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  1. You got to be serious about it to the point you realize being serious about it is counter productive. You have to go through the serious phase first though, it really can't be skipped.
  2. They are everywhere.
  3. Seriously, I can't put on the light cause of mosquitos, and the forum is killing my eyes. That's one of the reason I don't browse it anymore at night
  4. There are severals studies that proves it, music can really help you (just google it). Never start or finish a day without the kind of music that cheer you up or calm you down. Just like taking a good walk every day, listening to music is important, it feeds your "soul" and make you remember the shit you have to do. It's way more than that though, for some of you that can listen to music without a single thought, you enter a zone where time doesn't exist and there is only this uplifiting emotion that is hard to describe. Whatever helps you, share it here, for me it is that kind of music :3
  5. Told you that having a necklace or some shit was useful !
  6. If you think older women won't test you and won't be an emotional rollercoaster at some point.
  7. The very pursuit of pleasure makes everything far less pleasurable than when you're just experiencing it without any expectation. What is in you that is seeking pleasure, and why ? You don't need any pleasure in life when you're at peace, it's only a bonus.
  8. You don't need a relationship to feel it or to give it anyway. Relationship are important for society because it's the only way for most people to feel love, not realizing this is only a limited timeframe of ego-transcendance, following by years of attachements and egotic drama.
  9. Leo's job is to give you knowledge every week ...
  10. Nothing, cause I had a bunch of those, and I'm clearly not enlightened.
  11. He's either extremely shy, or not that interested. Either way, it's up to you to make things goes further, he won't do it
  12. @Sevi Ok, but we'll have to kill your husband, I don't like making girls cheat on their boyfriend, that's mean