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• Blog post on How To Research Psychedelics.

PsychonauntWiki is a good resource for research.

• VIDEO:  How To Plug Psychedelics - Nov 2018 - (Summary is here)


            Must Watch Episodes

Ep 268. How To Use Psychedelics For Personal Development. (Summary)

Ep 434. How Psychedelics Work - Making Sense Of Psychedelics.

Ep 483. The Top Dangers Of Using Psychedelics. (Summary)


            Substance Reports

Ep 267.  Magic MushroomsThe Amazing Power Of Psychedelics - Leo Does Magic Psilocybin Mushrooms!

Ep 275.  5-MeO-DMT5-MeO-DMT - The Magic Pill To Enlightenment & God.  (Summary)

Ep 298.  AL-LADTrip Report - A Powerful Tool For Consciousness Work.  (Summary)

Ep 312.  2C-BExperiencing Physical Death.

Ep 492.  5-MeO-MALTIntroducing The Other God Molecule.  (Summary)

Ep 507.  Ketamine:  Lessons From Ketamine - Is Ketamine Useful For Spirituality?

Blog Video. DPTThe Other God Molecule.  (Summary)

Blog Video. SalviaWhat it’s Like to Smoke Salvia Divinorum.

            (Leo says Salvia is very dangerous and does not recommend doing it)


            Blog Posts: Safety and Psychedelics  ⛑️

The Top Dangers Of Using Psychedelics - Oct 2017

The Antidote For Pre-Trip Anxiety - Aug 2017

5-MeO-Always On An Empty Stomach - May 2017

No Trip Sitters - May 2017

Why You Should Never Do Salvia (6 mins) - Aug 2017


            Forum Threads

The Ketamine and Dissociatives Mega-Thread

The 5-MeO-DMT Mega-Thread

The N,N-DMT Mega-Thread

The 5-MeO-MALT Mega-Thread

The DPT Mega-Thread

The Trip Reports Mega-Thread


Psychedelics Safety and Protocols Mega Thread

Psychedelics Informational Resources

Psychedelic Research Mega-Thread

Best Psychedelic Trip Music Mega-Thread

Psychedelic Memes Mega-Thread


            Enlightenment & Psychedelics Episodes 🤯

      • Almost every episode in the Enlightenment section of Leo’s Blog Videos.

Ep 283. Interview With Martin Ball - Using 5-MeO-DMT To Become Enlightened

Ep 347. Enlightenment Experience Explanation & Key Lessons.  (Summary) (a response to ep 346)

Ep 437. Outrageous Experiments In Consciousness - 30 Awakenings In 30 Days.  (Summary)

Ep 495. Leo's Worst Bad Trips - Psychedelics Gone Wrong

Viewer Compilation 🥳: Incredible, Powerful Concepts on Life & 5-MeO-DMT

Blog Post and Video on Mapping Consciousness With High Dose LSD


            Tripping in Real Time Episodes

Ep 346. Enlightenment Experience Happening In Real Time - LIVE! 🛋️

Ep 431. Total Awakening Live In Real Time - Part 1. 📦

Ep 432. Total Awakening Live In Real Time - Part 2. 🛋️


            Misc Episodes

Ep 329. Correcting The Stigma Of Psychedelics - Part 1.

Ep 331. Correcting The Stigma Of Psychedelics - Part 2.


More Blog Posts on Psychedelics

            Trip Report 🧳

Jun 2017:    Psychedelic Visions

Jul 2017:    More Serious Than You Ever Imagined (note) 🤯

Sep 2018:  Salvia Trip Report

Jun 2019:   Dissecting The Psychedelic Experience 👽

Jun 2019:   Who Are The Machine Elves? 👽


            Research 🔬

Feb 2017:    Alexander Shulgin Documentary - Psychedelics Chemist (note)

Oct 2018:    Psychedelic Receptors 📄 🧷

Mar 2018:   Breaking Convention YT Channel 🤯

Mar 2018:   The Origins Of Mind—Thomas Ray 🤯

Aug 2019:   Psilocybin & Personality Change (note) ⁉️

Aug 2019:   Microdosing Research ⁉️

Jul 2020:     Legal MDMA Therapy Almost Here! (note)

Jan 2021:    Hyperbolic Geometry of DMT Experiences 🤯

Jul 2021:     Ketamine Klinic (note)



Jan 2017:    Drunk On Mushrooms

Feb 2017:   The Despicable War On Drugs

Mar 2018:   Dark Room Retreats & 5-MeO-DMT

Mar 2018:   A Society Built On Psychedelics—Bwiti Tribe

Sep 2018:   Your Brain On LSD

May 2019:  Denver Decriminalizes Mushrooms

Apr 2020:   Timothy Leary (note)

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I thought it’d be a good idea to collect all of’s information about psychedelics in one place.  This includes youtube episodes, blog posts, blog videos and the forum’s mega threads.  Enjoy :)


@ZenSwift You're very welcome!  Bon Voyage!!

