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(Most blog videos are 45-60 mins, some are 2 hrs (of course ;))  Videos are listed in reverse chronological order, for the most part.)


                Epistemology ⁉️ 🤔 💡

• Apr 21, 2021:     Sherlock Holmes' Brain

• Mar 21, 2021:    Why Debates Don't Work

• Feb 25, 2021:     Learning From Partially False Perspectives

• Aug 23, 2019:    My Critique Of Zizek's Critique Of Buddhism

• Aug 19, 2019:    Why Are My Videos So Long?

• Aug 15, 2019:    How To Test For Self-Bias

• Jun 27, 2019:     Sense Organs Are Imaginary

• Oct 22, 2018:     Skepticism & Nonduality

• Sept 16, 2018:   Metaphysics vs Epistemology

• Sept 4, 2018:     All Understanding Is Metaphoric

• Oct 3, 2018:       All Understanding Is Metaphoric - Part 2

• Dec 21, 2017:    Changing Perspectives Destroys Reality (note)

• Dec 9, 2017:      Understanding Better Than Academics


                Enlightenment 🤯

• Feb 29, 2020:   What It's Like To Smoke Salvia Divinorum (note) 

• Feb 5, 2020:     Explaining God For Dummies

• Dec 17, 2019:   Miracle Awakening

• Dec 15, 2019:   Ego-Collapse Awakening

• Jul 17, 2019:     Infinite Love Awakening

• Jun 21, 2019:    DPT: The Other God Molecule  (Summary)

• Jun 11, 2019:    Total Omniscience Awakening

• Nov 29, 2017:   Absolute Infinity Demo (10 mins)


                Life Purpose 💪 😤

• Aug 23, 2021:    Extra Insights About Good Intentions 🤯 (Summary)

• Feb 28, 2021:    Guerilla Business Advice   (Summary)

• Jul 22, 2020:      Requisite Variety & Creative Laziness

• Jul 11, 2019:      Tapping Into Collective Consciousness 🤯

• Oct 8, 2018:      How I Started My First Business

• Sep 10, 2018:    Why Get Rich Quick Schemes Don't Work


                Society & Politics 🌎 🏛️

• Nov 26, 2020:   Conscious Capitalism BS

• Jul 8, 2020:        Deconstructing Property Rights

• Apr 17, 2020:    Why Bernie Sanders Lost (note)

• Aug 21, 2019:   Rethinking Human History

• Oct 23, 2019:    Why The Media Is Corrupt

• Oct 7, 2019:      The Big Picture Of Global Politics

• Jan 23, 2019:    My Political Awakening (Essay)

• Sep 6, 2018:     Inside The Mind Of Trump

• Jan 10, 2018:    Life Lessons From "Life Below Zero" (note)


                   Yoga 🧘🏼

• Mar 6, 2018:    Sitting Posture For Yoga & Meditation (9 mins)

• Mar 6, 2018:    Don't Half-Ass Yoga (note)


                Leo’s Health & Life 🍎 🥗

• Feb 18, 2022:   Explaining Take-Down & New Awakening

• Apr 9, 2021:     Water Fast Ends, Carnivore Diet Begins

• Mar 17, 2021:  14 Day Water Fast

• Feb 5, 2021:     Back From 2 Month Break, Updates   (Summary)

• Jul 21, 2020:     My Health Situation

• Jul 7, 2019:       Do I Doubt Myself?


                   Retreats 🏝️ 🧘🏼 🍄

   Leo’s Retreat at Home: 🏡

• May 31, 2018:   May 2018 Solo Retreat - Part 1

• Jun 4, 2018:       May 2018 Solo Retreat - Part 2

• Jun 8, 2018:       May 2018 Solo Retreat - Part 3 💪


   Leo’s Retreats in Hawaii: 🌺

• Apr 26, 2018:    Second Hawaii Retreat Intro (19 mins)

• May 1, 2018:     Hawaii Late Night Insights 🌃

• Apr 22, 2018:    Conclusion: Mindfucked In Hawaii 🍄


• Feb 25, 2018:    First Hawaii Retreat - Feb 2018 (8 videos) 🌴


   Leo’s Retreat in Arizona: 🏕️ 🏜️

• May 7, 2017:     Solo Retreat Videos & Insights (10 videos)


                Interviews with Leo 🎙️

• Sept 20, 2021:   The Theories of Everything Podcast interviews Leo

                             — Ego Death, God, Reality vs Dream, TOEs, and an "Ask Me Anything.” (Part Two)

• Sept 7, 2022:   The Theories of Everything Podcast interviews Leo

                             — Infinite Consciousness, God Realization, Free Will, and Love (Part One).

