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  1. Choosing constants for encryption algorithms is not "installing back doors". Choose the constants that are considered standard practice by the industry, or use an open source library that does that for you because it is notoriously difficult. Also, do not take security advice from Leo, his website stores user passwords as plain unencrypted, unhashed text.
  2. Again, you do not understand how data encryption works, if you claim that they have back doors. Sure, companies may cooperate with feds and give them data. They may have dedicated APIs for the feds to use. But if you encrypt your data with any publicly known encryption algorithm correctly, the feds will not read your data. This is simply not possible. Weaknesses of these algorithms are known, and keeping a major one secret is infeasible in the age when every single website uses them. Any banking app, all exchanges, all cryptocurrencies, EVERYTHING, basically the whole internet runs on it. Not to mention that these algorithms are not secret. Open up wiki, and read up on it. I dare you to find a "back door".
  3. I don't think you understand what encryption is.
  4. I just finished my one week vacation from work. We went to Cracow and did some sightseeing for a few days. Apart from being great fun, there was also a personal-development aspect to it because I put myself in different circumstances and had the opportunity to examine my mechanical behavior. Specifically, the apartament we rented was a small room with little windows and it was covered in mirrors to brighten and expand it. I had an opportunity to watch myself from unfamiliar angles in an unfamiliar place, which freaked the hell out of my animal. Of all the things that I could have noticed, I picked up on my self-righteousness, anger and pride. First of all, I think that I'm too smart and successful to take care of my appearance. My wife has been bugging me for years to put some tan on, and I never knew why it didn't feel right. It didn't feel right because I thought that I shouldn't concern myself with such trivialities. I am lying to myself about how attraction works. The most ridiculous assumptions that I have, is that my apartament is the expression of my parents' love and that IT MAKES ME ATTRACTIVE. Mentioning that something is not right about it triggers me. This has been the pain-point of our marriage for years because my wife loves to mess with things from time to time and replace stale stuff. For the longest time, she wanted to move out to a different place, and I never knew why I resisted it so much. Maybe the very thing that she felt to be so stifling was my pride all along? I also clearly noticed for the first time the difference between real anger and ego-anger. Real anger comes about as a reaction to injustice. Ego-anger is the expression of self-righteousness, of perceived moral superiority over another person. I made a commitment to observe it and cease my loyalty towards it. For years, I was choosing to be loyal to my self-righteousness. This will stop now. I consulted I-Ching about loyalty towards ego-emotions and it turned out that my perceived intellectual superiority was instilled in my by my grandfather and it was creating a poison arrow, which I promptly removed. This poison arrow was creating a feeling of hopelessness towards house chores in my body, and I enjoy the freedom that removing it brought. I was also meeting my sister this Sunday, and I was asked to inquire into her work situation. The session was very deep, because it uncovered her feelings of low self-esteem that she covers up with productivity. The same ailment I am weary of in myself. This is how our parents brought us up and I feel deep sympathy for her.
  5. Enneagram is the typology of ego structures in relation to nondual awareness of Holy Ideas.
  6. MBTI is a cognitive typology, not a value based one, like SDi.
  7. Few weeks ago, I was inspired by Peter Ralston's video about mastery, in which he encouraged the listener to think of something nobody else thought in my domain of mastery. I sat down and considered software development as a process and noticed that I think of it in terms of producing goods. I considered the other creative process, which is apparent in nature, and using the Enneagram, I developed a method that works by growth, rather than production. Ever since then, I've been busy building the software that will enable this kind of cooperation between programmers and I am genuinely excited about the direction this project is heading. Technically speaking, it will be a data streaming social network in a peer-to-peer environment. This is all I have to say about it right now. What I love about programming is that I can come up with an idea and use my skill to engineer, and execute it. This is nothing like electronics, or mechanical engineering, where considerable amount of resources are required to begin production. I am very glad that I transitioned into this career.
  8. "With, or without the body" is a concept. There is only now.
  9. Imagine this. You are so loyal to your own survival, that you are willing to create pain when something is wrong with your rib. This pain is so intense that you have to dedicate considerable amount of resources and time to fix the issue, or else you will die - or at least, your life will be living hell. That is some serious dedication. As if, you were loving yourself by creating this pain. Think about this.
  10. https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/δαιμόνιος
  11. I heard you mention this practice multiple times, I will look into it. Yes, this is definitely a good description of me being in my thirties . Thank you for the tips. Yesterday I learned that a collegue of mine went behind my back to my boss to state his issue with what I plan to do. Getting angry over it at home seemed so pointless. Yet, the mind was just below the tipping point. I wish I could just let go. If practices help with that, I will do them.
  12. Had an interesting thought yesterday. For the longest time now, I'm asking myself what is it that the world really needs right now. I mean, what is the biggest problem right now that I could contribute towards solving? And, for the longest time, nothing comes up. Yesterday, for the first time, I had a thought that this world maybe isn't such a bad place that needed saving?
  13. I've been reading "Facets of Unity" by A.H. Almaas and I was wondering about his vivid descriptions of the experience of Being. I mean, I can't really say that I experience my being, and it bugs me. For example, he seems to describe the spacious omnipresent "presence" that I identify as my presence, and I cannot honestly say that I experience myself this way. I've been contemplating a bit my experience of "me", which seems to be the emotions that I view to be inside of my body. When I was trying to grasp why exactly I think that my emotions are inside of my body, I couldn't really say. I think that I am the space in which emotions occur, but this space is somehow juxtaposed on top of my visual field, as if these two "spaces" were distinct. When I'm scanning my body, I imagine blackness in which emotions occur. As if, I could either focus on them, or on my sight. Will keep contemplating this.
  14. I am really not concerned what Leo has, or has not. Nothingness cannot be an object of knowledge.
  15. Click the "quote" button beneath a post that you want to respond to. I have no idea how this question relates to what I wrote. Knowledge is a form of belief. The only difference is that it is useful in terms of survival and relative pursuits. I don't understand how it would imply that I'm saying that he's deluded.