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  1. Hi guys, Out of respect for you, I create this post to signal that I'll leave for at least 6 months. I spend way too much time here, it became an addiction. For the last few months I were on the forum for 3/4 hours A DAY ! This is waaaaaay too much ! I'll only post threads here, and only if I experience a HUGE mystical/enlightenment experience, or the real deal (so maybe nothing). Don't listen to the naysayers (cut them off of your life if necessary). Listen to your intuition, even if it goes against everything your mind and emotions say, take a (some) day(s) off to be sure (beware of rationalization). Always look inward, never outward. If something happen, it was bound to happen, look at the lesson, and move on. Everything will be fine, as long as you accept and worship the present moment. Never skip your meditation practice, never stop witnessing your senses, emotions, thinkings. Every act is either an act of love or a desperate call for it, think about that when someone is a dick. It's already there. Now.
  2. Refusing to be with the person, because it's in its best interest.
  3. Him ? The devil is you dude. The ego is you. Don't split it by using others words ... This is like one of the worst trap ...
  4. 2 and a half year. You should have ended this 2 years ago, at least.
  5. Meditation. Spending more time alone. Doing things you like rather than things that are trendy.
  6. Not sure about that. Seems more psychological than physical. I only reached 16 days 4 times top, and It's not hard at all. Should have been hard, I'm quite psychologically down lately (well today it's way better).
  7. Yeah ... For how long ? You donn't have to explain, but this destiny stuff, there was deep emotional stuff right ? Like real difficult shit to go through ?
  8. Nice, glad I could help a bit.