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  1. @Peo You may find this video helpful. For the Asian guys here, Giovanni Wan is a PUA who specializes in helping other Asian guys. He seems less toxic and angry than other PUAs which is good.
  2. @Museful Thanks so much for this update, and for going the extra mile ❤️👍 @Roy You are much loved and incredibly valued ❤️☮️😇
  3. The book list was updated in early 2021, but ironically the section that describes the updates hasn't been updated
  4. Glad you enjoy! Ronny Chieng's hilarious. Here he is interviewing Andrew Yang about Universal Basic Income. That's only half the segment. I think you can only get the full clip in the US.
  5. Yup, it's three books in one. Getting Rich, Being Well, Being Great. @Hafiz Noticed you're in Canada. If you're interested in the ebook in Canada, this is the best one since it has 10 books, including the three you're looking for. Only $2 Canadian! Wallace D. Wattles Ultimate Collection - 10 Books in One Volume
  6. New Episode's Up!
  7. You've helped me a bunch 👍, and don't you dare forget it! Are you alright? Sounds like you're feeling down?
  8. Geez Leo, what's with the super personal attacks? Fine, I'll do my gratitude mantras or whatever. 🤣🤣🤣(I'm kidding btw)
  9. You may want to read that post. Halfway through the post there's a section on dopamine chasing and why it's unsatisfying. Dopamine is about wanting pleasure, not receiving pleasure. Wanting and receiving pleasure take place in different parts of the brain, which is why dopamine chasing leads to you needing more stuff to feel the same effect.
  10. Thanks @Cykaaaa I'd add being truly present with your emotions and letting negative emotions wash through you. The episode How To Deal With Strong Negative Emotions is one of Leo's most practical and most overlooked. Summary is here. A lot of different teachers talk about bringing presence and awareness to your emotions in order to channel them powerfully, instead of repressing them or letting them rule over you. Teal Swan talks about being unconditionally present with your hurts and shadows to heal and transform them, the way a loving parent would be with a hurt child. It's powerful stuff. If you think about it, channelling your anger, sadness, fear, hurt and all that energy towards a productive cause makes you unstoppable. You'd never have to fear uncomfortable emotions ever again.
  11. Something to keep in mind is that psychedelics are still useful for emotional and psychological healing, even if you never get a full awakening. Yay, I made @Nahm laugh!! Haha!! ... ...
  12. You're welcome! It's always nice to be appreciated