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  1. @Preetom My internal dialog would be more like Thought: Why is this statement true? Thought: Because I say it is! Thought: But...that sounds so hollow..and stupid Thought: Look a squirrel !! And by the way why are left and right switched in a mirror but up and down are the same? Damn that girl has a nice ass...
  2. @Preetom Well that is how all our beliefs operate if we don't check them.
  3. I disagree with the notion of burden of proof in general. No matter what situation I'm in the burden of proof is always on me.
  4. I didn't even know that was a thing. So I was there just sleeping and in my sleep started to remember what @winterknightsaid about how thoughts themselves are a subtle form of dualism because they imply that there are two things: the thought and whichever perceives the thought (I hope I got that right). Then the question "What is reality?" popped into my head and then I "understood" the question and everything disappeared and I realized that this is it and that right now I'm actually dreaming. From then on I was awake and observed my dreams as if I was sitting in a movie theater until at one point I drifted away into sleep again.
  5. Thanks It appears that questions about the nature of reality themselves are fundamentally misleading because of the hidden wrong assumptions they are based upon. Can we actually gain something by asking you questions?
  6. After I had genuine glimpses and insights how do I not let those become barriers ?
  7. @Leo Gura Doesn't the kundalini reside in the root chakra in the hindu system ?
  8. I feel really left out
  9. watching shows and mentally masturbating on this forum doesn't get us anything either... but here we are.
  10. In my opinion I would say that the reason for that is that the advice Leo gives is based on his life and his past and current struggles.
  11. I can relate. Does it feel like most shit people that people care about and things even you cared about are pretty empty as well? I'm considering the same thing actually.
  12. Hey I like a definitive guide on body language by alan and barbara pease. It doesn't mention awakening at all but I still highly recommend it. It is structured well and doesn't overhelm you with too much information at once but is still very detailed.
  13. He feels threatened, I guess. I would say show him a shorter video of Leo and make fun of him together in his videos and check out Leos blog post where he enumerates all the things he has been wrong on. And make sure to not praise Leo too much in front of him we men are fragile like that...