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  1. Interesting to hear it from the vaping perspective, I wonder if the fast come and surprise of the sheer force of it is actually easier to surrender to for the first trip/s since there’s not much to do anyways. The plugging method takes a little longer to hit and maybe there’s a little more room for resisting there, idk, thanks for sharing!
  2. Oh yea, there definitely is much more to see, this was just the beginning (was there even one? ?) appreciate the reply though! ?✨
  3. It feels like a being a drop and returning to the ocean, or melting back into it. That’s what plugging method felt like, since it’s more drawn out and smoother than other ROAs. With plugging it starts kicking in about 10-15 min after and you just wanna lay down and let it take you. It lasts not much longer than an hour irrc? So far, I haven’t really been getting any visuals at all, it’s almost like everything stays the same, but realized to be imaginary in nature. Definitely haven’t experienced full Infinity/full surrender, but it’s just like melting into endless ocean of Love and leaving the current shape behind. 5-MeO really hits the “I am God” note very well. It’s like remembering all this time life has just been a movie and that you were the eternal screen all along. Anyways, these are just my 5 cents gathered from the few times I’ve had the privilege to do it. No words will ever do it justice, if you ever get the chance, please do it. There’s also a great book called “Tryptamine Palace” by James Oroc, it was really helpful in preparing for the experience, even though no preparation will ever really be preparatory enough, if that makes any sense.
  4. Don’t know if this has anything to do with the nervous system, but the two last higher dosages definitely brought about some pretty strong shaking/vibrating during the peak. (Those were 30mg [plugged] doses though, and smaller starter doses didn’t have any shaking or cramping, it was just beautiful melting) Not to scare you off or anything, but during the latter of those my foot actually cramped up a little bit, probably because it was too much energy to contain all at once. Not sure if it was a good idea to take a cold shower 1 hour prior to the trip? I assumed it’d help with surrendering during the trip, and it definitely did the former time, but maybe this time it was just a bit too much, who knows… The last journey was on Wednesday and there’s still some chest pain left over from it, but it’s slowly fading over time. And even with the cramp, as all prior tries, it was totally worth it, btw!!!
  5. What Is Reality? Infinite Consciousness Reality is infinite consciousness Reality is infinite imagination Key mistake: assuming that it's possible for there to be physical objects that exist independent of consciousness. Objects are not possible, only Consciousness is. This present moment is Consciousness. Reality = Consciousness There can only be what is held within Consciousness Everything you've ever experienced has been held in consciousness, including you. Your hand is made out of consciousness. Cells, atoms, time, and space, are held within Consciousness If you're not imagining it, it does not exist. You are infinite imagination, aka God. You've been sitting here eternally, imagining all sorts of realms, including life. You are imagining that you are not imagining. Reality = imagination You are the creator of the entire universe, with infinite creative power Consciousness is a completely empty substance that conceives or holds or imagines things Projector analogy: Consciousness is that formless infinite "pure white light" shining through the projector A movie director can set a movie in any time period that he wants The projector doesn't care what century it is, whatever film frame you put in front of it is what sets the scene and creates the sense of a century. As infinite consciousness you're imagining all centuries, all timelines, all beings, all lifetimes simultaneously, one of which is this one right now! Science misunderstands consciousness Consciousness is not grounded in anything because it is the ground of all things Time and space are being held or imagined by consciousness. Molecules, atoms, and brains are being held or imagined by consciousness. Your birth and memories are being held or imagined by consciousness. All other people, parents, and Leo are being held or imagined by consciousness. Consciousness = Nothing Consciousness can create differences within itself because it's Unlimited The physical universe, rules, laws, constraints, and limits are imagined by consciousness Any boundary or object is imaginary = Oneness or Nonduality Anything outside of Reality is actually inside Reality because it's Total, Absolute Infinity Possible and impossible are something Consciousness is imagining. Real and imaginary are something Consciousness is imagining. "How" is something Consciousness is imagining. Reality is no-how, nowhere, no-when, no-what. They must first be imagined by consciousness. Reality is made out of differences. A molecule, a tree, a cat, and a hand is all difference. Otherwise, they'd be One and indistinguishable Science, religion, and everything you know is imaginary. You are capable of many orders and states of consciousness far beyond this one With work and openmindedness this can be directly realized, Snowball analogy: Rolling uphill accumulating more and more snow growing your sense of self and reality. Now you have so much on the line already, now it's all about the survival of the ball Questioning reality makes the snowball roll back down Fear of self-anihilation and losing self and reality points to the truth of this We are inventing ourselves All denials themselves are imaginary Imagination is interfering with imagination. - Your entire life was a fiction You have existed as empty consciousness for eternity imagining life after life without beginning or end. There cannot be anything outside of consciousness Anything that can be has to be conceived by consciousness Truth is true by definition, Reality is inevitable, it has no opposite, it's Absolute Notice that anything you imagine is outside of consciousness is actually inside of consciousness - Even non-existence is being imagined within consciousness, consciousness can't go anywhere Consciousness imagines all locations, spaces, and times - Destruction and form are imagined by consciousness, it is formless. - Inside and outside is something that consciousness is imagining - Sleeping is imaginary too. - Consciousness does not need a brain, it imagines the brain. This explains why you are the center of reality because you are God imagining everything around you. There is nothing in reality but states of consciousness (one of which is this one right now) There are much more elevated states of consciousness accessible through meditation or responsible of psychedelics They melt the boundary between reality and imagination With a lot of LSD you can look at a car, imagine it's a goat, and it'll turn into one. On Datura (use not recommended), you don't even remember you are a human being, because memories are imaginary, and become a coffee table. - You are also imagining all of Leo's videos You are God, there's nothing but God, and you are all alone. Everything is imaginary. God is Infinite Consciousness, Infinite Intelligence, Unlimited, and Infinitely Good When you become conscious of this, God will become conscious of this, because you're God Added: “Enlightenment is like falling out of an airplane. The bad news is there's no parachute. The good news is there's no ground.” --Chogyam Trungpa. All problems, death, pain, suffering, emotions, and fear are imaginary Paradise = this present moment realized to be eternal, infinite, Good with no opposite "Dying before you die" Becoming conscious of you how created the entire universe, alone, as God This will be understanding the magnitude of infinite consciousness Homework: Try going through all your objections or doubts and see how they are imaginary
  6. Does Free Will Exist? It's possible to become directly conscious of what Will is. This is not speculation. This replaces the old episode. Foundational Episodes: Dualities part 123 Reality is an Infinite field of Consciousness which is imagining distinctions. Every thing that you think exists is a distinction, a distinction within Consciousness. Like: me vs you, you vs the world, you vs other, humans vs animals, matter vs energy, matter vs anti-matter, black vs white, big vs small, reality vs fantasy You are Universal Consciousness dreaming that you're a human, which is a distinction. Freedom vs determinism is a distinction you're imagining within this field of Consciousness. Will vs not will too. Controller vs controlled Do I control myself or does the Universe control me? Does the universe control humans or does the universe control humans? It's not a yes or no choice, it's much more nuanced and delicate Ego-mind wants to believe that it is in control, that's its function. It's all about how you define what "you" is. Don't take it for granted. Science can't answer this question, because it doesn't appreciate the relative of the "you" identity If you think you're separate from the world or others, you're defining yourself as something less than the entire Universe, a portion, not the whole thing. One particle vs hurricane. Your control is very localized within the whole universe, but only if you define yourself as that little human "you" Identity is a metaphysical thing and relativistic. Shift your identity from human to the entire Universe and the whole answer changes Now, who controls the Universe as a whole? Now you can't make an appeal to something outside the universe Universe has no outside, outside and inside itself