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  1. Ken Wilber in "The Marriage of Sense and Soul" does a great job integrating science and putting it in the right place, epistemologically speaking
  2. “We must act out passion before we can feel it.” Jean-Paul Sartre When times get hard and you don’t want to keep doing personal development, just remember your vision! This journey is not just a piece of your life, it is your whole life. Life is hard, no matter how you slice it! BUT THAT IS LIFE! But life is also magical. It can be extraordinary with the caveat that it will never be magical or extraordinary if all you do is play videogames, surf the internet, hang around with your friends and go working at McDonalds. YOU WILL ONLY GET FROM LIFE WHAT YOU PUT INTO IT. It is all about what are you putting in! If you don’t see existence as magical and you feel grateful each time you wake up, you are not putting enough. You need to put your whole soul into your life. You must infuse your life with spirit, it won’t do it for you. Our society is extremely low-consciousness – it aims at the most materialistic needs and wants. It is people living lives of quite desperation. Society made us weak and now we are not willing to do the hard work necessary to have an awesome life. You are not in touch with life and survival, and that it is a constant struggle. Human beings degrade from lack of challenge and lack of hard work. When your life is on danger, you will not watch Netflix or take naps; you will be engaged and involved with life, you will be awake! That is a good thing about entrepreneurship because all relies in you. YOU NEED TO START PUTTING YOURSELF MORE IN THE DANGER LINE. You are a lion that has been put in a cage. You created your own jail. What needs to happen if you want to succeed in the journey of self-actualization, is that you need to put your life back into your own hands. You need to get back in touch with that element of survival – start your own business, you seize control back! START TO FEEL THAT YOU ARE NOT FUCKING AROUND WITH YOUR LIFE ANYMORE. You should strive for a kind of life that challenge yourself, even if there is no direct need to challenge yourself. You should connect with your survival every single day. The good life is a life where you are on your edge, pushing yourself and challenging yourself – it is hard. The easy life is not the good life, that is the mediocre life. ACCEPT THAT THE GOOD LIFE IS THE CHALLENGING LIFE. Self-actualization is hard, it is not something that you do in a year, but it is a lifelong process. KEEP REMINDING YOURSELF THAT THE GOOD LIFE IS WHERE CHALLENGE RESIDES. You will see your friends having a good time drinking beer and going out and you will be working your ass off, and you will tend to go back to that kind of life. But you need to remind yourself that you are working for something bigger, more meaningful. Nothing good is possible without discipline. You need to start to trust in the principles: - Radical Open-mindedness: it will lead to good stuff, even though sometimes it may scare you. - Exploring 100s of diverse perspectives will be extremely beneficial in the long run. - Truth, Unconditional Love and Beauty - Existential Investigation - Consciousness and Awareness - Life Purpose and Passion: Cultivate them every single day for years, something remarkable will come from that. Have the vision that something will happen in the long run. Don’t expect passion in the first years! THINK OF THIS IN THE LONG TERM! Build your passion from life! - Vision! Sit on your couch, and visualize what you want from your life! IF YOU CAN’T IMAGINE IT, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET IT! This is real work! Without vision you will not get anything in life. Create emotional connection! If you cannot cry when visioning, you are doing it wrong. What is it in you that wants to connect to life and that brings tears into your eyes. - Hard Work: You need to implement work ethic in your life. Commit to developing a work ethic. AND YOU DO IT BY FUCKING WORKING HARD. - Extreme Ownership of Your Life - Learning and Reading - Mastery - Spiral Dynamics: Trust that you are moving up in the stages. Outline 1- Vision 2- Research 3- Work Hard 4- Consistency and Momentum. The biggest enemy you will find here is quitting. “Spiritual people” will tell you to stop chasing because there is nothing to do. But that is bullshit! Every single day there is tons of things to do. Make your life a Hero’s Journey. Take adventure and risk in your life! If you are not in an adventure, why the fuck are you alive for!? Choose to challenge yourself deliberately! PRECISELY BECAUSE IT IS UNECESSARY. What is your alternative if you don’t develop yourself? ACCEPT THE HERO’S JOURNEY! You will feel: - Alone - Bored - Misunderstood - Hopeless - Tired - Depressed - Confused But you need to go on and push through it anyways. You use your vision to carry you through the toughest times. You want to be passionate and connected to life. FOR YOU TO SURVIVE IS TO LIVE A PASSIONATE EXISTENCE. You may not have a clue how you will make this work, but you double down anyways because you trust in life and its principles. Life is a pointless game, but you must play the g
