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  1. Using livestock to combat desertification. - Creative new idea - Studying other scientific fields - Holistic solution (for the whole spiral)
  2. @Shiva Did you try BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)? Heard it 'weakens' lipid encapsulated viruses such as herpes. Found this:
  3. @Jordan94 Calories don't matter that much in gaining or losing weight. It's about the food quality (nutrient density) and removing chronic stressors (like lectins in nightshades or other "antinutrients" that cause inflammation). or @MIA.RIVEL Thank you. Already have researched and experimented with it for some months. Was curoius about even longer fasts or daily like 20h+.
  4. Thanks for the reply! Got some new insights there. I use the Bulletproof Roadmap for which foods to eat/avoid.
  5. Really, everything and anything has an impact on your biology, so it depends on your goals and how YOUR body/mind (re)acts to everything. - Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training - Sleeping in a pitch black room + no blue light exposure 2 hours prior - Dual N-Back Training for increased working memory - Meditation - Nootropics - Deep Squats 3 min a day, Hanging for 7 min a day - Using toilets in a squatted position - Using all kinds of technology and gadgets (sensory deprevation tank, vibration boards, EEG, ozone therapy, ...) - Things Leo talks about - Everything you eat combined with timing combined with lifestyle - Implanting a magnet under your skin, to attract more cash and improve your financial situation Not only do these impact your biology, but they impact each other. Don't do cold showers (cold exposure) 4 hours after exercising if you don't want to lose some gains. If you want a specific result implement as many things potentially leading to it as possible and then if you obtained the result, systematically remove some, to see which actually give you the desired result.
  6. Are the two contradicting each other? As of now muscle. So OMAD i'd guess? I'm just a little scared of losing more body fat than considered healthy doing any of the above. Or maybe things go full-circle and I loose so much fat that I start gaining some.
  7. What does one have to take into account? Me personally: Low body fat and some muscle mass (gains through body weight training). Diet mostly low carb. Should I do OMAD or Fasting?
  8. Have you heard about Dual n-Back Training? Check it out: There are also apps for your phone. I tried it. You may get mentally tired..
  9. Hi Forum Members. I'll take you some years back. So in 8th grade we read "Nothing" (about nihilism) by Janne Teller in school. The novel portrays the story of how a group kids' mind create meaning and they pile up objects that have 'meaning'. Only for it to take some fanatic turn, and in the end they either sell it or burn it down. - I can't recall. Somehow after reading that, while doing my year long routine of getting a friend out of his house to play some ball games - It hit me. I remember (hard to put into words) having this insight (1): (In my words now - only a fraction) we all are just animals, playing like animals, behaving like animals, doing routines like animals. In my childhood I was a lot around (farm) animals and observed them - mostly catching kittens. So I kinda had a depressive period (I wonder now, I can't recall much). Thinking, thinking, thinking about what life's purpose is. Some classmate said that it's something you give yourself. So after days of thinking/debating with myself what it could be - I came to an conclusion, AND I forgot the very next day!!! All I remember was thinking about friends family, bringing joy to them, helping people - suddenly the frustration was gone and I had a fulfilling answer (2) for that time. AND I forgot the very next day!!! Story goes on: I told myself life is meaningful. For I had found an answer, I just forgot. I was still kind of depressed, and I chose to change attitude. I heavily reacted against the thought of being an emo (whatever that meant for me then - only depressed, black hair, pale skin, cutting myself *don't want to offend anyone I don't know personally*), and chose a more 'winner/no fucks given'-attitude modeled after a friend of mine. The journey bagan! Rebirth! **Seems as though an old ego died and a new one created itself... Still had some depressive periods afterwards, but my mind likes to tell me im super stable for having found a purpose for life - although I don't remember it anymore. Was that (1) an enlightenment experience? Did I go Nihilism full circle (2)? What do you guys think? **Seems like a lot of self-deception and misusing of valuable insights to me, sadly Do you think I still have the "old ego" as a shadow or did it die? Think it would benefit me re-reading the book from where I am now? (I through the book away thinking it was garbage for what it 'did', although the plot seems interesting when I think of it now.) Any advice around that life purpose I found and forgot? **Seems like a nice example for self-deception mechanisms. Appreciate an answer Haven't talked to anyone about this before.
  10. Reminder; in case you want to learn. Here are talks (1 Day left for viewing).
  11. @Leo Gura @ivory Wilber's take, that one can go through green (or every stage) without being so collective-centered or individual-centered. Makes Spiral Dynamics even more nuanced. For example stage orange Japan is highly collective. Though one may have to do both for complete incorporation. (?)
  12. @Arthur Pulsed ~ digital. Earth's Frequency (Schuhmann Resonance) ~ sine wave(s). Yep. It's not so much a 'standard' physics explanation. It's more in between physics and biology. So you'd have to be expert in both to really see most of the connections. This is one somewhat recent explanation: (Voltage Gated Calcium Channels) Also, this is the second page of the thread. Check out the first page. There's a link to another post I wrote.
  13. @Arthur Well, yeah it can't cook you with that transmission power. But the effects that he have to worry about aren't thermal. (Safety standards from 1996 protect against that.) What's more disrupting is that it's pulsed.
  14. There's actually the "Emf-Health summit" taking place, now. The talks will be free to watch from 29-30 Dec on their website.