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  1. @March Even though you may feel like it, you have no obligation whatsoever to explain your decision to cut ties. You don't even have to tell your toxic person that you don't want to meet with him anymore. This is called ghosting.
  2. Conscious ness is one and distinctions exist within it. There is no "your" consciousness. Consciousness is equally yours as it is tree's.
  3. I found an interesting use for the song auto-repeat feature that my mind comes with.
  4. You are full of shit and games, Mandy.
  5. Does it really feel good to think this way?
  6. Ties well with the theme of the "smart dumb people", but explains it more maturely.
  7. @Gesundheit
  8. @datamonster I also think that you are being unreasonably optimistic about the incentives companies have. Under capitalism, the sole purpose of companies is to make money, regardless of how they make them. Without regulated markets, we're dead. Companies that have the luxury of playing well and having humane values are the ones that have already succeeded. When shit hits the fan, they will hire bloodthirsty wolves to save themselves from bankruptcy. Just imagine a desperate CEO saying to his investors: "No, I am not going to cut costs by reducing our environment protection budget this year. I would rather have this company go bankrupt than to pollute the Earth!". Ludicrous.
  9. It's objective as an aggregate of subjective assessments of traders. Social construction is as objective as it gets. There is also no single price for an item, but exchanges give us statistics, distributions, etc.
  10. Value is a subjective experience, while price is not. There is such a thing as "fair price", or "market price" that is not dependent on my subjective assessment. Without day traders, you would have no clue how much a stock is worth. Market is where you exchange goods, so by definition, it cannot exist when there is nobody to exchange them. The distinction between daytraders and speculators eludes you Leo. Your close-mindedness in this regard baffles me.