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  1. This rings very true for me. There really is a quality in your teachings that I haven't encountered anywhere. So in the spirit of healthy discussion to me it seems like you are imposing your goal on everybody else and then judging them as lacking. I mean the 4 Quadrants for instance are a model for how to navigate the world so of course they aren't reality itself. So in my opinion the measure is how well can you navigate the world with that model. As far as I am aware you never claimed that God Realization will show you how to navigate this world at all.
  2. I'm doing keto so basically all my protein is coming from animal products.
  3. @Michael569 Thanks for the advice, I think I'll just go with protein from food because the cost is simply to high for the brands you suggested and I've been looking for weeks for just unsweetened whey protein powder with those additional concerns you mentioned I don"t think it's worth it.
  4. @Michael569 What's wrong with myprotein? and what do you recommend instead?
  5. I'm glad I followed you, thanks for this post!
  6. What is the alternative though? At this point it is pretty clear that a huge chunk of conservatives don't share any values with the mainstream. Even the most basic values like maybe not establishing a theocracy seems to be an absurd notion to some conservatives. If somebody truly and honestly wishes to have a government that is built on fundamentalist christianity, don"t they have a right to live that if enough people agree?
  7. As the child of immigrants who is very pro government spending for social security, this provided a more systemic look than I had previously. The TLDW: 1. Giving people money when they have children disproportionally targets immigrants to such a degree that they don't have to work, thus they don't need to interact with the wider culture. 2. Housing subsidies for larger families groups immigrant families together. These two factors result in ghettos and gang violence.
  8. Sounds fun! How exactly do you want the app to notice that the meditator is falling asleep? I think that will be the trickiest part apart from that you should be able to find tutorials that you can almost copy and paste.
  9. Nitpicking some minor points and ignoring the whole is a big one for me. Needing to be right and needing others to know that you are right. But I think that falls under debating.
  10. That is why I'm kinda struggling with this one. Because mixed in are some things that are kinda sus. I mean the claims about satanistic cult that sacrifices babies and shit. Or her claiming that some stranger picked her up from school without the teachers asking any questions.
  11. Intellectually I get that and I agree but I'm just being honest where I'm at right now.
  12. I once only ate bananas for two weeks and felt great. I had more energy than normal and was also in a better mood. Although I heard that eating only fruits can be dangerous but don't quote me on that.
  13. @OeaohooAlright thanks my man! @Razard86 I just want to be extra careful because the whole reason I'm doing this to eliminate suffering and not create more. @Nilsi I already have that book but as far as I am aware it deals mostly with the process of getting Kundalini to rise and not how to make sure that things don't go sideways.
  14. Yea, I'm probably not going to force that. I don't really want to destabilize, I'd prefer a much smoother and gradual advance. But how is that possible? I didn't have a Kundalini awakening yet. Funny you would say that I play the piano as a hobby and found itas grounding as meditation.