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This is an amazing collection and organization of information! Thank you!

I forgive my past, I release the future, and I honor how I feel in the present. 

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                Blog Videos on Enlightenment  ? ♾️ ❤️    

• Feb 29, 2020:   What It's Like To Smoke Salvia Divinorum (note)

• Feb 5, 2020:     Explaining God For Dummies

• Dec 17, 2019:    Miracle Awakening

• Dec 15, 2019:    Ego-Collapse Awakening

• Jul 17, 2019:       Infinite Love Awakening

• Jun 21, 2019:    DPT: The Other God Molecule

• Jun 11, 2019:    Total Omniscience Awakening

• Nov 29, 2017:   Absolute Infinity Demo (10 mins)

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Episode #492:  Introducing 5-MeO-MALT - The Other God Molecule  

The 5-MeO-MALT Mega-Thread is in the Meditation, Consciousness, Enlightenment & Spirituality forum.  

Anyone else craving a milkshake?  Gorgeous thumbnail :x

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@EmptyVase Thanks!! :D

I'm a newb when it comes to psychedelics, so I hope this thread helps other newbs and non-newbs alike.  

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All of your threads help everyone to navigate So, yes, it is very helpful. :x

It's so good that it could become an official part of imo. It'd be really cool if it wasn't hidden somewhere in this forum, but rather somewhere on the main page. :)

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275.  Summary:  5-MeO-DMT - The Magic Pill To Enlightenment & God

         -Warning!!  The information provided here is strictly for educational purposes.  Misusing 5-MeO-DMT can be lethal.  If you haven’t already, watch episode: The Top Dangers Of Using Psychedelics. (Summary is here)

         -5-MeO-DMT is one of the most important psychedelics for transforming your consciousness and attaining enlightenment.  It’s not about tripping, partying or having pleasurable experiences.  It’s about raising your consciousness to the highest levels humanly possible.

        -People sometimes confuse 5-MeO-DMT and regular DMT, but they’re not the same at all.  5-MeO-DMT is ten to twenty times more powerful, which is crazy if you've ever tried regular DMT.  5-MeO produces qualitatively different results, so it's not just more of the same.  Don't confuse 5-MeO with other types of DMT!


Fake Magic Pill or Super Effective Technique?

        -There’s a lot of anti-magic pill dogma among people in personal development, that anything resembling a shortcut is bad, inauthentic and should not be done.

         Thing is, the reason magic pills are looked down on and avoided is because they don’t work.  So, we’re not opposed to magic pills on principle.  If you're opposed to anything on principle that's ego and dogma.  Magic pills should be avoided when they’re faulty and have bad consequences.

(Things like get rich quick schemes, chocolate & bacon weight loss diets, fruit fly traps that don’t catch freaking flies, more than half the gadgets on Shark Tank…)

        -A magic pill is really just a technology that works very effectively and can save you a lot of time or energy.  The history of civilization is driven by many successful, highly effective inventions or magic pills.

eg: Computers, the printing press, the internet, penicillin, medical surgery, electricity, your cellphone, the calculator, the Disney+ Yodalorian channel to babysit your kids so you can get some peace and quiet, etc.

        -The real question about a magic pill is whether or not it’s effective.  The only way you can know if a technology works is by trying it yourself, through trial and error.  Then you can see what the long-term consequences are and whether or not it’s effective and sustainable.

        Consciousness raising work is so important it’s worth using whatever ethical methods or techniques are out there.


Ancient Techniques Examined

“But Leo, isn’t it better to follow traditional methods like the masters?  Using psychedelics to create some mystical experience isn’t authentic, so it doesn’t count…”

           Psychedelics are an Ancient Wisdom Technique.  Leo's response to that objection:


       A lot of people hold dogma when it come to their personal, spiritual tradition, because the ego is so involved. 

       For the vast majority of people, only using traditional methods is impractical because those methods are ridiculously hardcore.  They’re so shockingly extreme no one would do them.  It’s a good idea to research the history of spirituality and the hardcore extremes that spiritual masters have gone to pursue enlightenment.  (Leo’s booklist has a bunch of books on that.)

       Ancient Hindu Yoga

       This wasn’t like modern yoga at the gym.  They used special, exotic ways of breathing to reach union with God.  They would use a knife to snip the ligament that attaches the yogi’s tongue to the bottom of his mouth so that he could curl his tongue back into his throat and up his nostrils.  This allowed him to breathe a little bit more efficiently and attain enlightenment faster.  Yogis have been doing that for thousands of years.  It’s tradition!

       Also, meditation in the East isn’t just 15 mins of listening to some Deepak Chopra audio.  It’s a very hardcore tradition where you can sit for hundreds or thousands of hours in a row meditating until you reach enlightenment.  That’s very difficult to practice even if you join an ashram.


