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  1. I wear my cave on my back like a proper hermit crab. But I guess I get your point. It seems that there is no point in staying on the forums any longer. Bye!
  2. @Privet Oh, thank you for your concern. The funniest thing is that I intended the same thing for you with my response. My answer was not conceptual. I guess that the key 'problem' with any discussion is the unwarranted feeling that we all are Rinzai zen masters, trying to send each other out to meditate more. Monks in the monastery however understand their position as a student and anticipate a koan from a master. Perhaps I should listen to your questions as a student then, so that we can understand each other. Desire is just the other face of suffering. Nothing else for me to see.
  3. Hahaha I am long past the point when I cared what I truly think To me, the only way to speak now is to say things about stuff I have no idea about and understanding my foolishness . It has always been the case, but at least now I can watch myself do it. Read the signature . There is no difference between the relative and the absolute. Right @Arkandeus? I have a feeling that we agree on that.
  4. @Privet Too many profound questions in one post that I can answer in a short reply. I will get into that later on today. For now - everything is a thought. Thoughts are not somewhere behind your eyes in the colorless space. There is no such place. Thoughts are 'out there', intertwined with everyday objects. I usually call them obviousness. As you look at the screen, it is obvious that the screen is a screen. The Narrator does not have to say in the inner voice 'screen'. The screen is, what it is. Same for your fingers and the effortless movement of your eyeballs as you read this text. What are thoughts made of? Meaningful duality that is mindlessly resolved by choosing either A or B.
  5. If I understand your question correctly: a problem is when expectations are not met by the given circumstances. The mind is, of course, responsible for both setting up expectations and interpreting circumstances. All problems can be permanently solved by working with the mind alone. That doesn't mean that we will then be a constant sloppy mess of a person. On the contrary. Calm mind is much better at observation and adaptation.
  6. @Feel Good Are you holding on to the notion of objective reality that can be empirically measured? There is no reality as it is with no veil. Reality without beliefs is inconceivable. Absolutely nothing meaningful can be said about it. Any sound we make with intention of conveying meaning to 'others' is a projection. Be blessed catto of love
  7. @Feel Good And that is known by direct self-awareness, right? The inner troll we keep in check is always on a lookout for 'other people's trolling. Because why do they get to troll when we can't? There is only one ego in existence and all it does is project itself on 'others'.
  8. @Feel Good Doesn't that apply to both of 'you'? You may not attack or defend yourself, but aren't you still projecting your beliefs about self-awareness on @molosku? This, of course applies to me as well, hence quotation marks on 'you'. We are all 'I', trying to make sense of things. There is just one ego in existence.
  9. @Privet @robdl Would it be a stretch to call the do-nothing 'technique' simply making space for the realization to occur? Getting used to the idle workings of the mind so that we do not mistake it for reality. In this sense, meditation is a trap for the meaning-seeking mind. When you 'get it', there is no point to it, but when you 'don't get it' you want to meditate to solve your problem with the mind. The absurdity of this situation comes from the question: who is the one that sees the problem? The mind sees itself as a problem, and yet - proceeds to select a method, or a teacher, to solve itself. Why would the problematic mind trust itself with the important task of solving itself? lol Isn't that the whole point of it? To stop the mind from solving problems it invents itself?
  10. @CreamCat There is only one ego in existence.
  11. @Feel Good And where exactly did you learn what 'society' is? From society? Doesn't that occur to you as strange? There is no such thing as conditioning. To say that society conditions you is to point a finger at it and blame it for whatever you are. Society is glad to be your scapegoat, as it is just another mask of your ego trying to explain the unexplainable. Here are a few words I wrote on morality some time ago if you're interested:
  12. Memories (past) are just fantasies that you call real. Plans (future) are just fantasies that you call possible.
  13. @SoonHei That is a very good analogy. When you think in terms of relativity of motion - who is moving? Are you moving, or is your friend moving? Or is it perhaps that motion and stillness are just a result of perspective? That they are in fact the same thing from within your analogy? Given your excellent analogy with a train, why is it that consciousness is something that does not move at all? Isn't it that motion and stillness are just a result of a perspective? What if you can observe consciousness by yourself simply by recognizing its constant, never-changing movement? Your signature is also an excellent reference point for this discussion. If we return to past and future, can it possibly be that these two things are actually one thing from a certain perspective?
  14. Exactly the way I'm doing it with you here. Asking questions and honestly trying to answer them. Do you actually feel like a receiver of consciousness? Or did you just make it up because it felt right?