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  1. @luckieluuke From within non-dual perspective, there is no such thing as science and your question is absurd. Self-inquiry is a technique that breaks paradigms and lets you see the world without them. Science is not going to be broken down because of scientific inquiry into material reality. Science is the scientific method by which you look at the material reality. You are never going to find what science is, if you are looking with the eye of a scientist. That is because a scientist looks at what can be scientifically observed. Paradigms are self-sustaining because of ignorance to assumptions that choose what can be observed. It's a self-referential cycle that locks one into captivity. There is no need to destroy science if it is used as a perspective to solve specific problems. Self-inquiry from the point of view of science is done to shake it off from the throne of a top-level perspective that everything is reduced into. Science is not self-justifiable. Using science is very unscientific, because the scientific method has not been proven by science. What you consider evidence is predicated on your unquestioned assumptions that define your worldview. Following it is tail-chasing and will get you nowhere. I'm sorry if I sounded harsh. I had an intense day.
  2. @NoSelfSelf To suffer because of meaninglessness is to find the meaning itself meaningful.
  3. @luckieluuke In my opinion, science is not doing any enlightenment work. Self-inquiry is done by applying a method to its own definition. Science would have to ask: "what is science?" and try to scientifically answer that question by constructing experiments, synthesizing data on various sciences, etc. The way in which science is defined makes this question nonsensical/paradoxical I'm not dismissive of science, as I earn money by solving problems in the scientific framework. It is a useful and a very well-developed perspective, but it does not have all of the answers.
  4. @7thLetter Because they feel belittled by Leo and his work.
  5. @Preetom Yeah, I get it. It's just imagination. @Barry J Not disappointed at all.
  6. While both are non-egoic. I like to imagine that after non-dual realization of no self, there will be another, higher-order ego that will eventually emerge. From that point of view, we would look like cavemen .
  7. No, you just got 'high functioning' ass-backwards and that's what is keeping you egoic.
  8. By becoming ignorant to fear. Ignorance is the other face of wisdom. The path out of the mind is simple - just pick something and stick to it despite all the egoic emotions that arise. "The fool that is consistent in his folly will have become wise" You can find inspiration on this particular path from Lao Tzu's story.
  9. @SFRL Live off it minimally for as long as I can and make self-transcendence my full-time pursuit. Upon death: pass it along in a sensible way.
  10. @How to be wise Well, the question is: do you believe the theory you just created yourself? If you don't, then what's the point of sharing it? There is a vast difference between unconscious and conscious absence of the mind. There is a difference between a Zen master and a newborn baby. There is a difference between transcendence of the mind and not having any in the first place.
  11. @MM1988 Because you won't die. The pure observer that sees 'through' a person (and its suffering) lacks any qualities, it is literally nothing. When you see 'other people', you may assume that they have 'another instance' of this pure observer that has no qualities, but this is just an assumption. The pure witness has no qualities and therefore it cannot be numbered. It is singular and absolute. You are literally 'other people'. Even if this person you call 'you' will die peacefully, you will be reborn and experience this suffering again. The only way out is to dissolve the difference between suffering and peace and pass it along to other beings.
  12. @Leo Gura Does this influence your stance towards Peterson in any way?
  13. @SgtPepper It's not about information on psylocybin, but on Peterson's stance towards it. Related video that I found: