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  1. clockwise... no clue how to turn her the other way...
  2. Got that one as a gift. Listened to parts of it, ... yet to take more action on and review. Feel free to ask questions you have @flume.
  3. Well, as this beast of a book is pretty available, I'll sure check out parts of it. Thanks. Looks like all the others are easily available too: LOL. For anyone wanting to take on the challenge of actually understanding feminism... ^^^^there ya go.
  4. Thanks. The book, in case someone else here wants to read it:
  5. Any recommendations for the purposes of understanding feminism? I'm aware of the book on Leo's book list and will use it as a launching point into understanding feminism. @Emerald said some while ago: @Etherial Cat tagging you here, because you had given a recommendation which I haven't saved. (This thread got deleted once due to the database corruption where two days of forum posts were lost.)
  6. oh, I see watcha did there...
  7. Just throwing this in here: This is one of the more (most?) insightful threads I read in this sub-forum for a long time (ever?) - together with that other one which got deleted. Thanks to everyone participating in this conversation, and all women who share their experiences! Quite some perspective change / behavior change / empathy-unleashing for me from reading this. (And yes, been "guilty" of some of the behavior described. Apologies, I didn't get any of this. )
  8. orange transcends blue and integrates it's circle of concern too. (means: orange transcends and includes "my country/nationality") red doesn't have that circle of concern developed yet. It's very egoic, cares only about "me" and is only loyal to itself. Orange is more in control of it's impulses, Red is impulsive. Health Orange has the lessons of healthy Blue. Pure Red doesn't have those yet.
  9. main argument I heard is that it's not thermal damage, ... so "frying" wouldn't be the most precise term. And it doesn't evne have to do with inioning vs non-ionizing radiation and damage afaii. I agree with your understanding that there's lots of conspiracy thinking and shitty thinking around the topic. And it sucks for points you can come up with, and cause there's actually more "convincing" media out there. There's a conspiracy thinking element to this topic right now, i.e. lots of people just believing it (wherever they heard it from Alex Jones or cause their friends believe it, ...) ideologically with no intent on reflection and taking it in with the rest of conspiracy theory they get stuck in... -- And if there turns out to be wider acceptance regarding this topic, "these dullards" will use the grain of truth they found (by accident and shitty epistemology) as a way to rationalize their worldview. ... there's "higher quality" (seemingly) thought around this issue (using some google:) I mean, cell phone use and blood clotting in the brain is established fact imo. If that's true, what else might be... Still open to there being little actual health risk and the opposite, tho.
  10. Found this online, wanted to share. As always, practice discernment
  11. hahaha and talk about synchronicity, one of my go-to book summary sites I randomly checked out has new summary on all four books (eerie )
  12. Random: Supposedly someone looked at the ideas from those Nature of Order Books and how they show up in game design...
  13. Tarantino Nails Life Purpose (from Leo's blog) and Leo also mentioned STING (musician) in some blog post on acing their life purpose.
  14. algal / algea oil too, besides krill oil. algea oil isn't the "regular" plant omega-3, it has better absorption, as far as I read.
  15. What do you need/want to know this for? How long have you been in this situation? (Doubting the medium.) What’s there for you to feel now? Go deeper, beyond the image of “writing” you have. Investigate. Judgement and thought taking place of curious open observation of what is. What are you really doing while “writing”? _ What would you do out of a state of acceptance? Idk. Why not explore some more? More exciting isn’t (always) the same as constant highs. And maybe it gives you constant highs in the beginning for a while and then fluctuates... or not. Possibility: redefine the medium and take a spin on it. You don’t have to pick predefined mediums — have your own definition of / perspective on / niche on “writing” (e.g. pen and paper, articles, short stories, ... — the concept of holons applies to mediums.) Lastly: does this stop you? How would this stop your life purpose / action aligned with and towards that direction? (I’m partly posting this reply though I doubt it’s useful or accurate because it took a while typing it and it’s an ol’ INFJ habit to then delete it... Mustn’t be perfect. Hope it puts you on some tangent or reflection to get an insight yourself. ?)