Many Degrees

337.[x] Why Brains Do Not Exist (pg 7)

338.[] Reality Is A Strange Loop - The Beauty Of Paradox + GRAPHICS

339.[] The Theme Of Things Going Full-Circle

340.[x] Motivational Speech For Building A Passionate Life (pg 4) (book pg 15)

341.[x] The Deep Problem Of Marketing (pg 3) (pg 4) (book pg 270)

342.[x] Jacques Derrida, Deconstruction, Post-Modernism & Nonduality (pg 4)

343.[x] All Criticism Is Untenable (pg 4) (pg 10)

344.[x] Self-Deception - Part 1  (pg 2) (book pg 231)

345.[x] Self Deception - Part 2 - 60+ Self-Deception Mechanisms (pg 2) (book pg 234)

346.[] Enlightenment Experience Happening In Real Time - LIVE!

347.[x] Enlightenment Experience Explanation & Key Lessons (pg 3) (book pg 266)

348.[x] Self-Deception - Part 3  (pg 2) (book pg 237)

349.[] Hitler Reacts To Nonduality / Enlightenment - FUNNY!

350.[] Life Is A Dream

351.[x] How To Shop For Healthy Food (pg 3)

352.[] My Deepest Awakening Yet - Becoming Infinite

353.[] The Importance Of Real Yoga

354.[] Quantum Mechanics Debunks Materialism - Part 1

355.[] Quantum Mechanics Debunks Materialism - Part 2

356.[] Comprehending The Magnitude Of Reality

357.[] Metaphysical Implications Of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem - Part 1

358.[] Understanding Islam - What Most People Misunderstand

359.[x] Shamanic Breathing Technique + LIVE DEMO (pg 8)

360.[] Collective Ego - Understanding The Egoic Dynamics Of Social Systems

361.[] Going Buddha - 30 Day Meditation Challenge

362.[x] What Is Consciousness? - All Questions Answered (pg 2)

363.[] What Is Intelligence? - Infinite Intelligence Explained

364.[x] Spiral Dynamics - Stage Blue (pg 5) (book pg 275)

365.[x] Spiral Dynamics - Stage Orange (pg 5) (book pg 275)

366.[x] Spiral Dynamics - Stage Green (pg 5) (book pg 275)

367.[x] Spiral Dynamics - Stage Yellow (pg 5) (book pg 275)

368.[x] Spiral Dynamics - Stage Turquoise (pg 5) (book pg 275)

369.[x] Understanding Recontextualization (pg 3)

370.[x] How To Contemplate Using A Journal (pg 10)

371.[] Sameness vs Difference - The Metaphysical Foundation Of Reality

372.[] How Ideology Works

373.[] Life Is A Maze

374.[x] What Is Spirituality? - A No-Bullshit Intro To Spirituality (pg 3)

375.[x] How To Escape Wage Slavery (book pg 224)

376.[] Body Awareness - How To Relax Your Body

377.[x] What Is Love? - Advanced Spiritual Explanation  (pg 2)

378.[x] 35+ Subfields Of Self-Help (pg 3)

379.[] What Is Actuality? - Distinguish Direct Experience vs Concept

380.[x] Mankind Is The Bullshitting Animal (pg 3)

381.[x] Nootropics - Top Supplements For Increasing Mental Performance

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476. Summary: "Understanding & Coping With Nihilism"

TLDR version:

-People think nihilism is depressing, apathetic, and negative, but it isn’t.  It's False Nihilism that says life is meaningless so why bother, just be destructive.

-However, destroying something out of spite is attaching negative meaning to it. That’s not meaningless, that’s meaning.

-True Nihilism recognizes that because life is meaningless, value is not absolute, but based on your survival agenda.  Because value is arbitrary, you are free to question everything you’ve been programmed with.  This cleans your slate and lets you build consciously, on a foundation that’s true to you.

       You get to question and deconstruct everything you know, because it’s all arbitrary anyway.

-This is emotionally difficult and confusing to the ego, but it will lead to your authentic purpose and even awakening to God consciousness.

-During this nihilistic funk, learn a variety of perspectives to figure out what you want.  Cross reference them, steel man them.

-You will create consciously instead of carrying out some inauthentic, default programming like an ideological robot.

-You will align with love/passion, and live a life of purpose that’s based on what you really value and who you chose to be.   

-Your authentic purpose is your love for life expressed uniquely through you, free of the distortions of social conditioning, helping others to awaken to the truth of consciousness/infinite love/God.



Summary and Timestamps for "Understanding & Coping With Nihilism"

“In the dark night of the soul, bright flows the river of God.” — St. John of the Cross

-What is Nihilism? Which parts of nihilism are true?  Which are false?  How does it fit with personal development work?  What are its limitations and strengths?

Society Tends to View Nihilism Very Negatively

       Dictionary definitions:

       “The rejection of all religious and moral principles in the belief that life is meaningless.”

       “Extreme skepticism, maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.”

       “A world view that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless.”

       “A doctrine that denies any objective ground of truth and especially of moral truths.”

-Nietzsche's saw Nihilism as a way to clear away all false narratives and religious systems.  It wasn't just about destroying all values.  It was about creating a clearing on top of which one can build an authentic life, based on one’s true values instead of social conditioning.

-How do you know something is true for you unless you derive it for yourself, from first principles?  People are attached to society’s programming (religion, science, norms, values, morality, etc).  They overlook its limits and problems (inequality, hatred, judgment, violence, etc).

-Saying that things should be destroyed because they’re meaningless doesn’t make sense.  If something has no meaning, how can it be “bad.”  If it’s not “bad,” why would you want to destroy it?  To actively destroy something out of spite is to attach a negative meaning to it.  That's an extra step the mind has to take.  That’s not neutral or meaningless or nihilistic.


(11:35) Nihilism at the turn of the century

Nietzsche wrote during the late 1800s, when Judeo-Christian values were starting to unravel.  Spiral Dynamics’ Stage Blue Christian culture was being challenged.  Nietzsche was at the forefront of Stage Orange.

       Refresher on Spiral Dynamics:   

       Stage Blue = Religious.  Traditional.  Rule based.  God-fearing.

       Stage Orange = Materialistic.  Success-oriented.  Capitalist.  Scientific.    

       Stage Green = Inclusive.  Compassionate.  Diverse.  New Age Hippies.

-Many of the axioms, assumptions and frameworks that existed for hundreds of thousands of years started to be questioned. (language, logic, mathematics, science, physics, gender roles, political systems, God, etc)

       Some people claimed all this change would unravel society and lead to war, disaster and many monstrosities.  You could say this is the backdrop against which World War I and World War II occurred.

       With all this change in this new directionless nihilistic world, how could society best move forward?

       After a period of nihilism and questioning Stage Blue, we have Stage Orange (materialist, scientific, capitalistic worldview).

-(25:20) With the materialism of Stage Orange comes a pragmatic approach to reality.  The problem with Orange is if there's no higher order values, no God and anything is allowed.  That leads to a hollow existence. Life is just about material acquisition, personal comfort and carnal pleasure.  Losing spirituality leads to a lack of direction, and because of that society could become very dysfunctional.

-With post-modernism, we start to question the idea of an objective reality, that science is the one true explanation for what reality is.  After all, scientists are biased in determining what’s worth studying.  It cherry picks data and how to interpret and frame that data.  Stage Green comes online in the 1950s and 1960s.


(32:00) Nihilism, Feeling Lost and Aperspectival Madness

-Stage Green is very difficult on you psychologically and emotionally because you feel lost.  If there’s no objective truth, how do you know which perspectives are beneficial and which are toxic?

-Aperspectival madness.  If all moral systems are just constructions, programming and social conditioning.  If all views are just partial, limited ways of interacting with reality, how do you know which views are the most valid?

-Leo went through a phase of being a complete relativist in his teens.  He thought neutrality was the closest to truth.  He didn’t realize as a teen that there are higher quality ways of looking at things and not every side is equally valid.  Later he started to question everything and became very skeptical.  After all, if you take even one thing on faith, it can open you up to deep epistemic error.


Why Nihilism Gets Viewed Negatively

(39:33) Nihilism Undermines the Ego

-Meaning and value are not found in the outer world.  The ego constructs meaning and value in order to survive and orient itself.

       Eg: science doesn't prove anything is valuable or meaningful.  Strictly speaking, all science does is measure and predict stuff.  It tells you where the moon will be next year, but doesn't tell you if the moon is good or bad.

-Your survival needs will override any philosophical considerations of nihilism.  Humans are caught in an existential bind for survival.  You have deep instincts from a billion years of evolution.  You are biased against deconstructing meaning.


(41:55) Society is in the Business of Constructing a Civilization

-Constructions are very useful for survival.  Society has a bias and the ego hates when its constructions are questioned.  Western civilization is a house of cards built on an unquestioned foundation of axioms and assumptions (metaphysical, epistemic, religious, theological, scientific, linguistic, etc).

       Eg: Money.  If everyone saw money as just pieces of paper it would destroy the economy.

-Western civilization would rather go with a useful falsehood than the truth.  Most people aren't interested in knowing the dollar is imaginary.  They just want to use the dollar to buy food.

-When your attitude is very selfish, that opens you to all sorts of falsehoods, fantasies, constructions and illusions.  These “useful falsehoods” get piled on. You get so lost in all the bs you forget it was just a construction from the beginning.


-Dis-illusion: the loss of illusion.  Nihilism leads to disillusionment. Deconstructing the foundations of your mind will lead to an existential crisis. The ego doesn't like this.

       Eg: Why would a scientist who’s invested 40 years into his phd work do a serious deconstruction of

       science or academia?  How would he will feel if he realized the entire foundation of science and

       academia is built on illusions, fictions and constructions?

-The mind has an infinite capacity for denial and rationalization.  It’s interested in survival, not truth. You’re playing ego games, but you think you're being rational and truthful.   This stops you from doing a serious investigation into the foundations of your mind and reality.


What Nihilism Gets Right


1. Life Has No Meaning and Purpose

       -Because all value is created by the ego, things only have meaning relative to your ego's survival.  Meaning and purpose are based on ego and identity.  What's meaningful to one person will not be meaningful to another.

       Eg: Buddha is meaningful to Buddhists, but not so much to Christians.

       In the Catholic church eating a wafer/eucharist is meaningful.  To a Buddhist, or scientist it has nothing to do with being spiritual.

       The moon has zero value to your dog.

       -If everything is meaningless, why should a good life be any more meaningful than a bad life?  After all, some people like to suffer!  This means you’re free to pick whatever life purpose you want.

2. All Morality is Relative       

       -There is no “good” without an ego.  Morality is based on value, meaning and purpose.   All the atrocities of human history were justified as “good” because it helped the perpetrators.

       -How can something be “bad” if you don't care what happens to you?  If you didn't care about being tortured, then it wouldn't be bad.  People think that badness is “baked into” the torture.

      “Badness” is just your reaction to fear, hatred or the pain it causes. Why should pain be bad?  If you didn't have pain in your life you'd be dead.       

      -Saying that “death is bad” implies a bias towards life.  If life is meaningless, why should you value life over death?  You can't have life without death, so if you condemn death then you also condemn life.

       Everything finite dies.  The only thing that doesn't die is the infinite, but the infinite isn't alive to begin with.  The infinite includes both life and death.  It doesn't distinguish between the two.  It also doesn't value one over the other.

      -If you think you're being rational or scientific by holding these beliefs, you just haven’t thought through them.  Science has no opinion.  In fact, science would tell you that pain and suffering are useful because it’s how we evolved.

3. All of Reality is Relative

      (59:35) There is no objective, external world. Not just at the cultural level, but the ontological and metaphysical level.  You are hallucinating physical reality. (Leo has other videos on this)

4. Reality Cannot Be Known in the Way Humans Try to Know It

      The universe is infinite and your knowledge is always partial and limited. Your models are just partial perspectives and you will never get the full perspective by acquiring more and more knowledge (Epistemic nihilism).

5. All Beliefs are Ultimately Untrue

      (Leo has other videos on this)


What Nihilism gets Wrong


1. Nihilism Gives Meaninglessness a Negative Meaning (Not a Neutral or Positive one)

      False “lower-case” nihilism: Surface level nihilism that doesn’t go far enough.  Says life is meaninglessness and thus “bad.”   Can lead to depression, cynicism.  Giving meaninglessness a negative meaning is self-contradicting.

      True “upper-case” Nihilism: Deep nihilism that deconstructs your ego and worldview, so you can create your life and values from a clean slate.

      -If it means something to you that the world is meaningless, that's not meaninglessness that's meaning.  If you truly realized that life is meaningless, you couldn't be depressed about it.  If you're using that as a reason to destroy or be lazy, that’s giving it negative meaning.

      -False nihilism is just toxic ego.  That’s why people intuit that nihilism is maladaptive.  You don't want to live in the world as a toxic, false nihilist.  If you're angsty and turning into a misanthrope, you need to recognize this not true nihilism.  You’re attaching negative meanings and that is ego.  It’s also less functional than the ego of those who construct illusions and houses of cards.

      -You need to take your nihilism deep enough so it goes full circle into true nihilism which deconstructs all your illusions.

2. You can't derive an ‘Ought’ from an ‘Is’

      -(1:05:25)-Reality could be completely meaningless and you could enjoy it.  To say that “reality is meaningless” does not mean that you ought to do something, like destroy an institution or commit suicide.  Sunbathing in Hawaii with pina coladas, beautiful women or a Chris Evans clone is perfectly compatible with true nihilism.

       You might say, "no, that's part of the game.  You ought to destroy the system, man.”  But, why is destruction better than creation? Shouldn’t nihilism leave you in a neutral position?