is a distinction imagined by the Universe (an Infinite field of Consciousness) Universe is self-controlled. Controller vs controlled is already a duality, it's not given and relativistic to imagination It sneaks in a dualistic metaphysics If you identify as just the puppet, the human body, then there's something controlling you, but if you identify as the entire Universe then there's nothing controlling you but Yourself. What is Freedom? If you say that you're not free, then you have to blame that on something outside of you and not self-imposed Contemplate: Is the Universe as a whole free to behave however it wants? Universe has no other to Itself, it's a Unity, it's self-defining, self-creating and self-constraining. The Universe is totally Free "For the Universe to exist is nothing other than for It to tell Itself that It exists because there's nobody to check whether the Universe is being honest with Itself." Everything that happens in the Universe is the Universe's Will. Physical material manifestation is the crystalization of the Universe's Will All material objects are identical to Will If your self-definition is very finite by necessity that results into a crippling of the Universe's Infinite Will Hurricane analogy Go from identifying as a lost hummingbird in a hurricane to the entire hurricane as well as the bird. Now you're the entire system, and not struggling The Universe is not a physical system it's a Mental System, Universal Mind, Infinite Mind If you realize that you're God, you'll realize that everything is God's Will, including the chair you're sitting on If you became Infinitely Conscious you could materialize any physical object into existence But the closer you get to that point of Infinite Will the less ego you have, the less ego, the less you identify with being a human, the less you're attached to your personal needs and biases, the less you care about manipulating reality, and the less you see problems with how reality is working. If ego is very dense and unconscious, you believe the world is evil, and that there's a lot of wrong that needs to be changed, to suit survival. But as you become more conscious the self and the ego melt away until there's no more neediness, attachment, and biases left, because at that level of consciousness, all of it is imaginary and there's no difference between one thing or another thing. Nothing is better than anything else, because everything is equally great because all distinctions are imaginary. Then you as God become absolutely sovereign in your power to manifest whatever reality you want There's nothing wrong with your life and nothing wrong with reality. Reality always was absolute Perfection. You don't grab hold of God's Infinite Will and then use that power to benefit yourself or even others The human is God, the human melts away in surrender and disappears like it never existed, because it always was imaginary, and then only God remains And as God your Will is already perfectly manifest as whatever you see or is happening Paradoxically, at this highest level, you don't make life better by manipulating life, but simply by surrendering to however Life is flowing. Because you recognize God's Will is never anything less than Perfection, and God's Will is Your own Will. When you fully realize that You are God, you accept the fact that everything that has ever happened to you in your life and everything that is ever happened or will ever happen is Your own Will made manifest, nothing has ever happened against Your Will. It was the ego that was denying it was God, therefore the ego thought there was something wrong in the world because of fear and biases. In God-Consciousness, fears and biases are melted and what's left is the Infinite Perfection and Intelligence of God's Will So what is Will? Absolutely every physical thing that is occurring or has ever occurred in your life All material things are Mind stuff, just a denser form of human mind stuff There's no fundamental distinction between a unicorn and a table or a chair or the planet earth. Those are distinctions imagined within the Mind of God It's not that there is no such thing as free will, it's that everything is Infinite Will = As the Universe, You're willing your entire body and reality into existence. Then it's no longer you moving your hand using your will, and not that will doesn't exist, it's that Universal Will, God's Will, is moving this hand perfectly. Removing doesn't make you a zombie, it makes you God, it makes you Infinitely Conscious and Intelligent of the Intelligent Flow that is guiding the entire Universe. You and your body are part of that Infinite Flow. This only works with pure non-dual Consciousness with no separation between you and God, you and the Universe, you and other creatures, recognizing it as the One Totality that You are. It's like surfing a wave, the wave will overpower you if you try to go head-up against it. Align yourself with the wave, riding on the perfect balancing point as the wave, balancing Itself, regulating Itself, controlling Itself, defining Itself, creating Itself, willing Itself into existence. My entire life, because I've identified as something smaller than the whole Universe, I had to struggle against the Universe, and that's why my life felt like a grind. I was fighting against Myself, interfering with Myself the whole time. The ego is a self-interference pattern, it gets into its own way. Ego thinks it can control more of reality if it just clings harder to sex, family, material objects, money, job. But what if you are the entire Universe what do you need to cling to? No more clinging -> frees up energy -> peak human potential Now you've gotten out of your own way and flow with your own highest Will instead of your human will. If anyone says that Will isn't real, they're not conscious of themselves as God, because God is Infinite Will, Universal Mind wills Itself into existence because It has no constraints. What would constrain Universal Mind? God is self-creation, because It imagines what is possible and impossible. Oneness = omnipotence These are superhuman levels of Consciousness Is God's Will free? The only constraint on God's Will is that it must be Absolute Love Oneness = Love (What is Love episodes) It must materialize Infinite Love, which is what this dream is Love = Intelligence = Truth = Goodness = God Beware the trap of thinking that you can grab hold of God's powers and use them towards any selfish purposes, you can't Whatever is the highest Love will be manifest, humble yourself, surrender to the Flow and become God's Will. There's no improving upon God's Will, it's the highest Good. You can't see the highest Good without Infinite Intelligence and Infinite Consciousness, because you can't Infinite number of moves ahead. As a human you want God to do all the heavy lifting for you. Why didn't God just construct a Utopia for us? Because God has delegated Its creative capacity to you, to us as humans, so that we could construct whatever we wanted to, that is the higher Good. If you had a child that you really love and cared about, what would it mean to facilitate this child's development such that the child grows into a mature, healthy, responsible, creative, conscious being that lived up to its highest potential? By telling the child every step? By beating it? By forcing it into the right choice? By living his life for him? Would that be a life worth living? The point of life is that you have to figure it out for yourself by making mistakes. That's what we humans are doing as we're building our societies, constructing our food menus at restaurants, and stocking our grocery stores Figuring it out on our own is what makes life meaningful, interesting, and worthwhile The Highest Good is for us to recognize that we should correct ourselves and do it for ourselves, as a society. And if we don't really care about it, what is the problem? The vast majority of mankind's problems are self-created. The whole purpose of life is to exercise one's consciousness and to realize that it's insufficient selfish consciousness, that needy and attached consciousness is insufficient to live the best life, that's what gets you to surrender your selfishness and evolve and grow Eventually, you surrender enough of your selfishness that you literally become God, that's the highest Good. You cannot be forced into it, you can only become God by accepting yourself as God, you have to want it, to want to love. All the "bad stuff" happening is our own creation We can stop creating it Take responsibility for how you're creating your life, for what you're willing into your life with the limited will that you do have Start taking responsibility for how you define yourself, don't offload that You can't awaken to your own God-Self when you are offloading your sovereignty and authority onto other people or organizations or institutions or culture (How Authority Works episode) You're not taking responsibility for the fact that you're constructing the entire universe. You constructed your entire life, all of it, it's not somebody else's fault. Start playing the infinite game, rather than the finite game of manipulation. Actions become expressions of God's Intelligence, Goodness, Love, and Will The point of spiritual work is to empty yourself of ego and raise your consciousness so much that you become an even better vessel or superconductor for God's Intelligence which then acts through you and makes all the decisions with effortlessness. It's You guiding Yourself and then life magically seems to click. Don't stop this work until you become directly conscious of what Will is, how everything that is happening right now is Your own Will being manifest Physical reality is the manifestation of Your Will, that's what it means to truly be awake.
