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  1. Check if that's healthy. Getting your dick erected that much everyday without never ejaculating might damage it.
  2. Both time I walked, especially the second time, I was amazed of how life seems more and more dream-like. Everything feels great, even the wind, the cold, the grey sky, it's all beautiful in its own way. It's really amazing guys, I wish all of you could feel how I feel nowadays, it's like being a kid again. There is 100% trust in what will happen. I have 100% faith that life will support me. I noticed in the past few weeks, that everything I need comes to me effortlessly, without me seeking for it in the first place. Only happened once before, 2 years ago for the 6 months I was getting my bachelor degree, I was just focusing and what I genuinely felt I should do while still studying non-duality and meditating 2 hours a day. This happens because you are synchronizing with life, surrendering what you think you desire for what you really want, and letting life taking care of everything else.
  3. What happens when you don't wake up in this reality ?
  4. Ever been lucid in a dream ? What happens when you die ? Your answer lies here.
  5. @Rilles Maybe he died again 😂😂😂
  6. Leo is dead. DEAD !!!!! 😱😱😱
  7. I demand a refund. Oh wait ... 🙃
  8. When you don't remember the last time you fapped
  9. Grasp this and you will never have any "problems":
  10. Different practices will work for different people. Ultimately there is no practices, because they all lead to the same place -> basking in your own intimate presence. This you cannot do when your identified to the mind, this is why you need focused meditation in the beginning, To learn that you aren't the mind.
  11. Which makes me think, I'm making love to you right now
  12. I remember imagining this years ago, I was literally in tears and felt so naked, vulnerable. There was so much positive energy in me that my body was internally making love to itself.