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  1. Would be spared from the torture if he said what thy wanted him to.
  2. Thinking about getting a HRV sensor (HeartMath) for my phone. This isn't mere HRV (Heart Rate Variability) measurement, but training as far as I heard. If you did any HRV training, which changes and effects could you observe in yourself? Would you even recommend the HeartMath tools? (or are there other ways or practices which you deem more effective and a better use of time?) In some older threads on neurofeedback tech (not exactly/explicitly HRV) Leo said cheaper tech wouldn't be as good or sensitive enough (as an EEG). @Leo Gura Would you say that same thing about HRV training with tools >200$ ?
  3. If that's true I would have never guessed this. And oh God, there's more implications to this I don't see yet... Think there are some old threads were this was argued about... let's not derail this thread for arguing about that. I'd say the degree to which you manipulate has nothing to do with gender, but how dense one's ego is. @EnlightenmentBlog Thanks! That reply did bring some clarity.
  4. In this video Leo talks about a women he's dating starting to play "her game", and him playing his. (Video starts playing at the right time): Essentially I'm asking here for elaboration on male/female (if we use those labels) "dating games" (<-- using those words to give you a sense of what I'm talking about, not to just limit this discussion and answers to a dating context only). There's something I'm not understanding, I'm curious what it is. What is happening in the situation there described in the video? (Why does it make sense for her to play that "game". What even is that game, if one were to describe and contrast it to "male game"?) Stuff I rote before getting clearer on what I'm asking for with this post: What I'm looking for with this post: A) Description of "the female game", or how the survival agenda is different/same to the "male". B) Examples. C) Everything else relevant which I don't know to ask for now. Or someone steering the questions and what I ask for in a way that gives me the understanding I'm seeking here, but don't ask well for. Possibly I have to go meta on my own (male) survival agenda to understand this here. So, I would have to reflect on my own... Assumptions I'm making here: The distinction between female and male game is relevant. That these different games are played given a different "survival agenda/biases" for females/males (generally speaking).
  5. Maybe get Daniel for your discussion for the Science Deconstruction series. (Yet again, ... you may find better candidates, dunno your ideal requirements.)
  6. @Loving Radiance 🙏
  7. Are you sure? Think this statement must be qualified more. Yet again. What’s imagination?
  8. life purpose, I wanna bring people closer to feeling awe and wonder for life. Coaching came to mind as a field of mastery because it seems aligned with my values and strengths and I'm interested in it. Though that being said, I'm pretty young (21), so getting that life exp pursuing coaching, seems reasonable to me, I'll see which twists and turns I'll take later with the means for my purpose. not clear yet, I'll have yet to research some more and think about how I approach and think about niches. Learned a mindset from a coaching marketing course called "Niches are developed. Not something you choose.", so I'll see what needs are out there.
  9. @Logan Yes. That helps! I've done some of those already (LPC, some books) and the others are nice inspirations. Thanks. Btw. just a reminder. We aren't supposed to share Book List books on here. Guess you can edit the name to CQ or sth.
  10. Think that's only something you can answer. I remember David Deida talking about life purpose like an onion, there's deeper layers, and you'll peel them off by living the "outer" purposes and growing. So in case "changing career path every two years" happens, imo, it can either mean dabbling (and not going much deeper) or going deeper. Or in between the two. What's your time horizon for finding such a "solid" purpose? Also some advice Leo gave, if I recall correctly, is that many youngsters like you and me, didn't yet have enough life exp to have the clarity to know what we want. Yet some do know. So what I decided for me would be this: Take action on my LP, grow, live and get experience, and refine it. (So kinda while I have a purpose, one of it's jobs is to get me to take action, live life on m edge, get more experiences, out of my comfort zone, and bring clarity to deeper layers of purpose. Enjoying the purpose now, until it runs the course and reveals a deeper layer.) Btw. how long did it take you to go through the LPC? I did it once completely and that over the course of a year, had to assimilate all that material, read books and open myself up.
  11. Did the exercise at the end of the video. My result: Understanding = Imagination anyone of you did it, what are your results?
  12. So here’s some PUAs who talk about RedPill from their POV and psychological understanding. There’s also another episode, next on the playlist maybe where they also address RedPill.
  13. @Leo Gura @Preety_India Found it here with chapter excerpts:
  14. What’s your training schedule like? What skills do you deliberately practice daily or on a weekly basis? I’m yet to go through a life coach training program, but would like to put those skill improvement rituals in place. .. Also: Have you found any good coaching forums or the like online?
  15. Wherever you go brother, to the moon or to the center of the earth, be sure to pave the road and lead us there in your writings!