  7. Understanding Bias - Bias, Love, & Mind Explained Consciousness free of all bias is Infinite Love. What is bias? Bias is a preference for one thing over another thing. It's not possible to understand existence without a deep understanding of bias. If you can crack this nut it will unravel the mystery of life and reality. We take our biases for granted and are in denial about our biases and don't really think critically about them. You're biased toward a very tiny sliver of all the possible temperatures that exist. Why is that? Why would one condition of reality be better than any other part? For whom? Would temperature matter if you were not alive or not human? See the relativity of all biases, this is crucial for the very structure of how Consciousness and the Universe work. A rock doesn't have a sense of self and therefore no temperature bias. To understand what's going on in the universe: Why does anything matter at all? Survival. (Episodes 1 & 2) Your attachment to the existence of finite things necessitates bias. To understand the ultimate nature of reality you need clear perception. But how can you have a clear perception when you're attaching to various things for the purpose of survival? These biases are internalized so deeply, we take them for granted. (How survival shapes who you are episode) Start noticing how utterly biased you are in relationships, school, business, which videos you click on, and how you react to teachings. Existential questioning: nothing is obvious, and nothing is off-limits. In fact, those things that you would find scary to contemplate or off limits, you actually prefer to question those things. It's very important to see how your biases run you, despite any logic you have. Objective = no bias You'll never find truth unless you're willing to face your deepest biases. Even suffering, death, and disease are biases. Notice that there's a connection between truth and between even-handedness or lack of bias and equality. Lack of bias = equality Bias = inequality Do you want a world that is equal or unequal? The mind cordons off truth-seeking into a safe conceptual domain that is detached from any kind of connection to your survival conditions. Selfishness is trying to get unequal treatment when it serves you and then trying hard as hell to avoid unequal treatment when it doesn't serve you. That's what ego's all about, that's what your whole life has been. (What is integrity? Episode) Why should your company get to get more subsidies or tax breaks? Why is order better than chaos? Why is peace better than violence? Why do you like food X but hate food Y? Why is one style of clothing better than another? Why do you like butterflies, but hate spiders and snakes? Why is being rich better than being poor? Why is being free better than being a slave? Realize that it's not inherently better, these are distortions in your worldview and perception, and cognitive processes as a result of survival and now they seem objective. Objectivity says there is no difference between freedom and slavery. It's subjectivity that says that there is. Why is science better than fundamentalist religion? Why is rationality better than irrationality? Why is pleasure better than pain and suffering? Why don't you want to get tortured? Why is life better than death? Why is truth better than falsehood? And why not live a totally deluded life? "What effect do you think all of these biases have on your life? On your sense-making capacity, on your epistemology, on your ability to understand the world, on your ability to be happy, on your perception of reality, on your worldview, on your truth-seeking pursuit, on your ability to love, on your mental health and on your emotions, and your relationships to other people, organizations and society at large, and to yourself too. Maybe that has an effect on your ability to be happy, to love yourself, to be confident, to have self-esteem, to be able to attract the woman you want or the man you want and keep them, to even love your own children." Survival always backfires "Depression comes from having a corrupted way of seeing the world and these corruptions are your very biases. You see the world untruthfully and from that, you are actually disconnected from Truth, Love, and God." Why would ultimate Reality have any biases at all? Can you intuit that Ultimate Reality should be perfectly unbiased? Think of bias as an asymmetry within Consciousness. The highest form of Consciousness is so purely symmetrical and even-handed that it has no biases or preferences whatsoever for any part of Itself, it's a complete Unity. That's the Godhead. When that is the state of Consciousness it's completely undifferentiated and there is no difference between one thing and another thing. It can't like one part of itself more than any other part, because they're literally indistinct. As the forms are subdividing, the forms develop biases. Especially as the forms get attached to surviving and maintaining their form. Even for formless Consciousness to create a single atom or a single particle, that's already bias. Even your plant has biases. Then, animal mind and psychological biases. Every finite object in the world is a bias within Consciousness, like a chair. If it wasn't biased it couldn't exist, it would be Infinite and not a chair. At a collective level, all institutions, cooperations, political parties, clubs, guilds, nations, tribes, and sports teams, are also all biased. If every sports team prays to God to help them win the championship and God helps everybody equally, then it's as though God didn't help anybody at all. What would a totally unbiased Mind look like? What would it be like for you to drop all of your biases? How would you feel? First, it takes work to figure out one's own biases. Selfishness is blindness to one's own biases! If you were conscious of all your biases and the consequences of them on your life you would drop them. In Truth, all biases are existentially arbitrary and meaningless, they don't have any objective reality to them. All biases are subjective. All value and meaning is relative and imaginary. One way to define God = a Mind that has absolutely no biases The only difference between your mind and God's mind is literally your biases. So if you drop all of your biases, guess what, you become God. Ta-da! Especially all of the ones you don't want to drop. Especially rationality. Especially science. Your demand for materialistic or rationalistic proof is a bias. These biases sap and drain your energy. God = Love God is Love means a mind without biases. Absolute Love is the realization that there is no difference between anything. Love is the metaphysical realization that every difference in reality, including all the physical differences between all physical objects is imaginary. "When you become conscious enough and your mind becomes pure enough to realize that the difference between a kangaroo and a terrorist is imaginary. Then you can love the kangaroo and the terrorist identically because they are literally physically fused and undifferentiated within your consciousness." As long as you're fooling yourself to believe that sushi is better than a dog turd, you will forever love the sushi more than a dog turd and your love will be less than Infinite, less than total. Infinite Love requires that you love everything equally. How to determine how loving you are? Buffet analogy: How many foods from a buffet do you love? Open yourself up to loving other dishes. Maximum love would be to surrender all of your biases and open yourself up to all their dishes. What's stopping you from Infinite Love? Your biases. And what is stopping you from surrendering your biases? Closed-mindedness and fear. And your unwillingness to experience certain experiences. Can you see how powerful it would be to be able to love the entire "buffet"? God is not biased towards any experience or part of Itself because it is an Infinite Mind. As an Infinite Mind, it must embrace and accept all of the things it can imagine, since it is Itself. God can have no biases. The physical difference or distinctions that separate all objects are imagined by God, therefore they have no real existence or objective reality. In the Mind of God, the difference between sushi, a kangaroo, and a piece of turd doesn't exist. These differences only appear to exist within the human mind. All