       People have been starving themselves to near death since the beginning of spiritual traditions.  This isn’t just fasting, but actual starving to produce higher consciousness, visionary experiences.  Think of Jesus or the Buddha.

       Native Americans have traditions like the vision quest where they send you out into the wilderness or a barren desert with no food and no water for three or four days.  You're on the brink of death, in the scorching sun with no water until you start hallucinating and seeing visions.  That was all done for spiritual purposes.

       The Sundance Tradition

       This isn’t the glitzy film festival or five star ski resort.  It’s a tradition from Native American tribes.  They would take you to a tree and stick metal spokes into the flesh of your abdomen, producing lifelong scars.  Then they’d tie a rope to the metal skewers, tie the other end to the tree and have you run around singing and dancing in the burning scorching heat to induce visions of higher consciousness states.

       Old-School Baptism

       It’s not like modern day baptism.  Originally, they would submerge your head under water until you were nearly drowned to death.  Only then would they lift you out of the water.  The purpose was to take you to the brink of death and then bring you back to life to induce some spiritual effects.


       Ascetics have existed for thousands of years, since the very beginning of spiritual seeking.  They would live by themselves in the mountains or desert, isolated for decades.  It was a life or death decision because three thousand years ago you couldn’t have provisions shipped to you by Amazon.  You couldn’t bring cans of beans or bottles of water.  You’d also have to deal with marauders, thieves and warlords who could kill you at anytime because you're completely defenceless.

       (I guess after all of that, snorting and plugging doesn’t seem so bad?)


Psychedelics are an Ancient Wisdom Technique

       • Psychedelic mushrooms have been the foundation of many spiritual and religious traditions for thousands of years, including Christianity, Native American tribes, South American culture, African, Indian, Aboriginal Australian, New Zealand culture and so forth.

       Hinduism in India, humanity’s oldest spiritual tradition.  The Rigveda, one of Hinduism’s ancient sacred texts, describes a substance called soma.  We don't know exactly what soma is, but our best guess is that it's the amanita muscaria mushroom or the psilocybe cubensis mushroom.  The psychedelic mushroom was highly regarded in Hinduism.  Given that Hinduism is humanity’s oldest tradition of non-duality, shrooms might be how human beings discovered enlightenment in the first place.

       The Ancient Greeks and the Eleusis mysteries. Each year thousands of people would gather in a temple to do psychedelics by drinking kykeon.  This practice was part of mainstream culture.  So it wasn’t just a fringe group of Ancient Greek hippies.

       Kykeon would send people into a rapture with visions of various deities.  The Ancient Greeks had found a way to derive LSD from ergot, a fungus that grows on wheat, so that’s likely what was in kykeon.

       This practice lasted for 2000 years until the fall of the Roman Empire.  All the major Greeks and Romans of the time partook in this, including Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Emperor Nero and those are just the ones we know of for sure.

       • Psychedelics have been closely linked to spirituality from the very beginning of time, so there's nothing sacrilegious or inauthentic about using them.  We must be careful not to bring ego into this and say that the most hardcore, traditional ways are the most valid.  A lot of them are just impractical.

       People who are interested in experiencing God don't care about defying tradition. Hardcore truth seekers will use whatever methods they can, including psychedelics.

       • As humanity evolves we should expect new technologies will rise that make it much easier to attain enlightenment.  That's what we're experiencing now because we have the luxury of modern chemistry.  Psychedelics have so much potential, they should be studied and embraced not rejected.

       • 5-MeO-DMT raises your consciousness to infinity while also reducing your ego down to zero, which makes it the ideal technology for enlightenment.  Within 5 to 15 mins you will experience God and yourself as Absolute Infinity.  5-MeO produces 100% pure ego death, very consistently.  There aren't a lot of visuals with 5-MeO.  You remain lucid and clear.  You don't go on any mystical journeys.


“But Leo, 5-MeO just creates a temporary experience, so how does that help you become permanently enlightened?”

       In order to become permanently enlightened you need to have multiple enlightenment experiences before they stick. The point is that each high consciousness experience increases your awareness higher and higher and higher until something finally cracks open and enlightenment happens.  The first awakening experience doesn’t usually stick.

       Sure there are stories of masters who became fully enlightened in a flash, but that’s extremely rare and impractical for most people.  People who awaken easily probably have the type of genetics that produce 5-MeO naturally and abundantly.

       Also, taking psychedelics doesn’t mean you should stop meditating, self-actualizing, or doing self-inquiry.  Psychedelics will just multiply your current spiritual practices by a thousand fold.


How to Use 5-MeO-DMT

       There are two types of 5-MeO: natural and synthetic.

       The natural version comes from the Bufo Alvarius toad or Colorado River toad.  These toads produce a substance from the glands on their arms and legs.  This liquid is 5-MeO (plus some other chemicals.)  You can collect this liquid, smoke it and have your trip.  You need to smoke the substance.  Licking the toad won’t do anything but poison you or make you throw up ?.  The toad won’t even turn into a prince xD.

