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  1. I've been officially declared a non-addict by my wife for completing the 7-day challenge. I can now return to wasting my time here on my own leisure.
  2. Alright, I need to prove something to my wife and she promised to get off my back after that. I will be having a 7-day retreat away from the forum. It starts now.
  3. There is no individual that is divorced from culture. Culture is the material from which an individual is made. There is no 'you' apart from 'others'. You are you only as much as you are useful to the society. Try naming one thing that define you that is somehow not related to other people. It's impossible.
  4. From my point of view, this was one of the most disappointing videos Leo has ever made. Very ideological.
  5. I dress up sexy when I go to Walmart. I even got a couple offer to let me through the queue. People always have an ambivalent attitude towards witches. They hate them, but the need them. That is why they mostly deal with the desperate cases.
  6. That makes you look like a girl with low self-esteem and you attract guys with low social skills. Experienced men know if a woman is open to talk without bothering her. They aren't awkward like that. The inexperienced ones would probably not have the balls to talk to you if you dressed sexier. I bet your husband would like that too.
  7. I was always wondering whether the path of awakening is different for men and women and to what extent. Have you ever talked to a spiritually gifted woman about the differences?
  8. Do you feel bad about it? It would get much more awkward if you let this continue.
  9. Ahhh, you gotta tell me that. My wife is curious!
  10. You know what's sexy about the sexy people? It's not that the physical appearance of their bodies is somehow superior. It's that there is no difference between what they do to their bodies and how those bodies look. They make themselves into a commodity for you to enjoy. That's what they are. They are spending hundreds of hours on the gym, singing lessons, sunbathing, partying and so on. It's easy to say that they're stupid and that they are hurting themselves, but can you really look this happy if you're not? What if they know exactly what they are doing? Doesn't that make it 100% more sexy? What if they are like: you know what? Fuck it, I'm going to enjoy myself while I'm young and I'm willing to be irrelevant when I'm old. By disrespecting their choice and not enjoying them, you are literally wasting their youth and dehumanizing them. You know what's sexy about the unsexy people? That you are a nobody and you still want it and you still strive for it. If you are confident enough to get it, then it means that you deserve it.
  11. Also, my wife points out that free will is a terribly Christian idea related to sin and personal responsibility.