forms are embraced in the Mind of God and arise from the One Mind of God. If everything is One and if all difference is imaginary, how can any one part of reality be better or more important than any other part? Analogy: Just like your mind is able to have all kinds of different thoughts, likewise, God's Mind is free to imagine literally any physical form that it wants, and it doesn't love a kangaroo more than it loves a dog turd. Mind is an Infinite field that's completely open and unbiased to creative imagination. It's open towards any figment of Itself, any part of Itself. And since it's Infinite, it has all the possible parts, in other words, Mind is Self-Love. Love is not an emotion. Love is the actual substance of your Mind before it has been corrupted with attachments and biases. As soon as your mind wants some imaginary thing to persist, it has to acquire a bias. Every attachment you have is a bias, and bias prevents you from realizing the Truth that everything is equally good. The more attachments you have, the more limited your perception of reality is, the more biases you have, the more limited your capacity for love is, and the more you suffer as a result. Because you are separated from your highest potential. Your Spirit's highest potential is to love everything in the fuckin' universe. Infinity has to be perfectly symmetrical. How can you love a thing when it threatens one of your attachments? You're gonna hate it. "In this way, you've severed your connection to Infinite Love and don't even remember it exists. The filters are filtering out Infinite Love in favor of twisted partial love. You've traded Infinity for finite love." "Can't you see that the greatest power in the Universe is to love everything equally? [..] As long as you're biased, reality will always be less than Perfect for you." Your definition of perfection is a finite, selfish form, of perfection, loving only lobster. True Perfection is having all the food that could ever be invented. God is open to that. The question is, are you open to that? The extent to which you are not open to that is the extent to which you are not God. "You are just a part of God" as long as you're maintaining those fears and attachments and biases. To literally become God = surrendering all selfishness (God = Selflessness) The only permanent thing is Impermanence itself. If you get attached and develop a bias for one thing, you're trying to freeze reality and fight impermanence, which is a recipe for hell. All form is impermanent. Why renounce attachment? For Infinite Love. Materialists think renunciants, ascetics, and monks are doing it for stupid reasons. But the true one is renouncing to access Infinite Love. If an orgasm gives you the amount of light generated by a candle flame, Infinite Love, free of bias, is like launching yourself into the middle of the Sun. Infinite Mind needs to be able to dream without getting attached to Its dreams, otherwise, it can't dream forever. Another definition of God = Infinite Dream All attachments are finite and ultimately false because the highest Truth is Oneness and lack of difference. Love is the realization that all difference is imaginary. Metaphysical Love transcends positive emotions, it includes torture. Become a master at noticing bias to clear up perception by letting go of biases to inch closer to Love. First and foremost your own biases. But also in others and thought systems and ideologies. Science Being rigorous and factual. What would it be like to live in a fantastical and magical way? Consciousness is Infinite, therefore Consciousness includes within Itself both the rational and irrational. Nerdy and artistic, fantastical and magical. Santa Claus is a feature of Consciousness You will never figure out the Truth because the Truth includes everything, and you by definition have cut yourself off from half of Reality by your method. And also half the world of people. Everything bias boomerangs, and now science isn't able to make sense of what consciousness, the paranormal, UFOs, telepathy, mystical experiences, healing, enlightenment, awakening, and psychedelics are This undermines the very spirit of science of understanding everything. You can't understand everything when you method is so biased that it excludes the majority of Reality from its investigations. Conservativism Overqualifying everything, no speculation, overabundance of evidence. The filter is too strict, like a too-tight email spam filter now excluding words like experience, emotion, sensation, feeling, consciousness, etc. Avoidance of marketing, poetic language, and hype Now scientific discoveries don't properly translate into the community at large. The majority of mankind still doesn't fathom the significance of general relativity. Einstein's general relativity says time, space, and distance are relative and not objective. Trying to make things objective or rational Truth is always larger than proof (metaphysical implications of Gödel's incompleteness theorem) But because it relies on proof, it's doomed to incompleteness, since proof is 2nd order phenomenon and a smaller subset or 1st order. Left brain, analytical, expects explication (implicit vs explicit understanding) Infinity cannot be explicated, it's infinitely implicit. (endlessly explicatable) Science thinks it can write reality down in a set of formulas Analytical function of scientific approach and reductionistic attitude It's believed everything can be reduced down to subatomic particles or equations. (Holism episodes) Suffering from too much analysis and not enough synthesis. Use of language, models, and quantification Assumption that all of reality can be quantified. All of science is done within language, but language is just one subset of reality and Truth Bias against contradiction paradox and confusion (what is paradox? Episode) Assumes every paradox must be a mistake, but in truth, Infintiy must be paradoxical and self-contradictory when put into dualistic language, thought, model. Therefore paradox is a feature and not a bug. Avoidance of 1st person experience and psychedelics, avoidance of consciousness and intuition, avoidance of mystical methods, and the whole idea of demystification Assumes that reality is nonmystical Avoiding emotions, psychology, and philosophy. Aversion to epistemology, metaphysics, and philosophy within hardcore sciences. Much to their detriment. Avoidance of religion, God and wisdom Scientific work is institutionalized, academic, collective and has aspects of the Social Matrix (what is social matrix episode) It having to be done as a bureaucratic process with a group of people with whom you're collaborating and building consensus creates methodical bias Pragmatism, utilitarianism, and the survival-oriented nature of science Focused on how to best manipulate reality, how to measure reality. Rather than actually caring about truth, consciousness, or love. Misplaced priority (deconstructing myth of science part 2) Truth is not just that which is pragmatic or helps one's survival or utilitarian Constructivist bias Trying to construct a model, a theory, a system, a technology, a way of manipulating reality, or a body of knowledge. What if Truth doesn't lie in the direction of construction, but in the direction of deconstruction? Science itself is a construction, a worldview Overly technology-focused Usefulness doesn't equal truthfulness. Why are we not pouring billions of dollars into paranormal phenomena, awakening, and psychedelics research? But technologies can be monetized, which creates a bias. Materialism and realism Most scientists are simply too serious When you're more playful it's a different way of understanding reality than it is being clinical. It's one biased way of interfacing with reality. This has been a problem in every field of human sense-making and knowledge. Every new generation clings to new biases It's a feature of almost every paradigm and ideology in epistemology that it claims to be objective, truthful and unbiased. The pursuit of science itself is a bias in itself and because of this science cannot ever encapsulate or understand all of Reality or Truth The entirety of Consciousness includes, but way transcends science. Science, rationality, objectivity, proof, reductionism, quantification, formalization, and mathematics do not circumscribe the entirety of existence. It's a speck of Infinity. The