       If you decide to look for these toads remember that there’s a limited supply.  There’s only one toad in the world that produces 5-MeO, so don’t harm the toads or destroy their natural habitat!!  In fact, it’s much easier to just buy synthetic 5-MeO.

       The second type of 5-MeO is the synthetic version that’s created in a lab.  It's an off-white tannish powder with the consistency of moist table salt. (21:00)


       The synthetic version comes in two different forms: the HCL form and the Freebase form.  The freebase form needs to be smoked. The HCL form needs to be snorted. Confusing those two will result in lots of pain.  Each version produces slightly different effects.

       Plugging/Boofing 5-MeO

       5-MeO can also be plugged, but Leo doesn’t talk about that in this episode.  He has said elsewhere that plugging 5-MeO is the best way to take it.  There’s a video about plugging psychedelics in general on his blog.  When plugging any substance for the first time, it's a good idea to start with 10mg on your first trip, then increase the dose by 5mg for the next trip, and the next, until you find a breakthrough dose.  

       The HCL version is generally used for plugging, although you can plug the Freebase version too.  Freebase dissolves poorly in water, so you’ll have to add stuff to make it pluggable.    You can use vinegar and/or light coconut milk.  A demo of this can be found here on youtube, but always do your own thorough research.

       Some people have a high tolerance to the effects of plugging, so getting an enema might help. 


       Smoking 5-MeO

       Smoking the freebase form makes it act very quickly, within 10 to 20 seconds.  It just hits you powerfully, like a sledgehammer.  It lasts around 5, 10, maybe 20 minutes at most, then you come back down.

       By smoking 5-MeO, you get pummelled for a few minutes and then you come back and think, “What the hell was that?”  It’s so short it can be disorienting and very confusing.  You don’t want to just experience some cool stuff.  You also want to understand what you're experiencing.


       Snorting 5-MeO

       Snorting the HCL form takes 10 mins to activate.  The effect comes on more gradually, but it's still very, very powerful and the peak lasts longer.  It lasts for 30 to 40 minutes and then after 40 minutes you come back down to normal.

       Snorting is preferable for consciousness work, because we’re trying to understand the true nature of reality and what's happening to us so we can take that understanding back into everyday life.  The longer peak of snorting is more conducive to that.


       • It’s very important that you use a measuring scoop to weigh the dose of your substance.  5-MeO is so potent that every single milligram counts, whether you're smoking or snorting it.  A few milligrams means the difference between a light dose and a heavy dose.

Freebase Doses (smoking)

  • Uses slightly lower doses than snorting.
  • Starting dose: 10 mg
  • Average dose: 15 mg
  • High dose: 20 mg
  • 25 mg is the most you should ever do.

HCL Doses (snorting)

  • Uses slightly higher doses than smoking.
  • Starting dose: 20 mg
  • Average dose: 25 mg
  • Breakthrough dose: 30 mg
  • 30 mg is the most you should ever do.

       • These doses assume that you're a normal, healthy individual.  That you do not have health risks, are not on medication and are not mixing 5-MeO with alcohol or any other drugs.

       • If you overdose on 5-MeO you’ll probably go unconscious for the duration of the experience and wake up after 10, 20, 30 mins not knowing what happened.

       • You must always do 5-MeO on an empty stomach.  Make sure you haven’t eaten for at least 4 hours.  Keep your meals as light and healthy as possible on the day you plan to trip.  If you are hungry, drink some fresh fruit/vegetable fruit up to 1 hour before.  The last hour before your trip is most critical.  It is best not to eat anything at all.  Also, go to the bathroom before you take the substance.

      • Keep in mind, if you overdose, black out and vomit while on this substance, you could choke to death.   For that reason, if you feel nauseated, lie down on your side instead of your back.  Or just make sure your stomach is empty.

       • You can also experience seizures or heart issues because 5-MeO elevates your heart rate and blood pressure.

       • You should be aiming for a breakthrough dose to experience Absolute Infinity.  Leo’s breakthrough dose was 30 mg.  You don't want to just try this once out of curiosity.  Start with a low dose, then work your way up until you get a breakthrough experience.  Going slow prevents you from overshooting the dose you need for a breakthrough.


Directions for Snorting 5-MeO

           1.  Weigh out the dose into two halves.  So if you’re taking 30 milligrams, weigh out two separate batches of 15 mg.  You want two halves so that there’s one for each nostril.  That way you can absorb more of it.

           2.  Next create a little plastic tube.  You can get a plastic straw and cut it short.  You can also roll up a piece of paper or a post-it note.  (Contrary to movies, you don’t need a rolled up $100 bill or a fake Cuban accent :P)

           3.  Snort the two piles of white powder, one pile per nostril.  (You can also arrange them into two separate lines if it’s easier, or if you like pretending you’re in a rap video or working on Wall Street.)

           4.  It’ll burn and sting a bit, sort of like snorting finely ground white pepper.  Some people don't like that sensation, but Leo finds it oddly interesting.

