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  1. -The flesh is basically every part of the shroom that isn’t psilocybin. When you ingest psilocybin it turns into psilocin and that’s what makes you trip. -Psilocybin is water soluble, so when you soak the shroom in water for 20-30 mins the psilocybin will seep into the water. -Grinding or finely chopping the shroom will make it much easier for the psilocybin to seep into the water, because you’re breaking down the shroom’s cell walls and exposing more of it’s surface area to water. If you’re making tea, you need to grind it, chop it or rip it into small pieces. -Even if you’re just eating the shroom it’s good to chew it up in your mouth so that it’s easier to convert into psilocin. Just swallowing a shroom will make it tougher to digest. -The acid from lemon makes it even easier for the shroom to release psilocybin. Theoretically, it also starts the conversion from psilocybin into psilocin. -The shroom flesh is what makes people feel sick. You can use a coffee filter or small colander to filter out the psilocybin liquid from the shroom flesh. You could drink it too if you want, but it’s the psilocybin that gets you high, not the shroom flesh. -@Flint’s instructions are good for tea. -This video is good for Lemon Tek: -Both shroom caps and stems contain psilocybin, but the caps contain more. You’ll want to use both. -You have to experiment to see which method works best for you. I personally like Lemon Tek the best because it masks the taste of shrooms. -4-AcO-DMT is a psilocybin analogue, which is why you can plug it and get shroom-like effects. (I heard it feels a bit like DMT + shrooms) -Shroom flesh isn't going to kill you, but it's not really healthy. Shrooms aren't grown in great conditions and the psilocybin is what really matters. If you want nutrition get a multivitamin.
  2. I've never tried it, but it sounds dangerous. This guy was addicted to it and talks about his experience:
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  4. You're very welcome
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  6. Haha, I appreciate the sentiment, but don't worry. I won't take your money!
  7. Awww, thanks! I appreciate that
  8. Sounds like you've already made a lot of headway on your passion, so congrats! This vid from Dr.K at Healthy Gamer perfectly suits your situation. Dr.K talks about this problem from a lot of different angles. Feeling resigned or doomed is actually a way to numb the fear of pursuing your passion super hard and failing anyway. You need to deal with the fear directly to make the best choice in your situation.
  9. @tedens That’s a good tip. Pick a good tip! A 1 ml syringe is your best bet. They’re only 6 mm or 0.24 inches in diameter. Coconut oil is your friend
  10. It's his instagram and blog:
  11. That's cool, good for you! Did you do it online or in-person? I've read books on Kriya and have done the exercises at home, but it's much easier to practice with a guide. Are they good at pointing out how to improve your technique?
  12. You can find a list of all episodes with links to summaries here. There's info about transcripts and a textbook in there too. @artcastle It's against forum guidelines to open threads that are quite old.
  13. Leo talks about snorting 5-MeO in his episode about it. There's a detailed description in the summary of that episode here. If you're experimenting with strong chemicals you need to do research. It's your body and your responsibility to reduce potential harm. Don't just follow Leo. Learn from multiple sources. Here's a summary of Leo's plugging video for quick reference that also links to his video.
  14. Lemon tek is a popular method. It reduces nausea and increases the peak of the trip. There are lots of videos on Youtube.
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