entirety of science that'll ever be done is like a single star of all the stars in our universe. Sense-making requires a completely unbiased mind. The more unbiased your mind = the bigger picture you can see Every bias you have will become a limit of perception, imagination, and understanding. Even an innocent-seeming bias like wanting to be factual and objective. = making your consciousness less than Infinite = disconnection from God Every subfield of science is self-biased. The mystics are doing something fundamentally different though. The mystic is going meta and holistic, incorporating everything. The mystic goes after Truth and Truth, Consciousness, and Love. And all of those subfields are incorporated within Consciousness. Consciousness is imagining matter, atoms, and the materialist, whereas matter is not causing consciousness. You can become directly conscious of this because You are Consciousness. Nature is Infinite and your method will always crack under the strain of Nature. Every question you ask of Nature are themselves biased, is a bias itself, and manifested by them. Also, your curiosity for Nature is biased. When you love particles but hate consciousness, you can't properly study consciousness properly. Hate meditation, lost in mind -> only see numbers and equations. Beware of narrow passions in the pursuit of ultimate understanding. Your passion has to be Universal, not narrow. A passion for Consciousness is a passion for the whole Universe. Consciousness imagines all paradigms, it's meta-paradigmatic, it's meta-everything, it's Infinite. The difference between a sober and a psychedelic state is an imaginary difference imagined by consciousness. You take that difference for granted. (how psychedelics work episode) Bias for thinking vs feeling Bias for vision vs sound If you overlook your biases don't' act shocked and horrified when others do the same, and that it bites you in the ass. All of us think our biases are good, which is selfishness, which collectively leads to hellish social situations. Bias matters because ultimately bias is a bias in Love, into something finite. Is it even possible to drop all of one's attachments and biases? No, not if you want to survive. You can't survive otherwise. But you can improve. 1st become aware of your biases before dropping them (awareness is curative episode) Those humans who were the most selfless, truthful, honest, and unbiased, were killed millennia ago and lie buried in unmarked graves. What remains today is the vicious, ruthless, egotistical, narcissistic, partial, and biased humans of all our ancestors. This explains why God-realization is so hard to attain and why it's difficult to love. As well as why truth is so well hidden. (mankind is the bullshitting animal) You can become less biased and less attached, this allows access to deeper understanding, more truth, clearer perception, less suffering, tranquility, love, and better science. Beware of your bias against bias itself. The final bias. Don't expect everyone else to do it too. Becoming very unbiased in today's world is challenging and ultimately very unfair. You won't be well understood. Added: “Part of being awake is being willing to be crucified. If we think that to be awake means the whole world will agree with us, then we are in a total delusion.” -- Adyashanti
  8. Guided Exercises For Understanding Infinite Consciousness **From comment section, by Vivek Chavan Exercise: Blow open all the limitations on Consciousness: - Imagine all the English language that you know and have used - Imagine the entire domain of English. All literature, all conversations ever, all meanings, all expressions that can ever exist, all at once: A glowing white infinite dot - The Universe has already mastered all of it before even the language existed - We can learn and know English because the Universe knew it first - Expand the white singularity to include every language possible: The Universe knows all that. Perfectly and imperfectly as it wishes! - How is it possible? ○ English is knowable since we can learn it ○ The leap: If the Universe can know one word, it can know it all. Nothing is limiting It ○ All limitations of the Universe are Self-Imposed and are consciously chosen Consciousness = Infinite Imagination - Infinite domains (fields of mastery) - Infinitely nested domains - Movies: ○ Imagine every movie that has ever been made and that could ever be made ○ E.g.: An infinite permutations and combinations exist for how Star Wars could be written and filmed ○ Lump all of the human cinematic art into a singularity, which is composed of infinite smaller singularities - Music: Its own singularity - Videogames: A singularity - Inventions: All of them lumped into a singularity - Software: A singularity - Vehicles: A singularity, also composed of smaller singularities which are all infinite. So we can infinitely zoom in or out as we want - Chess games < Board games < All games and so on - Food - Jokes - File names - Every possible living being - All possible diseases that any living being can have - Cities - Keep lumping all fields together into growing singularities… - Art - All possible orgasms - All possible emotions - All physical laws - All possible thoughts/ideas - Every possible self that can exist in Reality (like me!) - Imagine all possibility spaces, including all impossibilities That is the real Universe/Reality/God = Infinite Mind = Absolute Infinity Infinite Selves: - Feel that my "self" is being held in consciousness ○ Personal story ○ History ○ Emotions ○ Thoughts, desires, fears, etc. - Mom, Dad, etc. have their own selves - The self is fluid and is always morphing - Imagine stop being myself and switching to being my mother - Now switch to being Leo. Now switch to Donald Trump - All these bubbles are imagined by Universal Mind and It can imagine them all simultaneously - Imagined self = Survival for human life (serious business) - Switching = Death of the small self - The infinite SELF is comprised of an infinite individual selves Is there an end to the Infinity? - No - Absolute Infinity cannot have a boundary/limit - Infinity of all possibilities and impossibilities. All paradoxes. - Everything and Nothing, all together - Reality = Nothing = Everything = God - Ta-Da!! Keep contemplating! States of Consciousness: - There are only states of consciousness - Enlightenment isn't separate from it - Some states are very conscious, mystical, and rarefied - Some others are quite ignorant and dumb - Infinite states exist - Millions of Awakened states of consciousness exist - Certain states are better for survival - Certain other states are better for Self-actualization - Things like food, thoughts, what we watch impacts our state - Difficulty awakening = Your State is wrong - Psychedelics are very relevant to awakening and experiencing different states - Awakening is a state, and there are an infinite number of these states - Put yourself into more resourceful states, which makes awakening easier - Don't go around chasing states of temporary pleasure - Negative experiences and states can be good teachers - Upgrade your baseline state and raise it. Peak experiences help, but will not be permanent For one week: - Notice how all objects are held in consciousness Psychedelics: - Use this episode as a guide for the trip Be responsible