  3. Marketing doesn’t just sell you stuff, marketing delimits reality. Marketing is about having influence in the web of beliefs of society. Culture sets the background from which you compare new information. Metaphysical and cultural materialism are intimately related. Marketing is about influence. It is about presenting paradigms, ideas, and beliefs and then, those ideas, they become reality. Culture is constructing reality. What kind of ideas is the majority of people are exposed to? The only things that you know, is because people put a ton of effort in marketing. Knowledge is control by science, academia and business nowadays. And the problem is that business only cares about maximizing profit. Modern marketing has not ethical nor moral values. They only care about profits – it is purely selfish. Society has to evolve through Spiral Dynamics. You can stop using society as the standard to measure yourself. You need to start taking ownership of your buying and selling decisions. High consciousness stuff is difficult to market. That takes real strategy to succeed. Marketing is really important! The things you know about are defined by the things you are being marketed to. Responsible marketing would take the user’s agenda rather than money. Responsible marketing elevates and helps the user. Start noticing how unhealthy modern marketing is. Also, start seeing the healthy marketing that exists sometimes.
  4. “If I were to advance any thesis whatsoever, that in itself would be a fault; but I advance no thesis and so cannot be faulted.” Nagarjuna Derrida He criticized modern philosophy and intellectual tradition. Post-structuralism inspired Derrida. They say that all symbols and words are arbitrary. Any word that has any kind of meaning is a label that was completely arbitrary selected. It says that all meanings are structurally determined from the difference with other symbols. A word isn’t merely pointing to a physical object, but it gets its meaning by its association with another signal. To really understand a word, you need to understand all the other related words. Derrida was interested in how language shapes how we think. Language is not just words, it also includes logic, science, mathematics, literature, philosophy, and even all human thinking. For Derrida, the meaning of a symbol comes from: - All its historical uses - The network of all the current symbols in the entire web of the language For example, to understand science you will need to know what knowledge, truth, experiment, contradiction, element, etc. But his says that in order to fully understand a word you will need to understand each word in the language. Because this word is only one node of an infinite graph. Meaning is composed by present and absent symbols. Language is ultimately a set of symbols that are ultimately grounded on nothing! And every symbol has an infinite potential of meanings and it is constantly evolving. For Derrida, there is no such a thing as an ultimate meaning and that we are very sloppy thinkers and philosophers as if there is a factual definition of a word. A belief doesn’t exist on its own… you have a vast field of knowledge colors your interpretations and beliefs. There is always an interpretation. What Derrida wants to say is that there is no correct objective way to read a text – any kind of psychological or philosophical position. Because meaning is so sleepy and complicated, even the author who wrote the text, even he doesn’t understand what he means when he wrote it. There is no correct interpretation to any event or text. The essence of something is its structure – a table is a table and it is nothing. By creating the distinction, you are creating the object. The essence of something it is its distinction. Everything is relative for Derrida and there is no best description or interpretation. Western tradition is logocentric, Derrida says. There is an absolute faith that you can describe Truth and Reality with words, logic, and language. Deconstruction means that you can deconstruct every concept and idea. All thought is dualistic and happen between binary opposites. Mind vs body, nature vs culture, inner vs outer, me vs them, scientific vs spiritual, first vs second, existence vs non-existence. In order for the mind to work at all, it needs to create all of these distinctions. But as soon as you try to press the distinction further, it collapses because they are grounded. Since everything is interconnected and interbeing, nothing can be isolated – not even language. With Deconstructionism, Derrida illuminates the dark part of the equation: like emotions and logic. Reality is neither real nor illusion – it is undefined. Science tries to have a definite narrative for everything. Like history with Columbus. Derrida says that it is just a narrative and it is actually more complicated than that. A post-modern would criticize all of these