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  1. It's a matter of evolution of consciousness, so it's really not toxic or bad, it's just how it is. They don't know any better, they are doing all of it unconsciously, just like we do (just at a different level). You're conditioned right now with a lot of things too. The only difference is that you can't see your conditioning, but you can see others and therefore judge them as bad. Someone that can see your conditioning is doing the same (and someone else is doing the same to him too).
  2. That's amazing, good work ! Keep going !
  3. It's not evil, the women in those country see this as totally normal.
  4. You're welcome, enjoy the depression and the panic attacks !
  5. That can't be right, Denmark is a socialist marxist evil country. It can't be more free than USA, obviously ! @Preety_India If the agenda of the country is to oppress women to serves the need of the men, then it is perceived as toxic for those men.
  6. You should definitely be in the past, that's where sadness is. If you really want to step up and be an individual, be in the future, that's where anxiety is.
  7. Most women aren't basking in their feminine and are boring as hell. Of course you don't like to get dominated if you fear to open your heart, that's too unpredictable and scary for them. They do like it though, they are just very confused about it.
  8. Why would no girls want to date a man who says exactly what he wants in bed ? Unless you have some serious hardcore and weird fetishes I think you're good. It's not like slapping hard a woman boobs/ass, restraining her with ropes, chocking/gagging/stroking her and going deep into her ass isn't something most woman wants. @Someone here
  9. Today I was a sort of CEO of a shady company. We were all caught by the police, and had a banket on a dock, waiting for the boat to come. The chief police officer made a big speech on how I was a disgrace for my parents and how screwed I am, but I made a joke that made him make look even more stupid lol I told my friends not to freak out and to sit up and start to leave the docks. I naturally planned for everything all along, and had some guys burn all the evidences. The police was in denial for some minutes, then had to call in to verify the claim, because they could see how shooting innocent people (on paper) could put them themselves in prison. They were pretty pissed to know there were no evidences anymore ! AHAH SUCK IT BOYS !!!
  10. No but seriously, what's the next step ? A thread with no title and a dot as the text ?
  11. You know something is wrong, when even a troll like me says low quality posts need to stop.
  12. Those low quality posts need to stop.
  13. I feel this way too when I see Leo talk about JP sometimes.
  14. Tell him, but also have a safeword just in case he gets carried away a bit too far
  15. Does it explain how not to be triggered and angry ? Cause JP could need some of that :3