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  1. @How to be wise If you really care about happiness, then don't you first need to know what it is? Without truth, we have no idea what happiness and misery are.
  2. This may have been the most intensive three weeks in the history of my professional career, psychologically speaking. The deadline for the tool that we are making is absurd. I am given a task that nobody understands and is critical to this project. Last time I did something similar I was given twice as much time. This task requires time consuming computations. The computations may fail without any useful errors that point to how to fix the issue. So, basically - everybody is losing their shit and I have to be calm and walk aimlessly because my computer is doing calculations for a few hours. For the past two weeks I've been meditating, contemplating and self-inquiring during work to keep myself occupied. This week my mind decided that it is a perfect opportunity to emotionally shit-test my mindfulness during this havoc. I seem to have passed the test and the work is going better than I anticipated (for now). I feel like a different person altogether after all of this. Like a titan, or something.
  3. Sigh, okay - off I go. But before that: here's a special one-time offer. I never do this. Ever. I can add you to my ignore list on the forum. Nobody gets there. Not even people that piss me off. You would be there forever. Just you. What do you say?
  4. @Athemnajar It almost sounds like you are upset by the fact that working is not hard for you anymore. The question is: do you have a good life? If yes - then why struggle to struggle? If not - then cultivate a peaceful mind. When it comes to growth: we all grow straight to the coffin. Why the hurry? You cannot outpace yourself.
  5. Well, in that case: maybe I can help you? I get that a lot from my wife .
  6. And what if our memories were different? Did my memory change, or did the other person's memory change? We could arrive at agreement if it was a peaceful situation, but what if it was in court and I was supposed to defend myself? (These are rhetorical questions) I'm also thinking about more fundamental things than just situations. I'm thinking about this feeling of continuity of experience. About change. The experience of time. https://www.wikiwand.com/en/Endless_knot https://www.wikiwand.com/en/7₄_knot
  7. @now is forever If I knew that, I wouldn't be this lost. I know nothing.
  8. @now is forever Frankly, I'm so lost that I may be beyond help.
  9. Thank you for your kind words.
  10. What does it mean that I remember something? How is it possible to be familiar with anything? let's look at the above picture. It is obvious that the two sides of the tree are different. This difference is apparent because they both appear in the visual field simultaneously and I assume I am an unchanging reference frame. But what happens if I add time to the equation? How do I know that the picture did not change between consecutive observations? Because I think that I remember what it looked like. Memory is also rooted in comparison. I can compare what I experience to what I remember. I can always perceive difference or sameness across time, but can I really tell what changed? Memory is not constant after all - I remember new things and forget old, so is it really so strange to pose such a question? So, is it that the picture is the same across consecutive observations, or does it change along with my memory? In order to tell whether my memory did not change - I would have to compare it to something. In order to tell the difference, I would have to have the memory of my memory. But how do I tell if my memory changed, or that my memory of my memory did? I would have to have memory of memory of memory and it would not help one bit because it just delegates the problem.
  11. I find that relative understanding (explaining things in terms of other things) is nonsensical. If that was the case, then you could never understand anything new, unlike anything you've ever seen. That is the reality for most people, as they cannot manipulate themselves but are in reaction to their own image. The moment that you can change yourself, relative understanding is nonsensical. There is no such thing as human attributes when you are a baby. Absolute understanding presupposes relative understanding.
  12. @now is forever And you found the middle one?
  13. I find that honesty is central to wisdom. How do you benefit from having privacy and how does it contradict having nothing to hide?
  14. It is absolutely impossible. Just impossible. How can something know itself?! It's just like it is with language. The moment we have a concept of 'language' and can talk about talking is the moment that nothing makes sense anymore. If we can define what a word is, all words become meaningless. Because what is a definition other than a bunch of words? In order to understand language you have to understand language. But how did the first word come about? Did somebody point a finger and say 'you'? No! Pointing a finger is also language and you cannot point a finger at pointing a finger to explain it. The only possible conclusion to make is that understanding is a priori and it cannot be understood in terms of anything else. Understanding is not rooted in thinking. Thinking is what is being understood. What does this mean? Does it mean that I cannot understand understanding? If that was true, then why does it feel like I've made progress?