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  1. Didn't know Leo has a mustache. Must clean my eyes with bleach, must be why I can't see it.
  2. I thought we were already dead since 2012. I can't take it anymore, dying twice is too much !
  3. Who would have thought that the point of life was to experience life. The teachers that talk about never coming back to a "normal" life are full of shit Of course you do, why would you incarnate yourself into an uncouscious being in the first place if the sole point of life was to not live life anymore ?
  4. Don't mock me, that was deep for me
  5. I member now something I didn't post on this thread that is probably relevant. Once I was able to stay conscious while falling asleep, being lucid during the dream, while deep sleep, and then the moment before waking up. Me as consciousness never went to sleep, but was observing the experience of Shin going to sleep. It was one infinite moment, there was no beginning and no end, and it felt it could stayed like that forever.
  6. No I don't think so. Now that you said it, I actually don't remember ever feeling cold or warm in any dream I ever had.
  7. Was that another dream ?
  8. Could write an entire dark fantasy saga with that beginning lol If you're a writer, take it, it's FREE 😂
  9. Today I was a magic student/mercenary in a magic mercenary kind of school. Think of FFVIII, a bit like that. A partner and I found a passage leading to a very old castle, it was very mysterious and old. After visiting it for a while, we stumbled on a book, a very mysterious book that was talking about some weird lineage which lived in this castle. After only one minute reading it, we were teleported somewhere else in the castle. There we saw people walking, but they didn't seem to be concerned about us. We find the same book again and this time it was much more clear, this was some kind of old vampire lineage, very powerful and dark. We realised we were in the past, that was the reason people ignored us, we were not supposed to be here. After having read a specific portion of the book, a door appeared in the corner of the room. In the room was a child, she seemed so fragile and sad, we took her with us, and for some reason, we were back at the academy. The girl was In a cell now, I didn't understand why. My partner told me, that apparently, she is a vampire, she was sealed in a very difficult to access pocket of time. Everyone at the academy tried to find her at the castle, but no one could but us. She was very pissed to be in jail, and yelled and screamed, laughing like a really dark and evil demon, I was surprised to say the least lol It was a contract to retrieve her, and the man who took her seemed to care for her. After that I sat with the partner, and ask why us, it doesn't make sense that we newbies could find her and nobody elses.
  10. You're doing mental masturbation. This isn't about debating which is the best concepts about what enlightenment is. It's about directly experiencing whatever the pointers Leo or any other teachers are giving. You're arguing what the ideas about enlightenment is. You're not actually trying to experience them directly. You're like a fisherman talking about how fishing is amazing, But actually, you've never touched a boat or a fishing rod in your entire life.