• May 7, 2021:   The Charlie and Ben Podcast interviews Leo

                             — Deconstructing Reality, Psychedelic Enlightenment and Spiral Dynamics.


• Nov 20, 2016:  Leo Interviews Martin Ball - Using 5-MeO-DMT To Become Enlightened. (ep.#283)

• Nov 9, 2016:    Leo Interviews Peter Ralston.

• Nov 2, 2014:    Leo Interviews Tripp Advice - How To Be An Attractive Man. (ep.#176)


                Articles ✍️

• Leo’s “20 Dream Killers” article.

• Leo’s "Personal Development Blueprint.”  (covers over 100 Self-Help concepts)


                   Viewer Compilations 🥳

Incredible, Powerful Concepts on Life & 5-MeO-DMT 🤯 

Building a Passionate Life 

The BEST Strategy to Attract SUCCESS 


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@Loving Radiance posted this in the video summaries thread :D

Summary of Blog video: Back From 2 Month Break, Updates

     (uploaded February 5, 2020)

Balance of Creative Work & Rest

Possibility of getting over-satiated from over consuming personal development / spiritual content to the point of just consuming it:

  • This results in not living life anymore as to not experience the whole range of life because the mind is still immersed and is not truly resting.
    • Resting allows getting conscious & self-reflective of one's work by recognizing limitations from a detached birds eye view because of the contrast of work & rest.


Pacing oneself (resting, and working with the right endurance & speed) serves long-term sustainability of creative work output:

  • All areas of life are better to be seen through the lens of sustainability ("Is this area of my life sustainable? If not, how can I make it sustainable?")
  • Undogmatic sustainability includes exhaustive unsustainable work in one area while neglecting other areas (temporary.)


Looking at one's life to be an apple tree:

  • Apples are results
  • Result-oriented approach isn't healthy as only caring about the apples neglects the roots, trunk, branches, leafs...
  • Other parts of the tree are other areas of life that get neglected when one only focusses on the fruits of the work.


Creative work:

  • Is counterintuitive to manual work.  Being pragmatic & deadline oriented eats up creativity.
    • One is most creative (getting ideas & inspirations) when nothing productive is being done
  • Directed with deadlines gets practical (perfectionism is restricted)
  • Seems to be balanced when done in cycles of:
    • Working on a project
    • Finishing the project
    • Time off & resting
    • Work with less creativity needs smaller cycles (diurnally and hebdomadally rather than biannually or annually)



  • That what worked before will not be that which brings your work to the next level
    • Being stuck in your old ways of doing creative work will get your work outdated by the competitive innovative work of other creative people
  • True Spirituality informs & transforms all areas of life like the way of doing creative work.


Role of requisite variety (RV) in life:

  • Definition from Wikipedia, "If a system is to be stable, the number of states of its control mechanism must be greater than or equal to the number of states in the system being controlled."
  • There is not enough RV used when one is stuck on any problem
    • Not enough RV manifests in a narrow uncreative approach
    • Troubleshooting with try & error has to be so much done that success is inevitable (through lateral thinking & trying out a wide range of solutions; there's now equal/higher RV than the problem)
    • Upholding identity is something that often holds back RV
  • Find root problems in your life and apply RV - one solution will work by chance


Working on projects:

  • Requires focus  :o (eliminating all distractions, creating a working environment)
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(This is a really good video about using your life purpose to maximize goodness in the world ?)

      (uploaded August 23, 2021)

     -Some people have been misunderstanding Leo’s latest youtube episode: “Everyone Acts From Good Intentions”

“But Leo, so what if ‘The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions?'  Are you saying that the intention to ‘be good’ negates the evil of mass murder?  So destruction is ‘good’ if you have ‘oh so good intentions, your honour.’  Aren’t intentions pretty shallow compared to destructive consequences…?”

     -What Leo was saying in that episode is pretty radical.  He’s not saying that evil people rationalize their evil as good, but that their behaviour is still evil.  He’s saying that…

       Everything is an incarnation of Absolute goodness.    It’s just an extremely biased, unholistic, twisted, finite, selfish form of goodness.  God acts through everyone and everything.  All people are literally good!!  Even when your mind is rationalizing destruction and murder, it’s actually good.  Actual good, not just evil trying to rationalize evil as good.  Hate and evil are just twisted forms of love, because…

     -Absolute good is all encompassing.  It embraces everything.  Finite good is not like Absolute good.  People define “good” based on their level of consciousness.  So, relative bad exists alongside Absolute good, but relative bad (and relative good) are still finite, selfish points of view.


