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  1. I am thinking the same! Before I even knew about Enlightenment I still thought that they gotta know some kind of Truth... And with the help of this movie they are trying to tell us something... to wake up... to start searching... They are geniuses! The Matrix is the best movie ever taken!
  2. Whatever theory you have the main idea here is that Zion is metaphor for me for True, real existance.
  3. Imagine that before entrance to that cave you are having 5 Meo trip and then you are free to enter right after that trip And in the cave there are MDMAs everywhere. P.S. don't forget that it wouldn't be your standard party for fun only. It would gather humanity for love and unity.
  4. @Loreena exactly there is none! I pictured here almost impossible scenario. But how fascinating would it be. When I think about this really deeply while watching this video I feel some kind of inner peace and pure joy. And goosebumps run through my whole body!
  5. @Shin I am not trying to believe anything. I am not a believer and never was... I just want to intellectualy understand as precisely as possible - what I am getting into with this Enlightenment journey.
  6. Imagine if in the huge underground cave the majority of humanity gathered and had a huge "spiritual party" for one week. Like in Zion in the movie Matrix. There would be 5 Meo, MDMA and pure love all around. Imagine if all they get Enlightened simultaneously during that party. Imagine... just Imagine how beautiful would that be... Humanity would be saved!
  7. I just want to know that after "Enlightenment" I will become even more positive human being who is capable of even more love and caring for people. I don't want to turn into cold blooded noone who has no compassion for others if bad things happen around! I hate all the evil and I don't want to loose that judgement! That is what scares me most about Enlightenment! How can someone say that murder and other horrible crimes are not evil and it is just neutral?! I don't want to be that man...
  8. @aurum are you sure about it? If our default state of being is love then it is truelly amazing! Then it really is worth to get Enlightened for every human being on our planet. But love is supposedly ego emotion as well no? Who feels that love if for "Enlightened person" there is no self to feel?
  9. I was thinking about possible side effects of Enlightenment. Let's say with the "help" of his ego someone is repressing in himself the evil behaviors like killing, or maybe he is maniac or shit like that... His ego is programed in a way that these are evil and bad behaviors. Now let's say this person get's Enlightened - will he commit these crimes if he truelly wanted those? Leo was talking in one of his videos that after Enlightenment you start to do what you truelly want and desire. Who is that "you" if you never knew him, how would you know wether it will change you to the worse person - even if it is your true nature?
  10. Yes but if I believe that everything is predetermined then why would I care about taking decisions. Why does ego "exist" at all? What is the explanation for that? If we are reality itself why did it "blind" itself to then "unblind" aka Enlighten again?
  11. If our ego is an illusion and thus free will does not exist then who makes the decision to get on path of enlightenment. Should we force it or it will happen as it was intended by reality itself? I don't quite understand this paradoxical point here. If the ego is an illusion and does not exist in reality then why are we blinded by it initially?
  12. @ajasatya I so much agree with you. That's what I'm trying to do. I decided to do my Master's degree abroad. I got very closed within myself in my home town. I made some "enemies" because I was very different and many people in some social circles misunderstood me. Now I try to experience differenc culture and broaden my global awareness. I need to break free from some cultural stereotypes.
  13. Good advice man! But it's hard to practice. I am huge introvert and most girls are too extraverted. All they want is partying, having fun and "demand" same from you. And too much partying is so draining for me sometimes. Unfortunately I have not met lot of girls who are interested in intellectual and deep conversations