      -Nihilism completely frees you up to be any way you want.   The question is: what do you really want?  Now if destruction genuinely makes you feel good, I guess you could go for it, but does it make you feel good?  Is that really what you want?

      -The real problem is you’re confused about what you want.  If you cleared that up you would be very careful in what you destroy.   Certain things need to be questioned and reformed, like corrupt social institutions.  However, the desire to take a wrecking ball to everything is a dead end.

3. Nihilism Doesn't Complete the Deconstruction of the Ego into Awakening and God Realization

      -Skepticism is often misused.  False skepticism happens when nihilism is used to destroy everything outside of you, but it's not turned in towards you.

      -True skepticism is also skeptical of itself.  It takes the wrecking ball of nihilism and skepticism and swings it at yourself. It deconstructs your giant ego before you go deconstructing institutions, social systems, science, religion, etc.

      -Most nihilists Leo runs into have a giant nihilistic ego.  Nihilism becomes their ego and identity, but they're not conscious of that.  They are contradicting themselves, because when the nihilism gets so deep, the nihilism has to destroy itself too, but most nihilists won’t do that because it’s too threatening for the ego.

      -The ego co-ops nihilism, which becomes very dysfunctional.  Nihilism as a survival strategy in life won’t work out well for you.

4. Nihilism is Stuck at the Level of Concept

      -It’s not actualized into deconstructing your ego, which leads to true awakening.  Mostly nihilism is a belief or philosophy.

5. Nihilism isn’t Political

      -If you think government is evil, you're not being a proper nihilist.  It shouldn’t necessarily lead to anarchy.

6.  Nihilism overlooks what happens when you reach the bottom of nihilism

      -If you go all the way down the rabbit hole of nihilism, you eventually awaken to the absolute.  Everything loses meaning, but then you go through the dark night of the soul and the ego dies.  Then you awaken to God.

      -Consciousness is the only real thing.  Nihilism is missing the very soul and heart of reality.  You are God.  God is everything.  God is beauty, love, divinity, spirit, goodness, truth, consciousness, all as absolutes.

      -(1:11:47) The paradox of meaninglessness is that when it completely collapses you discover infinite love and absolute goodness, which is everything.  Then you’ll realize all those stupid nihilistic beliefs, all those philosophers you read, were all deluded.  “I was just using nihilism as a defense mechanism against the realization of what I am as God, as infinite love.”

      -Then you're no longer depressed.  You no longer want to destroy at that point.  You fall so in love with yourself and reality that you actually rediscover a higher purpose.  Your higher purpose is to help mankind awaken, not because you have to, not because someone told you to, but simply because that's what God would do.  That's what consciousness does.


Consciousness is a Self-Awakening System


      -Everything that happens within consciousness is just a means to help consciousness awaken to itself.  When you relinquish your selfish needs you lose yourself, then you become a force of the universe for its own awakening.

       There's a million ways you could do that (art, teaching, engineering, science, politics, etc).  Then your life takes on the highest and deepest meaning.

      -You realize that all meaning is a construction, but awakening is not a construction.  The universe awakening to itself is an absolute.  So what the nihilist is overlooking is the the existence of the absolute.  Many scientific, atheistic and rational people just can't open their minds to the possibility of the existence of an absolute truth.

      -Consider that you're wrong and that absolute truth does actually exist.  This is it.  You're in absolute truth right now you just don't realize.


Criticisms of Nihilism from Above and from Below


      Criticism of Nihilism from Below: Fear-based, ego-based, shadow-based.  Nihilism will lead to an inability to function in the world.  Relativity will lead to total chaos.  Society will fall apart without traditional values.  The criticism is a defense mechanism from deconstructing the ego.

      Criticisms of Nihilism from Above: Nihilism is self-defeating and conceptual.  When you go all the way with nihilism, you realize something deeper: infinite consciousness, love and God.

      Before you Critique Nihilism, First Acknowledge its Truths

             -Everything is absolutely groundless and relative.

             -The world is inherently devoid of meaning.

             -All value is self-biased.

       The trick is that applies to nihilism too. You gotta do the self-reflection, complete the strange loop and realize that your nihilism eats its own tail.

The Real Problem with Nihilism: It Doesn't Go Far Enough

You need to take nihilism past ideas and into embodied practice.  The ego loves to neuter things that can change your life by turning them into mere ideas or philosophy.     

A mystic is just a nihilist who went all the way, who took it from philosophy to embodiment.


Spirituality is Nihilism


-Spirituality and nihilism are not opposed to each other.  Spirituality is just nihilism actualized.

-All your attachments were programmed into your mind. It’s all social conditioning (ego, religion, culture, identity, etc).  You didn't sit down and choose them consciously.  This includes “objective” stuff like science and materialism.  Your consciousness is hindered by social conditioning.

-Nihilism lets you wipe the slate clean.  It allows you to deconstruct the value of everything.  From that clean slate you can develop your own meaning in life, your own purpose, your own system of values.  You can’t be satisfied in life and inauthentic at the same time.

-It's paradoxical, by questioning and deconstructing everything, you will become truly, deeply spiritual. That will make you more spiritual than anyone who professes to be spiritual under the social conditioning model.   You will become very authentic, very grounded, strong as an individual and powerful as a leader.

-“But values are still meaningless constructions!” Yes, but when you realize you’re in a dream, there's nothing to do but play.

       Ask yourself:  How would I play the game if I was totally free and unattached?  If I wasn't coming from neediness,  attachment or fear?  How do I want to manifest my love in the world, according to my own personal preferences?

-You can have preferences but they don’t have to be absolutes.  You also don’t have to force them on others.

-Knowing that reality is an illusion is the greatest gift, because there's nothing to fear.  Construct whatever meanings you want and be honest with yourself that you're constructing them.  Construct consciously rather than unconsciously.


Becoming Superman


      -The Superman is living completely from his or her own authentic inner core.  His inner motivations run far deeper than anything that society can program. (Nietzsche's Ubermensch)

      -These are superhuman capacities: infinite intelligence, deep consciousness, living presence.  Unlike finite algorithms or social programming.

      -Humans take their own constructions so seriously when it’s mostly bs.


Nihilism and the Hero’s Journey


      -Nihilism is the belly of the whale in the Hero’s Journey.  People invent distractions and excuses to avoid it.  Don’t fear it, go through it!

      -The belly of the whale is the lowest point in the journey. It's your deepest turning inwards to figure out if you have what it takes to defeat your deepest obstacle.  The key to victory isn’t a magic sword, it’s your heart and spirit.

       Is your soul steeled enough to face your deepest inner weaknesses?

      -The Hero’s Journey is a metaphor for God realization.  The hero breaks through to infinite love, brings back the holy grail to his villagers and helps them drink from the cup of infinite love.

-(1:34:10) You have to be careful because you can go through the journey in a dysfunctional way and end up killing yourself.  Being a hero is more difficult than living in mediocrity, going to your nine-to-five job.  (“Dangers of Spiritual Work”)


Nihilism is Nothing


-The tragedy for the false nihilist is they never realize that God is nothing.  God is an infinite, loving nothing.

-God’s Nothing is an infinite shapeshifter with no shape.  An eraser that can erase itself.  Nothing is not non-existence.  Nothing exists.  Non-existence does not exist.  There’s no such thing as non-existence because there's only existence/consciousness.

       Eg: Holy Spirit. Consciousness. Nirvana. Shunyata. The groundless ground. Mu. Teotl. Fana. Shiva. The Tao. The Force.

-If your worldview is as true as you believe, deconstruction can't harm it.  Why are you so threatened by nothing?  It takes enormous humility to question everything you know.

-The devil co-opts spiritual truths to put on a facade of spiritual work.  It’s the ego, scared of losing itself and all of its constructions. (What is the Devil)  Some of the biggest devils portray themselves as the most spiritual.


Practical Tips


       The problem is you can't find yourself unless you lose yourself first.   So, how do you deal with the relativity, neutrality and multi-perspectivalism of the nihilistic process?

1. Distinguish Between Relative truth and Absolute truth

      -Science, religion, culture, etc may not be absolutely true, but they can be true about some things (relative truth).

             Eg: The absolute truth is that all is One, but the relative truth is that the US has a two party system and you can only vote for one.  So, which is more aligned with your values?

      -I still have preferences even though God loves everything equally.  I may want a passionate life, but not because it's absolutely true or God is forcing me.  Wanting a passionate life is valid, in and of itself.

2. Know that your Preferences and Biases Aren’t Objective Truths

      -If you admit they’re relative, you don’t have to play defensive games anymore.  Being honest about your preferences and selfishness stops you from grounding it in a made up story that pretends to be “objective” (genetics, science, religion).  You’re freed from ideology.

       eg: “I’m Christian because I was born in Texas where Christianity is popular and I enjoy Jesus because

              I know him better than other gods.”    versus    “People who don’t believe in Jesus are bound for hell.”

3. Study Lots of Perspectives

      -Do a lot of studying during your nihilistic funk.  Date around without marrying the first perspective you meet.  This could last 2-5 years.  (books, videos, retreats, teachers, traditions, etc.)

      -Not all will be equally good or bad.  You’ll have biases.  You will be confused and that's okay!  You can play them off each other and cross reference them.

4. Distinguish Between Lower Quality vs Higher Quality Perspectives

5. Don’t Get Stuck in Neutral or the Default

      -Not choosing is a choice.  Life is an existential bind where you must act, you must choose.  You can’t align with perfect neutrality.

      -You’re Not a Blank Slate.  You have a default position no matter what because of social programming.  If you don’t choose, that is what will run the show.

6. What you Want is the Good Life.  That's the "Point of Life"

      -Be the excited kid with millions of lego pieces.  Experiment with building many things.  Get inspired by different legos and other people’s unique creations.  Follow Your Bliss.

       Don’t be the bitter kid with only 100 pieces, who builds what everyone else builds, who is close-minded about which pieces to use, who debates and hates creations and creators that are different.

7. Embrace Confusion

(How to Deal with Confusion)

      -Trust the process.  Don’t view confusion as negative.  Your ego is scared of uncertainty.

      -Play with ideas, play with life, have fun.  Verify different perspectives for yourself.  You’re building your own epistemology from scratch by questioning everything.  It’s a very healthy thing to do.


Signs that a Perspective is Higher or Lower

-(2:05:55) The big difference is selfishness vs. selflessness.

Lower Perspectives

      -Selfish, based in fear, hatred, judgment, violence.

      -Us vs Them. Uses emotion, dogma and ideology to demonize the other side.

      -Close-minded, clings to attachments.  Doesn’t take in new information.

      -Tries to monopolize other perspectives.  Ignores other perspectives, “All other perspectives are stupid.  Just focus on my perspective.”

      -Unaware that it’s subjective, that it’s just a perspective.  Thinks it represents “reality." Also rejects parts of reality that don’t confirm its biases.


Higher Perspectives

      -Selfless, courageous, loving.

      -Open minded, curious, playful, interested in exploring more perspectives.

      -Nuanced and sophisticated.  Intellectually honest and rigourous.

      -Systemic, meta and holistic.

      -Self-aware.  Higher perspectives are aware they are a subjective perspective among many.

      -Non-monopolistic.  Doesn’t claim to be the only valid perspective.

      -Inclusive.  Higher perspectives understand and include the Lower perspectives, but not vice versa.

      -Higher perspectives can Steel Man lower perspectives.  Lower perspectives cannot steel man higher perspectives.


Find the Good in All Perspectives.  Try to Steel Man Different Perspectives

      -Steel Man: Challenging your opponent’s best argument.  The opposite of a Strawman.

Watch for how a perspective tries to lock you in

      -Do they let you study other perspectives?  Eg: Scientific community will discredit you for studying the paranormal, new age or religion.   


(2:12:45) Fear vs Love

      -If a perspective is coming from fear, it's false.  If it’s coming from love it's true.

      -Truth is Love, there's just many degrees of love/truth.

      -Love is its own reward.  Surrender to love, beauty and truth.  Live your life like it’s a work of art.  Work towards that love with courage and purpose.

      -Your authentic purpose is just your love for life expressed uniquely through you, free of the distortions of social conditioning.



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Thanks Leo!  Your work has been super helpful to me, especially during quarantine.

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Great work, @FlyingLotus!

By the way, anyone knows which videos talk about Non-Duality?

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Posted (edited)

(This comes from the Actualized.org Textbook.  Reposting here because the info is super important)


268. Summary: "How To Use Psychedelics For Personal Development"

Psychedelics does not include:

     Weed, crack, meth, coke, MDMA/Ecstasy

Psychedelics as referred to here are:

     Psilocybin (magic mushrooms), LSD, DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, Mescaline/Peyote, AL-LAD, Ayahuasca, Iboga/Ibogaine, 2C-X.


Using the psychedelics for fun and escape

Using them for naïve spirituality (reinforcing all your previously held beliefs after a trip)

For therapy or addiction recovery (a legitimate avenue)

For personal development and for expanding your consciousness and as an aid for non-duality work.


The keys for using psychedelics:

     - Take a methodical approach – build your way up towards a breakthrough dose.

     - Education and research – substance, side effects, trip reports – good and bad,

     - Set a strong intention about what you want from the trip

     - Study and practice psychological principles

     - Study non-duality to not get lost in the phenomena of the visions, for grounding

     - Set up a daily meditation and self-inquiry practice for grounding and motivation

     - Quiet and safe setting – mostly alone by yourself in a quiet, comfortable room

     - Don’t get seduced by the phenomena and emotions of the trip

     - Leave plenty of time after the trip to integrate – best to take a whole weekend off.


*How to do it safely*:

     - Do TONS of research on anything that you will put in your body. Cross reference everything.

     - Research the negative complications and problems

     - Use a reputable source to acquire your substance. Don’t be cheap, get the purest thing.

     - Avoid taking pills of anything – consume the psychedelic in its natural form.

