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  1. You heard well.
  2. Creativity is the practical application of madness.
  3. Yesterday, my whole body was so relaxed and light. The feeling was something bordering between extreme bliss and pain. It felt as if I was looking straight at the sun, unable to look away from its blinding divinity.
  4. The ego 'has' a personality and tries to manipulate it to fulfill some goal. If you are able to perceive your personality, judge it, and influence it, then you are an ego.
  5. Damn, that's wise. Did someone coach you in the meantime, or did you coach yourself with your depression?
  6. @mandyjw Everything is true.
  7. If they knew the purpose to begin with, then they wouldn't need to do the practice. All practices are lessons, so is self-inquiry. It may be the final lesson, but it is also the most difficult to learn, simply because of its simplicity. Following it, and then dropping, without 'understanding its purpose' is the practice!
  8. Have you understood this?
  9. Your path is about unconditional love. There is nothing wrong with that. You rightly observe that the mind is in your way, but your conclusions are wrong. It is not an enemy you have to conquer. If you play with your child with a ball, and accidentally hit its face with it, you do not blame the arms, do you? You need skill in order to express your love, so you need to work on your kinesthetics. The mind is no different. You cannot become athletic by fighting your body, just like you cannot be a sage by fighting your mind. "Deception" is a loaded word. The mind does not do that, it's the heart's responsibility. The mind is terrifying to the heart simply because there are no thoughts that are unthinkable and no actions that are undoable. The path is not about: heart>mind, or mind<heart, but hMeIaNrDt. You want the two so close together that you won't be able to see the difference.
  10. @Preetom Great post, I think it should be featured or pinned. Self inquiry, as you are describing it, is a very advanced practice and may discourage many seekers that are just 'starting out'. Some people need the juice of mystical experiences to keep on with the journey, but they are nothing more than ways for the ego to sustain itself. The trouble with enlightenment is that ultimately, the ego needs to trick itself out of existence and no method can guarantee that. The best you can 'do' is to 'not-do', to simply wait until it happens. That surrender, in itself, is the end of seeking. Dressing it up in spiritual terms, pointing towards the wisdom of the great sages, is nothing more than marketing. That is what constitutes 'the tick', 'the bait' that hooks into the need to 'do'. That is how the snake eats itself.