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  1. You can't not guess when you treat a patient as a therapist because, There is not such things as a mental illness, those are labels we create to diagnostic a treatment and a support system for the patient. In reality, there is no such thing as a "psychological disease", we created it by imposing a label from certain tendancies of the mind. We have no ideas what really cause the "x psychological disease", we only know the symptoms, and with the symptoms we create a label out of it. When you treat a patient for a heart disease, it's concrete, there is a heart problem (may be caused by something else yes, but concrete), and you can pinpoint exactly where it comes from. In psychology, you can't, not for all ailments anyway (some with irm we know exactly). I'd say a lot of those "diseases" are actually a problem of consciousness being extremely fragmented/distorted, and the only one we can cleary defined as illnesses are the one with specifics injuries of the brain (aphasias for example).
  2. What about relationships between people that are attracted to each other and have a healthy psychology ? That's the third option, and also the only one that is worth it imo.
  3. The only way out is in. Cringe quote I know, but however you feel now will be the same no matter how the external situation will change. To be more precise, it will come back to bite you in the ass and will have a huge homeostasis effect.
  4. I think he means being totally engrossed and lose consciousness in the activity, being lower than thoughts (like being drunk in a sense). That's different than being totally in the moment, enjoying the experience for what it is and being completely conscious of everything that's happening.
  5. Isn't it nice to be able to enjoy everything more by just being present right ? Music is night and day, you don't know what it is to appreciate music unless you can shut your mind off and completely be with the music <3 Letting yourself feel negative emotion, especially in public, is a HUGE step, be proud of yourself, that's not something a lot of people are comfortable with You can't change everything at once, if meditation and the gym resonate more with you than something you think is more important, that's exactly what you should do
  6. Using the words "wrong/evil" is what create the wrong/evil in our mind, and by ricochet in the world. Better not think like this if you want to feel at peace and not create evil.
  7. He means God is a dream machine, and it imagines everything that is happening, including all the humans, animals, plants, planets, galaxies, universes, multiverses, realities (=dreams) and the interactions between them. As an analogy, in a dream, you're imagining everything, even your own body/mind in it, and everything you experience is you quite literally. There is only God, nothing else exists except God, and God right now is imagining being an individual entity named Machiaveli talking on a forum with other entities. God is not a person or an entity, it's everything and nothing at the same time.
  8. So many assumptions, zero epistemic interest. Full on science, without never wondering if there was something it couldn't explain or explain poorly. Science = truth Science = reason Science = Go.... The big bang
  9. So many ideas, I'm a genius
  10. As long as her other family isn't a sect she will be fine. Don't try to change her, she's perfect as she is and she wouldn't understand what would be the alternative, it would just be another belief anyway for her. Just love her as she is, and if she is interested to know what you believe in later, you can always explain, and maybe or maybe not she will open up to something more true, it doesn't really matter you'll still love her
  11. The only value in this article is how loud I laugh when I read it. 😂
  12. It's light 🙂