     - Avoid overusing research chemicals – stick with the classics

     - Avoid NBOMe’s

     - Use drug testing kits for every new batch of every substance

     - Start with small doses and build up

     - Have an accurate milligram scale

     - Take this substance only by yourself or with one experienced trip sitter.

     - Clean your house before you do it

     - Make sure your life is in order and that you have no pressure, so you’re not rushed.

     - Get rid of any dangerous things in your house (guns, knives, swords etc.)

     - Stock your fridge with food and drink, have food all prepared.

     - Have a vomit bucket nearby

     - Meditate 30min-1h prior to doing the trip. Ritualize it and set your intentions.

     - Consume the substance on an empty stomach.

     - Don’t rush yourself, do it in the morning/noon.

     - Unaddict yourself from stimulation the week before your trip

     - Be honest with yourself. Don’t use these substances as an escape from boredom

     - Be in a good mood and not rushed.

     - Don’t invite friends over.

     - Don’t play TV or music.

     - Don’t mix substances. If you are tempted to combine substances, you are not serious about this.

     - Be careful with cross-tolerance, wait two weeks in between trips.

     - Be careful of developing a psychological addiction. Make sure you’re not escaping a shitty life.

     - At most once a week


When you’re in the trip:

     - Surrender fully to the experience

     - Remind yourself that you’re not going to die

     - Remind yourself that this is temporary

     - Open your body up. Breathe deeply and slowly. Uncross your legs and arms.

     - Remind yourself that no phenomena are real.



Recognize that psychedelics have huge potential for delusion.

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Posted (edited)

(why you should be grateful Chris Evans isn't running a cult…or selling you a timeshare :P…)


187.  Summary: "Beware Of False Prophets - Stop Worshipping Human Personality"

-Putting people on a pedestal is dangerous.  It tempts you to cede your critical thinking over to them.  Liking them a lot is fine, but idolizing them is not healthy.

-Humans are hardwired through evolution to follow strong, charismatic leaders, which is why smart people are susceptible to the cult of personality.  We used to survive in tribes, which were very hierarchical and depended on strong leaders. 

-When you like someone’s ideas and style, you naturally want to put them on a pedestal.  You assume super positive things about them.   You turn them into a false prophet even though they don’t want you to.

-Good leaders aren’t trying to fool you.  You fool yourself by idolizing them.  When you substitute a leader's judgement for your own, you throw away your personal access to Truth.  Real authority comes from direct experience.


-It's way easier to persuade through emotion than logic.  A charismatic presentation is very persuasive.  The more slick a person's arguments, the more vigilant you should be.

-Separate someone’s charisma and achievements from the merits of what they’re saying.  If someone has great ideas let those ideas stand on their own.  Test their ideas for yourself.

-Advice is just hearsay unless you can verify it in your own experience.  So, even if an idea is valid it’s still hearsay.   


-There's only one real authority: Truth.  Personal direct experience by you.  (episodes: Actuality-Direct Experience vs Concept,    What Is Truth?)

-Authority is very easy to manufacture.  Your mind is quick to make assumptions about public figures who you don't actually know.  You need constant vigilance against ceding your authority or being sucked into a leader's biases.

-There's no hierarchy in life.  Saying you’re normal and the expert is "special" makes the expert’s accomplishments seem unattainable.  Making the expert not-special and normal like you means you can field test his ideas and get expert-level results too.

-No one is a genius.  No one is untouchable.  You have to see yourself as just as capable as leaders and experts.  Believe that if you dedicate yourself hard enough you can develop to a really high level within personal development.


Additional Points:

“Eloquence, at its highest pitch, leaves little room for reason or reflection, 

but addresses itself entirely to the desires and affections,

captivating the willing hearers, and subduing their understanding.” 

-David Hume

-We tell ourselves we get persuaded by logical arguments, but that's very rarely the case.

-Most people want to relinquish their vigilance and coast through life.  They get stuck in a lot of mental masturbation which creates dogma and closes down the mind.  They’re not open to exploring new areas of life.

-You don’t actually know the expert or leader.  You would have to observe her in many areas to get a good sense of who she really is.  Have you seen the expert with her partner?  With kids?  With non-followers?  With her parents?  At home just puttering around?

          You assume stuff about experts, but how do you really know?

-Throughout the video Leo talks about being a Youtuber.  He talks about getting projected on and how he's experienced all this stuff firsthand.  He also talks about Tony Robbins, Eckhart Tolle and pickup artists.

-Good leaders will tell you to test out their ideas and not just follow them blindly.

-The people you admire have biases, even if they’re honest and well intentioned.  (Personal bias, social, religious, cultural, commercial interests, group think)

-You’re not immune to idolizing leaders, even if you’re a leader yourself.

-Ironically, even actual prophets got turned into false prophets. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammad, and so forth, have been false prophetized by all the people that came after them, for thousands of years.  If you read the writings of Buddha he would be against being worshipped blindly.  Same with Jesus.

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Posted (edited)

(I’ve added notes from the book in this summary.  There are videos on George Leonard’s book “Mastery” on youtube.  Here’s two worth checking out: Animated Book Summary (6 min)Summary and Review (8 min))


9. Summary: “Mastery”

-It’s hard to be fulfilled and successful when you don’t have Mastery over anything.  Mastery is a mindset and process of becoming excellent at whatever you choose to do.  (Read “Mastery” by George Leonard)

-Mastery can be achieved by everyone, not just the “naturally talented.”  Mastery says there's a methodical, scientific way to achieve excellence.

-Mastery is paramount to personal development because it applies to everything you want to get good at in life.  (Health, Success, Relationships, Life Purpose, Love, Sex, Business, Cooking, Sports, Hobbies, etc)  It’s one of the most important topics.

-Mastering meta skills that improve everything will compound all your efforts (superlearning, health, discipline, emotional intelligence, epistemology, relationships, etc).  A tide that lifts all boats.

          These core skills you master will be part of you forever.  They will pay huge dividends over your lifetime.  It’s what makes people seem magical.

-The biggest obstacle to Mastery is naive, unrealistic expectations.  Having realistic expectations means you won’t be blindsided when reality hits.


-There’s the Imaginary Mastery curve and the Real Mastery curve.

-The Imaginary Mastery curve falsely says progress is easy, constant, linear and predictable.  This mindset sets you up for failure.  It’s also what most people believe.

-The Real Mastery curve is like a staircase with deep steps, small rises with long plateaus.  True progress challenges your comfort zone.    


-A plateau is a period where you're putting in effort but not seeing any improvement.  You may even regress a little bit.  This throws most people off, but it’s normal.  Don’t get disheartened!

-No one can avoid plateaus, not even the “naturally talented.”  No one experiences smooth, steady upward growth.  You need to get comfortable working while being on a plateau to become truly masterful at anything.

-You deal with the plateaus by expecting them and bracing yourself.   When you commit and work at it you'll get some progress, but it’ll be erratic.

          If you're putting in deliberate practice, working everyday, improving what needs to be improved, trust you're moving along the Mastery curve.

-Mastery takes time.  It takes time to practice and condition the Mastery mindset.  It’s easy to forget that and get demoralized, especially during long projects.


-When you see a top performing  athlete, actor, entrepreneur, it's because they've developed Mastery through this gradual process of improving bit by bit.  They didn’t find one overnight quick-fix scheme.

          ◦ In Japan, top sushi chefs start by learning to properly prepare rice for two years.

          ◦ Mozart put in 10 years of practice before writing his first world class concerto. (Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Outliers”)

          ◦ Chris Evans did 13 years of theatre, tv and movies before booking his first superhero movie which bombed with critics (Fantastic Four).  He then spent another five years acting before booking Captain America in 2010 for which he got $300,000.  His payday in 2019 was $43.5 million. (such a poor ugly overnight success :P)


-Consumerist culture promotes shortcuts, novelty and distractions.  It’s anti-Mastery.  It’s focused on “get rich quick” schemes.  Marketing is a huge contributor to this.  “Give me what I want now, without any effort on my part.”

-What’s wrong with shortcuts or luck?  Luck runs out if it’s not based on skill and work ethic.  Shortcuts are unsustainable because they worry about results instead of learning skills or finding joy in the process.

-Ironically, the “get rich quick” mindset gets promoted by the culture, but it's not actually rewarded by the culture.  Mastery, however, is devalued by the culture but highly rewarded.


Three Common Anti-Mastery Attitudes that Lead to Failure:

          —The Dabbler: Always seeks novelty, chases the highs. Gives up when it gets hard and makes excuses.  Bounces from one thing to the next, never building anything substantial.

          —The Obsessive: Unsustainably gung-ho.  Thinks he can avoid plateaus by overextending himself.  Hitting the first plateau is a surprise which leads to frustration, then crashing and burning.  Chaotic and unstable, high highs and low lows.

          —The Hacker: Learns just enough to get by.  Not willing to go past his comfort zone.  Gets stuck on a plateau.  Progress is halted for fear of hard work.  Can do okay work, but doesn’t accomplish anything great.  Boring, doesn’t grow.

Mastery is a Mindset

-The Master does not worry because he has grounded success in himself.  The non-Master lives in fear that they’ve stumbled their way into success.  They know their success could be taken away.

-When you’re masterful you can create results on demand, consistently, not based on luck.  This gives you confidence.  Even if you lost everything you would be able to replicate that success again.

-There’s emotional richness in doing what you really love and working hard at it.  This is one of the best things about being on the path of Mastery and staying on it.

          Visualize your success to stay motivated.  You are amassing this power within yourself through self-development, through Mastery.  That feels amazing.


-Mastery is Process Oriented, Not Results Oriented

          Process oriented means you’re focused primarily on doing the process well and enjoying it.  Not just getting a result.

-Masters Create an Upward Spiral.

          Masters focus on joy and learning because they love the practice.  Because they love it, they do more of it, and the more they do the better they get.  The better they get the more they enjoy it.

-No One Can Sustain 10 Years of Grind.  (Maybe a year or so)

          If it takes 10 years to become great at something, you won’t sustain that on a short spiky burst of emotion.  You’ll become resentful, and you still won’t be great.

         Mastery is consistent, even keeled, the tortoise not the hare.  Don’t worry about your results.  Track them, but don't chase them like a thirsty blood-hungry dog.

-A sustainable pace is one you could do for the rest of your life and it won't cause you energy problems or money problems.  Think long term.  (episode: Develop Patience)

-Consistent, good, imperfect practice is better than short, unsustainable practice.  10 years of sustainable productivity is better than 1 year of fast unsustainable growth.


-Love the minutia of what you're doing.  Be fully present and detail oriented about your craft.  Minutia isn’t boring.

          The essence of boredom is found in the obsessive search for novelty.  Satisfaction lies in mindful repetition, the discovery of endless richness as subtle variations on familiar themes.  It's a pleasure, not a grind.

          Learning slowly forces you to look deeply at the process and discover the incremental steps that you might otherwise gloss over if progress came easily.

          The master develops subtle distinctions (episode:Learning = Making Distinctions)

          ◦ Kobe Bryant describing the process of Mastery.


Challenges to Staying on the Path of Mastery

-Homeostasis: Our body, brain and behaviour have a built in tendency to stay within very narrow limits.  Psychological homeostasis is your mind's tendency to go back to how things have always been, whether or not that’s healthy.

         Your mind is like a thermostat that has been set by past experiences.  Learning a new skill will require shifting this thermostat, and your body will naturally resist this.  Your mind will refuse to do new stuff unless you push it out of its comfort zone.

-Discomfort or fear from trying something new is actually a sign of growth.  It’s not to be avoided.  If the learning doesn’t challenge your comfort zone you’re probably not growing much.

          Negotiate with your resistance to change.  Plan for two steps forward, one step back.  (Understanding Resistance) A non-Master would go gung-ho, not expecting resistance, like those people in the gym on Jan 1st who quit after a week.

          Resistance is proportionate to the size and speed of the change, not to whether the change is favourable or unfavourable.  Too much change too quickly creates a backlash, reeling you back to your comfort zone.  Focus on one thing, one new habit, at a time.  Don’t wear yourself out.

          Acknowledge the negative and accentuate the positive.  Denial inhibits energy while realistic acknowledgement of the truth releases it.

-If you refuse to adopt the Mastery mindset you’ll waste years of your life frustrated, bouncing from one thing to another, not making any progress, never getting what you want.  You might get disenchanted with the whole process of growth and you’ll settle for mediocrity.  That’s not the life you want to live.


“To practice regularly, even when you seem to be getting nowhere, might at first seem onerous.  But the day eventually comes when practicing becomes a treasured part of your life.  You settle into it as if into you favourite easy chair, unaware of time and the turbulence of the world.  It will still be there for you tomorrow.  It will never go away.”—George Leonard


Five Guidelines on the Path of Mastery

1. Be aware of homeostasis. Expect resistance and backlash. Don't give up at the first sign of trouble.

2. Negotiate with your resistance, by using pain as a guide to performance. Play discontent, the inevitable escort of transformation. Keep pushing, but not without awareness to the warnings. Pushing your way through despite the warning signals increases the possibility of backsliding.

3. Develop a support system of other people who share the joys of the change you're making.

4. Regular practice - the path of mastery for its own sake. A stable base during the instability of change.

5. Dedicate to lifelong learning. The lifelong learner learned to deal with homeostasis, because he is doing it all the time.

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Posted (edited)

It's harder to do the summary than what I think. Anyway, feel free to make changes and addon.


1. How to Invest in Yourself

Invest in yourself, life and money.

Are you a short or long term investor?

- Short-Term investment may be flaky and may not pan out really well 
- Long-Term investment can be very lucrative and valuable to you.

- People tend to have short attention spans. They tend to jump on new stuff. They tend to dabble and jump from one thing to another. That leads to short-term mindset.