narratives. Derrida says that you cannot find Truth with words because they are all relative and ultimately groundless. What is Deconstruction? You take any logocentric argument and you start to question its conceptual distinction until you break them all down. All conceptual distinctions in a text are unstable – and this is because Reality is nondual. Every distinction must collapse. The result of deconstructionism is that the essence of concepts is that they have no essence. It results that no argument or thesis can be advanced because deconstruction is the exhaustion of all views, hierarchies, power structures, privilege, justification. It results on an endless playfulness of reality – everything just flows. Reality just is, without any preference. Every philosophy is a house of cards – there is no preferred point of view of reality, everything is groundless and relative. The impact of Derrida in culture at large was nihilism and relativity. The problem with Derrida is that it doesn’t go far enough. Yes, language and concepts are logocentric and dualistic, but there is a deeper layer – Derrida kept stuck on the level of concept. Derrida doesn’t know that he can know reality without logic. You can do it with nonduality. The nature of reality is distinctions. Derrida criticizes institutions, politics, and ideologies. Institutions are based on philosophies (Communism and Marxism, or Capitalism and Adam Smith). Derrida was raised on these ages. In the dictionary, when you look at a word, you will find more words. Language is ultimately subjective, words mean different from person to person and from time to time, so it cannot be that language has a way of reaching the truth.
  5. Untenable: A position or view not able to be maintained or defended against attack or objection. The mind uses criticism as red hearings to avoid self-reflection. Criticism helps you deny responsibility for looking at the world holistically. It orients the mind outwardly by externalizing a personal problem. Criticism is an unhappy way to be. Judgment is a rejection of reality. Things are the way they are because they must be that way – they cannot be otherwise. Everything is connected, and you cannot analyze events separately. Terrorism, corruption, Trump, evil, business, everything you criticize is meant to be because of a whole system (which you are part in) that the thing is part on. We all help create all the evil things we see in the world. You contribute to the thing you are criticizing. But criticism is not productive! A conscious people can criticize but: - He will be pragmatic - He will be accepting and compassionate - He will do it moderately - He will not get disturbed by it - He will not avoid self-reflecting - He will not take it that seriously - He understands that it cannot be other way - He is productive while criticizing
  6. I can find some people that will be interested if you come to San Francisco!
  7. The idea here is to create an extensive list of meditation retreats one can take and where can we find them. I will start with a couple I have and then I will add what you guys upload - http://www.enlightenment-intensive.net/en/enlightenmentintensives.php - https://www.shinzen.org/retreat-schedule/ - http://chenghsin.com/
  8. “The limits of my language means the limits of my world.” Ludwig Wittgenstein Start looking up definitions in the dictionary and keep a log of the words you encountered. Look for multiple definitions of the same word in different dictionaries. Contemplate the definitions. The words you know influence how you think, and how you think influences the rest of your life and reality. People say they don’t care about metaphysics, but the truth is that even though you don’t do philosophy, you stay with the default philosophy and metaphysics! And that then runs your life. Language is limited! Notice that many people have sloppy vocabulary. We talk about things and we really don’t know what we are referring to. They never bothered to think what these concepts are. Science doesn’t have a good handle in all of these topics. You can know things in two ways: explicitly and implicitly. When you know them implicitly, you kind of know them but you cannot articulate it in a coherent way. You can have a strong grasp or loose grasp of a word. Keep your communications very clear and simple. The concepts you need to study are: · Reality · Existence · Being · Hallucination · Magic · Time · Energy · Matter · Reason · Perspective · Truth · God · Emotion · Concept · Psyche · Science · Religion · Delusion · Illusion · Consciousness · Absolute · Relative · Wisdom · Spirit · Ecology · Insight · Creativity · Paranormal · Psychology · Philosophy · Mind · Integrity · Profound · Basic · Evil · Virtue · Confusion · Logic · Theory · Knowledge · Awareness · Experience · Belief · Universe · Epiphany · Enlightenment · Depression · Love · Self · Meditation · Contemplation · Thought · Perception · Essence · Substance · Intelligence · Evolution · Suffering · Karma · Mysticism · Cult · Be · I · Is · Love · Relationships · Money · Sadness · Happiness Also, look up the etymology of the word and the Latin and Greek origins
