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  1. The most beautiful thing you could realize, is that you are inside yourself.
  2. From a man perspective aka physical appearance, no. From a woman perspective aka value produced for the world (statut) + confidence (psychological security) + income (material security) etc.
  3. Ok I think I get what you're saying now, if you started explaining it like this it would have been way easier I'd argue that it's deeper than God, more like an another aspect of the same thing, but maybe you're right and I wasn't deep enough, or maybe I'm deluding myself and never "experienced" the nothingness you're talking about.
  4. On what he's wrong and what is the real void then ?
  5. He talked about the void stuff a long time ago, maybe you're far behind
  6. In almost every dream you have as johnlocke you're powerless, you can't do what you want in them when you believe you're the main character in it.
  7. If you want you can meditate like crazy for some days/weeks, while always setting the intention to be present all the time 24/24 7/7 (present as in conscious not thoughtless/doing nothing at all). You could see that there is no real transition between waking/sleeping and dreaming, it would all happen within a self contained mind. The transition would be fluid without any sense of one experience being more real/unreal than the other. That's probably way better than hearsay on a forum.
  8. Can't you see how dumb that statement is. If you're truly nothing, then nothing would be happening at all, not even in appearance. But something IS happening, so this nothingness thing is utter stupidity. There IS a component of nothingness to the Truth, but it's only half of the equation. You've seen half of the equation and aren't open to the idea that your understanding of reality could be partial, no, you are 100% bulletproof right in your head, that's being closed minded and dogmatic.
  9. You're nothingness, stop being stupid. You should be ashamed of yourself for thinking otherwise.
  10. Maybe, but that's irrelevant. The question is "is this guy woke ?"