- Invest in your career. Cal Newport in his book 'So Good They Can't Ignore You' talks about building Career Capital. In order to be happy and successful in your career, build up the skills and knows-how that make you valuable relative to others in the same field. Then you can provide great value and also charge more money.

- Be perceived as giving more value than the money you received. This makes your business/work sustainable.

- To build your skills, you need to invest a lot of time and discipline. You also need to understand the processes of Mastery. 

- Investing in yourself is the most valuable use of your time.

- Build up your brain. No one can take that away from you although they need your skills and experiences.

- In modern society where it is getting more service-oriented, you need massive skills.

Different levels of skills

1) Become better at pure skills. Eg better artist

2) Become better at specific skills Eg learning Photoshop

- Soft skills are also important. Develop people skills such as being funny, entertaining, likable, political, savvy and witty. Develop business acumen and marketing skills. 

- Who do you have to be? How do you have to change yourself until you see yourself as a successful artist? Maybe start going for improv classes, read books, practicing with friends and going for networking events.

- But that's still not your Full Inner Game. What's holding you back as an artist? Originality, Creativity and Innovation should be very valuable for an artist but how do you tap into them? You can structure your life. You also have to work through your limiting beliefs. You have to find a sense of confidence in your creative expression.

- Actually it's not that hard. The trick is to figure out what's the challenges are first, then you need a vision of where you are going and break down into small steps to take action on. 

- Make your stuff less mainstream and more quirky. Step out of comfort zone and don't care what others think.

- Change from who you are to who you want to be. It's not just behavioral change. You may still backslide. It's also about your mindset. 

- Think long-term. For example, reading a book may not be worth much in the short term but over the long run, how much value can you get throughout your whole life? 






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@hyruga Good job!  Bringing it back to the beginning.  I was surprised that summary hadn’t been done yet.

Summaries are easier to make if you have a transcript.  This video shows you how to get a transcript off any Youtube video.

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(List and timestamps came from Kevin Godin in youtube’s comments section :D.  The notes and details on policies came from me.  Enjoy!)

”In a barbaric and selfish society, humane solutions seem radical, leftist, and utopian.”

”It’s the corruption, stupid.”

• This is where conscious politics becomes very practical and not just utopian philosophy.

• This list is mostly for America, but the  proposals are very applicable globally.  Some ideas can be implemented today, but some will require 50 or 100 years.  Government is about incremental improvements, not perfection.

• Leo’s not ideological about these proposals.  They seem like they would work, but if they backfire they should be changed.

• List is in no particular order, except the first item which is the most important.


Policy Proposal List and Timestamps:

• Criminalization of Money in Politics, and Corporate Lobbying (4:07)

          America is a system of legalized bribery where corporations and rich donors can use their money to influence elections and manipulate the system towards their advantage.  How free are you when corporations have bought out your entire government using billions of dollars of lobbying money?

         Pass a constitutional amendment that bans all money in politics and reinforces one person one vote.

• Abolition of Gerrymandering (9:34)

          Redraw all district lines across the country so that they are unbiased, fair and roughly equal.

• Abolish the Electoral College (11:04)

          George W. Bush and Donald Trump didn't win the popular vote.  In the last few election cycles the things the electoral college was supposed to protect us from actually did the exact opposite.

• Make Voting more Accessible (12:27)

          Make it a federal holiday.  Shorter lines.  It should only take 15 mins to vote.

• Eliminate Closed Primaries and Caucuses (13:01)

          Closed primaries and caucuses limit the accessibility of voting.  We need stronger primaries.  The general elections aren’t good enough.

• Implement a Multi-Party System w/ Rank choice voting (14:36)

          The two-party system becomes very stale and very partisan.  Voting for third parties is basically impossible; you're just wasting your vote.

(Imagine if the 2016 Presidential election was between Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders, and not just Trump and Clinton…)

• Federal Level Propositions (15:45)

          In America, Congress is so gridlocked they don't bring popular issues to vote in the senate or the house.  There are lots of issues that need to be resolved, that have support from the majority of Americans, that could be quickly resolved through federal propositions.  (sensible gun regulation, legalize marijuana, etc)

• Ban Lobbyist holding Public Office (17:48)

          Corporate lobbyists earn millions by lobbying the government, they corrupt government by doing this.  They also get appointed by the politicians and get appointed to various regulatory positions (EPA, Energy Department, Education, etc).  They will undermine those departments and do corporate lobbying while serving public office.

          Once their term is over they go back to the same industry and the same corporation they were lobbying for.  They use all the contacts they developed in office to  further grease the wheels and do even more corporate lobbying, and now they get paid even more.

• Higher Taxation on Extreme Wealth (19:41)

          Stop the erosion of the middle class and the gap between rich and poor.  Society is not improved by having one percent of millionaires and billionaires who have all the power and all the wealth.  That money needs to be put towards elevating other people and improving society.

• Giant-Corporation Taxation (23:56)

          Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, etc hoard tens of billions of dollars in cash.  They lobby the government.  They make various kinds of tax schemes, buyouts and monopolies which all contribute to the problems we have in society.

• Capital Gains Tax, and Passive Income Tax (26:42)

          Currently, hard manual labor is taxed the most yet manipulation of the economy (stock market) and passive income where you don't work at all is hardly taxed at all.

• Eliminate Tax Loopholes and Safe havens (28:13)

• High Taxes on Luxury Goods (29:05)

• High Taxes on Secondary/Tertiary Homes (30:05)

• Taxpayers choose where some of their Tax dollars Go (31:46)

• Stronger Penalties for Corruption/White Collar Crime (34:16)

          Blue collar crime doesn't pose a significant systemic problem to society compared to white collar crime.

          White collar criminals just get fined for, say, polluting the environment.  There are no criminal liabilities for them.  Let them do hard jail time.

• Publicly Disclose everyone's Income (38:17)

• Profit Margin's Accessible to Consumer (41:11)

• Transparency throughout All of Government (42:48)

• Protection and Compensation for Whistle blowers (43:14)

• Transparency on Government Contracts are Awarded (44:30)

          These extremely lucrative billion dollar contracts are oftentimes given in secret.  We need  a public marketplace where every time there's a a new government contract any corporation can bid on it.  Introduce competition.

• Black Ops Programs and Budgets (45:41)

          In America our military is ten times bigger and more advanced than any other military on earth.  We don't need these black ops programs, torture programs, secret spying programs, secret assassination programs.  None of this is necessary.  It’s pure devilry.

• Reduce American Military Budget and Selling Weapons (47:30)

          Cut back on ridiculous, excessive wasteful technologies that are totally unnecessary and overpowered like new nuclear weapons and new jet fighters

          That money needs to go towards building infrastructure internally in the country.

• Denuclearization (50:15)

• Increase Funding to Police/First Responders (50:38)

Need much better training on racial sensitivity, much better training on negotiating and de-escalating situations rather than just using physical force.  Also, higher salaries for all of them so they're less corruptible.

• War Crimes Enforcement and Transparency (52:16)

• Illegal to Torture Globally (52:58)

• Workers have a stronger say in Corporations (54:09)

• Right to Unionize (56:09)

• Raise the Minimum Wage (56:47)

• Strict Regulation of Predatory Industries (1:02:35)

• Enforce Anti-Trust Regulation and Company Competition (1:07:59)

• Special Regulations on Billion Dollar Companies (1:10:47)

• Shorter Limits on Copyrights (1:12:09)

          Giant corporations are leeching off of past creative work for hundreds of years because the copyrights keep getting extended longer and longer.

• Prison Corruption and Rethinking How Prisons Should Work (1:13:09)

          Needs to be thought of more as a rehabilitation centre the way prison is treated in Scandinavian countries.

• Compassion for Refugees and Immigrants (1:16:16)

• Eliminate Poverty, Hunger, Homelessness (1:18:48)

• Environmental Regulation and Ecology (1:19:10)

• A Government Department for Testing Toxicity in Consumables (1:21:40)

• Mental Health Funding - Free Therapy/Life Coaching (1:24:58)

• Fund Organic Farms and Regulate Factory Farms (1:26:56)

• Massive Funding for Infrastructure (1:28:04)

• Massive Funding of Arts/Science. Corruption of Science (1:34:14)

• Equal Rights for Minorities (1:37:06)

• Reforming the Supreme Court (1:37:41)

          Direct voting or elections of supreme court nominees.  Term limits of around 12 to 20 years.

• Term Limits for Elect Government Positions (1:38:34)

• Free Birth Control/Condoms/Feminine Hygiene (1:39:19)

          The cost of these things are so negligible, and not having access to condoms, birth control and feminine hygiene products can ruin so many people's lives.

• Mandatory Paid Family Leave (1:39:58)

• Need Subsidies for Day cares (1:40:17)

• 30 hour Work Week and Work Ceiling (1:40:21)

          If we don't change the structure of how the corporation is organized all the value and efficiency gains will just go to a very rich one percent of managers and everybody else will still be worked to death.

• Regulate Crunching (1:43:00)

• A Massive Overhaul on Education (1:45:32)

         You should be tested for consciousness, love, development and emotional iq.

         No private schools.  Just public schools and make them really good.  If millionaires and billionaires were sending their children to public schools, because that was the only option, they would be very concerned about improving the quality of those schools.

• Change How We Teach in Schools (1:51:47)

          Make discovery, understanding and passion more important than memorizing.

          By the time you leave high school every student has found their life purpose and knows what they want to do career-wise.

• Teach Conscious Relationships, Communication Skills, Marriage Skills (1:54:25)

• Teach Masculinity and Femininity (1:54:49)

          Prevents demonizing the other sex.  Helps with lgbtq issues because a lot of that has to do with finding your balance on the masculine feminine spectrum.  Helps self esteem issues.

• Parenting Skills need to be taught (1:55:42)

• Conscious Politics, Sex Education, Drug Education, Study Abroad  (1:56:11)

• Education on Spiral Dynamics, Developmental Psychology, Life Purpose (1:57:10)

• Free Universities (1:58:59)

• Change How National Success Is Measured (2:01:45)

• End the Drug War, Promote Psychedelic Treatment Centers (2:02:19)

• Massive Funding for Small Business, Entrepreneurship (2:04:06)

          Take away the subsidies for large corporations that don't need them.  Young, budding entrepreneurs have ideas for exciting new inventions and technologies

• Massive Funding for Objective Journalism (2:04:24)

          The lack of serious, objective journalism in mainstream media is seriously harming the entire society and all of our political discourse.  Journalists need to be protected so they can report without being persecuted.

• Broadband Internet for Rural Areas (2:05:11)

• Increase Budget for Space Exploration (2:05:15)

          It's inspirational.  The human race needs something beyond itself to work towards.  The technological innovations will trickle down to the rest of society.

• Fund Meteor Defense System (2:06:45)

• Better funding for National Parks, Museums, Monuments (2:07:22)

• Massively Fund for a Stronger Consumer Protection Agency (2:07:25)

• Free Health Care for All (2:08:15)

• Cheap Government-Produced Generics for drugs (2:08:35)

• Preventative Care, Holistic Medicine, and Education (2:09:04)

• Free Gym Access to All (2:09:45)

• Technology Safety Testing Center, Cloning, Social Media, Chemicals (2:09:57)

• Funding for National Emergencies, Natural Disasters (2:11:09)

• Give Humanitarian Aid to terrorist Countries (2:11:26)

• Help Elevate Other Nations without Exploiting for Profit (2:11:59)

• Not Engage in the Overthrow of Foreign Governments (2:12:50)

• More Amendments, Right to Alter Ones Consciousness, Privacy rights  (2:13:44)

• Social Media/Search Engines to be Treated as Public Utility (2:14:47)

• Seriously Fund Research on Mysticism, Spirituality, Meditation, etc..  (2:15:55)

• Recycling Programs, Ban Nuclear Power  (2:17:01)

• Having Balanced Budgets (2:17:29)

• Fines for Breaking Laws Should be scaled to your Income Level (2:18:52)

          When you’re wealthy enough fines no longer serve as a disincentive because you’re so rich.  That means you can break laws and act like a jerk with impunity.

• Have Proper Gun Background Checks, Gun Safety Checks (2:21:46)

• Make U.S. Territories States (2:23:21)

• Companies Outsourcing Jobs will not get Subsidies (2:23:45)

• Free Kindergarten, Pre-K (2:24:13)

• Equalize Taxes on Online vs. Brick-and-Mortar Stores (2:24:19)

• Regulate AI, Facial Recognition, Genetic Engineering (2:24:38)

• Public Forum for Serious Policy Discussion (2:25:02)

• Regulation on Predatory Advertisement (2:25:44)

• Implement Government Department on Empirical Testing of Policy (2:27:44)

• Universal Basic Income + A Robust Welfare System (2:31:00)

• Overview, World Government, One World Military (2:31:52)

          We want to get to a point where we have a global military force.  Where the individual forces of individual nations are abolished.  This will save an enormous amount of waste.  Right now countries waste hundreds of billions of dollars every single year on useless weapons of mass destruction, just for their own personal defense.

          Imagine if we're able to eliminate war between different nations in the same way that we have eliminated war between different cities.  That money can be used internally, to improve the infrastructure of each country.


Additional Notes(2:37:08)

-Right now, the structure of our economy, society and government incentivizes manipulation and exploitation of human resources rather than original creativity providing value.

-All these policies will raise taxes on people, especially the rich, but also the middle class.  However, in the long term, we're going to end up having lower taxes in total because the funds will be used effectively.

-The goal of government is to make strategic decisions to unrig the system and create an environment where everyone can flourish. Right now many people in America are stuck in crippling poverty or wage slavery because of conditions beyond their control.  (medical bills, no childcare, no health care, no educational or vocational prospects, etc)

-The purpose of all of these policies is to increase freedom.  It’s not some oppressive world government which rules and dominates you.  To truly create freedom you need strategic careful limitations.  Appreciate the complexity of freedom.

