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  1. You do something you like to do way more passionately. Like, life purpose, hobbies (you really like, not the neurotics ones), get to do the shit you know you have to do, get a sex life, etc ...
  2. When you've been "this" close to surrender ...
  3. You won't give a shit very soon, then you'll have only compassion for them.
  4. To study the universe you should be able to get outside of it, and this is impossible, it's a unity, a singularity, there is no "outside". The same way you can't go outside your own body studying it, chopping off some limbs and study it after, on your own.
  5. You could also stop thinking about all this stuff. You could just meditate and self-inquiry using all your free time everyday, until you have a huge mystical experience in which you will understand what you're trying to understand here (which is impossible using thoughts). All you're doing here questioning us, is just pure waste of time, you're only doing it because you're distracting yourself (and firmly believing you're not). You can, it's up to you, it's a choice.
  6. When you stop seeking to be happy and just accept the present moment. Super counter-intuitive, and that's why 99.99% of people aren't happy.
  7. I don't want to create a new thread for this, there is enough thread created every day as it goes. So I experienced again, for 20 times in a row, the astral projection (?) where you want to wake up, but can't. You know, where you wake up, can move a feet or two, then you're sucked into your original position. Obviously you're still dreaming, because if you could open your eyes, you could move for real. This thought can't shut up for now after this "You can't do shit bitch" Ok the bitch part has been added Anyone knows anything about this stuff ?
  8. So non-dual ! Can I join your ashram ? Can you rape me saying that it is ok because I'm nothing ? How can I pay for more concepts from you ? @jse
  9. There is no one to thanks to. No one is writting this message. Nope, no one is seeing this message !
  10. Don't hesitate to add the post to your commonplace book (onenote), that's why I did it in the first place