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  1. @Saumaya Describe the moment of actual realization. How did it "hit" you?
  2. @Saumaya How do you know you are done? what happens when you are threatened to death for example?
  3. It takes exact same amount of time as you would step towards yourself
  4. Anyone who has deep knowledge in this field. Please recommend me the accurate astrologist who does the real job. Are there any online accurate websites which worth checking? How to identify authentic astrologists?
  5. So what? Ta-da! Lucid dreaming still going on do you have pop corn to share? Seems like a nice movie!
  6. what do you guys think is the future of careers with AI advancements?
  7. Enlightenment does not mean eradicating your personality. On the contrary it unfolds your true authentic personality as it no longer needs to run away from the present moment. If you want even deeper answer person himself is not Enlightened. That’s why it is said that Enlightenment transcends the body mind. However whole body mind becomes afterwards aligned with that experience of understanding one’s true nature.
  8. On the deepest level what is reality other than you? Source is one. Law of attraction is absolutely true if you believe in it. Ghosts become real if you believe in it. You become the separate self - if you believe in it! However on the deepest level it is not joseph maynor who believes. It is just reality unfolding itself through that scenario. But through your perspective you are the one who makes a choice. Choice maker is yet another thought created by reality - aka you.
  9. Your reality is shaped by your beliefs - And this in fact also proves the unity of existence. Everything is indeed informed by the same source. whether it is void, consciousness, god, field of energy or whatever else you want to believe may turn out to be just a belief. The ultimate self honesty would be to admit the things you don't know. That is why I think it is important to find the golden ratio between agnosticism and your direct experience. Yes it is possible to experience yourself as the consciousness which does not have objective qualities (I have done it) but that does not answer everything. Some of you here think that it gives you all the answers but in reality it is just the beginning. It would be best if you bite the bullet and admit that even beyond consciousness could be "something" - god. It would be also honest to admit that there is a possibility of never knowing the grounding truth. For example if there is anything beyond the consciousness. Moreover you should also be self honest about the possibility that there might not even exist grounding Truth at all! And it could be infinitely open... There is always a possibility that we never know the god himself! There could be infinite numbers of layers which could be never revealed. Hence I see the validity in fully surrendering to the reality of existence in whatever the form it leads you.
  10. Leo's Recent video about healthy eating and shopping tips. What do you think about that guys? In my honest opinion it all boils down to your body type and genetics. I think you can not generalize healthy diet for everyone. @Leo Gura why do you recommend everyone to cut off wheat and dairy products? Do you think it is useful for everyone? What if we don't have any allergies to them. How do we know if we actually have allergies on these food types. In addition such a restrictive diet you are mentioning is almost impossible to sustain. And I don't mean by willpower or expenses. It's just social thing. Unless you live mostly alone and don't go out. When you have colleagues, friends and are active in the social circles or traveling frequently you will have to go out very often. You will have to eat in the restaurants unless you wanna starve yourself. What are your suggestions on that? 21 century life - you know how it is. Not everyone is self employed like you - or not yet!
  11. @Monkey-man With that post you are enlightened as fk my friend Only the most advanced on the path will understand your deep meaning in this post.
  12. All that you are doing - all those meditations, self inquiry, psychedelics and etc... all for one and only "final destination" to become 100% authentic. total self acceptance is the pure awakening. Total letting go is the ultimate power of NOW. If you are able to embrace your darkest side and sit with it like with your best friend you are awakened. You will miraculously observe how all the "evil" inside you will vanish nowhere as it "appeared" out of nowhere! The true ultimate peacefulness lies beyond wanting, trying or seeking. It lies within the total authenticity! Stop resisting and fully surrender! When you experience your being without resistance you will never go back again! You will never lie to yourself again! You, with your entirety of emotions and characteristics are the only true nature of the existence. Accept yourself fully, accept your reality fully and you will awaken to your true nature! Whatever the "shit" you may think you are. Stop resisting! Trust universe and embrace yourself! Peace! Good luck! I'm out!
  13. But if we accept and love shadow and don't try to improve it then how do we continue with self development? Or maybe I misunderstand what shadow means?
  14. @Shanmugam Indeed you deserve the applause my friend! Great book and explains everything in details and with proper referencing. I give it 5 stars and definitely recommend to anyone even to those who only seek personal development! Must read!