  9. Why Is There Something Rather Than Nothing A true history of the Universe: Once upon a time there was nothing. The end. "Everything is nothing, with a twist." ~Kurt Vonnegut When contemplating reality it's important to get traction with the question. How is it possible that anything exists at all? Why do I have hands and not claws? Feel that sense of wonder and mystery. Stay open minded and bask in not-knowing. Mind quickly wants to supply backstory with hearsay (i.e. evolution, big bang, god, etc.) Start from scratch and work with present direct experience. Wouldn't it just be simpler to have nothing? Why is there all this somethingness going on? But how do you know how to distinguish between something and nothing? What if the difference between something and nothing was actually something you're projecting onto reality? What if reality itself didn't know the difference between something and nothing? And what if "somethingness" is actually more energy efficient than absolute blank nothing? What would keep absolute nothing from spontaneously spawning into something? There is nothing holding Reality back from being any particular way. Nothing is precisely what exists. This is nothing! Your entire life and the entire physical universe never even happened. It's nothing, it's no when, and it's no how. Ta-da! A perfect symmetry. Any "particular way" would be an asymmetry and a bias. It's all ways possible superimposed into each other into an Infinite Singularity = Infinity = Nothing Zero = Infinity The universe is nothing. Has always been nothing. And will always be nothing. Then distinction is made in our minds. Who told you what nothing is and what something is? Undo the assumption and freshly look at this present moment until it becomes clear that it's all nothing. The mistake is trying to look elsewhere for nothingness. Your hands are nothing. Notice how the mind has tricked you into believing something isn't nothing. Actual Nothing: Has colors, Talks and hears, Is a bird chirping, Is pain in your leg, Is a toothache, Is your partner rejecting you, Is your parents abusing you when you were a child Is what you see on TV Is every book Become directly conscious of this and notice the shift. Consciousness = Nothing Unlimited Consciousness can't just be purely formless, that'd be a negation of form, an asymmetry. The Universe is a Singularity of formlessness and form all superimposed into each other at once. (which includes this present moment) It seems like it's something, like it came from somewhere, happening somewhen during sometime some place in space somehow through some method. All of this is an illusion. This present moment and the entire universe and all of reality is nothing, nowhen, nowhere, and nohow. Reality can only exist precisely because it's perfectly symmetrical such that it cancels itself out, thereby tying up every loose end. It's Singular, it's One, it can have no boundary. A perfect Unity, a perfect symmetry. This is the most energy efficient state and the only way that anything could exist at all, if it's part of this unified supersymmetry where everything perfectly cancels itself out. = none of it even exists. Absolute Fulness includes and encompassess the emptiness within it. Because how can something be truly Full if it excludes the empty? This now is completely empty. A full glass has an empty glass within it. Cut out doors and windows for the house. The holes make it useful. Therefore, the value comes from what is there, But the use comes from what is not there. ~ Tao Te Ching, 11 Human mind is very biased towards survival, towards form, to the exclusion of formlessness. All material benefit is of the formed variety: money, sex, power, pleasure = forms What good is formlessness to you? What can you do with it? Why should we care about formlessness? Now you're stuck in the domain of form and only understand half of reality. And really, formlessness is hiding right underneath the form. The empty glass is in the full glass. This explains everything about the nature of reality. These questions are not purely philosophical impractical unanswerable questions. Verify everything in direct experience. What about Consciousness, God, Love, Truth? Nothing = Consciousness = Truth = Love = God = You It usually takes multiple awakenings to equate all those terms together. Then all of reality feels like a hologram, with this hollow quality to it. Upon awakening to everything as being nothing, every "material thing" gets recontextualized into Spirit or Mind, hence the word spirituality. This present moment is happening inside my own Mind. (walls, roof, house, floor, earth) But since Mind is Infinite, there's no alternative from Mind, imagination = reality. It's often assumed that these are all useless questions, beware, because it's absolutely possible and essential to finding happiness and peace in life. It's a big relief to realize that Life and reality are Nothing. It comes with surrender and acceptance paving the way to Love and a great life. This isn't a nihilistic thing, it's Joy and bliss. Surrendering chasing pleasures of the material realm goes full circle upon discovering the higher/divine/sublime pleasures of the spiritual realm, which are purely Nothing = bliss. Make this a living reality by realizing it. This takes work.
  10. Life Is A Dream "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream." - Edgar Allan Poe The ontological status of reality = dream What was the substance of last night's dream? Where did it go? What was it made out of? = what reality is made out of. Dream stuff. Materialist paradigm prevents seeing this. Brain and "the world" occur within the dream! There's no distinction between the waking state world and nightly dreams. It's all one dream. That's what your life is as a whole. One dream. Stop thinking of reality as a mechanical physical system. Reality = dream machine = consciousness = God God can dream up whatever it wants. God is dreaming your life. God is dreaming of Napoleon, Julius Caesar, all ants, monkeys in the rainforest, every tree ever anywhere, all aliens, all dimensions. Reality = dreams = consciousness Every possible dream that could be dreamed, happening all simultaneously = Infinity This present moment is a dream! Become conscious of it. You can awaken from this dream just like last night's dream. It's just a figment of consciousness. Did last night's dream occur in a brain? No, "the brain" is part of the daytime dream. Materialism takes place in the daytime dream. Descartes thought about how to distinguish dreaming from reality in his work "the meditations". As a foundationalist, he wanted to ground human knowledge in some absolute, but he ended up hand-waving away those serious doubts. That was a mistake. Notice how you're completely absorbed in nighttime dreams until you wake up. = the problem of reality -> whatever you take it to be becomes reality! Pay more attention to nighttime dreams. Materialism tries to couch one dream within the other. Grounding is always done through sleight of hand because really is no ground. These dreams are occurring nowhere! (not any material system) How is physical possible? How is mechanical possible? It's a matter of convention and what you're comfortable with. There's no such thing as clockwork universe, there's a dream universe. Clockwork universe is just one of the types of dreams that there could be. Notice dreams feel very very real when they're happening. Just like "real life". It is possible to exit "real life" and discover that it's also just a dream. All dreams feel real when you're inside of them. Notice dreams have their own self-consistent logic. Dreams can have different rule sets, that's what defines the dream! Dreaming about shooting a wild bear, the bullet hits the bear and kills it and saves "your life" Dreaming about losing your pants in public you feel worried about getting arrested and having to pay a fine. Dreaming about escaping a ghost in a haunted house with "actual" locked doors. It's a self-consistent story defined against itself. All the punishments and threats are always within the dream. The biggest threat = dream ending = "death" This is how "reality" gets created! Dreaming about cutting open your stomach and your guts spill out with lots of pain and blood. Dreaming about cutting open your skull and seeing the brain in a mirror. Now, does that brain create the dream? This would be to confuse the contents of the dream for the dream itself. This is what materialists do with this waking dream. It's circular. Notice how dreams distort physics, logic, causality, time, and space. Science searches for truth by studying a vast illusion! These patterns only apply to this dream. Notice how dreams oftentimes feel very serious and are life and death many times Notice how dreams create very strong emotions just like in the waking dream. Notice how you play different characters within your nightly dreams. (mom, dad, brother, sister, co-worker, spouse, guru, strangers, animals, aliens) But what are "they"? You. But that's only obvious after you've awoken, not from inside it. Notice how dreams have narrative arcs, they're story based, a sequence of events that happened to you. Just like ordinary life. Notice all the similarities. Very suspicious… Next time you wake up from an absorbing nightly dream ask yourself: What was that dream made out of? Where did that stuff go? Don't assume it was all just