           Any physical discomfort isn’t a big deal because the experience you're about to go on is so freaking explosive and crazy that you're not going to have any issues with your nose.  You'll completely forget about all that.  After you snort it you’ve got about five or ten minutes until it hits you really hard.

           5.  Sit on your couch and drop your head forward until it’s upside down and almost touching the carpet.  You’re doing this so that the 5-MeO doesn't leak out the front of your nose or out the back of your throat.

           If it leaks out the front or the back you're going to lose a large quantity of the substance and it's not going to absorb into the nostril tissues.  Then the trip will be far, far, far less potent.


           Take a position that’s comfortable but also prevents the 5-MeO from dripping out your nose or the back of your throat.  You can also tilt forward from your knees.

           6.  Hold your nose closed to prevent dripping.  While you’re down there, you can also massage your nose for a few minutes to help the 5-MeO absorb into your nostrils.    

           7.  Stay like that for about five or ten minutes until the 5-MeO absorbs.  Get comfy!  Let all the stuff accumulate in your nose.

           8. Make sure it doesn’t drip anywhere.  Let it absorb into the flesh of your nose and go straight to your brain.  As your head is down there, you're going to start feeling the effects.

           9. When you know the 5-MeO has gotten totally absorbed, you can lift your head up, sit back and relax.

           10.  Have some tissues handy to wipe your nose.  You’ll probably still have a little bit of leakage, so keep sniffing all the 5-MeO in.  Don't let it leak out.  You don't want to waste the substance.  Leo demonstrates this at 28:33.

           11.  Wait for God to hit you up.  You’re going to get hit really hard by the way…

           12.  Relax your body and surrender to the experience. At first, you're going to experience terror, fear and panic…but remember, bad trips happen from resisting the experience.


Fully Surrender

         -Surrender fully to the experience.  This is the number one rule that you need to remember to have a good experience.  What does this mean?  When you're starting to freak out and tense up, when your body starts contorting, open up physically.

  • Make sure your arms and legs aren't crossed.
  • Let every muscle go limp and loose.
  • Relax your mind.
  • Use any meditative techniques you know to calm yourself down.  (This is where a regular meditation practice comes in very handy.)
  • That means if you're gonna die, you're gonna die, and you're fine with it.  Just accept it and give in.  This is what will save you.

       -Many people can't do that.  If you decide you don't want to enter Absolute Infinity, and you're just going to sit in your little ego, it’ll be like pushing the gas full throttle in your car and hitting the brakes right after.  In which case you’ll have a horrible, horrible experience.

         You’ll be magnifying all the negatives while eliminating all the amazing, positive possibilities because you’re resisting.  That's going to be terrible.

       -If you read trip reports about 5-MeO there’s a huge range of experiences, from the most horrific and hellish to the most beautiful and divine.  Why is that?  People don’t know about the ego or non-duality or how to surrender.  That's when they have a hellish experience.  So, while you’re sitting on the couch, freaking out as the 5-MeO kicks in, remember to…

Fully Surrender, Relax and Open Your Body


How 5-MeO Feels…

         -When you fully surrender to the experience, it will engulf you and launch you to the peak.  The peak experience is nothing short of experiencing the Godhead as Absolute Infinity.  God is not a person.  God is absolutely everything that's possible.

         So you can experience that.  You can become that.  When you do it'll be such a shocking experience that you’ll think your life has ended.  You have ascended to Nirvana.

         This peak will feel permanent.  You’ll feel immortal, invulnerable and these will not be delusions.  It will be the truth.  It will feel more true to you than anything you've ever known in your entire life.  You will immediately recognize that your entire life is a dream, that collective human reality is a dream.  It’s all a dream, and you’ve finally awoken from it!

         It's a life-changing experience.  You could meditate for ten, twenty years and never go this deep.


        -5-MeO rips your ego away from you.  Your ego is your self concept, your attachments, everything you identify with and what helps you survive.  While that’s dipping to zero, your consciousness will start skyrocketing.  It can be pretty freaky.

         Although 5-MeO isn’t physically painful, it will make you feel like you're going away and you might not come back.  Of course you are coming back, but you're not sure of that while it's happening.

         So you're gonna have to face your own death before you can see God.  The only thing blocking you from God is your ego, and that has got to go, but it won't go without a struggle.


Why Isn’t Everyone Doing 5-MeO?

“But Leo, if 5-MeO is so wonderful why isn’t everyone doing it?  Why doesn’t everyone know about it?”

       • Your ego and ego death, which is a huge catch.  Your ego will do anything to maintain itself, its delusions and not die.  With this substance you're going to be subjecting your ego to its own death. That’s very scary if you don't know what it's like to face death.

       • Closed-mindedness.  Most people (maybe even you) don’t want to take this substance and experience everything it has to offer.  If you take 5-MeO, every single one of your worldviews and beliefs will be shattered.  Are you open to that?  If you're not you won't come near this substance.

