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  1. Unfortunately no...that's just how people are on this forum... But on topic: 'Zen Mind,Beginners Mind' is the book that is having the biggest impact on me right now because when you are getting involved with spirituality it's easy to get lost in big ideas, mumbo jumbo and fantasy this book is fundamental for gounding and emphasizes the daily grind of practice.
  2. Oh man how I missed you and your posts
  3. Because Leo is a man presenting Personal Development from the perspective which appeals more to men than to women. There are also women who do Personal Development it sounds completely different. Like look how 'self-love' is pretty big nowadays that is personal development cutting everything out that makes you feel less loving and less loved. That seems to appeal way more to women than to men.
  4. @How to be wise Is pretty deep into that and I decided to give it a go after reading one of his posts. And yea it works you may not notice it straight away but it does. If you trust the process and stick with it without trying to change yourself it does work and I know that doing the work without trying to change sounds like a paradox. At one point you may notice some completely random thing you do or some obsession completely disappeared while the thing you are trying to change remains.
  5. I just want to share the synergy between SD and the Enneagram that I experienced. The thing about SD is that it doesn't account for different types of humans. My introverted green won't look anything like your extroverted green and to track that better I found the Enneagram to be pretty useful. I remember once reading that in a Ken Wilber book and quickly glossing over it(which was a mistake). So anybody interested maybe check it out and incorporate it into Leo's LP course I bet the results will be pretty interesting so it would be cool if you could either share it here or just DM me.
  6. Imagination is real experience.
  7. "Different things work for different people at different times" - Shinzen Young
  8. I really don't know about all that...but I wasn't being sarcastic when I said that something about the phrase "I don't like the idea of you doing X" shows like real concern. I also noticed that in recent days/weeks he goes out of his way to be encouraging and compassionate. Maybe it's just me.
  9. you've become so loving lately, what's happened ?
  10. Totally agree, if you want to know what is of ultimate importance then a spiritual practice is necessary.
  11. @Paul92 I think you misunderstand what people mean when use the word consciousness in that context. It's not necessarily connected to morals. Everybody tries to enjoy their life but depending on which means they take to fulfill that wish shows how conscious a person is. A person doesn't need to have spiritual experiences in order to be more conscious. For instance just eating fast food every day because it's cheap and easy is a mark of low consciousness in regard to diet. Because such a person is not aware that medical bills and the hardships that fast food can cause is way higher than the immediate benefits.He can still be an amazing person. All the people you know can be really amazing people and whether they do any spiritual practice or not isn't really enough to say how developed they are.
  12. The thing that many including me would argue is that you can't be happy and unconscious. Consciousness is a critical part of happiness. And all unhappiness comes from a lack of consciousness in my experience.
  13. sounds cool but tbh I'm still kinda on the fence whether mantak chia is legit or not... a spiritual teacher throwing around scientific jargon is always a red flag for me.
  14. Thanks I really needed that.
  15. I have forgotten the name of the song but I remember that one song was complete silence and the noises the people made together with the anticipation of sound blends together to make the song.