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  1. @Leo Gura I apologize then it seems that I was the one jumping the gun. And thanks for clarifying.
  2. Why are you having such absolutist position on a body of teaching you are clearly unfamiliar with? How do you know that the course doesn't hold the view that ego isn't a function of state? The reason words like guilt are used is because it aims to directly address certain views in the christian traditions by adopting the same words but having entirely different concepts behind those words. In addition it weaves together those words and concepts in such a way that it is inappropriate to speak of how one word is used in isolation.
  3. There is a fundamental mistake I see going on in thread which is the confusion of what Spiral Dynamics is. Spiral Dynamics is just a model.. a useful model but a model nonetheless it specifically tracks the progression of VALUES of SOCIETIES in time. So by it's very nature it is meant to track neurotypical people. So yea people in Tier 2 tend to be more intelligent but that in of itself is not directly explained by Spiral Dynamics maybe one can draw an indirect connection that the values of yellow lead to a more intelligent person but that's already stretching the limits of what this model can do.
  4. It's a shame you haven't got any responses because this course is dope! I'm currently on part 4 so I don't want to be too critical yet but one thing I definitely learned was that the realist view of the world is not only hard to defend but impossible to defend. On the other hand the idea that bodies are a impingement of a dissociated consciousness on another dissociated consciousness is kind of iffy to me right now. Because how can a mental process destroy another mental process by attacking the representation of observation of that mental process. In other words if bodies are just a projection how come destroying them actually destroys the dissociated consciousness that projects it?
  5. Yea I drifted away after they started emphasizing the anti-woke stuff. For me that is always a red flag.
  6. @Leo Gura But that's where the fun is ! That is the reason why it's not only good but necessary for all stages to exist.
  7. Yea sounds nice I'll do that as well.
  8. @Consilience I get really get that just wanted to express my feeling cause I'm trying to make a habit of watching his new vids at the same time on the same day and having some kind of info would be helpful to plan around gaps. It's not a huge deal or anything.
  9. It's not the same topic though. He is asking if there will be a video this week and I'm asking if we can have a PSA if there is no video or a significant delay.
  10. I really don't want to sound entitled or anything but I would really appreciate a heads up when there is no video in a week or a video gets delayed. Either in a blog post or in a stickied forum thread where I can just check.
  11. Damn I'm glad I followed you. You really are under appreciated here. Thanks for the info and please keep sharing!
  12. I haven't had any significant enlightenment experience that would let me speak with authority about this matter but can you see how the question you are asking doesn't make sense even if we were to be talking from the materialistic paradigm? "If Humans and rocks are both made of the same stuff(atoms/ other subatomic particles) then how come they are so different?"
  13. @Leo Gura I thought about what you said and I understand now, thanks a lot my man!
  14. Thanks for being patient but we are either talking past each other or I'm being pretty dense...or both So let me try to explain my problem more clearly. Where I'm stuck is that if you say that you need to follow some moral rules in order to awaken but you get to set those rules it seems to me that it directly undermines the claim that you need to be moral in order to awaken. In other words if it is for all intents and purposes an absolute that I have to follow some moral rules but morality itself is relative then by extension whether and if I have to follow any moral rules is also relative? I hope I'm making sense here.
  15. But that's just the same as saying that there aren't any moral requirements at all. That would mean that Donald Trumps lying, cheating etc. are in fact not a hindrance to his awakening.Because he is imagining that he is doing the right things.