“But Leo, how can something like caring about the planet still be selfish?”

     -Well, what about the trillions of other planets in the galaxy?  You don’t seem to care about them.  (Also, you’re probably overestimating how much you really care about the planet.)

      Notice how all the good you do is always a finite good, not the Absolute good. (10:40)

eg: Let say you donated to a charity for tigers.  That’s good and selfless, right?  Well, how much did you donate?  Why didn't you donate more?  Why not donate your whole life savings?  That’s finite good, not infinite good.  You don’t love tigers infinitely.  So, your love for tigers is finite you monster :P


Survival and Goodness

     -Basically, you have survival needs that limit your capacity to be infinitely good.  Your capacity for goodness is limited by your empathy, your level of consciousness and especially your survival needs.

     -Notice that you can’t help others in an infinite way, unlike God.  Your physical form puts you in a survival bind.  After all, you can’t be loving and helpful if you’re dead.

     -This doesn’t mean you should stop doing good things because they're finite good.  You also shouldn't become a doormat.  This is just about understanding your limits as a human.

     -In enlightenment work, we experience peak states of love and still have to survive (16:40).  We realize that our day to day level of consciousness isn’t as high as it is in a peak mystical state.  That can make you feel less loving and worthy than someone who’s actually less conscious than you.

      You’re trying to live up to these impossible ideals of love.  Thing is you’re always going to fall short because of your survival needs.  Your love will always be finite and corrupted.  Finite good is still a corrupted form of love (18:38).

     -The finite domain is the material domain.  It’s not fair to expect yourself to embody infinite love in the finite, material domain.

eg: For Leo to film videos for us ?, he can’t be infinitely loving.  He has to be loving in a finite, corrupted way and keep certain attachments.  Otherwise he’d neglect his survival needs, give all his money away to charity, end up homeless and die ?, and there’d be no more   


     -Notice how when you express love it’s still finite, conditional and corrupted by survival.  That’s okay because you’re stuck in a human state of consciousness.

     -The Godhead is infinite and formless, so it can love infinitely and without fear of “losing” its formless form.

     -However, none of this is an excuse to be hurtful and unloving, or to not try to love more.

     -You can increase your capacity to love by raising your consciousness and empathy and recognize the holism and unity of everything.  Psychedelics is the most direct way.  Raise your baseline level of consciousness through meditation, yoga, mystical experiences.

    -Also, removing obstacles to love will make you more loving.  You can do shadow work, release fear, trauma, anxiety, anger, releasing limiting beliefs and judgments about others (sexism, racism, ableism, etc.)

      Reading more books can open your mind and heart.  Same with educating and exposing yourself to more cultures, people and experiences, so you’re not afraid of “foreigners.”


Idiot Compassion (31:50)

     -Idiot compassionate means being compassionate in impractical ways that diminish your ability to help others.  It distracts from your life purpose.  Idiot compassion drains your ability to be compassionate in an effective way.   

     -Compassion is a delicate balancing act (33:00).  To find that point where you are serving the highest good that you can serve given your finite form, your finite state of consciousness, weaknesses, strengths and problems.

     (Reminds me of the episode where Leo talked about Obama’s drone strikes, and why it’s facile and unproductive to demonize complicated situations as “evil war crimes.”)   


Realistic Practical Love 

There’s a realistic, grounded practical version of love.  There are also two extreme traps people fall into:

  1. The “love is some silly hippie notion” camp.  The atheistic rationalists fall into this trap.  They’re so disconnected from love they don’t understand that love is a metaphysical aspect of reality.  That’s very problematic.
  2. The ungrounded new age hippies who think you should always apply absolute love without considering the implications of living in a relative, material world.  They talk about love and peace in an idiot compassion way.

       The idiot compassion group assumes that you just need to be lovey-dovey towards everyone and that solves everything.  They’re confused about the difference between Absolute truth and Relative truth.

       Having an intention to be lovey-dovey and good isn’t good enough.  You’re a finite being with survival needs.  You don’t have infinite money, time or resources.  No one has that, not even Batman.


Be Honest About Your Limits

     -You need to be honest with yourself about your limits.  You’re not unlimited in the material domain.  You can’t drink a glass of poison and survive.  You can’t jump out of a plane without a parachute and drop kick a coven of warlocks.  You have to be selective with how you invest your energy. 