       • Ignorance.  Many people don’t actually know about it.  If everyone knew about the potential of 5-MeO we'd be living in a totally different world.

      • Maturity level.  Many people can’t handle having all their beliefs and ideas about reality shattered within minutes.  Many lack the emotional and psychological maturity to deal with that.

      • That’s why 5-MeO isn’t a straightforward magic pill that any idiot can use.  It's a powerful tool and like every powerful tool, it can be abused.

      • It’s illegal and can be difficult to find depending on what country you’re from.  Make sure to check the laws where you live.  If it’s illegal, it would be totally worth it to travel to a country where it is legal and try 5-MeO.  People travel to places like Peru to do ayahuasca ceremonies and 5-MeO is way more powerful and pleasant.  Peru is also farther away for some people than Mexico or Canada.

      • A breakthrough 5-MeO experience will do more for you than flying into outer space and seeing Earth from a spaceship, like those billionaires keep trying to do.  That's how powerful it is.


Warnings & Tips

       • To get the benefits you have to be serious about enlightenment. You have to be a deep student or practitioner of non-duality.  Most people aren't.  So even if they do psychedelics it doesn't do much for them.

       • Research and do the groundwork on psychedelics.  Learn how they work,  where they come from, what kind of experiences people have had on them.  Trip reports are great for this.

       • Psychological risks.  You could have a horrible trip, or even just misinterpret your trip and destabilize your sense of reality.  If you haven't studied non-duality that’s especially a risk.

         This will create an experience of total psychological, ego death in you. Are you ready for that?  Can you handle that?  If you're going to freak out don't take it.  If you can't surrender to death don't take it.

       • Physical Health risks. If you're a normal, healthy, psychologically mature adult then you should not experience any negative health effects, but of course there's risk with any medication you take, whether it prescription or non-prescription.  That's why you want to start with small doses.

         According to trip reports and anecdotal evidence from others, it seems like you can do 5-MeO hundreds maybe even thousands of times without any negative health consequences.  But remember, you have to take full responsibility if you want to use this substance.

       • Don't take 5-MeO if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure, because in the first five or ten minutes your heart rate will go through the roof as you're experiencing your death.

       • Don't take it if you're on various medications, especially anti-depressants or antipsychotic medications.  Do not mix 5-MeO with those.

       • Don't take this if you're mentally unstable.

       Don’t take this if you're under 21.  You're not going to be mature enough to fully understand, appreciate and integrate this experience.  Chances are it'll just freak you out and leave you confused. Build your foundation first then you can take it.


       • Always start with a low dose. This is interesting because with 5-MeO the low dose is more likely to give you a panic attack than a high dose because it’ll remove your ego, but won’t give you a big enough consciousness boost to experience absolute infinity. So the low dose will freak you out more, but you should still start low to get the freak out out of the way.  Then all your successive doses will go a lot smoother and be a lot easier.

       • You also don’t want to start with a large dose because you don't know how much it'll affect you. Some people might be very, very sensitive.  So for them an average dose might turn out to be too high.

       • It’s super critical that you weigh your dose very carefully and accurately.  Make sure you have a milligram scale and that it’s calibrated properly.  Remember that every milligram counts.


       • Only do 5-MeO in a safe setting.  It’s recommended that you only do it at home when you have the day off and nothing else to do.

       • Remove all the dangerous objects in your house, all the knives, the swords, guns, any sources of fire and do it in your living room where there are no sharp corners.  Where you can't hit your head accidentally or fall down some stairs or out a window.  Make your setting very very safe and comfortable.

       • Make sure that nobody can distract you.  Don't do it outside or at a party or with a bunch of friends.  Doing it for the sake of partying is nonsense.


       • Give yourself time to integrate the experience afterwards.  You’ve just seen something that few other humans ever have.  This is going to freak you out and shatter your notions of what's real and possible in life.  You're not going to know what this means for your relationships, career or anything else.  You need time to work through all that, not hide it under a rug.

         That's where the real growth comes from.  That’s why psychedelics aren’t a magic pill or a way to avoid doing the uncomfortable emotional work.  It’s actually the opposite.


       • 5-MeO also augments future psychedelic experiences.  After doing 5-MeO every psychedelic experience becomes a little bit like 5-MeO.  Trips will be much more powerful, deep and epic.  Even at low doses and even if it’s been a while since your last 5-MeO trip.

       • 5-MeO seems to have no tolerance, which means you can take it often.  That’s not recommended, however.  You could become psychologically dependent on it.  5-MeO might not be physically addictive, but anything can be psychologically addictive. (Like scrolling the forum xD)

       • You should wait at least a week between trips.  Twice a month is better so you can reflect and integrate between trips.  This is such a powerful substance that there’s no way you can integrate all this in just one or two days.  You need to give yourself time to come back down, to really think about it and integrate it fully.


