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  1. Technically that's true. Concepts about enlightenment are not there to believe in them though, they are here to guide you experientially in your path. Unfortunately, until you free your mind of holding on to beliefs, which happens when you stop to identify to the mind (being the seer/watcher behind it), any beliefs whatsoever will be seen as an ultimate and pure truth to live by. It is so extreme in religious circle that it becomes ridiculous from an outside perspective, but it's happening in every level of our lives. It just happens that, since it is seen as "normal", we don't qualify it as neurotic, but it is. The tendency of the mind to cling to a belief is equally proportional to the degree of consciousness of the body/mind you have. You don't need to reject or cling to any beliefs whatsoever when you see you're not the mind, all beliefs are accepted as potential truths, which is very different than what the standard mind does. At this point you won't care about believing something to be right or wrong, or to belong conceptually to a community, all those things collapse and are seen as a waste of time and energy. The beliefs are stored as eventualities in your mind, And if one interest you for some practical reason, you will do the empiric research yourself to confirm or disprove it.
  2. Just change the condom ?
  3. "Knowledge" is important to make sense of what you will experience, and not dismiss it for some mental state. If you get some glimpses, that's not it. If you get an awakening experience, that's not it. If you get self-realized, that's still not it (only half way). Most people will get stuck at the first two stages, and get arrogant as fuck. The ones who get to stage 3, oh boy, they are even more arrogant ...
  4. Doesn't matter if you ejaculate early, just continue to fuck. I'm not particularly healthy, and don't have a high sex drive and can do it, so I assume anyone can.
  5. All women are hypergamous ... Are you even living on planet Earth ?
  6. What are you expecting ? What kind of help ? What do you think could help you ?
  7. I'm always wary when someone says that
  8. You're searching an external solution to an internal problem. It will never work. And btw, Joseph says the same exact thing.
  9. Thoughts aren't the problem, lack of awareness is. If you say thoughts are the problem, people will start to hate and fight them. Which of course isn't gonna work and just make things worse.
  10. No help will come. See through the mind, that all thoses negative and neurotics thoughts patterns are just content in you. Just be the observer ... There is no escape to this, you either ascend by letting the mind die by not participing in its endless drama, Or continue to lie to yourself and go deeper into hell. No help will come, it's all up to you, No Help Will Come
  11. I thought this was a joke until I click play. We have at least 20 episodes on different religions now 😂
  12. So you acknowledge those are excuses ?