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  1. Be open minded and listen to this. Then tell your thoughts without projecting.
  2. Can I sell on US market from anywhere in the world? How is money withdrawal process done?
  3. It's definitely a good insight you made. Math is not understandable with only just gift compared to other more subtle fields. Math requires mastery mindset. Everything requires but degree is comparable.
  4. I just never had great interest in maths. It did not entertain my mind. I hate rules and structured subjects. However I was still fairly good at it.
  5. Hello guys, does anyone know any good online community which is all about achieving financial freedom, investing, passive income or etc. or maybe recommend some good youtube channels around that.
  6. Well, I am still “alive”. But who is this me? Where is it? Nowhere
  7. Damn exactly I was thinking to post this a minute ago . I want to achieve complete financial freedom at this point.
  8. Dude you are like me...
  9. That’s because topics are going deeper and deeper. Leo’s content will never be mainstream... But that’s precisely why we love our shaman don’t we?
  10. This is too much of investment at this point for me. Is there a cheaper way to get started?
  11. @K VIL I think Leo is clinging on this concept of physical death way too much. In my experience It is not about that and neither even ego death. It is more about killing all the attachements of the identity...
  12. @Applejuice You seem overexcited. First of all, stop chasing states. Awakening is not a state or any kind of form including the feeling of bliss (however, it could be accompanied by it). Based on what you are saying I would say you are on the first stage. Neti Neti process is essential starting point and maybe you already learned what you are not from it. However, this is not even a halfway. Now you need to become conscious who you are! And noone can tell you how long may it take. You will need lots of self inquiry and presence as awareness. You need to become conscious of your unlimited nature. You will need to empty your mind. You are trying to achieve smth while meditating instead of being still. Work on that...
  13. Got? You are hurting my ego man. When I was not wise?