A Catalyst, Not a Cure-All

        -Yes, 5-MeO can be used for enlightenment!  If used in conjunction with meditation, self-inquiry and personal development, over a long period of time (like a year), eventually all those peak, high consciousness experiences will crack open the ego. They will deliver a mortal wound that bleeds the ego dry.

         Psychedelics are a catalyst, not a magic pill, because the work is still emotionally taxing.  So continue your meditation habits, continue self-inquiry and all other personal development habits.

       -One dose will not permanently enlighten you.  It'll give you a genuine experience of your absolute nature as God, as Everything and Nothing, but it's not going to make you permanently enlightened.  It puts you in a temporary state of high consciousness, but not a permanent stage of high consciousness.

         5-MeO puts you in a state of consciousness that’s so high, so infinite, it’s unsustainable in everyday human life. Although having that super high reference point for Absolute Infinity will supercharge the rest of your spiritual practice.


        -It’s a catalyst that makes you face your inner demons.  The more inner demons you have the more stuff will come up.  So be prepared to work through all of that.

         However, you’ll also get to work through that stuff faster instead of spreading it out over ten or twenty years.  It’s going to be condensed into one year, like joining a zen monastery.  So it’ll be faster and tougher, but the fruits will come faster too.  You’ll also have more time to enjoy them in the long run.  You will be shocked and pleasantly surprised when you break through and see what exists beyond the ego.


5-MeO & Society

         -Because 5-MeO makes the Godhead tangible and empirical, it might be the most important technology that we have right now.

         -The traditional enlightenment path is very very gruelling. Most people probably couldn’t handle it, but they can do a psychedelic and experience the deepest wisdom that our religious and spiritual traditions are founded upon.  They can breakdown their ego and stop the cycle of self-destruction, both individually and collectively, as part of the community and as part of the species.

          There are reports of 5-MeO being used to completely cure addicts who’ve been using heroin for 20 years.  Imagine how powerful an experience would have to be to sober up a homeless addict who’s been using heroin everyday for 20 years.  Someone who’s tried rehab, therapy and methadone but keeps relapsing.  He does a 5-MeO treatment, sees God and his whole life gets flipped upside down.  This doesn’t happen to every addict, but the fact that it’s a common enough occurrence shows how much therapeutic potential 5-MeO has.

eg: Dr. Octavio Rettig and medical 5-MeO for meth addicts in Mexico

         -If there's anything that will make enlightenment mainstream it's 5-MeO.  For that reason, it could be the salvation of the human race.  Humanity’s at a tipping point, because collectively our ego is so vast and our ignorance so deep.  Our wisdom is so shallow and our consciousness so low.  As a species, over the next 200 years, we have a real chance of devastating Earth’s ecosystem and annihilating ourselves.  The future of humanity could literally depend on marshalling the consciousness raising potential of psychedelics like 5-MeO.

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On 10/6/2021 at 1:33 AM, EmptyVase said:


All of your threads help everyone to navigate So, yes, it is very helpful. :x

Aww, thanks.  I appreciate it. :D

On 10/6/2021 at 1:33 AM, EmptyVase said:

It's so good that it could become an official part of imo. It'd be really cool if it wasn't hidden somewhere in this forum, but rather somewhere on the main page. :)


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@Gregory1 Thanks :D.  It would be nice to get paid financially and not just spiritually xD 

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On 6.10.2021 at 9:33 AM, EmptyVase said:

It's so good that it could become an official part of imo. It'd be really cool if it wasn't hidden somewhere in this forum, but rather somewhere on the main page. 


@Leo Gura this is true in my opinion. Let @FlyingLotus create a summary page for you, that makes it easy to navigate all the content on

Perhaps she deserves a monetary payment for that work.

Please do not take anything I say as an insult. I have 17 warning points and I'd like to stay on this forum.

You are Love.

1 year meditation, 1 hour daily

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On 10/11/2021 at 3:31 PM, Gregory1 said:

Perhaps she deserves a monetary payment for that work.

Thanks @Gregory1.  Maybe I should setup a Patreon page xD.  I wouldn’t mind getting early access to Leo's next course, especially if he’s looking for beta testers!


On 10/11/2021 at 3:31 PM, Gregory1 said:

Let @FlyingLotus create a summary page for you, that makes it easy to navigate all the content on

There’s a few posts for navigating, including the psychedelics one.  Leo can definitely add these links to the main page if he wants to.

⁍ Video Summaries!

⁍ ? Leo's Blog: Table of Contents ?

⁍ ? on Psychedelics ?

⁍ ▶️ Blog Videos, Summaries & Interviews ▶️

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Seriously thank you so much! bookmarked to read all the way through later :D

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13 hours ago, Ascent X said:

Seriously thank you so much! bookmarked to read all the way through later :D

You're welcome!  It's always nice to be appreciated :)

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Blog Video Summary: How To Plug Psychedelics

               • Watch the video at least once.  Video is here.  

