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  1. I don't regret it either it's what I needed to do in order to realize how important this work is. If I just did what everybody else did my life would be really comfortable, comfortable enough that I would have never even looked twice at meditation let alone enlightenment.
  2. It probably means that you should focus MORE on shadow work. Shadow work is everything from talk therapy to homework your psychologist gives you.
  3. I'm excited for you even just reading this If you haven't, take the life purpose course it's really good and I hope you will be more sure. But to me that sounds like an unique and cool life purpose!
  4. But it's reliant on Google's platform right? The metadata of your videos together with the viewing habits of the viewers is used for Google's purposes.
  5. Why so black and white? I can be relativistic on some issues that concern me and on others I'm not when I notice it or it gets pointed out to me I make it my task not to only take the relative position but to also embody it as much as possible. Obviously I still fail in most cases because I still have an ego that's alive and kicking and that implies that me trying to see things from all perspectives means that there is a me who is fixed looking at things from different perspectives.
  6. If you sail the high seas there is no obstacle too great, no law too powerful to overcome, take what you can and give nothing back.So go out and find the One Piece.
  7. Because in my case it's a low consciousness addiction of course I do it sometimes even if I actually don't want to..I'm not horny but there's just this urge there. And I don't like how it makes me relate to women purely as sexual objects but that's a different topic.
  8. @Sashaj I'm cutting that out as well.
  9. @Leo Gura I've been dealing with that lately and have been working in cutting out the shit. My problem now is: What the hell do I do after I've done my routine(meditation,yoga, workout, reading, piano, studying) and just want to relax?
  10. @LaraGreenbridge Can you link the video?
  11. Both are right depending on how you see it. If I'm playing a game and I'm moving a character on the screen it wouldn't be wrong of a bystander to say:"You fool there is no character, no game world, only pixels." From your perspective you have been playing this game and leveled up this character to level 60. Who is right?
  12. @Emerald Exactly what I was thinking just said way more eloquently... but the saddest thing is that there is a lot of truth in what they are saying but that truth is exactly what keeps them stuck hating women.
  13. @BuddhaTree Never said they where the same thing. I said that they aren't mutually exclusive. You can be aware but still have thoughts, actually that is the case for most of us, unless of course you are already deeply enlightened.
  14. This encapsulates my issue with the mgtow movement. If it truly is about being independent from women or the social pressure of being attractive to women then the above sentence isn't something that should even register on your radar. People of the mgtow movement seem so deeply influenced about women that all they talk about is how women are a bad influence. They made a whole identity that only exist in relation to women. I sympathize with the idea of unwiring yourself from that pressure by consciously distancing yourself from women but then I'm just gonna do it and move on with my life no reason to make a big deal out of it.
  15. A couple of things I'd like to point out. 1.Being aware and not thinking aren't mutually exclusive. For instance you can be aware of everything in your awareness which includes thought. 2.Mental activity isn't the enemy and you trying to fight it will just cause more mental activity. I would suggest you being torn between just being aware and meditation is mental activity. 3. Finally focusing on your breath is the same as being aware just that you are narrowing what you focus on so imho I don't think it makes that much of a difference but don't quote me on that.