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  1. List of 300+ emotions and definitions: AGFLAP-CAP List of emotions (Used for example with The Sedona Method): List of Emotions from Byron Katie (to be used for example with The Work): Also available in many more languages by clicking on the download button on this site: @Nahm shared this Emotions Scale: (somewhat similar to David Hawkins Map of Consciousness: Bodily Map of Emotions:
  2. For anyone seeking a reason why to live passionately. Just attended this free course called Lifebook Masterclass, hosted by Mindvalley: Benefits: Get your ass inspired! Get it really inspired! You can do it! (and it seems like it outlines a lot of structural similairty to Leo's Life Purpose course, though different) I know it's also serves the purpose of a sales video, although inspiring and good content. Sorry if this somehow violates any forum guidelines, don't mean to.
  3. Y E L L O W Futures Thinking - 6 Pillars:
  4. What I find most remarkable about is that Leo actually embodies and uses the things he shares is his videos. For example watching the Life Purpose Course after watching the Spiral Dynamics videos makes me laugh seeing how Leo uses the exact same words mentioned in the series which resonate with Green and Orange. It got all recontextualized. There already were parts that took us meta on what’s going on here (for example why this isn’t a cult). Titles: — The Making Of — How the Sausage gets made — Behind the Scenes To cover: - running a high consciousness business (whom you work with... ) - how you think about the art of it (thumbnails, ...) - what you think about shooting video, how you choose topics, how you serve your niche, ... ... If anyone has better behind the scenes topic ideas, add below. Already covered in other videos: How I do research. Inspired by the Content vs Structure Episode. Show us how this sausage gets made Or maybe this is an idea for Patreon. Thanks for the amazing content.
  5. And Part 2! btw. for a brief text only summary of Part 1: CultPsychology2-nometa.pdf
  6. Here's Cult Psychology Part 1 and Part 2 For the most part these are hand-written notes with doodles (.pdf cause .docx is too big in size for an upload) CultPsychology1-nometa.pdf
  7. Explicit vs Implicit Understanding Explicit-vs-Implicit-Understanding.docx
  8. Meta-source as in sites or wikis or dictionaries or people pulling from a bunch of other sources and a wide range of disciplines. I found this to be a great resource thus far, reaching a lot of topics from learning to business, persuasion, storytelling, strategy, creativity and much much more (it’s enormous). Here’s for example Joseph Campbell’s ten commandments of reading stories.
  9. What do I mean by mental imagery? As one specific example: when closing my eyes I see myself sitting on a shrine or red colored temple up in the brown mountains near a cliff. There’s pink cherry tree petals falling from the sky. Then I am drawn towards the cliff, jump into the dark and take a plunge, arms and legs spread out life flying. Into the abyss. (The character I see is a resemblance of me somehow, viewed from like a 3rd person perspective.) Imagination just goes towards such imagery, it’s not much of a conscious act. I’m curious about some people here being able to navigate life through that kind of imagery. I wonder if it relates to “vision logic” which Leo mentioned in the implicit vs explicit understanding video. Personally as INFJ MBTI personality type, I wonder if it has to do with the Ni function. (If those tangents are of any use.) Well, I’m clueless. What’s there to learn about mental imagery? How do you use it in your life? (This mustn’t be related to the kind of imagery I used for the example above.)
  10. Same here though it's getting remarkably better with breathing exercises, some yoga asanas and stretching (after amazing results in a osteopathic therapy session). What I use as a morning routine are "Dr. Fulford's 7 daily exercises" (for breathing deeply and getting rid of tensions). They were recommended to me by an osteopathic physician. Though it's best when someone can show you correctly how these are done or if you're able to do them. I haven't found better online sources than this excerpt
  11. Something I've been wondering lately. At times I tend to see someone else "in front of my mental eye" as like the self-image. It seems as though I'm picking up their patterns. I remember it being that way even around like 3 years old, where "in my mind(?)" I spoke like a girl from kindergarten. Right now patterns are putting with my hands in the pockets of my trousers/pants or like looking upwards with eyes wide open, nearly rolling the eyes. And when that happens thought pop into mind like those of a friend or a girl I used to date whom I have experienced doing this. Like totally picking up on those things they did. Also when lying down and stretching I see someone else in my mind doing it, doesn't matter which gender ( maybe could do with animals too) Does anyone experience similar things? Usually I do not see myself as an image in my head (well, now writing this I imagine). Is that a sign of weak self-image? Or like compensating for those people not being there? Like as though the self-image somehow fused with them, or patterns to keep me feeling safe or company. Sorry if this now added to more confusion Well, if someone has insights on that or ways to investigate it further I'd be happy to hear. Have a great day.
  12. On Segregation: On the US voting system To build a better ballot: The Wisdom and/or Madness of Crowds: ... All of it: There's even a game on some of Wittgenstein's Insights, though it seems longer and isn't online.
  13. Robert Fritz and Structural Dynamics "The underlying structure of anything will determine its behavior." (i.e. not prior events. imo)
  14. Better is relative. What do you mean exactly? Your reply did offer some insights too. How did you come to talk about blue? I find that interesting. Tbh I use to think I've been living under a rock for most times in my teens (Watching too many children TV shows) and do seem to not get most assumptions people make about usual stuff. Or the plain obvious to them they do not even notice. So, I would have to ask questions as "what is dating" even?
  15. @assx95 I'll leave a better reply later on after rereading and relfecting some more. I do think you hit some of the major issues going on. How have you discovered those dynamics in yourself then and connected those dots? And what changed it? Also: Sounds familiar. Would you recommend reading "No more Mr. Nice Guy" or is there another recommendation you could make?