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  1. I like your explanation. I imagine ego death as completely killing who I am. Like I have no more desires and goals in my life. Aren't those ego thing? Where I am wrong? Like jim carrey says there is no me anymore and things just happen. Does he still have ego and life purpose?
  2. Maybe I am. But... If enlightened person has no ego then who follows the life purpose? Who thinks and acts who desires to achieve it's life purpose if the ego is dead. Is not Life purpose an ego thing? Ego says it is my life purpose - at least logically it seems so. How can god have limited, relative life purpose?
  3. That is totally not what I meant here Leo. I do good because I feel joy from it. But if we are criticizing ego then what is feeling joy other then ego?? Maybe my ego developed in a way that it feels joy when I am doing good to others. What is the point of ego death in that case? If ego is dead who feels the joy, who wants to do the good? who else then ego decides what is good and what is evil. Is not there a danger of eliminating this distinction if we kill our ego? Maybe ego death will turn us into cold, senseless zombies who has no idea when they hurt people or when they do good for people?
  4. But that - I prefer- who speaks that? your ego speaks that. So you are still chasing your ego's desire.
  5. Yes I love helping people but if everything does not have a meaning and if there is no good and evil from god's perspective then why does it matter what our LP is. Why does anything matter at all? I can't understand this side of Enlightenment. If there is no good and evil then what is the point in doing good???
  6. The problem is I am not sure wether I will like the job in practice. On paper it sound very interesting to me.
  7. Let us here discuss possibilities to join different Ashrams and retreat centers. Do any of you have an experience of joining one and what would you recommend. What are the first steps for True seekers. It would be also great if you provided information about what kind of ashrams and centers do there exist, how to join, what are the cons and pros and etc. Are ashrams connected with religion or are they dedicated only for pure Enlightenment work?
  8. My perfect scenario would be if I was able to travel around to cheap countries with beautiful nature while freelance working on the internet. I would do spiritual work intensively while traveling. That's what I really want right now. Problem is I am in a career which does not have much options for freelancing.
  9. @krazzer Rabbit farm is really good source to self sustain. They reproduce rapidly. @AlwaysBeNice I don't like to beg. I'd rather contribute to this world then ask money for nothing. The asharam seems an interesting idea but I think it will interfere with my freedom. I love freedom the most.
  10. That sounds really interesting to me. I like analytical and creative mix of it. I consider myself very creative but in a right environment and if I don't have to present it to huge auditory. I am good at writing creative ideas. I am also very good at analytical work. My employers were very pleased with my job as financial analyst. I also like the freelancing opportunities it could provide in the future. In my ideal world I would love to be a freelancer travelling around to a cheap countries with great nature while doing Enlightenment work in the process. When I am 40 I will settle somewhere and start up my online business. That's why I think digital marketing is also great skill to have for your own business. P.S. did you find your passion in the business career? What do you like the most?
  11. I would do Enlightenment work without any salary but it won't keep me alive. Got to be realistic here. So I need a job or career to sustain myself in the meantime.
  12. I am studying currently. I am doing Master's degree
  13. The hardest part for me is to find a way to transition my finance career into freelancing. I am thinking about digital marketing but I have 0 experience in that.
  14. I am coming from the finance career. I have bachelor's degree in Business administration and now doing my MBA degree in business. I am sick of finance career. I was very good at doing analytical part of it but I got bored with how dry and repetitious it was. No room for creativity there and I consider myself to be a creative and analytical person at the same time. I am very logically minded and love freedom and flexibility. I am a heavy introvert though and don't know weather digital marketing is a good fit for introverted people. Can someone who is in this career give me some recommendations? I would greatly appreciate your advise guys as I am kinda lost right now and don't know where to start. It is very hard to make career shifts but I am willing to follow my passion. When I am thinking to continue finance career I get frustrated but when I think about digital marketing I get very excited.