               • This is for informational purposes and harm reduction.  You need to take 100% responsibility for what you put in your body.  

               • does not condone the use of recreational drugs.  Psychedelics are intended to be used for spiritual purposes only.   

               • Check the laws in your area.  Laws vary a lot from country to country. 


          -Plugging is one of the cleanest, safest ways to take psychedelics.  It’s painless, gentler and smoother than other methods like snorting, vaping and oral routes of administration.  If you’re sick, in pain or vomiting it’ll distract you during your trip.

eg:  Snorting and vaping can hurt your nose, throat and lungs.  Oral/swallowing can cause vomiting or nausea, like methallylescaline.  Also, most psychedelics taste awful.   

          -Empty your bowels before plugging so that you can fully absorb the psychedelic.  

          -Make sure your stomach is empty, especially with 5-MeO-DMT.  You want a TOTALLY empty stomach for at least 4 hours prior to the trip, unless you enjoy suffering. 

          -Many chems are perfect for plugging, like 5-MeO-DMT, MALT, Ketamine, Methallylescaline, 2C-B, etc.

          -Plug chems in their HCL form.  You can also plug fumarate.  

          -The Freebase form needs to be converted to HCL so that it doesn’t burn your bathroom muscles.  You can use vinegar and/or light coconut milk.  A demo of this can be found here on youtube.

          -With any new psychedelic, start with a light dose and gradually increase your dose on subsequent trips, by 5-10mg depending on how potent the substance is.  

eg: 5-MeO-DMT’s light dose is 3-6mg.  Ketamine’s light dose is 10-30mg.


For 5-MeO-DMT

              • For 5-MeO-DMT, plugging makes the trip last twice as long compared to snorting and ten times longer compared to vaping.  You’ll need a lower dose if you plug.

               • Vaping makes the trip too quick to contemplate, whereas plugging gives you a longer trip which is better for savouring non-duality and making sense of it.


On Measuring

     -For tiny potent substances like 5-MeO, the micro scooper is more accurate than a scale.  Using a good scale and a micro scooper is great, but only if the scale is high quality and calibrated.

     -If you use a scale, use a high quality scale that’s been calibrated.  Ideally you’d use a laboratory grade scale.  Sadly, you can’t find those on Amazon.  

     -Larger dosed substances like shrooms don’t need a high quality scale, because it’s easier for scales to read higher doses.

     -The smaller the dose, the easier it is for the reading to be inaccurate.  You can use the calibrating weight for a more accurate reading.  

          To weigh your dose

                    a) Place the calibrating weight (usually 20g) and your dose on the scale. 

                    b) Record the total weight of both the dose and the calibrating weight.  

                    c) Take the Total weight and subtract the calibrating weight to get the weight of your dose.   

   -You don’t need that much water to dissolve small doses.  Around 0.3ml is good for 10mg, like with 5-MeO.  Ketamine or Methallylescaline will require more water, like 0.8ml.


     You’ll need:

                     • Micro-scooper, can also use a milligram scale.

                     • 1 ml syringe, needlessness.

                     • Rubber band.

                     • Drinking water, the purer the better.

                     • A vessel/container for mixing the substance with water.  (Leo uses a ¼ teaspoon scooper)

                     • Your psychedelic of choice.


     Demo Starts (4:55) 

     1. Measure out your dose and put it in the mixing container.

     2. Suck in 0.3 to 0.8ml of water into the syringe.

     3. Slowly drip it into your measured out substance, inside the mixing container.

     4. Stir and dissolve the substance.  You can use the micro-scoop or even a paperclip.  Ideally there should be no little particles left, or they won’t get sucked up into the syringe.

     5. Wrap the rubber band tightly around the syringe at around the 0.6 ml mark.  This will help you insert the syringe deep enough, but not too deep. 

This helps you absorb the substance properly.  You will be pushing the syringe in until you feel the rubber band against your butt.  

     6. Suck up every last bit of the substance into the syringe.  

     7. It helps to lube up the syringe, especially at the tip.  You can use saliva or coconut oil.  

     8. Make sure you’re holding the syringe by the base and not the plunger, or the liquid might expel prematurely.

     9. Get on all fours, doggy style.  Relax your bathroom muscles.  Insert rectally.  Stop inserting when you can feel the rubber band against your butt.     

     10. Once it’s in, start pushing the plunger.  Start slow at first, but when it’s halfway, push it quickly so that every last drop gets out.  

     11. Don't remove it right away.  Let the liquid absorb to prevent leakage.  This can take from 5s to 1 min. 

     12. Pull it out and slightly clench your butt to prevent leakage.  

     13. Now, you have 5 to 10 mins before the substance kicks in.  Lie down on your stomach somewhere comfy.  If you walk around it might leak out.  

     14.  After about 15 mins the liquid will be fully absorbed and you can walk around, if you have to.

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3 hours ago, flyingwhalee said:

Favorited this. Hats off.

You're welcome :)

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