happening in a brain. Stop thinking of dreams merely as dreams. Dreams are the only reality that there is. It's reality. You're watching/reading on a dream computer running dream software and dream internet. You're dreaming you're in the 21st century, in a dream human society. You're dreaming you're part of your country, nation, and this physical universe that came from a Big Bang 14 billion years ago with evolution. Science is studying the internal mechanics of a dream. That's why science is limited. All there are is dreams, it's just a question of how convincing it is. And this waking dream is so convincing! That's the power of Mind. Emotions, titillations, desires, fears, it's very juicy and consistent. The mistake is to underestimate reality and the power of dreams. Notice how many times you were fooled by your nightly dreams. Every single time! You'll only be able to appreciate the power of dreams when you awaken from this live dream. And it is possible to wake up, this is not a philosophy, it's reality. It's sort of the point of life, to be inside of dreams, wake up, and see the beauty of dreamscapes. The catch: waking up = death. Exiting this dream you call death. Most time is spent avoiding exiting this dream, which is why awakening is so hard. Waking up from this live dream called life = awakening Notice that right now you are inside a dream. Leo is you telling yourself that you're stuck in a dream. Get it? Fathom the significance of that, this transcends your entire existence and all problems. Literally, all problems are inside this dream! How to wake up? Question the dream to death. By questioning death. Meditation, Yoga, self-inquiry, neti-neti method, sitting in silence, psychedelics. Spirituality = waking up from the dream called life and seeing what lies on the other side. The biggest obstacle is the materialist paradigm. Question everything. The more you become conscious that reality is a dream, the easier your life becomes. The more effortless. The more magical. The more carefree. The more satisfying. The more blissful. Because when you're inside of a dream which you know for sure is a dream you don't take it seriously anymore. It's hard to bother you when you're lucid. When you know the bear attacking you isn't a real bear and even if its eats you, so what? But you can't think that way so long as you're buying into the fact that this is not a dream.
  11. State Of Consciousness Is Everything State of consciousness is everything: Reality consists of one thing, consciousness, and this consciousness takes different states. No object can exist outside of consciousness. All physical objects exist within consciousness and are part of whatever state of consciousness you're in. No matter what you're experiencing, you're in some state of consciousness, always. How many states of consciousness are there? Dreaming. Waking life. Being drunk or high on a drug. Sleepy or dead tired. Sickness, cold, flu. Emotions: anger, rage, sadness, depression, heartbreak. Sexual excitement. There aren't clear boundaries between these states, consciousness is fluid. > Categories are human projections, there's Infinite number of states of consciousness! A state of consciousness is composed of figments of consciousness, as in figments of imagination. Reality is made out of figments of consciousness, which make up different states. The state determines how the figments combine together and flow. Figments of consciousness examples: Snickers candy bar > Not made of atoms, energy, not neurons, or computer simulation, but a figment within consciousness. > When dreaming at night, the building block of a dream isn't atoms, but the different figments of your mind: > People, places, and occurrences within the dream. Think of reality as a dream machine. In such a machine you don't need atoms, energy, or mathematics, all you need is the actual elements of the thing you're dreaming. (Snickers candy bar, human body, table, grocery store aisle, money) A movie director isn't thinking in terms of atoms but in terms of elements needed in the movie. Yellow rubber duckie What it means to say that something exists is to say that consciousness is imagining a yellow rubber duckie. It is held by consciousness. Consciousness is not inside a physical universe. The physical universe is inside of consciousness, as a figment of consciousness. Look around and notice that you have an idea of the physical universe This present moment is also a figment of consciousness. The smell of a skunk, A gallon of gasoline Braces on a child's teeth A used condom An axe to the skull 1.29843 bitcoin in a bitcoin wallet Albert Einstein, every person, including Leo > Homosapiens, mammals, planets, cells, organs, molecules, DNA, proteins, and atoms, are all figments that consciousness has woven together to create the larger figment called Albert Einstein. (Not your idea of Albert Einstein, but the actual Albert Einstein your idea is pointing to.) Materialistic paradigm is the idea that reality is built from the bottom up. (The assumption that reality is built out of smaller elements which is can be reduced to) Consciousness works top down, not bottom up. Consciousness can just imagine Albert Einstein. Consider the paradigm shift that there wasn't a Big Bang leading to a snickers candy bar. Reality can simply spawn a snickers candy bar from scratch as a figment of consciousness. The Big Bang, molecules, and how the bar was created is conceptual and not direct experience. Scientist's paradigm is backwards. Discover this for yourself by observing direct experience. Lego pirate ship Racist tweet by Donald Trump An Up quark Teen selling drugs on the sidewalk in a bad neighborhood Darth Vader The game world of Skyrim The entire Christian faith and mythos Christian hell with fire and pitchforks An Atheist arguing that God does not exist A role of soft Charmin toilet paper The entire history of America Intel i9 12th generation CPU A swamp in Louisiana Ancient Egyptian God Osiris Archangel Michael Tesla Model S being assembled in a factory The entire state of California The actual city of New York as it was in the year 1950 > You can infinitely subdivide any figment of consciousness into an infinite number of sub-figments of consciousness. > To create finer resolution figments to fill in the details like a fractal zoom. > You can keep imagining further figments forever = Infinite consciousness The pacific ocean A melting ice cream cone in a child's hand A mosquito bite The concept of hierarchy or capitalism The category of insect Disney Land 5-Meo-DMT A memory of you going to grade school and learning the multiplication tables A helicopter A stomach ache A pina colada The feeling of intense anger A sexist joke No one figment is more fundamental than any other figment, therefore, you can't say that reality is made out of certain kinds of consciousness. Reality is as much made out of a pina colada, as it is a sexist joke, as it is Disney land, as it is a helicopter. Why are atoms, quarks, energy, and mathematics any less preposterous than a sexist joke, or a pina colada? > Substrate is relative this frees your mind up and turns it Infinite. One substrate isn't more fundamental than any other. If reality has the power to create an electron, it has the power to create a pina colada. Both are figments of consciousness. Now think of your entire life as a whole. That too, is a figment of consciousness. Woven together out of strands of sub-figments of consciousness. The grade school memory is one strand of the larger yarn that is your whole life, Being born in this city, country, date, is a figment of consciousness. And when you say you're going to die on your deathbed, is also a figment of consciousness. Even your nightly dreams are figments of consciousness. Try to grasp experientially what a figment of consciousness is: (Either while you're meditating. Right now. Or on a psychedelic.) Try to grasp that all the material objects around you are figments of consciousness. Hold your phone in your hand and try to get that it isn't a material object made out of atoms. That phone is a figment of consciousness, YOUR consciousness. It's qualitative and whole, a chunk of consciousness. It's not built from the bottom up, It's dreamed up from the top down! Consciousness is unbounded: Figments of consciousness have no size, no shape, no bounds, and no ground. There are