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  1. You're right, today I was missing some air, so I remembered I could breath. Best retreat of my life !
  2. Of course it can be done, but being able to do it doesn't mean you're more awake, cause if you're awake you see it's just another thing you're imagining.
  3. Because it doesn't matter Supernormal abilities are just fluffy stuff, it's the same as being able to walk, as magical, if you are enligthened. Not saying it can't be cool or aren't worth pursuing, but it means zero concerning enlightenment.
  4. I didn't say "focus on being happy and ignore everything in your life that you dislike" Focused on being happy obviously means going through whatever pain necessary to heal or have a healthier environment.
  5. Just focus on being happy, and you'll love people naturally. The best thing you can do in life is to just focus on being happy, everything else kinda come naturally from this.
  6. Anything you imagine is real, just not the definition of real you have right now. When you dreamed last night, did you ask yourself if you were dreaming, or were you thinking it was real ? Probably real yes ? Well now you say it's not. Make up your mind
  7. Llike Carl said, imagination is not what you think it is right now. Right now there is a split in your mind, two concepts, one that there are real things, one that some things aren't real. There is a third option, which is the truth, and it's that everything is both real and imaginary, and this you cannot ever understand until you awaken. When we use the word imagination, it is only because we have to use a word to speak, but in truth, no word can express what we're talking about. The reason so many teachers use the expression "life is a dream", and "wake up from life", are also weak ways to express the truth, and necessary leads to delusion from seekers. They are just using those words to guide your intuition towards what is true, which would be the real answer that nobody could ever transmit to you, but you. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't kind of communication, cause the ego can take this expression of "life is a dream" and fuck up his entire life because "nothing matters then". Well yeah in a sense, nothing matters, which is exactly why everything can be amazing, but that makes no sense if you're "dreaming" too !
  8. The evidence is the raw feeling of knowing it. Not knowing as a concept, but as real as feeling your hand right now (you don't need an evidence for that). Even more real than that, infinitely more. An evidence is just a concept in your head, so no evidence ever will suffice to prove you that. The only evidence that would be enough, is directly being imagination itself, which you are, you just delude yourself you aren't.
  9. What I have found, is that if you're awakened, then there is no one else that is awakened, ever, because it's only you in the first place. Not the ego, God, the ego is a fantomatic fabrication like everything else. The entire world is awakened or you're asleep/half asleep believing there are other partition of God being aware separately. Now this is funny, cause I'm speaking from an ego point of view now, and have no idea whatsoever if what I'm telling is true or not, this is all memory and intuition, and from what I remember, I would probably not try to convince anyone about this, cause that would be pointless in the first place
  10. Healthy suffering is when you accept the suffering as a wave passing through your body. Unhealthy suffering is when you react without being conscious of the implication of your reaction. The first one leads to love, the second leads to hell. In the first case you can investigate and understand why the suffering takes place, in the second you develop traumas.
  11. Someone who's not afraid to suffer mentally or physically to achieve whatever his goal is. Someone compassionate to the suffering and level of development of other people/the world. Someone who is willing to put his best interest out of the equation if it means everyone else is gaining something out of it. Someone who does what it says, and does what he thinks is the right thing to do, regardless of other people's opinion and cultural standard. Someone who is both fierce and kind at the same time, capable to say and do harsh things, even to friends, if that is what those friends need. Someone who is first and foremost thinking about the well being of his family/company/country/the world, and not himself. Someone who doesn't take life too seriously and can make fun of himself. Someone who inspires hope and courage to other.
  12. The most beautiful thing you could realize, is that you are inside yourself.