-None of the above is yet proper socialism.  We have to acknowledge what happens when corporatism becomes excessive and starts to corrupt the whole system.

-The proper definition of socialism is public ownership of the means of production.  In this system the majority of industries are going to be privately run.  It’s only the giant businesses that are being heavily regulated as they should be.  A business wants to eliminate all competitors and rig the system.  That is not healthy capitalism.  Even Adam Smith talked about this.

-Resources are always being redistributed.  The question is what's the most healthy, harmonious, conscious way of distributing resources?   

            Making it harder to be a millionaire and a billionaire is a good thing.  That makes it easier for working-class people to be in the middle class.  There's bigger problems in the world than billionaires and millionaires being inconvenienced.

-Many of these changes require significant cultural change.  This annoys many people, especially conservatives and traditional people.  Thus the culture wars, gender wars, racism, the SJWs, hyper-masculinity, etc.

            However, these policies would actually be helpful to many conservatives.  Their reactions aren’t against particular policies, but challenges to their identity, which is a separate thing.  Thing is, what is the evolution of a culture or society but the surrendering of various collective identities that people are attached to?

Objection: what will people do once government provides all their survival needs?

            These people will self-actualize.  You can’t truly do that until your survival needs are met.  Life then becomes about a sense of life purpose, helping your community.  Then ultimately it becomes about self-transcendence, spirituality, enlightenment and radiating pure love.

            Living out of fear and scarcity could motivate you, but that's a very crude barbaric animal form of motivation.

Objection: if government is corrupt doesn't that mean we need less of it?

            This is a misunderstanding of the problem.  If you eliminate government corruption is not going away.  You're just removing that balance of power such that all the corruption will now be unchecked in the corporate sector.

            The corporate sector is totally corrupt.  Government is a check on that, even if the government is corrupt it's still a check on the much larger corruption within the corporate environment.

            Government needs to be as big as it needs to be to manage the complexity of the society.  Be careful not to conflate corruption with government.  These are two different things.

Objection: isn’t taxation theft?

            Taxation is not theft because the notion of theft and property rights does not exist without a government.  What libertarians don't understand is that there's no such thing as property rights in the natural world, in the animal kingdom.

            In the animal kingdom might is right.  Anyone can overpower and enslave you.  The whole point of government is to mollify that and make it more manageable.  If you’re living by yourself in the jungle, I can point a gun at your head and say, “I now own your shelter.  I drink your milkshake.”  That's how total freedom really works.

            Property rights are enforced because of government.  Taxation is the cost you pay for property rights that the government secures for you.  It’s a tradeoff between a bit of taxation for the safety and security that government provides.

            You're completely ignoring all the benefits that government provides to you such as roads, bridges, military protections, postal services, natural disaster relief, and so forth.

Objection: With high taxation what will motivate the millionaires and the billionaires to work?  They’ll stop creating jobs!

            These millionaires and billionaires already have enough money that they're not doing it for the money.  These people were driven by a desire for power, maybe a desire for fame, for success, for creativity, for artistry, for entrepreneurship, for the challenge of it, for a sense of life purpose.  If it was just money they would have quit their jobs decades ago.

            The payoff for a human is the psychic payoff that you get from the work.  There's only so much food you can eat at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  At some point it becomes sickening and you wonder what's next.  Then you discover creativity, art, beauty, philosophy, science, life purpose, love, consciousness, spirituality, God and that's when your life really becomes amazing.

Objection: This sounds so utopian.

            This is a long term, big picture vision, with a 100 to 500 year time frame.  So, if your time frame is 10 years then it sounds utopian.  Also, many of these things are achievable even in the short term.

            Evolution cannot be stopped.  It's moving towards higher love and consciousness.  It's just a question of time

Objection: Communism failed in North Korea, the Soviet Union, Venezuela, etc.

            Those countries were grossly underdeveloped, extremely corrupt, at stage red of spiral dynamics.  These policies can only be implemented in a post-orange society.  That doesn't mean we completely eradicate capitalism, but we exhaust capitalism to its limits.  Become conscious of the limits of capitalism.

            Many of these ideas will work, especially in Northern Europe and America because we are already at orange.

            It’s been tried, and has worked, in Scandinavian countries, Canada, and certain progressive cities and states in America (California, Washington, New York).  It’s not an accident that Washington state, NY state, and California state are some of the wealthiest states in the in the country.

Objection: Are You Advocating for Equality of Outcome or Equality of Opportunity?

            This is a silly Jordan Peterson talking point, as if any reasonable person would argue for total equality of outcome.  That’s a straw man.  We're talking about equality of opportunity.

            Looking at the outcomes shows you where the system is rigged, so that you can change the system to then produce more equal opportunity.  How are African-Americans doing relative to white people?  Rich relative to the poor?  Inner city relative to private school kids?

            There's a fantasy amongst libertarians and conservatives that we've already solved equality of opportunity and now all these SJWs want equality of outcome.  What a social justice warrior wants is a more fair, equal society, that's less rigged towards the wealthiest at the top and towards those who have traditionally had a lot of power which was white men.  Social justice warriors fighting for social justice has been the cause of basically all political movements since the dawn of time.

            eg: Jews rebelling against the Egyptian pharaoh in the bible.  Spartacus’ gladiator revolt against the Roman Empire.  Jesus standing up to the Roman Empire.  Martin Luther King, Gandhi, the Protestant Reformation, etc.

            What is political history, human history, but standing up against gross injustices?  Standing up against slavery, against various kinds of apartheid, segregation, Jim Crow, oppression of women, Nazi’s, the Holocaust, and so forth.

Objection: Aren't some people just doomed to be failures and screwups?

            I'm not saying that we can fix everybody, that everyone's going to be enlightened and loving.  The point is not to fix everybody, but to create a system of regulations, rules and infrastructure to make it easy for the majority of people to evolve.

            Lifting oneself up by one's bootstraps doesn't solve all collective problems.  The government is going to provide you the boots and the knowledge you need to pull yourself up.

Objection: Won't all this be resisted by the status quo and impossible to implement? (3:29:27)

            There's always resistance to change, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to change.  It's a fight.  Some lose, some win, but in overall scheme things are improving, getting more complex and becoming more whole and more unified at higher levels.

Objection: This is more radical than the SJWs and typical leftists.

The issue isn’t whether it's radical or not.  The issue is what's right.  What's going to lead to higher consciousness and more love?  When you're stuck in a shithole greatness seems radical.  When you're barely able to make ends meet some vision of being a millionaire seems radical, seems impossible.

            Greatness is a radical thing.  That's why vision is one of the most important things.

Now, how do you take all this information and make it something tangible?

1) Stop blaming and demonizing others for the problems of society.  Accept responsibility for collective issues.  Go beyond shallow partisan debates.  Notice that all ideologies are inadequate and partial.

2) Educate yourself so you can go beyond shallow partisan debates.  Read books, watch videos, study history, philosophy, sociology, psychology, spirituality, social science, economics, developmental psychology.  Have a sense of history to understand the complex topics brought forth in these last four episodes.

3) Find high quality sources of news and journalism .  Don't just skim through youtube or facebook.  Subscribe to high quality newspapers, magazines.  They need you to support them. Right now journalism is under attack.

4) Make sure you vote!   That's probably the most important practical thing you can do after you've educated yourself.  Go vote, but not just for president, but in the primary elections.

            Do research not just on presidential candidates in the primaries, but also on representatives, congressmen, elected judges, and other various kinds of minor roles that most people don’t know about.

            But, who should I vote for?   Vote for who you perceive as the most loving, conscious, selfless and the most spirally developed.  Nothing else really matters.  Their policies are somewhat important, but what matters is their level of development and consciousness.  Study spiral dynamics to understand what development levels look like.  Also, step outside of your ideology and personal preferences.

5) Donate to the most conscious candidates and politicians .  Not just at the federal level, but also the local level.

6) Consider volunteering or even running for office.

            This can be a sense of life purpose, helping to perpetuate conscious government and conscious politics.

            Trump's victory in 2016 awoke people to how complacent we’ve gotten about our politics.  We just expect politicians to do everything for us.  So we don't volunteer, we don't donate, we don't follow the news, we say that's someone else's problem.  But democracy doesn't work that way.  If you want that kind of government then what you want is a dictatorship.

7) Check out Leo’s book list.   There are many books in the politics and the systems thinking subcategories.

8) Purify yourself of your own devilry, selfishness and corruption.   Corruption isn't just some force that exists out there perpetuated by some evil globalists.  Corruption starts with you.  How do you expect government to be conscious if we never talk about spirituality and politics together?

-You’re part of this larger super organism.  You have some larger responsibilities and this is not a drag.  It's an exciting opportunity for your life purpose, and ultimately for your spiritual purpose, which is to be an example of consciousness and love.

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That's a lot of work, thank you @FlyingLotus


Spirituality is not the renunciation of life

It is the art of living fully


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Posted (edited)

Holism & Holistic Thinking - Part 2


"Aberrations of the human mind are to a large extent due to the obsessional pursuit of some part-truth, treated as if it were the whole truth."

-- Arthur Koestler


Essence: The higher elevation perspective helps melt away problems since new solutions arise which weren’t available before.

Many of your problems stem from a lack of holism and often you don’t see it.


Goal: Experience the shift and start to see how important and serious holism is.

It’s a massive tree trunk and people just dismiss it as a hippy idea of alternative medicine.

You can’t just compartmentalize science from nutrition, diet from psychological well-being, well-being from relationships, etc.

They’re not separate things.


Collective problems:


Environment & ecology

Littering and introducing new animals in foreign territory.

When you don’t see all the interconnections of systems you overlook a lot and things spiral out of control.


Western medicine

The lack of holism is almost criminal, and, in the future, you’ll be able to sue a doctor for behaving this way.

They’ll only look at a very narrow band of problems that you have.

If it matches their little list of symptoms, they might help you.

If it doesn’t, they don’t even think it’s a serious problem.

Holism = health



Consider nutrition as a whole.

Nutrition is not limited to any one of those things.

That which causes you to lose fat does not necessarily mean it’s healthy for you long term.

And being a vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons also doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you long term.

You can be a vegan and eat garbage food. (Fake sausage & cheese, potato chips, sugar)

People get stuck debating the minutiae of these various diets, get tribal about it, missing the big picture.

Fad diets will reduce nutrition down to either calories, carbs, protein, or fat.

There are many different variations of all these.

There's much more data to be listed on the back of products and in restaurants.


Capitalism and business

The way business is conducted today ignores so many important and huge domains and aspects of human life.

Art, spirituality, the environment, health, social well-being and cohesiveness, the health of the society, and ignores the health of humanity at large.

It also ignores the impact that this has on your epistemology and on your worldview.

It's just looking to extract money from these things and isn't participating for the sake of it.



Extremely unhealthy & toxic right now.

Ignores societal well-being, the psychological ecosystem of human minds that it infects and corrupts with the mind viruses that it feeds.

One of the greatest scandals of the last 50 years is the toxic effect that marketing has had on human minds.

A scandal that nobody even talks or thinks about or understands at all.

Zoomers are using technology even earlier than past generations and it keeps getting worse.

All of that combined together leads to everyone shitting in the pool and soon enough we're all swimming in a pool of shit.

It's subtle because marketing is not a tangible thing like a war happening.


"Especially when we're talking about the health of society as a whole, we need to be extremely holistic and take all of these factors into account and find the proper balances."



A lack of holism in geopolitics leads to something like the Iraq war.

War is a lack of holism.



Science ignores metaphysics and epistemology and dismissed these as unnecessary to the work of science.

This is extremely ignorant and unholistic.

The scientist assumes we can keep doing science as we've always been doing it all without questioning the deepest assumptions.

But the scientific method itself hinges upon an implicit metaphysics and epistemology that you have.

Materialism for most scientists and it's taken as truth, the default position.

Our education system doesn't train them any better.

And with that attitude, we keep on doing materialistic and reductionistic science staying confused as to why it isn't progressing, and certain problems can't be resolved.

Those who've gone beyond scientific materialism have resolved the mind-body problem, but to academic scientists, it's still very mysterious and thorny.

Science ignores consciousness and spirituality dismissing them as unscientific and unworthy of scientific study or unexplainable by science.

They think that matter is one thing and consciousness is something else.

Many of the best epistemic and metaphysical lessons discovered 100 years ago in quantum mechanics are not generalized out to other domains enough.

Entanglement, subject-object duality, superposition, etc.



Gödel's incompleteness theorem.

Episode: The Metaphysical Implications of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem

Generalizing it out to other domains requires holism.

Scientists, mathematicians, and logicians are very locked into their own little bubble. This conservativism makes them not care about anything beyond their formalized logic or formalized subdomain.



It ignores spirituality, nonduality, philosophy, and the importance of metaphysical, epistemic, and existential considerations when treating patients.

That's why therapists doing psychoanalysis and talk therapy tend to have very poor results with curing patients.

Usually, the patients have a deeper problem at the spiritual/existential level, at the epistemic/metaphysical level.

Most psychologists are not trained for that and might even consider those things to be nonsense and not real medicine.

They understand human psychology and behavior at a surface level because you can't without deep spiritual work on yourself personally.

You can't be psychologically healthy without understanding the ego and the above.



Logicism during the early 1900s by Frege, Russel, Whitehead, Hilbert.

The idea that mathematics was nothing more than the logic behind it and the shuffling of logical symbols in a formalized way.

Tried to reduce all of mathematical truth to that, miserably failing at it.

Gödel's IT and Russel's Paradox put the nail in the coffin after 30 years of that.