no limits, it can be as tiny as an ant, or as large as the entire galaxy. It makes no difference because consciousness is infinite in all directions, it's scale invariant. The way you get a sense of scale is by comparing one figment of consciousness to another figment of consciousness. An additional assumption of materialism is that reality is concrete. One thing vs another thing. But Reality is not limited to that, it can be abstract and vague. Concreteness is a bias. Consciousness is Infinity The sum total of every possible figment of consciousness. = Nothing Consciousness/Reality is unlimited and holistic. It can weave together any figments it wants to create a cohesive "life" or "state". It happens top down not bottom up, therefore it's irreducible. Why does reality feel so real? Your sense of physical reality and sanity are intertwined. Physical reality is how you define sanity. Your whole life is about surviving within the dream that you're dreaming, And anything that shakes its foundations terrifies you. All that mental illness and insanity are is a loose state of consciousness Material physical reality is just a very coherent well woven together collection of figments of consciousness. Everything is absolute reality: States and Figments of consciousness are not merely personal experiences, happening inside of a brain, a body, a physical universe or a computer. Figments of consciousness are absolute. Red is absolutely red. Mickey mouse is absolutely mickey mouse. It's self-identical. Everything is absolute reality. Brain is a figment of consciousness Physical universe is a figment of consciousness Atoms are a figment of consciousness Science is a figment of consciousness History is a figment of consciousness Computation is a figment of consciousness You're trying to use all of these and more figments of consciousness to somehow ground the absolute and relativize it. Trying to turn it into a field of perceptions that you, a biological creature who's made out of matter sitting on a planet earth is having situated somewhere in history of the universe. To awaken cut all of these figments, which are tightly woven together. Like a sweater knitted out of one yarn. Untangle the whole sweater to realize it's just one piece of yarn. Reality = Mind A mind unlike material is fluid and can work holistically top down Material has to be made out of simple elements and has to work bottom-up -> material can't be intelligent Mind can have sentience and intelligence (materialism vs idealism) Infinite intelligence can dumb itself down infinitely low into a door knob. The dumbness of material objects is an illusion. Mind is also capable of comprehension, a material system isn't. Mind is absolute Mind is creative Mind has will Think of reality as an infinite field of pixels all communicating with each other and coordinating intelligently from the top down. You're inside of an infinite resolution field of consciousness. Your hand is a figment of consciousness "Dial/switch of awakening" leads to remembrance and forgetfulness. In this state of consciousness, the dial of forgetfulness is all the way up. You've forgotten how you literally constructed the planet earth! Flip the switch and you remember how you constructed planet earth. Consciousness has the ability to hide things from itself at will. You can remember how you imagined and created your own birth. Thinking, modeling, and conceptualizing cannot substitute for states of consciousness. These things only make sense from very high states of consciousness. All of that is only relative to a certain state of consciousness. It requires going meta on that frame (the material state.) Imagine what a million IQ Mind could think. You can access this intelligence, this multidimensional way of "hyper-thinking" Here shutting off the mind is no longer the goal. Some states of consciousness can't even be remembered or explained to oneself from this base state. Like taking an HD 4k image and compressing it down into a 6x6 pixel image. It's a lack of bandwidth problem. Spiritual work opens up that bandwidth. Your current state of consciousness completely determines the parameters of your experience. What you're able to think, communicate, understand, How you emote, how you feel. What you think is right and wrong, sane or insane, logical or irrational, possible or impossible. And you cannot imagine or think beyond the state of consciousness you're in right now without expanding it. It can contract too. You cannot avoid being in some state of consciousness. States have trade-offs and pros and cons In some states you can't even read a book, talk, walk, think, or see a material world. (like a finite cup of water) This is why humans have a relatively low state of consciousness. Impossibility is a function of your state of consciousness. And at the highest state of consciousness, there's infinite possibility! It's God mode. Two kinds of changing your state of consciousness: Temporary state change Permanent change to the baseline state Both have their utility, not one or the other! Changing your state of consciousness is the nr 1 most significant change you can make in life. Science, rationality, skepticism, thinking, and physicality, exist only in certain states of consciousness: Birth and death only exist in certain states of consciousness Modern science itself is a state of consciousness! There's no best or invalid state of consciousness. If your desire is to understand the entire universe, higher states are better. If you desire to do normal human stuff while maintaining sanity, high states are bad for you. Spirituality basically boils down to changing your state of consciousness. Without it that turns into religion. Most people have never experienced a high mystical state of consciousness. This is why there's so much confusion about religion and the nature of reality. We're living in the dark ages. Changing your state of consciousness can be scary, threatening, and dangerous. It pulls the rug out from under you, dematerializes reality, and can feel like insanity. Can also be very isolating and lonely, it feels like nobody understands you. At the highest level, there ceases to be an "other" whom you could validate these ideas against because it all boils down to your own consciousness. Methods: Meditation, concentration, vipassana, do nothing technique, being present, contemplation combined with intense concentration, kriya yoga, chanting and mantras as a serious concentration practice, shamanic breathing, psychedelics, herbs, drugs, visualization, prayer, shaktipat, dark room retreats, astral projection, lucid dreaming, vision quests, extreme suffering, danger and pain, being out in nature, radical experiences like travel or adventure. The function of psychedelics is to show how consciousness changes and how fluid it is. State of consciousness determines what you can do. Mystics can do impossible seeming stuff: paranormal abilities, like clairvoyance and telepathy. What is God? The highest state of consciousness. But God is only self-aware of itself as God from certain high awakened states of consciousness. Even though all states are God, not all states are aware that they are God. Enlightenment is a state of consciousness: It could be a temporary or a permanent state, but it is a state. There's not a single awakened state, there are hundreds of them. Not an on-off switch but a volume knob. There are omniscient states of consciousness from which you can be conscious how you created all of reality and how you created your life. Why do humans disagree with each other so much about reality, seemingly believing crazy things? They're in different states of consciousness But what is consciousness? It's impossible to say because it's Infinite, unbounded, Absolute, more fundamental than language, and beyond your current state of consciousness. Where did consciousness come from? "Where" and "coming from" are figments of consciousness, it's eternal and always existed. "Time" is another figment of consciousness. Is God a figment of consciousness? God IS consciousness. God is all possible figments. God is meta. God is You. You are consciousness dreaming up various figments. One of which is the biographical, biological human self that's born and going to die. Safety mechanism: doublecheck everything for yourself, it's a messy process
  12. Disorganized/ Fearful-Avoidant for now