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  1. Damn,that's a really nice way to put things.
  2. not only talking about suicides, I'm talking about the potential harmful effects to people who already have deep issues and will adopt his words and be on the path of disempowering self destruction.
  3. OP I have found out through my own research that the breathing techniques can indeed have a harmful effect, so I don't do them. Simple as that, but keep in mind that although there is much dogmatism and groupthink here, there is also alot of really good info on here. Without this forum I wouldn't have discovered the works of Byron Katie for instance and after doing one session, I know that her inquiry is the real deal... Ye I keep pointing out the exact same thing but most people including leo don't really seem to care.
  4. Shit this is really turning into a cult... peace out, I'm outta here.
  5. Careful there...How many of the things you state as facts have you actually experienced? Am i right to assume that you haven't made any direct experiences of the concepts you talk about? Otherwise you would realize that you can convince the mind as thoroughly as you want, but your fear of dying, your identity as a small self will still remain. It's like trying to talk a person who is scared of dogs out of his fear of dogs.
  6. Ye I wouldn't go so far to say that Leo is trying to get ppl to kill themselves but I agree that the language he uses can be very harmful to people who take it the wrong way. Granted there are a lot of things that are just as harmful to that kind of person. But that is his way to frame the path and it seems to work for him and people who think like him, just listen and truly understand what he is saying and take away the things that you resonate with.
  7. I thought you were bullshitting when I heard you say that before I went to my Ayahuasca retreat, but I met a guy there who basically mirrored what you said and became completely enlightened within a year...granted he is pretty hardcore, doing iboga and shit but still.
  8. Yes, that is why it says 5+ min and I think that is actually where the meat of the practice is. As far as I am aware all the other things you do before concentration is to still the mind to the point that concentration becomes effortless. That is actually a good thing, it helps you keep attention on the root chakra.
  9. "Different things work for different people at different times." -Shinzen Young
  10. That is actually a really nice realization because that always happens in daily life you are just not aware of this. That is why your goal should be that whenever a experience like that comes up you say the label with a strong neutrality or 'matter-of-factness' and allow the experience to be however it is. Also try to notice that whenever you hear a distressed voice in your mind, you are probably also feeling the matching emotion somewhere in your body. Experience those sensations separately (sensory clarity) and accept them fully without trying to change them(equanimity) without getting sucked in(concentration)
  11. I may be reading too much into your words but am I right in assuming that you are criticizing spirituality by saying that everybody just asserts stuff and then uses language that is so vague that it can be used to literally justify anything, no matter how ridiculous? And when pressed on those ideas people respond with: "Be open-minded!". When that is neither practical nor possible( Do I sit down and meditate or do I research whether cutting my leg of can get me to enlightenment? After that do I now continue meditating or do I research whether micro dosing heroin can get me enlightened)
  12. Do you consider yourself enlightened? If yes, did you do 5-MeO to get 'there'?
  13. Does this subtle I thought function in the same way, the I thought of a non-liberated person does? Or is it just another thought to an enlightened person.
  14. Ye global warming would still probably be a thing, and depending on where you lived, you might still get hit from a blast coming from a nuke, or an oil spill could harm the wildlife in your area etc.