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  1. Hi. I'm 20. I have few friends (and little emotional vulnerability with them as of now) and would like to get to know more people and have deeper relationships. More intimacy, vulnerablility, sharing emotions, caring for each other, hugs, cheering you up... I want to work on that before going on fully with the LPC. I started it already and have slacked off at assessing my values. I want to do the exercises again, and rehearse. So, do you think pursuing quality relationships as a priority is a wiser choice or really going for the LPC now? I know Leo said relationships are distractions from doing the work, and I'd probably spend lots of time investing in relationships that ultimately break. Also I believe that this desire for relationships bubbled up as a form of resistance to doing the LPC (again assessing values). Build my realtionships, friendships an people skills or 'red hering plus resistance to LPC that I'd better ignore and move on'? In general: Should you start the LPC when you're comfortable with your relationships?
  2. I found these really different: Focusing on developing yourself and being authentic + mindset. Zan Perrion - no "techniques", being honest and loving women and showing that He's really in love with women. You may say his Life Purpose was understanding women. And: The Natural Lifestyles The guys are into meditation, tantra and focus on understanding the woman's perspective. Edit: The video below And Dr. David Tian (don't necessarily recommend the Channel 21 Studios, because it recently hosts many "Red Pill" Guys, that may feed into hate towards women)
  3. I listened to a podcast with Dr. Kai-Fu Lee (Wikipedia: [...] Taiwanese venture capitalist, technology executive, writer, and an artificial intelligence (AI) expert.). He talked a bit about that AI will create Art and displace artists. Explanation: It'll know what humans like to look at and will do art in that manner. First of all, he seems like the epitome of SD orange (entering into green due to a health crisis), so some of what he talked about for the future seemed like comsumerism¹⁰⁰ and job displacement, not really community or emotions, so that could be why he sees good art only as: "what humans like to look at". Still: Will AI displace Artists? What did he miss in the equation?
  4. Jim Collins. ( Unmistakable yellow: Curiosity Deep Thinker Concepts Growth Hierarchies Passion Low Profile Systems ... Polymath Tim Ferriss interviewed him on his podcast (2+ hours long) Listen here.
  5. also more barefoot shoes on that site.
  6. This helped me to see which beliefs were limiting and ridiculous.
  7. @Tistepiste Meditation Assistant? Here's one with tracker + graph and other features. It's open source: Available via PlayStore or FDroid.
  8. @Leo Gura Would be nice if you could specify, what actually happened to the numbers because Dave Asprey also states: So it depends on which paradigm you used, Leo.
  9. Using livestock to combat desertification. - Creative new idea - Studying other scientific fields - Holistic solution (for the whole spiral)
  10. @Shiva Did you try BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene)? Heard it 'weakens' lipid encapsulated viruses such as herpes. Found this:
  11. @Jordan94 Calories don't matter that much in gaining or losing weight. It's about the food quality (nutrient density) and removing chronic stressors (like lectins in nightshades or other "antinutrients" that cause inflammation). or @MIA.RIVEL Thank you. Already have researched and experimented with it for some months. Was curoius about even longer fasts or daily like 20h+.