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  1. @Rilles noone knows what god is. That was my point. What I believe, and I have strong factual and subjective arguments for it is that God’s word has been revealed in Jesus Christ. Jesus and our faith in God is the only way to the God. You may or may not believe that. However, what is obvious in this video is the arrogancy screaming from the delusional statement of some “spiritual gurus” : “I am God” - no you are not!
  2. Many former nondualists are waking up from the hypnosis! Time to understand that God is beyond our comprehension... The only way to connect with him is through faith! Stop walking around screaming: “I am God” - no you are not! Wake up!
  3. @Faceless You will continue to ask these trivial questions if you are locked in your paradigm. I offered you to challange it. The rest is up to you to decide
  4. @Faceless @Joseph Maynor Hello my old friends, as I see, you guys are still locked in nonduality paradigm. I challange you to forget that conditioning. I challange you to stop all of your practices for a month. Try to integrate back to normal life (or as we would call it duality). Observe the changes and then let’s talk after a month. I want to show you that what appears the Truth to you now is no more than conditioning of your subconscious over the long period of time. Be more open minded. Challange your worldview, challange your Truth. I did and I broke it down. I went through 4 completely different worldviews over the past 3 years and I finally found the true one. the Truth is you always have a worldview whether you are aware of it or not. Whether you are “enlightened” or not. You perceive reality always as you are... but reality is one.
  5. Jesus does not “fix” challanges. Through only Jesus I can be purified. He died on the cross to save me, you and all of humanity. He transforms me in an unbelievable way. I was able to quit most of my bad habits since I have been touched by him. Moreover, he completely ended my nonduality and meditation addiction. But back then I was not aware that those could be addictive...
  6. I had been what you would call “Enlightened to nonduality” and I reversed everything back. Now you judge.
  7. @Mikael89 Yes once you are awaken to the Truth that this is the fallen world you notice how big is the deception and influence of evil here. However, you should not be afraid. Jesus has defeated evil on the cross and you can too if you are a follower of Christ. All the devil’s deceptions become useless against you when you are with Jesus. Find healthy christian community, pray to god daily, repent ask the Holy spirit for guidance. And the God will transform you. Your life will be transformed. You will be surprised how much more powerful the God is compared to this worldly delusions. Ask Jesus to strengthen your belief. Pray with your full heart and attention.
  8. I am not here to argue with those who want to stay asleep and ignorant, but to show the way of Jesus to those, who are close to waking up and want to end the nonduality delusion!
  9. @Mikael89 this type of videos are good to initially wake you up to the Truth. However, be careful not to get addicted to these kind of exposure material. Your whole attention should be on Jesus not on this fallen worldly evil. Evil is only defeated through Jesus. Your primary goal should be to seek Jesus and open your heart for him. Fill your mind with holy scriptures - God’s words from the Holy Bible. Your primary goal as a Christian should be to follow Jesus and become like him. Only he can purify you in this sinful world.
  10. According to Nondual paradigm there can not be Free will... How there be a Free Will when in this understanding you are an illusion yourself. Who has the Free Will? This is the Huge Deception. In Christian wordview you are an autonomous being, created by God. You have a free will and complete control over your life. You have a choice. God created us as an autonomous beings as love only exists when there is a choice! Now all those who struggle with free will dillema, tell me which is more powerful... you can continue being ignorant if that is your choice. You can continue being zombie without a free will. What you believe in, becomes true for you!
  11. No, it is not so. It is yet another delusion. The Truth is every Religion claims exclusivity. There can not be many Truths... And religions are fundamentally different and at the best superficialy similar. Christian teachings are completely different from non dual. Non dual community likes to show it otherwise. They like to imagine Jesus as just a mystic. Which is a huge mistake. That shows how superficial understanding they have of Christianity and Bible. They evaluate it from their nondual paradigm. Yet they claim to be open minded... it’s a lie brother. Only Jesus claimed to be a God and he proved it by his pure life, fulfilling all the prophecies from the old Testament ( written way before) and by his crucifixion and resurrection... The whole roman soldiers were looking to find his body, but they couldn’t anymore. Whole Rome turned into Christianity when initially they were banishing Christians. Now you tell me, could just a human mystic do this? The answer is no! And the only explanation is (unless you stay ignorant) is that Jesus is the only True God. Holy trinity. One God - 3 persons. And let me tell you, as a former nondualist, I experienced the Truth of Jesus myself. And it is completely different and way more powerful than any other of my “satori” experiences...
  12. @calibrate Stay strong brother! Wake up your free will from the deep sleep! Stop meditation - it empties your rational mind and makes you lose control over your critical thinking. Repent, pray and ask Jesus to reveal the Truth to you! Let the Holy Spirit guide you out of this deception. I am sure you will be saved. Since you desire the Truth. And the only Truth is in Jesus. He is the one True God. We are just humans... humans who desperately need guidance and savior from our sinful nature. Jesus is our only savior. He was crucified for our sins. Through him only we are purified again. Through him only we can get back to God - our creator.
  13. @Torkys I left yes to fully recover from this hypnosis called npnduality. Now I decided to come back briefly to help people who start to wake up here and want to break free from this deception. I want to show them the way of Jesus. @okulele watch this video to get an answer. Then do your own thorough research. @Mikael89 Many people here are in the delusion. They self deceived themselves to escape the reality. Enlightenment is precisely just your own psychy attempting to escape the reality... Jesus is the only way to God. He is God himself came into its creation to show us, the lost humans the way back to God. He was crucified to forgive our sins. He is the only true savior! We once had close relationship with our creator, however Adam and Eve made wrong choice, deceived by the devil who promised them wisdom. Remember the first lie of Satan? That you too can become “Gods”... Seems like this deception is also inherent in nondual teachings. Now you make the logical conclusions. Then repent, pray and ask Jesus to reveal himself. And The real Truth will guide you. Let the Holy Spirit guide you brother! Amen!
  14. @okulele You must realize that meditation is nothing more than self hypnosis. You are emptying your rational mind allowing your subconscious to be conditioned and programmed by whatever is influencing you in that moment. Usually here people self hypnotize themselves into nonduality ilussion.
  15. Don’t listen to anybody when it comes to your experience. If it feels to that you have a free will than it is so. Don’t follow other people’s ideas and beliefs. They may misslead you. Always follow what is true for you... Yes I have a free will. I have a consciosness and I can decide to change my life. Now what is true for you?