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  1. How your ego thinks enlightenment will affect its life Before enlightenment After enlightement
  2. You do it every night. You can even do it right now in your meditation.
  3. Cut everyone she knows out of your live, focus on yourself, then attract new friends.
  4. Zazen is commonly practiced eyes open in front of a wall. Zazen is the meditation of Zen Buddhism, which right now is probably the most popular spiritual path in the western world.
  5. As usual, just meditate like a motherfucker. I was probably worst than you in that department, now I can't even make judgment upon women anymore, and I actually like to discuss with them way more than men (they are funnier and more open minded for the most part). This and read The way of the superior man from David Deidas. You will understand why women tend to act and "lie" so much, it all make sense when you read it with an extremely open mind. If you understand women and male psychology, there is no reason to be mysogynist, and you can't be a macho either, neither of them make sense if you truly understand how and why it works this way.
  6. Just want to add that you clearly don't need to realize your enlightement to "have" that, it is way easier than you may think guys.
  7. The whole point of having a clean diet is to have 0 toxicities in your body. So this excuse is really really lame, because it shows you that you're lying to yourself and/or fear to loose approval from your friends/family.
  8. The best moment is when you do not have one.
  9. You can't. Either they are wise enough to be interested in and realize it's the case, or they will suffer until they give it a chance. Most people never get past their limiting beliefs and dies with them, so don't worry about not being able to make them see it, even Jesus fucking Christ wouldn't be able to make them see it.
  10. For the real motherfuckers !
  11. It's all fun and game untill she ties you up and tells you "I hope you like it rough, my little john do AND WILL" ...
  12. Yes you are, otherwise you wouldn't exist !
  13. Can't find the video where Eckhart tells that you're more likely to realize your enlightement by going from wall street to prison, then to enlightenment, plz guys !