     -To do good in the material, relative domain requires that you allocate a significant portion of your time and energy to taking care of your body.  So, love cannot only  flow outwards from you.

     -Women have this problem because they tend to be more compassionate and fill more of a caretaker role in society.  They can become too giving and self sacrificing.  Leo’s mom is like this!  This ends up backfiring and leads to a lack of capacity to do good in the world.

     -When you’re serving others too much, you don’t take care of your needs and your body deteriorates.  You compromise your mental health and get drained.  You have to be smart and practical about how you express your love in the world. (37:23)


Effective Goodness Requires Exquisite Balance

     -If you really care about maximizing your output of love into the world, it requires exquisite balance and intelligence, there’s no algorithm for it (37:50).  To be good and giving, you need to maintain your poise, groundedness and connection to spirit itself.

      If you’re showering others with love but you have no love for yourself, this will create problems.  You have to find your unique balancing point.

     -To do good in the world, you have to be selective with your time, money, energy and resources.  You can’t help all the children in the world equally, there’s too many of them.  You have to choose which children in the world to help.  You can’t give money to every charity.  You have to make a choice.   You have to be wise about how you give your time, money and resources.

“How would the world be best served by the time and money I’m going to give?”

     -These are difficult questions with no obvious answers.  The whole point of you being alive, conscious and intelligent is to make these decisions for yourself.  That’s the joy and hell of life!

     -Material life is a finite experience.  That means you have to make difficult decisions.  You can’t go to every university, or date every lovely, eligible person, or fulfill every interesting life purpose.  Even one is too much for most people.

       So which life purpose is the best for you, that’s going to maximize your output of love?  Leo’s Life Purpose course can help you with this, but you have to make those decisions yourself.

     -It’s important to see the profound tradeoffs and interconnections between the finite and the infinite.  It’s a dynamic dance between the two.  That’s what reality is.

     -Intelligence is your capacity to see and maximize goodness, love and how it's expressed. (41:50) That’s the true definition of intelligence, not IQ.  The ultimate puzzle that intelligence is trying to solve is how to maximize love and goodness.  That’s the puzzle of your life.

     -All the decisions you make in life can be framed with this question: “How do I maximize love and my expression of love?”  Find wise ways to maximize love in the finite domain.  It’s very different than how a fool expresses love.


Wise vs Foolish Love

     -A fool tries to maximize love in foolish ways, like injecting heroin, or eating greasy cheeseburgers, or robbing someone’s life savings to spend it on a Maserati, or promoting toxic forms of picking up women.

       A fool may discover, eventually, that none of those ways are very effective.  They come with side effects and terrible consequences.  They don’t produce love consistently, and they don’t produce the highest levels of love either.  There are also costs that you pay, for the rest of your life, that outweigh the little bit of love you get in the short term.

     -The wise person wises up to the foolish ways he’s been trying to maximize love.  The cheeseburger drains your health, so the wise person will sacrifice taste for energy so he can funnel that into his life purpose.  He trades the love he would have gotten from the cheeseburger for a higher quality of love from his life purpose and the meaningful impact he’ll have on others.

      You could trade drugs like heroin for psychedelics.   That could lead to Kriya yoga or meditation.  You can bootstrap your capacity to love this way, inching your way up bit by bit.  You’re solving the puzzle of love.

     It takes a high degree of intelligence not to eat that cheeseburger, or give into vices and instead work on your life purpose (45:23).


Solving the Puzzle of Love

     -As you solve the puzzle of love, you become more loving and happy.  Love is all you want.  It’s what really makes you happy.

     -There are also different gradations of love.  If you’re a low consciousness person, you’re satisfied with low forms of love.  If you’re a high consciousness person the low forms of love no longer satisfy you.

  • eg: If you’re a low consciousness person with no interest in growing, you might be happy with just going to bars and hooking up everyday for the rest of your life.
  • If you’re mature, you’ll realize that’s not fulfilling and you want a deeper form of love.  Maybe you’ll get married, and have children.  After a while you might take up psychedelics and yoga.


Stuck at a Level of Consciousness

     -A lot of people are stuck at a certain level of consciousness and they don’t want to raise it.  If you give them a high level of love it will freak them out and plunge them into an existential crisis.

     -To experience the higher forms of love requires maturity, wisdom and intelligence and very little fear.  There’s a trade-off between love and fear.  You have to be willing to surrender a lot of attachments.

