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  1. Non-linear "versus" Linear Thinking Nora Bateson, Gregory Bateson's daughter.
  2. Got more? Share here!
  3. That exists too, those are called PEMF devices. Everyone's affected, some just show different symptoms or earlier. The same with fast foods, which you mentioned, imo. What do you mean with no problem? With all respect, I do think you are projecting. Because you were the one asking if it is going to be okay. An easy test to find out for yourself would be listening to the thing I linked or research yourself. You're claiming that "5G will be nothing like a 800W microwave oven." I claim it will be different. We also already had a thread regarding safety of electronic devices:
  4. Yeah, you're right, the body can emit something, like the rod can emit something. But that something has one (or many interconnected) purpose(s), which is what I meant by "use". Emitting something has a use. Light has a profound influence on many things biologically. There's red-light therapy, etc. From experience I usually take the side that everything interacts with everything, even in ways we may not understand or have properly mapped yet. Current physics says that one (out of four) fundamental inetactions is electromagnetically. The body couldn't be made up of particles if it weren't for that. So on that level microwaves or other waves do interact with "the body", fundamentally. To get back to the original post: idk. Depends how we handle it. There's a lot of "devilry" (appeal to authority, name calling, not taking it seriously, bullshit arguments, etc...) on the side of people saying that those EMFs are "completely safe". I find it most likely that 5G will cause illness and distress. There's a canadian journalist who has interviewed many "experts" regarding EMF/cellphones/WiFi and its biological (psychological, etc...) effects. Here's a podcast with him covering a lot: If you want to look at mechanisms, check out Dr. Mercola and Dr. Jack Kruse (do not fall for marketing though, and his blog isn't easily digestable if you do not focus on making sense of that.) That being said, no one afaik is proposing any systemic solution, just reducing exposure. The research people do and awareness they raise is noce. But how the hell did we even come to the place of (if one choses to not decide: potentially) implementing something into every aspect of our lives, heck into the hands on babies, that may or may not be very very harmful.
  5. @CreamCat I just read up some articles to try and answer your question. But I can't really, I don't know. And I don't know the vocabulary to do so. (+ the distinction between magnetic and electric is made up ( Is there a difference between using and emitting? At a cellular level: Mitochondria communicate via biophotons, as you know a photon lies on the electromagnetic spectrum. (And I doubt that 5G, at least directly, impacts that.) There's more afaik. I'm sure biophysics or quantum biology has linked those in some theories.
  6. Many people I heard talking about the issue with 5G and EMFs in general are explaining that the concern is not thermal damage, like too much heating of tissues, but biochemical mechanisms. I've seen one proposed so far. That's what we use them for, doesn't mean microwaves can't do anything else. "At low levels, it wouldn't do much to our body or our brain." Not in terms of heating. Other than that I heard the statement that 5G operates within a frequency that is similar to that which our brain uses. Meaning they could interact in some way, or disturbe one another via resonance or something. Isn't current science at a level where it says electromagnetism and another thing are "fundamental"? Meaning everything is made out of it, or so I interpreted.
  7. @dpvifa Are you interested in giving some examples? Maybe a High Consciousness SubReddits Thread would fit in the High Consciousness Resources Subforum here, haven't seen one.
  8. This one is amazing. Uploaded farily recently. Not sure when the best podcast list was released. I'm currently working on a transcript and making notes. I'll upload them here once ready. You simply have to read it, there so much to think about. When listening, it goes in one ear and out the other. Not much sticks. I'm thinking of doing the same for the podcasts on the list. Feel free to join. Otherwise it may take a while.
  9. @lmfao I shared your confusion about green (I may still do to some extent). What helped me personally (I dind't read the books so far, only summaries online) are this: It's Hippie A to Z. To me hippies seem to be quite high (I mean on the spiral : green to yellow) The author goes into all aspects (sex, fashion, ...) so you may get an overview on multiple lines. (And notice self bias) Also check out this blog: Some articles on there take another angle on modernism, postmodernism (mostly green) and "metamodernism". Also keep the postmodern concept of breaking down hierarchies in mind. Hope that may help you!
  10. Hey guys! Here's how to generate transcripts from the auto-generated subtitles in YouTube videos: I figured it'll save up a hell lot of typing. You just need to re-read and insert punctiation and replace filler words or errors YT's auto-translation made. You also need a text editor with a decent "find and replace" function. (Remove the grey spaces with real spaces. Oh, and \n is short for 'next line' meaning the enter key. That'll be needed.) Steps: 1. Find and replace all the grey spaces (you'll see what I mean) with normal spaces 2. Find and replace <space>\n with just <space>. (With <space> I mean the space character: ) 3. Find and replace \n with space. 4. Ctrl+a and remove the formatting. Anyways, I hope it'll be useful. Thanks for the great work so far
  12. Stage Yellow Political Thinking ->
  13. (See PDF below) Last month Naval Ravikant was interviewed on the Joe Rogan Experience: (Thanks @Curiousobserver for the introduction ) I have yet to find another person giving this quality of advice on wealth, money and business for free. So I made a PDF file. In his podcast, each short episode tackling one principle for wealth. All his principles are in the attached PDF file. Or on his podcast. I hope it may help y'all on your journey. How To Get Rich-Naval-Every Episode-Transcript.pdf