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  1. @Ingit No matter what people tell you, you need to grasp for yourself what is perception and what is awareness! You tell us
  2. “Experience life in all possible ways -- good-bad, bitter-sweet, dark-light, summer-winter. Experience all the dualities. Don't be afraid of experience, because the more experience you have, the more mature you become.” ― Osho Here is some courage for you!
  3. There are different views. Some teachers tell you that once you get it, you get it. Some others like Leo say that you can have glimpses of it, lose it and get it back again. The best way to confirm is to experience it yourself. Then you can come back to the forum and tell us.
  4. I have read 12 Rules of Life and to be honest, it is good advice. It is shallow but good advice nevertheless. The problem with his teaching is that will take you so far. It is full of dogma, anger, and resentment. I would take it with a grain of salt.
  5. Indeed! That is the point of difficult books. Remember that these philosophers spent their entire lives developing these ideas. Do you think you are going to grasp them with only one read? Enjoy the process of reading difficult books. They are worth the effort. With time, you will get better.
  6. Which type of products? What do you mean by "revolutionize the world?" You can revolutionize education, architecture, energy, physics, the food industry, etc. I would be more clear about which industry you are interested in and which is the impact you want to have in the world. Try to hone it more and more. Be more specific. Being an entrepreneur is hard work. You need to learn management, marketing, design, finance, human resources, systems thinking, storytelling, etc. Read some biographies and see how other successful people made it. Read some entrepreneur related books - there are tons of them. Use Google It is a very personal decision. Each one of us experiences different conditions. Don't expect an answer like this on an internet forum. The good thing about college is that it gives you time to think and figure out what you want to do with your life. The bad thing is that it is expensive and you are probably better off spending the money elsewhere. Do your research and figure it out for yourself my friend. Best of luck in the journey!
  7. - Eat less meat and carbs. - Go to sleep at regular hours - Stop watching TV or electronic devices 2 hours before going to sleep - Pitch black room - Avoid a heavy dinner and eat 2 hours prior to going to bed - Use your bed just to sleep
  8. Orange is something to be integrated, not repressed! Want to see a fully developed and mature Orange? Look at Sadhguru! The amount of work this guy's been doing is insane - comparable to Elon Musk, Bill Gates or what have you. Or look at Peter Ralston. This guy is the best at Martial Arts probably in history. And he is enlightened as fuck! Not because you pursue spirituality means that you have to stop striving. The difference is that your happiness doesn't depend on your achievements. What's even better, is that you'll probably be much more effective than before.
  9. LOL to this thread! Can I participate even though I am a wage slave? Pleaseeee. Money basically is a representation of value. If you give value to the world, you are going to get paid. Does that make you a wage slave? Not necessarily. Being a "wage slave" is when you work for something or someone that you don't believe is generating an impact. Is that bad or wrong? It is not - it is the way it has been for centuries. Better than being an actual slave for sure.
  10. With awareness! We must realize by ourselves that Orange has its implicit limitations. Even though it helps us become leaders, successful, financially independent and much more, it also keeps us running towards consumerism and materialism. These things will not fulfill us in the long run. Watching Leo's videos and reading about Spiral Dynamics helps a lot since we know where we are, where we need to go and our current limitations. We must not forget that, although Orange must be transcended, it also must be integrated and accepted.
  11. @DustyWhy there is no need to spend money. Most of the stuff is free on the internet. I would start watching Bernardo Kastrup or Ken Wilber. Tons of free stuff around.
  12. @Serotoninluv is correct. Science still remains, but it is recontextualized. Since it works with relative concepts, it can never express the Truth. Spirituality TRANSCENDS AND INCLUDES science and rationality. Spirituality realizes that some things are outside rationality and logic, and accepts that there is a possibility of knowing something beyond perception and thought. The next best step would be to realize that you really don't know who you are, what reality is, and why it is hear. You can say that reality is made out of matter, mind, energy or that it is a virtual simulation - but if you are honest you might come to the conclusion that it doesn't really matter what you think. You really don't know what anything is. Now, perhaps you can. And the answer is beyond thought. “The instant you speak about a thing, you miss the mark.”
  13. The best way to know that is to discover who you are - who is your real self. Once you discover that, put yourself into a self-induced coma, wake up and tell us. Kidding! The truth is that you don't know what your real self is - and me neither. We don't know what our real selves are, and we wonder if a person in coma is with his real self. Can you see that it doesn't make sense? it is all speculation - and it doesn't matter.
  14. Maybe this shines some light on the topic!
  15. If I had to choose between killing Hitler or killing Ghandi, I wouldn't probably say to myself: "Hmm, value and worth is a thought, it doesn't really exist so I have no clue whom should I kill". I would pull the trigger directly to that awful Jewish hater Yes, it is true that value is a thought and it doesn't really exist. But in order to survive, we need to make relative distinctions that will help that survival - ours or humanity. Everything has equal value since everything it's being. That is true. But Leo is more valuable than Hitler, and that is also true. It seems that paradox is the heart of existence. "Power lies in making distinctions. Freedom lies in destroying them."