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  1. When the ego thinks he knows When the ego face reality
  2. Thank you The book is not really about manifestation (even though technically it is), it's about Love
  3. Oh boy I had a dream which had three level, in each of them I awakened, realizing it was a dream, then soon after I was in another, totally unconscious again. This was such a mindfuck that I was shaking and crying in my bed telling myself "I'm still dreaming, I'm still dreaming, I'm still dreaming" I only remember the last level of the dream, in which I was seeing a guy (that I was identified to until I awakened in the dream) with a burned face trying to kill the computer from "A space Odyssey". The computer was saying "I did this to you forever, and will continue to do it for eternity". It wasn't the computer talking actually, it was me. Then I woke up as Shin.
  4. Open the gate of the soul by letting in and out the love you are
  5. Hi It's been a while I've been to this forum, I found it to be a distraction for me (still am). I said I would only come back if something happened. It's not an awakening/enlightenment, but it's different numerous glimpses succeeding each other pointing clearly to an awakening. There is different reasons for me to think this way, the main one is that I've dealt with all the major distractions that was on my mind. The other one is that I literally want to do nothing else than to know what this is all about, for real. That being said, that is what happened in the last 3 months. A lots of synchronicities with me doing things I feel like I'm supposed to do, and the numbers 11 and 22. For 3 months now I'm seeing them, most of the time without looking for them. This and things like 12:34 (we don't use AM/PM here), or 2112 etc ... At first you think it's just a coincidence, but after 3 months, now way this is random. Reality became more and more beautiful to experience, and I've been able to experience all my senses at once while feeling extremely light, and feeling and undescribable light in me, this is deepening everyday too. Everything I look is mysterious and seems alive. This past weeks, I've been inquiring everyday, and now I start to not know if I'm dreaming or not, it's the same feeling (which can't be described) as in a dream, and perception of objects/people and worlds is becoming more mysterious and clear everyday. Everything is beaming, as if it was reflecting light. This past three days I started to give love to everyone I know before I wake up, imagine it in every situation of the day to come. That and also opening up and giving love to everyone I see and talk to, even the people I don't like or that tries to harm me in some way. I didn't feel anything in the beginning, it was more about having faith that it will work, and it did, I feel like being a child again, that's the best way I can describe it for now, but I can feel there is way more ... I also was wondering what kind of question to ask in self inquiry, and like magic the new episode of Leo was released. So I've picked and took some time to really pick the domain I really want to understand now, the choice was difficult for the last two questions, but thinking back to my past, how I feel now, and what I'm trying to do and be everyday, the choice was quite obvious. It's also what I fled 8 months ago, that wasn't infinite pain that I felt, that was something else ... I recommand this book If you're open enough to be receptive to what she tries to awaken in you Your life will never be the same I'll come back when I have something more to say. I'm excited to share it with you In the meantime, know that I think of you and send love to you everyday now The best video on Youtube
  6. There are many more traps Unfortunately
  7. I'm not going to come back here until I awaken. I'm literally crying now, because I know there will be no stalling anymore. I can't push it away any longer.
  8. The Way Of The Superior Man.
  9. Yeah you need to work on your self esteem and your attachment issue. The two goes together. You can find lots of videos on youtube about that, try «Improvement pill», it's a really good channel for personal developement work. And of course too 🙂 Also don't neglect to meditate everyday, that helps a lot too. You're gonna be ok, just do the work 😉
  10. Me too, I'm uninstalling everything all over again. I have things to face, and it kinda distract me quite a lot 😁
  11. Yes it's basically shadow work
  12. I'm not saying we need it. I'm saying you can think you don't need it consciously, when you still subconsciously need it. But again, this is just one example out of millions possible. Another example: An ex alcoholic can deny he doesn't need beer, but when he goes to a party he has pretty much has to stay in the bathroom in order to not feel the big lie inside In this example, it's pretty much impossible to lie to yourself about it, unless you live a life where you never see any beer ever again. In most cases, you can completely deny something you still desire subconsciously, and never knowing about it. Denying something you stillneed psychologically has always a negative consequence on how you feel,
  13. Then be the best You can be as amazing as you want, it all depends on your willingess to do so
  14. That's just an example, and it's relatively true depending on how you experienced life. That's why I'm saying this is deeply relative to everyone, no one can know except you. Don't stay stuck on the examples, they are just there to illustrate the traps.