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Many thanks for this material!

Will wait to download till watch and check out as many Leo's videos and content as possible but this will help for sure :) 

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@Michal__  There are 8 instances of "hould f" in the document. The sentences do not really give context to what these words are representing. Well then, watch the video. Maybe use the notes as a guide on where in the video the aspects are adressed and skip to the timestamps.

On another note, this isn't a thing to be hanged up on: you get the point that is made regardless of that error.

Edited by Loving Radiance

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

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Interesting, I must have missed them.

Not all the video notes were written by me. I assume it was a formatting error of some sort. I did find a few of those types of errors when I did my first edit but I don't think the spell checker picked these up.

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That's quite the effort. Well done, phenomenal work. Wish I your level of passion and drive. 

"True Love is born from Understanding.”-The Buddha

"Passion is coming from you, from the inside to the outside."-Leo Gura


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Hmm, I have found this note in my OneNote and I think this episode haven't been included yet, someone might add it when updating the textbook later with more notes.



Un-ten-a-ble (adj.)

"not able to be maintained or defneded against attack or objection."

Synonyms: indefensible, unsustainable, weak, shaky

Judgement is a rejection of reality. Reality in front of you is the way it should be, because it's the only way. You have to become conscious of that.

Criticism can come from two places. Unconscious one and conscious one, where you know your criticism is untenable, defeats itself. It creates a kind of guilty pleasure, the thing is not to get addicted to it and not to take your own criticism seriously.

Criticism is a mechanism designed to maintain homeosthasis. When you are criticising everyone and everything you are not looking inward, solving your deepest problems.

Criticising has almost always the exact opposite effect of what was assumed to acheive. It backfires. Wastes time and energy. You can't really be content with life if all you do is criticising. There are many other things that are worth doing instead, like raising your own consciousness for instead.


  1. How is this situation a red herring (distraction)?
  2. What am I failing to accept here about reality?
  3. Is this productive?
  4. How can I be more constructive with my energy and time?
  5. Is this making me feel happy (criticizing)?
  6. What positive lesson can I learn from observing the thing I am criticizing?

30 DAY NO CRITICISM CHALLANGE: You wear a rubber band or something that will help you remember about your commitment. You stop being critical of anything for the next 30 days and being mindful of that. Every time you catch yourself getting into criticizing mode you ask yourself questions and drop the criticism.

Don't use insights into nature of judgement and criticism as a tool. They are not meant to be used against criticism. That would be criticising criticism, and eventually criticising criticism criticising criticism. Don't do that, instead, think about yourself and who you want to be. Do you want to tap in the mud, or get above it? It's your choice.


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