He didn't consider the paradoxical nature of consciousness and of symbolic understanding.


Logical Positivism

All of science can simply be boiled down to simple true or false statements about the nature of reality.

Is the sky blue? True or false? Is the sun hot? True or false?

It's ridiculously reductionistic and ultimately self-contradictory and false.

But at some point, some of the greatest philosophers in the world believed in this.


"This is the history of Western intellectual tradition and how deeply reductionistic it used to be and how badly that failed because reductionism fails. That's the problem with reductionism, is that it keeps failing. And the reason it keeps failing is because reality is a Unity! And if it is a Unity you can only understand it as a whole, not as bits and pieces."


Science ignoring psychedelics

Treating it as though it's an unscientific thing.

"The real breakthrough will be when serious scientists start taking psychedelics themselves and using them to see the limitations of science, that'd be true holism right there, but we're a long way from that."



A lot of ethics are ignored.

A lot of technologies are just invented for the sake of inventing them for business purposes because technology and business are closely related.

It's much harder to do business holistically than unholistically.


Einstein's Relativity

First developed special relativity, a very narrow application of relativity to just velocity in one direction, a very special case.

Einstein wasn't fully happy with that.

What about accelerations, rotational forces, and intuited that relativity needs to apply to those things as well.

Came up with general relativity, expanding the narrow discovery to something much larger.

Space-time and that really gravity was just the mass exerting a distortion within space-time, four-dimensional space.

But we can't stop there…

If he was truly holistic in his thinking, he'd generalize relativity, even more, applying the concept of relativity to everything in the universe.

Including the human mind, science, religion, different cultures, the actual physical existence of objects, and the physical existence of the universe.

Absolute Relativity = Awakening

He stayed stuck within the little domain of physics and didn't break through that.

Episode: Understanding Relativism



Perhaps the biggest source of social problems.

Ignores personal development, EQ, Love, epistemology, metaphysics, spirituality, nutrition, health.

Leading you to believe, after 12 years of ignoring these, that 'they don't even exist or if they did they would have taught me!'

Really the education system should be Actualized.org curriculum.

Actualized.org spawned rather organically from Leo's holistic orientation and interest in researching and finding the deepest lessons that one can learn in life.


Scientific studies in general

They're extremely narrow and unholistically designed leading to very narrow results which can easily be recontextualized in the future by other data and studies.


Individual problems:


Living a hedonistic lifestyle & eating junk food

You're not thinking about how this affects your longevity, health, how this contributes to your ability to do your work and fulfill your life purpose, to love and have sex, to raise children.

Same thing with when you're not exercising.


Staying at a job that pays very well but doesn't satisfy you

It doesn't satisfy you because it doesn't align with your life purpose and highest values.

This is the bigger problem that needs to be addressed.


Workaholic lifestyle

Seems nice at first thinking in terms of the next year or two but thinking about your career and business and your productive output over the span of your entire lifetime these things are laughably stupid.

Not considering how their work connects with their relationships, marriage, sex life, health, children, friends, family.

You need all those things to be in balance to have a happy life.


Avoiding going to the doctor


Starting a work project but then losing track of the ultimate goal of what the project is about

It's very easy to get stuck in one thing.


Being cheap when hiring employees

This requires a long-term holistic approach.


Lying in relationships

A long-term honest relationship can't be built on lies.

An unholistic person is not thinking about how to sustain the health of the relationship.

Not just from your selfish personal needs.

The third holon is the relationship itself which requires a lot of selflessness.


Pickup community

Ridiculously unholistic.

All about the male perspective, as though the female perspective isn't even important.

Gamers can get laid effectively, but when it comes to having deep fulfilling relationships with women, these pickup guys are so far away from being able to do that.

In fact, pickup makes it even worse because it trains you with a very unholistic, deeply self-biased attitude towards sex, dating, and relationships.

Episode: A rant against the pickup community


Staying married for the sake of children


Ripping off your customers when doing business

Not going to work out long-term.


Dismissing the importance of theory

Your practice will be very limited.

Theory shows you new ways to practice and allows you to introspect deeply about your practice and that maybe it's useless.

How do you know the practice you're doing is the best one? Only through theory.

An unholistic duality.

Episode: Theory vs practice balance


Loans and credit

Super unholistic economical idea both collectively and individually.


Not doing spiritual work

Can't just skate by without any existential consideration.

You'll suffer deeply because of this especially when getting older and facing death.

The last few years or decades will be one of your most miserable years.



The duality between the individual and collective level is itself brokenness and fragmentation in consciousness.

Think of them as the two strands of the DNA helix.



How many problems in the world are the result of unholistic thinking?

How many of your personal problems, or the problems of people you know, are the result of unholistic thinking?


Beware of teachings, endeavors, or projects which are not holistic:

Success-based, materialistic, self-help teachings or business of that same nature.

Western medicine, physics, mathematics, philosophical schools, religions, or even spiritual schools, cults, and political ideologies.

Buying into any of these things too much and taking them as the ultimate truth is going to lead to problems; disease, suffering, and brokenness.


Why is what's being said in this episode so important?

Lack of holism = paradigm lock.

What's defined as "evil" is defined by whatever paradigm you've locked yourself into.

The most powerful tool for breaking out of these paradigms is holism.

This ultimately leads to jailbreaking the mind, infinite holism.

The mind jails you by getting you comfortable in a less than infinitely holistic way of thinking about reality.



Corruption = a lack of holistic intelligence.

Episode: How Corruption Works 


Catch-22 of holism:

"Thinking holistically requires appreciating the value of holism. But, to see and appreciate the value of holism requires that you're seeing holistically."

Hence all the examples of how problematic it is to not be infinitely holistic in your understanding of reality.

It directly leads to suffering for you and for all of mankind.

It's a hedonic treadmill, the path to hell.

The holistic path leads to the opposite, not easy, requires wisdom, but deeply rewarding.


Many aspects of life and reality cannot be understood without significant holism:

Sexual dynamics between men and women within relationships.

Conflict and war.

Trauma, evil, corruption.

How to create a healthy society.



If you value understanding you have to be holistic.


Components of holistic thinking:

Taking all levels of being into account, the higher and the lower.

Taking responsibility for everything, which makes it so challenging.

Awareness of your effect on the whole.

Internalizing externalities.

Accounts for systemic emergent properties. (Example)

Accounts for backfiring mechanisms, counter-intuitiveness, and non-linearity of reality.

Sees how the part fits into the whole valuing both the whole and the parts.

Sees how all dualities must ultimately all reunite.

Requires a long-time horizon, vision-logic.

Requires considering relevance, priority, context, and balance.

Requires considering the greatest good for all without selfish needs.


Do you genuinely care about the whole?

Are you willing to be selfless for the sake of the whole?

The highest leverage to becoming holistic is first and foremost to solve your survival challenges permanently in a healthy way.


Different degrees of holism:


Politics is about fighting off those evil other guys.

Politics is about money, sex, power, and domination.

Politics is about creating a better and fairer society; it's about reducing suffering.

Politics is about elevating the consciousness of mankind and increasing collective love.

"Our politics is so fucked up because virtually nobody understands this."

Politics is about the Universe becoming ever more self-conscious, self-aware, and interconnected with itself, ultimately leading to infinite Love.



Science is about manipulating reality.

Science is about measuring things.

Science is about understanding nature and all of its different phenomena.

Science is about expanding our understanding of the physical universe.

Science is about expanding our understanding of life and consciousness.

Science is the Universe becoming conscious of itself as God and Love. Science is identical to spirituality.

"Science is God exploring itself because it's curious about itself because it's in love with itself."


… everything is done at different levels and tiers of holism -- filmmaking, game design, writing, sex, etc.


How to develop holistic thinking?

Ask higher quality questions.

Episodes: The power of asking questions, Contemplation, 64 most fascinating questions.


Psychedelics, awakening, God-realization, spiritual practice.

Psychedelics are especially powerful at increasing your holism.


Developing your intuition.

Episode: How to harness your intuition


Don't sell for one-dimensional, linear, reductionistic, dualistic answers.

Keep questioning, keep wanting higher answers, this will push you to explore new perspectives and read.


Study many perspectives.

As many perspectives as possible. It'll expand your appreciation for the diversity of perspectives.


Deconstruct the materialistic/mechanical paradigm.

It's straight jacketing your holistic thinking ability.


Study systems thinking.

Episode: Intro to systems thinking.


Start to consider externalities and collateral damage.

Learn from Ken Wilber, Fritjof Capra, David Bohm, Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, etc.


Step outside of your survival concerns

The highest leverage to becoming holistic is first and foremost to solve your survival challenges permanently in a healthy way.


Study your own self-biases

Episodes: Self-bias, Developing introspection.


Develop a long-time horizon


Look for top-down, bottom-up, and sideways causal forces


Eliminate judging and criticizing as much as possible

Nothing will hurt your holistic thinking ability more than judging and criticizing.


Adopt Ken Wilber's attitude of "everyone is right."

In partial ways and in different degrees.


Questions to help you think holistically:

How are X and Y interconnected?

What is the big picture here?

What is the larger context of this?

What is the ultimate point of all this?

Why am I doing this at all?

How is this a part of something larger? And what is that larger thing?

How does this part serve the larger whole?

How is this part of a duality?

How will this boomerang?

What is best for the health of the whole?

How should the parts be rebalanced for the good of the whole?

Which parts are out of balance leaching selfishly from the whole?

How is this fragmented? How can it be unified and healed?

How am I drawing the boundary of the system? How can I redraw the boundary to expand the boundary?

How am I involved in the situation?

How would God see this situation? God's thinking about a thing is unbiased, selfless, unattached, fearless, benevolent, all-loving, all-understanding, non-judgmental, self-accepting, and seeking exquisite balance for the good of all.

This question is especially powerful because this is the power that created the entire universe.

How can I better serve the greatest whole?

Align your life with that question to ace life.



Studying the whole for personal gain is not holism, it's devilry.

You can't separate holism from selflessness.


Distinguish holism from Holism.

holism = as the polar opposite of reductionism, creating a duality.

Holism = incorporating reductionism into it and the unholistic people and things going on everywhere.

Holism is so high that it even integrates evil.

holism still thinks that there is a good and a bad, which isn't truly Holistic.


Holism requires surrendering a lot.

All the robbing, scamming, hurting, attacking, killing, enslaving, and exploiting is just an aspect of Yourself, the Universe.

Different manifestations of Love at various densities.

This would be true Holism.


The ultimate form of Holism isn't thinking at all, but pure infinite Consciousness.

Your state of consciousness determines how holistic you are more than anything that you think.

It's still important, but there's trans-rationality.

The changing of your state of consciousness is actually the highest lever you can pull to become more holistic.

This is why psychedelics feel so holistic.


In conclusion:

A fragmented mind creates a fragmented world.

To heal the world, we must unify our minds.

The only question is: Do you want to heal the world? Or are you going to say 'not my problem?'


Every problem has both holistic and unholistic solutions.

Be careful not to get suckered into unholistic solutions, kicking the can down the road, multiplying the problem.

"If you encounter a problem in your life that you feel is impossible to solve, most likely it's simply because your approach to that problem was not holistic enough."

How is my thinking not sufficiently holistic enough to crack this problem?


Division, fragmentation, and reductionism are not bad, it's only so in the relative sense.

Nothing is bad, everything is Good.

Highest Good = highest Holism.


"He or she who is most holistic wins the game of life."

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“The more you sweat in training the less you bleed in war.” --Sun Tzu


-A lot of people see developing self-discipline as a drag, or a pain.

               eg: “Leo, all this self mastery stuff is so strict and rigid.  I have to exercise, eat healthy, journal, introspect, maybe get therapy, have difficult conversations with my loved ones, and meditate for hours. 

               It’s like you want me to be a monk!!  But, I want to be free.  I don’t want to work all the time.  Massive action sounds strict and boring.  I want an exciting adventurous life!  How do I get that Leo?”

-Don’t think that by shunning discipline you're somehow creating more freedom for yourself.  That is a big trap.  The problem is, what you currently think of as freedom isn't true freedom.  Wanton pursuit of short term pleasure is actually slavery.  It’s a life of being enslaved to your impulses and unhealthy desires, to your lower self.

-Discipline lets you invest in yourself.  It lets you build skills, habits and relationships.  Discipline is used to create options in your life, which creates freedom.  So, freedom is discipline.  They're both closely interconnected.


Don't think that you can attain total awareness and whole enlightenment without proper discipline and practice.  This is egomania.  Appropriate rituals channel your emotions and life energies towards the light.  Without the discipline to practice them you will tumble constantly backward into darkness. 

— Lao Tzu

-Healthy practices are your only vehicle towards developing true freedom.  It's very naive to assume otherwise.   

-You can't create the kind of life you want when you're always running away from pain.  Surrender to the emotional labor of developing discipline. Notice that if your self-discipline muscles were already developed you’d love it.


”A lazy man does twice the work”

-Most people look for a shortcut.  They want money, fun, profit, a hot witch gf and big muscles up front and without working for it.  They assume the shortcut is the easiest route, but it’s not.  The easy actually turns hard. 

-People without discipline have very, very limited options in life.  They feel very stuck.  Sitting at home, playing video games, smoking pot and eating pizza all day might sound fun.  That might be easy for now, but how long is it going to stay easy?  How fulfilling is it even now?  Even if it’s sorta fulfilling that's not going to last. That's a little bit of ease and comfort now relative to a huge amount of pain and cost later.  So it’s a short-term gratification thing.  You're not thinking far ahead.

-You have to admit to yourself that you're a slave.  If you can’t discipline yourself it means you can’t control your desires.  Your desires control you.  Your desires have you by the balls and they’re extorting you everyday.  You're a slave to your neurotic thoughts, your impulses, your emotions, your mood, your horrible habits.  You’re a slave to short term gratification.  (ep: Stop Being a Victim)

-So start creating consciously instead of a consuming unconsciously and calling it “freedom.”