  9. Hey man... I'm 22 and in a similar situation - not that serious though. Anyways, after reading what you've written, the only way out if this is taking action. Discover your Life Purpose (take the course if necessary), meditate for 1 hour a day and do some retreats and for social situations, just go out and meet people. I've read a really good book about women and how to meet them and it's called "Models" by Mark Manson... It may sound simple, and it is, but you just have to take action. No amounts of reading or thinking will get you out if this... It is simple but it's so fucking difficult. Everyone struggles here, EVERY FUCKING ONE. So feel relieved that you are not the only one having these type of problems. Also, read some books to get your ass moving. I hope you get better
  10. “If you don’t have discipline, you don’t deserve to dream.” If you are not willing to train, you can say goodbye to your dreams. The biggest reason people don’t grow or self-actualize is because they don’t train. It is that simple. Training is required for success in any area of your life: business, career, public speaking, sexuality, dating, health, socialization, sports, personal development, consciousness, happiness, morality, etc. All of these things require enormous practice. Are you not happy with the results you are having? It is because you are not training nearly enough. What is training? It is a consistent daily focused practice into some aspect of your life. It is when you set aside a certain amount of time to perform specific drills performed by you to improve your performance. Training also means using theory to finetune your practice. Training is primarily practice-based but theory is still important. What isn’t training? Training isn’t reading books, watching videos, talking, thinking or planning doing the practice. It is not doing routine work. DELIBERATE PRACTICE IS PRACTICE, WORKING IS NOT PRACTICE. If you are not improving and learning something new, you are not training. IT IS VERY HARD TO DO THESE THINGS CONSISTENTLY AND IT IS MOST HARD WHEN YOU DON’T WANT TO DO IT BUT YOU DO IT ANYWAYS. There are some reasons people don’t train: 1- Training is challenging 2- Training requires great vision: If you are not a visionary you will not put your hours. This is why a Life Purpose is very important. If you have your LP handled, JUST PRACTICE! It is going to be difficult and will require tons of self-discipline. 3- There are no external support structures: Nobody is going to force you to train. 4- It requires enormous focus. 5- Training is repetitive and boring when you first start 6- It involves emotional labor 7- Training is exhausting 8- Society and marketing discourage mastery and training 9- It means less fun, less sex and less drugs How to start training: 1- Have a vision! 2- Decide what skills do you need to achieve your purpose. 3- Create drills for each of these. 4- Set aside time to practice the drills CONSISTENTLY. The momentum will build up in the course of years, not just months. You will develop a taste for the training process. Training develops character. That is why it is so important. STOP WITH THEORY, GO OUT AND DO STUFF! The most common element in the greatest people of all time is……. TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING, TRAINING! Training is not optional for sages and life-masters.
  11. People suck at bridging the gap between theory and practice. They don’t know how to take concepts and take them into action. LEARNING = BEHAVIOR CHANGE You haven’t learned anything unless your behavior changes. It’s only learning when your behaviors change. Learning is not memorizing theories, it is about changing your attitudes, behaviors and actions! How to apply this: · How will this information change my behavior? · What did I learn? · How will my behavior change from what I learned? · What did I learn about myself? How will my behavior change? Examples: - You are an entrepreneur and you read an article about hiring. If you don’t change your hiring techniques, you didn’t learn shit. - You read a politics news. If you don’t change your behavior, is shit. - You fight with your girlfriend and then you come back together. If you don’t change your behavior for the better, you didn’t learn shit. - You fail a business project, if you don’t change your behavior in specific ways, you didn’t learn shit. LEARNING IS WHEN YOU HAVE SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR CHANGE! IF YOU DON’T HAVE SPECIFIC CHANGES, YOU ARE NOT LEARNING SHIT. Where to apply it: 1- When you read, ask yourself how is that going to change your behavior. Same with videos and lectures. 2- Same with retreats, seminars 3- When you are tripping 4- When you have a problem with your life 5- You can journal every night 6- You can review each day, week, month, year, post-mortems. 7- The end of chapters in your life Your mind will not articulate how specifically. USE A JOURNAL EVERY NIGHT AND SEE HOW YOUR BEHAVIOR IS GOING TO CHANGE.
