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  1. Accept the feelings you feel inside, that's the only thing you can do. Accept that they are there, don't cling to them nor push them away. Also there is 2.999.999 other women in this world Everyday more of them are born You'll be fine
  2. Looks like enlightened dudes become more and more moralistic by the day !
  3. I wish I could not know I'm avoiding it. That feels horrible sometimes
  4. Then maybe it's a good idea not to walk outside I wouldn't consider watching the self inquiry video from Leo if I was super tired now, more like watching a movie or sleeping
  5. No sorry, I don't think it was a post of mine If you're sure about it go through my post history, I didn't post much those past few days.
  6. Can't even walk outside anymore without making me super tired the rest of the day Summer equal worse version of winter πŸ˜‚
  7. You subconsciously think they should be attracted to you but they don't. On top of that, you think that the love and/or sexual interest of women are necessary for you to be happy in life. So you hate them because they don't give you a fake need in your mind, which you think they should when there is zero (true) reason to support that in your mind. It's a big mess πŸ˜‚
  8. Yeah but to find balance you (most often than not) needs to go through excess on one side of the spectrum.
  9. My body also have trouble to enjoy heat LOL Fuck this shit πŸ˜‚
  10. When you studied enough for the day But the website has a leaderboard ... #male_instinct_triggered Important to understand:
  11. That's what most people do and stay trapped on the rest of their life. Abstention isn't supposed to be used as a guideline for the rest of your life, it's only useful to go through the addiction mentally and physically to finally have meaningful and satisfactory sexual experience. Complete abstinence for life and overindulgence in sex are both huge trap And none of them work for real on the long term.
  12. It's not the symptoms that are a problem. If I stay indoor, It's fine about that. It's being constantly mentally and physically tired, and unless I live in a room where no outdoor air can pass in, there is no solution except living somewhere where there isn't grass pollen. @mandyjw Thanks for caring though
  13. No wonder I'm so unproductive in the summer There is 5 level for grass allergy, I have 5/5, literally tired directly after waking up. At some point I'll need to move somewhere this isn't a thing, I can't pause my life and feel like shit 2 months every year.
  14. You will stop trying to get a meaning out of life and you will stop feeling empty.