     -To a dogmatic, close-minded religious person, the highest forms of love will feel like hell.  They’re super attached to love looking like their religion or to a finite form of God.

     -Bad psychedelic trips can happen if you’re scared, close-minded and resistant to love.  Hell is being disconnected from love.  That’s why you need to do prep work to make the best use of psychedelics.  The infinite love will still be shocking and scare your pants off, but it won’t be hellish. (ep: Dangers of Psychedelics.  Summary is here.)

     -If you have twisted understandings of the world and of people, you won’t open yourself to love.  Dense minds with big egos and trauma, fears, toxic ideologies, will need a gradual process of development.  However, if you’re really advanced you may not need a long, drawn out process and can get straight to the love. is all about raising your consciousness, opening your mind, and growing your capacity for love.  It’s about experiencing infinite love without recoiling in horror.  Even the episodes that seem philosophical or technical are about that. (50:18)

     -So, good intentions aren’t just rationalizations.  They come from Absolute good and ARE good.  It’s just finite, partial and biased.

     -If you want the unadulterated, impartial, unbiased, Absolute kind of love, you must become formless.  If you realize that you are the Godhead, you’ll have the best of both worlds.  You can bring the Godhead back into the finite, material world.  It’s all about how much love you can handle, and how you want to manifest that love.


Finite Doesn’t Mean Inferior

     -Finite manifestations of love are not inferior (53:50).  They’re less total, but “inferior” is a judgement you’re putting on it from your finite human self.  One doesn’t have less value than another.  The finger isn’t less valuable than the hand.  It’s smaller, it’s different, but not inferior.

       The value of everything in the universe is the same, according to the Godhead and Absolute love.

     -From the Relative perspective, certain forms of love are “inferior” because they interfere with a larger purpose, which is to create a peaceful society.  So terrorism is an inferior form of love compared to charity work.

       It’s inferior from the Relative perspective, from the goal of constructing a good, happy thriving society.  From the Absolute perspective terrorism not an inferior form of love compared to charity work, or anything else.

       To the Godhead, everything is of equal value because all parts are necessary.  No part is more important or above any other part.

      You need to know the difference between Relative and Absolute truth.  Know how to distinguish them properly, but also know how to collapse them when necessary. (ep: Relative vs Absolute Truth)

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3 hours ago, Ohsee said:

Just what I was looking for, thanks! 

You're very welcome ?

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Summary for the blog video "DPT -- The Other God Molecule" can be found in: ? on Psychedelics?

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16 hours ago, Matt Skinner said:

Did Leo remove all of his blog videos? :(

I think something is wrong with the video sites he uses to stream videos on his blog because the videos on the life purpose course are down too.

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Blog videos and LP videos seem to be working now.  There was a problem with Vimeo hiking their prices by 625%.  You can read about it here:


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Bumping this so more people can watch these videos

You are a selfless LACK OF APPEARANCE, that CONSTRUCTS AN APPEARANCE. But that appearance can disappear and reappear and we call that change, we call it time, we call it space, we call it distance, we call distinctness, we call it other. But notice...this appearance, is a SELF. A SELF IS A CONSTRUCTION!!! 

So if you want to know the TRUTH OF THE CONSTRUCTION. Just deconstruct the construction!!!! No point in playing these mind games!!! No point in creating needless complexity!!! The truth of what you are is a BLANK!!!! A selfless awareness....then that means there is NO OTHER, and everything you have ever perceived was JUST AN APPEARANCE, A MIRAGE, AN ILLUSION, IMAGINARY. 

Everything that appears....appears out of a lack of appearance/void/no-thing, non-sense (can't be sensed because there is nothing to sense). That is what you are, and what made of that. So nonexistence, arises/creates existence. And thus everything is solved.

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She was amazing, she did a lot in a short period. We need someone else to step up to take her place.

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We had Mulan on the forum before i came

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On 9/14/2023 at 2:47 AM, LSD-Rumi said:

She was amazing, she did a lot in a short period. We need someone else to step up to take her place.

Awww, thanks!  I appreciate that.  I've been meaning to comeback and update all my threads, but it will take many days to make all the changes I want to.  Especially since forum crashes made most of my emojis disappear 😢

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On 1/31/2024 at 6:54 AM, Ash55 said:

We had Mulan on the forum before i came


On 9/12/2023 at 9:03 PM, Razard86 said:

Bumping this so more people can watch these videos

Thanks @Razard86


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