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  1. Yes, fairly recent. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Found this wiki on SD Yellow/Teal Organizations and management practices. Link: Also describes paradigms of lower stages. Thought it was worth sharing, if it hasn't already.
  3. Took a screenshot of your replies, like them. After I read up on more AQAL and MBTI, I'll see what connections can be made and if they hold.
  4. As I looked through some of the Personality Types in MBTI, I began thinking about if you could put some of them of the Spiral. Like: - Campaigner (ENFP) in Green - INTJ, INTP in Yellow ... generally speaking, 'cause no one is just one color. So, hmm. Your thoughts?
  5. Have been thinking about that too. Yes, although not to that degree.
  6. Yes, that's probably it. Thank you very much for the replies @Michael569 @OctagonOctopus!
  7. When I look at anything, then I see something like a glimmer, or particles in front of it. Not the overlit parts like a window, but when there's some shadow like on a white wall, or on dark clothing. Do not know how to explain it, it looks something like static noise from a screen: Seems as though they're moving or changing. Is this normal?
  8. Recently read a blog post stating the above. ( The main argument is that sex is used for our "psychological" needs: security, self-esteem, autonomy and connection. Fulfilling these needs arguably leads to what Leo said: desire for God. Highest stage of Maslow's pyramid.
  9. @Leo Gura Did your advice change or morph in the last three and a half years?
  10. Given Leo's elite universities are a scam blog post. Share your most insightful/ helpful/ no-BS speeches and advice given to students, graduates, etc.
  11. Has anyone read it? I have skimmed over some chapters and it looks like a really meta-type, systemic (SD yellow) book, with lots of pointers Leo talks about in his videos. On here as .pdf file. Are there comparable books from the 2000s? Only thing I found so far was this:
  12. @Ero Alanis Morisette's Podcast is themes around emotions. Really, just listening to her feels like love. She talked to: Gabor Mate * Daniel Goleman * Byron Katie ... @Serotoninluv I guess, you may be interested, too. Have a nice day!
  13. @Joseph Maynor An excerpt from a Ken Wilber book. He's talking about exactly that
  14. It is. Leo talked about this in his video on ideology: Ideology isn't about the content, looking from a meta-perspective, it's how you hold the beliefs and the emotional attachment and building an identity out of it. So if you hold the belief "There is no absolute truth, everything is relative." as the absolute truth (ironically ) and have a stubborn attachement to it, then it is ideology. Basically living in a conceptual reality, thinking you can put reality/the truth into words is characteristic for Tier 1 (yes, also Green) in Sprial Dynamics, solid Tier 2 is non-ideological, because it understands that everything it believes is ultimately not reality. Transitioning from a conceptual reality into more being. (^- Also ideas. Don't hold them as undisputable truth.)