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  1. @Bno Thanks for clarifying. Any channel or media source you recommend?
  2. @Bno From what I can hear, they feel and sound pretty independent and their discussions and guests are very progressive. Interested to see why do you think that?
  3. The Majority Report is good stuff - very entertaining.
  4. @Leo Gura on that note, are your direct experiences vivid for you right now?
  5. Think about this as a negative habit. The less you do it, the less you will do it (duh). Start meditating and observing your mind. Catch yourself when you are being negative. Also create some healthy habits: - Exercise every day for 30 minutes - Meditate - Visualize - Journal - Read - Do Art Hope this helps!
  6. Move out to a bigger city and make new friends. I live in Argentina, and even though it's difficult to find people to connect on an intellectual level, I connect with people on an emotional and playful one. Enjoy yourself and other people more and stop judging. It's not healthy for you
  7. Because some people are so deep into their own shit that can't afford to look for the next person.
  8. So, yes and no. Yes because you start to dismantle many beliefs you thought were true. No, because you start to ground yourself in what's true, not in fantasy. In the beginning, it might be difficult and bring some confusion, but it's worth it Or at least is more honest.
  9. 1 is 1 because it's not 2. 1 is 1 relative to 2 and to the other numbers. It's nature is relative. 1 is defined as 1 because it is not the other numbers.
  10. Your existence is totally irrelevant if you believe you are here out of luck and randomness. BUT what if that's not actually the case? What if the universe and human existence is not just a result of a random process (darwinian evolution) but something intended. What if the Universe is intelligent and aims at developing higher and higher levels of consciousness? And humans - AND YOU - are a result of that intent. In that case, you are not irrelevant. You are very important. You are at the edge of cosmic evolution. And it's your job to keep expanding that edge by creating and living and experiencing. If you love Physics and Maths go for it! It's a beautiful expression of mind and logic. It's a form of art. And in a way, you will be contributing to evolution. Do you think that's irrelevant?
  11. Acceptance and letting go are very interrelated but not the same. You cannot let go something if you don't accept it. You can also accept something but cannot let it go. Let's say that acceptance is the act of enabling or letting something be in your awareness. Letting go is taking the emotional weight out of something so that it naturally leaves your awareness. Notice that stuff doesn't come into your awareness if you don't care about it.
  12. Nope, this is still within the relative world. Enlightenment is the realization of what you are, whether you feel or not. What are you if we take away all your senses and even your thoughts. What's left? What remains? What are you?
  13. True. Humans are naturally social and not doing so can have big implications. Babies need love and nurture if they want to develop a healthy mind and psyche. Saying adults do not is just illogical. But obviously there are some people that are more social than others.