The gift of self-discipline is that it has the power to take you beyond the reasoning of temporary emotion to freedom.  Think of how empowered you felt on occasions when you haven't gone into the “I don't feel like it” syndrome and you honored your commitments to yourself.  What does “not feeling like it” really have to do with anything?  The combination of love for something with the willingness to do it, to do what it takes to practice it —discipline— results in freedom.

— Michael Beckwith from “Spiritual Liberation”

-The more disciplined you are the more free you feel.  You also worry less because you know you’re taking massive action to accomplish your goals.

-You’re investing in yourself, building inner capital, and appreciating like a stock.  If you do that, five, ten years down the road it will feel very very rewarding.  You can multiply your skills, good habits, relationships and circumstances by tenfold.  That makes you feel awesome.

-True freedom is about expanding the number of options you have in life by developing yourself.

               eg: In relationships.  How plentiful are your dating options, whether short-term flings or a long-term relationship?  Have you developed your charisma, communication skills, emotional fitness, physique, career, friendships, etc?  Do you have an attractive lifestyle?

               If you haven't really worked on yourself then you probably can't attract that partner you truly want.  If you had some real options, would you exercise them?

-Options tend to be limited by default.  It takes work and discipline to create an abundance of options.  If you don’t have that you may settle for something you don't really want.  That gets frustrating.

               If you’re an unskilled newb at work, your boss won’t automatically give you tons of freedom and access to the best projects.  Similarly, most people don’t jump on their first dating app and lose their virginity to a supermodel or to the most superior Chris.

-Ironically, the dread of doing a task takes up more time and energy than just starting the task itself.  The more good habits you install in your life the sooner you can get on that straight narrow path to your goals.  Second guessing yourself and avoiding the pain of work is draining.

-So you need to cultivate an attitude of self-discipline, but not in a harsh self-critical sort of way.  This journey is also done with curiosity, passion, life purpose and playfulness.  This path becomes very fulfilling.   

-Overtime discipline turns into Blissipline where doing what’s best for you is what you most enjoy doing.  (That concept comes from Michael Beckwith’s book “Spiritual Liberation” which was Leo’s inspiration for this video.)

“How much better to pursue a straight course and eventually reach that destination where the things that are pleasant and the things that are honourable finally become, for you, the same.”
— Seneca

“Hard choices, easy life.  Easy choices, hard life.”
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3 hours ago, FlyingLotus said:

or to the most superior Chris

oh, I see watcha did there... ;):o

Miracle:    Impossible from an old understanding of reality, but possible from a new one.

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@peqkno Haha.  Who knew Leo had such strong opinions about the most superior Chris?  By “Leo” I mean the part of Leo that is me amusing myself. 

Leo sometimes talks about beautiful women so I thought I’d add examples for people who don’t respond to beautiful women.

I also like Chris Evans because he’s healthy stage green, which makes up for his uggo face :P

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“Your focus determines your reality.” —Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn

-The Law of Attraction (LOA) states that whatever you think about expands, whether negative or positive.

-You create an emotional vibration with your focus.  This is not some new age concept.  If your thoughts are soaked with negativity, that attitude colors your actions and results in life.  The same happens with a positive attitude. 

              It’s actually a very freaky phenomenon of human psychology.  Your attitude becomes a self fulfilling prophecy, for better or worse.  When you constantly worry about all your problems, you attract more of them.

-Most of us aren’t using LOA properly.  We spend our days worrying, expecting catastrophe and planning against it.  That makes you anxious, insecure and fearful.  When you act from that disempowered position your actions are feeble.

-So, instead of focusing on things you don’t want, shift your focus to the things you do want.  Instead of worrying in the negative, wonder about the positive.  Ask “what if” in an empowering way.

• “What if my business fails.  What if my ideas suck?”

    vs.  “What if my business succeeds and I get to enjoy work and contribute meaningfully to the world?”

• “What if the client hates my ideas?”

    vs.  “What if I do a great job because I'm super prepared and the client refers me to other clients?”

• “What if the party’s lame and nobody likes me”

    vs. “What if the party’s fun and I meet some really cool people?”

• “What if I buy a gym membership but I don't go and waste money because I'm doomed to be fat?”

    vs. “What if I push through the discomfort, get in great shape, start looking like I took the super soldier serum, and girls start checking me out and throwing their bras at my head--ouch!!”

Notice how different each statement feels?

-There’s a difference between acknowledging problems and catastrophizing about problems. Catastrophizing is just spinning your wheels into negativity.  Acknowledging problems lets you figure out a solution so you can focus on executing that solution.

               Also, if you fixate on the flaws of a situation and ignore the good, the flaws can end up crowding out the good.  Like, if your partner has one bad habit and you zoom in on that you could overlook how the rest of the relationship is actually pretty great.

-You’ve got to recondition yourself to focus on what could go right and what you want to create.  This leads to an elevated, empowered mood.  It’s really powerful.  LOA is one of the best ways to work on your subconscious.  You end up projecting positive images of what could happen into your psyche.


Applying LOA

1) Really commit and buy into it for a month or two

See what happens!  Constantly focus on the things you want to create instead of the things you typically worry about.  Apply it with faith, confidence and consistency.   

               “I’ve worried about my problems long enough.  I’m gonna try this LOA stuff because I have nothing to lose.”

2) You’ll find that LOA really works. 

Not because of new age mumbo-jumbo, but because you become confident.  You have faith in your actions.  You're not insecure anymore.  You're excited about what you're doing because you have positive visions of what you want to create.

               You start to impose your reality on the world rather than the world's reality mesmerizing you.  You start to feel really good and you're able to go out there, work on your goals and take action.  You're not procrastinating anymore.

3) You have to be very persistent with it

It takes lots of exposure to LOA to understand it on a profound level and activate it in your life.

4) The more you commit to LOA, the more your subconscious will resonate with that feeling of confidence and joy.

When you create from a sense that everything's okay, you don't have those fears holding you back.  You can take bolder action.  Your inner resistance goes down.  You’re less drained and not grinding or struggling as much.  You develop a good mood and become more cheerful.

               “I own my life.  I'm in control.  I can direct my life because I'm creating a positive vision.”

5) Your actions become smoother and seem more effortless

Things will start to click, almost like magic.  With all that goodness happening how could you not attract the things you want?  That’s why LOA is described as this metaphysical thing where your thoughts manifest and magnetize things into your life.  (Some new agers discount the importance of action, but manifestations don’t just come out of thin air)

               Consistent positive focus improves the quality of your thoughts, which elevates your attitude, which energizes your actions and creates awesome results in your life.

-This LOA positive focus works for everything (wealth, health, relationships, business, etc).  You can attract anything you want by simply focusing on wanting and creating it rather than not having it.

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Holism & Holistic Thinking - Part 1


"When we try to pick out anything by itself we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe." 

--John Muir


What is holism?

"The theory that parts of a whole are in intimate interconnection, such that they cannot exist independently of the whole, or cannot be understood without reference to the whole, which is thus regarded as greater than the sum of its parts."

--Oxford Dictionary



Irreducibility. What really matters is the relationships between the objects and not the objects themselves.

Holism is the opposite of reductionism or atomism. (Treating nature as just a collection of discrete individual objects.)

Reductionism is an implicit part of the materialistic paradigm. (The idea that the universe is real, material, objective, external, and doesn't depend upon the mind. Boiling everything down to something like atoms, so to understand a frog we take it out of its territory and study its blended-up parts under a microscope.)

This is not how to understand reality, because so much is missed, this unholistic way of thinking leads to many dysfunctions and pathologies.

If you believe you can, it's an implicit part of your epistemology and metaphysics you're sneaking in without validation or proof.

Episode: Deconstructing The Myth Of Science - Part 1, 2, 3


The frog will behave differently in the lab than in its natural habitat.

Scientists underestimate the entanglement problem between the scientist and what is being studied.

Your understanding of what the frog is really is in your mind and not existing out there.


There are different gradations of science. Lower and higher quality science.

It's easier and cheaper to study a frog in a lab compared to going to its territory.


School, academia, science, business, healthcare, government all have a bias towards analysis and division.

Your mind can be very divisive or it can be used in a more unitive fashion, synthesizing and unifying things. This is deemphasized in our institutions.

Often we're using analysis to achieve a certain survival result.

This leads to a lot of narrow specialists in the world with lots of technical expertise.

High technical expertise but very little wisdom.

One of the features of wisdom is that it's holistic.


Key lesson: Start to see how important holism is and how little it is stressed in most institutions and areas within society.


Why is holism so important?


Pharmaceutical companies thinking unholistically while trying to find medicines for curing one disease and not paying attention to all the possible side effects on the body and mind because the CEO says it's all about driving up the stock prices of the company and that it's not his concern but the therapists.

Compartmentalizing the problem, treating it as though it's not your problem.

Also, the way we market and push the drug so hard through TV ads so that people who don't even need the drug end up getting prescribed it, get addicted, depressed, and shoots up the school of the daughter of the CEO.

In a sense, everything is your problem.

Holistic thinking requires much more taking much more responsibility for all of your actions and all of the secondary and tertiary consequences.


Disney buying Star Wars from Lukas just to make money from it and no nice overarching vision or conclusions. Why? Because they didn't have a holistic approach to this problem.

The visionary brings to a project this overarching holistic sense of direction, of what they're doing, of vision.

Notice how various forms of entertainment have fallen prey to this. The people who take over reducing the whole thing down by slapping some things together and hoping it will just work out.

By reducing Star Wars like that you're reducing something that's greater than the sum of its parts.


Chess. In a sense chess is a battle for the most holistic understanding and intuition. The most beautiful chess games are those where some great sacrifice is made to come back later for the win.


People who are unholistic paint themselves into a corner easily. In chess it's called a fool's mate, you think you're going to win, but it was just a lure and you lacked the holistic understanding.


Master equations that explain all of life: (34:55)

Contemplate these two for years, it'll keep paying off.

Holism = wholeness = health = healing = Unity = Oneness = infinity = harmony, balance = Goodness = Love = God = Selflessness = wisdom = Beauty = holy = heaven = bliss = peace = happiness

Lack of holism = division = fragmentation = partiality = brokenness = lack of harmony, imbalance = limitation = finite = selfishness = ugly = evil = hell = suffering


Consciousness can have various levels of holism to it. From infinitely unholistic, fragmented, and divided to infinitely unified and everything in between. And depending on where you are on this scale is going to be the quality of your life and how beautiful and holy life seems to you as an individual.

Collectively, as a species, the more unified we are, the more holistic we are the more beautiful our societies will be. The more beautiful our cities will be, the less war we'll have, the more peace we'll have. Peace through unification.

"Unification needs to happen at all holons, higher and higher, until we reach an infinite unity. This is what human history has been about for the last 10.000 years."

First as tribes, then as city-states, then as nations, now we're starting to unify as the globe, which is meeting a lot of resistance.

"The reality is that anything short of infinite unity is going to lead to suffering, ugliness, and limitation.

The whole point of spiritual work is to let go of all your partialities, all of your divisions, which means becoming more selfless, the most difficult thing to do, and when you become completely selfless then you realize that you're God. (Infinitely selfless consciousness)

And the reason you don't realize you're God right now is because you're in a divided, highly fragmented, highly partial sense of consciousness. You think you're a little human, that's separate from the universe, humans, animals, planets, and solar systems.

...This is how to heal the world and how to heal yourself."


Your ego is not fully unified, it's fragmented. One day you're all gung ho about meditating, self-actualizing, eating healthy, and going to the gym. The next day you're lazy, you don't go to the gym, and eat a bucket of ice cream, and don't want to self-actualize. (Ego-backlash)

"Harmonize the situation instead of shaming and guilting yourself, further fragmenting."

How do you fix this? With love. Love is that which can understand, and recognize and accept, integrate through acceptance, through a higher understanding.

How To Forgive Anyone Who Hurt You


(56:20) The essence of shadow work: "Recognizing parts of reality that you've disowned by expanding your consciousness, a more holistic understanding of that situation, and then incorporating it, integrating it, loving it, accepting it, unifying it until there's no shadow."

God is that which has no shadow because it's infinitely conscious of itself. No more warring with yourself and warring with others. You recognize it's the same thing.

The higher your consciousness goes, the more unity you experience, the more blissful your life will be, the more loving you will be with others in your life and with yourself, the more you will accept yourself the happier you will be.

And if you take this far enough your consciousness becomes infinitely unified you will experience heaven, paradise.

What is hell? The absence of love.


"Unholistic thinking creates duality and division, that's the problem."



"Facts don't care about your feelings." -Ben Shapiro

Your facts are very much influenced by your feelings.

It's like severing your head from your heart.

A lot of who you are is in your body, not just in your head. A lot of emotions and trauma are carried in the body.

It's usually your emotions and wounds that drive you deeply subconsciously.

And then you don't take care of those issues in your body, it creates pathology.

It's part of the materialistic paradigm and our education system.

Techniques: Yogic practices, Shamanic Breathing, Bioenergetics.


Popular duality in politics is "the globalist elite vs the ordinary little people".

There's not that much difference psychologically between elites and regular folk.

Most elites are more educated, have more consciousness, and are more developed and loving people than regular folk.

There are definitely deep corruptions within the elites themselves. But no matter how much corruption you see in the elites, the corruption in the lower classes is way worse than in the elites.

That's the key mistake that many Trumpists, and supporters of Trump and right-wing populism make.

This is analogous to the problem that happened with Hitler. His whole spiel was that we wanted to take over Germany from the globalist elites on behalf of the regular folk, that was his whole appeal.

