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  1. Difference in direction, of what you personally believe is best for you. Don't forget that most people will still be egotic, they won't understand why you do what you do. You shouldn't fight that often though (and it's not really fights, but you get it). I've experienced it for brief moments, enough to make everything else feels secondary
  2. PC Wallpaper
  3. I'm just talking about being still, how is that a belief ? You don't need to believe anything to do that, just take a deep breath and ask yourself "what's gonna be my next thought" and wait. The gap between the thoughts is what I'm talking about, this is not my view of the truth, it is truth ...
  4. Because silence brings all your problems at the surface. And problems means emotional turmoil. @mikeyy It's just plain inconsciousness, there is nothing to be shocked of, it's just how life is.
  5. Without beliefs, the ego can't run your life ... Truth doesn't need to be asserted, truth is obvious when you realize it, there is no need to think about it ... Truth is just presence/beingness/awareness, and anyone can realize that, there is no need to do anything. @Dodoster If you believe in something you can create in this world, and if you think that's gonna help people, this is coming from Truth itself. Again, you don't have to constantly assert it in your mind, you KNOW you have to do it, there is no doubt about it, so why thinking about it ?
  6. If you get triggered by watching this You're doing it wrong.
  7. Reading this book with an extremely open-minded attitude:
  8. If you too were together for a long time, and have to separate for a definite frame of time, why not, But why start a relationship that can't even be considered as a relationship in the first place ? If you ask yourself this question enough, and if you're honest with yourself, you'll find out why. Hint: You're not gonna like the answer.
  9. Did you realize that this post doesn't imply any answer coming from anyone ? So why do you feel the need to answer a question that wasn't even asked ?
  10. Who wants it ? Why does that thing thinks it needs to obtain something ? Is there anything to obtain ? Why do I need something ? If everything is already one, how could I be separate from it ? If everything is already one, how could I think I'm separate from it ?
  11. Why can't you be enlightened right fucking now ?! Ask yourself this question. Watch your mind coming up with some excuses. Don't buy into these excuses. ... PROFIT !
  12. There is different types of awakeningq, it is very well explained in one of Adyashanti video (not the one that was linked here). Basically there is 3: - Mind expansion: When you just become extremely spacious and you don't give a shit about everything anymore. - Love expansion: When you see everything as you and you love unconditionally. - Don't remembe the last ^^ So, it is normal, especially if it was a temporary awakening, because if you're still in the egotic paradigm, it is almost always like you described