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  1. If you've gone deep enough you can see that literally any thought is an assumption. Even emotions and sensations from the body are assumptions, cause they only reflect what you believe and imagine currently as God.
  2. In many cases this isn't true. Exemple: I have a female friend as of now, asking plenty of questions, I don't feel at all that she is interested (or maybe I don't care so much that It blocks my "attraction intuition" but I doubt it).
  3. Easy to hear from the way she talk and from the way she speaks. It's subconscious or extremely implicit 99,99% of the time though, so if some guys read this thread and hope to get some obvious signs, no that's not a thing you can memorize, you need to go out and interact with women more
  4. Maybe he has so many options that he really don't care about you (for now), hence why he didn't even care what to do for the date. Yes I try to stay positive, someone has to
  5. He will probably answer "Yes, I forgot the ropes though".
  6. Probably something like Trump creating a Twitter app because he was banned from Facebook, and naming it "Truth Social". 3.2 billions