  12. Life is so utterly meaningless, it is meaningful. Life Purpose is about how to construct meaning in your life. Is a construction you make! All meaning, purpose and value is constructed by the human mind and is not found in reality out there. Meaning is relative and therefore, not absolute. Meaning is a conceptual construction and not inherited in reality. You will experience massive growth and maturity if you realize this truth but before this you will have to experience a little bit of depression and nihilism. All meaning can only mean something for a who – a perspective or organism. There isn’t meaning in the abstract hanging around. A thing can only be meaningful for another thing; it is about benefits and harms. Who can arbitrate what is significant or not? This stuff is all relative. Significance is relative to survival, specially your own self-survival. The problem with meanings is that they can conflict with each other. Each self has different meanings. Why this is so significant? - It includes all notions to good and bad. - All notions of positive and negative. - All priorities you assign for life. - There is no sense of life. - It includes your goals, including saving humanity and so on. - It includes all notions of worth, including self-worth. - It includes notions of better and worse. Life is meaningless! Everything you love and admire don’t have a concrete meaning. Everything is completely meaningless. Meaning vs Meaninglessness is a duality. In Nonduality, there is no meaning. Your mind/ego projects meaning into reality to survive. God doesn’t discriminate. For him, everything is cool. From God’s point of view, everything is Being. Being has no purpose, value or meaning. Being’s purpose is to be. And Being is infinitely more profound than meaning. When you strip meaning, you are left with Being, which is far more profound than meaning. Meaning in your life has become toxic, far more than you need for self-survival, and you suffer because of it. When you don’t get what you want you suffer, but this suffering is created solely by you. But this process of desires and meaning will never satisfy you. There are two ways to construct meaning 1- Unconsciously: The process mentioned above. 2- Consciously: When you realize the true nature of meaning, you develop the necessary maturity to create meaning consciously. Objections · Isn’t it the case we see progress within evolution? Isn’t evolution progressing to something? Progress is always towards more Being. Progress is a relative notion. Being it is what it is. Meaning will never satisfy you! Being will. · This is so negative! Negative is meaning! Meaning is meaningless! · How am I supposed to use this? This is incredibly practical. It will undermine your ego-driven lifestyle. If you are fully in touch with Being, you will be infinitely happy and satisfied. · Now there is no reason to take action! There was never a reason to do anything. If you act from Truth – without needing anything – you will do things you intend to do. You are free to play the game however you want. You can grind through life or you can free yourself and play 😊 · Should I have no value nor purpose? No, meaning, value and purpose are still necessary. Life Purpose is very helpful and practical. You just need to realize that this is also a construction and you will not become a slave to your purpose. Spirituality is nihilism actualized. And spiritual people act by spiritual values but just because they realized that everything is meaningless. When you get in touch with Being, it is so awesome that you will want to be loving, happy, fulfilled, passionate, etc.
  13. Hey guys! I've been reading Ken Wilber's personal diary and stumbled upon a letter he wrote to a friend when he discovered he was going to die. It's so beautiful it puts tears in my eyes... "The more that Emptiness saturates my being, the more my life takes on a strange double-entry type of awareness. On the one hand, everything that happens - every singke thing, from the very best to the very worst - is the equal radiance of the Divine. The other side of this Emptiness, is that, in addition to the constant radiance of this moment, all the little moments are all the more themselves, somehow. Sadness is even sadder; happiness is happier. I laugh louder and cry harder. Precisely because it is all the purest Emptiness, each relative phenomenon is allowed to be itself even more intensely, because it no longer contends with the Divine, but simply express it. I will rage against the dying of that light until I can rage no longer, and my vice is ragged with futile screams against the insult of Samsara; which is the same as Nirvana." Just... beautiful