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  1. I would but that is an addition that I'm pinning on the situation that is exactly what a concept or a thought is. a situation being moral or immoral is not an attribute of the situation but something that is happening in my head and my reaction of what is happening in my head(like emotions) is what you are referring to. It might or might not be embedded in me,I actually don't know. but it doesn't change the fact that morality is still conceptual. Again sure it might be embedded in me but that doesn't mean that it isn't a concept actually the most persistent thing that we are trying to work on is conceptual. the self is also conceptional but I'd like to stay away from talking about that because I don't have many direct experiences with self as concept.
  2. Not true I have the ability to recognize my reaction to seeing or hearing about a baby getting killed. The connection that a baby getting killed is bad..that is happening in the mind as a concept. As a matter of fact you need to accept a bunch of distinctions which are also concepts in order to think that killing babies is bad. For instance if killing babies is bad it might not be bad to kill an adult under the right circumstances. Every single thing about that is conceptual. For morality to work it needs to be specific way and not any other way, and in order to realize something as good or bad you need to make a bunch of distinctions which are all conceptual. Working with your example you are making dozens of implicit distinctions. For example you are talking about the babies of humans and not animal babies or the babies sentient animals..etc etc. all those distinction exist only in the mind as concepts.
  3. The notion that morality is embedded in us is also a concept....Hell, saying that morality is embedded in us might actually be the best argument as to why to it actually is a concept. Without you looking at a situation and labeling it moral or not the very question of something being moral would be ridiculous
  4. Yes have done it, don't make the mistake and confuse being not depressed with being happy though. As @Dogsbestfriend put that hole in your chest will be gone and colors will maybe be more vivid and stuff but it's not THAT big of a change...
  5. It depends what kind of direction you are going. I mean for me the thing I do every single day to the point of obsession is classify, draw boundraries and distinguish between things. So when I meditate and contemplate in order to see the truth of things I don't really think that for me personally that this is the most productive route to take...because essentially all I have done is given myself access to one more way to do what I've always done. But what I really want to do is stop doing what I've always done.
  6. Yes I see the same dynamics with myself. In my case it is not the need for awareness but the need that I feel like I have more awareness. I do that by reading books and then coming on this forum to mentally judge other people who haven't "seen" what I see. If my need was truly about awareness I would shut of the computer and instead meditate and contemplate..I don't know about you tho'
  7. @Leo Gura @Outer Really Leo ? At this point you are just trolling the poor guys..
  8. Could it be that the timing of this post is because of Leos most recent video? Could it be a backlash to ideas of IQ that you hold so dearly? In my personal experience I noticed that all the reactions I had towards Leo were more about me than what he was talking about... I may or may not still disagree on certain topics but if I feel the need to make an actual post or topic to challenge the idea then that is a red flag...just some food for thought.
  9. @InfinitePotential Well if this is your way and you find value in it, I'll help you the best way I can. My personal experience is: At the worst I fluctuate between 75-125 and at my best I fluctuate between 250-310 with small windows at 400, 540 and rarely 600.
  10. @InfinitePotential I see that you can see the distinction between what you call the self and The Self, so if you can do that what is the point in trying to classify the self? Is the self what you are? If you already are able to make that distinction shouldn't you rather focus on The Self?
  11. @InfinitePotential Consciousness is not an object and you don't need any mumbo jumbo to see that this is so. Associating a number or a color or any other kind classification to something that is not an object is a misrepresentation.
  12. @moon777light Thanks mate, never saw that one !
  13. It would be cool if there was a section dedicated to different practices in Action and not theoretical concepts. I'd love to see people talking about their routine throughout the day, reviewing how different approaches worked for them and what strenghts and weaknesses they experienced in an approach over the course of let's say 6 months to a year. Arguing and discussion would not be allowed and especially not if the person didn't have a direct experience of what they are talking about.
  14. You are welcome and good luck. That is an interesting measure of growth: "How much ridiculousness can I be open to."
  15. The book on Leo's book on kundalini yoga is pretty good for that...although it's pretty out there and might not be for you, but the techniques work. You may also wanna try doing regular hatha yoga etc.