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  1. 1) what are you most afraid of? 2) what is your favorite game?
  2. Yeah I’ll try it seems very interesting.
  3. Nah civilization is my favorite when it comes to games.
  4. Lol bs! you don't know what you are talking about. Your mind is not separate from you. You just don't identify with it. It is used for a purpose you are assigning to it.
  5. Why it seems that this is turning into another religion?
  6. Joker from the batman series. Can he be Enlightened? Can Enlightened person act like him? He clearly does not want money, no sex, no power. He has no identity, no ego desires... He is No One and has literally nothing to loose. All he ever wanted is to prove to others that the reality is infinite anarchy. @Leo Gura I think I finally understood your point of view. Enlightenment does not make you saint nor evil. It is just knowledge of the Truth you acquire. What you do with that Truth entirely depends on you. Am I right? Is that what you mean?
  7. I think it's a choice really. You can be happy and fulfilled even without becoming fully aware of the Truth. Leo however thinks otherwise. Maybe that's because from his perspective he has seen way too much to go back to his previous unconscious life.
  8. @RichardY INTPs are known as inventors though. They love to investigate different fields as Da vinci did. They collect the knowledge, they are natural born Truth seekers. They are extremely creative and analytical. They lack focus and are absent minded. Machiaveli was very focused and oriented. Machiaveli is and INTJ to me.
  9. Yes I know that. But how do you battle these traits in you? Lack of concentration and precise execution without wondering in all directions. I mean when doing strategies. For example in business.
  10. @RichardY Da vinci was an obvious INTP though.
  11. How do you battle the lack of focus and narrow specialization issues we as INTPs face? I think INTPs are ideal strategists but the worst enemy we have is lack of focus within the field of strategy. While big picture thinking is so essential sometimes it is also necessary to become details oriented and execute your strategy precisely.
  12. Do you play it to develop your analytical mind? What do you do to master strategical thinking? How do you train for it?
  13. The way you described ENTP also resembles with INTP. But do you think INTPs are more potent strategists than ENTPs? I think so, because INTPs are more analytical and creative. Ok let me define why I think INTPs have the best potential as you said. We are very creative and analytical which is the perfect mix for a strategist. We have outstanding big picture thinking - the best out of all mbti types imho. And we are also extremely flexible. However I strongly agree with you that we lack the focus. I wonder if it is improvable because it sits in our character
  14. Same could be said for INTPs. By becoming more conscious they will learn how to execute their strategies without getting bored rather than just crafting badass strategy plans. So becoming more conscious will fill the both gaps for INTPs and INTJs. I would say INTJs are better in the structured environment where everything is defined. However throw Them in real life situation or business and INTPs will be much flexible strategists than INTJs. Real life is not always that structured as INTJs love.