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  1. Genuine curiosity and deep listening
  2. great talk, thanks for sharing
  3. @kras Yeah man. Been there. One solution: Pick-Up and dating advice. But also care with taking it too far. Girls do have right to complain, for the kind of Pick-Up which lacks genuine care and understanding does hurt them. @coca That’s some things Leo and maybe others said copy pasted. Maybe with additions. @Preety_India Okay, I’m confused? ... Glad it lightened you up, though I genuinely panicked a little. Thanks, some nice perspective. I can add sth to this part: What you’re describing to me sounds like Stage Green + ; and kinda like near endgame pick-up where you’re just okay whether you get the girl or not. Though please take into consideration that it takes a while to get there, and most people who pick-up is sold to may have desperate desires for sex. And cause it’s a base need, that’s then the first thing on your mind. When that desperate need runs the show, plus you feel like you’ve never had sex or any woman much cared about you, or none explains it to you the way you just did above (cause the guy doesn’t have much exposure to women, or is just getting started learning dating) ... and you as the guy don’t know that there’s sth you don’t know (and may also falsely believe women have it easier and feel righteous), ... then all that stuff you want from a guy won’t show up. ... hope this doesn’t turn again into a dumpster fire.
  4. @Michael569 I found Eben Pagan’s courses useful in teaching the principles and also some implementation (That being said I have yet to do sth with that... I’m just getting educated on it now — got em as free offers.) Or maybe this can be useful, second link:
  5. being introduced to this english word: openmindedness
  6. Yes, saw your replies in the other thread. Will link it here in case someone in the future finds this thread via search function, etc. +1 @Emerald That metaphor made a lot of sense to me. I find your advice/replies on any topics here thorough and thoughtful (from my perspective), so I don’t want to go through the same questions you answered in other threads. Thus: So regarding the female experience / life as a female: what’s something you haven’t / haven’t seen discussed on this forum? Maybe sth you feel strongly about and/or @everyone else If you have sth like that, you can of course share as well. If that’s too broad of a question for now, what advice would you give your 20 years old self regarding femininity/living as a woman in 21st century society? (Asking for my gf.) Maybe some things you found important learning about (feminism, divine feminine, ... idk). If even that’s too broad, I’ll try to come up with some good targeted questions later. Hard to ask about what idk idk. @flume and @flowboy . Yess David Deida. @Megan Alecia Thanks for the idea with the journals. @Preety_India 👌 Think I’m gonna gather some of the replies from this thread and others and put them in some journal in the journals section to have them all in one place. Mean I got some history regarding ehm insecurities, RedPill, Pick-Up, neediness, social awkwardness, loneliness, ... gains and losses, and warped perspectives. @Recursoinominado “And you just ignored it.” — not really, I listened lots of them (Todd, Owen, Max, Julien, ... The Naturals, ... Roosh, Rollo, Goldmund, ..., David Tian, Tom Torero, Coach Corey Wayne). But I’m curious enough to listen to everyone.
  7. Understanding for understanding’s sake, mostly. I wanna get what it’s like, how it differs from what I experience and is unique about it. And based on understanding treating them better. There’s some sexuality and relationship motivation in the motivation mix (Basically that question arose for me cause I have no f* clue how girl think about dating, life, their place in the universe, ... and I wondered...). So would you want to answer some questions, or not? Cause you said: If yes, did you think about me just asking specific questions or anything else in mind? If so, and you find it relevant, would you elaborate on why the other 70–75% of women aren’t open to some PUA-methods? (because they’re too selfish and it ends up hurting her?) And yeah. Remember watching Teal’s vid on how women feel fear daily, and thus live with brevity. Was quite a shift compassion-wise. How true is it though?
  8. Heard it often. Didn’t ask how to catch em. (sounds like Pokémon)
  9. @Etherial Cat @Brittany If you found those to actually be good tools, please report back and let is all know.
  10. Title says it. Who have you felt understands you the best. Also, if you know: Where can places/resources be found to understand you deeply?
  11. What is “design”? I don’t know how to clearly articulate this video theme yet: The act of how humans design, and how it serves the ego. If you got insights you consider worth sharing on that. Like convenience built into apps, etc. require less discipline, ... How design of visuals is kinda used in a way tailored to common perception and serves as like creating a paradigm lock, ... like a more unified way of perceiving, ... Structures like barriers etc. built which all relate back to what goes on in the dynamics of the ego of people/groups and survival. ... like how human creations are designed in with ego mechanisms, or serve ego purposes. As survival mechanisms.
  12. There’s some science done on MBTI by a guy named Dr Dario Nardi. Says that INFJs enter more of a whole brain zen like state when they encounter new ideas. Which is totally different from when most other types would experience it (with something familiar). Found this one a quite enlightening look into INFJs:
  13. AI used for deeper contemplation, where you can engage in dialogue and it asks high quality questions. (possible used for coaching, clarifyig emotions, ...)
  14. This thread: Gathering ideas about how AI, VR, robotics, ... (what else?) could be used to elevate mankind. Here's a nice one, that already exists: Overview Effect Austronaut's experience in VR for the masses, by IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)
  15. A list of the most useful metaphors for understanding reality, some of which you explain in the video. Others you may or may not foreshadow will come in future videos. Or Understanding Metaphors (might go well with the future Abstractions episode) (You already shared many...) Like: Multifaceted Diamond Kaleidoscope (... damn, it took me two years after the Stage Yellow video til I some day grokked it today haha) ... Titles suggestions: Everything’s is a metaphor. Here’s why ... Best Metaphors for Understanding All of Reality The Top Twenty Metaphors to Understanding All of Life — The Ultimate List How to use Metaphors properly to understand reality ... btw. what’s the existence of a metaphor a metaphor of? What are possible distinctions? Metaphor vs Simile vs ... Metaphor vs Maps ?