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  1. It's been a while since I posted and a lot has changed in my life. Currently, I'm fighting against emotional violence in my workplace and actively working to get my manager fired. I found three coworkers that were willing to speak out, but two of them dropped out right before the CEO's office. The CEO said that he was not aware of the extent of it and seemed genuinely shocked. I said that if he is not fired by 1st January, I will hand him my resignation. Right now, I am writing the letter from the staff where I describe his behavior and I am hoping that many coworkers will sign it. Some of them seem to have normalized this behavior and dismiss it as normal, but some are genuinely pissed at him. I feel like I'm living in the matrix - people seem to have forgotten things that were happening not as long as week ago and chat along happily. It makes me feel like I'm oversensitive and it is exactly how a victim would feel. Thankfully, my wife is supporting me.
  2. @Zigzag Idiot You have influenced me a great deal and I'm thankful that we've met here.
  3. @dimitri Your photos are beautiful. I love nature.
  4. I quit coffee few months ago because it was screwing up my meditation practice. For the first week I experienced heavy headaches and abysmal sleepiness to the point where I had to take it very slowly. I miss the taste and associated lifestyle but overall, I feel clearer. Like I'm not overstressing my brain. If you feel useless to your employer, I'd suggest reframing the issue. Are you really the employee that your employer is hiring, if you have to stimulate yourself to cover up your low days? Aren't you perhaps selling the well-being of your body? Are you doing that for money? Are you perhaps trying to please your boss with your performance?
  5. In my experience, self-esteem issues are never about the lack of external accomplishments. It is entirely possible to be a PhD with an impostor syndrome, feeling worthless for wasting so many years on education when there is this guy that is a CTO of a promising startup without even having a basic degree! If I were you, I would investigate why you are pursuing science in the first place. Chances are that you were conditionally loved by your parents and they gave you affection for being curious.
  6. @Onecirrus Imagine a child playing with legos. The child has no problems (it feels safe), but it still plays a game that poses a challenge (problem). We're not adults because the child is gone and we're not playing anymore. We're adults because the child has learned to be its own parent and plays games that are valuable to others.
  7. @Shakazulu The booklist mentions a book specifically about that. It had a profound impact on my marriage.
  8. Were you being targeted by specific individuals, or was it always happening? I don't mean to imply that you deserve it somehow, or that your feelings are false, but maybe you were sensitive your whole life and kids simply took advantage of that? Maybe your problem is not your sensitivity, but having an expectation that you're somehow supposed to be more sociable like "everybody else"?