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  1. Of course, that's how getting out of an addiction works. I'm hitting (probably, don't count anymore) the 30 days mark again and I want to fuck any attractive girl I see too ! If you pass that treshold though, it'll be ok, you won't even think of it most of the time, even when you see beautiful girls.
  2. Two things: If you don't practice everyday, you'll soon forget and go full inconscious, that's the first reason why most people don't reach it. The second reason is they take it too seriously, which means they're still conceptualizing it, instead of simply being it. You need to get your practical shit together to make room for a peaceful and more comptemplative life, AND you need to raise your consciousness to better handle the shit you need to do/work on in your life. One does not go without the other.
  3. You're doing perfectly fine, don't change anything, that would be your ego (yourself) trying to convince itself that it's doing great and go forward when in fact it's just too scared to face the truth again. Just face it again and again, you'll never be ready, you can't be ready to kill yourself, how could you be, you're killing yourself !
  4. Why do you think your mind find every excuses possible to be distracted ? Why do you think there is so much fear in you when you decide to get back on track and to push yourself even more ? Why do you think there is very few people who go all the way ? You may not die in the end, but it doesn't matter, because you truly believe it is what it is happening, every step of the way.
  5. My ego(s) during and after watching the video about the devil from Leo It's so on point, you deceive yourself all the time, so much that it gets hilarious to me
  6. 5-meo dmt can't produce an ego death if you are attached as fuck to your identity, so no it won't work either.
  7. By being conscious of it and realizing it's useless and only hurt you and them. Which is already what you are doing, you just have to be patient, this kind of thing does not change by night, it can take years
  8. Dude, that's like saying you need a car to walk ...
  9. I find myself more happy/at peace if it's distinct from meditation. Meditation doesn't necessarily make you peaceful, it raise your awareness, but you can be full monkey mind sometimes (for your mind meditation is still doing something in the end). Once you acclimate to really do nothing at all, you just do nothing at all.
  10. A sport and a meditation daily habit.
  11. The thing with happiness, is that it requires nothing When you don't mentally require anything to be happy, you're happy, it's as simple as that really. Now how to practically do this ? I think the most direct route would be to sit and do nothing, let's say, 1 hour a day for 90 days. It will be horrible at first, but after a while you'll realize that you don't need anything to be happy, nothing at all. Of course it won't be the orgasmic happy I got a new boyfriend/girlfriend and other stuff like that, but it will be constant and be with you whatever you do once you realize it.
  12. Just do nothing. Most relaxing shit in the whole world.
  13. The cave method is still a process your mind thinks it needs
  14. If I was loaded as fuck I would abduct him and left him for dead on a small island with enough food for one year