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  1. It is in the sense that you can live without it. It isn't in the sense that for most people, it is precisely suffering that make them awaken.
  2. Their cells are 10 times bigger than my appartment. I think I'll kill some people soon enough... πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
  3. Green have too much drama in their head, better join the yellow fellowship 😎😎😎
  4. Don't cheat, only weak men do that. Ask if she's ok to have threesome or if you can have sex with other girls , or make the relationship an open one. If you value having sex with as much girls as you want more than being in relationship with her, she's either not good gf material or you legitimately are in a phase in your life where you want to do this. Either way you should break up, or stay with her if it's the other way around. But don't cheat, only boys make women cry.
  5. There are relative and absolute truths. There is, relatively speaking, other people, and those people suffer unless they don't identify to their mind. The goal is to remove this unnecessary suffering, that's what every legit Spiritual teacher does.
  6. If you truly understand this, You will do it, I GUARANTEE IT ! πŸ’“
  7. My recurrent nightmare, Having an enlightenment experience on the toilet ... Please don't 😒😒😒
  8. Basically everything that is done mindlessly. I'm a pro to distract myself, trust me on this 😎😎😎
  9. Not a trick in that sense, but open his capability to open his mind without bombarding it with concepts beforehand.
  10. That is way too extreme for a newbee, not only he won't know what to do, but he would ask why. The goal would be to trick him into having a non dual experience, then explaining the bare minimum of why self inquiry would benefit him.
  11. Yeah I thought about that a lot, not talking at all about concept or even words, not letting the mind clinging to new beliefs, just techniques 😊
  12. Imagine you have someone that trust you entirely, and that you know for sure he/she has the potential and the will to go through the path. Also imagine that this person has no conceptual framework for it, that his/her mind is totally blank to spirituality. How would you teach that person from that position ?
  13. They do, A LOT 😊 Not all of them of course, but most do. But it's not just women, men too, if they are in touch with their feminity. Btw, you could have sex without ejaculating, you just need to adjust to it and be prepared to use your hands and mouth a lot in the beginning 😏 If you do those correctly, it's gonna be more than cuddles 😏😏😏 Cuddle her hair, especially where the hair separate from the skin. Cuddle her neck/ears area. Cuddle her back very slowly, all the way. Cuddle her cheeks, from the top of their eyes to their jaws.