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  1. Some problems, that I don't see solvable at an individual level (if a visionary starting a movement doesn't count): Light pollution Disrupting your own sleep rhythm and that of others, so everyone get less and lower quality of sleep. EMF pollution (electromagnetic fields) by current wireless technology, cell phones, and AC power lines I do not know if the image above is correct, the site also sells pendants as a solution. This one, especially concerning studies on risks of microwaves, cellphones, the fancy bluetooth earbuds everyone is walking around with these days seems extremely difficult to solve because of closemindedness, vested interests, corporate funded studies. I wanted to think about doing something about this as my life purpose... only that it seems that one wrong move may make me a target of people that could fuck up the lives on me and everyone I know... >.< We need some people in charge to re-design the zoo we're living in a lot more appropriate for everyone's biology.
  3. Stage Yellow Political Thinking ->
  4. (See PDF below) Last month Naval Ravikant was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience: (Thanks @Curiousobserver for the introduction ) I have yet to find another person giving this quality of advice on wealth, money and business for free. So I made a PDF file. In his podcast, each short episode tackling one principle for wealth. All his principles are in the attached PDF file. Or on his podcast. I hope it may help y'all on your journey. How To Get Rich-Naval-Every Episode-Transcript.pdf
  5. David Foster Wallace - This Is Water William Deresiewicz - Solitude and Leadership
  6. Even before you've taken any psychedelics ever? What I actually meant was that I've haven't taken any, ever. That's why it surprised me. I assumed you either have to have some experience with psychedelics or become really good at meditation.
  7. @seeking_brilliance I had eyes open while facing a wooden closet.
  8. Hi everyone! I experienced this kind of visuals for the first time: By no means have I meditated diligently for a long time, also I haven't done any psychedelics, so it freaked me out a little that it was happening. I set a timer and it wasn't even 20 minutes in as far as I remember. What I ate before that (it may have some relevance, although I doubt it) were some algae (high in iodine, associated to the 3rd eye) and some chocolate (maybe 25 grams). Insights I had before seeing the visuals: - there is no distance/space between what I think of as me and the observed (and Leo's latest video on Authority was still processing in my mind) Why do you think those visuals appeared? Also I've been reading about empths and consider that that label may apply to me. Have a great day! EDIT: I forgot to mention I've listening to music (psychedelic rock, psydub, ....) before meditation, so I was "in the mood" before sitting down.
  9. What are the things we can do and become aware of on a individual level to minimize pollution? - Minimal consumption - buying food in glass jars (probably?) - ... What are backfiring mechanisms to doing so? Foods to avoid? I heard that growing avocados requires a lot of water.
  10. I saw on some other thread requests that we'd need more systems thinking in addition to spirituality. So, here's a really great informative (and funny) talk I found: (in total, with questions 80 minutes) 5 minute teaser:
  11. @RendHeaven I don't want to add more to your confusion, but I used to read some time ago. I think one main concern for wheat (and corn) is that it has a high chance of being moldy ( 50%, if I recall, and that is bad for your health). Read the above article with citations on that part. Don't simply believe everything, though.
  12. Found out here are more images to contemplate here:
  13. Agree: Used google: "have good time with a woman" "give women a genuinely good time" "good time with women" and most search results are 50% about sex, and 50% unrelated... wow, just wow. Totally missing. "how to have a great time with women" ---results: 100% sex and if you have a typo "hot to have a great time with women" --- then it's 99% porn