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  1. I will make this brief and simple. Even though I have so many memories and stories with this forum it is time for my exit. I found the Truth in Jesus and this place will not help me to strengthen my relationship with the God anymore. My eyes were open to how I was deceived, however I am not going to get into details here as this may irritate some who lack the tolerance towards different perspectives. I am a born again Christian and all the desires to seek the Truth elsewhere has been vanished. I was gone for a month but felt responsible to return and share my story. Precisely because I consider many of you as my online friends. Those who are interested in my story or Christianity may PM me directly as I will soon have zero forum activity. Finally, I want to thank many of you for sharing and exchanging our experiences over these years (you know who you are). I still consider that the path which I have gone through these years was very important and has finally led me to Jesus. Precisely because my search for the Truth and God was always sincere and full of love. Good bye! May Jesus Christ bless you all and guide you towards the Truth! Amen!
  2. It’s unexplainable by words. You know it because his whole attention is on you when you need to be saved the most. The way by which he saves you is unexplainable miracle. The rest in PM.
  3. Holy trinity. Jesus is incarnated infinite God who came into his creation to forgive us and guide us towards his infinite love.
  4. I can’t Joseph. This place won’t aid me in strengthening my relationship with Jesus. I just shared with you all my new understanding and Truth. I felt responsible to return here after I was gone for month to share all this with you because I consider many of you as my online friends! I understood that I was deceived and inviting you all to challange your worldview as I did for one month non-stop and see where it goes. Lastly, I will add that I was always feeling the existence of personal God. God to me was always alive and ifinitely intelligence. I always had the feeling that he is everywhere but at the same time I am separate self with my own free will. My search for the Truth of the source of reality was always sincere. I believe this is why I was answered by Jesus. I wish you all to find the One True God for yourselves.
  5. @Faceless Don’t get caught up in words. See what I mean behind them. Remember people use words differently
  6. I know what nonduality means trust me. I am just using the word “experience” to indicate that in reality it is still an experience even though it seems transcendental to you But you only realize that after you are saved from that paradigm
  7. I always did seek the Truth with my whole heart and I found it. I know from your paradigm it seems like I have made the step back on the lower level but trust me that’s not the case. You know me and you know that once I was like you. Faceless. This is delusion. You have a face and it is the greatest gift from the God. Don’t try to lose your face on the contrary embrace it and praise the God! You will see what happens then!
  8. Joseph you are missing the fact that christianity is not new to me. I was part of this religion my whole life until I started questioning some stuff which I did not understand. This is how I ended up on nondual path. initially It seemed more “logical” and “open minded” to me. As you know I have had several “powerful nondual” experiences. But when I started to look for the God with my whole heart Jesus revealed himself to me. He was always there! I was searching for him elsewhere! I repented and was forgiven instantly! I felt all of his love and compassion. I am born again christian! God bless you all! I found the Truth. Every desire to look elsewhere is gone. I wish you all the same!
  9. @Faceless I respect you amigo. I like your approach and you are sincere in your search. Remember, no matter how hard you try you will still operate from your worldview. However, I have already found the Truth for me. All the desire for the search is over and I feel peace. I wish you the same! May the God bless you!
  10. At least this is how I perceive it and how I use these words. You are free to disagree according to what meaning do you assign to words. Anyways. I have said and shared enough with you guys. I tried to share the new perspective and challenge your belief system (even though you don’t perceive it so). I don’t see any more point to argue here anymore. I will be leaving the forum activity soon. If any of you have questions or are interested in what I have said feel free to pm me. Remember my only goal here was to share my knowledge and understanding and not to argue or convince someone. That’s beyond my power and desire. May the God bless you all! Bye!
  11. This conversation is yet another proof to me that Enlightenment is just another form of belief See how different and conflicting your worldviews are even though majority of you have had these so called “Enlightenment” experience. Now stay open minded and don’t start attacking me as a form of self defense or the defense of your worldview. As you are saying: “there is no separate self” right?
  12. There is big difference between being religious and following the Truth of Jesus directly.
  13. Study the Truth about the life of Jesus both from reliable historians and the Holy Bible and you will clearly see that he is the God. You are missled by the false image of Jesus you have in your head which is spread through the nondual communities. Many of them love telling false stories about how Jesus was just an Enlightened master to fit their ideology and agenda cause they clearly can’t deny the fact that Jesus was crucified for our sins...
  14. @brovakhiin brovakhiin telling me about stupidity I have seen many of your posts don’t worry I know you
  15. And there was Jesus - the incarnation of the infinite God himself who came into our being, was cruciyfied for our sins to save us from ourselves! And yet so many people deny him... So many people deny the God!