Trump is better than Hitler, but there are deep analogies.

And there's a lot of foolishness to go around on both sides the right-wing and the left-wing.


Criminals vs the good guys, the upstanding.

Demonizing and hating criminals and not treating them humanely creates a shadow.

This increases recidivism rates and makes them become more criminal, especially in the US-

In Scandinavian Nordic countries they get much better results. Much more humane prison systems.

Rehabilitation rather than punishment.

To want to rehabilitate them you have to see the criminal as not separate from you.

If we're holistic and even-minded in the way we see things most of us are criminals in one way or another.

The criminal elements of society are literally just parts of your own psyche as God.


Duality between science and spirituality.

In our universities, anything spiritual is seen as anti-scientific and it's really not allowed within them.

Treated as a joke, unscientific, lack of rigor, lack of truthfulness.

And conversely, in many spiritual circles rationality, thinking, and testing own theories is ignored.

Both camps suffer for that.

For science to fully flourish and to really understand reality at the deepest level it needs spiritual insight, from meditation, yoga, etc.

It needs to consider deep metaphysical issues which are at the heart of science, which spirituality can shed a powerful light on.

The mind-body problem can be resolved through spirituality but cannot be resolved through materialistic science.

And spirituality needs a lot more science behind it. Through rigorous research into psychedelics, yoga, and meditation techniques.


"Unholistic thinking creates conflict, fights, violence, war, racism, genocide, slavery, exploitation and even civilizational collapse can occur from this.

Whereas holism interconnects everything and tells you what is important and what is meaningful in life."


"One of the consequences of this materialistic, reductionistic attitude or paradigm that has been adopted by our culture in the West over the last hundred years especially, through the 20th century and still through today, is that it has tried to demystify nature too much. And in so doing it has stripped life of its meaning or its spirit."

This makes you lose sight of the highest most important thing which is holism, unity, and love. Your spiritual connection to life, not just through your head, but also through your body, and through your emotional system, intuition, and your feminine side.

We've had this schism between the masculine and the feminine. You're not a whole person this way."


The essence of wisdom is that keen discernment and prioritizing the higher over the lower.

The foolishness of our current society is that we've actually prioritized the lower over the higher. Technology, materialism, money, and pleasure and hedonism and raw data, and facts, and information above everything else.

Example: You'll get dismissed going into a university saying that love is the most important thing to study.

To do good science you actually have to be able to feel into reality with great sensitivity and mindfulness.

The solution is not to go back to religion but to find the next level of synthesis and holism which start to integrate the best from religion and the best from science, a higher synthesis of those two.

Without holism your life becomes petty, mechanical, utilitarian, demystified, and dysfunctional, you lose your connection to life, hence the epidemics of depression, suicide, and opioid addiction.

When you rob people of their spiritual connection they just become zombies and robots and then they kill themselves if they're not able to get the sort of success they see people getting on TV.

You literally feel disconnected and alienated from people, society, nature, animals, Spirit, Goodness, the Self, Love, and God.

What you want most of all is you want to feel infinitely connected to everything. That's Love.


"Everything we seek in any domain of life is wholeness and unity."

In religion, we'll have to do the counterintuitive of being selfless and surrendering our attachments and beliefs in for example Christ as being the one true savior or Mohammed being the last prophet.

To then create the true religion that loves all the other religions.

That would heal the world at the plain of religion.


In business, every business seeks to be a monopoly.

To achieve a healthier unity within business we'd have to recognize that it's healthy for us to have business competition, and to have different sectors controlled by different companies and that we shouldn't be buying up and using various kinds of anti-trust method to collude and then to squeeze our competitors out of the marketplace.

We want a healthy economy which has many different companies of different sizes, that creates more innovation, that will actually help to create a better economy for more people, better wages, more inventions and it'll benefit everybody this way.

To do that you'd have to think more holistically.


Every family seeks wholeness and unity which requires more holism.


Science is trying to achieve unity and wholeness. Science wants to understand everything, a theory of everything, but it thinks that it can do that through the methods of science without realizing that it can't because science is not everything. It's self-defeating.


Similarly, in Mathematics, mathematicians want to try to understand reality only as numbers. Without realizing that they're just projecting numbers onto reality. You can understand a lot about nature through math, it's been very effective, but it only gets you so far.

Science deeply suffers from this, because current science and academia don't consider a thing true unless it can be quantified and put into an equation which is called formalization. This is extremely unholistic, reductionistic, myopic, and leaves out the most important aspects of reality.

For example, you can't quantify Love and Infinity, which is what reality is. You can only quantify the finite not the infinite.

Infinity is not a math thing, it's all of reality, of which math is just one subset.


In Geopolitics people seek wholeness and unity.

Less healthy way: Seeking unity by dominating other countries or by exterminating other countries and races and people.

Healthy Geopolitics: Unity through peace, alliances, and mutual agreements. By respecting each other's boundaries and differences and we don't try to dominate everybody else, trying to create a global empire, and trying to put our own country above all the other countries.

This is part of the pathology of the Trump policy of America first. It ends up boomeranging and creating the opposite effect. Americans are only one-tenth of the whole planet. The other nine-tenths will just organize themselves into a more selfless alliance that will ultimately be stronger than America which will then wither away. That's what America first would get you effectively if it would have continued for 50 more years.

This is the short-sightedness of selfishness.


Unity is sought in relationships.

As well as in health.


Language seeks unity.

There's a unification force within currency as well.


This is evolution and life. Unity and division in an infinite fractal all the way up and down the different levels of the holoarchy.

Episodes: Division vs Unity & Understanding Duality 1, 2 & especially 3


Reductionism is easily exploited by devils.

It's very easy to be selfish by deliberately limiting the scope of your holistic understanding to something very small and narrow. A classic strategy.

Using our minds to carve up reality into tiny parts makes it easy for nobody to take responsibility for all the parts.

This leads to pathologies in science creating a fractured view of nature.


Spirituality expands that little circle of concern until it becomes infinite and then everything is your problem and responsibility.


Many people vote on a single issue that they're been fearmongered about. (abortion, guns, etc)

To have a well-functioning democracy we need citizens that are so holistic that they care about the well-being and health of the entire country and even the entire world. Immune against manipulation by devils on single narrow issues.

A single issue is not as important as all the issues.

This requires more empathy, an expanding circle of concern as well as becoming more selfless.


The devil, any deeply selfish organism, creates a very narrow circle of concern within infinite consciousness and then defends that to death.

Most humans create these gross externalities without being conscious of, taking responsibility for, the collateral damage they cause creating a toxic commons for everybody to swim in.


Leadership is nothing other than selflessness, it's one of the most important factors.

Bad leadership is extreme selfishness and narcissism a la Hitler or Trump.


Self-bias privileges one part of the universe at the expense of another.

Episode: Self-bias

"Recognize that your mind carves up reality not arbitrarily and not in accordance with the truth but in whichever way serves your ego best.

This is the antithesis of holism. The reason most people aren't holistic is simply because they're too selfish."


Understanding recontextualization

Another problem with lack of holism is that narrow expertise is vulnerable to recontextualization.

A set of facts without its context doesn't mean very much and when you have an unholistic perspective on the universe whatever facts you have are always vulnerable to a radical recontextualization.

Science grossly underestimates this problem.

A robust and solid science needs to be immune to radical recontextualization.

And then the only way to be immune is by expanding your context until it's infinite.

This means your field has to be the entirety of the universe as a whole.

The more big picture you have the less detail you have and the more detail you have the less big picture understanding.

Like zooming in or out of the Earth. Holism is zooming out.

The power of the ultimate holism is that you zoom out so far that you grasp the whole thing even though you don't understand all the details. In a sense that's omniscience.


There are two ways to use your thoughts: to divide reality or unity reality.

We in our education and culture are biased towards divisive type of thinking.

Which kind of thought do you use most of the time?

Which type of thinking leads to more peace and which leads to more conflict and war?

Which one do you want?


All thought is fundamentally dualistic and incomplete, even unitive thinking.

You can't use the part to grasp the whole and yet still there are degrees of quality to thought, not all thought is equally good.

Incrementally increase the quality of your thinking, making it more holistic, integrative, and unitive, without surrendering your ability to do analysis.

And then eventually your holism gets so high that you recognize that even thought itself is too limited and too unholistic to transcend thought itself.

The highest holism doesn't occur within thought it occurs within consciousness.

The highest holism is infinite consciousness which is beyond thinking.

But thinking is still important!

The more holistic your understanding the better you can manipulate systems towards health and the highest good without them boomeranging on you.

We can't create a healthy society without thinking and holistic understanding of the systems we're dealing with.


Holistic thinking can foresee the counter-intuitive twists and turns that reality takes.

Libertarians don't understand that their cry for absolute freedom boomerangs on itself.

Freedom, as humans desire it, has to be delicately balanced and harmonized with restrictions and regulations to ensure that your freedom doesn't turn into enslavement.


Complex problems require holistic solutions.

Holism generates more robust solutions than otherwise.


Why is the highest intelligence holistic?

Intelligence can be thought of as holistic pattern recognition leading to insight.

It's intuition, the ability to interconnect dots and to see the whole picture of a situation.


Inherent features of the highest intelligence:

Ability to deeply see the context.

Ability to go meta and to transcend.

Ability to self-reflect.

Ability to take on multiple perspectives and higher perspectives.

Ability to be unbiased and selfless.

Equal concern for all levels of the holarchy.


As you contemplate for yourself what intelligence is and as you're experiencing higher levels of intelligence contemplate:

"Why are these things the case & why are they important to the highest intelligence"?



Psychedelics are awesome because they change the neurotransmitters, upgrade them, to ones that offer more interconnections. Interconnecting together more of your mind.

To the point where ultimately the interconnections become infinitely dense.

Every corner of the universe interconnects with itself infinitely such that this circle becomes a completely solid, glowing, white orb of pure interconnectedness.

= God = Love = Intelligence = Beauty = Infinity = Eternity = the Self, your true highest Self.

At this level of interconnectedness and holism the boundaries and physical divisions of everything in the universe collapse.

All is equally you without any bias or partiality or favoritism. That's the godhead, infinite consciousness, complete awakening to yourself as God.

And this complete interconnectedness goes on forever, it's an infinite well of Love that you keep falling deeper and deeper into and it becomes more and more interconnected forever.


Why is holism so rare?

Costs to holism:

You can't break holism down into bite-sized chunks very easily, it requires putting a lot of pieces together and holding them in your mind at once.

Actualized episodes are long because they're trying to bring them all together.

This is mentally overwhelming.

As a devil, you make life easier by not taking responsibility.


It requires selflessness. As a selfish needy person, it's hard to be concerned about anything very far beyond yourself.

Holism requires a transcendence of one's survival, one's biases.

Because at the highest holism you are completely unbiased, consciousness is completely unbiased.

No difference between you getting raped, tortured, or getting a birthday cake. Understandably very threatening to the ego.

Holism requires surrendering yourself until ultimately you surrender yourself so deeply that there's nothing left to surrender. That would be going all the way.

But even increasing your holism still requires surrendering something.

This would be the selfless life, surrendering everything else important in your life, the money, sex, drugs, business, career, house, and children. The only thing that matters to you being to be completely unbiased in how you see yourself.

That would be true selflessness and it would lead to the ultimate Love.

The reason you can't love everybody and everything is that you're so partial, always judging everything good or bad because your self needs to survive as that little thing that it is.

"And as you surrender more of yourself, the distortions that obscure your vision of yourself and reality, fall away, the fog clears, the clouds clear, and what you see is you approach closer and closer to Truth. And at that moment when you completely surrender every single bias you have and every single personal preference for good and evil, and you completely surrender yourself, at that moment you die, and you become the truth. And Truth is complete selflessness, Love, God. That's God-realization.

The cost is all of your selfishness."


You don't select to be selfless because it's going to do something good for you, you select to be selfless because you want to be selfless and that is its own reward. That is the highest wisdom, to see that.

It's the most counter-intuitive thing about the universe, the decision to become selfless. Because everything in your body and mind is screaming for you to become more selfish.

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2. Why Life Coaching Works


Link: https://youtu.be/8cbtMhHpLC8


Coach asks questions. Consultant or mentor gives you specific advice.


Consultant gives you advice for your specific business niche.

Mentor has been through what you're going to through.

Therapy is working with dysfunctional people with more serious mental issues.

Coach is working with someone who's already more functional and taking them to an optimal level.


Asking a lot of questions and not giving any advice.

Relying on and trusting that the client has the resources themselves to figure that out.


Coaching really makes you think.

A lot of times you're caught in your own story becoming stuck on your own road.

An external force to nod you off into a different direction.

It's more objective. Making you see stuff from a different angle.

Coaching challenges your beliefs.


It starts to makes you think and process more consciously and more deliberately.

You are lazy with your thinking. Not very rigorous about introspection.

You're not very deliberate about what you want and don't. Not very deliberate about learning different strategies.

"What keeps you blocked is not the fact that you don't have enough knowledge or awareness of how to do stuff. It's usually just simply the fact that you have your own inner issues that are there, beliefs and experiences, that have all lead you up to the point where you're at right now and created the way you think. Positively and negatively."

Coaching can make you realize what those are until you start working through them.

When someone is overweight it's because they are not thinking about the gym correctly.


Coaching goes well together will traditional self-help. (Books, Seminars, etc)

It's going to be tailored to your specific inner game.

Especially with issues that have been around for very long.


Leo tries to ask questions that make you pause. (Leading questions)

Probing in directions they've never thought about in their branching of beliefs.

Coaching assumes that you have all the answers within yourself.

Getting the client's mind jogging and letting them figure it out.

The coach doesn't have to have the level of specialization of a consultant.

It's more about getting you engaged and motivated.

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