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  1. If you start releasing courses again, we’ll stop violating you .
  2. @EternalForest You're very welcome!! Thanks for bumping this. Leo's blog videos are great but easy to miss.
  3. This already exists in the "High Consciousness Resources" part of the forum. Leo could make a link to it in his Blog if he wants.
  4. Some books have been dropped and replaced by other books that Leo likes more. The booklist started in 2014, so those four books probably used to be on the list then got replaced by better selections.
  5. [spoiler] I'm a pretty pineapple. [/spoiler] (I'm using an emoji for the[ ]so that the bbc code doesn't compile.) If you do a search on BBCode you can get a list of options. Not all of the features work, but some do like... [s] Strikethrough!! [/s] ---> Strikethrough!! [font=comic sans ms] Comic Sans MS abcdefg!!! [/font] ---> Comic Sans MS abcdefg!!! [color=red] RED!!! [/color] ---> RED!!! You can combine tags too: [u][b][color=red] RED BOLD underline!!! [/color][/b] [/u] ---> RED BOLD underline!!!
  6. October 2022 • Origins of the Bible (Essay) • Church and State (Essay) • Absolute Beauty 🔞 • I'm So Beautiful 🎶 • Q&A #01 (Essay) • Victory! Biden Decriminalizes Weed (note) • MAGA Insanity (note) • List of Leo's Favourite Openers (Essay) • Actualized Quotes #10 • Quality of Life in Ancient Rome (note) • Be The Ball 😹 • HIV Finally Cured • The Horrors of Moderating Facebook (Essay) • Playing Scorn (Essay) • Synesthesia (Essay) • Sputnik (note) • What's Your Spawn Count? (Essay) • Identity Games (Essay) • Origins of the Moon (note) • Flakka the Zombie Drug • Actualized Quotes #11 • “When the Left Goes Too Far” Bonus Material (Essay) • Actualized Quotes #12 • Qasr Al-Farid • The Chess Game No Computer Can Win (note) • Enlightenment Bullshit (note) • Poetry in Putin’s Russia (Essay) • Soloviev's All-Unity (Essay) • Actualized Quotes #13 • Biden Worships the Devil (Essay)
  7. September 2022 • Phobia’s & Fears 🎶 • The Trump Standard • MAGA Tiktok Madness (Essay) • Actualized Quote #003 • Conservation of Energy ♾️ ⚛️ • Why God Cannot Die • The King of Stupid • On the Topic of UFOs • Annihilation • On Infinite Gods • Darth Peterson 😹 • Royal Chimpdom (note) • The Wonder of Egyptian Civilization (note) • The Dangers of Western Buddhism (note) • Profound Batman #10 • AI Art is Here (note) 🤩 • Sordid Stories from Vegas #01 (Essay) • My First Video (note) 💪 • The Truth Behind Roswell • God's Autobiography 😹 • Your Brain on QAnon • Now That’s Recontextualization (note) • Owen Cook is a Genius (note) • How to Save a Life 🎶 • Pedophilia is Love (Essay) • Actualized Quotes #04 • Actualized Quotes #05 • From the Earth to the Moon (note) • Actualized Quotes #06 • Howard Stern’s Private Parts (Essay) • Actualized Quotes #07 • Catch My Disease 🎶 • Actualized Quotes #08 • Profound Batman #11 • Jon Stewart: Pod Save America • Testimonial #01 • Actualized Quotes #09 • Densely Packed Hitlers 😹 • Understanding the Conservative Worldview (Essay) • The Rise and Fall of Alphabay • The Topic of Genetic Freaks (Essay)
  8. There is a spoiler tag: Just write: [spoiler][/spoiler]
  9. Thanks for the link. I also like to use the “Show Transcript” feature on Youtube. You can open it and even use a search function on the transcript.
  10. 📜 Leo's Blog: Table of Contents 📜 ▶️ Blog Videos, Summaries & Interviews ▶️ 🍄 on Psychedelics 🍄 (has all resources on psychedelics) Leo’s “20 Dream Killers” article. There’s an Textbook that was assembled by @Cepzeu and others. You can download it at: Textbook. Summaries that are in Textbook (version 2) will say: (book pg XXX). You can also check out Leo’s Personal Development Blueprint. It covers over 100 concepts in personal development. Youtube Episodes: The first 200 episodes have transcripts in the video section of If you want to contribute to this thread, select one of the episodes that still needs a summary and post it here Episodes: 1 - 249 Episodes: 250 - 521
  11. Thanks @Ayham @r0ckyreed for summarizing those episodes! 402. The Power Of Asking Questions 517. How Socialization Makes You Stupid - Problems With Conformity & Group-Think 521. An Intro To Serious Philosophy - Top Advice For Philosophers
  12. I’m sure there are several good episodes for tripping. These four come to mind. -The Power Of Self Acceptance - How To Stop Beating Yourself Up -How To Forgive Anyone Who Hurt You - A Powerful Trauma Release Exercise -Guided Exercise For Realizing You Are God -Guided Exercises For Understanding Infinite Consciousness
  13. @Hello from Russia Hello from Canada 🇨🇦🍁🦫 Haha, that gives me a great idea for Halloween.
  14. Summary for Leo's episode on DPT. It's a blog video.
  15. By "research chemicals" I mean maple syrup and cinnamon sugar beaver tails. At the right dose both substances can make you see God